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Boko Haram 'Slaughter Wives' In North Eastern Nigeria: Witnesses.

Boko Haram ‘slaughter wives’ to prevent them from marrying soldiers or non-believers’Dozens of Nigerian women who were forced to marry Boko Haram fighters were reportedly slaughtered by their “husbands” before a battle with troops in the northeast town of Bama, multiple witnesses said Thursday.

Five witnesses who recounted the massacres to AFP said the Islamist militants feared they would be killed by advancing soldiers or separated from their wives when they fled the town.They killed the women to prevent them from subsequently marrying soldiers or other so-called non-believers, they added.“

The terrorists said they will not allow their wives to be married to infidels,” said Sharifatu Bakura, 39, a mother of three.

Nigeria’s military along with forces from neighbouring Cameroon, Chad and Niger have claimed huge victories over the insurgents in recent weeks but defenceless civilians still face serious threats.– ‘Dozens’ of corpses –According to Bakura’s account, which was supported by others, Boko Haram fighters received word of a military assault on Bama, formerly an Islamist stronghold in Borno state.

The insurgents had decided to flee to the nearby town of Gwoza before the troops’ arrival but first decided “to kill their wives so that nobody will remarry them”, she said.Bukara’s husband was killed by the insurgents four months ago but she was spared from a forced marriage because she was visibly pregnant.

Boko Haram forcibly married scores of women in Bama after seizing it in September. Nigeria’s military announced the recapture of the town on Monday.Witnesses who were taken under military protection this week to Borno’s capital Maiduguri, 73 kilometres (45 miles) away, said the killing of women began 10 days before Bama was liberated.

The Islamists said “if they kill their wives, they would remain pious until both of them meet again in heaven, where they would re-unite”, said Salma Mahmud, another witness.A vigilante who fought alongside the military in the battle to retake Bama, Abba Kassim, said he saw “dozens of women corpses” in the town.– Commander’s instructions –While other witnesses reportedly a similarly high casualty figure the numbers were impossible to verify.

Fanna Aisami, 52, also in Maiduguri after escaping Bama this week, said the executions followed a warning from Boko Haram’s top commander in the town.“He informed them of the situation and ‎the consequence of the takeover of the town by the advancing troops.“

He warned them that when soldiers killed them they would take their wives back to the society where they would be forced to marry and live with infidels,” the mother of seven said, speaking by phone to AFP in Kano.

The commander “said it would be better for them to kill their wives and send them to heaven,” Aisami added.A number of women were shot dead in front of the commander’s house, she further said.

Yagana Mairambe, 58, reported similar details but told AFP that “some Boko Haram men refused” and fled with their wives towards neighbouring Yobe state.Nigeria’s national security spokesman Mike Omeri told AFP he would try to verify the reports while the military could not immediately be reached for comment.

With Boko Haram gunmen facing heavy military pressure across northeast Nigeria, attacks, including suicide bombings, have persisted, even as the government in Abuja tries to assure voters that March 28 elections will be secure.

The Islamist uprising has claimed more than 13,000 lives since 2009 and President Goodluck Jonathan has faced fierce criticism over failure to contain the violence.

The latest reported atrocities in Bama recall similar massacres at high schools and colleges across northeast Nigeria, where Boko Haram has executed scores of students learning a so-called infidel curriculum. Share


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Check out  this ; Buhari's wife claps back at Mama Peace, says don't be afraid of jail.

Remember when First Lady Patience Jonathan, while campaigning, told the crowd that voting for APC means voting to go to prison as the APC presidential candidate was planning to jail political opponent if he wins the election and she can't be visiting her husband in prison? Well, Buhari's wife subtly clapped back at the First Lady during a women's rally in Edo State today.

According to Vanguard, Mrs Buhari addressed this, saying people shouldn't be afraid, that they were only interested in change. She also addressed the notion that her husband is a religious fanatic.
Each zone of the country has its peculiar problem. For me in this zone, girl-child trafficking should be considered one of our problems, though I know there is unemployment.

Unemployment is the major factor that contributes to brain drain and also the girl-child trafficking. General Muhammadu Buhari is a leader who led Nigeria some decades ago and he is coming back now to sanitise the system.. For those that are campaigning, saying that he is coming to jail Nigerians, I don’t know what their fear is.

But they shouldn’t be afraid, because we are all yearning for change.
The insecurity in the country, the very poor healthcare system, lack of education and other basic necessities that people are lacking I believe Nigerians need somebody like General Muhammadu Buhari now. Already, they have painted him black, using religion.

