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Photo: MI buys Camry car for his manager.

rapper  shared the photo on instagram and wrote "My manager gave his car to his church.

 I thought it was the most sacrificial thing I had seen in a while. He is the most amazing manager and brother. He deserves all the blessings in life he receives.. And here's my little contribution. Thanks Abuchi for everything."
What's do you think ???


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PDP accuses APC of planning to rig the election - Read statement

Text of press conference by the Director of Media and Publicity, PDP presidential campaign organization, Femi Fani-Kayode,
Ladies and gentlemen of the press,
It is with a heavy heart that we are compelled to share with the Nigerian public the following sensitive information which we believe, if not handled properly and looked into, is serious enough to affect the outcome of Saturday’s presidential election in a negative way.
Before we go into detail permit me to make an important assertion which cannot be overstated or overemphasised. That assertion is as follows: the PDP Presidential Campaign Organisation and our candidate President Goodluck Jonathan are not in the least bit worried about what the outcome of Saturday’selection will be. We believe that we have the backing and full support of the Nigerian people and we believe that we shall not only win but that we shall win convincingly.

Whatever we share with you here today does not, in anyway, mean that we shall not participate in Saturday’s election or that we are worried about how we will fare. The fact of the matter is that we shall not only participate but we are also very confident of winning.

We believe that the Nigerian people will give President Goodluck Jonathan a fresh mandate for the next four years regardless of the shenanigans of the opposition and those that are covertly working for and with them.

The purpose of this briefing and of sharing the following information with the Nigerian people is simply to ensure that they are fully aware of what is going on and to enable our security and intelligence agencies to ensure that INEC does the right thing, answers some of these questions and put their house in order so that the outcome of the election is not in any way questionable.

We cannot sit by idly and remain silent when a desperate group of ruthless and greedy little men, in collusion with their friends in the APC, rob the Nigerian people of their historic opportunity to elect a President of their choice. This they intend to do by sitting in a dark room somewhere and rigging the election in the most sophisticated manner even before it holds.

This is unacceptable and it is incumbent upon us, as a responsible, accountable and sensible campaign organisation to expose the rot, point out the dangers of doing nothing about it, finger and identify those that are involved and call on the authorities to do something about it before it is too late.

 We shall share this information in good faith and we shall then leave the matter for necessary action by the relevant security agencies and authorities.

Our concerns stem from the fact that the moving spirit and a major shareholder and board member of the company that supplied the card reader system and machines to INEC is not only a friend of but also an ardent and keen supporter of General Mohammadu Buhari and the APC. That man's name is Sani Musa and he is indeed the main force behind the company. The company's name is Act Technologies Ltd. and the Chairman of the company is one Engineer SK Danladi.

How and why INEC would give the contract to supply the card readers to a fanatical APC supporter and to a man whose other company was officially blacklisted by INEC a couple of years ago for sharp practices, needs to be explained. Sani Musa has expressed his undying support for the APC and General Buhari and his hatred and virulent opposition to the PDP and President Goodluck Jonathan openly and publicly on his Facebook wall. Some of his comments on Facebook read as follows: ''I stand with him (Buhari) for whatever reason” and “Imagine the kind of people given spaces in our nation’s news tabloids.  Hoodlums are having field day in Nigeria since the inception of GEJ’s administration.  Mad men, hooligans and vultures have taken over decency of the society.  May Allah save us from the torments of this (sic) rascals and expose their intentions on our nation state be it the Boko Haram, killer militants or by extension those in authority with wicked intentions-Amen.”

  Photocopies of his Facebook wall where these comments were made and his picture will be made available at the end of this briefing.            

Worst still, it is clear that certain aspects of and electronic components within the card reader system which will be used in Saturday'selection have not only been compromised but that the encryption codes and so-called ''master key'' may have been made available to the opposition or their friends and agents. This will enable them to access the system, fabricate and generate fake votes and manipulate the voting patterns to their advantage.

This constitute a very serious breach of security and it is a criminal offence. It is also very dangerous. Worst still it can easily be carried out successfully because, if done quietly and properly and without any deep scrutiny, it is virtually fool-proof.

 All you need to make it work is to have certain relevant and key INEC officials that are in the know to work closely with the supplier of the card readers and an opposition party that is so hungry and desperate for power that they are ready to pay large sums of money to their friends and associates to help them get it by hook or by crook.

We believe that all those components are now in place and that the biggest and most brazen attempt to rig elections in the history of our country will take place on Saturday if the necessary measures are not taken to prevent it. If the conspiracy is not exposed, if the Nigerian people do not rise up and demand answers, if the plan is not intercepted and aborted, if the Chairman of INEC does not answer the relevant questions and take the necessary steps and if the relevant individuals, including Sani Musa and his collaborators and co-conspirators in INEC and the opposition, are not called to order, arrested, interrogated and prosecuted their plan may well succeed.

In view of this dastardly plan that is in the offing and this unwholesome conspiracy, we call on the party leadership and faithful to direct our supporters and polling agents to be very vigilant at every polling booth and to guard and protect their votes.

