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Jade Emily Kosanlavit died after being struck by a train in Merseyside15-year-old had been receiving treatment for depression for two months depression treatment followed previous suicide attempt in Schoolgirl sent a text to friend prior to death saying: 'I'm sorry, I love you'Coroner ruled that 'hardworking and gifted pupil' intended to take her life A 15-year-old grammar school pupil threw herself in front of a train after sending a text to her friend to say 'I'm sorry, I love you,' an inquest heard.Jade Emily Kosanlavit, from the Wirral, Merseyside, had been receiving treatment for depression for two months following a previous suicide attempt when she jumped in front of a train just minutes from her family home.
The Wirral Grammar School for Girls' student, who was described by her teachers as a 'talented and hardworking pupil', died just before 10.30am on November 10 last year.+6Jade Emily Kosanlavit, 15 (pictured), from Merseyside, had been receiving treatment for depression for two months following a previous suicide attempt when she jumped in front of a train in November last year.
An inquest into her death at the Gerard Majella Courthouse in Liverpool yesterday heard from British Transport Police officers who described seeing the schoolgirl running towards an oncoming train.
The driver applied the emergency brake but it took 40 yards for the train to stop, the coroner heard.The teenager suffered multiple injuries, including spinal fractures, and was pronounced dead at the scene. The talented schoolgirl's mother, Wanpen, arrived at the station a short time after the incident, having heard the tragic news, and confirmed it was her daughter.A mobile phone and handwritten note were found in Jade's pocket.

Hospital administrator killed herself after worrying that she was about to turn 30 with no husband or childrenModel and budding TV star, 21, is found hanged at holiday park after telling Facebook friends he was ‘feeling alone’Millionaire hotel owner and his girlfriend flying home from Paris shopping trip killed when their private plane ran out of fuel Details of the note's contents were not read out in court as to preserve Jade's privacy but British Transport Police said it expressed her wish to die.

A text message sent to her friend at 10.12am - about 10 minutes prior to her death - said: 'I'm sorry it has to end this way, I love you'.The court heard that Jade had been prescribed a form of antidepressants following an earlier incident on September 30 last year.+6Jade Emily Kosanlavit (pictured) left a handwritten note in her pocket which expressed her wish to die, officers told the inquest+6Floral tributes and cuddly toys were left at the scene in the wake of her death last year+6British Transport Police officers told the inquest that they saw Jade running towards an oncoming train after jumping off the Liverpool-bound platform at Port Sunlight station in Merseyside and into its path (pictured)Concerns were raised by her family about the medication, which has been linked to suicides in the past, but Mr Rebello said he could not say if Jade's death would have happened had she not been taking them.He added that he was satisfied the medication was prescribed in accordance with what is expected in child and adolescent psychiatry across England.Mr Rebello said notes and drawings by Jade were 'poignant' and difficult reading.

He said the investigation goes far broader than what would be appropriate to share in court, adding that Jade's wishes for privacy should be respected.He said: 'What happened to Jade is very difficult to get your head around - this very young life ending in this way.'Jade suffered from a mental health depressive illness which had manifestations of intentional self-harm. She had been prescribed [anti-depressants] and supportive therapy. 'I am satisfied that Jade intentionally took her own life while suffering from a depressive illness.'Mr Rebello said it was important that Jade be remembered for who she was and not to let her tragic death 'overshadow the beauty of her life'.+6Jade, a Year 11 pupil at Wirral Grammar School for Girls (pictured), was described as 'hardworking and talented'. The school said she had a strong friendship group and would be 'remembered as a gifted musician'Following the inquest, John Johnson - Jade's mother's former partner - said: 'I absolutely adored her, I loved her so much and was so proud of her.'I brought her up like she was my daughter, I just hope she rests in peace now.'Following Jade's death, teachers and friends from Wirral Grammar School for Girls paid tribute to popular student.Headteacher Elaine Cogan said: 'It is with great regret and sadness that we learned of Jade's death, she was a talented and hardworking pupil at the school.'Jade was an articulate and gifted Year 11 pupil, popular with both pupils' and staff alike. Jade had a strong friendship group at school and received strong and unwavering support at home.'She had a great love of music and will be particularly remembered as a gifted musician.'Jade was an accomplished player of three instruments, took an active role in school recitals and music evenings, and recently toured Austria to perform with music department.'There is a strong sense of loss across the whole school.


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Kendall Jenner shows off supermodel figure in cut-out swimsuit while holding monkey... as she reveals why she banned sister Kim Kardashian from her debut runway show

There comes a time in every model's career when she will have to pose with an animal.And that day has come for Kendall Jenner, who appears in the March issue of Allure magazine looking incredibly stunning... while holding a monkey.However, thanks to her natural prowess as a model, the 19-year-old doesn't let the cute Capuchin monkey steal her shine.Scroll down for video +10Monkeying around: Kendall Jenner looks amazing in a black cut-out swimsuit in a brand new shot by Mario Testino for the March issue of Allure magazineWearing a cut-out black swimsuit and revealing her toned abs, the slender model looks impossibly chic as she smiles rather sweetly for the camera.It's a bold new look for Kendall, whose hair is usually poker straight or teased back in a slick ponytail.


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Celebrity photographer and singer, TY Bello who welcomed a set of twin boys in October 2014 after waiting for 9 years, recently sat down with Genevieve mag where she opened up about her struggles with Endometriosis, dealing with pressures from friends and family to get pregnant, the rumors that she didn't carry her pregnancy herself and the birth of her twin babies.

