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Meet the Guy that Broke Up With His Abuja Girlfriend & Married A Girl From His Village

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Electricity tariffs to be raised upon power stability—Buhari

President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari addresses the 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly September 28, 2015 at the United Nations in New York. AFP
PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari has said that his government would only raise electricity tariffs when stability is achieved in the power sector. He stated that government was working to improve power generation and distribution from its current stage.
This was even as he stated that there was no assurance that the government would approve the lifting of restrictions imposed on foreign currency by the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN.
President Muhammadu Buhari 
President Buhari spoke through his Vice, Professor Yemi Osinbajo who represented him as the special guest of honour at the annual general meeting of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, MAN, yesterday.
He said: “At this point, if we wanted to have a cost effective tariff, the only way is to service that core value chain, the only way is to ensure that we are paying and compensating the value chain -from generation down to distribution- a cost effective tariff.
“Power is of course crucial and as the president said in his inaugural address, to which President Mbeki referred, the question of power is one that is absolutely crucial to manufacturing and practically everything else and we shouldn’t be rejoicing at 4000 Megawatts of power. But the problems are historical and several of those problems will need tackling head on, on a day-by-day basis.
“One aspect of the problem that I want to speak about, because this also affects manufacturing, is the whole idea of the tariffs. Of course the president of MAN just said that we have one of the most expensive electricity in the world.
“Now, the truth of the matter is that at this point, if we wanted to have a cost effective tariff, the only way is to service that core value chain, the only way is to ensure that we are paying and compensating the value chain -from generation down to distribution- a cost effective tariff.
Cost effective tariff
“You cannot have that cost effective tariff without some pay. At the moment, (when you compare) how much it costs to produce power, and the amount of power that is generated, the losses on account of distribution are significant. In some cases you have up to 40% losses in distribution, and of course it is the DISCOs that have to take that burden.
“The GENCOs (generating companies) are producing power but they expect to be paid for all the power that they produce. Now, if 40% of this is lost, it means the DISCOs cannot collect 40%, but they have to pay for it somehow. So government has to come in and play some kind of role in order to ensure that the whole value chain is paid for.
“But the most important thing is that the cost of power is reflective of costs that have to be borrowed at every stage of the value chain and today the cost of power, if it’s going to be reflective in any way is simply what it is. It will be very difficult indeed, except if we are going to introduce yet another subsidy and by the way, a fair amount of that goes on already in the way that government supports the GENCOs and the DISCOs.
“But I think that we must be ready to accept that for a while, until things stabilize somewhat, tariffs cannot remain at the levels at which they are today, they cannot remain at that level, and that just simply is the truth of the matter. It certainly means that there may be higher costs, but I don’t think that an option of not having power is really what we want. The real issue of course is that at the end of the day, some of the cost goes to the consumer, but a cost reflective tariff is an absolute necessity, otherwise, privatization and all of that simply doesn’t make sense.”
The President also made it clear at the meeting that a review of the CBN restrictions on foreign currency was not imminent. His words: “I want to make it absolutely clear that the position is not that a review of the CBN restrictions on foreign exchange is imminent. It is a short term measure, not a policy, and as things improve, we will have a discussion about what to do. But certainly not that a review is about to take place”, he said.

Wire abandoned by electricity workers electrocutes 15-year-old pupil

Scene of the incident; Afusat
A 15-year-old resident of Ishaga Road in the Idi-Araba area of Lagos State, Afusat Musa, has been electrocuted by a live wire that was partially disconnected by officials of Eko Electricity Distribution Company.

About four officials were said to have stormed the neighbourhood penultimate Tuesday, around 2pm, and disconnected wires from houses, whose residents had yet to pay their bills.

PUNCH Metro learnt that the wire cut from a storey building was, however, abandoned on the roof of a mosque near the building, while the other end was still attached to an electric pole.
Our correspondent gathered that moments after power was restored on the fateful day, Afusat, a Junior Secondary School three pupil, who lived in a house next to the mosque, was electrocuted.

She was said to be returning from an errand at about 7pm and touched the metal pole of an aerial mounted beside her house.
She was said to have been rushed to a nearby hospital, where she was confirmed dead on arrival.
A brother of the deceased, Aminu Musa, told PUNCH Metro that the manager of the Idi-Araba office of the EKEDC visited the community after the incident was reported at the Itire Police Station and the Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency.