After voting they should stay at the polling booths to ensure that their votes are counted and that they are not manipulated or changed.                    

Ladies and gentlemen, the facts, the evidence and our recommendations are as follows:        

INEC has concluded plans to utilize its recently acquired Smart Card Readers for the forthcoming presidential elections scheduled for March 28th 2015. INEC has carried out a mock poll to test-run the functionality of the Smart Card Reader in 12 states of the Federation with mixed results.

There is an on-going public debate regarding the pros and cons of the planned Smart Card use by INEC with a number of questions being asked regarding the security vulnerabilities of the technology.

The purpose of this document is:

To highlight the most serious of such security vulnerabilities that are critical enough to justify a halt in INEC's plans to use the Smart Card Readers for the forthcoming general elections (until such issues are satisfactorily resolved and fully certified as being secured by reputable independent third party security auditors).

To demonstrate that the opposition APC has already secured, through rogue means, an unassailable advantage over the ruling PDP which will most likely result in a resounding electoral victory for it irrespective of PDP’s actions or inactions, in the event that the Smart Card Readers are used for the elections.

To highlight the need for INEC to admit to the security-related failings of its Smart Card Readers implementation under circumstances that will be credible to local and international observers, such that it will become obvious that the use of Smart Card Readers for the forthcoming polls cannot guarantee free, fair and credible elections.

The major issues that are worthy of consideration are summarized below. Each issue can be readily substantiated by verifiable sources of evidence.
i. Compromised Master Encryption/Decryption Key: The Master Encryption/Decryption Key that can "unlock" and simulate the PVC data processed by the Smart Card Reader has been compromised.

 There is only one copy of the Master Key in Nigeria and it is in the possession of an individual who is a known APC sympathizer/supporter (and also the contractor responsible for the production of PVCs and manufacture of Smart Card Readers for INEC who was already blacklisted by INEC following his inability to deliver ballot papers during the 2011 elections).  The Master Key should rightly be in the possession of INEC, as the neutral umpire, under the most stringent access control protocol imaginable and not freely in the possession of a partisan actor.
INEC has already expressed concern over intelligence reports that APC has been purchasing VINs (Voter Identification Numbers uniquely identifying each PVC), which can only mean that the Party is already in possession of the Master Key (as the purchase of VINs would otherwise have been a fruitless exercise)..
This has grave implications for the PDP as the opposition APC, armed with the Master Key and sufficient VINs, can actually simulate the same data transmitted from any Smart Card Reader deployed for the elections at will. The situation is even now worsened by the fact that APC no longer has to purchase VINs or PVCs as they can now download the entire VINs directly from the INEC database which they have successfully “hacked” into.
RECOMMENDATION: INEC should be officially requested to IMMEDIATELY produce the Master Encryption/Decryption Key (before it has the opportunity to cover up this monumental act of negligence).
ii.    Failure to carry out Independent Security Audit of its IT Infrastructure: Contrary to what the average political commentator thinks, the critical IT infrastructure for the use of the Smart Card Readers by INEC is not necessarily the actual device itself, but the back-end IT infrastructure comprising INEC servers, database, network, personnel and processes.

Given the critical nature and purpose of this infrastructure, the standard global best practice is for the organisation to enlist the services of an independent third-party IT Security Audit firm to carry out a comprehensive (and indeed, periodic) Security Audit of its entire end-to-end IT infrastructure and prepare a Security Audit Report which forms the ONLY basis upon which INEC can certify its proposed technology as secure and safe from vulnerabilities that can be exploited by rouge persons/systems.

There are various internationally-acceptable information security standard certifications that a reliable back-end IT infrastructure like INEC's should pass in order to command public confidence, such as ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 27018, etc. The lack of such security-related certifications simply means that INEC cannot confidently assert that its systems have not been "hacked", compromised or otherwise illegally accessed by unauthorised persons.

RECOMMENDATION: INEC should be officially requested to IMMEDIATELY produce a copy of any Security Audit Report independently authored by a reputable and certified third party (before it has the opportunity to cover up this monumental act of negligence).

If INEC fails to produce a satisfactory Security Audit Report, then it should be compelled to conduct a fresh Security Audit of its entire IT infrastructure which can even be extended to its production/manufacturing facilities in China (indeed the only other copy of the Master Encryption/Decryption Key is in the possession of the Chinese Manufacturers) - this process of auditing cannot possibly be completed before the general elections.
iii.    Compromised back-end Personnel: Contrary to standard industry practice, INEC opted for the engagement of relatively inexperienced, “suitcase” IT Consulting Companies for the development of its back-end collation and transmission systems and other core server and database applications, using predominantly open source software characterised by publicly-available source code – another major security vulnerability.

While significant budgets were made available for this purpose, INEC's choice of "greenhorn" consultants was due to the ridiculously low contract sums paid for these consultancy contracts.

