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Boy, 14, Brutally Gunned Down At Point Blank Range On Way To School

So awful. A 14-year-old boy was fatally shot four times at point blank range on his way to school on May 22. He reportedly cried out ‘mommy, mommy’ before dying at the scene.

Christopher Duran, 14, was walking to school at 8:30am in the South Bronx with his younger brother, when he was brutally gunned down in an NYPD Impact Zone. The seventh grader was reportedly involved in a verbal argument with two people prior to being shot four times, in what is believed to be a gang-related shooting.

Christopher was shot three times in the stomach and once in the head just a few steps away from his apartment building on Sheridan Ave., according to ABC.

Sources tell the Daily News that as he died, he cried out, “mommy, mommy.” So sad.Police have video footage of the shooting, which shows the shooter wearing a bandana to hide his identity.“It’s bad, real bad. The guy runs up to him and just shoots him, bang, bang, bang,” a police source tells the Daily News.

“It doesn’t look like he says anything to him.”While Christopher reportedly was in an argument with two teens, the shooting is slated to be have been in revenge against his older brother, 18, who is allegedly a member of the Bronx-based “280” gang.

Christopher was no stranger to the police, however. The teen had five arrests on his record as a juvenile, including possession of a knife, assault and battery, and robbery.

However, Christopher’s family is shooting down any claims that he was involved in a gang.“He’s a pretty boy,” his uncle, Jose Mendoza, told The Daily News. “He never do nothing. He never hangs out with gangs, nothing like that.

The only thing I want to know, who did it, and why he did it.”Our thoughts and prayers go out to Christopher’s family during this difficult time. This is such a horrific story and a true tragedy.


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He Forced Me To Abort 5 Pregnacy for "His Personal Sanctification"..... Wife

A 51-year old tricyclist, Adetunji Adedoyin on Friday pleaded with a Lagos Island Customary Court to dissolve his 13-year-old marriage to his wife, one Yetunde Adedoyin, citing infidelity and threat to his life.

The petitioner who lives at 147, Tokunbo Street, Lagos Island, also alleged before the court that his wife was pregnant for another man while she was still living in his house.“

My wife was on admission at the hospital and I was visiting her there every day.“But during one of my visits, one of the hospital cleaners told me that my wife was pregnant and that a particular man was always coming to see her also.“

I got annoyed because my wife told me she was suffering from malaria attack.“After confirming the truth, I fought with the doctor for colluding with my wife. However the police arrested me but later released me same day.

“My wife aborted the pregnancy so that peace could return to our family as it were before. However, my wife kept visiting her man-friend,” he said.Adetunji also told the court that his wife had had a son for another man before they were married and she was always going to the child’s father to collect his school fees.“

One day, she did not return home till 1:00 a.m., under the pretext that she had gone to collect her son’s school fees.“Few weeks later, she felt sick and a test carried out at a medical laboratory confirmed that she was pregnant.

 I know that I am not responsible for the pregnancy which is now four months’ old.“Also, I would not be the father of the unborn child because I have not had sexual intercourse with her since December 2014. She has only a two-year old child for me.

 I want the court to dissolve the marriage because I cannot condole her wayward life again,” he said.Adetunji also told the court that his wife had threatened to pour acid into his tea.

While responding, the wife, Yetunde Adedoyin, 35, a trader, told the court that her husband wanted the marriage dissolved because she stopped giving him money she got from her previous marriage.

“My husband and I used to spend the money that I was collecting from the father of my first child.“On some occasions, he would ask me to tell the man that his child needed to buy some things which were not true.

“But when the man stopped giving me money, problems started at home,” she said.Yetunde told the court that she had aborted five times for her present husband alleging that he was always using the blood for his personal sanctification.

“Whenever I am pregnant, he would bring a nurse to the house to abort my pregnancy, and he would use the blood to rub his head after he had done some incisions.

“He has been begging me to abort this pregnancy but I refused. So, I am surprised to hear from him that he is not responsible for it and will not accept his responsibility as the father when the child is born.

“We made love two days ago and we still live together so it is not true for him to have said that it was last year we last made love,” she said.She said that she still loved her husband because of the pregnancy she was carrying and denied ever threatening to pour acid on him.

The President, Chief Awos Awosola, told the couple to maintain the peace and adjourned the case to June 8 for further hearing.

