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Etcetera writes about Caitlyn Jenner, Charly Boy and Denrele Edun

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Caitlyn Jenner, Charly Boy and Denrele Edun - Etcetera writes

Etcetera writes on Caitlyn Jenner. Read below...
And that’s how Bruce Jenner unveiled his new identity, leaving his male identity behind with Caitlyn.” Trust Nigerians not to be left behind in the gossip and buzz it generated. A female presenter with the not-so-Cool FM station in Lagos, known for her fake German-American-Arabian-Indian-Chinese-French-Yoruba accent was like, “Oh my gosh”, so Bruce Jenner is now Caitlyn Jenner? “What the hell is going on?!

Abegii, Nigerians should stop feigning surprise like they’ve not seen or heard anything like this before. You all should stop acting like we don’t have our own Denrele Edun or Charly Boy. Mscheeeeeewww!!! –
Is it because Bruce or Caitlyn (whatever she is called now) finally had enough balls to pluck off her penis? Its just a matter of time, Denrele will be woman enough to pluck off his too and give us something new to talk about aside from his Nkechi-like hairdo. I don’t think it should even be in our news that Caitlyn Jenner is now a transgender? There are thousands of them in America. They infused the word in our vocabulary and it has become an umbrella term for people whose gender identity differs from the sex they were assigned by God. An American transgender described Caitlyn as the “Change” that America champions. Which is why America is always ahead of the rest of the world. Hahahahaha! Change indeed.

HELLO!!!! can someone tell that American transgender or transsexual or whatever she is that the slogan for the new government in Nigeria is “CHANGE?”

We’ve had Denrele since and we didn’t see him as change… Maybe someone should show her Denrele’s pictures so that she’ll will be aware that Nigeria is catching up with them? Jesus Christ! Is this what being westernized is all about? Isn’t this madness? Ok, maybe Denrele is not a full transgender yet. He is still lingering in the purgatory of transvestites. Isn’t that the term for those who enjoy dressing as the opposite sex? Or should we refer to him as a cross-dresser for now until he finally plucks off his balls? Does it look like Denrele will eventually pluck off his balls? Yes, eventually he will.

 It is just a matter of time. We are already used to his lipsticks, heels and Nkechi hairdo. And of course he’s already been a poster girl for Nigerian magazines for as long as i can remember. The same poster girl that Bruce “oh sorry” Caitlyn Jenner has dreamt of becoming since he/she was a child. Shit!!! – How do you write an article about Denrele and Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner if you keep identifying them by the wrong gender pronoun? Am i going to be saying “sorry” whenever i make mistakes like, “He looks hot,” or “she looks hot.”?. The American system has made it impossible to mention Bruce and balls in the same sentence. Like Caitlyn Jenner, are we soon going to start using words like vagina and clitoris for Denrele and Charlie boy too? I pray we never get there. Our society don’t deserve such cruelty and madness. Denrele and Charlie boy for society’s sake, please keep your balls..

Lawmakers, we need a little help here. Can you guys please give us something to stop Denrele, uncle Charlie boy or any other Nigerian from de-balling themselves now or anytime in the future? Like the 14 years all expense paid vacation in hotel kirikiri for gays, the lawmakers should do something about transgenders now before Denrele goes from Denrele Edun to Folashade Anuoluwapo Edun or Charlie boy to Chinelo Nkemjika Oputa.
Bruce Jenner is no longer a man proves that America has gone mad. Same as Denrele and uncle Charlie boy proves that we’ve allowed the west to influence us wrongly. These guys have been the butt of jokes and the source of rumor and speculation for years, as their appearances became more feminine. They need our prayers now more than ever.

As for Bruce Jenner, He needs Jesus. Without Jesus, he is hopeless—regardless of whether he struggles with gender identity or not. Eternity is a small and rapidly decreasing number of heartbeats away and he will live in hell, as Bruce Jenner, not Caitlyn, for trillions of years (forever) in horrifying, unending torment, with a never-ending panic attack. The same goes for everyone who is reading this and has been chasing a different identity from that which God has given you. Hell is your future. You will live in terror. This is the truth.

WOW ! Femi fani kayode reacts to the new bill that approved prison terms for rapists and anyone who has sex with a child under the age of 11 years old.