TY, who revealed she went through IVF to conceive her boys, said the journey to pregnancy was a very intense one for her. I bought a copy of Genevieve mag and typed out some of the Q&A. Read after the cut

"My journey to pregnancy was a very intense one. I had just been through the toughest nine years of trying to get pregnant, being confident that it would be a breeze since I had always known that I would make a great mother. It was quite humbling when it didn't happen as I had envisioned it. It was grueling actually" she said
TY says she had always joked about having twin boys to make up for the lost time of motherhood and that she never knew God was listening to her.
"At first we didn't know I was carrying twins. When I was going for my test, I didn't feel pregnant. Before I went, I heard in my spirit, 'Wear something nice'. I questioned the voice and wondered if it was nice to dress so nicely and get disappointed, setting myself for a heartbreak. In the end, I obeyed. I decided in my mind that whether I was pregnant or not, I was not going to stop believing. My doctor was very dramatic about the announcement too. She screamed so much we couldn't even decipher her words. I had a delayed reaction as her words wouldn't sink in. It was overwhelming, We were truly happy and couldn't stop crying. I  remember two people, Pastors Obi Pax Harry and Angela Ashong telling me matter-of-factly that I was going to have twins. It happened to the detail. My friends know how I have always made it a joke about having twin boys to make up for lost time. I wanted boys because I joked that I was an eternal fourteen year old lanky boy myself and so we would all get along. I can't believe God was listening. It was few months before we could confirm that we were having boys"
TY says she discovered that a long standing undiagnosed battle with Endometriosis was responsible for her delay in pregnancy
"In perfect timing though, two older friends of mine, Dr Odaga and Mrs Morin Desalu came into our lives and helped us be more proactive in our journey to becoming parents. What started with dark clouds took a turn. For instance when Aunty Morin whisked my husband and I to see her doctor at George's hospital. We discovered that a long standing yet undiagnosed battle with Endometriosis was responsible and I just assumed I had the worst period pains. Shortly after that, through Dupe Kupoluyi, we met a fantastic doctor named Yemisi Bero at the Arc Clinic who became our fertility doctor. I went through my IVF cycle with her, probably in the middle of the busiest seasons in my career. I remember jabbing myself at airports sometimes just to keep with the schedule as I worked like crazy. Sometimes I think I stayed so ridiculously busy just to keep my mind off the difficult process. To the glory of God, that cycle was successful and everything inside of me screamed for me to slow downed but I didn't just know how. I decided to start a pregnancy journal and instinctively titled it "Quiet Streams" Immediately I knew then that everything was going to change and it did. It was like a switch was flipped and my body went rest mood"
Asked if there were pressures from family and friends during the wait for her babies, she said
"Oh you can't even begin to imagine. Society and even your personal fears can pressure you before a desire manifests. In our society, as with most, once you hit a four year mark after your wedding, everyone around you starts to blare their alarm. Nine years? Now that was deafening. Every time I prayed, I knew everything was going to be fine and my life was in the course set for me. The pressure gets more difficult when you are trying and it isn't happening. It was important I turn a deaf ear sometimes. It was important that I didn't feed my doubts. Someone once said to me after the babies came, "You can't call your experience waiting, you were living your life to the full before their arrival". I explained that that was exactly my waiting experience. I always say that Christ came to die that we may have life and have life abundantly and that I want to live life to the maximum. If you allow yourself to sustain a state of misery because you don't have something, whether marriage, children or a dream career, then you can't have a full life. It is in the place of living outside of the tyranny of the desire that it comes to you in its full glory. I knew for sure I was born to be a great mum. I just wasn't sure on how it would play out but I knew it would happen nonetheless"
On the lowest points during her journey, TY said
"There were some tough days especially towards the end when I battled with thoughts that God had given me everything else I asked him for and that maybe this was the one thing I would have to let go of. I however knew deep down that this was untrue. I concluded that our desire for parenthood was persistent only because it was a prayer answered. Faith opened me up to the reality that God would answer me and I didn't need to hand-twist  him as to how. This was what helped open my heart to an IVF process in the first place "
On whether she ever considered adoption or surrogacy, she said
"We put every option on the table. It helped that we had so many friends who had gone through the different paths to parenthood. Ironically while trying, I had photographed a family that had tried for over a decade and had just welcomed a bay via a surrogate mother. I have done countless baby shoots before and I saw no difference between theirs and others. It was really comforting when I observed the bond was exactly the same across board. I also have friends that adopted children and they are not in anyway less happy. Motherhood is truly spiritual. I think considering other options isn't giving up but letting go. It's in this place that Miracles happen".
On the effect of the illness, Endometriosis during her pregnancy, she said;
"Endometriosis can make conception more tricky and difficult but I and countless other women stand as testament that it doesn't make it impossible. But at the end of the day, people react differently so its difficult to generalize. For me once my pregnancy progressed, it seized to be a major concern"
Addressing rumors that she did not carry her boys herself, that she engaged the services of a surrogate, TY said
"Funny enough I had a shoot during my pregnancy and the makeup artist who did my makeup during my maternity shoot was in a room where this was being thrown around and she couldn't stop laughing as she spent enough time with me when I was pregnant. I was blessed to have Kelechi Amadi-Obi make the photographs and it was special as he had photographed our wedding as well. Its beautiful to have your bump photographed in appreciation but not necessarily as evidence of your being with a child. There are women who would become mothers via adoption or surrogacy. The difference is insignificant. We all carry our children"
Her advice to women who are waiting for a child, TY said;
"Waiting of any kind can be very troubling. You can't imagine what a waiting woman goes through. I have sooken to may women and they described the process as getting an endless cycle of hope and disappointment. That is what breaks the spirit coupled with the stigma, especially in this part of the world. My advice is to never let go of the desire to be parents as God himself put it there. Celebrate the fact that you are alive and never take it for granted. Give yourself permission to experience joy, to dream and fulfill purpose as you wait. It adds value to the type of parent you become. It is always worth it in the end"
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Landing another major fashion magazine cover, Kendall Jenner graces the March 2015 issue of Allure Magazine. In an image captured by Mario Testino (who also recently photographed Kendall for his “Towel Series”, the face of Karl Lagerfeldtries on some voluminous curls for a seductive look. Catch a preview of the inside story with Kendall.