Aminu added that the manager denied knowledge of the workers’ operation in the area on the fateful day.
He said, “Immediately Afusat died, we went to the Itire Police Station. LASEPA was also informed about the incident. The following day, LASEPA officials, the electricity workers and their manager visited us. The manager denied sending his men to disconnect wires.”

Afusat’s mother, Zainab, a trader, said the workers eventually admitted complicity in the occurrence when people confronted them, adding that the case was not properly handled because the family was not influential.

She said, “We initially thought it was our wire that caused the electrocution, but it persisted after my daughter died. It was somebody who rushed in to tell us that a live wire was abandoned on the roof of the mosque, which touched our house’s roof. The workers initially denied that they did come to our area for the operation. But when people insisted they were the ones, they apologised, saying the wire was mistakenly abandoned. If Afusat was from a rich family would the case die like that? They did not even come in to sympathise with us; they stayed outside.”

The deceased’s father, Alhaji Muhammed Musa, who described her as obedient, said her death was caused by the nonchallant attitude of the electricity officials.

He said, “Many wires were disconnected that day and we had to settle them to fix them back. I paid them N1,500. A wire was not re-fixed because the residents of the house did not settle them. It was carelessness on their part to have abandoned the wire that was not disconnected from the pole. When there was electricity later that day, people started complaining of shocks but we did not know where it came from until Afusat died.”

The Chairman of the community development association, Mr. Rasheed Bakare, said prior to the incident, several invitations had been sent to the electricity company for a discussion on the poor state of electric poles in the area, but were ignored.

He said, “Before this incident, we have written letters to EKEDC, inviting them for deliberation on lingering issues relating to electricity in this community, but they did not honour our invitations. There are cases of falling wires and illegal pole climbing, among others, which we wanted to discuss with them.”
The Lagos State police spokesperson, DSP Joe Offor, said efforts were on to get the statements of the workers complicit in the pupil’s death.

He said, “The DPO informed Lagos State of the incident and invited the concerned workers to the station, but they have yet to honour the invitation. Whenever our men go to their office, they are always told that the workers have gone out. We are still making efforts to ensure that they come to the station.”

Calls made to the line of the spokesperson for EKEDC, Mr, Godwin Idemudia, rang out. He had also yet to reply to a text message sent to his number as of press time.

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The woman who requested anonymity said: “I was going home in a canoe that fateful day but unknown to me, the canoe I entered belonged to a gang of robbers. Half way into the trip, the men told me to cooperate with them and they brought out dangerous weapons and threatened to kill me. 

“They collected all my money, handset and other valuables. I was begging them not to kill me but they told me to cooperate with them or they will throw me into the water. I was scared and held on to the canoe. That was how they grabbed and pulled my clothes. They took turns and raped me.
“When we got to the shore, they threatened to kill me if I shouted for help. They left me in pains and they zoomed off in their canoe. I reported the case to the police and I was informed that they were arrested.”

Lagos state commissioner of police Mr. Fatia Owoseni confirmed the arrest of the six suspects.

He said: “The suspects were arrested after the woman summoned courage and reported them to the police.

“Six of them were apprehended and the police recovered ninety three assorted telephones from the gang, face masks and two laptops. I want to use this medium to advise fun seekers to be careful and cautious of persons who want to help them. The police are on the trail of other suspects and they will be arrested soon and charged to court.”

The Madueke family release statement on Diezani's travails


Below is statement issued by the Alison-Madueke family on the travails and media trial of the former minister. Read below...
The Truth Versus The Media Hysteria Against The Madueke Family
1. In this era of cyber terrorism, decency dictates that one should respond to false and defamatory allegations with silence. But there is a limit to how much any reasonable person can bear the tactics of these cyber terrorists. We all know that what makes a lie fly is the little truth contained therein. This happens to be the weapon used by most online news media to feed their weird obsession with defaming highly placed people. 

