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Shame : Married woman begs for another man's PENIS: Yours is the sweetest in the whole world

A 36-year-old married woman is begging for the return of her jailed lover because she believes he has the sweetest manhood in the whole world.
Interestingly she had her man locked up on Christmas day after he attacked her with a knobkerrie.
But hardly a week after the suspect was incarcerated for the crime, the woman is already missing his PEN!S.
“It was so sweet, a pleasure machine. He was so hot in bed. When he was on top of me I felt like I was eating chocolates with snacks inside the bathroom, I want his PEN!S but he can rot in jail.” said the woman from Bekkersdal in Gauteng while she cried for his PEN!S during the jail visit.
The woman, who did not want to be named as she is married with kids, said her boyfriend attacked her after she refused his demand for sex.
“I was chilling with my friends at a tavern on Christmas Eve when he just walked in from nowhere, thinking that my punani is a cheap biscuit. I refused to go with him and and told him we were history. Later as my friends and I were leaving we found him outside. Before I knew it he pounced and moered me with a knobkerrie on my head and I collapsed.
“I want him to rot in jail for what he did to me,” the injured woman told Daily Sun.
She said she started dating the 29-year-old suspect a few months ago when her husband left to visit family in the Eastern Cape.
She said because of the drought she started looking for action outside.
“We started having an affair and I ended up even moving into his place,” said the woman.
After a few months she realised the man was abusive and ended the affair.
Bekkersdal police spokeswoman Sergeant Linki Lefakane confirmed the incident.
The man was expected to appear in the Westonaria Magistrates Court yesterday.
Daily Sun.

OMG !!! Pastor Slaughters Wife, Daughter Calling Them Prostitutes

A PASTOR based in Kwekwe allegedly axed his wife and stepdaughter to death before hanging himself in a bush following a misunderstanding over infidelity.
Lazarus Dube, 44, brutally axed his wife Lucy, and stepdaughter Mary, 18, on Monday at around 9AM.
He allegedly committed the gruesome crime in his staff house at Sirmic Enterprises, industrial site. Dube allegedly accused his wife and stepdaughter of being prostitutes before chopping them up.
He called his uncle Nickels Sibanda barely 30 minutes after the murder, telling him he had killed his family.
Sibanda who travelled from Insiza to Kwekwe told our source at Kwekwe Police Station that his nephew, a pastor with an Apostolic Sect based in Mbizo 18, told him he killed his family because they refused to repent from prostitution.
“I can confirm that my nephew axed to death his wife and step daughter on Monday morning accusing them of being prostitutes,” he said.
“I was in Insiza when my nephew called me. He told me that he had killed them because they were involved with many men. He said he had asked them to repent but they had refused to listen to him and continued being promiscuous.”
He said he received Dube’s call on Monday at around 9.30AM.
Sibanda said he asked Dube to go and report the matter to the police.
He said his nephew told him that he was going to commit suicide behind his employer’s premises, Sirmic Enterprises.
Sibanda said as he attempted to talk him out of committing suicide, Dube hung up on him.
“I went to Mbembesi Police Station and told them about my conversation with my nephew. The police called Kwekwe Central Police Station. My nephew’s body and those of his daughter and wife were then discovered by the police,” he said.
A distraught Sibanda said they were going to bury the bodies in Kwekwe today.
“We’ve no money to take our nephew to our rural home. So we’re burying him here. He was a quiet person and I’m shocked by what has happened,” said Sibanda.
“My nephew grew up in Lochard and moved to Gweru where he married his first wife who passed on. He them moved to Kwekwe where he married the second wife that he has murdered,” he said.
Sirmic Enterprises manager, Edmore Gomera said Dube was a caretaker living in the staff quarters.
“It’s unfortunate that he killed his daughter and wife at our premises. He then hanged himself near our company,” said Gomera.
Midlands police spokesperson Inspector Joel Goko said:
“We received a sudden death case in Kwekwe involving three family members.”