Source : Pmnews


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Meth addict 'gouged out his own eyes and ATE them in front of hospital workers'.

Member for Dobell, Karen McNamara, said the horrific incident happened at Newcastle's John Hunter Hospital north of Sydney and she had heard the story first hand from a 'first response health care worker'.

A young boy under the influence of methamphetamines gouged out his own eyeballs and ate them in a hospital's emergency department, a Federal Liberal MP told an ice summit on Friday.

The member for Dobell, Karen McNamara, said the disturbing incident happened at Newcastle's John Hunter Hospital north of Sydney and she had heard the story first hand from a 'first response health care worker', according to The Daily Telegraph.

Ms McNamara recounted the tale to an audience on the Central Coast, on the opening day of the ice summit held to address rising use of methamphetamines and an epidemic of addiction in the region.

 There is nothing at all recreational about this drug,' Ms McNamara told the summit.'Let me tell you a story that demonstrates this ... about a young boy taken into an emergency department for treatment who gouged out his own eyeballs and ate them.

The summit is being held just one week after NSW police successfully closed down a methamphetamine ring following a series of raids and seizure of 150kg of the drug worth more than $100 million.

A 66-year-old man attempting smuggle more than $100 million worth of crystal methamphetamine into Australiawas taken into custody after a joint operation between Australian Federal Police and Customs.  

According to an AFP spokesperson, the man was caught after a sea freight 'chemicals' shipment from Hong Kong was searched by Customs officers, late last month.

The search uncovered a number of large plastic bags filled with methamphetamine hidden inside six barrels.On May 11, AFP substituted the drugs and delivered the shipment to an address in Epping, NSW, where the 66-year-old allegedly accepted them. 

Police then watched the man until May 13, before arresting him after the shipment was left in a vehicle.AFP Manager Crime Operations Jennifer Hurst said the would-be smuggler could spend the rest of his life in prison.


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Omokri: Alleged Source Denies Saharareporters, Doubts Authenticity.

‎Sahararporters, in its story earlier this year entitled  ‘Jonathan’s Aide, Omokri burglarizes house in Delta, carts away N25Million meant for buying of votes’, has distanced himself from the report and also denied providing information for the online medium.

Oyoro made this known in his statement of defence at the High Court of Justice, Asaba Division following a suit initiated by Reno Omokri.

‎In a copy of the statement of defence signed by his counsel, Ovie Abenabe of F.O. Olokor & Co and made available to Vanguard, Oyoro noted that he did not publish through the internet news any statement with the title “Jonathan’s Aide, Omokri bulgarizes house in Delta, carts away N25 Milion meant for buying of votes”.

‎He also claimed that he did not authorise, mandate, instruct and/or encourage the internet news mediawww. to publish any purported malicious statement about the person of Omokri.Oyoro added that he doubt the source/origin and authenticity of the report and challenged Omokri to establish the authenticity of same.

Parts of the statement reads, “ the defendant (Alex Oyoro) did not on the 14/02/2015 and/or any other date publish through the internet news any statement with the title “Jonathan’s Aide, Omokri bulgarizes house in Delta, carts away N25 Milion meant for buying of votes”

“The defendant denies publishing about the person of the claimant (Reno Omokri) any false and malicious statement through the internet news media ‎.

Another part of the statement added that “the defendant did not also authorise, mandate, instruct and/or encourage the internet news to publish any purported malicious statement about the person of the claimant.

The source/origin and authenticity of the purported print out referred to in the statement of claim is doubted by the defendant and the claimant is challenged to establish the authenticity of same”.“The defendant denies the allegation of the claimant that the defendant published defamatory matters against the claimant to blackmail the claimant into abandoning any recovery of premises proceedings.

When contacted, Omokri noted that his lawyers will based on the statement of defence of Alex Oyoro sue directly and reserves the right to also sue other news outlets that carried the libelous story.‎

It will be recalled that on February 14, Omokri threatened to drag Saharareporters to court if it fails to publish an apology within three business days over the story while a week later, a New York Law firm Daniel Szalkiewicz & Associates, P.C, engaged by Omokri,   served a Cease and Desist Notice on and its publisher, Omoyele Sowore.

 The firm also served the notice on Sowore’s financiers, The Omidyar Network and The Ford Foundation.