 The unfortunate consequence of this indiscretion, however, is that the personnel associated with these firms are poorly motivated, ill equipped, poorly supervised and easily compromised. It is, therefore, easily understandable why the opposition APC has been able to compromise INEC's back-end personnel to its advantage.

RECOMMENDATION: INEC should be officially requested to make public the company profile of the IT Consulting Firms it contracted to develop its back-end IT systems, the Curriculum Vitae of their personnel, their known connections to opposition APC figures as well as the financial details of their associated contracts (vis-a-vis the approved budgets).

 This will clearly prove the lack of credibility of INEC's critical back-end systems.
iv.    Millions of Unprinted PVCs: Contrary to the public perception that INEC has virtually completed the production of PVCs, the true situation is that, as at last week, INEC was yet to take delivery of over 2 million PVCs that were yet to be produced by the contractor, Act Technologies.

 It is not certain that the production of these PVCs will be completed before the presidential elections scheduled for March 28th2015. It is, therefore, obvious that a significant number of eligible voters will definitely be disenfranchised in the process.

RECOMMENDATION: INEC should be officially requested to invite stakeholders to an impromptu visit of the PVC production facility of ACTS Technologies in Ganges Street, Maitama, Abuja to observe, first hand, the on- going production process and take stock of the current and outstanding inventories in a transparent manner.

Absence of Quality Control (QC) Measures and Defective PVC Deliverables: INEC has failed to put in place reasonable Quality Control (QC) measures for the PVCs delivered to it by the contractor - ACTS Technologies. The implication of this procedural loophole is that INEC had and still has no way of determining the extent of "defects" in the supplied PVCs.

This became most apparent during the recently-concluded mock polls in which a variety of very serious, but avoidable, problems were experienced during the exercise, including PVCs with absent fingerprint data; PVCs with poor picture quality; PVCs with mismatched data (i.e. encoded data different from printed data); Card Readers with low battery lifespan etc.

INEC has deliberately hidden the extent of these problems from the general public as there would have been considerable outrage if the scope of the challenges is made known.

Furthermore, nobody in INEC can reliably predict the likely percentage of defective PVCs that have already been distributed until during the actual election itself. If the percentage is significant and more concentrated to specific geographic locations, as is being suspected, then it is no doubt a recipe for disaster - as it can fuel electoral violence of immense proportions.

If, however, INEC steps down the use of Smart Card Readers, then the aforementioned “defects” will become irrelevant as the PVCs will then be used as regular Voter Cards without the added complication of authenticating the encoded data.

RECOMMENDATION: INEC should be officially requested to IMMEDIATELY produce its Quality Control Policy with respect to PVC and Smart Card Reader deliverables.

INEC should also be officially requested to make public the detailed report of its mock poll exercise and its forecast of the probable extent of defective PVCs during the general elections.
I thank you all for your attention.


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Court Sentences Man To Death For Stealing Handset, N10,000.

FOR allegedly robbing his victims of a mobile telephone and N10, 000 cash while armed with a gun, a 24-year-old man was on Monday sentenced to death by hanging by a Delta High Court at Akwukwu-Igbo, Oshimili North Local Council.

The convict, Vincent Okwekwu, was convicted of the offence of conspiracy to commit armed robbery, the substantive offence of armed robbery, which was reduced to a lesser offence of robbery.

The young accused who looked dejected after the judgment was, however, sentenced to death by hanging for the offence of conspiracy while he got 21 years jail term for each of the other two counts.

During the trial, prosecution from the Department of Public Prosecutions had explained that the unemployed robber had on or about November 1, 2009 with two others now at large broke into the flats of one Ofoyeju Peter and Tietie Moses at Umueha quarters, Ibusa, also in Oshimili North Local Council and robbed them of cash amounting to N10, 000 and a telephone handset while armed with a gun and a cutlass.

Nemesis caught up with them when his victims raised the alarm that attracted members of the vigilance group in the area that led to the arrest convict, as he and the other gang members tried to flee from the scene of the crime.

While Vincent was arrested, two other members of the gang, now at large, escaped into a nearby bush.

Prosecution further told the Court that the accused, who was later handed over to the Police, admitted to have committed the crime in his voluntary statement but denied the charge as he pleaded not guilty to all the three count charge.


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The People Democractic Party disappointed many yesterday with it's much touted "do-or-die" and "take-it-by-force" approach when women believed to be members of APC in Imo state were allegedly tear-gased by security men as they protested the use of the Imo state Women development center, venue of President Jonathan's meeting with Imo state indigenes yesterday March 24th.

The women were said to have been protesting being shut out of the Women Development Center which they had earlier booked before President Jonathan's visit.

 The women barricaded the entrance into the State Secretariat of Imo State Council of Traditional Rulers, ahead of the visit of President Jonathan to the place, and were teargassed after they refused the advice of the security agencies to leave the premises before the president arrived.

 These are unarmed women, who are supposed to be our mothers, but you can see what they are now being put through all in the name of politics. Like


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Jay Z and Beyonce caught fighting in public.

