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Check out what Cossy Orjiakor put up on social media ,

Photo: Cossy Orjiakor May Have Met Her Match, Needs Somebody To Do "Measurements"Cossy Orjiakor just may have met her match, but she needs somebody with good palms to make the comparisons for her.

She tweeted the picture above saying:

The babe on pink bra thou. I need a volunteer.. Someone with huge Palms to measure us..I bet am bigger.. Hahaha— COSSY (@Cossydiva) July 25, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner steps out in sexy outfit for her first MC gig

Singer Boy George sang at Caitlyn Jenner's transgender religious naming ceremony on Thursday and she returned the favour by taking to the stage at Culture Club's performance at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles yesterday night to introduce Boy George's band to the crowd. For her appearance, she wore a chic sleeveless outfit with leather jacket and boots.

Shocking video of mother who put Down's syndrome boy in her washing machine throwing the youngster around a bouncy castle 

Shocking video of mother who put Down's syndrome boy in her washing machine throwing the youngster around a bouncy castle

Courtney Stewart, 21, can be seen throwing boy, two, around bouncy castle.

After being dropped from shoulder height his neck jolts back violentlyHe tries to crawl away only for Ms Stewart to drag him back by the ankle

Shocking footage has emerged showing the mother who provoked outrage by putting a Down's syndrome boy in a washing machine throwing the same toddler around on a bouncy castle.

Courtney Stewart, 21, can be seen dropping the two-year-old from shoulder height onto the surface below, leading to his neck jolting back violently as he bounces back almost a foot into the air.

He then tries to crawl away only for Ms Stewart to grab him by the ankle and drag him back.

World News :Kenya rejects US gay rights agenda, what Obama said about it today

Kenya rejects US gay rights agenda, what Obama said about it today

Kenya is an anti-gay country. Below is what President Obama said when asked during a press conference this afternoon in Nairobi what he thinks about gay rights in Kenya.

"The US believes in the principle of treating people equally under the law and that they are deserving of equal protection under the law.and that the state should not discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation and I say that recognizing that there may be people that have different religious or cultural beliefs but the issue is how does the state operate relative to people.

You can look at the history of people around the world. When you start treating people differently not because of the harm they are doing to anybody but because they are different, that's the path whereby freedom is beginning to erode.

If somebody is a law abiding citizen who is going about their business and not breaking any law and obeying the traffic signs and doing all the things good citizens are supposed to do and not harming anybody, the idea they are treated differently based on who they love is wrong. Full stop."

he said
Below is Kenyan president, Uhuru Kenyatta's response on the issue
"The fact of the matter is Kenya and US share so many values, democracy, entrepreneurship, family values. These are things we share but there are some things we do not share. Our culture our societies don't accept. Its very difficult for us to be able to impose on people that which they themselves do not accept.

This is why I repeatedly say that for Kenyans today, the issue of gayrights is really a non issue. We want to focus on other areas that are day to day living for our people. Our health issues as we have discussed with president Obama. These are critical. Issues of inclusivity of women, a key section of society that is normally left out of the mainstream of economic development.

What we can do in terms of infrastructure, Education, Roads, Power and Entrepreneurship. Maybe once like you have overcome some of these challenges we can begin to look at new once but the fact remains that this issue is not one that is in the foremost minds of Kenyans and that is the fact"he said

News : US senator calls Nigerian soldiers fighting Boko Haram, ‘rapists’

While in the US, president Buhari criticized the Leahy Law - a U.S. human rights law that prohibits the U.S. Department of State and Department of Defense from providing military assistance to foreign military units that violate human rights.

Reacting, the sponsor of the Law, US Senator Patrick Leahy (the law is named after him) said Buhari is misguided in his criticism as the law, which has so far stopped the US govt from assisting Nigeria in the war against Boko Haram, can't be blamed for the atrocities committed by the 'murderers and rapists in the Nigerian military'.

“It is well-documented by the State Department and by respected human rights organisations that Nigerian army personnel have, for many years, engaged in a pattern and practice of gross violations of human rights against the Nigerian people and others, including summary executions of prisoners, indiscriminate attacks against civilians, torture, forced disappearances and rape.

