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Poko obviously do not send nobody. Shortly after the identity and marital status of Mr X was revealed, she took to Instagram to confirm her status as the Official Mrs X.-

 See more at: tonto-dike-confirms-that-she-is-mrs-x.html?m=0#sthash.overtNUl.dpuf


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According to a breaking news report this morning, ISIS militants have kidnapped about 90 people from Christian villages in Syria after they seized two Assyrian villages from Kurdish forces in the northeast province of Hassakeh.

The militants reportedly attacked the Christian villages near the town of Tel Hmar in the early hours of yesterday. 

This is coming about two weeks after Egyptian Coptic Christians were kidnapped and beheaded in Libya.


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Skale's girlfriends defends her man, comes for Wizkid, others.

She tweeted this as her man came under fire from Wizkid and others yesterday. She actually wrote 'can you afford a girl like me?" Lol..girl, are you for sale? #Justasking. Read the tweets after the cut...


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The Kylie Jenner butt picture that's got people talking

The 17 year old reality star shared this photo on instagram promoting the underwear but people are more interested in the size of the butt, wondering if she got implants.

I'm more concerned about a teenager posting this kind of pic on social media, but if her mama don't curr...we are we to?

Whatdo you think guys? ??


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I don't have a Facebook or twitter account - Obasanjo say

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo says he does not have a twitter or Facebook account. Obasanjo said this while addressing media reports claiming he used his twitter handle to describe Fani-Kayode as a democracy wrecker.
"Fani-Kayode is a democracy wrecker, who’s very fluent in stupidity. Give him food, and he will sing and do “shoki” dance for you.”. the handle tweeted over the weekend.
Denying he tweeted it, Obasanjo said;
"I don’t know where this comes from. I don’t have any account on either the Facebook or Twitter again. Go and block it. Let me say that, nemesis will catch up with anyone doing this. It is illegal and criminal. If I have to pass any message to the good people of Nigeria, I know how to go about it with no controversy" he said

Hmmmmm ! What do you think guys ???


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 Tonto Dikeh's Mr X is married? See what I just found in my email

My people, I was just minding my own business this afternoon, when I received this email o. The woman accused me of posting a photo of her friend's husband and passing him off as Tonto Dikeh's boyfriend. My people, see me o? It's what I saw on instagram that I posted here na, abi?....lol

So, the woman said the Mr X Tonto Dikeh revealed on her instagram page yesterday as her man is Churchill Oladunni, who married her friend Bimbo Coker in December 2012 in Sango Otta. They sent me white wedding and traditional wedding photos as confirmation. (See above)

They now asked me to take down his photo. Take down what? Na me post am for instagram? Meanhwile, is he really the same guy? (See the previous post here)...and continue to see more pics of Churchill and his alleged wife...

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A bomb went off this morning at about 11.40am at the Tashar Dan-Borno motor park in Potiskum, Yobe state killing as many as 18 people.

Eyewitnesses say the bus was loaded with passengers and was about leaving for Kano when a loud explosion was heard.

 Rescue operation is currently ongoing. More details later.

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Check this out : Pandemonium broke loose when a man in ikoyi applied to the marriage registry to get married to a woman whom he alleged to be a spiritual entity.

Apparently, the young man went to the marriage registry dressed up in suit and looking ready for the ceremony, but trouble started when the clerk asked him where the bride was.

His reply that his wife was standing beside him made the clerk look at him with such malicious disdain which was not unsuggestive of the fact that the young man was probably an escapee from one of the maximum security mental institutions in the country.

When asked to explain, the young man replied that his wife was a spiritual beimg who was not visible to ordinary mortals, except those who who were exceptionally righteous.

This reply irritated the clerk who saw it as an insult suggestive of his unrighteousness.

 When asked how he intended to consumate the proposed marriage with a spiritual woman whom he probably could not see, he expressed his doubts and said that where there is a will, there is a way, and he and his wife would work out an arrangement which would be beneficial to both the spiritual and physical worlds.

However, the young man’s application to get married to the spiritual wife was refused, as the practice was one which was unheard of and contrary to our system of law.

He was advised to proceed to a spiritual marriage registry to effect the marriage, especially as it would be within the jurisdiction of his wife’s government.

The aggrieved young man then proceeded to the high court where he sought an injunction to compel the marriage registry to perform their lawful duty by approving the marriage.

He also sued them for breach of his fundamental right to freedom of association, as the registry were purportedly preventing him from having legal relations with his spiritual wife.

The case is scheduled to be heard on the 5th of March at the Ikoyi High Court.



Why Ini Edo & I are very close” – Fast-rising actor, Mike Godson speaks

Michael Godson Ifeanyichukwu but popularly known as Mike Godson, this talented, young and handsome actor is one of the hottest acts rocking the movie scene.

He professionally made his debut into the make believe world 3 years ago and has skilfully set his table among the celebrated thespians, with his steady rise to stardom having worked with the likes of Emem Isong, Elvis Chuks and several others.