Kylie Jenner is stunning on Elle UK February 2016 cover

In the interview with the British magazine, Kylie Jenner gets candid with ELLE about growing up as part of the most famous family in the world, dealing with bullies with the help of Justin Bieber, her relationship with dad Caitlyn, and her plans to give up fame entirely. The issue is on sale January 1. More photos after the cut...

Rob Kardashian diagnosed with diabetes after being rushed to hospital

Kris Jenner's only son, Rob Kardashian was rushed to a Los Angeles-area hospital over the weekend when he began feeling ill and his condition worsened.
After a series of tests were conducted, doctors told Rob that he suffered from diabetes, which was news to him, according to TMZ.

The incident is said to be a "wake up call" to Rob that he needs to get healthy.
"He's home already. He went for a little and is fine now. It was a wake up call," A source told E! News.
The insider said that Rob's tests revealed his blood sugar levels were very high, and doctors told him that he needs to lose weight, exercise and dramatically change his diet, or it will get worse.

The Game shares cute photo with his look-alike daughter

Daddy duties! Rapper Game shared a pic of himself giving his cute daughter kisses on the cheek...

Kanye West is officially GQ’s most stylish Man of the year

I totally agree.... What do you think guys ??? 

Arrest Warrant Issued For Bill Cosby Over 2004 Aggravated Sexual Assault

An arrest warrant has been issued for Bill Cosby for the sexual assault of Andrea Constand. Cosby is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting Constand at his mansion in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania in January 2004 while she was an employee at Temple University.
The 78-year-old comedian previously said under oath that he had consensual sexual contact with the woman. A previous district attorney declined to charge Cosby in 2005. 
If convicted, Cosby faces up to 10 years in prison.

Highlights from Buhari’s Presidential Media Chat

President Buhari has opened up on the true situation with the Chibok girls, the Shi’ite killings, Corruption..
When asked during his first presidential media chat as to why his promise of releasing the girls has not been kept.He said ,the government tried to negotiate with people claiming to be Boko Haram leaders,but they had no credible information to give the government .

I’m working with our neighbors to #BringBackOurGirls. Although we have no credible info on their locations.We are keeping our options open. We are prepared to negotiate with B’Haram for the girls””
He also assured that, if any leader of Boko Haram can prove where the Chibok girls are,the government would negotiate with them without conditions..He also said the government at the moment has no credible information on the whereabouts and condition of the girls..

On Corruption he said
We can not name those who return stolen funds as we have to take documents to court.There are terrible cases of corruption, we can only appeal to Nigerians to be patient.We have to develop the patience to prosecute corrupt officials through the courts.As a military leader it was possible to round people up & jail them for being corrupt, but not in a democracy.By end of the first quarter of 2016, we will give Nigerians update on how far our anti-corruption war has gone.”I swore by the Holy Qran to protect and obey the constitution, no one will be above the law

On Shi’te killings
He said he can not make any statement until the official report of inquiry is released.
“The president of Iran spoke to me about the Shiite crisis; and I told him as a govt, we have a system.I am allowing all the investigative bodies to do their job regarding the Shiite crisis.I have to wait for the official reports before I can make a statement.How can any group create a state in another state ? I saw clips of excited teenagers hitting the chests of generals.No justification for Shi’ite killings but to be fair to both sides, I have to wait for the outcome of the inquiry.I expect an inquiry on Shi’ite killings by Kaduna state government because it happened there
On saying his government has technically won the war against Boko Haram
When I say the war has been technically won, I meant their capacity to carry out conventional attack has weakened.. Hijab will have to be banned if Boko Haram bombings continues”

Fraud crime : Chinese Firm Caught Making Fake Condoms For Kenya.....