Source : Vanguard.


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Someone's grown up! Amber Rose is unrecognisable in throwback picture as a baby-faced youngster in crop top and jeans.

She's forged a career as a bona fide sex symbol, setting pulses racing with her constant stream of saucy selfies. But Amber Rose has come a long way in her quest for siren status, having practised her sultry poses for years.

Revealing her transformation, the platinum-blonde model shared a throwback photograph of herself on Saturday looking drastically more innocent.

SO Sad : A Mother Found Pushing Her dead 3Year Old Boy on Swing .....

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So Sad :Mother found pushing dead 3year old boy on swing in Maryland park

A Maryland mother was found early yesterday Friday May 22nd pushing her dead 3-year-old boy on a park swing, according to US police. Officers responded to a call around 7 a.m. to check on a woman who witnesses said had been pushing a child for hours on a swing at Wills Memorial Park in La Plata, Washington, D.C., said Charles County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Diane Richardson.

One witness told deputies she found it strange that the woman had been pushing the child for an unusually long period of time, possibly since the day before, Richardson said.

When the officers arrived they found the 24-year-old woman still pushing the child in the swing, and they realized immediately that the boy was dead, Richardson said.

The child had no signs of obvious trauma, she said, and had been dead for at least several hours.
The office of the chief medical examiner in Baltimore will perform an autopsy on the boy.
The mother, who was not identified, was transported to a nearby hospital for medical tests, police said. The investigation is ongoing.

Source: Reuters

Tyga Will Dump Kylie Jenner If Kris Demands To See His Finances .....

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Tyga Will Dump Kylie Jenner If Kris Demands To See His Finances.Tyga is tired of Kris calling him out for not having enough money to date Kylie. Tyga just wants love, not Kylie’s bank account.The rapper’s firing back at the Kardashian momager.

Kris Jenner’s, 59, crazy demand to see Tyga‘s, 25, bank account is driving him up the wall and it may actually push him and Kylie Jenner, 17, to their breaking point.  

The rapper has had it with his girlfriend’s meddling mom and wants Kris to butt out of his life. has the EXCLUSIVE scoop on the explosive fight brewing between the Kardashians and Tyga

Kris isn’t calling the shots in Tyga’s relationship with Kylie! Friends of the rapper tell EXCLUSIVELY that he’d dump Kylie if Kris continues to press him about his bank account.

Tyga, 25, isn’t afraid of Kris Jenner, 59, and he’s asking that she stay in her own lane! The “Make It Nasty” rapper is telling those close to him that he’d pull the plug on his relationship with Kylie Jenner, 17, if her momager continues to demand he show her his bank account,

We’ve been told that Tyga truly loves Kylie for who she is and that’s why he’s with her. But he doesn’t believe money should have any bearings on their relationship.

Kris, however, is cut from a different cloth. She knows love doesn’t pay bills and before things get too serious between her daughter and Tyga, she wants to know what he’s financially working with.

Tyga’s not having it and wants Kris to mind her business before he kicks Kylie to the curb.“He thinks [Kris is] crazy or just plain insane if she thinks for a second he somehow needs to impress her or Kylie with dollars.

“There’s no way in hell he’s about to let Kylie’s mom sift through his money.”Our source says Tyga’s heart is filled with love for Kylie, adding “if that’s not enough for Kylie or her overbearing parents, so be it. He’d rather be .single.”


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Jason Derulo Throws Shade At Ex Jordin Sparks: She’s ‘So Behind Me’

The relationship may be over, but the bitterness remains. Jason threw shade at his ex Jordin in a new interview, calling the ‘It Ain’t You’ singer so ‘behind’ him. Sounds like there’s still some bad blood!

Jason Derulo, 25, and Jordin Sparks, 25, endured a nasty break up last fall, and sadly, there still seems to be harsh feelings towards one another. While Jason is enjoying single life, he recently dished on his ex, whom he dated for three years, in a new interview while also throwing some shade her way! See what the “Wiggle” singer had to say.

Jason sounds like he’s ready to drop the gloves with Jordin, especially after she told radio hosts that a BMW he had gotten her for a birthday was actually a lease and not something he had bought her.

“I do get tired of playing nice,” Jason told Billboard magazine about Jordin. “Especially when people think I did something wrong, or that she broke up with me. But it’s so behind me.”