Rarely have the perpetrators been prosecuted or punished. This abusive conduct not only violates the laws of war, it creates fear and loathing among the Nigerian people whose support is necessary to defeat a terrorist group like Boko HaramPresident Buhari ignores the undisputed fact that most Nigerian army units have been approved, under the Leahy Law, for U.S. training and equipment.

Only those particular units against which there is credible evidence of the most heinous crimes are ineligible for U.S. aid. And even those units can again become eligible if the Nigerian Government takes effective steps to bring the responsible individuals to justice. I strongly agree with President Buhari about the need to defeat Boko Haram, and I have supported tens of millions of dollars in U.S. aid to Nigeria for that purpose.

But rather than suggest that the United States is at fault for not funding murderers and rapists in the Nigerian military, he should face up to his own responsibility to effectively counter Boko Haram. He should direct his attention to the Nigerian military, and the Nigerian courts, and clean up the units implicated in such atrocities.” He said

Check out what jidenna means when he says he is a classic man.

An interesting interview with the Nigerian-American singer about the substance behind his style. Interview by Deidre Dyer for the Enjoy below...

Have you always been keen on suits?
There have been different moments in my life when I was really into them. Some of the earliest pictures I have are of me in a suit in Nigeria, when I was like five or six years old, with my father. He used to wear three-piece suits and walk with a cane.

Did he wear that every day?
Yeah, every day. But in that day and age, he had bell bottoms. He would walk around with a three-piece suit and he would have a red cap on with a white feather signifying his rank as a chief. My style definitely stems from him, first and foremost.

I grew up designing my own clothes. In Nigeria, everyone makes their own clothes. It's not a big deal to make bespoke suiting, it's just a way of life. I would hire tailors from Nigeria or Ghana. Some of the best tailors in the world are from Dakar.

And what about shirting? That's a very specific collar that you're wearing.
Yeah, all the collars that I wear are in the style of the 1800s.

Why that era? I was studying the Jim Crow era and 1865, beyond that Antebellum south. I wanted to know what the freedmen that fought in the Civil War looked like right after the war was over.

The freed slaves that went to Nova Scotia or went up north and started settlements—what did those men and women look like? I was fascinated by that. I wanted to have a collar that was very specific to the old Jim Crow, and this was one of them. Some people call it the club collar, or a double round collar.

It seems that in all the aspects of your style, the influence of history is present. Each piece is clearly referencing a specific time. Is a suit a history lesson for you?

That's a great question. For me, I wear a suit because I need to remember what's happened before me. I wear what I want every day. Our generation is super individualistic and that's cool, but it only gets you so far—you need people. We’re social beings and I need to know and remember where I came from.
The suit is actually easy to wear every day.

 I just gotta switch out my shirt, switch the colors, switch the tie, and then it's a brand new fit. To me, it is the fashion of the times. I just have to remember that every day so I know what I'm fighting for. To me, that’s what my style represents.

Do you consider style a form of resistance?
I think all style is a form of resistance. If you work in a corporate office and you wear a certain type of suit, especially as a woman, you're resisting the outside. Like, I am here. I don't work at McDonald's. I don't work on the street. I work in this office. I'm resisting that life.

When I was a boy, I was sagging my pants like everyone else. Some boys become men and continue to sag their pants because that's their form of rebellion. Like ‘I don't want to wear a suit. I don't want to dress up. I don't want to pull up my pants. This is who I am, I'm resisting against that world, and I don't want to live that life.’ So, absolutely—I think everybody resists some other culture when they dress.

There was an interesting vignette in your video for “Classic Man” where you and your suited crew are walking down the block, and you come across two or three guys who are being stopped by the cops. Why was that a crucial scene to include in your video?

There's a lot of anger against police officers, especially in African American and Latino communities, and there has been for a long time. I have that anger, too. I'm very very critical of what this country has done with policing. But I do believe that there are good policemen and women. I wanted to make sure that I portrayed an interaction that I hope to see in these communities. I wanted to show a cooperative exchange, one that's not snitching and not deadly.

I'm sure your time working at the MLK institute was very influential. Who are some of the other influential figures that helped you kind of come to this understanding of the world?

