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We’ve officially uncovered the case of Chris Brown’s baby mama! ‘Nia Amey,’ a nursing student and model, is the mother of Chris’ 9-month-old baby, has confirmed with an insider.

The mother of Chris Brown‘s daughter, is model and nursing student, Nia Amey. Of course, that’s just her modeling name, a close friend of Nia’s confirmed to exclusively. We have a ton of photos of the 31-year-old here, and pretty much everything you’d like to know.


According to MediaTakeOut, Chris has a baby with a woman who has dated quite a number of rappers. Ouch! Thought he was different. Her name is Nia Gonzalez and she's in her 30s. She has a lot of nude model photos and has appeared in a few music videos. She's reportedly been around the Houston area since the 90s.Nia and Chris took a blood test last week which confirmed he's the father of the 9 months old girl. Meanwhile, Nia also knows Chris' now ex-girlfriend Karrueche and even partied with her in Vegas around the time she got pregnant. See more photos (including nude pic) of Nia after the cut......



Did Jonathan Distribute Dollars To 25 Bloggers In Lagos ?

President Goodluck Jonathan said he was hosting 'Nigerian youths' in Lagos over the weekend at the Eko Hotel Hotel & Suites.

Anyone reading this should know that I believe in the principle of supporting the individual, not the party.

I had been a big fan of GEJ that despite so much being said about the corrupt nature of his administration and the news spreading everywhere that he's been busy buying everybody deemed important to his winning the 2015 election, I still saw him as an innocent man who has been widely misrepresented.

 However, If these allegations that the President and his handlers have compromised and corrupted more and more people during this election period is anything to go by, then they might have already initiated some Nigerian bloggers into that cult!

First, talking about the so called meeting with Nigerian youths, it beats my imagination how politicians(APC,PDP, APGA, whatever!) would just rally round a few youths and paint a picture that they represent the entire millions of Nigerian youths populace.

 It's only your good youth-oriented initiatives that can have far reaching effects on almost every Nigerian youths, if not at all.The last time I checked, the biggest hall inside Eko hotel can only accommodate five thousand heads.

One of the shocking news filtering out after the Sunday, March 1st event was how a barrage of youths were complaining of not being paid because they came late to the event. So, I asked one of my colleagues who went to report; 'is it that the rest of the youths were paid to attend the event in order to see Mr. President address them?"

But that's a topic for another day.The annoying information I'm being inundated with is that the bloggers I earlier mentioned (about 25 of them) specially invited to the event were allegedly given N50K(Fifty Thousand Naira) after the event.

 This was in addition to the N200K(Two Hundred Thousand Naira) allegedly doled out to this same set of bloggers in American Dollars at an earlier secret meeting and lunch with the President at the State House, in Marina Lagos.

 At the state house meeting, according to one of the bloggers who attended; here is how President Jonathan was said to have addressed these 25 bloggers which he described as the 'key social media publishers and editors' while having lunch with them;"Where is Doyin (Okupe) and Reuben (Abati) ,they both stood up..I wish to apologize to you all (the bloggers), because we as a government have not spent a dime on social media. Please don't blame Abati and Doyin if you have not been getting the type of supports that you need.

I have come to realise the important role the social media play in information dissemination..Minutes after we must have spoken now, most people in UK, US and across the globe will be reading about this meeting..You, more than anything else plays a more bigger role than all the other conventional media .Your followership is huge especially among the youths who constitutes over 65 percent of our population. Let me assure you that our dealings with the social media practitioners will change in my next term..I'll work with you."

As at the time of publishing this opinion, all SMS and calls put through to the Presidential spokesman, Reuben Abati's number was not replied.Politics is a dirty game and I so hate opposition being vindicated, but I hope this allegations are not true, otherwise Lagos state governor, Babatunde Fashola's might be vindicated over his recent accusation that the President is desperate, saying; "he(GEJ) was here(Lagos) for 5 days meeting with different people and groups, distributing money in dollars."

Now, not a few colleagues are already discussing everything that went down. But because even though I'm a blogger, I'm still practicing in the conventional media, which according to GEJ, his '25 chosen and anointed bloggers' are now more important than, let me protect their names and I'm not even allowed to reveal my source as I was trained in journalism school.