 I’m happy today that Nigerians realize that they use religion as a cover to loot Nigeria. Any politician who talks to you about religion is a liar, he only wants to loot the treasury and the little resources you ought to enjoy. So say no politics merging it with religion to deceive the people.

 I’m here today to let Edo women know that when my husband is elected into office as President, all these will be history. The insecurity, the girl-child trafficking, suffering of the widows in the South East will come to an end. There must be a cultural design that can accommodate the widow.

 A design that would make the girl-child comfortable wherever she is in this country. She doesn’t have to leave her country to go and prostitute elsewhere, it’s not her portion.

Her portion is to have a highly standard and moral society for her to live in. Get married, have children, train them and also mould them to become the future leaders. We are here today to also let you know that the collection of your PVCs is important and don’t ever sell it. It’s like selling your future.

If you sell it for N5,000, you won’t see N5,000 again until after four years which will be bad. Get your PVC, vote for APC, vote for freedom, vote for a new Nigeria with good security, good education, good healthcare, good roads and all the basic necessities.”


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‘how I Slept With Prominent Pastors And Ministers’ – International Prostitute .

A young lady who was declared missing over a decade ago in Ghana has turned up at Pastor T.B. Joshua’s church in Nigeria with a harrowing tale to tell.

“I was an international prostitute,” the young lady who gave her name as Precious tearfully told the congregation at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) on Sunday, March 15, 2015.According to Precious, her problems emanated from an unusual encounter she had with a man coming home from school aged 15. “He asked me to give him an apple I had eaten,” she explained.“When he was going, he smiled at me in a weird way.

That night, I saw the same man in my dream sleeping with me. I woke up in a pool of blood.”The once bright and prodigious student began mingling with bad friends at school and was forcibly introduced one night to an intoxicating mix of alcohol and marijuana, causing her to pass out.

“When I woke up, I saw myself Unclad on the bed and realised someone had slept with me,” she confessed.

Convinced to run away from home, Precious’ new group of friends introduced her to a lady leading an international prostitution ring.Equipped with skimpy clothes and housed in a luxurious apartment, the young girl entered fully into the dirty world of prostitution, sleeping with multiple men every night.Unbeknown to her, a manhunt had ensued for Precious, her disappearance from home even being announced on national television and radio.Apart from dressing seductively, the young lady was informed diabolical routes must be taken to ensure success in her fledgling ‘career’.

 Taken to a notorious witchdoctor, a special cream mixed with the follicles of her vaginal hair was prepared for the purpose of seduction.Precious’ new lifestyle was accompanied by an intense addiction to alcohol and smoking to the extent that it practically replaced food.“I didn’t just drink beer,” she explained. “

I would take whisky or hard liquor instead of eating food. As much as I was smoking and drinking is as much as I would get clients.”Branching out on her own after staying with her ‘love-vendor’ for just two months, Precious rented an apartment to continue her immoral activities.“I was going out with only big men, oftentimes ministers,”she admitted. “I didn’t just go out with any men at all. Our pictures were in all the big hotels. I would initiate them into our society.

”Asked how she was able to ‘initiate’ men of such status, Precious explained that the witchdoctor or ‘baba’ had given her a dark substance to drop in their drinks.Seeking even more seductive powers, the young lady returned to the same spiritualist. “I found myself Unclad after drinking from the shrine there,” she vividly described.“I saw this man putting his mouth on my private parts and blood was coming out.”

Another cream was prepared, this time with her own blood, ground with the particles of a mirror and water from the shrine. In addition, a ring and chain with spiritual implications were presented to her.

“I would place it on my neck and wear a sexy, dark dress,”she said, explaining the function of the chain. “It would be in the middle of my bosoms. Immediately you set your eyes on me lustfully, you would follow me and get confused.”Living large, Precious soon had 16 ‘bodyguards’ following her, drove the latest vehicles and donned the latest fashion. Her next target was pastors.“

The witchdoctor said I should sit in the front seat of the church, wearing a sexy dress,” she narrated. “Once the pastor sets his eyes on me, within fifteen minutes, he would call me out, pretend to give me a Bible quotation but actually give me his phone number… Whether he’s married or not, he must sleep with me that same day.

”The lives of all the men she encountered sexually were automatically destroyed. “That’s how I brought down a very great pastor in my country,” she added, acknowledging though that she was only able to entrap clerics who were not genuine in their Christianity.