Madame C.J. Walker, Elon Musk, Young Thug, Hillary Clinton, Ghandi and Hitler. I’ve been studying people that were not ordinary, for better or for worse. In Hitler's case for worse and actually, to some degree, Ghandi too— because his opinions of black South Africans were not positive. But women like Madame CJ Walker, the first millionaire, she was unafraid to go out there. She was brilliant and had a brilliant business model.

What about Young Thug has been so influential?
I think a lot of people try to be someone else, and Young Thug really is who he is. I love his melodies, how he dresses, how he carries himself. The others ones I look at them for their leadership qualities.

I look up to Elon Musk for his social entrepreneurship. Hillary is top general, man. Whether or not you like her, women have the very very difficult task of answering the question, 'Do you have to be a bitch to be in power.' When I hear all of these comments about Hillary, it upsets me because it's like, 'yeah she's a bitch...' and I'm like, yo, she's just a leader. You don't have to agree with her, but she's not a bitch. She's just a powerful woman.

Given your view of style as a means of protest, where does the music come in for you?
Music is the means. In the same way that Marley believed that he would create peace on the earth by spreading reggae music, I believe that these values of human connection and of intimacy are super, super interwoven into "Classic Man" and every record that I put out.

 That message will be in everybody's earbuds, and therefore it will change the minds, the hearts, and the souls of all human beings around the world. I do believe swank music is the next frontier.

suspect speaks -How we kidnapped children from churches"

Gabriel Ogunsawe is a 26-year-old father of one, who is currently jailed at the State Criminal Intelligence and Investigations Department, SCIID, Panti, Yaba, Lagos.  He has been accused of participating in 3 different kidnappings of children.

He stated that his first operation was successful but luck ran out on him on his 2nd attempt.  He was arrested, arraigned in court and remanded in Kirikiri prisons for about a year. But no sooner than he got his freedom, he took to the same crime again, he wasn't lucky the 3rd time either.

Ogunsawe said: 
“I am from Ijebu-Ode in Ogun State.  I am a National Diploma, Accounting student of Lagos State Polytechnic. I was arrested because I was involved in the kidnap of a young child of about four years from Amazing Grace Church in Palm groove area. I was introduced into kidnapping business by a friend called Olayinka.

“I have known him for over six years.   It was Olayinka who came up with the kidnapping idea.   My role was to collect the ransom from the parents of the victim. This is not the first time we have engaged in kidnapping of little children.   In fact, I have engaged in three kidnappings.   The first one was successful while the last two were not.

"I was arrested after the second kidnapping while attempting to cash the ransom at the bank but my friend Olayinka, escaped. I was in Kirikiri for almost a year before I was released. When I returned from prison, I was jobless when Olayinka came and lured me into it again.

“Normally,  Olayinka goes into any church of his choice on Sunday morning, sits like a member inside the church and monitors the activities and movement of worshippers in the church.   When he is certain that he can lure a child out of the church premises unnoticed,  he quickly lures the child with biscuit or toys.  After successfully abducting the victims, he takes them to another big church located very far from the church where the children were kidnapped.
We never killed or sold any child. 

We only keep the child for a day and ensure we get whatsoever ransom we need to get from the victim’s parents. We ensure that we get the ransom first thing on Monday morning before the child will be seen. He abandons a large envelope addressed to the pastor in the church with a phone number. Once they contact us through the number,   we send  bank details to the parents of the victim.

“The first kidnap operation was in a Redeemed Christian Church in Shomolu area and it was successful.   We were paid N300,000 but Olayinka gave me N70,000 only, as he said we incurred some expenses, that was why he took the larger sum. Unfortunately,  the second operation was unsuccessful as I was arrested, arraigned in court and remanded in prison from June 2013 to January 10 2014.

Honestly,  I didn’t need anyone to tell me to stay away from crime after my release from the prison but I didn’t have a choice.   When I was released, I started squatting with my cousin, Akorede, in Akilo Street close to Lady-Lak area.  That was after I was ejected from the rented apartment where I lived because I was unable to pay the rent. My wife and son had to go live with her parents in Ota.

“This last operation, Olayinka initially, asked the victim’s parents to pay N700,000 but, they said they will pay N250,000.  They later sent N3,000 airtime to Olayinka.   He transferred N1,500 to my line the next day after I confronted him for collecting the ransom behind me. Because I was broke, I transferred N750 to my cousin Akorede, who I was squatting with.
We used an old registered line of mine for the transaction.   It was that line that he used to transfer the air time to my main line. 