 Although not an unfamiliar face, his fame took a swirl few weeks back when his alleged romance with star actress Ini Edo hit the social media, coupled with intimate pictures of the duo.

 City People VIVIAN ONUORAH met with the wave making actor in CapeTown, South Africa two weeks ago ,where he finally opened up for the first time on his relationship with Ini Edo and life as ayoung actor.

Excerpts:What are you doing here in South Africa?I actually came to film and then relax.Is this your first time here?

Yes, it’s my first time and the experience is beautiful I enjoyed myself. I actually stayed for one week and it’s been amazing.

What movie production did you partake in here?It’s a Diamond Groove production owned by Elvis Chuks, the movie is titled For The Wrong Reasons, we shot part of it in Nigeria and we came to complete it here in South Africa.

How has your acting experience been so far?It’s been amazing; to think that I have always wanted to be an actor, though it hasn’t been easy.

 I started from the bottom and now am here. I started professionally 3 years ago but I studied Theatre and Communication Arts at the University of Jos, I am a Stage Actor and a Thespian but I wanted to take it to another level, so I went as far as going to The National Film Institute to study Film Production as well.Buy latest CITY PEOPLE MAGAZINE for the full interview..


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Rapper 2shotz and his wife Precious are expecting their first child together - a girl. Friends threw her a baby shower over the weekend. See more photos after the cut...


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Nigeria’s actress Genevieve Nnaji has purchased a new mansion in Accra, Ghana.

The new edifice valued at $4 Million dollars by property experts is around the Achimota area of Ghana.

She prefers the area to East Legon for reasons best known to her. The property, which is being guarded by a security company, is her private property which she will occupy anytime she is in Ghana.

She joins the likes of many Nigerian big boys and top government officials who are buying property aggressively in Ghana.

 It must be recalled that Genevieve isn’t new to Ghana and its people as she used to live there during her ‘ban days’. It was during that time that she released couple of singles.



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Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, on Sunday alleged that President Goodluck Jonathan had spent five days in the state, holding meetings with different people and doling out monies in hard currencies to them.

Consequently, the governor described the president’s alleged outreach to different groups including traditional rulers, cooperative societies and market women among others as an act of desperation.

Fashola, who spoke after inspecting some ongoing projects in Ibeju-Lekki and on Lagos Island yesterday, expressed disappointment at some statements credited to the president at meetings with the interest groups at the State House, Marina.He said: “I want to assume that he did not make a statement that he would deliver Lagos residents from bondage.

The question to ask Mr President is whether he had come to free them from bondage.“

He was here for five days meeting with different people and groups, distributing money in dollars. It is an un-presidential statement made in an act of desperation. That means he lived in bondage in five days if he had come into the state to free people.

“If he can live here for five days moving with patrol vehicles that we paid for, let him go and spend five days in Chibok and he will know what bondage is,” the governor said while reacting to statements credited to the president.

While inspecting a new cemetery in Ibeju-Lekki, the governor openly disclosed that he bought his own vault where his remains would be buried when he joined his ancestors more than four years ago.He observed that death “is a necessary end that will come when it will come”, quoting Shakespeare, saying there is need for people to prepare for it.

“We are here to inspect a cemetery. We often do not like to talk about, but there is a need for it because the population continue to expand and the Lekki sub- region is growing very fast.“If you look at Ikoyi Cemetery, Abari Cemetery and all of that are more than 100 years old, they were built by colonialists and left behind for us. When you look at the way they have also managed them, many families cannot even visit the vaults where their loved ones are resting.“

We have this strategic partnership now with private sector. The investors are going to deliver a cemetery like no other.

They will manage it and make the cost also competitive. There will be high, medium and low density vaults for people who really want to make a statement at their exit.“It is the truism of life that everyone who comes must go so as we are building hospitals, roads, schools imbibing survival strategy we must also plan for the end.

This sounds as something people do not want to discuss. I have bought my vault. It surprises people.
I paid for it four years ago. As I always tell people if you come here for life you must plan to go. Those who do not want to go should not come.

”At the inspection of Lagos Court of Arbitration, the governor noted that plans had been concluded by his administration to unveil the first international arbitration court in West Africa sub- region, saying the compelling need to resolve trade disputes locally rather than travelling to London and Paris informed the setting up of the centre in the state.

According to him, “this is the place for dispute resolution.

It is the Lagos Arbitration centre. We could save a lot of money and create employment through this court. We have lost a lot of funds to other countries in terms of arbitration in the past.

When dispute arise in Nigeria, the preferred place is either Paris, France or London, United Kingdom.
”He, therefore, observed that the centre “is nothing special there. All we need is to create a centre that will have the necessary reputation.

We have the personnel because some of the best arbitrators in the continent are Nigerians.

 We also have the economy for the arbitration because a lot of construction, development and Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects are ongoing. Dispute from there could be resolved here.



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 Hot actor IK Ogbonna's pregnant girlfriend shows off growing baby bump

The couple, who are expecting their first child together, went on a boat cruise with their friends. See the photos after the cut...