But you can be sure this development is already brewing some disappointment reactions in some quarters of the media especially from those who swear they are in the know about these baptism of corruption allegedly carried out by the President and his handlers on the bloggers.

A colleague with an evening newspaper, who also claim to have privy information on happenings during the meeting shares his reaction;"About 25 of them (bloggers) met with our daddy.

 I heard before they left State House, our ATM daddy dispensed American quid to all of my friends who were opportune to share lunch with him. My fear: more and more people are being corrupted and compromised!"

Another print journalist and blogger states; "25 people out of millions of them? They didn't even form a quorum! GEJ has not done anything worthy to be celebrated in his six years of ruling Nigeria! Now tell me why we need to talk good of such a man! The 25 people should get the America quip as my brother has tagged it and do the right thing! Don't sell your conscience because of a token.

 If these government has performed; the proliferation of bloggers wouldn't have been!"

If indeed, Jonathan made the above statement, what I've just got to say here is that utterances and moves such s the above from him are part of the reasons the oppositions often accuse him of not being 'intelligent enough', because the truth is, there are thousands of key players in the new media industry and every blogger no matter how small, is part of the web of content sharing/syndication which makes the new media the force it has become today.

 However, to invite just 25 bloggers and call them 'key social media publishers and editors' in the industry, to me is very ridiculous and further exposes GEJ's much touted ignorance.

You don't even have to give bloggers money. If you do well enough, they'll write well about you.

Thanks to a corruption tolerant government, It's no longer news that this corruption scourge has wrapped it self tight around every sector in Nigerian(the media inclusive), and with what allegedly happened at the meetings with GEJ, obviously those so bloggers are going to take front seat on the trend of social media corruption from this time onward, even if Jonathan does not return to make it a reality as he seemed to have promised them at the meeting.

What some of us will not stop doing is sounding the alarm to media practioners beit conventional or new, that collecting any gratification is unthetical and unprofessional; it will make you spell a thief as a chief.

Davido Allegedly Expecting First Baby With Secret Lover, Belladonna


Davido Allegedly Expecting First Baby With Secret Lover, Belladonna

Grape vine sources claim that "AYE" star Davido is allegedly expecting his 1st child with his older Abuja based lover Sophie Momodu A.K.A Belladonna.

According to reports by Enquirer Magazine, 22years old Davido and Belladonna who is 28 have been in a secret romantic relationship for sometime now.

The pair have been spotted in PDA at private functions and has openly shown affection for each other on social media.

Bella's close friend who choses to remain anonymous said that the relationship allegedly got serious in September, 2014 and that Bella is 4 months 15:28Haha the world is going crazy.

This celebs keep hitting us hard with bombshell and surprises. Wow wow !!!!! Leave a comment ..




Karrueche finally dumps Chris Brown, says no baby drama for her....

Karrueche just tweeted this. She has said her goodbye to Chris Brown. For some reason, I kind of feel she means it this time. We all heard today that Chris is the father of a 9months old daughter. She probably read it on TMZ like we all read it. And if she's dumping him over it, it means it's true. Poor Karrueche! She must be hurting
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Woman gives birth to her own son's IVF baby: Now he wins right to adopt child who is his brother

A mother has helped her own son become a father - by carrying his child as a surrogate.In a procedure believed to be a world first, a fertility clinic arranged the woman’s pregnancy using a donor egg and her son’s sperm.

She offered to have the baby – with her husband’s consent – after plans by their son to have an IVF child with another female relative collapsed.

The High Court (pictured) heard how a fertility clinic arranged the woman’s pregnancy using a donor egg and her son’s sperm.

The extraordinary arrangement emerged when a High Court judge ruled that the son can now adopt the baby boy and become his legal father – even though in the eyes of the law he is also the infant’s brother.

However, the move was met with howls of protest by critics, who described the procedure as ‘dubious’ and called for urgent reforms to prevent abuses of fertility law.

Mrs Justice Theis, who did not identify the family, the clinic or the local authority in the area where they live, said: ‘The arrangement the parties entered into is not one, as far as I am aware, that either this court or the clinic have previously encountered and although highly unusual is entirely lawful under the relevant statutory provisions.’