 It was through the transferred airtime that Akorede was arrested,  unknown to me. It was through his sister, Jumoke,  that   I was eventually arrested while I was sharing handbill.   Akorede and his sister Jumoke,  are innocent and know nothing about the kidnap.
“I have a son who is about three years seven months old and I won’t want him to be kidnapped because I know the trauma we subject the families to when we kidnap their children.

 There was a time when I had to speak with the mother of the child we kidnapped.  I could feel her pain and broken heart from her voice.
My wife doesn’t know that I am into kidnapping business. My mum is late but my father is alive.  He doesn’t care.

  I am married and I am a tiler. 
To my wife, I am very sorry to put you through all this shame and disappointment. My family members are all disappointed.   No one has come to see me since I was arrested. 

  Right now, I feel so bad about my actions, but I was so desperate to get out my unpleasant situation,”he stated.


Obasanjo talks about 'Why I allowed Abacha arrest me '

Former President Obasanjo has disclosed reasons why he allowed former head of state, Sani Abacha to arrest him in March 1995 for allegedly conspiring abroad against the Abacha regime, despite many opportunities to escape and accept an offer of political asylum by the US.

Leadership  reports
Obasanjo was among the opposition lights that were against the regime of the late Head of State, General Sani Abacha, who ordered their arrest, trials and sentences but spared their lives due to international pressure. Abacha was the most senior military officer in the illegal contraption called Interim National Government led by Chief Ernest Shonekan after the military president, General Ibrahim Babangida, was forced to resign over the historic annulment of the June 12 June, 1993 election won by Moshood Abiola, who later died in the military gulag.

In his newest controversial memoir, ‘My Watch’, he narrated his opposition to the Abacha regime which led him to the formation of National Unity Organisation which he intended to use to force Abacha to quit power.

According to his narrative, Obasanjo had been meeting with some leading politicians and non-politicians in every part of the country on the need to free the country from the jackboot of Abacha whom he said, “was so much below average as an officer that no serious attention was paid to him until he was made to announce the coup.

“I was not in doubt that Abacha would attempt to silence me. This was clear from his apparent ambition for life presidency of Nigeria in insatiable appetite for corruption; his looting directly from the Central Bank; his need to silence everyone that could oppose him in any form; his actions towards my close friends and associates and his close surveillance of me by his security both within and outside Nigeria.”

Obasanjo recalled how during his visit to Kenya for the funeral of the father of the opposition leader, Raila Odinga, where the Nigerian Embassy officials wrote a report indicting him, stating that “since Odinga was in opposition to the government of Kenya when he died, I had gone to Kenya to create problems for the Kenyan government by supporting the opposition, and the Nigerian government should restrain me from causing great problems between Nigeria and Kenya.”

Narrating further, Obasanjo said,
“Rumours about Abacha taking action against me started to spread and ring louder and louder. I had no fear because I had done nothing to cause me fear or anxiety. I was about my life and my business unperturbed.”
Source: Leadership.

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Horrifying scenes as fishermen chase 250 whales onto a beach in the Faroe Islands and locals leap into the water with glee to stab them to death.


Slaughter turns the sea red with blood: Horrifying scenes as fishermen chase 250 whales onto a beach in the Faroe Islands and locals leap into the water with glee to stab them to death.

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT: The brutal slaughtering of pilots whales took place at Bøur and Tórshavn in the Faroe IslandsLocals dressed in wetsuits wade into the water, and use knifes and harpoons to kill the stranded whalesAlthough whaling is illegal in Denmark, the annual hunt, known as the grindadráp, is allowed in the Faroe Islands

Their bodies lie beached on the dark shore, large slash marks penetrate the neck and sides of the whale as the blood mixes with the cold water.

Known as the grindadráp, the brutal slaughtering of pilots whales in the Danish owned Faroe Islands took place yesterday. As many as 250 whales were reportedly massacred on two beaches in Bøur and Tórshavn as locals used harpoons and knifes to hack the all of the pilot whales to death.