Additionally, Precious explained that promiscuous pictures of hers were available all over the internet, also pushing men to sin. “I placed my pictures on Facebook. Whoever you are, as you are looking at my picture, you will begin to self-service yourself,” she stated.

Despite obtaining large amounts of money, Precious acknowledged that she ‘didn’t achieve anything’ with her resources and her beauty was steadily fading away although she was just in her late 20s.

One day, a man dressed in white apparel met her on the street and requested for money. Reluctantly obliging, the man said God would bless her for her generosity and advised her to visit Prophet T.B. Joshua’s popular church in Lagos, Nigeria.“I saw the man in my dream that night repeating the instruction. That is what convinced me to come to The SCOAN for deliverance.”

On the prayer line, Precious held up a bottle of whiskey and cried out that her life was a mess, adding that she was ready to forsake her old life of prostitution and substance abuse. “It’s the devil,” T.B. Joshua angrily declared before praying for her. Violently reacting to the prayer, she was delivered from the spirit tormenting her.'

'I now vomit at even the scent of smoke,” Precious testified, a week after her deliverance, stating that all urges to take alcohol, smoke and sleep with men had completely gone.

She tearfully advised young people not to be deceived by the lure of worldly treasures and pleasures, adding that she is actually happy for the first time in her life following her exorcism.Tawia Acheampong wrote from Accra, Ghana.



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5 States Where The General Elections Might Be Tough / Bloody .

As the General elections is drawingnearer. We take a look at 5 States wherethe coming elections may be tough or bloody.

1.) RIVERS STATEWith Gov Amaechi as the campaignmanager for General Buhari, He will try towin the state . PDP GubernatorialCandidate ‘Wike’ being a loyal person toPresident Goodluck amd Mama Peace,One will conclude that Rivers stateelections will be very tough. Recentattacks and fight in the state also confirmthat .

2.). LAGOS STATEBoth PDP and APC really count onLagosians votes to guarantee the victoryin the forthcoming elections. APC has thelikes of Tinubu, Osinbajo, Ambode andsupports of top celebrities like Olamide,Donjazzy, Dammy Krane .

APC will do allthings possible to win the state.PDP on the other side has successfullywin the Nollywood to it’s side, The partyis now in full control of the OPC .Obanikoro will try to justify hisappointment as Minister.APC also accuse Goodluck of distributingdollars to Lagosians

3.) KWARA STATERecent attacks on Buhari wife convoyshows that the political tension is alsohigh.. Senator Bukola saraki who decampsto APC from PDP is trying to follow hisfather steps to become the state politicsGenera overseer, While his sister,Gbemsola Saraki is growing stronger inPDP.

4.) OYO STATEOyo state Gubernatorial election will reallybe a tough one. Four strong people arecontesting for Governor. Alao Akala isready to take over the state by fire byforce, Ladoja is roaring like a lion tobecome the state Governor. Gov Ajimobion the other side vows to brake secondterm jinx in the state. The fight is nowbetween APC, LABOUR, APC and ACORDparty.

5.) NIGER STATEThe elections in the state will have beeneasy if not for recent decamp of somepeople members to APC in the state.The deputy Governor was recently thrownout if the Government house fordecamping to APC, This has stir up angerin the state APC.The incumbent Governor of the state willalso battle David umar for Senator.



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LL Cool J: Toddler Dances To ‘Going Back To Cali’ In Viral Video — Watch

LL Cool J needs to stop what he’s doing and watch this little girl dance to ‘Going Back To Cali’ — he would be very proud. In a new viral video, an adorable three-year-old rocks out to LL’s hit song. Click to watch!

When LL Cool J, 47, released the hit song, “Going Back To Cali,” he probably never would have thought that a tiny little girl with a giant pink bow would be his biggest fan. Thanks to YouTube, Bostyn, 3, is now a viral sensation. Why were we never this cool.


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Khloe Kardashian Feels ‘Empty’ Over Lost ‘Love’ For Lamar Odom?

Khloe got REALLY deep with her latest Instagram message. The quote she posted basically implied that she feels ‘empty’ without her ex husband, Lamar. So heartbreaking.

Clearly reminiscing about better times, Khloe Kardashian, 30, took to social media to share a sentimental quote about lost love on March 19. Is she desperately missing Lamar Odom, 35? See her sorrowful message below.


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Kylie Jenner: Her Plans To Pose For Playboy After She Turns 18

Kylie is proud of her body and wants to show it off to the world when the time is right! HollywoodLifers, do you think this is a good idea?

Kylie Jenner is forging ahead with building her career and has exclusively learned that one of the things she may do is pose for Playboy, just like her big sister, Kim Kardashian did in 2007.