The father, who is in his mid-20s and lives alone, has wanted to be a parent ‘for some considerable time’ but waited until he had a settled job and home so he could provide ‘the care a child would need’.

Woman gives birth to her own son's IVF baby: Now he wins right to adopt child who is his brother .

close151shares112commentsMother helped her son become a father by carrying his child as a surrogate Clinic arranged the woman's pregnancy using donor egg and son's spermOffered to have baby after her son's plans for IVF child with another female relative collapsedThe procedure, revealed in the High Court, is believed to be a world first Judge rules the son can adopt the baby boy and become his legal fatherBut critics have called for urgent reforms to prevent abuses of fertility lawA mother has helped her own son become a father - by carrying his child as a surrogate.In a procedure believed to be a world first, a fertility clinic arranged the woman’s pregnancy using a donor egg and her son’s sperm.

She offered to have the baby – with her husband’s consent – after plans by their son to have an IVF child with another female relative collapsed.+5The High Court (pictured) heard how a fertility clinic arranged the woman’s pregnancy using a donor egg and her son’s sperm.

The extraordinary arrangement emerged when a High Court judge ruled that the son can now adopt the baby boy and become his legal father – even though in the eyes of the law he is also the infant’s brother.However, the move was met with howls of protest by critics, who described the procedure as ‘dubious’ and called for urgent reforms to prevent abuses of fertility law.

liveThe judge said he discussed the issue openly with family and close friends and arranged for another relative to act as surrogate mother, but the woman dropped out because of a medical condition.At that stage, Mrs Justice Theis said, the man’s mother discussed with her husband the possibility of stepping in to help.

The family attended a series of counselling sessions and discussions with the clinic, which is licensed by regulator the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA).

The plans, described by the centre’s medical director as unique, were then given the go-head after ‘careful consideration’.The baby, now seven months old, was born at full term and now lives with his father.

However the judge warned others not to embark on surrogacy deals without ‘comprehensive legal advice’ because the process is a ‘legal minefield’.

Mrs Justice Theis said that under the 2008 Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act, which governs surrogacy arrangements, the woman who carried the child is the legal mother. Her husband is the legal father because he consented to the pregnancy.

Rules stipulate that a surrogate mother must hand over a child to two parents – usually a couple ‘in an enduring family relationship’.

Under the law, it would be a crime to hand over the baby to the biological father alone. But the judge argued that the adoption would not break laws because the baby and its father are legally related already as brothers.

Social workers backed the adoption, saying it would ‘strengthen the bond’ the father and child already share’.

A report described how the baby ‘clearly has formulated a secure attachment to the father’, adding: ‘The father understands that the child will need to know about how he was conceived and feels that he will utilise the security of the family structure to support his son in understanding that he is a very much wanted child.’

 Another report said the mother and her husband regard the child as their grandson, adding that the family want the child to know about the circumstances surrounding his birth.Mrs Justice Theis said the closeness of the family was a ‘critical feature’ of the case.

The woman offered to have the baby – with her husband’s consent – after plans by their son to have an IVF child with another female relative collapsed (file picture)

‘The strength of these familial relationships, and the consequent support they provide now and in the future, will ensure the child’s lifelong needs are met,’ she added. But last night critics said the law should never permit such an arrangement.Author and broadcaster on family issues Jill Kirby said: ‘The ethics in this case are very dubious indeed.

If the HFEA considers this to be a legal procedure, there is an urgent need to look at the law again.’Patricia Morgan, a leading researcher on family policy, said: ‘This child will have so much confusion in its background.

Emotional damage ‘The evidence suggests that the further we move away from two biological parents, the less good that is for the child.’Robert Flello, Labour MP for Stoke-on-Trent South, said: ‘This case throws up many concerns and worries.

My greatest concern in all of this is the potential emotional damage to the child in years to come, as he tries to work out family relationships that most of us can take for granted.’



Bobby Brown Allegedly Shooting a Reality Show on Bobby Kristina

The Houston's and Bobby Brown’s family are grieving over circumstances surrounding Bobbi Kristina, and new reports suggests that Bobby Brown may be shooting a reality show around their tragic travail.

Sources connected with the production told TMZ that Bobby’s two sisters, brother and their kids are shooting the show about their lives, and part of it will chronicle Bobbi Kristina fighting for her life.

