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Check out The Foods That Help To Increasing Sperm Count.....

90 percent of Male Fertility problems are as a result of men’s failure to produce enough sperm. One recent research has also shown that 70 percent of all deformities that are found in babies are as a result of lack of quality sperm.
Low sperm count affects approximately one in 25 men. With all these statistics, how do we overcome the problem of low sperm count in men? See the solutions below…
Lets take a look at five foods that helps in increasing sperm count and reducing infertility rate in men:

1. Garlic: Although , taking garlic can be a difficult task for some men due to its scent . The scent should not dissuade you from taking it if you plan on having your own baby soon.Garlic helps a lot in the production of sperm count . Garlic contains an antioxidant called selenium which helps in sperm motility. Start adding garlic to your meal today to boost your sperm count.

2. Ginseng: Ginseng is found mostly in cooler climate and basically in north America and Asia. Scientists have proven that this great plant enhance libido and sexual performance. In a study published by Journal of Urology, 45 men suffering from erectile dysfunction were administered ginseng for 16 weeks. At the end of the trial, 27 out the 45 men said Ginseng improved their Attention.

3.Walnut: Popularly Called “Asala” by the Yorubas, walnut contains Omega-3-fatty acid which has been found by scientists to increase sperm count and helps in sexual performance in men. Apart from the role this great food plays in Increasing sperm count, it also helps in reducing and preventing Alzheimer’s disease. A study which was published in the journal of Alzheimer’s disease shows that walnut have beneficial effect in reducing and preventing the risk of Alzheimer disease.

4. Banana: Banana is a must- eat fruit for every man who wants to increase his sperm count.Banana contains an enzyme called bromelain which has been found to increase libido and sex drive in men. Apart from increasing libido in men, this great fruit also helps in weight reduction.

5. Water Melon: Consumption of watermelon helps a lot in fighting infertility in men.It increases the libido in men and considered as natural Viagra for men.A phytonutrient known as citrulline in watermelon helps in relaxation of the body ‘s blood vessels and also improve male sexual performance.

6.Apples: Apples contain pectin, and it is used to boost sperm count,it is also helps bulk up the stool to treat diarrhea and constipation. Apples also contain some chemicals that seem to be able to kill bacteria.

 7.Eggs: Eating eggs can not only help increase sperm count, but it can also improve the chances of fertilization. Eggs are in high in vitamin E, an ongoing deficiency of which has been linked to testicular tissue degeneration. 

8. Dark chocolate: It isn’t a mere coincidence that lovers celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving gifts of chocolate. This decadent dessert contains L-Arginine HCL, a powerful amino acid that has been clinically proven to double sperm and semen volume. As an added bonus, L-Arginine HCL can also increase your sexual pleasure by giving you stronger and more intense orgasms, as well. Just make sure not to eat too much dark chocolate, as excess weight can cause testosterone/estrogen imbalances that can further reduce your sperm count.

9. Fatty Fish: No list of super foods would be complete without the healthy fat, omega-3 fatty acids. These polyunsaturated fats are the preferred form of fats in your diet for many reasons. They can benefit the heart, circulation and immune system and reduce the risk for prostate cancer, among other things.
Fatty fish (salmon, sardines, tuna, mackerel, herring) are the richest sources of omega-3 fatty acids. In fact, it is recommended that everyone eats fish twice weekly.
You can also get omega-3s in plant-based foods, like flaxseed, walnuts, soy, canola oil and fortified products such as eggs.
But there are other good reasons to eat fish. Fatty fish are also a good source of vitamin D, a nutrient that tends to be deficient in our diets which in adequate supply can help prevent cancer, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and bone disease.

10.Maca: Peruvians have sworn by the mystical powers of the maca plant for years, and now there’s finally scientific evidence to support their claims. Performing a 12-week double-blind placebo-controlled trial, researchers at the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia found that men who were given 1,500 to 3,000 milligrams of maca extract a day experienced increased seminal volume, sperm count per ejaculation and sperm motility. The trial subjects also reported a dramatic increase in sexual desire, which likely led to some very awkward moments at the lab whenever anyone had to bend over to pick up a fallen beaker.
You want you man to increase his sexual performance? Start giving him the aforementioned foods.

The Genesis of the fight between actress Georgina Onuoha & fan

The actress took to her instagram this afternoon to put the fan on blast. Here's what transpired between them earlier this week that caused the reaction from Georgina. More when you continue...

