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Check out Bad girl riri stunning look for the campaign of her new fragrance RiRi by Rihanna.

Wow bad girl riri looking amazin in her campaign for her new fragrance RiRi by Rihanna. Simply gorgeous girl !

President Buhari is Against Gay Marriage , read below for details.

President Buhari rejected the idea of gay marriage in nigeria when the issue of gay marriage came up yesterday.  What do you think about this guys ?

Check out what Kiz khalifa said to a fan who asked if he misses Amber Rose , the reply is classic !!!

Ouch !!! That was kind of harsh wiz , sorry amber . Drop a comment guys ......

Check this out : Maje Apology to his wife over his cheating and getting his girlfriend pregnant, details below.

Maje Ayida Apology to his wife on social media , plus see what people had to say about the apology . This is really brave maje . See comments after the cut........

23Yr Old Barren Woman Steals 5-yr-Old Boy in Rivers (Photo)

A 23-year-old woman, who was arrested by men of the Rivers State Police Command, has confessed how he stole a five-year-old boy from his parents.
The suspect, Chisa Ejionwu, said she decided to steal the boy after she was told that her chances of having a baby were slim.
Ejionwu, on Tuesday said that she stole the boy, Michael, at Ogbogoro in the Obio/Akpo Local Government Area.

The suspect stole the boy on April 17, 2015, and took him to Ogbakiri in the Emeoha Local Government Area where she registered him in one of the schools in the area.
Luck, however, ran out her when she was seen by a neighbour to the boy’s parents while she was taking him (Michael) to school in the morning.
Ejionwu, who engaged the neighbour in a quarrel, was immediately dragged to the traditional ruler of the place in Emeoha.
It was learnt that the boy’s grandfather, Mr. Michael Ibiamana, was contacted and he went to the traditional ruler’s palace.
The grandfather said they had been looking for Michael since April 17, 2015, and had declared him missing.
“I was surprised when one of my neighbours called me to say my grandson has been found and that I should come to the palace of the traditional ruler.
“When I got there, the lady that stole my grandson insisted that the boy was his son. I went out and brought in a team of policemen, who arrested everybody.
“It was when we were all brought to state police command headquarters that the lady that stole my grandson confessed,” Ibiamana said.
Ejionwu, who was in tears, said she had undergone an operation and was told that she would no longer be able to bear children.

“I subsequently decide to steal the boy and registered him in a school. It was when I was taking him to school that a lady that recognised the boy confronted me. I was not planning to sell the child. I only wanted to have him for myself,” Ejionwu said.

The boy’s pregnant mother, Evelyn, expressed gratitude to the police, adding that she fainted when she learnt that her son was missing.
The Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Ahmad Mohammad, said Ejionwu would be prosecuted at the end of ongoing investigation.
Source: Punch

Child serial killer' confesses to sexually assaulting and murdering 15 victims as young as six after getting drunk and 'losing control of his mind' in India

Labourer Ravinder Kumar, 24, was arrested over murder of six-year-old girlConfessed to killing 14 other children while being questioned by detectivesHe said he attacked them while drunk and killed them 'to avoid detection'

Police are investigating whether a man arrested in India for the murder and sexual assault of a six-year-old girl may have been a serial child killer after he confessed to 14 more crimes.

Ravinder Kumar made the admissions after he was arrested in New Delhi on Thursday, said Deputy Commissioner of Delhi Police Vikramjeet Singh.

Police questioned the 24-year-old labourer after discovering he had been detained in a separate assault case last year and released on bail.

'We specifically arrested Ravinder Kumar over the assault and murder of a six-year-old girl,' he said.

'After we realised that he had previously been arrested in a similar case, we interrogated him... and he told us of at least 14 other cases.'

Hooded and cuffed: Indian police escort Ravinder Kumar outside a police station in New Delhi after he was arrested for murdering and sexually assaulting a six-year-old girl and confessed to killing 14 other children

Detained: Police arrested the 24-year-old labourer after finding his identity card at a construction site where they discovered the body of the six-year-old victim, who had gone missing last week

A police officer who spoke on condition of anonymity said Kumar had confessed to the 'assault and murder of 14 or 15 children over the last few years'.

'We are in the process of ascertaining all his claims and separate teams are looking at every claim,' the officer told the AFP news agency.

Police arrested Kumar after finding his identity card at a construction site where they discovered the body of the six-year-old victim, who had gone missing last week.

Kumar, hooded and flanked by two police officers, told the NDTV news channel that he killed his victims after assaulting them while drunk.

A police officer who spoke on condition of anonymity said Kumar had confessed to the 'assault and murder of 14 or 15 children over the last few years'

Kumar, hooded and flanked by two police officers, said he killed his victims after assaulting them while drunk

'I lose control over my mind after consuming excessive alcohol... and must have assaulted and killed around 14 or 15 children,' he said. 'I killed them to avoid getting detected.'

Police have sent teams to the areas where Kumar claimed to have committed the crimes and have ordered a psychological profile.

But they said their investigations would take time.

'We have the evidence to link him to his present arrest, but it could be a long investigation process for other claims as he has given a broad time frame of his acts and also doesn't know the exact area where he committed those acts,' Singh said.

The case has drawn comparisons with the gruesome discovery in 2006 of the dismembered bodies of 19 people in sewage drains near a house in Noida, a satellite city of the Indian capital.

Many of the victims in that case – dubbed the 'house of horrors' – were children abducted from the poor neighbourhood of Nithari nearby.

Parents of the victims later said police had not taken them seriously when they initially reported their children missing because they were poor.