Who broke up with who may remain somewhat of a controversy, but it sounds like Jason is trying his best to move on!

 He revealed that he’s very much enjoying single life, saying that it would take “a miracle” to get him back into a relationship right now. It’s good that Jason is “having a good time getting to know people,” too!


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Little girl throws a tantrum in front of President Obama

Claudia Moser is the name of the little girl pictured above having a tantrum in front of President Obama, Michelle Obama, her Mum- Laura Moser, and some other guests in the White House's Red Room. The incident circulated in social media on Thursday after Claudia's uncle Benjamin, a New York Times writer, and her mother Laura shared pictures of Claudia throwing that tantrum.


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Why We Sold Our Son, Nollywood Actor, Wife Confess

Police declare manhunt for buyer, agent, 2-yr-old child.
A Nollywood actor and his wife have sensationally told the po­lice why they decided to sell their two-year-old son, Samuel Chukwuneye for N350, 000 to a Port Harcourt based woman simply identified as Ogechi.

The couple, though not legal­ly married, had been living together. They were identified as Kanayo Awurum, 29, and Ugochi Kelechi, 28, both of who are from Ikeduru Local Government Area in Imo State.

Trouble started when Ugochi, who is pregnant with their second child, suspected that her live-in lover, who she claimed gave out their son temporarily to Ogechi, was planning to abandon her in Lagos.

She alert­ed and confessed to the police about what they did before relocating to Lagos. Kanayo was arrested and handed over to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), Lagos police command, Ikeja for further investigation.

According to a police source, Kanayo, who is an upcoming Nollywood actor im­pregnated Ugochi more than two years ago and ran away. He returned sometime in October 2014 and apologized to her with a promise to marry her.

0 Ugochi accepted him back and got pregnant again. When his re­sources dwindled, he convinced Ugochi to relocate with him to Lagos State as soon as they were able to raise money.He convinced her to use their son as a collateral to collect a loan that will be paid back in three months.

Unknown to Ugochi, her son was sold to one Mrs Ogechi who lives in Port Harcourt. Armed with the pro­ceed of the sale, the couple relocated to Lagos and rented an apartment at Ikotun, Lagos.

 Two weeks later, Kanayo travelled home with an excuse that there was a pro­ject that he was called upon to execute. He left his lover with little or no money with the promise to return in two days. Days dragged into weeks and Ugochi was left at the mercy of the landlord and neighbours who gave her money for feeding.

Although Kanayo called giving excuses why he was yet to return, Ugochi became frustrated especially when her lover told her that their son, Samuel might not return again.

Ca She also learnt from the landlord, that her lover was making arrangement to col­lect the remaining part of the rent and send her packing. Ugochi confided in their family friend who alerted the police of the develop­ment.Pleading for mercy, Kanayo said that he took the decision because of his quest to give Ugochi who he described as his fiancée a better life.

“I met Ugochi during our sec­ondary school days in Amakaohia Compre­hensive High School, Ikeduru, Imo state. We became lovers and continued our rela­tionship after graduation.

Fortunately, she got pregnant in 2012. I asked her to keep the baby because I loved her so much and wanted her to be the mother of my children. I met her brother who told me what to do to legalize the relationship. Sincerely, I want­ed to legalize it but, I did not have much money so I left Ikeduru for Owerri.

I am a trained painter and was also fortunate to be allowed to feature in some Nigerian mov­ies. During that time, I called her severally to explain why I had to run to Owerri.

She was angry and refused to pick my call or see reasons with me,” Kanayo narrated.In October 2014, Kanayo returned and sought the love and forgiveness of Ugochi who had given birth to a baby boy. “

With the little money that I had, I was ready to marry Ugochi. I pleaded with her severally and luckily, she accepted. I made another attempt to ask for her hand in marriage and her family vehemently refused.

They threatened to get me arrested if I dared to come close to their sister again. But be­cause she loves me so much, we continued our relationship till she became pregnant again.“

At this point we needed to leave town before her family would notice that she is pregnant again. I convinced her to elope with me to Lagos where we will start our lives together till her family is ready to ac­cept me as their in-law.