Hilarious :Woman divorces husband 'because he has a very tiny PEN!S'

Don’t be lied to folks, size matters! If not, then why did Sihle Moyo(30) from Inyathi leave her husband of three months Mabutho Moyo(42)?
“I have a problem your worship. My husband has a small one and it becomes weak a few minutes after we start having sex. After that he falls asleep next to me,” she bared her soul at Inyathi Civil court as she sought a protection order against her husband who had also become abusive.
She added that it all began when he slept with a married woman a month after the two tied the knot.
“The problem started in late September after he slept out for two days. When we tried to indulge he failed. I then questioned him and he openly told me that he suspects that he got fenced after sleeping with a married woman whose husband is in South Africa,” she said.
In a bid to save their marriage they have been to herbalists but without luck. Now Sihle is sexually frustrated.
‘How can I stay in such a marriage when I am sexually starved?” she asked magistrate Stephen Ndlovu.
But when “the failure to launch” husband Mabutho took to the stand, he blamed the issue on his wife.
“Although I told her that I got fenced by a married woman I slept with, I was told by a Sangoma that she (my wife) fenced me because she wanted to re-engage with her former lover,” he said.
The presiding magistrate Stephen Ndlovu,granted Sihle an interim peace order. He instructed the couple to go for counseling and come back on 18 December.

Lesbian From Hell: Woman Locks Her Gay Lover In Toilet And Sets It On Fire

A mum-of-four told how her jealous lesbian lover locked her in a toilet before setting it on fire and telling her: “You can stay in there and burn.”
Leanne Grantham, 22, who attacked Hayley Hinman, 35, after accusing her of having an affair while they were out with friends was jailed for 12 months last week.
After the hearing, Hayley relived her horrific ordeal, telling how she feared she was going to die, before urging domestic violence victims to seek help.
Bi-sexual Hayley, who lives with daughters Lennie, six, Rose, eight, son Kacey, 13, and has another son from a previous relationship, said: “I was with Leanne for two-and-a-half years.
“We started going out in February 2013.
Hayley, right, Grantham, left
I beat out the fire with my coat but set fire to other rolls four or five times and kept me trapped.
“In the end I believe she got bored and started to let me go but then she turned round and gave me an evil stare and attacked me again.
“I was knocked to the floor and hit my head she fell too and I managed to get up before her and ran.
“I was taken to hospital with bruising on my face and neck and doctors told me there was tissue damage to my throat.”
Hayley, who slammed the sentence handed to Grantham, also told how she fears Grantham will attack her again when she’s released from prison.
She said: “I went to every court hearing and she was walking around the dock with a smug grin on her face.
Grantham, right, has flown into a jealous rage severally in the past
“But the smirk disappeared when the judge sent her down. She went pale and looked at me in shock.
“I don’t think 12 months is a long enough sentence. I’m massively anxious about what she will do when she gets out.
“I thought I was going to die that night. I was thinking of my children and who would look after them.
“I was so distraught I couldn’t and still don’t understand how Leanne could do this to me. I tried to help her so many time with her anger problems.
“Domestic violence is a terrible thing. If anyone is in a relationship that involves violence mental or physical abuse please seek help.”
The blazing row began at Oliver’s Bar in Louth, Lincs, at around 8pm on April 18, when Hayley was texting a friend who was babysitting her two young girls.
She said her girlfriend accused her of cheating on her with the woman before flying into a rage.
A court heard Hayley ran out of the bar and to her pal’s house to pick up her children but when she found the house empty decided to wait in the back garden.
But moments later Grantham appeared and kicked the garden gate down and terrified Hayley ran to an outdoor toilet.
Her furious lover then smashed her way into the outbuilding before putting her hands around her throat and choking her “at least 10 times”.
Grantham then used a lighter to set fire to carpet rolls in the stall then stood outside and held the door shut before telling her to burn.
The full-time mum was able to beat out the flames and begged her partner to let her go but after Grantham agreed and opened the door she throttled her again.
Brave Hayley eventually managed to escape before running into town screaming for help and the emergency services were called.
Paramedics took her to hospital with heavy bruising to her neck and face and her girlfriend was arrested two days later.
On Thursday December 3, Grantham, a former child minder, was jailed for 12 months at Lincoln Crown Court for assault occasioning actual bodily harm and arson.
Jonathan Cox, defending, said: “The defendant has sought help for her abuse of both cannabis and alcohol.
“She has difficulty controlling her anger.”
Sentencing Judge Michael Heath said: “You cannot behave in this way towards another human being and expect to retain your liberty.”
UK mirror 

Check out How Surgeons Transform Penis into a Vagina for Tran s exxuals (Graphic Photos & Video)

A gruesome and compelling video has revealed the great skill and precision involved in carrying out a male to female sex change.