 We have also learned that the Keeping Up With The Kardashiansstar wants her mom Kris Jenner to strike a deal with the men’s magazine, Playboy, but it definitely won’t happen until she’s obviously turned 18 or even a few years after.

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Human Barbie: Lacey Wildd Having 37th Surgery To Look Like Plastic Doll

Lacey Wildd, another Human Barbie, is preparing to undergo her 37th plastic surgery by getting her 13th boob job — despite warnings from doctors. Yikes!

Believe it or not, Lacey Wildd, 46, is a mother of six who aspires to look like a “cartoon character.”

 Yes, really. Not only is she ready for another surgery, but she is concerned about her weight and managed to lose a drastic 20lbs in just six weeks so that she can become a size zero.

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 Nigerian arrested at Lagos airport with Indian hemp stuffed in packs of gala.

Nigerians haven't learnt their lessons in properly checking a package given to you by a so called friends to deliver abroad. At least that's what this man is claiming...that a friend gave it to me. Me, I never collect. If you insist, I'll offer to pay for it to be sent via

Anyway, according to a report by Premium Time, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, have arrested a man who was attempting to smuggle 35.115 kg of Cannabis sativa hidden inside Nigerian made sausage rolls to China.

The 33 year old man was arrested at Murtala Mohammed International Airport, during a screening of passengers. According to the agency, Mr. Ogbonna (the smuggler) confessed saying,
"My friend in China gave me N100k to take a bag to China.

 The last time I travelled to China, he assisted me,” said Mr. Ogbonna, a trader at the Onitsha main market. “When he gave me the money to take the bag containing gala to China, I thought he was doing me a favour I never knew he was digging  my grave. After my arrest, I feel bad and regret my action. I am married with a child.”


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Amber Rose steps out in see-through outfit...& doesn't wear panties

Last night Amber Rose was spotted leaving a club in a see-through outfit. She wore a bra but forgot (deliberately) to wear panties. See more photos after the cut.......


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Stranger cuts fetus out of pregnant mother's womb during brutal home attack, then returns it.

According to a CNN report, a stranger stabbed a pregnant woman and cut her baby directly from her womb when the victim answered a Craigslist ad to buy baby clothes in Colorado, authorities said.

Police were called to a apartment in Longmont Colorado yesterday March 18th and on their arrival, they heard a woman inside screaming for help.

 An entry into the home revealed a 26-year-old woman with stab wounds in the stomach. She told them she had been 7 months pregnant, and was assaulted, stabbed and the fetus had been forcefully cut out of her womb.

It gets interesting. The victim was then transported to Longmont United Hospital, where she had surgery and is expected to survive but the suspect implicated for the stabbing, a 34 year old woman, then arrived at the same hospital with the baby at the same time, and claimed she had miscarried. Sadly, the premature baby did not make it. Officers added one and two together and arrested the woman who is now facing charges of attempted murder and child abuse.

The names of the two women have not been released, but police said they did not know each other.


Update: The woman has now been identified as Dynel Catrece Lane (pictured bove)

It gets interesting. The victim was then transported to Longmont United Hospital, where she had surgery and is expected to survive but the suspect implicated for the stabbing, a 34 year old woman, then arrived at the same hospital with the baby at the same time, and claimed she had miscarried. Sadly, the premature baby did not make it. Officers added one and two together and arrested the woman who is now facing charges of attempted murder and child abuse.

The names of the two women have not been released, but police said they did not know each other.

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''APC to Release Scandalous Documentary against GEJ 3 days to Election'' - FFK

Femi Fani Kayode, in a new statement released today, has cried out that the APC has hired 3 well known international spin doctors from two western countries and budgeted $2million to produce a blockbuster documentary that slanders President Jonathan and his government.

And that they are planning to release the documentary 3 days to the elections.Read his press release below:There are three issues that we wish to bring to the attention of the Nigerian Public today, all reflecting the sheer desperation of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to get power.

One: It has been brought to our attention by members of the covert and special operations unit of this Directorate that certain unpatriotic steps are being taken by the opposition in an attempt to discredit not just the President, but also his government and indeed our entire country.

As we are addressing you, a scurrilous and utterly baseless documentary and video has been commissioned and compiled by them. It is titled ‘’Nigerians…What Is Going On’’.

In the documentary the opposition has listed some areas which they claim reflect the corrupt nature of the Nigerian people, the nature of the President and the nature of the government that he is heading.All manner of lies, deceit, fabrication, slander, falsehood and misrepresentation of the basic facts are in thedocumentary.

