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ISIS Militant : Isis beheads two women in Syria for witchcraft.

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ISIS Militant : Isis beheads two women in Syria for witchcraft

Islamic State beheaded two women over the weekend accused of witchcraft and working with elves in eastern Syria

The 2 women have become the first to be beheaded by Isis after being accused of witchcraft, sorcery and working with elves by the Islamic extremist group, according to reports emerging from eastern Syria.

The executions, for a supposed breach of sharia law, were carried out on Sunday and Monday respectively, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a monitoring group based in Britain, said.

In separate executions, both women were put to death alongside their husbands in Deir ez-Zour province - the first in Deir ez-Zour city on Sunday, the second in Mayadin on Monday after being accused of using un-Islamic medicine by the extremist group.

The group says that this would be the first time the self-styled caliphate has killed women in this way.

Previous executions of women have involved stoning or firing squads, mostly for adultery.

The SOHR said this week in an audit of the year since the declaration of the ‘caliphate’ that Isis had executed 3,000 people in the past 12 months, 1,800 of them civilians, 86 of them women and 74 of them children.

Source: Daily Surge

Precious Chikwendu shares pic of herself and FFK celebrating his acquittal.

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Precious Chikwendu shares pic of herself and FFK celebrating his acquittal.Cute couple!

Today Marks Britain's hottest day in NINE YEARS......

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Today Marks Britain's hottest day in NINE YEARS..

Today is the hottest day the UK has seen in nine years as temperatures rose to 34.5C.

The record-smashing temperature, taken in Northolt, west London, comes as the heat bested the 2013 temperature of 34.1 C, which was recorded at Heathrow in August.

We'll see if the UK can smash the 36.5C record held since August 2006 - or even the hottest ever recording of 38.5C in 2003, which was recorded in Kent.
At 8am this morning, the temperatures in Oxford had already risen past 25C, with the heat expected to peak between the hours of 3pm and 5pm.

Just yesterday, when 123 tennis fans had to be treated by medics at Wimbledon for heat-related health problems.

Photos: New start for Chris Brown, buys new home, gets new tattoo

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Photos: New start for Chris Brown, buys new home, gets new tattoo

Chris Breezy bought a new home, got a new tattoo on his neck, cut his hair, now has a new hairstyle and a new start hopefully with his daughter, now that he is done with Karrueche Tran. He titled the picture above as: Mood (Sleepthroughit). Picture of his new home 

Sexy Jocelyn Dumas puts her curves on display at movie event

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Sexy,  Jocelyn Dumas puts her curves on display at movie event.
The Ghanian TV personality and actress wore this lovely Pistis dress to the Golden Movie Awards in Ghana this past weekend...and men are still talking about it!

Bio of Mrs Aisha Buhari, wife of the President of Nigeria

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Mrs. Aisha Muhammadu Buhari is the Wife of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, General Muhammadu Buhari, who was elected at the last general election, held on March 28, 2015.

She hails from Adamawa State, North-East Region of Nigeria. Her grandfather, Alhaji Mohammed Ribadu, was Nigeria’s first Minister of Defence. Her twenty-five years marriage to the former Head of State is blessed with five children and a granddaughter.

Mrs. Buhari has a Master’s Degree in International Affairs and Strategic Studies (MIASS) from the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), Kaduna and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree in Public Administration from Ambrose Ali University (AAU), Ekpoma. She is currently undertaking a Counseling Course on Co-Dependency in the United Kingdom.

Prior to acquiring her higher degrees, Mrs. Buhari had earlier pursued a career in Beauty and fashion and obtained a Diploma in Beauty Therapy from the Carlton Institute of Beauty Therapy, Windsor, United Kingdom and specialized in Permanent Make-up, Mesotherapy and Miocro-dermabrasion. As well as obtained Certificate from a French beauty school, Estheitique Academie in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Japanese Gold Facial and Towel-folding Techniques.

Her natural passion for beauty and fashion is overwhelming, and this makes her interestingly unique, as she works, teaches and mentors young ones on beauty and fashion. In her almost fifteen years in the beauty industry, Aisha Muhammadu Buhari has trained, mentored and empowered hundreds of Nigerians in her chosen profession, beauty. She is the Founder/Managing Director of Hanzy Spa and Principal of Hanzy Beauty Institute, Kaduna and Abuja.