Dear Nigerian women: Etcetera explains why men cheat

Etcetera explains why Nigerian men cheat using Toke Makinwa's situation.
When you heard the news that Toke Makinwa’s husband impregnated his girlfriend, you all took to social media to rain insults on Nigerian men. Why men cheat on women they love became a topic for all female radio presenters in the country.

Aren’t you all tired of asking the same question over and over as if it is some perplexing unfathomable mystery?
Your question is rhetorical, but since it keeps coming up again and again, let me provide some explanations to help you understand the reasons. I will simply tell it like it is, with
no bull, tact, or political correctness.
It’s just that oftentimes; women do not accept the explanations. But in fact, one can understand it through common sense. Sometimes a man would cheat on his wife or girlfriend because he doesn’t love her anymore; he is bored with her, or even possibly unhappy with their relationship.
In such scenarios, even women can become unfaithful as well. Women must understand that men are fundamentally different from them and wired differently too. We all know this but feminists try to suppress or deny this universal fact. A man craves variety and seeks novelty, while women prefer familiarity. Men will naturally desire variety when it comes to romantic/sexual partners more than women will. Men easily get bored by the same thing every day or a routine and we are sometimes afraid to voice this.
Think about this. You ate your favourite eba and egusi soup, and on the second day that you ate it, the pleasure would be noticeably less than the first day. And after a week of eating it, you’d get tired of it and start to strongly desire to eat something else. Your desire for that eba will have diminished at that point.
I know what you are thinking now, “You can’t compare food with people” right? That’s the typical female reaction to this analogy. However, I’m sorry to say that this analogy does apply because it’s one of the best and simplest ways that it can be explained.
I am not trying to objectify people. But by accepting such an analogy, it will start making sense to you that men are more visually stimulated than women are. And when a man relies on visual stimulation for arousal, the stimulation wears off at some point, which then requires new stimulation from new women. Got the drift? In other words, visual stimulation is a sensual thing that is fleeting in nature and requires constant variety in order to maintain the stimulation. Thus, men who seek visual stimulation will require variety from more than one partner or lover.
Women often argue that 4“true love” never gets old. But the notion of “true love” is indefinable, very personable, and highly subjective. And even for the sake of this argument, if we agree that “true love” never gets old and never wears out, that still doesn’t change what we’re talking about here.
You see, even if a man has true everlasting unending love for his woman, he can STILL desire another woman he fancies. That’s what our women have to understand, rather than cling to naïve clichés of society. A woman’s heart tends to be able to love only one man at a time, a man’s heart is different and can truly love MORE THAN ONE woman at a time. This might be hard for you to accept, and unfathomable to your values and beliefs about “love.” But it is the truth.
A man’s heart is molded differently with multiple chambers that enable him to love and desire multiple women. It’s like a tree with different branches, rather than just one. Men usually won’t admit it, because our society doesn’t accept this, but condemns it.
Ladies, to understand this, think about all the different colours you love. You love pink and sky blue, or red, blue, black and purple. Now, can you like more than one colour at a time? Of course you can! You like the different colours in different ways, on different things, and for the different ambiance and mood that each colour accentuates, right? Likewise, you can like more than one type of cuisine right? Can you like Chinese and Italian foods at the same time? Of course you can. Even if society said you could only like one type of cuisine, it wouldn’t make a difference, would it? After all, society may attempt to create mutually exclusivities, but reality doesn’t.
These are painfully obvious examples, and I am not arguing that people are like colours or food, but such simple analogies do describe what’s going on inside those who love more than one person or like having many lovers. Just because a man tells more than one woman that he “loves her,” desires her, or has feelings for her, does NOT make him a “playboy” or “liar.”
He is not necessarily “playing” in terms of acting, nor does it mean he is using people in some sort of pretend “game” where he doesn’t care about their feelings. These are just false judgements by the society especially a feminist or female dominated society like Nigeria is fast becoming.
To some women, it doesn’t make sense and doesn’t fit their definition of love and loyalty. But it’s the truth. That’s reality and you’ve got to accept it if you want to try to understand it. Not all men unequivocally attach loyalty to true love. Society might do so, but not all human beings do. What women have to understand is that being in a loving relationship does NOT automatically erase one’s desire for other people.
Of course, men who have multiple partners often do have to lie to the women they romance, by telling them that they are the only one when confronted with the issue. So that is one area in which men commonly lie. However, it doesn’t make them dishonest people in general. It’s just that since most women cannot accept that their partner can pursue someone else beside them, demanding total monogamy in love; men with multiple desires for multiple women are FORCED to lie in order to prevent chaos and failure in courtship. There is no easy way around it. And that is the case even if they are generally honest men. (After all, who hasn’t lied? Everyone has at one time or another, so stop pretending to be an angel!)
Loving or desiring multiple women has nothing to do with right or wrong, or being good or bad. It is simply a lifestyle and often these men are simply expressing who they are. Thus, infidelity does not make a man “bad” in a moral sense. Often, these men who romance multiple women are tender, caring, good-hearted, loving, nurturing people. Some are even deeply spiritual or religious.
He doesn’t love you? My dear, the line between love and lust is blurry and subject to personal opinion. There is no universal objective measuring stick for differentiating between “love” (which has so many different meanings anyway) and “lust.”
 In reality, a man can find the perfect woman, who outshines the rest in his life, and can even have a perfect relationship with her, but still look at another woman he finds attractive and desires to court her, romance her, and experience the wonders and pleasures of her femininity as well.
Some men get a “high” or adrenaline rush from courting, romancing, or seducing new women, in a way that nothing else can, and thus are addicted to it.
My ladies, there are no perfect solutions or answers to everything. Just accept that some things in life are just meant to be endured, not fixed or solved like an equation.
To be continued next week.
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