 The whole thing is simply an attempt to denigrate the Nigerian people and bring is into disrepute and opprobrium before the International community.Two million dollars was budgeted for this irresponsible and shameful project and the services of no less than three specialists and well known international spin doctors from two western countries were procured.These specialists are now in Nigeria to put finishing touches to their project.

 The whole idea is to perfect the work and then release it to the international television networks and the Nigerian public three days before the elections. I will not go into detail about the contents now but some of the subheadings are as follows:*$15 million US Private Jet Arms Scandal*N5 trillion stolen under Jonathan*N21 billion Pension funds embezzled*N10 billion private jet scandal.*N1.6 trillion oil subsidy scandal, and much more.These are the obvious ones we can talk about here.

They have targeted the oil and gas sector in a particularly brutal and shameless manner and they seek to tarnish the name and image of Mr. President and those that run that sector with sleaze, dirty lies, disinformation and unsubstantiated allegations.Every single heading that we have just listed, plus all the others that we have refused to list here, are not backed up with anything tangible and are devoid of truth and substance.

 Their foundation are nothing but lies, deceit, falsehood and malevolence and the whole enterprise was put together simply to demonise the individuals concerned, to demonisethe government, to demonise Nigeria and to make the Nigerian people look like a nation of hardened criminals

.The objective of the planned documentary is to incite the people, to destabilise the country and to bring the President into utter disrepute. In order to achieve, these effectively consistent personal attacks will be launched on key government officials.

This documentary, which we consider to be very dangerous, is full of false and irresponsible postulations about what is going on in this country and if it is released in its present form it is capable of setting Nigeria on fire.

We are letting the Nigerian people know about this in good time in order to pre-empt it and we want the opposition to be fully aware of the fact that we know what they are doing, what they are planning, when they were planning it and who is involved. We also know the amount budgeted for this project, who is disbursing the money and what their real intentions are.

We also want them to be fully aware of the fact that even if General Muhammadu Buhari, Bola Tinubu, Rotimi Amaechi or any of them are in their toilets, in their bedrooms, in their covens or anywhere else they may choose to hide and hold their secret meetings, we know what they are doing.

This document was passed on to us by a loyal and patriotic Nigerian who is working with them and who is a key officer in one of their most sensitive and secret cells and covert intelligence units.

This individual was so disgusted at the level of fabrication and propaganda that they were indulging in that he felt that it was important to share the information with us. We commend the courage and patriotism of this person and we assure him of his safety.

 He made this vital information available to us and we commend him greatly for it.Finally we want to say that such an irresponsible course will not achieve the objective for which it was set

This government, this country and our dear President will not be destabilised and distracted and Nigeria will not be set on fire.TWO:Again, gentlemen of the media, our attention had been drawn to the existence of an illegal Radio station called ‘’APC RADIO’’ or ‘’RADIO CHANJI’’. This radio station has been broadcasting falsehood, propaganda and inciting comments periodically over the last few days and since inception.

We seize this opportunity to call on the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) to set its house in order while ensuring that its rules are followed. We call on them to use all means available to stop this illegal radio station from operating and if necessary to block its illegal transmissions.

The person that is heading this operation is Ambassador Yusuf Mamman, an APC leader and stalwart who has much experience in the world of special ops and disinformation and who has been given millions of dollars to start this illegal radio station.The objective of the radio station is to serve as a propaganda tool to fight the government after they lose the elections on March 28th.

 Ttruth of the matter is that this will not work. However it is important for the security agencies to arrest Yusuf Mamman and question Kayode Fayemi, Bola Tinubu, Rotimi Amaechi and the APC Presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari himself on the operation and illicit and dangerous agenda of this illegal Radio Station.We will not sit back and watch them achieve their objectives.

We will not allow them to destabilise Nigeria and we will not allow them to create a parallel government after they lose the elections.THREE:Our sources within the Buhari and APC camp have also revealed to us that Gen Muhammadu Buhari is in a quandary about what to do about the very serious allegations that have been made against Bola Tinubu when it comes to his tenure as Governor of Lagos state and thereafter.

.Buhari is said to be overwhelmed by the staggering allegations and compelling evidence that have been documented and exposed in the last few weeks about Tinubu and his closest associates

Our sources have revealed that Gen. Buhari has resolved that in the event of his winning the Presidential election, he will issue an ultimatum to Bola Tinubu.The ultimatum will be that either Tinubu would forfeit and give up 50 per cent of the money, property and the illicit gains .
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After being gifted with an all-expense paid wedding renewal prize, Ghanaian actor, Majid Michel and his wife, Virna are set to renew their wedding vows .