 The demand for goods of reputable or status-oriented brands has always been high, if not always growing. This is what makes the goods vulnerable to being counterfeited. It seems that condoms are not exempt from this.
Police in Shanghai on Tuesday uncovered a manufacturing workshop making bogus Durex condoms which were to be sent to Kenya. 
The fake condoms were reportedly sold online under well-known brands like Durex and Jissbon to Kenyan hotels.
About 3 million condoms which were being sold at $0,05 each are reported to have been confiscated.
In addition to being of an inferior quality, the condoms are said to contain an offensive smell, according to Chinese police.
While we may be accustomed to seeing rip-offs of popular labels being sold on street corners and in some shops, condoms are obviously are different matter. This ought to be seen as a crime against humanity!
Source :Kenya Today

Cristiano Ronaldo 'in Miami to arrange to have another child'

Real Madrid star, Cristiano Ronaldo allegedly left his five-year-old son Cristiano Jr with his mum Dolores in Portugal so he could travel to Miami,  Florida, to deal with arrangements for a sibling for his son, a popular Portuguese TV presenter claimed today.

The 30-year-old spoke of his desire to have 'five or six' little Cristianos in a recent magazine interview.

He told FHM magazine: 'I think I have good conditions to have many kids so I want this. Let's find the right woman.'
He also gushed about his five-year-old, said to have been born in a private clinic in the US with the collaboration of two Mexican surrogate mums.

Cristiano Ronaldo vowed that the identity of his son's mother will never be known.

Ronaldo's mum revealed in her approved biography she had picked up Cristiano Jr, known affectionately as Cristianinho - 'little Cristiano', from a private hospital in Florida.

Cristiano was pictured getting VIP treatment at a basketball match and relaxing bare-chested round his hotel pool while his son stayed with his grandmother more than 3,800 miles away.

Dolores, who this year opened her own Twitter and Instagram pages, posted a string of pictures of her surrounded by her grandchildren including Cristianinho over Christmas in her native Madeira.

Source: Daily Mail.

DJ CUPPY OUT With Her Handsome Cousin, Prince Otedola.

DJ Cuppy

The international DJ and daughter of Nigerian billionaire Femi Otedola has been stepping out with her handsome cousin Prince Otedola for various social events in Lagos. More photos after the cut…

DJ Cuppy

See what was found inside this Whale's stomach when it was cut open (photos)

A dead whale's stomach contents has shocked observers after it was torn open after it beached on paradise sands in South Africa. The Whale, named Orca was discovered washed up at Plettenberg Bay on South Africa's Western Cape the week before Christmas. When its stomach was opened, it's content surprised everyone. It will surprise you Continue to see it...

The animal recovered on December 21 spent it's last few days of desperate life forced to eat nothing but rubbish.

This is what was found in its stomach
1.Used yoghurt pots
2.Old shoe soles
3.Ripped 'Maggi' wrappers.