“I was already broke and was sourcing for loan. My plan was to travel to Lagos and contact my mentor, Jerry Leonard who is also an actor and film producer. All the persons that I met for a loan refused but another actor, Emmanuel (full names with­held by us) gave me the only way out,” he said.The only way out given to him was to sell his two-year-old son and get quick money.

“He told me to use what I have to get what I don’t have. Initially, I wanted to use my son as a collateral to get a loan but Emmanuel said that outright sale will be the best.

 He was the one who contact­ed, Mrs. Ogechi from Port Harcourt with the promise that I will pay him N50,000. I simply told Ugochi that the baby will be kept with one woman till we settle down.

 Since we were eloping, there was no need to contact any family member. Luckily, the woman paid N350, 000 and I gave Emma­nuel Ibeh, N50,000.“

I contacted my mentor, Jerry and he was able to secure an accommodation for us in Ikotun area of Lagos,” he further said.Kanayo insisted that he had plans to re­turn and trace his son. “

I know that what I did was bad but I did it to protect my fian­cée. She will be an object of ridicule by her family if they discovered that she is preg­nant again without a husband. I returned to Owerri when my brother called me that there is a big painting job. My plan was to also raise money to buy back our son.

Meanwhile, we were having several issues with the house and I asked the landlord to refund us part of the money we paid. Un­fortunately, I never knew that Ugochi had reported me to the police. I was arrested when I returned to Lagos to collect part of the money we paid for that house at Ikotun.

 I am sorry but all I did was out of love,” Kanayo said.He claimed that he played prominent roles in several nollywood movies includ­ing Fist of Vengence, Destiny Child and Rough Chase.

Ugochi on her part said that she never knew that their son was to be used as col­lateral. “I am pregnant and he convinced me that travelling down to Lagos with a small child would be stressful.

He told me that my son, Samuel will be kept in his sister’s house for about two months when we would have settled down. It was also his son, so I felt that whatever plan he has was for our own good.

 I never knew that he was having money problem. We just reconciled and he was taking good care of me and my son ever since he returned.

He only told me that the process of settling down is very stressful.“When we got to Lagos, I kept remind­ing him of our son and he told me that he would soon return to Owerri to pick him up.

Towards the end of April, he travelled home for a painting job and left me with little or nothing to eat. Life was hard and I relied on the landlord, neighbours and his mentor Jerry to survive.

 I pleaded with him to return our son and he kept telling me that I should not be in a hurry. I was forced to confess to the police when I learnt that he wanted to collect back the money he paid for the house that we were living in. I felt he had abandoned me, that was why I opened up to his mentor Jerry.

 I am aware that he wanted us to relocate from that house but he was no longer providing for me,” Ugochi said.On why she agreed in the first place to elope, Ugochi said: “ I was and I am still in love with him.

I have dated him for more than 10 years and so far he is a caring gen­tleman. When I got pregnant in 2012, he asked me to keep the child. He also made effort to see my family but when he was given the list of things to buy, he ran away.

I was devastated and refused to pick his calls when he tried to get across to me. He even sent his friends to me. My family protect­ed me till I gave birth in November 2012. Sometime in October 2014, he returned and started begging again.

I love him, so I had no choice but to accept him back. He was actually ready to marry me but my family members refused. They even sent my brother to their house to drop a piece of kolanut. What that meant was that they are at liberty to beat him up, if he dares to come around seeking for my hand in marriage. I love him and I am pregnant again.

 I cannot bear the shame for the second time that was why I agreed to elope with him.“This was why I did not even contact my family when I was dying of hunger and it was obvious that my baby might not return.

He actually called his mentor and told him that our son died in a car accident while they were on their way back to Lagos,” Ugochi further said.Continuing, she said that she cannot be­lieve that Kanayo could sell their son for money. “I miss my son and I want him back.

He was fooling me all this while, but I love him.”Describing Kanayo as an upcoming ac­tor in Nollywood, Jerry Leonard said he was not aware of the illicit transaction till Ugochi confessed to him. “I am a Martial art instructor and also a successful movie producer.

I know him from my maternal village, Ikeduru where I discovered that he had great skills in acting. He had featured in several movies of which I connected him to the producers.“Sometime in March, he called that he wants to relocate to Lagos and pursue his acting career.

As agreed, I got a mini flat for them close to the area where I live in Ikotun. He told me that he was coming with his wife. I signed as guarantor to secure the accommodation.