She is a Resource Person to National Basic Technical Education (NBTE) on Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology and has participated in the curriculum development of Small Medium Enterprises for NBTE. She is an advocate of Women and Girl-child educationhaving from an area that is educationally disadvantaged for the female gender.

Her life philosophy is: if the environment is safe, if there is no corruption in governance and public life, there would be enough resources in any nation to meet the important needs of the common people including those of women and the youth.

Chris Brown Shares A Picture Of His Beautiful Daughter and himself.

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Check this out guys : Chris Brown Shares A Picture of himself and his cute daughter Royalty. 

Femi Fani-Kayode changes name to Femi Olukayode following his victory at the Federal High Court

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Femi Fani-Kayode changes name to Femi Olukayode following his victory at the Federal High Court.

Read the press statement below...
Ladies and gentlemen, I am delighted, humbled and relieved by this verdict. In the last seven years, I have been subjected to the most malicious, vicious, sinister, well-orchestrated, insidious and devastating form of political persecution and wickedness.
 The whole process almost destroyed my life, my family, my reputation, my health and my career. I thank God for his goodness, his mercy and for the fact that today, the whole nightmare has finally come to an end.

Initially, I was accused of stealing N19.5bn of public funds when I was Minister of Aviation. It was thrown out by the courts. Then I was accused of stealing N6.5bn. It was thrown out by the courts. Then I was accused of laundering N200m. It was thrown out by the courts. Then I was accused of laundering N99m. It was thrown out by the courts. Finally, I was accused of laundering N1m and N1.1m respectively, and today, both of these charges have also been thrown out by the courts. I give thanks to God for today’s verdict.

It is the doing of the lord and it is marvelous in our sight. Once again, he has proved that he is faithful and true and that he always honors his word. I wish to thank my family members, leaders of the Body of Christ, intercessors, pastors, political associates and friends who never doubted my innocence and who stood by me through thick and thin.

I wish to thank my lawyers who worked so hard and so diligently over the last seven years throughout this case. I wish to thank the Nigerian judiciary for dispensing justice in an honest and God-fearing way and for refusing to be intimidated by anyone or guided by anything other than the evidence presented before them in this case.

They dispensed justice with candor and fairness, and throughout the proceedings, they were fair to all, honest, courageous, professional and true. I thank them for refusing to send an innocent man to jail and for refusing to allow themselves to be used as tools for personal and vindictive vendettas or political persecution. This gruesome ordeal started seven years ago and throughout that period, it was grueling and difficult.

They took seven years from me but they couldn't break me or end my life. It was a very difficult period for both me and my family which came with enormous and unimaginable challenges, yet from day one I never doubted that I would be vindicated because God had assured me of it and I know the God that I serve. He never lies and He never fails. He said, through his Holy Spirit, that my innocence would speak for me and that he would fight this battle for me and he did. He said that he is the author and the finisher of my faith, my shield, my glory and the lifter of my head and he was. He has proved all that throughout my life and he has proved it once again with the verdict in this case. To him alone be all the glory.

When the ordeal began seven years ago the Lord ministered that it would last for seven years but that in the end, I would be declared innocent, I would be vindicated and I would be delivered. Again he honored his word because the whole nightmare started on 1st of July 2008 when I was arrested in the premises of the Nigerian Senate after the public hearing on the N19.5 billion Naira Aviation Intervention Fund.

 I was cleared of any wrong doing in the administration of that fund by the Senate Commitee on Aviation yet despite that, immediately after the sitting before the Comimitee, I was abducted and arrested in an unceremonious and shameul fashion and locked up by the Farida Waziri-led EFCC for 10 days and charged to a magistrate court in Abuja.

Today, the 1st of July 2015, seven years to the day from that day when I was first arrested and first put into detention, I have been discharged and acquitted of all remaining charges by the courts. The Lord has, once again, honored his word, to him alone be the glory.