2.   The Madueke family is appalled at the ongoing media frenzy against Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke by a section of the mass media following an invitation to her by the British authorities last Friday for reasons which have yet to be disclosed. For the avoidance of doubt, the family would like to state categorically that it has no issues with any persons from the family being invited anywhere in the world to answer questions about their private or official conduct. The Madueke family believes in law and order, honour and due process.
3.   However, it is clear that here is  a deliberate and vicious campaign to demonise members of the Madueke family, with all manner of frivolous allegations. For example, an online news media gleefully published that Mr. Ugonna Madueke "owns at least three properties in the United States." It even called the properties "POSH" and went on to state the addresses. THEY LIED.
4.   Mr. Ugonna Madueke has NO PROPERTY ANY WHERE in the United States and has NEVER OWNED ONE. The USA is a country which runs on transparency, accountability and technology. A little honest effort by the online news media would have provided in a few minutes the true ownership of the properties at issue.
5.   For historical accuracy, the Madueke family avers without any fear of contradiction that 11711 Scooter Lane (a three bedroom town house) in Fairfax, Virginia, was acquired by the Madueke family in 1997 when Ugonna was only 10 years old. Ugonna's siblings lived in this property while attending George Mason University in Virginia, USA. Records available to the appropriate authorities in the United States can also show that 13116 Silver Maple Court in Bowie, Maryland, USA belongs to an uncle of the Madueke siblings and was purchased in 1995 when Ugonna was only 8 years old. As a student of the University of Maryland in 2002, Ugonna stayed with his uncle at the said address. All of this was before Mrs. Diezani was appointed to government office. No Madueke or a distant relation has anything to do with the ownership of No. 4227 Summit Manor Court in Virginia.
6.   It is evident that what the online news media did was to turn on an internet search engine and maliciously reported that every property where Ugonna Madueke has ever lived in the United States or used as his address must belong to him. The description of the properties as POSH was the icing on the propaganda cake. This is not only unprofessional, as it offends the tenets of journalism, it is clearly not in resonance with good conscience.
7.   The online news media also reported that Ugonna and his cousins registered a company by name Hadley Petroleum Solutions Limited which they have been using to deal in Nigerian crude oil sales. As young men bubbling with enthusiasm and fantasy, they registered a company but after two years of no jobs, the company folded up. The company never had a bank account, let alone being a trader of Nigeria's crude oil. They lied.
8.   The online news media took its campaign to the in-laws of the Maduekes. It claimed that Mrs. Beatrice Agama, the 81 year old mother of Mrs. Diezani Madueke, owns a house in the United Kingdom. A LIE! Mrs. Agama has no house or property in the United Kingdom. She has been staying in a rented two-bedroom flat from where she is receiving medical attention for a broken femur. Her son, Timi Agama who has been living in the UK for decades, used to have a house in the UK long before his sister was appointed to government and he sold it long ago. Since then, he has no house in the UK. Archbishop Doye Agama of the Apostolic Pastoral Congress in Manchester, who is in his 60s, is a successful professional and consultant well known amongst his peers, but he does not own Unit 8 Quebec Building in Manchester which the online newspaper ascribed to him.
9.   As though to outdo the sensational allegations in the online publication, the mainstream media in Nigeria has been alleging that Mrs. Diezani attempted to purchase a property on Hyde Park Street in London for a whooping amount which embarrassingly ranges from 12.5 million sterling pounds to 13 billion sterling pounds. This claim is utterly false and laughable, for  the amounts mentioned are only in the imagination of the reporters. This property is quite popular. It belongs to a well-known eminently successful Nigerian entrepreneur who would also find this allegation embarrassing as the intention to sell the property has neither been contemplated nor disclosed to any person.
It is worthy to note that despite all the frenzy over Mrs. Diezani Madueke, not even one reporter or journalist has tried to contact the family to verify any of the rumors they have published with reckless abandon. This may be because they know the stories are false but it feeds the mood of the moment. Hence, the silence from Diezani all along. It is worth emphasising that Mrs Alison-Madueke was never arrested or detained and her passport was never seized. She was merely invited, and she honoured it promptly.
11.               The Madueke family, like most other families, have their own challenges. For instance, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke has been receiving treatment for cancer in the UK which started while she was in office. The health crisis has unfortunately exacerbated in recent times. She completed months of chemotherapy just last week and she is scheduled to undergo surgery next week in London. The family has been bearing this challenge with prayers and as much grace and fortitude as possible; and would plead with all reasonable Nigerians to pray for her recovery so that she can face this allegation and give account of her stewardship. Yes, she can--and very well, too.
12.               The Madueke and Agama families would want the decent public to know that neither Ugonna nor Somze or Abiye or anyone related to the two families was picked up or arrested or invited for questioning by anybody whatsoever. Ugonna's father (the Rear Admiral) has been in Lagos and working in his office. The lies about his having travelled with a team of lawyers should please stop. The Madueke family has taken a decision on how to appropriately deal with those who are on a mission to soil their hard earned family name.
Signed for and on behalf of the Madueke and Agama families.
Barrister Oscar M. Onwudiwe.
Legal Attorney
0814 939 9319.