 The free token was presented by Ghanian diva Stacy Amoateng live on GH1 TV show, Restoration.

 During the show, Stacy simply stated: ‘This is what we’re going to do, you’ve done so well, you’ve been with your wife for so long, you guys have been there for each other; so we are giving you a treat, and with this treat, all you need to do is to provide us a date and you and Virna can say ‘I do’ again. An excited Majid immediately replied: ‘I want a trip to the moon.

Honeymoon on the moon.’ The vow-renewing event, which will be organised by Exclusive Bridals, has been slated for LaPalm Royal Beach Hotel, Accra, Ghana for Majid who has been married to his pretty wife for over nine years. The two are blessed with two daughters, Zara and Kiera.... wow beautiful couple......

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Herder Attacks Housewife For Resisting Rape Attempt In Abuja.

There was palpable tension last week at Kundu, an Abuja village in Kwali Area Council after an unidentified herdsman allegedly attacked a housewife, Mrs. Eunice Mathew, for resisting a rape attempt.Locals told City News that the victim, who sustained major injuries, was rushed to a health centre after the incident.

The victim, while narrating the incident on her hospital bed at the community on Friday, said it happened around 2p.m. when she was returning from the farm.The 28-year-old woman said she was carrying firewood on her head when a man accosted her, demanding to have sex with her but she refused.

According to her, the herdsman pushed away the firewood on her head and in the course of her struggle with him, he removed cutlass and stabbed her on the head.Her words: “The man asked me to drop the firewood on my head, saying that he wanted to have sex with me but I refused. Before I realised what was happening, he pushed the firewood away and grabbed me.

As I was struggling with him, he removed a cutlass and cut me on the head.’’She said she became unconscious after the attack for about an hour before regaining her consciousness and trekked to the village with blood all over her body.The victim said her husband took her to a health centre at the community.

The head of the community, Garba Bello, who confirmed the incident to our reporter, expressed concern over what he called incessant attacks on his people by unknown men.

He said when the victim’s husband reported the incident to him, he rushed to Kwali police divisional headquarters to lodge a complaint.“Policemen from the division came to take the victim’s statement after the report,’’ he added.

The community head recalled how some herdsmen in the area invaded their farms and destroyed crops last year, adding that a farmer was attacked in the process.

The mobile line of the Kwali Divisional Police Officer (DPO), Mr. Philip Egueme, was switched off when City News called him but a police officer at the division confirmed the incident, saying the police were investigating the matter.


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Bearded lady reveals she now loves her unshaven look after years of bullying

24yr old Harnaam Kaur, who lives in Berkshire, UK, and suffers from what doctors calls polycystic ovary syndrome (facial hair growth in women) says she now loves her beards and have stopped trying to get rid of it. Harnaam said she started growing the beards when she was just 11 years old and had to endure years of bullying and people making fun of her.

Harnaam, who once attempted suicide, had in the past tried to wax, bleach and shave the hair which also started growing on her chest and arms but finally decided to stop after being baptised as a Sikh, a religion that forbids the cutting of body hair. She's now speaking up about her new-found confidence.

Speaking during an appearance on This Morning, Harnaam said:
"At the end of the day, I love myself and the way that I'm formed. Going through primary and secondary school with the facial hair, kids can be nasty. It led me to self harm and wanting to take my own life. It takes a lot of strength to say, 'I want to kill myself. A split second is all it took. That thought process really empowered me to just carry on with life.
"I'm more spiritual now than I am religious, I live my life the way I see fit. I stand for what I am. To be labelled as a woman you can look however you want."
Harnaam is now working on a campaign to show that name-calling has a big impact with anti-bullying charity Fixers and appears in a short film with her brother.

Source: Standard UK

Nigerian Military Plans To Establish Interim Government- Prof. Wole Soyinka

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The Nigerian Nobel laureate for literature, Wole Soyinka, has expressed concerns in an interview with DW that the military could take power following presidential elections in Nigeria on March 28.

 The 80-year-old writer, who has taken an active role in African politics for more than 50 years, says he fears there are "clear indications of a military intervention."Soyinka told DW: "Ex military officers and security officers are trying to push aside the political contestants and use the unrest as an excuse to establish an interim government. The nature of the interim government wants to pretend it's not really a military intervention.