As a mark of honor and respect for the Lord and as an everlasting testimony of my love for and dedication to him, I wish to make it known to the Nigerian public that as from today my name will be changed. It will no longer be David Oluwafemi Fani-Kayode but instead, it shall be David Oluwafemi Olukayode. Olukayode means "the Lord has brought me joy" and today he has done precisely that.

As from this day, in honor of him and as a small tribute to my love for and total dependance on Him, that shall remain my family name. Once again, I give thanks to God for all that has happened to me and for this great deliverance. To him be all the glory. I swore that I would not leave the shores of Nigeria until this matter was finally brought to an end and the courts had pronounced my innocence. That was seven years ago. I kept faith with that oath and it gives me pleasure to tell you that now that the whole ordeal is over I shall be leaving the shores of my beloved country for the first time in seven years for a short holiday and a long overdue medical examination.

They not only threw the whole book at me but also the entire kitchen sink but the Lord was with me. I stood on His words in Isaiah 50 v.7-9 and I never faltered or doubted Him even in the most difficult times. Now they know that I serve a mighty God who never forsakes His own.

I thank the media for their constant support and attention and I thank the millions of Nigerian people that chose to believe in me and to keep faith with me throughout this ordeal. Once again, I give thanks to the Lord. God bless you all.

Signed: Chief Femi Fani-Kayode (Chief Oluwafemi Olukayode) 1st July, 2015

Check out why Jennifer Garner Ended her Marriage..

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Jennifer Garner ended her marriage because she was 'fed up' with Ben's gambling, drinking

TMZ claims Jennifer Garner ended her marriage to Ben Affleck because she was fed up with his gambling and drinking. The couple announced their split in a joint statement yesterday.

TMZ reports
Jennifer Garner reached her breaking point with Ben Affleck's drinking and gambling, and that's why she pulled the plug on their marriage ... sources connected with the couple tell TMZ. Our sources not surprisingly have 2 views of what happened ... some align with him and some with her.

The Jen sources say Ben's drinking and gambling have escalated over the last few years to the point "she couldn't take it anymore." Ben's sources also say he likes to drink and loves to gamble ... in fact Ben has rhapsodized about gambling in interviews.

Sources say "partying" had nothing to do with their problems. Ben did not go out and did not womanize ... Jen complained he just drank and gambled too much.
As for our Ben sources, they say it's really just about 2 people who want to live their lives differently. His people say they've been in therapy for more than 2 years -- he even mentioned his marital problems during his 2013 Oscar acceptance speech. They add the couple has been separated for 10 months, so there was no recent "breaking point."
Ben's gambling is well-documented. TMZ got photos of the actor last September during a high-stakes blackjack session in Detroit. And TMZ broke the story, Ben was banned from the Hard Rock in Vegas in late April 2014 for counting cards.
The other thing our Ben sources say ... he wins big in gambling.
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Sexy Actress Yvonne Nelson looking absolutely stunning on the cover of Genevieve Magazine.

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Yvonne Nelson looks Stunning on the Cover of Genevieve Magazine.

Hilarious : See what A Crazy Perv Emailed Karrueche.

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Check This Out ; A perv sent Karrueche an email asking if she sells her used panties so sick and funny right . See photo and email after the cut......

Oh Dear !Designer Marc Jacobs accidentally posts nude selfie on Instagram meant for his 'friend'

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Designer Marc Jacobs accidentally posts nude selfie on Instagram meant for his 'friend' Yuck !

52 year old Designer Marc Jacobs accidentally shared a photo of his bare buttocks and p*nis with his 191,000 Instagram followers. I guess the photo was meant to the intended friend thru DM. He deleted the picture immediately but not after some people had screen-grabbed it, lol. The photo after the cut....

John Legend's wife posts another topless shot on Instagram.

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John Legend's wife posts another topless shot on Instagram.

John Legend's wife, Chrissy Teigen who likes to post topless shots of herself on social media and has had them taken down by Instagram countless times, decided to see how far she could push it again on Tuesday.
The model uploaded a picture of herself in a make-up chair, strategically covering one of her nipples with a can of hairspray.