 I was surprised when the landlord called me that Kanayo was plan­ning to leave the compound. He was the one who told me that Ogechi was stranded and comes around to beg for food. I intervened and called Kanayo who said that he had a project and would soon return.

 Ogechi then opened up to me when I informed her, that her husband (as he was made to believe) said that their son died in an accident. I was confused and not sure what my suspicion could be.

 We now arranged with the land­lord to ask him to come and collect part of the money he spent on rent.“I had some young men around who overpowered him. He confessed to me, pleading that he had plans to go back and rescue their son.

 I alerted the police and they came and picked him up,” Jerry nar­rated.Confirming the incident, Lagos State police spokesman, Kenneth Nwosu said that the police is on the trail of one Emma­nuel who was alleged to have initiated the transaction and Ogechi, the woman who bought the baby.

“The Commissioner of Police, Kayode Aderanti has directed the officer in-charge of SARS, SP Abba Kyari to ensure that baby Samuel is found and the other accomplices arrested and prosecut­ed”, he stressed.

Source : Sun News


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They say these girls are the world's hottest twins & they're Africans.

Seen any twin sisters hotter than these two? Brandi and Brittany Fay'E are from Eritrea but live in the US. They both have DDD breasts, smalls waists and 36inch butts and they are say it's natural. Natural or not, these girls are hot. Heard about them and went to their instagram pages for their photos. Continue to see them...

Below is Brittany

And below is Brandi


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14 year old girl sentenced to 40 years for drowning baby

A 14-year-old Dallas girl who drowned a 2 month old baby out of jealousy was sentenced by a juvenile court judge on Friday to 40 years in custody, the maximum punishment available, after admitting to drowning the infant in January, court officials said.

The teenager will begin serving her sentence in state custody of the Texas Juvenile Justice Department. A judge will determine whether she is eligible for parole before her 19th birthday or should be transferred to an adult prison.

In a juvenile lockup, the girl will have more options than if she had been tried as adult. She will go to school and get counseling.
The baby belonged to a family friend who was in jail. Child Protective Services had placed the infant in the home of the teenage girl's mother at the request of the baby's mother, according to police.

Investigators said the girl confessed to submerging 2-month-old Justice Hull in a bowl of water because she did not want her mother to adopt the baby. The teenager's mother was at work at the time of the incident.

George Ashford, the teen’s attorney, said he wasn’t surprised by the sentence. He said the victory for his client came earlier this year when the case was not moved to adult court.

Dallas Morning News


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Gov. Adam Oshiomhole's Mum advised him not to marry a Nigerian

Governor Adams Oshiomhole's mother, Hajia Aishetu Oshiomhole was at her son's wedding to Iara Fortes and was glad he heeded her advise.

She said she advised her son not to marry a Nigerian woman when she saw his interest in getting remarried. She said she gave him that advise in order to avoid crisis in his family.

"I supported him to marry a foreigner so that the relationship between my son and his children will remain cordial. Our Nigerian women will go and destroy the family just because they want property.

 That was the main reason I supported him to marry a foreigner when he told me about it. So I am happy about it. Besides, the new wife is a very good woman" she said. Continue
She behaves like Comrades late wife.

Very accommodating, understanding and hard working. And you know my son travels a lot as a governor.
He needs a woman who understands his work and that is the kind of wife he married. She is just like Clara.

Normally, people spend two years or less before they marry again but Comrade decided to wait for five years due to the love he had for his late wife. And Clara was a good person, very lovely and nice to all of us. So we supported Comrade for taking time to re-marry because we loved Clara.

Comrade and the former wife lived very happily, there was no quarrel, nothing at all and that was why he mourned for five years. I am happy that he brought a wife that will bring him and the children together”.

Also speaking, the traditional ruler of Iyamho community, HRH Bashiru Itameso, who equally is a cousin to the Comrade Governor, said
 “I was happy seeing him remarry.

 I am happy because I never wanted him to marry a Nigerian because our people are wicked. I prefer it that he married a foreigner. If he had married a Nigerian, in-laws will come and start troubling him.

They will start tearing themselves apart for materials things and that will create serious problem between Comrade and his children. We all supported him to marry a foreigner”.

Source: Vanguard.