Bobby’s lawyer told the news medium his client will not appear on the show.It appears that they have not shot video in the hospital, but reports say they have regular debriefs at home on camera where they talk.

GLORIA OKON, The Story Of Nigeria’s Most Mysterious Drug Pusher 


GLORIA OKON, The Story Of Nigeria’s Most Mysterious Drug Pusher .

Gloria Okon was caught in 1985 with heroin in Nigeria and died in very controversial circumstances.

FULL NAMES (alternate names): Miss Gloria OkonBIRTH AND EARLY DAYSShe was born in 1950.HER ARRESTOn the 22nd April, 1985, a petite society lady, Gloria Okon, was about to board a Nigeria Airways aircraft WT840 (Lagos-Kano-London) at the Aminu Kano International Airport, Kano State when she was arrested with substances suspected to be heroin and other hard drugs (the National Security Organization, NSO or Nigeria’s secret intelligence agency is often mentioned in her arres

 Tucked in internally were 56.70 grammes of the substances. She was also caught with the sum of N20,000, 60 pounds sterling, $301 and 19,000 Italian lira. The customs officers and drug law enforcement agents were very excited to have nabbed her, not because they had caught her alone but because they would also be stars of the show for a while as all the arrests were being made by their counterparts at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos.

But their jowls of excitement were pangs of sheer agony for the 35-year-old Okon. Why?The year was 1985 and anyone caught with drugs would face the death penalty, no stories. That was the provision of the Decree 20 put in place by the junta of General Muhammadu Buhari .

She was going to die, and she knew it. Stunned and stupefied at her sudden stare at death, Okon became an unwilling and helpless star before the nation’s news-thirsty media. Newspapers and magazines contained her story and the radios gave the chilly broadcast. For many who read the story or heard the announcement, it was not a big deal they thought, she was going to be executed like others.

But then, there would be a twist in Okon’s story that would turn her into the most mysterious drug pusher in Nigeria’s history. What happened next still remains very bizarre even 30 years after.DEATHOn the 28th April, six days after her arrest, the most unexpected happened: Gloria Okon died in custody. From an ordinary ‘heroin suspect’, the sudden demise of Okon led to what is now one of the most enduring narcodramas in Nigeria. She did not just die, she died in very questionable and mysterious circumstances.

The Buhari regime would not bury the case and an investigation was launched into the matter, with a judicial commission of inquiry given the complicated task of unraveling all the circumstances surrounding the very suspicious death of Okon who gave up the ghost at the Aminu Kano Hospital, Kano.INVESTIGATIONSThe judicial commission of enquiry working on the Okon case was headed by Justice CNO Ubbaonu of the Kano High Court. It began its sitting in Kano almost three months (precisely 5th Monday, August) after she died.

 Other members of the panel were:Wing Commander PG AsemotaTunde Oloko, a university donJI Obianwu, who was the secretaryThe case was so serious that the Inspector-General Etim Inyang was mandated to ensure there is a reasonable conclusion to the case and to make sure all the mysteries are solved.

 The commission was to carry out three main tasks:Make proper inquiry as to the arrest and death of Gloria OkonDetermine whether during the period of her arrest and custody, if any person(s) contributed to her death through acts incidental to the caseMake suitable recommendationsBut that would never happen: on the 27th of that same August, the military regime of Buhari was toppled by General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida and till date, no one knows how it all ended and the demise remains a mystery.

 However, it must be stated that before she died, Okon reportedly confessed and revealed a ‘big baron’, as a matter of fact, a customs official said of her revelation:‘If carefully handled, she may lead us to the big brains behind the business.’But before Okon could even mention the name of her mentor or sponsor, she was stone-dead.

According to those who investigated her case and questioned her, the only clue she left was simply the name ‘Bassey’. Ibrahim Coomasie was the commissioner of police for Kano State and he stated that it was almost impossible to track her mentor because Okon did not give the second name of Bassey or even an address, so the investigation met a dead end.

The address that was listed against her name, 21 Cole Street, Surulere, Lagos was found to be non-existent.However, it must be pointed out that although Okon was just one of the many female carriers arrested, she was the only drug mule very willing to cooperate and say it all, revealing all information on her sponsors. But before she could utter anything, she was gone.