Jilted man bathes ex-lover with acid

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Jilted man bathes ex-lover with acid

Police detectives in Lagos have arrested a man for allegedly bathing his former lover with acid after she jilted him. Although nobody was sure that the person who bathed the victim, Rosemary Nanaifa, with acid was her former lover, but the lady said she was sure. According to Nanaifa, 23, her former lover, Paul Nwokobia, whom she dated for five years, had repeatedly threatened her since she dumped him. She said she never knew he would go to the extent of bathing her with acid.

Speaking from her hospital bed at the Female Surgery, Ward B, University of Lagos Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Idi-Araba, Lagos, Nanaifa, a caterer, said the incident happened on June 3, around 8pm. The matter was reported at Itire Police Division. She said: “I was at work one day when a private number called me around 4pm.

The caller was a lady. She said she wanted me to bake cake for her. She said she would call back in the evening.” According to her, the woman called around 8:30pm and told Nanaifa to meet her at Surulere. She said she would be in a red car. She said: “I was wearing a red blouse too. When I got to the spot, I did not see any red car and she was not calling back. Suddenly, I noticed someone drew my hair from behind and suddenly poured acid on my face down to my waist.” As she felt the debilitating pains, she fell to the ground, screaming in pains.

People later rushed her to the hospital. They also alerted her family. “When it happened, I couldn’t see very well, but I’m sure it was a man. The man fled the area immediately.” Nanaifa left her boyfriend last September, and since then, he had been threatening her. She said: “I didn’t know his plans. I left him because he did not have a stable job and he wasn’t honest. I decided to move on with my life.” According to her, her family had spent over N200,000 on her treatment. She said that she went to work at a factory after her secondary school.

The victim’s elder brother, Eric, said: “There’s no big deal in jilting your lover. People do it every day. I didn’t expect Paul to have gone to that extreme. I was the one who led policemen to his house. He did not suspect we would trace the incident to him.” When contacted, the state Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), DSP, Kenneth Nwos, said the suspect and three others had been arrested and taken to the State Criminal Investigations Department (SCID), Panti, Yaba, for further investigation.

The President Of Gambia isnt For The Gay Life.

The President Of Gambia Isn't About That Gay Life (photo).

Africans have no chill! Apparently, he's still not buying into the Free life for the gays .

Kate Henshaw Loses Everything In House Fire (PHOTO)

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Kate Henshaw Loses Everything In House Fire (PHOTO)

While Kate Henshaw was on location shooting the 'Do-Good' TV series, she was called by her neighbours to inform her that her house was on fire.

The burnt house
The house which burnt is Kate's Lekki phase one apartment.
Reports are saying that Kate Henshaw quickly went home after the phone call and called fire fighters, but at that point, the damage had already been done as the twin duplex was burnt.  According to witnesses at the scene, Kate Henshaw was said to have lost all the things she worked for in the house.

Kate is currently living in temporary quarters and is yet to resume shooting her TV show.

You Will Wait Forever If You Are Looking For Mr Right" - Susan Peters

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"You Will Wait Forever If You Are Looking For Mr Right" - Susan Peters

Speaking to Enconium,  Nollywood actress ,Susan Peters who recently turned 35 said there is nothing like 'Mr Right"."

There is nothing like Mr. Right, you will wait forever if you are looking for that. No one is perfect, just deal and learn to adjust to ones flaws. Human beings just like to deceive themselves. I am waiting for a rich guy or I’m waiting for a born again Christian. There is no such thing, only few people have the true meaning of fear of God.

As each day passes, we offend God with our thoughts and words, and God still forgives. Those who claim Mr. Right are the ones who end up betraying.

For the records, everyone’s father trained them to the level they are, so both parties should be able to train each other if they are willing to learn. I too have my flaws but a man who truly loves me and not my person will be able to deal with it." On When she is getting married;

Getting married is not a title, but when the right time comes, I will be celebrated and so will every other person be too

7 Women Arrested In Ondo For Prostitution And Child Trafficking.

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7 Women Arrested In Ondo For Prostitution And Child Trafficking.

Seven women have been arrested by Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC, Ondo State command, for alleged prostitution and child trafficking.