 A few political leaders, well-known civilians, want to give the veneer of civilian structure, but basically it’s a kind of political intervention."The presidential election in Nigeria, Africa's strongest economy, was originally scheduled to take place in February before it was postponed by six weeks.

 The vote pits Christian incumbent Goodluck Jonathan against Muslim Muhammadu Buhari.Soyinka says his country "is aspiring very hard to become a failed state." Speaking about the more than 200 schoolgirls who were kidnapped by terror group Boko Haram in northeastern Nigeria a year ago, he expressed little hope that "the majority of them" will ever be found.

 Despite military gains made by troops from neighboring Cameroon, Niger and Chad, Soyinka believes there’s no chance of a rapid victory over the jihadist group. "It will take a generation at least to exterminate this phenomenon altogether.

The military would not have had to cope with Boko Haram on this level if the proper action had been taken at the right time. This is the biggest the problem I have with the Jonathan government."

Soyinka also laments the increasingly aggressive direction the election campaign in Nigeria is taking. Recently, the president’s wife Patience Jonathan called on her husband’s followers to stone people who demanded a different leader.

 Political observers saw this as a call for violence against the main opposition party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), which is campaigning on a platform of change.

Soyinka told DW that while he doesn't support the opposition's move to file criminal charges against the First Lady in the International Criminal Court, her comments should not go unchecked."What she said was totally unacceptable. I no longer regard her as the First Lady of Nigeria," he said.

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Survey Tips Buhari To Win March 28 Election- The Sun Newspapers.

Just ten days to the presidential election of March 28, a sur­vey carried out by a National Think Tank Group, has pre­dicted victory for the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), General Muhammadu Bu­hari.

The two-page analysis of the survey, tagged: “Straw Predic­tion of 2015 Presidential Election”, made available to Daily Sun by Dr. Peter Orji, gave Buhari/APC an estimated votes of 15.4 million and President Goodluck Jonathan of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), 11 million.

The researchers stated that they ar­rived at the figures after “a careful study of the demographics of Nigeria voting patterns,based on an unbiased analysis of how voters shall cast their votes.”According to the group, Buhari would lead in the North-East, North- West, North-Central and South-West, while Jonathan would win in the South-South and South-East.

The survey said Buhari would even­tually have an upper hand going by heavy votes he would record in his catchment areas against Jonathan, who the survey said, would garner fewer votes in his areas of strength.However, unlike 2011, General Buhari, the survey said, “will secure substantial votes in the North-Central and greatly improve his showing in the South-East.”

The survey summed up the distribu­tion of the votes across the zones thus: “North-Central, PDP, 1.73million, APC, 1.86million. North-East, PDP, 1.3million, APC, 2.55million. North- West, PDP 2.15million, APC, 5.65mil­lion. South-East, PDP 1.65million, APC, 650,000. South-South, PDP, 2,.2million APC, 1.7million. South- West, PDP, 2million, APC, 2.9million. FCT, PDP, 150,000, APC, 200,000.

In summary, the survey revealed that, “the APC candidate will carry all the states in North-West and North- East and will win marginally in North- Central,” saying, “the margin of vic­tory for Gen. Buhari is a staggering 4.4million votes and it is impossible for President Jonathan to close such a margin.”

What would boost Buhari’s victory in the North-East and North-West, the poll explained, would largely be due to expected increase in the vot­ers’ turnout, “whilst the turnout in the South-East and South-South is likely to decrease.

The simple explanation, according to the group, “is that the North-East, North-West and South-West zones feel that their sons, Buhari and Osinbanjo, are on the APC ticket and considering the number of votes accruing to the three zones, Jonathan will find it abso­lutely impossible to fill the gap.”

While concluding, the group said that, “because of the postponement that occurred five weeks ago, a repeat this time will not go down well with Nigerians who very likely will accuse the administration of having its hand in disrupting the process, and because of the tight timelines to avoid a pos­sible constitutional crisis a shift in the elections this time may become im­possible to contemplate.

”Source: The SunNewpaper Cover Story!


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This is so heart breaking and sad .

Graphic Photo Of Kids Murdered By Fulanis In Agatu, Benue State .

I woke up to find this photo in my inbox. It was sent by a family friend serving in Benue.

These kids were reportedly murderes by some fulanis in Agatu , Benue state.For how long will these fulanis keep going on killing spree in their host communities .


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Female Child Thief Nabbed, Stripped & Clubbed To Death In Owerri .