Killing: Locals wade out in wetsuits and use ropes to catch the whales before stabbing them with knives

Prepared: Running down the beaches, the locals prepare to drag the whales in and kill them

Witnesses: Slain on the beaches, hundreds of locals come down to watch the brutal slaughter

The horrific scenes were filmed by activists from Sea Shepherd, a non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organisation.

As the innocent whales are forced to swim towards the beaches, the locals begin to run down from the jetty towards the sea.

Realising they are unable to escape, the whales slow down as the fishermen in their power boats and dinghieus begin to close in on the large school of whales.

The locals, many of whom are dressed in full wetsuits and bobble hats, wade into the water and begin to violently drag the distressed animals up the beach.

Pasuma says 'I Have Found Love ' plus Asks Nigerians To Bless His New Relationship and Not Destroy it

To all the ladies eyeing ace fuji musician, Pasuma, this might be an unpalatable news as he is no longer up for grabs.

 In an exclusive chat with Saturday Beats, the fuji singer said that he has found love and might tie the knot anytime soon. Bear in mind that Pasuma is 48 years old now and his first daughter Wasilat is already 24 years old.

Pasuma told SB:
“I am in a relationship right now but we have not tied the knot. I am in a very serious relationship and I have found love. I met my girlfriend in a mall in Dubai. She was with a friend who knew me and greeted me, so she followed suit.

 She did not really know who I was then but her friend was a huge fan. Because she did not know who Pasuma was, I was curious to know more about her.

 God has already blessed our union and I pray that people would also give us their blessings and not destroy it. I am not planning marriage this year, all I am concerned about is my career.

When my career has the stability that I want, then I would get married to her,” he said.He told Saturday Beats that his woman understands the nature of his job and that he also makes out time to explain certain things to her to avoid jealousy or any misunderstanding.

“Anybody that wants to marry a musician has to be a part of the musician’s career. The person has to understand the business. On my part, I think my woman knows and understands my job. I also take time to explain to her the intricacies of the job. She comes from a good home and she is very humble.”

Entertainment News : Brother Africa 2015 CANCELED

Popular Television Reality show, Big Brother Africa (BBA) will not be returning this year due to the inability of the organizers of the show, Africa Magic and Endemol, to get sponsorship for the show.

In an exclusive interview with Manager of Multi Choice Ghana, Anne Sackey,with Razz Newspaper Reporter Mustapha Inusah who published the story on, she confirmed that they at Multi Choice Ghana have received notice from MNET that this year’s edition of Big Brother Africa will not come off.

She explained that MNET did not give them any reasons as to why they will not be doing the Big Brother this year, but then, she personally thinks it’s due to sponsorship constraints. In her words: "They didn’t give us any reason though, but I think it’s mainly because of cash constraints as we all know the show is very expensive to put up".

Anne Sackey continued by saying that since the organizers don’t have a constant annual headline sponsor (s) for the show, it becomes difficult sometimes to get sponsors. “

They don’t have fix sponsors on the show. Every year the sponsor changes, sometimes it’s Coca­Cola, sometimes MTN and other companies from Ghana have sponsored before" she said.

When interrogated further to give more details on whether this is a publicity stunt or not, she stated that MNET is a separate company and that they have their target and strategies so until they write to them, she can’t answer any more questions on their behalf.

Toke Makinwa Says "I Don’t Want to Talk about My Marriage for Now"

It's no longer news that Maje Ayida, popular on-air-personality, Toke Makinwa's husband, impregnated a long time lover, Anita Solomon and flew her out of the country to be delivered of the baby.

Ever since the news broke both parties especially, Ayida, kept quite on the issue and their silence fuelled so many speculations. Out of the blues, this week the fitness trainer publicly apologized to his
wife via his Instagram page.

In his apology, he made it clear that he was wrong and he was still in love with his wife. He said:
 “I am writing to express my sincerest apologies to my wife. I was wrong, it is indefensible and I am sorry. I deeply regret what my wife and my family has had to endure. My behaviour has caused a lot of anguish to everyone.

Though this matter has been very public in nature, it is a private issue and I would appreciate the opportunity to face it privately.

”When Saturday Beats contacted him on the phone, the bald fitness expert, declined to comment on the issue stating that he made it clear in his message that it was an issue he would prefer to handle privately. He however insisted that he was still very much in love with his beautiful wife.