Story according to urban website - Crazy Days and Nights.

For the first time I can remember, the two lost their cool in public where at least four other diners and a couple of waiters in a private room witnessed them having a blowout fight.

 Granted this intel only comes from two people who were in the room but once tabloids and wallets start digging perhaps they can get the waiters to spill.
The two were at dinner and had just had appetizers brought to the table.
A bodyguard was in one corner of the room seated at a table looking around but mostly looking at his phone.

Beyonce started speaking louder and louder and Jay tried to get her to be quiet while looking around. The bodyguard started watching the scene and stopped looking at his phone but did not get up.
Things settled down when Jay whispered in Bayonce’s ear.

About ten minutes later Beyonce said something else and whatever Jay said didn’t seem to work. He shrugged his shoulders and Beyonce started pointing at him and leaned over the table and got closer to his face and started talking louder.

He then said one last thing, pushed back her chair and threw her napkin on the table before getting up and headed towards the door.

She motioned for the bodyguard to follow her and walked out the door to the room to the main part of the restaurant. By the time she got to the door, Jay had thrown literally a stack of money on the table and was chasing after her.

My favourite couple shouldn't fight oh lol !!!!

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Comedian Wale Gates puts his hot bod on display

Hmmmmmmm ! Nice body wale gates ........  what do you think guys ?


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Nigeria shuts all borders ahead of Presidential election.

The Ministry of Interior Affairs has announced the closure of all land and sea borders ahead of Saturday’s presidential elections.

According to a statement released and signed by the Ministry's permanent secretary, Abubakar Magaji, the closure takes effective from midnight today Wednesday March 25, to midnight Saturday, March 28.

The statement says the closure is “to allow for the peaceful conduct of the forthcoming national election".

 A directive has been given to the Immigration service to ensure that non Nigerians do not participate in the elections. See the letter after the cut...


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Yoruba leaders got blood money from Jonathan - Fashola

Lagos state Governor, Babatunde Fashola says money collected by any Yoruba leader from President Jonathan during his recent campaign trip to the South West is blood money.

According to PM News, Governor Fashola said this at the APC rally in Shomolu, yesterday March 24
"The Yoruba's need to have a rethink. Some Yoruba leaders have betrayed us the Yorubas because of money. This election is for freedom.

And this was how it happened in the past which prompted the late Hubert Ogunde to sing one of his songs titled ‘Yoruba rethink,’. The money is blood money. And posterity will judge them for that action,” he said.


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watch the videos and drop a comment about what you feel about it .

Viewers discretion os advised before you watch these horrible videos .

Politics in this country shouldn't be a do or die affair but it seems that way .

Dear world lets pray for peace during this election time . See a video by archbishop benjamin and what he says about the APC PARTY.

Note to everyone let the best party win , no gain in violence ........


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A man & woman publicly stoned to death by ISIS on charges of adultery.

Islamic State militants in Iraq on Tuesday publicly stoned a man and woman to death on charges of adultery, parading the victims in a public square in the northern city of Mosul, according to witnesses and an Iraqi military official.

Later in the day, the militants publicly beheaded 3 young men on a street in central Mosul, accusing them of being the nephews of a political opponent of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL.

They were the latest in a series of public executions of people accused of social offenses in the city, which the militants wrested from Iraqi control last June.

The stoning victims, who were not identified, were in their 20s, witnesses said. The woman was described as being married. It was not known whether they had been given a trial, but none was held in public.

Abu Mohammad al-Lahibi, who runs a clothing store in Mosul, said he had seen the militants gathering several hundred residents in front of the government building in Mosul to witness the execution. The couple were handcuffed, and the woman was wearing a niqab, or full face veil.

"Twelve ISIS militants were standing there who had bags with them filled with stones, and they began throwing the stones at them, and after the third stone the woman was killed,” Mr. Lahibi said. The man died a short while later, he said.

Another witness said he had tried to record video of the execution on his cellphone but was ordered by the militants not to do so.

“I was moved by the crying of this woman, who started bleeding and then died from the stoning,” said the witness, Saad, who gave only his first name out of concern for his safety.

“I was standing there helpless. The government has left us as captives in the hands of ISIS, who make all kinds of crimes in the city.

 The more I see their crimes, the more I hate them and realize they have come to carry out a paid agenda to destroy the city and its history and civilization and to defame the image of Islam.”

Source: New York Times


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Check this out : Photos: Meet Kelly Lee Dekay, the lady with the 16-Inch waist

I'm a slim woman and my waist is 28-inch so you can imagine how small a 16-inch waist is.

28 year old fetish model from New York Kelly Lee Dekay trained her body to be this shape by wearing a corset for the past 7 years. She said she was inspired to get her hourglass figure by the extreme shapes of voluptuous Jessica Rabbit and Marvel super-heroine 'Storm'. See more photos after the cut.........

Blac Chyna releases topless hot, sexy photos ........