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The sexy musical Cynthia Morgan released a new song called GERMAN  JUICE . Listen to it band leave your comment about what you feel about it . Hot Musician was mentioned on E online .


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Well today I have another article to help you know when your relationship has hit the comfort zone.Enjoy it and leave a comment.

Squeezing each other's spots, leaving the toilet door open and talking while naked: 30 signs YOUR relationship has hit the comfort zone (and will go a distance)

Relationships hit the comfort phase after exactly 11 months and 24 days Having the confidence to tell a partner their breath smells shows potential .Doing their laundry and wearing 'ugly' underwear is a sign of a good bond Do you go au natural around your partner, chat to them while naked and do their laundry?

You've officially hit the comfort zone.New research reveals that relationships hit the comfort phase after exactly 11 months and 24 days - when you're happy to squeeze each other's spots, leave the toilet door open and tell all about ex-partners.The research analysed 2,000 couples and found it takes almost a year to get used to sharing your life and living space with a significant other.+6New research has revealed the top 30 signs your relationship has hit the comfort zone, which occurs after exactly 11 months and 24 days - when you're happy to let go in front of your loved oneAnd the key signs you've entered the comfort zone include allowing your other half to see you when ill, without make-up on and in your lounging clothes.Using the toilet without locking the door, feeling free to cry in front of your partner and letting them look after you when poorly are other sure signs of being in a comfortable relationship.

 Janet Street Porter says 'I gave up the most glorious food on earth FOR A LIE'The poll also found having the confidence to tell a partner if their breath is a little smelly or if they need a squirt of deodorant without them taking offence is a strong sign that a relationship has serious potential.It may seem gross to some, but squeezing each other's spots or plucking stray hairs is another sign a relationship is definitely comfortable. And the cliche of finishing each other's sentences still rings true - appearing inside the top 30 signs of a comfortable partnership.+6Using the toilet without locking the door, feeling free to cry in front of your partner and letting them look after you when poorly are other sure signs of being in a comfortable relationship+6Using the toilet without locking the door, feeling free to cry in front of your partner and letting them look after you when poorly are other sure signs of being in a comfortable relationshipBody confidence was a continuous theme, with being more relaxed about shaving, physical appearance overall and wearing swimwear in front of your partner all being cited as good markers for a relationship lasting the pace.It's not always smooth sailing though - a third have been in a relationship where their partner got too comfortable too quickly and the illusion of a perfect relationship is most commonly broken when the man breaks wind in front of his partner.Nearly a fifth said a new partner had overstepped the mark by getting in touch with their family members too early, or asking about ex-partners. +6Having the confidence to tell a partner if their breath is a little smelly or if they need a squirt of deodorant without them taking offence is another tell-tale sign of a strong relationship .A spokesperson for Measure digital bowel health test, who commissioned the research, said: 'It's interesting to see that it takes nearly a year for people to feel they can really be comfortable around each other.'At first we're very conscious and don't want to be seen as anything but our best, but gradually over time we let people in more and more as our trust and confidence builds.'Some might say the signs you've reached that place in a relationship can signal an end to the romance, but it's a good sign that you're comfortable in your partner's presence and can share any topic or worry with them without fear of being judged.'


1. Not wearing make-up2. Not locking the bathroom door+6Giving your partner our house keys is another sign that your relationship has hit the comfort zone3. Wearing pyjamas/lounge wear4. Breaking wind in front of them5. Not shaving your legs/face6. Wearing your less attractive/non-matching underwear7. Doing his/her laundry8. Going to the toilet with the door open9. Confiding in them over health concerns10. Letting them look after you when you're ill11. You don't mind crying in front of them12. Taking calls/visits from their family13. 'Letting yourself go' without worrying about it14. Laughing when they take the mickey out of you15. Letting them have house keys16. Happy to have a conversation while naked17. Knowing their views on marriage and kids18. Telling them when they need a mint/deodorant19. Shaving in front of them20. Asking them to squeeze a spot/pluck a hair21. Not fretting at the prospect of being in swimwear in front of them22. Showering together23. Going clothes shopping together24. Making their lunch to take to work25. Answering their phone26. Leaving clothes at each other's houses27. Telling them your hang-ups28. Finishing each other's sentences29. Calling them by a pet name30.


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Welcome to chitoo's diary . Check this out :Jonathan Explains ‘Stealing Is Not Corruption Leave a comment about reading.

President Goodluck Jonathan, yesterday clarified what he meant by stealing is not corruption, saying he was quoted out of context.