The suspects were arrested at a brothel on Car Street, Akure, the state capital.
prostitutesThe suspects were paraded by the command after they were arrested for trafficking a girl, Faith Ekepemephia, from her home town in Akwa Ibom to Akure, for prostitution.

According to the command’s Public Relations Officer, Kayode Balogun, officials of the agency got wind of the incident after complaints from some church members.

Balogun added that the suspects had been handed over to officials of National Agency for Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons, NAPTIP, for further investigation.

Check this out :Exonerated Angola prisoner dies after nearly 30 years in solitary confinement

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Check this out :Exonerated Angola prisoner dies after nearly 30 years in solitary confinement

A man who was exonerated after spending nearly 30 years on death row in Louisiana died just over a year after his release. Glenn Ford died Monday June 29th after a battle with lung cancer. He was 65.
Ford was convicted of first-degree murder in 1984 but was exonerated in March 2014.

Ford would have still been on death row if not for a confidential informant who told police in 2013 that someone else confessed to him about the murder that Ford was accused of committing.

Lawyer and friend William Most told ABC News Ford was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer several months after being released from the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola. Most said that it quickly progressed to stage 4 and spread to his bones.
"He was a really inspirational person and ... I'd even heard that he inspired people that had no connection to him," Most said.

Ford was featured on ABC News’ ”Nightline” in April and agreed to meet with the prosecutor who put him behind bars, who wrote an open apology letter after Ford was exonerated. But Ford said at the time that he was unable to forgive him.

When he left prison in 2014, Most said Ford, then 64, only had $20 to his name. He had been living in a home provided by Resurrection after Exoneration, a group dedicated to helping prison exonerees.

Ford was involved in three lawsuits at the time of his death, two federal suits for which Most was representing him and one state suit.

The federal suits were for compensation for his wrongful imprisonment and inadequate health treatment, and the state suit was a separate compensation suit.
Though he never married, the suit will continue and his children could stand to benefit from any rewards from the court, Most said.

Ford had several children, many of whom live in California, and more than 10 grandchildren at the time of his death. Most said Ford was able to visit California since being released from prison and one of his sons came to Louisiana to see him before he died.

Though they were located in the same prison and overlapped by several decades, Ford was not a member of the Angola Three, a group of three prisoners who were put in solitary confinement ranging from 29 to 43 years.

Ford spent 29 years, three months and five days in solitary confinement in the prison, Most said in a news release confirming Ford's death
ABC News

BBA Huddah puts her butt on display as she parties in Ibiza (photos)

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BBA Huddah puts her butt on display as she parties in Ibiza (photos)

The former stripper pictured in an eye-popping red dress as she left a strip in West Hollywood after an appearance at the BET awards on Sunday.

Kimberly Emore Video Vixen ,Shows off Her Hot Body in A Sexy Bikini

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Kimberly Emore Video Vixen ,Shows off Her Hot Body in A Sexy Bikini

Model and popular video vixen, Kevwe Kimberly Emore, shows off her banging body in white bikini. 

Blac Chyna Shows Of Her Sexy Curvaceous Body In A Hot Redish Dress As She Leaves Strip Club.

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Photos: Blac Chyna steps out in sexy dress as she leaves strip club.

The former stripper pictured in an eye-popping red dress as she left a strip in West Hollywood after an appearance at the BET awards on Sunday. Another photo after the cut...

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner announce their divorce after 10 years of marriage

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Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner announce their divorce after 10 years of marriage

Sigh! So sad to hear this! After 10 years and three children together, Hollywood actors Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have officially split. They announced their split today, exactly a day and 10 days after they married (which was on on June 29, 2005).

Below is the statement they released to E! News
"After much thought and careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to divorce. We go forward with love and friendship for one another and a commitment to co-parenting our children whose privacy we ask to be respected during this difficult time."

The pair have three children together; Violet, 9, Seraphina, 6, and Samuel, 3. Was rooting for them

Maheeda says she wants a tattoo on her Vagina 

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Maheeda says she wants a tattoo on her Vagina (photo)

Maheeda is daring , do you think she should get one ?

Homicidal Death of 3 year old toddler found dead on a swing ruled a homicide. 

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Death of 3 year old toddler found dead on a swing ruled a homicide.