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The former stripper and mother of one released some sexy photos on instagram today. More photos after the cut...


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The Girl He Picked From Hotel And Took As Girlfriend Kill Him Over #200 .

I was hypnotized, says lady who killed lover over N200Gift Wahab, the 20-year-old lady, who allegedly stabbed her boyfriend to death in Ajegunle area of Lagos last Thursday, said she was hypnotized by a force she could not resist.

The suspect, who said she was yet to come to terms with the reality of her boyfriend’s death, said the argument that resulted in the fight, which led to her boyfriend’s death, was over N200.

She said: “He usually gave me N200 as feeding money. On that day, as we were returning from where we went to drink, I became hungry and complained to him.“

He got angry and asked why I should complain of hunger after he had spent the only money he had on drinks. An argument ensued, during which he slapped me in the public.“I got angry and held on to his shirt. He kept beating me and in the process, he inflicted injury on my nose.

“It was when I saw blood gushing from my nose that I ran inside the room and brought out a knife. He dared me to stab him and I stabbed him in the neck, not knowing he would die.‘

He removed mefrom the streets’In an emotional-laden tone, she stated that she owed her boyfriend, Ebi Amadu, a lot, revealing that he removed her from the streets, after they met in 2012.

She said: “We met in a hotel in Ojo Road and since then, I have been living with him and members of his family, comprising his mother and five siblings in a one-room apartment at 10 Ligali Street, Off Ojo Road.“Along the line I got pregnant but I lost the pregnancy late last year.

“Though he was not rich, we were managing. He usually gave me N200 for feeding each day. I never meant to kill him. It was a mistake.“In fact, I was under a spell. I was hypnotized. I have never killed anyone in my life.

Why will it be my boyfriend?“Vanguard gathered that when the late Amadu was stabbed, he attempted to remove the knife and in the process, fell into a drain.A mob reportedly attempted to lynch Gift, but for the arrival of policemen from Layeni Division.The mob, Gift said, “descen-ded on me, saying they would kill me the same way I killed Ebi.

I passed out when one of them landed a blow on my nose, which was still bleeding.“The next time I opened my eyes, I found myself in the Police Station.“I sincerely beg for forgiveness from my late boyfriend’s family.

 I know this will not bring their son back. But please let them forgive me.”The suspect, according to the Police, would be charged to court at the end of investigation.


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Etcetera Shades Tonto Dikeh and Halima Abubakar Over Juju.

This time around Electra's barrel is aimed at Nollywood actresses Tonto Dikeh and Halima Abubakar. The former artiste claims that the pair who used to be best of friends ended their frendship because of a juju prienst.

He took to his blog to expose them saying :"Our nollywood sources tell us, that Halimah Abubakar and Tonto Dikeh who used to be good friends, fell out because of a juju priest — It is said that Halimah, took Tonto to sample the powers of her juju priest who got encharmed by her looks and preferred working for her instead of his usual customer, Halimah.""Halimah could not stand the fact that she got sidelined by her own juju priest and asked Tonto to stay the hell away from her for good.

A staff of Etcetera Live called Halimah at about 2PM yesterday (Friday) to confirm the story but she demanded for a text message to be sent to her instead. Further attempts to reach her proved abortive until about 11:32PM when she finally picked and said in her own voice, “this is Halimah’s PA, she will get back .

Same sources told us that Tonto does not like tattoos; she uses them to mask incisions gotten from her visits to her juju priest".

Etcetera has released two albums in the past.  Wow this is so crazy . The fight for fame and riches . Hmmmmm juju came between these two .

What do you think guys  ?


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''Why Buhari Shed Tears for Nigeria'' - Muse

Former National Vice-Chairman of the defunct Congress for Progressive Change, Alhaji Razaq Muse in a new interview with ENIOLA AKINKUOTU, talked about the coming Saturday elections and why Buhari, who was the CPC’s presidential candidate in the 2011 election, wept openly after his loss.

 Excerpts:PDP says Buhari will Islamise Nigeria.This is not possible because even during his time as the military Head of State, the Supreme Military Council was made up of Christians and Muslims. Now we are in a democratic system and have both federal and state legislative bodies. And you know, for you to Islamise Nigeria, they must get two thirds of the National Assembly and state houses of assembly to agree to it so how can he Islamise Nigeria?

 It is all cock and bull story.Buhari, I can tell you without mincing words, vowed in 2011 that he would not contest again. I was there beside him when he shed tears. He did that because he felt that despite his desire to bring about change in this country, people could not see it.

At that time, he was trying to have an alliance with the then Action Congress of Nigeria but that alliance collapsed three days before the elections. But today, it was the people that called him saying, “General, you are still alive and healthy, come on board.

”It is only him that does not have any skeleton in his cupboard. He is ready to lead by example and can deliver votes. I was the National Vice Chairman of the CPC and he was able to deliver over 12 million votes despite the late registration of the party. So, someone like that, who is still relevant in the North, will deliver more votes.