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Mystery As Unemployed Man Runs Mad, Dies In Friend’s House.

Unemployed and desperate, 24-year-old Taiwo Bamidele saw an opportunity as soon as he met his Lagos-based friend, Akinkunmi Odetunde, during a wedding ceremony in Akure, Ondo State on Saturday, May 9, 2015.

 If he had anything on his mind at the time, it would have been the hope that his life might change for the better once he reached Lagos.Odetunde, who works in Lagos as a tricycle operator told Saturday PUNCH that when Bamidele saw him, he immediately asked to follow him to Lagos in search of greener pastures.

“I did not see anything wrong in him wanting to follow me to Lagos when I went to attend the wedding event. So, when I was leaving the following day, we left together and we have both been living at my sister’s apartment at Mile 2 Estate, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos,”Odetunde said.

According to 30-year-old Odetunde, apart from his sister and her husband, another friend of his, a Delta State indigene, Francis Jacob, also lives in the same apartment.But on Friday, May 15, a breakfast of semovita and okra soup would bring on the household a calamity which has so far defied explanation.

Odetunde, who is being held at the homicide unit of the Department of Criminal Investigations, Yaba, Lagos, along with his friend, Jacob, said the food was cooked by his sister.

He said, “We all ate the same food that morning including my sister and her husband. But by afternoon, Taiwo (Bamidele) started to complain of fever.

“He said the fever meant it was likely that he had developed malaria. So, I went to buy him malaria drug but as soon as he swallowed the drug, he vomited it.

He told me that he would prefer concoction, so I bought him concoction around 4pm which he took but did not vomit.”

[quote]Odetunde said he had thought that as soon as his friend slept off, the fever would disappear and he would soon be fine.

By midnight, he knew he was wrong and that something more serious than just fever was happening to Bamidele.[/b]He said around 12 am that night, he was suddenly roused from sleep by the sound of laughter.

Odetunde said, “I wondered who was suddenly laughing in the middle of the night. I woke up and realised that my friend was the one laughing. He sat up on the bed around 12 midnight and started to laugh.“I asked why he was laughing.

But the laughter only intensified. It got to a point that everybody had woken up in the house and we agreed that it was necessary that we restrained him because he had started becoming aggressive as he laughed.“

The more we restrained him, the more he became aggressive and at a point all of us in the house could not restrain him again.“He escaped from our grips and forced the door open that night. He laughed as he ran outside while we tried to catch him without success.

“As he ran outside, he fell and knocked his head on a wall, fell down and stood up again and ran off.”Odetunde said throughout that night, they looked everywhere for Bamidele but could not find him until 3am on Saturday when they approached a vigilante group that had captured him.

The vigilante group, according to him were about to start whipping him when they got there.He said, “We had to beg them not to flog him.

 They soon realised that something was wrong with him too as a result of the abnormal way he was acting.“They told me that he was becoming mentally unstable and that I should look for a rope so that they could restrain him.

They said if we left him, he could run into a speeding vehicle or even jump into a canal that is close to our area. When I got the rope, we tied his leg and hands.“I knew many of his family members so I started calling some of them on the phone.

The only person I got through to was his father, who promised that very early the following morning, he would come. But unfortunately before he came, Taiwo (Bamidele) died.

”When asked what could have happened to bring about the sudden change in Bamidele before he died, Odetunde insisted that nothing sinister was done to him to make him develop such a sudden mental illness.He said within the six years he knew the deceased, he had no sign of mental illness and neither did he drink or smoke.“

How could I do anything bad to a friend who is like family to me? Immediately he died, I was even the one who reported the incident at the police station where I was detained,” Odetunde said.

Odetunde’s sister and her husband are said to be on the run at the moment.Saturday PUNCH learnt that Bamidele’s family have insisted that they do not want any police prosecution but the police at the FESTAC division transferred the case to the DCI, Yaba for further investigation.Bamidele’s father who was also summoned to the DCI said he had nothing to say, adding that “everything is in the hands of God. God knows best.”

He did not volunteer any other information on his late son and whether Bamidele had any problem that pointed to mental disorder in any form.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Lagos State Police Command, Mr. Kenneth Nwosu, who confirmed the story, said the suspects were only being held pending when investigations would be concluded.He said action would be taken depending on the outcome of police investigation.