Responding to questions during a presidential media chat on Wednesday, the President explained that the remark flowed from a discussion he had with a former chief justice of the federation, who told him of how he had to distinguish straight acts of stealing from other forms of corruption he acted upon.“People who told you I said stealing is not corruption did not tell you I said stealing is good.

 That is why philosophers say that the primary reason people disagree is because people use one statement to explain two typical things or vice versa.“I made that statement because I quoted the former Chief Justice of Nigeria, Mustapha, (when) I called a meeting then, with the anti-crime organisations and the judiciary.“The CJN, Mustapha decided to take a look at the files that dealt with corruption and more than 80 per cent of them were just cases of stealing. But people use corruption to cover all. What I am saying is that let us go to the South-West and go to a typical community and they look at you and say this man is corrupt, people will be looking at you. But call that same man “ole”, that is thief, and see what will happen to him.

 Our people hate thieves more than corrupt people, yet most times, we use corruption to cover the lapses.“A thief should be called a thief and treated as such. In my village, when an adult steals, they strip him unclad, humiliate him and his family, but if you say this man is corrupt, they won’t know what you are talking about. We are using corruption to cover it all up.“So, let us communicate properly. It was not me that said it, I quoted Mustapha. He examined the corruption cases and he saw that they were just cases of stealing.“We are identifying thieves; we can talk about what the agencies are doing. We have made more convictions in this period than before. But I always say that the answer is not convicting more people. We must make sure that they don’t steal.

Do not put the money where they can steal it. That is what we are doing.”You may also likeSecurity Forces Raid Sambisa Forest, Kill Over 200 InsurgentsI’m Now In Abuja, Catch Me If You Can – Shekau Dares Security AgenciesBuhari Promises To Jail LootersFayose Warns Workers Against Participating.


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FG Warns Diplomats Against Interference In Internal Affairs.
Following recent remarks by the US Secretary of State, John Kerry and the European Union on the postponement of the general elections, the Federal Government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today Feb. 11th, warned all foreign missions in the country to stop interfering in its internal affairs, particularly its electoral process.
At a meeting with over a hundred heads of missions in Abuja, the Minister of foreign affairs, Amb. Aminu Wali, said information reaching the Federal government indicates that some foreign missions want to interfere in the electoral process and that the federal government will not tolerate such actions. He said interference in Nigeria's internal affairs by foreign envoys is unacceptable...

"No country, I repeat no country, no matter how well intentioned can love Nigeria more than Nigerians themselves. Excellencies let me seize this opportunity to express the strong displeasure of the Federal government on conducts of some heads of mission who have continued to behave in an imperial manner and in clear breech of the channel of diplomatic communication.  A situation where a head of mission takes on the role of a government seeking to impose the views and perspectives of its government and make unguided utterances on matters that are strictly within the domestic jurisdiction of the host country is unacceptable. Let me be clear, the Federal government would no longer tolerate the excesses of such heads of mission. They are hereby advised to operate within the norms and etiquette of diplomatic intercourse” the Minister said.
While reacting to the postponement in a statement released on Sunday February 8th, US Secretary of State, John Kerry said “political interference with the Independent National Electoral Commission” is unacceptable, calling on the government to “not use security concerns as a pretext for impeding the democratic process”.


Baby's first fur! North West wraps up warm in extravagant coat... while Kim Kardashian puts her cleavage center stage in plunging corset

She's been showered with designer gifts since she was in the womb.So it is perhaps unsurprising that little North West is already rocking a fur.The youngster was spotted in the extravagant coat as her mother Kim Kardashian escorted her home after father Kanye West's New York fashion show with Adidas on Wednesday.North West was wearing a fur coat and Doc Martens as she arrived for father Kanye West's Adidas fashion show in New York on Thursday+14Baby's first fur! Nori was wrapped up warm in her extravagant clothing as the pair headed home from the NYFW showNorth's fur was teamed with a mini pair of Doc Martens, black leggings and a T-shirt.While the coat is perhaps a controversial choice of clothing for one so young, one-year-old North comes from a family of fur lovers.


Well she is a single white female! Kris Jenner the serial style stalker copies Kanye's fur coat look Kanye West vows to boycott Grammys until they 'fix' voting system... and reveals 'voices in his head' told him to storm stage after Beck's victory over BeyonceBigger is better! Kim Kardashian leaves her favorite Blackberry at home in favor of an oversized mobile to take photos through her car window in NYCHer parents often wear the controversial fabric, while Grandma Kris Jenner was also seen wearing a fur the same day.
Indeed Kim was also rocking a fur - although hers appeared to be purely decorative.+14All about the look: Kim wore a revealing corset top beneath her coat+14Momma bear: Kim picked up her one-year-old when North tired of walking  cold out here! California girl North isn't convinced by the New York weatherKim Kardashian clutches a pair of Yeezy shoes in NYThe 34-year-old hooked her fur-collared black coat over her shoulders as she arrived for the show with sister Khloe.In a plunging corset top, worn with a thigh-hugging pencil skirt, Kim looked a knockout as she walked into Adidas Studios in the trendy Soho neighbourhood.While she might have been warmer actually wearing her coat, it was all about the look as she linked arms with sister Khloe.  +14She's a knockout: Kim Kardashian shows off her cleavage in plunging corset top as she arrives for Kanye West's Adidas show in New York on Wednesday+14Not quite right: Kim's outfit didn't exactly fit with the Adidas theme, but she did bring along her limited edition Yeezy trainers - in a bag+14Not quite right: Kim's outfit didn't exactly fit with the Adidas theme, but she did bring along her limited edition Yeezy trainers - in a bagThe 34-year-old wore black opaque tights and booties for the event - which was to showcase Kanye's $350 sneakers line.