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Did the Senate really pass a law which legalizes sex with an 11 year old?

When I read the report online a few days ago, I didn't carry it because I didn't believe it. The report claimed that the Nigerian Senate had on Wednesday June 3rd passed a bill that approved prison terms for rapists and anyone who has sex with a child under 11 years old. That means if the child is above 11, men can have sex with them and face no consequences? Still hard to believe. FFK reacts.

News :Nigerian doctor charged with manslaughter after pregnant woman dies.

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Nigerian doctor charged with manslaughter after pregnant woman dies from massive blood loss after abortion.

A Nigerian doctor named Dr Adedayo Adedeji, 62, was on June 4th charged with manslaughter after a pregnant woman died from massive blood loss after he performed an abortion on her. The woman, who is also of African descent, traveled from Dublin to London in January 2012 for the abortion after healthcare workers in Ireland refused to help when she tried to terminate the pregnancy.

According to UK Daily Mail, after the 32 year old woman had the abortion at the West London Clinic, she collapsed several hours later while traveling in a taxi in Slough, Berkshire, and died of ‘extensive internal bleeding’.
Dr Adedeji and two other nurses, Gemma Pullen, 31, and Margaret Miller, 54, have been charged with the manslaughter of the woman because of their alleged gross negligence three years ago.

Speaking later, the woman's husband said the woman had been diagnosed with a condition which can carry an elevated risk of miscarriage and other complications, but was not considered to be life-threatening and that when they sought help in Ireland, doctors refused to help them, forcing them to go to London.

A year after the incident, detectives launched an investigation into the circumstances of the woman’s death and on June 4th, announced that the doctor and two nurses have been summoned to appear before a magistrate to face manslaughter charges.

They are being accused of gross negligence and ‘failing to take reasonable care of other persons who may be affected by acts or omissions at work’. They will appear before Westminster Magistrates’ Court on June 19.

A 25-year-old man set himself ablaze after a failed attempt to kill his mother.

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A 25-year-old man, Tochukwu Madu, has set himself ablaze after a failed attempt to kill his mother with a cutlass.

The tragedy, which occurred on Wednesday, also led to the razing of their bungalow situated on No. 12 Bonny Street in Umuahia, Abia State.

Part of the building, located at the heart of the state capital, serves as stores for traders, who have converted the street to a mini-market after the relocation of the Umuahia Main Market from a nearby location to Ubani.

According to an eyewitness and a tenant in the building, Mrs. Precious Madu, the culprit, a notorious Indian hemp smoker, attacked the mother around 10:30 pm after locking her up in their two-room apartment.

Another source said he inflicted several deep cuts in the mother’s head and upper arm until she slumped and pretended to be dead before he left her to kill their dog, which was barking inside the compound.

But before he could return to complete his mission on the mother, the woman had managed to escape through the window.

The culprit was said to have made a move to slaughter his elder brother whom he had also locked up in another room, but the brother was smart enough to escape through the ceiling.

The police were quickly alerted by neighbours who noticed the strange development.

When the police arrived the scene and started searching for the suspect, he was said to have disappeared into one of the rooms in their house where he securely locked up himself.

He was said to have poured fuel on himself and set himself on fire that also gulped the entire building.

“As the police were looking for him and could not see him, what we noticed suddenly was that smoke started coming out from one of the rooms. Before it was broken, the whole house was already up in flames.

“When finally, the door to the room was broken, he was found burning and efforts to save him proved abortive as he died immediately as a result of severe burns,” the source said.

Mrs. Madu (tenant), who said she lost all her property to the inferno, appealed to the government and public-spirited individuals to come to her rescue and that of other tenants, adding that nobody could save a pin from the house.

When Southern City News visited the scene of the incident on Thursday, charred cloths and tailoring materials were observed in one of the rooms, which served as a workshop for a tailor.

The rooms were also littered with burnt household items and personal belongings while the roof of the house was damaged by fire.

Meanwhile, the mother is currently hospitalised at the intensive care unit of the Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia, where doctors are still battling to save her life, following deep machete cuts inflicted on her by the deranged son.

An officer of the state fire services, Mr. Chukwuemeka Okezie, who helped to put out the fire, told our correspondent that if not for the timely intervention of his men, the fire would have spread to other buildings in the neighborhood.