So, I don’t see how he will lose, especially with the collaboration of the South-West. I don’t see how Jonathan can win without rigging the elections.Since your party merged with other parties to form the All Progressives Congress, how have things been?I was involved in the merger and I had to make some sacrifices.

The Peoples Democratic Party thought it would not work but because there is a need for change and God was in charge, to their disappointment, everything went smoothly.

 Even when they thought the APC presidential primary would degenerate into crisis, they were proved wrong again and Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) won.President Goodluck Jonathan has been visiting Lagos in recent times. Don’t you think all the endorsements he has been getting can give him the upper hand?

You see, ironically, I think the PDP and the presidency are worsening their own chances and increasing the people’s resolve for change. No matter the amount of lobbying and money being given, people have made up their minds that they want a change.The PDP-led Federal Government has failed. Look at power for instance; they keep shifting the targets.

They will tell you that by December, we shall have 10,000 megawatts of electricity and then by December, they will shift the target again. Now, they are saying in another two years, we will have constant power supply.

Look at the oil sector; is it not an absurdity that up till now, we cannot boast of refining crude oil let alone exporting it? It is a shame. We need a good leader that will lead by example, a leader that can face corruption. Once that is done, there will be more jobs and a lower level of insecurity.

Another thing you should know about the South-West is that we vote based on performance. The likes of Femi Fani-Kayode and Governor Ayodele Fayose are just distractions.

I feel most of them are scared. Fayose, even as a governor, still has a case with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission but because he is a governor, he has immunity.

 Such a person can never want Buhari to become President because Buhari is the kind of person that can push for the removal of immunity and of course, you know what that means.Fani-Kayode was still in court just about two weeks ago. So, Jonathan’s visits to the South-West are of no consequence.

Who are the people that will vote for Jonathan? Is it the barber that has to buy fuel into his generator to work that will vote continuation for another four years of hopelessness?In Lagos State, which has the highest number of registered voters, the PDP seems united for the first time. Don’t you think the APC can lose its grip on the state?The PDP is only united when it is time to share money.

It is not only in Lagos. Most of the PDP people in Lagos know that they cannot deliver for Jonathan but are only trying to deceive him. Our governorship candidate, Akinwunmi Ambode, is a tested member of the party and he is an all-rounder.He graduated at the age of 21 and then became a chartered accountant at the age of 24.

He has a Master’s degree and served Lagos in various capacities for 27 years. Some say he had a problem with Governor Babatunde Fashola but this is not true because he has a letter of commendation from Fashola. He helped Lagos to survive when former President Olusegun Obasanjo seized Lagos funds.

If not for him and his experience in accounting and his ability to devise ways to increase the state’s income and make Lagos virtually self-sufficient, Lagos would have been crippled. Under him Lagos will excel and he will be able to consolidate the achievements of Fashola.But there is still this controversy over the use of card readers.

By the Federal Government’s procurement of card readers, the nation has spent so much money to block one of the areas of rigging elections which is the accreditation stage where ghost voters come and then ballot boxes are stuffed. So, for the PDP to oppose it means .


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Okwudili Ayotanze To Be Executed In Indonesia For Drug Smuggling.

A Nigerian gospel singer who has released several songs while in prison is now on death row after being found guilty of smuggling Heroin into Indonesia.Okwudili Ayotanze is be executed with two other Nigerians, Jamiu Owolabi Abashin who was caught smuggling Heroin using a false name Raheem Agbaje Salami, and Silvester Obiekwe.40-yr-old Ayotanze was caught in 2001 trying to smuggle 1.15 kilograms of heroin from Pakistan into Soekarno-Hatta international airport in Jakarta.

Reports say Ayotanze's studio is the supermax Pasir Putih prison on the notorious Nusakambangan island, known as Indonesia's Alcatraz.And his band mates are fellow inmates on guitars and a prison guard on the keyboard, having written and sang songs such as 'God Bless Indonesia' and 'Never be afraid'.Dili as he’s fondly called in prison, repented while in prison. He released his first album in 2008 titled ‘God You Know’ with over 70 written songs to his credit.

According to the World Ministry blog, his songs call for repentance, encouraging others to be strong in the Lord and beware of the Devil's antics using his life as an example.

Although the date of his execution is not known but he’s to be executed simultaneously with Abashin, Obiekwe and seven other felons who were convicted of drug smuggling.

Pix: Okwudili Ayotanze (second from left) is on death row with Australians Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran. (Supplied) 1 Share


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Reuters reporter alleges that Nigerian troops have refused to take back Damasak.

Reuters reporter and photographer, Joe Penney reports that Nigerian troops have refused to take back Damasak in Borno state even after it was reported to have been liberated from Boko Haram captivity. More tweets after the cut...


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Angry father kills loverboy over alleged affair with his daughter.

The Police in Cross River state are currently investigating the circumstances that led to the death of 22-year-old Douglas Ojugbo pictured above who is believed to have been killed by one Mr Godwin Elewana over accusations that the young man was having an affair with his daughter.