 An autopsy conducted stated the cause of death as food poisoning. There was no time Okon showed any sign of ill-health, she was quite healthy when she was arrested as the public inquiry found out but according to Misharck Okitiakpo, a customs officer who kept her in custody, Gloria Okon fell ill just a day after she was arrested.

Okitiakpo also explained that on the day she was arrested (22nd), Okon made a request for rice and beans which she was given. But on the 23rd and 24th, she was rushed to the hospital after she complained.But that is where Okitiakpo’s accounts stopped. He did not explain or was unable to explain what happened from the 25th to the 28th when Okon finally breathed her last. Okon had been in the custody of the Customs until the 25th when she was handed to the police.

 Therefore, it is not precisely clear whether she was poisoned while with the customs or under the police custody where she eventually died. In an interview with The Guardian in May 1985, Coomasie said Okon had changed saying:‘…the late suspect was not talking when she was brought to the police and did not make any statement to the police, when the police took custody of Okon, she looked weird and neither ate nor talked.

 ’But later, she was given some egusi soup by the police (egusi with what? Abi she drink the egusi ni, police no tell us that one).

 The police also said she took some bananas and tea after the egusi. Amazing food combination: egusi, banana and tea.The mystery of Okon’s case was further deepened when no one showed up to claim her, not even one relative showed to identify her as a suspect or even her corpse.

According to Babadisa Ciroma, an assistant commissioner of police (ACP) who was in charge of Okon’s interrogation said no one paid her a visit while in custody or even when she was admitted at the hospital.

That was not all, 39 days after her death Okon’s corpse remained unclaimed at the Murtala Muhammed Hospital Mortuary where it was deposited. This prompted the police force Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to issue a notice that her remains might be treated as unknown if it not claimed after seven days of warning to the general public.

 Apparently embarrassed by the mysterious death of Okon in custody and to prevent a repeat, the government compelled state police commands to transfer suspects and exhibits in cases of hard drugs to the Force CID Headquarters in Lagos by ‘the most expedient means’.The Nigerian nation was supposed to hear from the judicial commission of inquiry by the end of August and shed light on the case but by the end of August, a new leader was in place and he was a military president: IBB.

 The late lawyer Gani Fawehinmi attempted to resurrect the case but this put him on a path of direct clash with Haliru Akilu and Kunle Togun, two of IBB’s most dreaded security agents. No one was ever charged over the death of Gloria Okon.THE CONTROVERSIESIn the absence of a conclusive investigation, so many tales have been spun by many so as to fill in the gaps.

According to some, Okon never died, the corpse presented was all a ruse and part of a grand conspiracy. In June 2009, Professor Taiyemiwo Ogunade, in an interview with THE NATION said of the Okon case:‘Gloria Okon is actually Chinyere, that’s her real name. She married Charles “Jeff” Chandler, the fellow who killed Nzeogwu and was killed a day later.

 Chinyere, Maryam and Princess Atta were young friends who hung out together. They all married into the military, because the military was a proud and respectable profession then.

Charles Chandler, who was Tiv, married Chinyere who I think is from Imo State. IBB married Maryam from Asaba and Mamman Vatsa married the princess. So Chinyere became a widow and resorted to trading between UK and Nigeria.

And then she was caught with drugs; Mamman Vatsa was the person who put Chinyere on the next available flight from Kano to London – and then claimed that she was dead by parading a dead woman picked out of the mortuary.

Dele Giwa later found out that she was in London having delivered a baby by another man. He sent a French photographer to the place and they saw Maryam Babangida at the event. Kayode Soyinka brought back the photographs.

 Dele was sitting across the table from Kayode examining the photos taken of “Gloria Okon” (Chinyere, Richard Chandler’s wife) at the naming ceremony in London. Maryam Babangida was there.

And then a letter parcel was delivered to him and he said excitedly that it must be from “Mr. President” referring to the discussions he had with IBB days earlier. The bomb exploded and severed his lower abdomen; he died a few hours later.’Some others say Dele Giwa knew that Okon was Maryam Babangida (or even IBB)’s drug mule and wanted to blackmail IBB, which is why he was killed.