The death of a toddler whose lifeless body was found in a swing being pushed by his mother in May has been ruled a homicide. It was learnt that the 3 year old had been placed in the swing for 2 days before he was found dead with his mother still pushing him in that swing, according to the Charles County Sheriff's Office.

The officers went to remove the boy from the swing and give him first aid, but "it was instantaneously clear the child was dead," sheriff's spokeswoman Diane Richardson said. There were no signs of trauma to his body.

Ji'Aire died of dehydration and hypothermia, authorities said. The Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore ruled the death a homicide last week.

No charges have been filed, pending the state's attorney's investigation.

May 21 was cold for late May, Richardson said, "rather chilly and it drizzled all night."

Ji'Aire's father, James Lee, previously said he had attempted to get sole custody of the boy, just days before he was found dead. Lee said he had been concerned the boy's mother, Romechia Simms, was suffering from mental illness. He said he did not want to keep Simms out of his life forever but wanted her to get help. He believed he was the better parent at the time. A judge disagreed.

Soon after, Simms took Ji'aire to a motel in Waldorf, near where her mother lives. Two days before Ji'Aire was found dead, Simms called Lee, telling him he needed to pick her and their son up immediately. But by the time he was done with work, Simms stopped answering Lee's calls.

On Friday, Simms' mother called Lee, telling him his son was dead.

Simms suffers from depression and bipolor disorder and had 'some kind of psychotic episode' in the park, her mother, Vontasha Simms, 47, said.

She had also suffered a mental breakdown in February and does not remember what happened in the park at the time of her son's death, family members said.

At her son's funeral, 24-year-old Simms--who was hospitalized for four days following her son's death--sang 'This Little Light of Mine' along side the boy's father, James 'Donnell' Lee, 29, and other mourners in early June.

Ji'Aire was just months away from his fourth birthday.


Lagos housewife mysteriously dies after birth of twins

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Lagos housewife mysteriously dies after birth of twins.

A 35 year old housewife reportedly died mysteriously a few days after she gave birth to a set of twins on Aya-Oye Street, Ejiigbo,  a suburb of Lagos..
It was alleged that after she got pregnant, her married lover, identified simply as Fatai, took her to the home of a single mother (names withheld) in Aya-Oye Street, Ejigbo, to cover up the shame.

It was learnt that Joy already had 3 children from her estranged husband who resides somewhere in Surulere before she became pregnant for Fatai who resides at Abaranje in Ikotun area.

A neighbour,  Iya Kubirat said:
“I can’t say what was responsible for her death because the incident occurred a few days after she was delivered of the babies in a hospital and was brought back to the woman’s flat.   She was found dead, foaming in her mouth on top of a bed in one of the rooms in the flat.
“When the woman who harboured her in the flat heard the babies crying, she went to Joy’s room to find out what was happening only to discover that Joy was dead. She raised an alarm which attracted neighbours. I was among the people who rushed to the flat. The cause of Joy’s death could not be immediately ascertained as there was no report of autopsy from any doctor.”
However, the woman who harboured Joy contacted her husband and family members to come get her corpse but they rejected her corpse.  She then contacted Fatai who showed up at the place and also refused to take responsibility for her burial.

It was gathered that Fatai explained that he did not marry her as hence would not accept the corpse for burial, despite being the father of the twins.

The deceased’s corpse was later deposited at Isolo General Hospital mortuary after Joy’s elder sister arrived.

Meanwhile,  the twin babies were handed over to Fatai who took them to his house at Ikotun.


So sad !!! Graphic pics: Nigerian man jumps to his death during police chase in Malaysia

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Graphic pics: Nigerian man jumps to his death during police chase in Malaysia.

A Nigerian man simply identified as Chinedu (pictured above) died this week after jumping from the 3rd floor of his apartment building in Malaysia as Malaysian police invaded his building. Chinedu, said to be from Ani Oma in Delta state, was rushed to the hospital after landing head first.

He later died in hospital. His friends sent in the photos so people can know what's happening to some Nigerians in the country. They sent photos of Chinedu after he'd been certified dead. See it after the cut...*warning - graphic content*