Monday, 19 October 2015

Check out what this woman shared on Facebook page & you can't imagine what this man said to her

Kenya entertainer Sheila Mwanyigha on Friday, October 15, updated her Facebook status with a photo writing: "#RiseandShine. No good thing has He kept from me!"

And some guy named Martins Kingsley Nkozi came on her page to rain on her parade. Same thing they do to me on Some people Sha have no chill.  See what he wrote after the cut...

Meet this Woman with rare skin condition says men find it irresistible

A 37-year-old woman, Takeisha Archbald - known as Archie, diagnosed with a rare skin condition, vitiligo, says that her patchy skin tone leaves men weak at the knees - and women sick with envy.

Vitiligo is a condition that makes the skin lose its normal pigment and develop pale marks. While many women would dread to have the eye-catching condition, Archie loves the attention and loves flaunting her white bits.
She said: “Men love my skin. They come up to me all the time and ask to kiss my white spots or tie my shoes. “They call me exotic and beautiful. I love it.”

Although Archie has plenty of male admirers, she often finds that women are not as flattering.
She said: “Women often come up to me and tell me I should cover myself up or get medical treatment. "I find it really offensive – they seem more bothered by my vitiligo than I am.”

The mother-of-two, who is the creative director of Miss Fancy Pants, an organisation that empowers young girls, first developed the condition when she was eight-years-old around her genitalia and knees.
But when she turned 27 she woke up one morning and her skin was drastically different.
White patches appeared on her face, hands, legs and bum – and they had not been there the day before.
She said: “My vitiligo had remained dormant for years and years and it wasn’t until I turned 27 I woke up one day and my entire face was white. “It was alarming and an adjustment.”
After seeking treatment Archie was diagnosed with vitiligo, but the condition is incurable.

While there are treatments available to improve the colour of the white patches, Archie refuses to change her appearance. She was also recommended counselling to cope with the sudden change of her skin – but had no need for it.
Archie with her daughter
She said: “They said I would have a difficult time fitting into society or that I would wake up a little bit more depressed than others. “That’s never been the case, I’m still a normal woman. 
“I do like to wear make-up and I do like to feel sexy and all those things but not to the point where I want to cover my entire self up. “I wear eyeliner and eyeshadow but I don’t wear concealer, blush or foundation.
Archie, who is currently single, hopes to instill her positive outlook in her two daughters.
She said: “The one thing that I can say I’ve taken away from having vitiligo is that you have to either sink or swim, you’re either going to own it or accept it and just be confident with it or you’re going to allow to take over every aspect of you." 

Check out what this lady is wearing, is she naked or what????

Check out what this Black woman is wearing, a light skinned leggings making people think she's naked 

(Photo) Dead body of a newborn baby found dumped outside a church, Wow!!!

The dead body of a newborn baby was found dumped outside St John’s Apostolic Faith Mission, Mamelodi East, SA, on Tuesday, October 13. The body was discovered by a passerby, who called the cops who are currently investigating the case. Police spokesman Warrant Officer Michael Mbewe says anyone with information about the incident should come forward and speak with officers at Mamelodi East police station.

Shocking child abuse :Woman ties 9yr old boy to pole, beats and attempts to strangle him (photos)

A South African woman was arrested last week after a video emerged of her physically assaulting a 9-year-old boy. In the video footage, the woman is seen tying the boy to a pole before beating him with stick while screaming at him for allegedly stealing a cellphone. The KwaZulu-Natal woman who is due to appear in court soon is also seen threatening a resident who tries to stop the assault. See the pic after the cut...

The KwaZulu-Natal Social Development Department's Ncumisa Fandesi says.
"Such attacks on children are out of order and will not be tolerated. No reason should drive anyone to do what was done to the child in the video."
Fandesi says the woman also tried to strangle the boy using her full body weight, as he screamed for help.
"Social workers in Nquthu received information that a woman had badly beaten a boy and they responded. When they got to the area, they were shown a video."
She says this is not the first time a child has been assaulted by Nquthu residents after being accused of stealing.

Source: Eye Witness News

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