Newswatch has denied any link between their late founder who was killed by a parcel bomb in 1986.Tom Mbeke-Ekanem in his book, Beyond the Execution: Understanding the Ethnic and Military Politics in Nigeria insisted the corpse sent to Calabar to Okon’s family was a fake corpse and that the family returned it saying it was not the corpse of their daughter, but that the authorities insisted the corpse was that of Okon.

 The claim was that the real Okon was freed to go live overseas and replaced with an unclaimed corpse brought in from the mortuary.

 The crazy controversies around the case prompted the Federal Government to make attempts to unearth everything thus launching the public commission.

According to others, she was a drug mule for the former Nigerian First Lady Maryam Babangida shuttling between the USA and Britain and she was killed so she would not squeal.

As it is now, the truth is hanging somewhere, and the only way I think Nigerians will eventually get to know the truth is when a government comes and re-opens the case and declassifying all the documents relating to the case. Whether that will take 10 or 100 years, no one knows.

 But before then, the story of Gloria Okon is one eerie chapter that will continue to haunt the world’s largest black nation.



I will not support any interim government & their will be no election annulment says Obasanjo.

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo says he will not be a part of any plans to constitute an interim government that may be formed after the general elections.

According to PMNews, he said this while addressing a group of Concerned Nigerians who had come to allay their fears about the upcoming general elections at his home in Abeokuta, Ogun state this morning.

He also said that there is no possibility of the election being annulled"You need not to worry about anything.

There can never be any June 12 annulment again. Buhari is not Abiola, he is a trained and highly intelligent soldier. Oyegun is not Anenih, Osinbajo is not Kingibe. Jega is not Nwosu, Jonathan is not IBB and this time around, Obasanjo will not support any interim government. Obasanjo will rather support a free, fair and credible election.”he said

Kris Jenner & Kanye West At War: She Demands North Star On ‘KUWTK’


Kris Jenner & Kanye West At War: She Demands North Star On ‘KUWTK’

The biggest drama on ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ is happening off camera as has learned EXCLUSIVELY that Kris Jenner and Kanye West are fighting over North West’s involvement in the show!

If you were expecting Kimye’s little one to be the breakout star on the next season of ‘KUWTK,’ you’re likely going to be disappointed.

 In EXCLUSIVE, we’ve learned that Kanye West, 36, doesn’t want his daughter North West anywhere near the show — and this has Kris Jenner, 56, outraged!

source : splash News



Chris and Karrueche have had threesomes in the past, but things have changed now that they’re in love! However, has learned EXCLUSIVELY that there are still special times Kae is ‘open’ to having one!

Chris Brown, 25, and Karrueche Tran, 26, are more in love than ever, but they sure find ways to spice up their already hot relationship! Karrueche likes to make Chris happy, and is totally open to having threesomes with him — but under certain conditions only, because at the end of the day, she “does not like to share” her man! Here’s what EXCLUSIVELY learned.

source : Splash News



Hurled to his death in front of a baying mob: ISIS barbarians throw 'gay' man off building in another sickening day in Jihadi capital of Raqqa.

Watch the video below , its so terrible .

Young man was thrown from a building in the terror group's 'capital city'He was accused of being gay by the ISIS militants that control RaqqaHuge crowds gathered at the foot of the building to watch the atrocity.

Some climbed on buildings to get a better view of the gruesome scene Militants fighting for the Islamic State in Syria have thrown yet another young man to his death from a building after accusing him of being gay.

Stomach-churning photographs show a large bloodthirsty crowd gathered at the foot of a multi-storey building in the group's de facto capital Raqqa to watch the murder of the young victim.

With the baying crowd clambering on to rooftops to get a better view of the savage scene, the blindfolded man is dragged to the roof of the tallest building in the neighbourhood by bearded militants, who use mobile phones to film him being barbarically thrown to his death.

own yet another young man to his death from a building after accusing him of being gay Horror: The blindfolded man is dragged to the roof of the tallest building in the neighbourhood by bearded militants, who use mobile phones to film him being barbarically thrown to his death+

Sick: The stomach-churning photographs show a large bloodthirsty crowd gathered at the foot of a multi-storey building in the group's de facto capital Raqqa to watch the murder of the young victim.