He called for quick and united action against drug abuse and Indian hemp consumption, especially among youths and observed that drug abuse had been on the increase nationwide.

When contacted, the Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Ezekiel Onyeke, confirmed the incident, describing it as ‘very unfortunate’.

Onyeke said the wounded mother had been responding to treatment and appealed to parents to report any of their children or wards suspected to be consuming any form of hard drug to the law enforcement agents for necessary actions to avoid any form of colossal damage.


Very Graphic photo , viewer discretion advised : Man Was crushed by train in agege.

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Graphics: A Man Fell And was crushed By A Train In Agege.

A man this morning at the agege train station boarded a train by hanging in one of its coaches buh alas fell off few minutes after take off and was dragged and crushed instantly.Below are his mangled body parts.

Very Graphic Photos of A Nigerian lady killed in Russia by her boss.

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Graphic pics: Nigerian lady brutally killed in Russia allegedly by her boss

A Nigerian lady identified as Tonia Okojie (pictured above) was allegedly murdered by her boss in Russia. According to Nigeria Camera, Tonia, who worked as a maid in Russia, was allegedly beaten and tortured to death by the man she worked for. The reason for the attack is not yet known but there are reports that her continued rebuff of his sexual advances made him attack her. The case was reported to the Russian police but surprisingly instead of it being treated as a murder case, the police is treating it as a case of accidental death. Continue to see very graphic photos of the deceased...*warning - graphic content*

Photo credit: Nigerian Camera...

Very Graphic Photos : Heart Breaking Photos From Ghana’s Flood.

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More Heart-Breaking Photos From Ghana’s Flood [Viewers Discretion] .

On Massive flooding in Ghana’s capital swept stored fuel into a nearby fire, setting off a huge explosion at a gas station that killed over 100 people and set alight neighboring buildings on wednesday .

The explosion took place as dozens sought shelter in gas station and nearby shops in central Accra to escape the torrential rains and charred bodies were left scattered through the whole site.

Here are more heart breaking photos from the flood that killed many on Wednesday in Ghana.

Nicki Minaj shows off her hot sexy body.

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Nicki Minaj puts her sexy hot body on display.

 Nicki Minaj is currently in Austin Texas to perform at the XGames. The beautiful rapper shared these photos before she went on stage. More photos after the cut......

Chris Brown's fans slam Kylie Jenner For Slamming Chris Brown about his Caitlyn Jenner meme.

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Chris Brown's fans slam Kylie Jenner for slamming Chris Brown about his Caitlyn Jenner meme

So, Chris Brown shared a meme of Caitlyn Jenner as a Science project as shared by Snoop Dogg and got reprimanded by Kylie Jenner, well, Chris Brown's goons/fans had some words for her before he deleted the post. Check out the responses after the cut.

Chris Brown Post Sad Pic After Karrueche Tran Fight.

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Following the fight, Chris told his 10 million Instagram followers that this is “the first day of the rest of my life!”

It seems super positive, but considering the attached photo, he looks pretty sad. Even though he’s surrounded by a fleet of colorful Ferraris, his body language shows his emotional pain. With a sad look on his face and slouched shoulders, he looks like a defeated man.

Will Chris Brown Finally Move On From Karrueche Tran?Yes, he's finally realized he's lost her for goodNo, she should consider a restraining order.

The singer was definitely conflicted earlier in the day. On the morning of June 5, shortly after the heated fights with Karrueche, he posted a picture of himself at a beach with his arms spread open wide.

 Chris captioned the photo with, “Ask God for help.” Apparently, God answered him and told him to get over himself and move on from hassling poor Karrueche!  He’s put that woman through enough.

Has Chris Brown finally come to terms with the fact that he may never get Karrueche Tran back? Following their explosive fight on June 4, it appears as though the singer is ready to move on, and he’s sharing his feelings with his fans.

Chris Brown, 26, has only himself to blame for losing his ex, Karrueche Tran, 27. He tracked down Karrueche at a club on June 4, followed her home in the early morning hours, and then got into a fight so explosive that neighbors were forced to call the cops! And it didn’t end there.

A few hours later, the pair had yet another blowout at an L.A. diner. So how is Chris feeling about his actions now? It seems like he’s swallowed a big dose of reality and has decided to move on.