But while Kim had a pair of the sought after shoes, they didn't exactly match her glam outfit.Instead she carried them in a sheer bag as she made her way inside the venue.Sister Khloe was perhaps more suitably dressed for the occasion, in  jeans and a black top.
Cuddle time: North has  been showered with designer gifts since she was in the womb+14Hold on: Khloe led big sister Kim into the venue by the armBut even she didn't wear her Yeezys, which are set to go on sale to the general public on Valentine's Day.
Only 9,000 of the Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost shoes will be made - ensuring lines round the block from collectors.Kanye is holding his show as part of New York Fashion Week, with a performance by Vanessa Beecroft.Ahead of the event Khloe tweeted her excitement, along with a snap of her invite, writing simply 'Yeezy Season.

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The Peoples Democratic Party on Wednesday raised fresh allegations aiming at discrediting the National Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, Prof. Attahiru Jega, over the conduct of the elections.At a crowded press conference in Abuja, the Director of Media and Publicity of the PDP Presidential Campaign Organisation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, alleged that Jega had meetings with some unnamed leaders of the main opposition party, the All Progressives Congress, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.But the commission said it was not in its character to join issues with political parties.The Chief Press Secretary to the Chairman of the commission, Mr. Kayode Idowu, said this when contacted to react to the allegation.
Idowu said, “INEC doesn’t join issues with political parties, because the commission is a dispassionate umpire.”However, the National Publicity Secretary of the APC, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, dismissed the allegation as utter nonsense and irritable.Speaking in a telephone interview with one of our correspondents on Wednesday, Mohammed said, “I’m in Abuja with some of our leaders. Baba Bisi Akande is here, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar is here, former Governor Kayode Fayemi is here. Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is in Lagos.“No leader of the APC is outside the country. So, tell me who is Jega meeting? Is it members of our NEC? Not one of our leaders is outside the country. This people are paranoid. We are preparing for our NEC meeting. We have some of our governors here. The PDP is paranoid.”But Fani-Kayode also alleged that the meeting was aimed at making sure that those who had yet to get the Permanent Voter Cards were denied the opportunity of receiving them.The former Minister of Aviation put the number of those voters at 23 million .Fani-Kayode added that the commission was scheming out voters in states and areas where he said supporters of the ruling party were.Besides, he alleged that the PVCs were still at China and had yet to be imported to Nigeria.He said, “Pieces of information at our disposal have shown that Jega has had meetings with the APC stalwarts in Dubai and other cities in the world to perfect this wanton conspiracy against 23 million eligible voters.“Besides, we have information that the PVCs that Nigerians are scrambling for are not in Nigeria and will not arrive before the elections.“These PVCs are still in China and Jega has strategically delayed their arrival to suit his electioneering permutations.”Asked to provide proof about the alleged Dubai meeting, Fani-Kayode refused.Fani-Kayode however said that Jega must also show Nigerians proof that the Chinese company printing the PVCs had been paid in full by disclosing the total contract sum and the amount paid to date.He also demanded that Jega should show proof of arrival or expected date of arrival of all PVCs for the elections and that he should equally tell Nigerians how he could have distributed 23 million PVCs within five days to election if there hadn’t been postponement.He said it was wrong for the commission to have claimed that the election was shifted due to insecurity, adding that the electoral body was not fully ready for the election.“The matter is that INEC has failed in its responsibility to produce and distribute PVCs to about 34 per cent of registered voters who would require the cards to vote in the elections.“This brings us to the issue of statistics of PVC distribution and collection which we believe Jega, as a person acting in concert with some forces of retrogression, is playing games with.“We express our concerns today that Jega may have decided to aid the APC to rig the forthcoming elections through the manipulation of the production, distribution and collection of PVCs, such that emerging trends have consistently owobokiri(m): 1:42amWith all these weighty accusations leveled against jega and his jaga-jaga PVCs, it is better to do away with the PVCs FOR NOW. Next elections, the national ID card should be used. It is starting to look like these PVCs can easily be programmed, manipulated or simulated to meet certain parochial ends.5 Likes Re: PDP Accuses Jega Of Meeting APC Leaders In Dubai by eleko1: 1:55am pigs and their barbarians talk dead on arrival. Nija pipu can't be fooled,we have had enuf of the CLUELESS ONE. BUHARI FOR PRESIDENT      14 Likes Re: PDP Accuses Jega Of Meeting APC Leaders In Dubai by Raiders: 1:
owobokiri: With all these weighty accusations levl Next elections, the national ID card should be used. It is starting to look like these PVCs can easily be programmed, manipulated or simulated to meet certain parochial ends.No PVC, No election. I don't know why pdp is scared of using pvcs when they know it would reduce election malpractice13 Likes Re: PDP Accuses Jega Of Meeting APC Leaders In Dubai by chukwudi44(m): 2:0No PVC, No election. I don't know why pdp is scared of using pvcs when they know it would reduce election malpractice Una don start to make empty noise again like the postponement issue. From the look of things TVCS would be used in the elections3 LikesRe: PDP Accuses Jega Of Meeting APC Leaders In Dubai by owobokiri(m): 2:12amRaiders:No PVC, No election. I don't know why pdp is scared of using pvcs when they know it would reduce election malpractice.How can it reduce election malpractices when PVCs are being collected by 4 year olds, when millions from mainly PDP strongholds haven't seen their PVCs while INECs APC donated reading computers are ready to do mago mago with numbers??! To you it must be free and fair when rigging is perpetuated against the ruling party.With all these weighty accusations levelled against jega and his jaga-jaga PVCs, it is better to do away with the PVCs FOR NOW. Next elections, the national ID card should be used. It is starting to look like these PVCs can easily be programmed, manipulated or simulated to meet certain parochial ends.I am absolutely with you on using the national Id for the election, not that I believe all those accusations against jega are true however. But I have always fail to see the need for the pvcs.
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The gorgeous star from the reality show keeping up the kardashian Kendall Jenner at the 2015 amfAR in New York. Looking all glamorous and beautiful . The resemblance between her and kim kardashian is so strong you could believe they are twins apart from the shortcoming of height kim kardashian has and the really voluptuous body kim has that kendall doesn't lol  ! But seriously Kendall jenner is really good to look at .