 He said:
“I would rather not talk about the issue now. I am not just comfortable talking about my personal life publicly. It is not something that I normally do. Most times I grant interviews it is usually related to my work.

 It is not something I really do and I don’t want to start doing it now especially with this issue going on. It is a private thing and part of the point of my message was to keep it private. I expressed that in the message.

I would rather not talk about it. But I love my wife dearly.”When Saturday Beats contacted the delectable OAP if she would listen to the pleas of her husband, she also declined to comment on the issue.

In a gentle and polite voice, she said:
 “You have to understand that a lot is happening right now and I would rather not grant any interview or make any comment for now.”

Kim Kardashian shares selfies with her sisters from the set of their new E! promos

Pregnant Kim Kardashian posted several dolled-up selfies alongside her sisters Kylie Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian from the set of their new E! promos on Friday.

The 34-year-old mother-to-be reunited with her siblings for the 11th season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which premieres this fall.

'Yeah, photo shoot fresh, lookin like wealth,' newly single Kourtney - rocking cleavage - wrote on Instagram.

'Sneak peak!' Pregnant Kim Kardashian posted several dolled-up selfies alongside her sisters Kylie Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian from the set of their new E! promos on Friday

'Yeah, photo shoot fresh, lookin like wealth!' The 34-year-old mother-to-be reunited with her siblings for the 11th season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which premieres this fall

It's not a surprising move for the Selfish author, who shares all of her adventures in vanity - big and small - with her combined 99M followers on social media.

Kim - who's said to be four months along - sported her usual eyelash extensions, shiny hair extensions, and perfectly contoured make-up.

The mother of two-year-old North West was professionally coiffed by her glam team - make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic and hairstylist Gregory Russell.

Caroline Cossey, Playboy's first transgender model, issues stark warning to Caitlyn Jenner about 'rushing' her transition.

The 60-year-old model first appeared in the magazine in 1981, a year before News of the World outed her as transgenderAfter attempting suicide, Caroline found her confidence again and eventually revisited the popular magazineShe explained how she saved up for sexual reassignment surgery on her own by working as a showgirlSpeaking to Daily Mail Online, Caroline praised 'beautiful' Caitlyn's courage, but noted that she hopes she isn't taking things too quickly

As the first transgender woman to have her own pictorial in Playboy, Caroline Cossey has broken boundaries and fought tirelessly for the transgender community. And while she is thrilled by the outpouring of love and support for Caitlyn Jenner, the former Bond girl has admitted that she is worried the reality star is moving too fast with her transition.

When Caitlyn made her debut on the cover of Vanity Fair in June, unfounded rumors that she had already undergone gender reassignment surgery began to swirl. But as a transgender woman who went through countless and lengthy psychological evaluations before she completed her transition, Caroline has admitted to Daily Mail Online that she is 'praying [Caitlyn] hasn't had surgery' just yet.

'She looks amazing,' Caroline said. 'But everything is being done in such a rushed hurry.'

She's the first: Caroline Cossey was the first openly transgender woman to appear in Playboy. Having already done one shoot in 1981, she posed again in 1991, nearly a decade after News of the World exposed her

Guidelines for sexual reassignment surgery (SRS) vary from country to country, and Caroline explained that a candidate typically has to undergo psychological testing, and wait at least a year before being approved for sexual reassignment surgery.

However, she imagines that someone with extreme wealth, like Caitlyn, would be able to find a way to bypass these requirements.

Recalling the detailed and incredibly personal questioning she had to undergo before being able to proceed with gender reassignment surgery, Caroline explained that during Caitlyn's powerful interview with Diane Sawyer in April, the athlete, who maintained she is attracted to women, was not asked whether she got sexually aroused when dressing in women's clothes.

'That's the first thing they asked,' she said of starting the SRS process. 'They try to deter you from surgery.'

Caroline said there is a huge difference between being transgender and being a transvestite, and while there is 'absolutely nothing wrong' with being a transvestite, confusion can lead to a painful surgery and a lifetime of regret.

'She is beautiful. She looks amazing,' Caroline said of Caitlyn. 'I just want to make sure she is not going down the wrong road.'

Caroline is not only protective of Caitlyn, she is worried about the countless others who may be rushing into SRS as a result of the increased public awareness about transgender people.

Source : Daily Mail