At 101, my husband is still a tiger in bed' says his 95year old wife

Madala Lumnkile Heleni, who claims to be 101, from Motherwell NU10 in Port Elizabeth, SA and his wife Gogo Bekiwe (95), were on Wednesday, October 7, honoured by mayor Danny Jordaan to celebrate the Day of the Elderly. Lumnike Heleni, who has been married to his wife Bekiwe for 66 years, told Daily Sun SA in a recorded interview that the secret to his manhood being able to stay strong was bathing with cold water since his youth days.

"When I graduated from initiation school at the age of 32, the elders told me to bath in the river. The water was icy because it was winter and since then, I've always bathed in cold water because it makes me feel fresh." Heleni told the paper.
His wife, Gogo Bekiwe said the father of six, grandfather of 15 and great-grandfather of 16 was still a tiger in bed.
"The cold water makes my manhood very strong. It never fails and in my house there is always peace." Madala also attributed his long life to healthy diet. "I don't know what diabetes or high blood pressure is. I've only been to the doctor twice in my life for back pain. I only get sick if I wash with warm water, which makes me feel weak and tired. I grew up on a farm near Grahamstown and worked there. I still have my own garden and eat traditional food and vegetables. We have been happily married for 66 years now. We only eat samp, umphokoqo and a little bit of meat."
Gogo Bekiwe added. "We only use salt for taste. We don't like food with cooking oil or too much sugar."

Kaffy celebrates 100k instagram followers with a hot sexy photo

The dance queen and mother of two released this photo and wrote "Celebrating my 100,000 beautiful followers. God bless you all. Mwaaah"

Uhummm okay! Ugandan singer thanks God for giving him his 68 year old white lover

Don't know how to feel or say about this couple, lol!  Is this really love or for other interests. Ugandan singer, Guvnor Ace who married his 68 year old lover in August, this evening took to his Facebook page to thank God for giving him "the woman of my life". He wrote
"It was 20th August this year when I married my Wife Mona-lisa Larsson (Lisa J├Ânsson) on that day I was over whelmed by happiness because of marrying a woman of my life ,a lady I love from the bottom of my heart.I wanna live with her till we celebrate Jubilee Lord thanks for bringing me such an understanding and a caring lady like her to me.
she is really my Queen Guvnor Ace always follow my heart and do what makes me happy GOOD EVENING FRIENDS".

Breaking News :10 people quarantined as patient dies of suspected Ebola disease symptoms in Calabar

10 persons have been quarantined in Calabar, Cross River state after a patient at the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, UCTH died of symptoms of the deadly disease yesterday October 7th.

At a press conference this evening, the Chairman of Medical Advisory Committee of the hospital, Dr. Queeneth Kalu, made the revelation and said necessary steps have been taken to contain the spread of the suspected viral disease.

She said the blood samples have been sent to the Ebola Diagnosing Centre in Benin Edo State for proper diagnosis.
"On Wednesday, 7th October, 2015, we managed a patient who presented with symptoms mimicking viral hemorrhage (Ebola Virus) and have decided to take the necessary measures" she said
She said those who have been quarantined include the nurses who attended to the patient and those who came in contact with him before his death. She also stated that the National Centre for Disease Control, Federal Ministry of Health, The Cross River State Government, Calabar Municipality, and the Department of State Security Services, DSS have all been informed of the development.

Kendall Jenner poses topless after FPW

Kendall Jenner posed for a topless photo shoot after the Paris Fashion Week in France with top photographers. She shared a photo of herself and captioned it:
'Washing away my sins.'  The topless photo after the cut..