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 The beautiful singer brandy , its brandy's birthday today . Happy birthday to a fantastic artist. See some pictures shared on instagram of brandy by her brother ray jay wishing her a happy birthday and other of her pictures.


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Okorocha woos Ohanaeze to support Buhari.
The Imo State Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, has called on Igbo leaders to champion the cause that would restore the relevance of Ndigbo in the politics of the nation.Okorocha made the call when he paid a courtesy visit to the Chairman, Reparation Committee of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Chief Amaechi Mbazulike, at his country home in Ukpor, Anambra State.Okorocha, who expressed concern about that Ndigbo have gradually been edged out from political participation in the country, said it was time for the Igbo to massively support the All Progressives Congress (APC)  as “a credible alternative party that will represent the interest of Ndigbo.”In his words, “I think the Igbo need to make a rethink because the way it is now, it is obvious that PDP has failed Ndigbo completely; and they have taken our children, one by one, compensating them with contracts against the general wellbeing of Ndigbo.”The chairman of APC Governors’ Forum explained that he moved to APC with some Igbo leaders to seek a new direction where Ndigbo can be made major stakeholders and be remembered in the distribution of political positions and infrastructure in Nigeria.He, therefore, appealed to Ohanaeze Ndigbo to endorse and support Muhammadu Buhari as the Presidential candidate that has the capacity and will end Boko Haram insurgency and corruption in Nigeria.Responding, Mbazulike congratulated Okorocha for his courage in contesting the presidential primaries of the APC, describing it as a foundation laid for Ndigbo in the party.Mbazulike, however, stated that Ohaneze, as a pan-Igbo organisation, has not committed itself to any particular candidate or party, stressing that the concern of Ohanaeze is in the security of lives and property of Ndigbo, especially those residing in the Northern parts of the country.He appealed to Nigerians to eschew acts that could truncate the peace and unity of the nation during and after the elections.The elder statesman further advised Igbo leaders to always seek the general interest of Ndigbo in their quest for political positions and pledged to work towards repositioning Ohaneze Ndigbo to represent the true Igbo principles.At the meeting were some leaders of Ohaneze, including Barr. Elechi Onyia, Senator Ofia Nwani, Chief Jackson Obenazu, Barr. Kate Onweni and Sir DSN Inyama, president of Igbo in the 19 Northern states.

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Four Women Arrested Over Stolen BABY Four Women Arrested Over Stolen Baby Girl .
Four women are now cooling their heels at Ogidi Police station in Anambra State over a stolen two months-old baby girl.The baby said to have been stolen from her mother at Nnewi was said to hqThe four women now in police custody included three sellers.During an interview with Daily Independent, the buyer said that she resolved to procure the baby girl because she needed a female child that would look after her when she would be old.“I have a male child but I want a female child that will look after me when I become old. The boy will not nurse me more than the girl”, she said.When asked if the husband was aware of her plan to buy the baby, she spoke in the affirmative, saying “he was aware and asked me to carry on”.Confirming the arrest of the buyer and sellers, the Divisional Police Officer (DPO), in charge of the Ogidi Police Station, Mr. Hassan Musa, said that the baby has also been recovered and that she is in police custody while effort is on to get the mother. Musa said he was satisfied with the confessional statement of those arrested, adding that two of the women that sold the baby are based in Abatete and Onitsha.He said “We had to move to Enugu to get the baby on arresting the buyer days after and now we are moving to Nnewi to know how the mother of the baby will feature”.He reiterated the resolve of the Division to stop all illegal sale of babies in the area. Musa disclosed that it was on a tip off that the police arrested the sellers while they were waiting for the buyer to come from Enugu, Enugu State.Source:

This is so wicked . The baby's mum must be loosing her mind over this case . Anywho leave your comment about this horrible story. See a picture of the four month old bab.


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Chilling moment jealous husband arrived in hospital to strangle his nurse wife in intensive care unit because he was convinced she was having an affair.

Rhyston Jones, naked from waist up, was captured on hospital cameras.He was seen making his way to intensive care unit where he strangled wife39-year-old shouted 'die' during attack that left Claire Jones unconscious She was only saved when colleagues hit him with chair and pulled him off Jones was found guilty of attempted murder at Newport Crown Court.