“I Met My Wife, Omotola, a Virgin” – Captain Mathew Ekeinde

Love Story
+The Story Of Their 20 Year Marriage

Tall and handsome are best words to describe Captain Mathew Ekeinde who is the husband of star actress, Omotola Jalade . Theirs was love at first sight and they have been married for 20 years which is seen as a rare feat in the nollywood industry. Despite been married to an award winning actress, Captain Matthew is a loving father to his 4 children and a dotting husband to his wife, almost scandal free marriage for the past 20 years despite the 10 year age difference between them. He became a pilot at age 16 and started flying since that age. Ekeinde spoke to Society Editor, TAYO FAJORIN- OYEDIJI on why he chose Omotola, and married her at an early age and what has kept their marriage for 20 years. He also spoke on his career in the Aviation industry.
How does it feel being been married to sexy actress, Omotola?
Well, it has been great, the past 20 years that we have been married now. It has its own good and bad sides, the good side is that you get favours and the bad side of it is that you don’t have privacy. Apart from that, it has been fun.
How do you cope with her busy career schedule in fulfilling her role as a wife and mother?
We have a work plan or ethic that anytime she is on location or she is out of the house for few days or few weeks, I try to schedule my flights to ensure that I am around, so if I go on flight, I make sure I return home that very day or the following day, so we have been able to juggle it. Sometimes it does not work out because I am out and she is out as well and our kids are always alone, but most of the time, it has really worked out. That is how we have been able to juggle it over the years and it has been working.
Can you tell us what got you strucked to Omotola before you decided to marry her at a relatively young age. 
I have always believed and still believed it was God’s arrangement, I met my wife when she was 16 and married her when she was 18 so I knew her for 2 years but she has always been a lot older than her age in terms of her maturity, her physical structure, and the way she thinks. She is way ahead of her peers in her IQ. Of course I am older than her for 10 years and that was never a barrier, it was just something that just happened, I saw her and I fell in love with her and of course because I had always wanted to marry a virgin and she had turned 18 then and she seemed to fit into every item on the list I had written I wanted in a woman, for me the age difference was not an issue, the age of consent in Nigeria is 18,infact that was why I waited for her actually so it just happened, I can’t tell you why, nothing really specific but its heaven’s arrangement.
How did you career as a pilot start?
I had always wanted to be a Pilot since age 5. My Dad used to be the Divisional Police Officer incharge of Ikeja way back in the 70s, one of these independents day, it was his duty as the one in charge of the Ikeja, Airport to patrol and make sure most of the men are at the right place because the capital then was Lagos and they used to have the march past at the Tafawa Balewa Square, we used to have air force pilots taken off from the airport to fly over the Tafawa Balewa Square, so he often took me to the Air Force hanger because he had some air force officers that were pilots. we got there and they put me into the cockpit of a fighter airplane, yes it was on old one way back then I was 5 years old, that was like 1973/74,so you can imagine a 5 year old in a cockpit of a 5 year old plane, it blew my mind away and from that time I decided I was going to fly, so all through my primary and secondary school, I got stucked to that idea that I was going to be a Pilot, my parents tried to dissuade me, giving me reasons why being a Pilot will not work for me and all that but I just would not be deterred, that was how my aviation life started and when I finished secondary school at the age of 16,I went to the Aviation school, I got my license at age 16 and started flying at that age.
How did you rise through the ladder in your career?
I started flying in England and then came back to Nigeria in 1991 and joined Aero Contractors. I have worked for most airlines since then, I worked for AIC airlines owned by Chief Harry Akande, I worked for Bellview, I flew for Sosoliso, I have flown for Air Nigeria, we started Arik Air, I m now with Bristow Helicopters (Pan African Airline) so I have actually gone through the ranks.
What has kept your marriage for 20 years?
I believe it is God. My wife and I understand each other very well. We are well grounded in the bible, we both understand the words of God, we have an agreement and an understanding that no matter what the issues are, we sit down and we talk about it. For us Divorce is not an option, it does not even come in to play so we try to work things out no matter what it is and by Gods grace, our marriage has lasted this long.
Is any of your children taking after you?
Not really, it is quite disappointing actually, my 1st son, MJ, Mattew Junior wanted to be a Pilot and towards his last year in secondary school, before he was going to sit for jamb, he switched and says he was going to go into the Entertainment industry because he has started doing filming and recording in school and he seem to like it and decided he was going to continue although he still says after a few years, he was going to come back to Aviation but I doubt it. For me I am a bit disappointed, but no big deal, I am there to support my kids in whatever they want to do. I am there to support them because everyone has a God giving talent and it is not for parents to choose for their kids , it is for the parents to discover what their kids talents are ,and to encourage them. Like the bible says, your talent will make a way for you and bring you before kings, and that is what I am doing, I am encouraging them.
What is your opinion about people saying actresses’ marriages don’t last and it is not a good profession but yours has lasted 20 years?
That notion was way back in the 80s and early 90s, not anymore, I remember when I was growing up in school playing football, people felt that footballers are wayward, they don’t have a future because they cannot make their academic marks, and that’s why you are playing football but these days even people in the university want to play football because there is so much money in it and it is now seem to be a glorified job so to speak so it is same thing with acting and singing, I don’t think there is any parent out there who thinks this profession are wayward. It is just for the individual to put their head straight and know their plans and also what they are doing.
Can you tell us about Omotola as your wife and a mother?
One thing is that she is a terrific cook, yes she is a yoruba and I am Igbo, I have always believed that Yoruba’s don’t have different types of delicacies like the igbos that has all kind of soups. When we got married, she had a lot of igbo friends who taught her how to cook all the Igbo soups and so she is an expert, she cooks very well. I don’t smoke and I don’t drink but I eat a lot and my kids love food as well. At home, she is just like anyone else, she is very simple, does her own house chores, makes sure the kids tidy up their rooms, help in the kitchen, tidy up the living room , yes we have house helps and people that help us but not all the time that we use them. So she is normal at home.
Can you tell us about your background?
I am from Edo state, precisely Sabon Gida Ora of Owan Local Government , I understand a little bit of Yoruba, I went to Emmanuel College Owerri, I actually grew up in the east, my primary and nursery was in Lagos, and because my dad used to be a Police Officer, we got transferred around the country especially in the east so my secondary school, all 5 years was in Owerri. My Mum is Igbo, precisely Abo in Delta State. They are alive and doing well.
Source : City People 