According to Punch, that Elewana, a resident of Cross River Basin Development Authority, in Calabar, Cross River State had repeatedly given Douglas a stern warning to desist from coming to his house to see his daughter but the young man refused. Things came to an unfortunate end when Mr Elewana pursued and shot Douglas twice when he came in search of his daughter on March 10th.

According to neighbors of Mr Elewana, on seeing that he had inflicted serious injuries on the young man, he carried him into his car and drove him to the Federal Housing Police Station. The young man had died before they arrived at the police station. He was immediately buried by policemen at the station who claimed the complain they got was that he was an armed robber.

Speaking on the matter, the Divisional Police Officer in charge of the station, Mr. Mike Ezenwenrem, said "I got a call from one of my patrol officers, who said an armed robbery suspect was being brought in. I called the control unit, informing them that a suspect was apprehended at the Basin Authority area. When the patrol came, I saw somebody at the back of the pickup and they brought him down. They brought some iron rods and one locally-made pistol, saying an angry mob nabbed the robber.

 Elewana was there with the mob. He (Elewana) said he was in his compound, when he heard his dog barking and that when he checked, he saw someone rushing out from the sitting room of the other flat. He said the suspect (Douglas) threatened him with the machete he was holding, but he (Elewana) said he retreated to his flat and brought out his double-barrelled gun and shot the suspect.

 He said after the shooting, the suspect still managed to scale the fence, but the people around pursued him, brought him down and beat him up. I sought to know the boy’s identity, but nobody knew him. I then told my men to take the statement from Elewana who acted in self-defence. The corpse was unidentified and besides I could not raise N35,000 to take him to the mortuary, so I called health workers in the state to take him away.

I don’t know anything about this issue of girlfriend and boyfriend. The man said the boy came to rob in one of his flats and later threatened him. So, it was a case of robbery. People should not face the police, they should face the man who shot him. The man is not on the run.”he said

In a swift reaction, Douglas Father, Mr. Augustine Ojugbo, a lawyer, said contrary to Mr Elewana's complain, his son was not having an affair with his daughter. He said his son had sold a mini laptop to Mr Elewana's daughter who paid in part and had gone to collect his balance when he was killed by Mr Elewana

"My son is 22 years old. Sometime this year, he sold his mini laptop to the daughter of Mr. Elewana Godwin. Elewana’s daughter name is unknown to me at the moment. But she made a part payment of the agreed sum, leaving the balance.

My son, in a bid to collect or recover the balance of his money, had been visiting the lady at home and he ran into Elewana on his previous visits. Elewana, not pleased with the boy’s presence, demanded to know what he was doing in his house. My son explained to Elewana of his transaction with his daughter.

 Elewana, without any effort to verify the boy’s story, asked him to leave his house and warned him never to visit his house again. My son was about leaving when Elewana’s daughter cornered him and asked him to come on March 10 to collect the balance of his money.

On that fateful day, my son went to Elewana’s house, hoping to see the daughter as agreed, but unfortunately he saw Mr. Elewana. Elewana, upon sighting Douglas, ran into his room and fetched his gun. My son took to his heels to save his life.

However, Elewana pursued him until he caught up with him at the gate of Basin Authority, and he shot my son first on the leg as a result of which Douglas fell down.

 To accomplish his goal, Elewana shot him the second time on the arm. Elewana still bundled Douglas into his car and took him to the Divisional Police Officer of the Federal Housing Police station. The DPO conspired with Elewana to get rid of Douglas’ corpse.” he said

When asked why Douglas was hurriedly buried without his parents consent, the DPO Mr Ezenwenrem said he had no where to keep Douglas body when it was brought to the station.

"Where do you expect me to keep the corpse when I did not have the financial power to send the body to mortuary?

 We have health authority that could be called upon anytime to dispose unidentified corpse. Where they could have faulted me is if someone had come to identify the corpse and I still went to the health authority to bury the corpse.

We normally call them to come and dispose corpses, especially unidentified ones. At every point in this whole issue, I communicated with the Commissioner of Police and also sent signals.

 I did not follow the health authorities to where they took the corpse to..”he said

Meanwhile Mr Elewana has been arrested by the police in Zone Six in Cross Rivers state for further investigation.


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Popular Televangelist, Benny Hinn suffers heart attack

Popular televangelist, Benny Hinn has been hospitalized after he suffered a heart attack.

According to a post on the clergy man's website shared by his daughter, Jessica Hinn Koulianos, Pastor Hinn had just returned to California from a trip to Brazil when he became fatigued. What she wrote below...

"Recently he (Hinn) returned to California after ministering to crowds of over 100,000 people in Brazil, including over 2,000 pastors and leaders from all over South America.

It was truly a remarkable nation-shaking event. And while it was a rewarding journey, after he arrived home he suddenly began battling fatigue and shortness of breath.

For those of you who know my Dad, you know that he never stops; so when he spent over a week in bed, we knew something was wrong. I flew to California to be with him and insisted that he see a doctor.