 This is the chilling moment a jealous husband was seen arriving in hospital before he strangled his nurse wife on the ward where she worked.CCTV footage shows Royston Jones, naked from the waist-up, making his way to the intensive care unit where he attacked wife Clair in front of seven patients she was treating.

The 39-year-old repeatedly shouted 'die' as he attacked Mrs Jones, whom he had become convinced was having an affair. He also claimed he was carrying a hand grenade. +7Caught: CCTV footage released today by police (above) shows Royston Jones, naked from the waist-up, making his way into the hospital where he attacked wife Claire in front of seven patients she was treating+7Chilling:

 The 39-year-old was seen wandering the halls of the Nevill Hall Hospital in Abergavenny, south Wales, before entering the ward where his wife worked. Jones shouted 'die' while strangling her+7Dangerous: Jones is seen entering one of the rooms in the hospital before the vicious attack . He was described to the court as being a 'jealous, possessive and aggressive man'An unconscious Mrs Jones, 35, was only saved after her 'heroic' colleagues at Nevill Hall Hospital in Abergavenny, south Wales, hit him with a chair and managed to drag him off.The terrifying attack was captured on hospital cameras and the footage was released by the police. Jones was today found guilty of attempted murder at Newport Crown Court.Prosecutor Michael Jones said: 'Royston Jones was a jealous, possessive and aggressive man w Three Muslim students, including budding dentist and his wife, are shot dead at UNC Chapel Hill 'by man who'd ranted against religion' 'Were it not for the heroic intervention of staff at that hospital, he would undoubtedly have succeeded.'During Jones' trial, he was described as being like a 'man possessed' and flew into a drug-fuelled rage on the night he attacked his estranged wife.He slammed Mrs Jones to the ground, using his body weight to keep her restrained. +7Nurse Claire Jones+7Royston JonesProsecutor Mr Jones said: 'He had his hands around her throat and there's no doubt he was trying to kill her by strangling her.'Mrs Jones was dragged into another room by her colleagues but her husband came after her again and put her head in a headlock to choke her. She was left unconscious. Mother-of-three Mrs Jones told the court: 'He was like a man possessed. Marching towards me, seething and glaring at me.'All he said to me was: "You've done it now." And I said: "What have I done?" He put both his hands around my throat and neck and I was aware of colleagues screaming and shouting around me.Claire Jones, speaking to the court 'He put both his hands around my throat and neck and I was aware of colleagues screaming and shouting around me. 'I lost consciousness and the next thing I remember is being dragged into an office and a colleague telling me you're alright now. My colleagues were looking at me in horror.'She was treated at the hospital's A&E unit for a swollen neck and throat and back injuries - and witnesses said she would have died if her colleagues had not stepped in.After being arrested, unemployed Jones then told police the court had better not let him out or he would 'finish the job'. Jones, from Brynmawr, Gwent, had a history of drug abuse - and had taken drugs that day with the intent of killing his wife.Gwent Police said they were pleased with the verdict.Detective Inspector Leigh Mears said: 'This was both a very frightening and disturbing incident in a place that is supposed to be a place of safety - a hospital. +7Saved: An unconscious Mrs Jones was only saved after her 'heroic' colleagues at Nevill Hall Hospital in Abergavenny, south Wales, hit him with a chair and managed to drag him off'We must acknowledge the bravery of staff at Nevill Hall hospital - colleagues of the victim - for stepping in as they did, which undoubtedly prevented further serious harm to the victim.'We would like to reassure anyone who is experiencing any form of domestic abuse that they are not on their own and there is help and support there for you.'There is no justifiable excuse for committing domestic abuse.'We, together with our partners, are able to provide victims with the necessary support and confidence to take positive steps to stop these offences being committed and to ensure any such perpetrators are robustly prosecuted.'We are hopeful that the conviction of Royston Jones demonstrates that we, together with the CPS, take domestic abuse seriously and it will not be tolerated. 'We would like to recognise the strength and courage of the victim and others in supporting this investigation.'Following the jury's guilty verdict, Jones was remanded into custody ahead of his sentencing on February 20. . See pictures of the man and his wife .what so you think caused the man to go all out crazy with his wife .


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Watch some videos that will thrill you .

Hilariously Humiliating Examples Of The Friendzone In Action

Moms Confess the Weirdest, Most Mortifying Things Their Kids Have Ever Said or Done 
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Buhari's Interview With CNN Christiane Amanpour Buhari full Interview By Christiane Amanpour On CNN Today 8pm .
Buhari's Interview With CNN Christiane Amanpour .

CNN aired on tv by Christiane Amanpour and APC presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari about Boko Haram, corruption and his own controversial past.

 Download Below LikesRe: Buhari's Interview With CNN Christiane Amanpour (Full Video) by OREMUSSANCTUS.The Nigerian Presidential election is
between a FAILED President and a former DICTATOR"

what do you think about this video of thE interview.