Cynthia Morgan takes a selfie wishing everyone a Happy new year !!!

And Then My Fave And Last Skinny TB For The Year 😘Happy New Year In Advance Guys!!!

Cynthia Morgan looking so stunning as she wishes everyone a happy new in advance.  See her message she put up on social media. 

  • cynthiamorgan1And Then My Fave And Last Skinny TB For The Year 😘Happy New Year In Advance Guys!!!

See what these ladies are doing.........

 check out what theses ladies are doing.  Are they lesbians. See the full pic after the cut........ 

See photos from an accident involving a wheel barrow pusher & a food seller

The wheel barrow pusher was walking behind the woman and couldn't control his speed, so he hit the woman and the food she was carrying poured to the ground. Trust Nigerian garage boys, as some were sympathizing with her, some were packing the food. Lol. This happened about 8:10 this morning in Ketu Garage, Lagos ..

Photo of the day, hilarious right !!!!

After a tiring Christmas duties, this Santa Claus decided to relax with a chilled bottle of Guinness stout..... Lol !!! 

Photos from an accident in Ajah this week

Don't ask me how the car managed to get on top of cement blocks. This happened beside Nipco filling station around Sangotedo, Ajah on Dec. 27th. But thankfully, no one died, only badly injured. See more photos after the cut...

Check out 2015 Miss BumBum's raunchy photoshoot

Miss BumBum Brazil 2015, Suzy Cortez stripped down for a raunchy photoshoot to wish her fans a happy new year posing in nothing but a frilly underwear. See more photos after the cut...

Man caught masturbating on a train while staring at a woman (photo)

A male passenger on a train traveling northbound in New York City on Sunday has been accused by Police of performing a sex act on himself for 30 minutes while staring at a 29 year old woman.

Police released this image of the man and accused him of putting his hand down his trousers and stimulating his penis while staring at the woman not concerned if people were looking at him or not.

''The man who was photographed had a prominent tattoo on his forehead reading: “TEAM USA.” NewYork City Police said. ''Anyone with information is advised to call the US version of Crimestoppers ''

North West wears her fave $3,500 fur coat to the Playground

North West stepped out in her $3,500 fur coat to the playground and her mysterious adult stylist (Kanye? Kim?) took great care to ensure her childhood wardrobe is perfectly on point. She was seen wearing this to the playground, in Los Angeles'. Pink hoodie, matching cap, white pants, mini Converse, red lollipop, and that $3,500 fur coat she wore during fashion week. More photos after the cut...

Oh dear !!! You can't believe what a Facebook user did with Annie Idibia photo.

As seen on Facebook, a Facebook user and 
his search for new cancer patients, he came across Annie’s photo which to him will make a good #Amen. Lol
Even though people posted on the comment thread that the post wasn’t an actual cancer photo of  a cancer patient but a Nigerian celeb named Annie who did the shot for awareness, I don’t think he is budging or he just doesn’t read comments on his post.
Dude is getting #Likes and #comments from the post…