The animation, uploaded by the European Society of Urology , shows how a penis and testicles are used to create a vagina, complete with a clitoris capable of orgasm.

The procedure is irreversible, so as a condition - the patient must be completely certain they want to go through with it.

See the video after the cut. WARNING: Disturbing footage.

MirrorUK reports that patients about to undergo the transformation need to have had two psychological approvals - where experts deem they should have the surgery - before surgeons assess whether they are fit enough for it.

They must also have lived as a woman for at least 18 months, had hormone therapy for 12 months, and changed their first name legally by deed poll.

The video shows how the patient is first placed lying on the operating table flat on their back with their feet turned outwards.

A catheter is placed in their urethra to drain urine and collect the fluid.

Surgeons then make a cut in the scrotum, the flap of skin is pulled back, and both testicles are removed.

Next, the dorsal nerve bundle, which gives the penis feeling, the glans or head and the urethra which carries urine are separated from the main shaft of the penis.

Now, with the patient's legs raised, the shaft or corpora cavernosa is cut away, leaving only the urethra left.

The excess skin of the penis and foreskin is used to make a long flaccid tube of skin, which is inverted to become vaginal canal, known as a ‘neo-meatus’.

The rest of the urethra is stitched into it to make the canal slightly wider in circumference, so the woman will be able to have sex.

Next, incisions are made in the genitals where women normally have a clitoris and a urethra.

A clitoris is formed through cutting the glans, the head of the penis, to a smaller size. It is then attached to the genitals with fine stitches.

Surgeons then cut further down what was the scrotum, towards the anus, and cut away the anus’ main tendon, the centrum tendineum.

The space between the rectum and the base of the prostate is roughly developed to make space for the new vagina, and the area is stitched up.

For the outer female genitals, each half of the skin of the scrotum is tailored to become the labia minora and majora – the inner and outer ‘lips’ of the vagina’.

The incisions are strategically placed to look like natural skin closes in the vaginal lips.

The operation is then finished.

Research has shown that after surgery many patients are able to enjoy a satisfying sex life.

In one study, at the University of Tuebingen, Germany, all 24 patients were able to have an orgasm!!! Watch video below.

Photo: Girl dies during abortion in Ondo

20 year old Wunmi Agbeluyi pictured above, a National Diploma (ND) Science Laboratory Technology student of the Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo, died from complications of a failed abortion after her herbalist boyfriend gave her a concoction to terminate her pregnancy.

According to Vanguard, Wunmi met with the herbalist while he was an apprentice to her own father who was also a herbalist before he died.

The deceased and the suspect started an affair after her father died. She got pregnant for him and after they both agreed they were not ready to become parents, he prepared a concoction and gave to her, hoping to terminate the pregnancy. Few days after drinking the concoction, Wunmi developed severe abdominal pains. The pain became very severe, forcing him to take her to a private hospital.

The doctor they met at the hospital helped them remove the pregnancy. This however did not stop the pain she felt. When her condition worsened, the boyfriend took her to the state general hospital Akure where she died. The Ondo state police command have since arrested boyfriend and the doctor who carried out the abortion procedure.

When interviewed, Funke, the elder sister to the deceased said she was not aware that her younger sister was pregnant and had even tried doing an abortion
“it was a friend called Omololu who informed me that my sister has been admitted in the State specialist hospital and was critically ill. I rushed to the hospital to meet my sister in pain complaining of stomach ache. She insisted that the doctors should not give her injection or drips as prescribed. While we were in the hospital Wunmi refused to disclose why she was given the concoction. It was after the burial that people came to me and narrated what really happened to my sister I informed the family members and we reported the matter to the Olujare of Ijare who asked us to lodge a formal complaint with the Police. I was informed that someone gave her concoction to abort the pregnancy but when she complained of abdominal pain, she was rushed to the hospital. I was later informed that the doctor in the private hospital billed them N25,000 and an initial deposit of N20,000 was paid. It was the doctor that helped them to flush out the remnants of the pregnancy. But when the pains persisted I learnt she was rushed to the specialist hospital where she later died. We will pursue the matter to a logical conclusion and those behind the death of our last born should be made to face the music”, she said.
Meanwhile the deceased has since been buried.

Check out the mother of three who loves to do Yoga naked (photos)


A 34 year old Russian Yoga instructor who has over 140,000 followers on Instagram says she can do anything with her body despite being married with three kids, saying 'my husband doesn't own me'. Marina Vovchenko, mother of three regularly strips off to perform gravity-defying yoga poses for her Instagram followers because she 'loves' her body -despite haters telling her to cover up. Most of the images show Marina naked or half-naked. See more photos after the jump...