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today I have some pictures of ini edo new man

 Actor Mike Godson is looking cute in his new pictures. Mike is rumoured to be having a sweet romance with actress Ini Edo, who recently separated from her husband, Philip Ehiagwina. Further investigations revealed that the millionaire actress and the actor have taken their affair to the next level by cohabiting in Ini's house at Lekki area of Lagos. Mike and I'll Take My Chances producer are now the newest item in Nollywood.Do you guys think this relationship will lead to marriage? Anyway, Isn't he cute?
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Do not die for a mediocre performer - Obasanjo to Nigerians
At the launch of his book, My Watch, in London today, former President Olusegun Obasanjo urged Nigerians not to die for a mediocre performer, and said he maintains the statement credited to him of his endorsement of APC presidential candidate, Gen Buhari.
"What I said and I maintain that and I will say it again and I will do it. When the time comes for me to vote, I will consider the track record of all the candidates that are contesting and I will assess and based on my assessment for who I believe have the best track record to perform the job of the Nigerian president, then he will have my vote and if anybody should know what the job of the Nigerian president requires, I should know.
"And there is no sentiment in the affairs of Nigeria.Nigeria is a population of 180million and you wouldn't have anybody other than one person or two persons that can run the affairs of Nigeria? What the hell are we talking about? For me there are millions who can run the affairs of Nigeria that are not even coming out. So why should you die on behalf of one who is probably performing as a mediocre. With all due respect. Nigeria, if you love it, you would look for the best for Nigeria and I don't believe that at this point in time we have the best" he said. Watch the video of the launch of his book and tell me what you think.


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A hospital administrator killed herself after worrying that she will turn 30 without a husband or children.
An inquest was told Miss Gow had been an 'outgoing, adventurous and loving' young woman who had attained a 2:1 in History from Lancaster University before working at Royal Bolton Hospital.

In a statement read to the Burnley hearing Miss Gow's brother Stephen Best and her sister Sarah Davidson said: 'Rachel had been a happy child who had lots of friends, she loved to dance and play the violin. 

'She was very close to her sister Sarah. 'She was very academic and following A levels she studied at Lancaster University. She also made people laugh. She was proud to be at Lancaster and also a dizzy blonde.'

The statement added: 'She had three breakups before her relationship with Anton. Her greatest wish was to settle down and get married.'But Miss Gow's problems began in 2011 after her mother Connie a primary school teacher died from cancer aged 66 in 2011.She took the death 'very hard' but later Miss Gow's family and friends thought she was improving and she met Mr Tsvarev in May 2012 and he moved in with her during 2013. She also got her job at the hospital.
The inquest was told that she was worried her boyfriend Anton Tsvarev, 30, would leave her, and suffered a number of insecurities about the relationship+6Miss Gow, who was due to celebrate her 30th birthday in January this year, went to see a psychologist in September 2014

The statement ngle' of a back garden two months after he disappeared after family row Model and budding TV star, 21, is found hanged at holiday park after telling Facebook friends he was ‘feeling alone’'But she could not overcome her previous sadness and felt Anton would leave her. She was looking forward to turning 30, planning trips to Italy with Anton and going to go Vegas for her birthday, she was saving money every month. 'But the relationship became unstable and they tried to make it work.Mr Tsvarev an engineer told the hearing: 'Our relationship had a lot of ups and downs due to her insecurities.

 This would cause a lot of problems. She constantly felt I was going to leave her but this was not the case.'Miss Gow who was due to celebrate her 30th birthday in January this year went to see a psychologist in September 2014 and Mr Tsvarev added: 

There had been nothing significant at the time except the anniversary of her mother's death also along with her 30th birthday and mine. 'These were all things that troubled her. She felt she was not where she should be in life.'+6Mr Tsvarev told the inquest that his girlfriend felt that she should be married with children and that her siblings were doing better than herHe said she felt that she should be married with children and that her siblings were doing better than her and said: 'This was something she struggled with. Rachel had spoken to me about the fact she had researched suicide techniques. 'I was not sure how serious she was about it because she always said things in the heat of the moment.'The day before Rachel was found last November 1, the couple went to her father's house to look after his dog while he was away. But in the morning, the couple had an argument over a text message Miss Gow had found on Mr Tsvarev's phone from someone else.He said: 'In the morning we both got up. I had my phone on charge in the bed room. She looked at it. She came into the living room very upset telling me to leave. She had found texts on my phone from someone.

They were not out of the ordinary. She didn't see it that way.'Later that the day couple drove home to their house in Haslingden and Anton went out to visit a friend in Preston. He said: 'She was still upset when we arrived home. She was very agitated.
 This was not a new thing.' He told the court he had left the house after picking some clothes  and went to stay somewhere else for a while.+6Miss Gow was an 'outgoing, adventurous and loving' young woman.He added: 'I got a text from her wishing me the best for the future. It was common place after an argument so I didn't think anything of it.'However Mr Tsvarev 'had a really bad feeling' so he decided to go back to Haslingden to see if everything was alright. He said: ' I went into the lounge. The lights were off but the fire was on. I could see her lying on the floor.'The inquest was told that Anton performed CPR on Miss Gow until emergency services arrived just before 9pm, but Miss Gow was pronounced dead.Tests showed Miss Gow had died from hypoxia. Recording a verdict of suicide Coroner Richard Taylor said: 'We have a girl who is severely troubled by a number of aspects of her life. 'As I understand it she was having a slightly more positive year because of new employment. But she clearly had difficulties and at some stage she purchased the items with which she took her own life.'It appears from her actions she did that with intent to end her life.'In a statement Mr Tsvarev said: 'Everyone is devastated by Rachel's death. It's a tragic loss for everyone, I'm absolutely heartbroken. 'Being around her was so easy, we enjoyed all the same things and we loved going walking together in the Lake District. Rachel did a lot of travelling all over the world and she was very adventurous and loved life.'She was a fantastic person. 
Such a sad story .what do you think about this girl story.leave a comment.