The images were released by local activist group Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, who work undercover in the ISIS stronghold to expose the terror group's atrocities.

The photographs carry the distinctive yellow logo of ISIS' propaganda wing Al Hayat Media Centre, suggesting they come from an as-yet unreleased video of the savage murder.

The photographs shows a huge crowd gathering at the foot of a run-down building in the west of the city, which ISIS captured in early 2014 amid the ongoing chaos of the Syrian Civil War.



Why women who fake orgasms are MORE likely to have a real one... but not if they're in a new relationship, reveals Tracey Cox.

Up to 80 per cent of women fake orgasms, according to recent research - and that might not be a bad thing.Turns out some women fake it in order to make it a real orgasm happen.Researchers surveyed 481 heterosexual females, all sexually active but not in serious relationships.

Second, fear and insecurity. Wanting the sex to be a positive experience, rather than a negative one.Fourth, was faking it to end the sex session.

No surprises there (though it’s usually further up the list!)The most interesting reason came third on the list.‘Elevated arousal’ - faking orgasm to make yourself feel more turned on.

The women said by pretending to orgasm, they were attempting to increase their arousal levels. And do you know what? I believe them.The ‘fake it till you make it’ theory is based on the assumption that if you act out the thing you want to happen, sometimes it will.

Psychologists use the same technique on depressed patients: the act of smiling triggers hormones which make us feel happier so a forced smile eventually turns into a real one.

Sexpert Tracey Cox says for some women pretending to climax could actually bring on the real thingThe women in the study said if they pretended to orgasm, their partner got more excited, which got them more excited.

By reenacting the lead-up to a real orgasm - breathing faster, making noise, moving your hips, tensing your muscles - you might just push yourself over the threshold to the point where orgasm becomes involuntary.But there are two crucial points that need to be made here.

First up, the study was based on women who weren’t in relationships so the overall percentage of ‘fakers’ (80 per cent) is hopefully lower in couples who are more comfortable with each other.

It’s also best not to use the ‘fake it to make it’ technique at the beginning of relationships (unless you explain that’s what you’re doing, which is unlikely).How is your partner ever going to learn to give you a real orgasm if they think they’re doing it already?

The absolute worst time to fake an orgasm is at the start of a relationship, which is, of course, when most women (and some men) do it.Keep on doing it and you’ve set up a pattern of behaviour that’s based on deception and dissatisfaction.

He’ll keep on using the same ineffectual techniques because he thinks he’s turning you on; you’ll remain frustrated and irritable every time you have sex.Having the courage to say “Actually, that does nothing for me,” isn’t easy but you really must.

Communication is the key to good sex - and faking orgasm (for reasons that aren’t so helpful) isn’t necessary if admitting to not having one isn’t a problem!Read more about love and relationships



Actress Nadia had a fiance who is currently with her in Atlanta and he is the father of the twins.

Nadia Buari's father confirmed that the actress had given birth to twins, but everybody wanted to know if Jim Iyke who was known to be dating the actress was the father.

Reports surfacing from Ghanaspy seem to disprove the Jim Iyke theory insisting that the two love birds had broken up soon after Jim proposed to Nadia last year on one of the episode’s  of the actor’s reality TV show, Jim Iyke Unscripted and that he was not the father of the twins.

According to the reports, Nadia had a fiance who is currently with her in Atlanta and he is the father of the twins.

The beautiful Actress after breaking up with Jim Iyke posted a photo of herself with a new guy who was believed to be her new boyfriend on Instagram and Nadia never denied rumors of her dating the dude who stays in America.Nadia gave birth in America.

Could this American guy in the picture be the father of the actress’s twins?

So guys Jim Iyke isn't the father of her twins oh lol !!!!! Leave a comment.



Sharon Osbourne slams the Kardashians, says they're only famous because of their looks

Another day, another person comes for the Kardashians. This time, it's Sharon Osbourne, TV personality, Kelly Osbourn's mum and wife of rock star, Ozzy Osbourne.

Speaking with Closer mag, the 62yr old said the the Kardashian family are only famous because of their looks, & nothing more. "

We're in the limelight as Ozzy is an international star, but their fame is built purely on beauty. Who do you know who has five stunning daughters?