On Friday, he consulted with his local physician and was admitted to the hospital, where he was treated for lack of oxygen in his cardiovascular system," she wrote.


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“prepare For Nuclear War” Russia Warns Citizens As US Tanks Flood Into Europe.

A new Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the Ministry of Civil Defence, Emergencies and Disaster Relief (MChS) has issued an order for all companies employers to prepare for nuclear war, while at the same time the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) has slammed the US for flooding Europe with tanks and armored vehicles.

According to this report, the MChS issued their order on 16 March to companies and employers to immediately provide their workers with radiation suits and gas masks as part of the “war orders” issued by President Putin. and which we had previously reported on.

With these “war orders” being necessitated after the uncovering of a United Kingdom plot to launch a nuclear first-strike against the Federation this week, a situation made even graver after the arrest Tuesday (17 March) of US Navy Captain Heather E. Cole for her failing to, likewise, launch American nuclear weapons against Russia on Monday (16 March) this report continues, the Kremlin remains “alarmed” that no one seems to be in charge of the United States anymore.

Raising this “state of alarm” even higher, this report says, was that Federal Security Service (FSB) Director Alexander Bortnikov has still been unable to contact President Barack Obama whom he had just met during a private White House visit a few weeks ago in Washington D.C. wherein the American leader stated he may not be able to stop this war.

With massive combat operations now existing in all of the Federations 9 time zones, the MoD further states in this report, the General Staff has ordered the immediate deployment to combat status of tens-of-thousands more troops bringing the number to over 80,000 now preparing for war.

The MoD further confirms in this report that the Federations strategic nuclear bombers have been mobilized in Crimea and that Iskander nuclear missiles are now being deployed in the Kaliningrad region, which borders Poland and Lithuania, too.

Important to note, this MoD report says, are that the Federations military actions are solely in response to the aggressive war moves of the United States against Russia, which includes tomorrows start of the US Army’s 1,100 mile armored column journey along the western border, dubbed “Dragoon Ride”, comprised of American troops from the 2nd Cavalry Regiment and the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade (providing air support).

Equally important note, this report continues, is that the threat against the Federations northern border with Norway, where thousands of Norwegian troops continue their “Joint Viking” deployment of armored vehicles and artillery against Russia, continues with no end in sight.

Most ominously, however, MoD experts in this report say, was President Obama’s order this week to immediately deploy to Germany 800 tracked and wheeled vehicles, which when combined with the 220 Abrams main battle tanks and Bradley Fighting Vehicles the US has sent to Eastern Europe, the 120 Abrams battle tanks and armored vehicles sent to Latvia, and the hundreds of other tanks and armored vehicles stuffed into Norwegian caves for a US Marine Expeditionary Brigade (MEB)…

all within the past 8 months…the addition of these estimated 1,400 “vehicles of war” to Europe by the Americans clearly show the deadly intentions of the West against Russia.

And to anyone doubting the intentions of the US in wanting to wage war against Russia, this report grimly reminds everyone, it was just 11 months ago that the Obama regime was trumpeting its removal from Europe of America’s last remaining battle tank on the continent, and as we can, in part, read as reported by the Stars and Stripes News Service on 19 April 2014:“Amidst the still-ongoing crisis in Ukraine, the Obama administration is moving the last U.S. battle tanks from Germany and, thus, from Europe.

At the same time, the Pentagon also is disbanding two of the U.S. Army’s heavy brigades in Germany.

Last year, the 170th Infantry out of Baumholder disbanded, while the 172nd Separate Infantry Brigade at Grafenwöhr is in the process of doing the same.

Kanye West: Is He Furious With Miley Cyrus For Making Fun Of North West?

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Miley hasn’t stopped pasting her face on North West’s body. In fact, many of the ‘Wrecking Ball’ singer’s Instagram posts make it seem like she’s mocking Kanye’s daughter, and has EXCLUSIVELY learned that he’s taken notice. Find out how he feels!

It’s no secret that Kanye West, 37, is very protective of the people he loves. So when Miley Cyrus, 22, startedmocking his daughter, North West, 1, on Instagram, we started getting nervous for her. After all, you don’t want to find yourself in the path of Hurricane Kanye.

 Well, the “Bound 2″ rapper is very aware of Miley’s Photoshopping skills, and has EXCLUSIVELY learned how he feels about his daughter getting mocked on the social media app.

Kanye West On Miley Cyrus Mocking North West On Instagram — He Reacts To Pics

“It’s all in good fun. Kanye thinks it’s funny. Besides, when a huge Disney star and famous singer Photoshops her head onto your daughter’s, it just makes Nori’s stock rise that much more.


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Now this is age appropriate! Kylie looks cute and girly on the cover of ‘Remix’ with teased hair and peachy-pink makeup! Get her look below.

Kylie Jenner, 17, has been pushing boundaries lately with her hair and makeup looks, but this newest cover is sweet and innocent — I love it! Get the details on her latest photo shoot right here!