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Check this out : Chris Brown disses the Grammys, says he'll be happy if Rihanna gets with Leo Dicaprio

Chris Brown and Tyga are currently promoting their new joint album- Fan Of A Fan 2, which drops Feb. 24th and have been doing a lot of interviews. In an interview with Hot 97 today, Chris Brown dissed the Grammys, Drake, and said he'd be happy to hear his ex Rihanna is dating Leonardo Dicaprio. Meanwhile, Tyga said he's not going to stop being 'friends' with Kylie. Real all that below...Chris Brown on The Grammys:“The Grammy is f*cking bullsh*t. I’m that great that I don’t need to vote for myself. So many people are scared to say something. I kinda give it to Kanye [West] cause say what you want. I think it should be a different form of how they judge.Chris Brown on Drake:“This n*gga not making us no money by us talking about him. We not getting no checks by this n*gga. We making him hot by talking bout this n*gga. I’m not giving this n*gga no more ratings. I’m not taking his side cause I don’t mess with dude. I’m on probation so that’s all I’m gone say.Chris Brown on Drake surprisingly dropping his mixtape If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late:“Yea that’s cool, forget him though. We talking about Beyonce. But that’s copying what you saw from the success you saw from somebody else.”Chris Brown on having to reschedule dates for the “Between the Sheets” tour:“I lost $3 million from doing that, $3 million in production. The thing that hurt me the most was it was already an approval. I had 100 hours left, but they knew doing that would mess up a lot of stuff. So they were like I had to finish the 100 hours before I went on tour. I wish they had told me that two, three weeks in advance.”Chris Brown on PETA coming for him and Karrueche :“As far as PETA, I wish they would throw a cup of paint on me.” Then he quickly changed it up, “I don’t wish. I’m on probation, so how about we not throw paint and we find another way to converse on this situation [laughs].”On he and Karrueche showing up in matching furs at NYFW:“We’re great. We never really got a chance to step out as a fly couple so being able to do that during Fashion Week at Michael Costello show, we just got a chance to go to the show and have some fun. She’s on the tour [with me] now. I love that girl.”Chris Brown on Rihanna:He said he didn’t send Rihanna a birthday text, but said he would give her a high-five if she gets withLeonardo DiCaprio. “I’m not a hater, I’m not envious. I can’t have it all.”Chris Brown on having beautiful women around him while he’s in a relationship with Karrueche:“If I was were to have 15 girls in the studio, my girl know it’s 15 girls in the studio. Am I boning the 15 girls? Naw, but they’re giving me inspiration. I can have b*tches…around.”Tyga on his “friendship” with 17-year-old Kylie Jenner:“She’s just a good person. I love being around her. It’s my decision to continue to be around her. I don’t think it’s the world’s decision to dictate that.”Tyga on Kylie’s family giving them the side-eye:“We always hung out whether if I was in a relationship or not. They knew I had a kid. King [his son] would go over there and play with North [West] so it wasn’t nothing new. Life is about being happy and keeping yourself surrounded by people who bring that good energy.”Tyga on tweeting Drake’s a “b*tch” on Twitter and then deleting it:“Yea that was quick like, you know. You know how you get hot real quick then you think about it."Tyga on Cash Money:“I learned a lot being around [Lil] Wayne, but I started realizing the business wasn’t right. I would ask him [Chris] questions because I didn’t know. It got to the point where I had to speak how I feel. Then, when I started speaking up, people start coming at me like I was crazy. You see the situation with Wayne right now and now people are like ‘damn, you was right.'”Tyga on getting out of his YMCMB deal:“I was supposed to be out the deal. They agreed to a number to let me out the deal. I was going to pay them a few million dollars to get out the deal. Even though they owed me money, I was going to pay them because I’m not petty. I just want to move on with my life and continue to build. I don’t know what happened, everybody went M.I.A.”Tyga on how he gets money:“I have a clothing line that’s a $20 million elp???

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Breakfast Club Served Up .

Permalink  Chris Brown stopped in to kick it
with The Breakfast Club on Monday morning where he made it clear that he and Drake are NOT friends, ex-girlfriend Rihanna will never be able to do any better than him, and that he totally supports friend Tyga getting with 17-year-old Kylie Jenner. When Charlamagne brought up rapper Drake, Chris simply said: "That dude don't make me no money by talking about him."  When asked if he considers Drake a friend, he said "nah, I'm cool."Breezy also goes on to say that when it comes to dating, Rihanna could never do better than him."Even with ol girl the first one [Rihanna]. Who else is she going to go to? Some corny signing rapper?"Of course, Charlamagne had jokes - "some corny signing rapper named Aubrey!" Speaking on Tyga and Kylie's relationship, Chris said that "whatever decision my man wanna make, I'ma rock with him. I just tell him if you was dating some regular weak chick...you wouldn't be talked about. Nobody would care."Chris also gets deep about about the possibly doing a memoir in the future, currently working on a 'Between The Sheets Tour' documentary, and his relationship with girlfriend Karrueche Tran.Watch the interview below:Read more:


Watch the video below.