 'I love my body and think this is the best accessory a woman can have. One can't see it all in jeans and dresses, whose shape can simply be flattering.'

Talking about her husband's reaction to her nude photos she said:
'My husband is not my owner, and I am free to do whatever I feel is right for me. 'There is a category of women that can't do anything without their husband's permission. Well, this is not my experience.'
On her kids, she said that her children love her the way she is, and it does not matter whether she has her clothes on or off.

( Photos) Check out What Popular Female Radio Presenter Nenny B Wore To A Party In Abuja

The stylish Hot FM with an arresting voice was the cyn osure of all eyes at the recent HOT FM Pool Party held
at the prestigious Sandralia Hotel, Abuja.
Nenny B is Known for her creative and allu’ ring appearances in public events.
More photos after the cut..... 

Shocking incident as a Husband arrested for watching and recording his dying wife without offering help

29-year-old businessman, Oluchi Ajimowu, has been arrested by the State Department for Criminal Investigation, Yaba, Lagos, for his alleged involvement in the death of his wife, 23 year old Priscillia Ajimowu. The couple lived with their children in Festac, Lagos before the wife’s demise.
The police think that Ajimowu either slammed his wife’s head on the floor, or the mother of two poisoned herself due to frustrations in her marriage.

Ajimowu claims that he had locked his wife in her room on November 29, seized her phone and went out with their two children, after they arrived from their outing, he reportedly met his wife foaming in the mouth.

His wife who was a nurse had asked to be taken to the hospital, but he allegedly refused, instead he gave her palm oil and recorded her with his phone for about 40 minutes until she died.

It was gathered that prior to her death, Ajimowu had battered and subjected the deceased to inhuman treatment throughout the four years they spent in South Africa.

They decided to relocate to Nigeria. Ajimowu arrived four months ago while the wife arrived on November 27, two days before her death.

It was gathered that Ajimowu had put their house for sale shortly after the wife’s death.

The couple’s oldest child, seven-year-old Ella, said that there was a pesticide and a drink in the room where her mother was on the fateful day, adding that her father was “not nice to my mother” while they were in South Africa.
She said:

“Dad used to shout at mummy and beat her and she would be crying. That day we left her alone in the house. Daddy took the keys and mummy’s phone and locked mummy inside.

“When we came back home, daddy parked outside, locked us inside the car and went inside. After that, he called us to ‘come, come and see your mummy on the floor’. Mummy was saying, ‘Take me to hospital, I’m tired’. He started videoing her. He gave her red oil, but she spat it out. Her body was cold.”

The deceased’s mother, Mrs. Stella Ayobo, said her daughter had planned to visit her on the fateful day, but had cancelled the visit.
She added that Priscillia had not been happy throughout her 7 year marriage to Ajimowu . She added that Oluchi had shortly after his wife’s death reported at the Aguda Police Division, saying a friend took poison and died in his house.
She said:

“Four years ago, they went to South Africa. She always called me to report how Oluchi maltreated her.

“She came back to Nigeria on November 27. She visited me on November 28 and promised to visit me again the following day, being a Sunday. But that day, around 8am, she called me that she would not be able to come again and promised to come with her children on Friday.

“Around 8pm that Sunday, her husband called me that she had been vomiting since morning and I told him to take her to the nearest hospital. He later called me and said it was a poison she took. I told him to bring her. By the time he brought her, she was dead. We took her to a hospital and the doctor said she had died.

“He went to the Aguda Police Station to report that a girl visited him from South Africa, took poison and died in his house.”

The mother urged the police to investigate the matter in order to give justice to the family.
Priscillia’s older sister, Mrs. Emenike Dorcas, said Ajimowu had convinced her sister to come to Nigeria under the pretext that he would open a chemist’s shop for her.
She added:

“I reported the incident to the police at Satellite Town and Aguda divisions. Policemen at Aguda were surprised when they eventually knew the truth of the matter,”.
Priscilla’s uncle, Francis Ayobo, said the suspect was not remorseful after his wife’s death.
He said:

“It is so surprising that the wife was dying and the husband started videoing her. The videos were more than 40 minutes. He sent it to Priscillia’s sister in South Africa. By that time he would have rushed her to a hospital for treatment.

“I noticed that about three other guys were in the background of one of the video because somebody was giving her water and she was foaming in the mouth. Those things should be questioned. He was handed over to SDCI on Wednesday.”

The Lagos State Police spokesperson, DSP Joe Offor, said the Aguda Police Station arrested the husband and have handed him over to the Satellite Town Police Division.