 Every family has at least one dud!" she said "I've had Kendall on my show and she's charming,' she continued. 'And Kim has influenced a whole generation of young girls - it's quite a responsibility ... I respect and like them, but their morals are different to ours.'

Attacking Kim Kardashian personally, Sharon said she should stop using her daughter North West as 'an accessory' and stop dressing her in real fur.

"I know PETA has asked the Kardashians to stop. North isn't an accessory - she shouldn't be wearing ugly couture clothes.'



Chris Brown has a 9 month old daughter? Photo of the baby girl

Oh Karrueche! If this is true, then your man had an un-break baby or was it while you two were dating? They break up and make up so much, that Chris can actually say this happened during one of those breaks.

Anyway, according to a report by TMZ, Chris Brown is the proud father of a 9 month old baby girl. Read the TMZ report after the cut... Chris and alleged daughter side-by-side

The baby's mother is a 31-year-old former model named Nia -- who we're told has known Chris for several years. Sources connected to both Nia and Chris tell us they are on very good terms -- however they're not together romantically.

We're told 25-year-old Chris is happy about being a father.It does not appear there is a formal child support order in place -- and we do not know the nature of any informal terms of support. One thing's for sure ... baby girl looks a lot like Daddy.

Chris’ fans continue to be floored by the surprise news that Chris is allegedly the father to a baby girl — especially because he’s going steady with Karrueche Tran! Here’s what people are saying.

Rihanna On Chris Brown’s Baby Report — Her Reaction Revealed

“Rihanna is shocked and had to read the reports four times before it finally sunk in,” an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY. “But first things first, and that’s that if it’s true, Chris will be a good father and take care of his little girl.”Do you agree with Rihanna that Chris would make a good father?YesNoVoteView

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What a mature reaction! Of course, Riri has every right to be shocked by the claims, and she knows that having a baby is no easy task. Apparently, she seems to think Chris would be up for raising a baby girl.“That’s a big responsibility and something that requires a lot of work, energy and love,” our source continues. “She wishes him all the best in this new and very important chapter in his life.”Despite how things ended between them, it’s nice that she still wishes Chris well and will be happy for him if the reports are in fact, true. We can’t exactly say the same for Chris’ girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, who might take the news a little harder.



Fans feared the worst when Kim stepped out without her engagement ring or her wedding band in LA on March 3. Could this really be a sign that Kim and Kanye are parting ways? has the EXCLUSIVE scoop!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s marriage has been under a lot of pressure lately, between the couple’s troubles trying to conceive baby #2, their very public feud with Amber Rose, and Kanye’s buzzed-about Beck Grammys diss.

So is all this drama taking a toll on their relationship? That’s exactly what we were afraid of when we saw Kim’s bare ring finger on March 3. Here’s what we know.

Not to worry, Kimye fans — their 9-month marriage is stronger than ever!“Kim and Kanye have weathered a lot of storms in their short marriage, but it has only made them stronger,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “Kim feels like she falls in love with Kanye more and more every day. He’s a better father and more loving husband than she had ever hoped to have.”Kim Kardashian Jealous Of Kendall Jenner?Hollywood Life.

And even though drama seems to follow Kanye, 37, around, Kim, 34, is so proud of the passionate, strong man her husband is

Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick: A Final Ultimatum  Stop Partying Or It’s Over

Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick: A Final Ultimatum  Stop Partying Or It’s Over

Uh oh. Scott Disick better straighten out his priorities, because has EXCLUSIVELY learned that Kourtney Kardashian has given him a very strict ultimatum.

Kourtney Kardashian, 35, has had just about enough of her longtime boyfriend, Scott Disick, 31, and his crap. A source close to the troubled couple has revealed EXCLUSIVELY to that Kourtney has given Scott one last ultimatum for their relationship — otherwise it’s over for good.



The rapper, who's currently in Australia for a tour, flew in popular video vixen Bernice Burgos from NY to the country to keep him company.

 According to her online profile, Bernice, who is 34, has dated Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Wiz Khalifah, Tyga, 50 Cent, and plenty
...allegedly!The rapper and mother of a teenage daughter were spotted at Drake's hotel pool in Perth, Australia looking quite cozy.

More pics of the two and the babe after the cut...