A suspected child thief was Tuesday nabbed, stripped Unclad and clubbed to death in Owerri, Imo State capital.The middled aged woman, who was identified simply as Chioma, was allegedly caught while trying to steal a baby boy at the Ogugba Park, in Owerri municipality.

Vanguard gathered that before the angry mob snuffed life out of the alleged child thief, she was made to confess her sins.She allegedly confirmed had she was the only daughter of her parents and hailed from Obudi Agwa in Oguta local council area, but resided at Ogbaku in Mbaitoli local government area of the state.

A woman, who claimed to be an eye witness but simply identified herself as Nnenna, told Vanguard that “the lady carefully took the little boy from where his mother laid him”.Continuing, Nnenna said that the now dead child thief wanted to hurriedly leave the scene after picking the boy but luck ran out on her as she was nabbed by people around the scene.

“The angry mob was not prepared to listen to those that wanted her to be handed over to the police for proper investigation. Barely a few minutes after stripping her, the mob descended on her and the rest became history”, Nnenna recalled.

Speaking to Vanguard also, the stunned mother of the child who could not find the strength to mention her name, thanked God for saving her family from the agony that would have befallen them.

She thanked those who spotted the child thief early enough and stopped her from taking her child away.Efforts made to speak with the Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, Mr. Andrew Enwerem, failed as his mobile line could not be reached before going to press.


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FFK comes for Gov. Amaechi's father, says he was a palm-wine tapping peasant.

 Femi Fani-Kayode don't play around lol ! Tell me what you think guys ?


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Michelle Obama stuns in floral Kenzo dress as she arrirves Japan.

US First Lady Michelle Obama touched down Japan yesterday March 18th in this beautiful brightly printed Kenzo’s Fall 2014 collection, which costs around $700. She paired the dress with a metallic belt and black pumps. See more photos after the cut...

She is so gorgeous . What do you think guys ????


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Photo: Woman bites off another woman's lip over gossip in Lagos.

Ada Joy Samuel, (pictured above) lost a part of her lower lip during a street fight with her friend, Ejiofor Chioma, in the Ajao Estate area of Lagos state.

According to reports, Chioma, a mother of four, accosted Ada at Canal Extension, off Itanola Drive, Ajao Estate where the two reside, and accused her of gossiping about her to others in the area. Chioma's husband had recently relocated to the village and she accused Ada of telling neighbours that she'd began sleeping around because her husband was no longer around. Instead of trying to calm the woman down, Ada is reported to have shouted back at Chioma and told her to go to hell. This resulted in the women engaging in a public fight and Ada losing her lip.

During the fight, Chioma  grabbed Ada and bit off part off her lower lip which fell on the ground. Ada started bleeding profusely and was rushed to a hospital. Chioma was arrested and taken to the Police Station at Ajao Division.

She has since been charged before an Isolo Magistrates’ Court where the case is pending

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 letter to single & married women from a single independent woman.

Yesterday, a single woman replied the open letter from a married woman. (read here). Now, an unmarried independent woman has something to say about both letters and she has a different point of view. Read below..
Dear Single and Married Ladies,
Thank you all for your letters, they have been quite enlightening & entertaining, nonetheless, extremely misleading.
I cannot speak for every lady in Nigeria but I surely refuse to stand by and let the two of you individuals speak for all ladies. I am currently unmarried but I do not fall under any of the categories of ladies that have spoken.
Yes I believe that some single ladies are to blame for this nasty trend of extramarital relationships. In the same vein I also believe that these men are also responsible for this. This is a 2-way street. No one person can achieve a relationship on their own.

I am of pretty high moral standard. I am no goody 2-shoes but I have my standards and principles. I do not date married men.  I do not accept money from men. There are many unmarried women like myself. We exist. We are not extinct. Young ladies and girls, please watch us, not these other species of women.

Married women, if your husband is cheating on you: your husband is to blame. You have to accept the fact that HE is the one who marriedyou and owes you loyalty. He swore to be with you and you alone. You insist that ‘single ladies’ should be independent but you also have to take a closer look at yourself. Are you independent? Do you collect money for credit, hair, food and everything else from your husband? If your husband were to embarrass you so much with his philandering, are you independent enough to leave him. If he were to leave you for a ‘single lady’ would you have to go back to your parents house?

Single ladies, I will never support a woman or even be categorized with any one who thinks it’s okay to succumb to the pressure of prostitution. You make it sound trendy but its not. If you are sleeping with a man because he buys you gifts and plane tickets, then you are a clear-cut prostitute. There are no 2 definitions for it.

Ladies do not get vicious. Ladies do not cut people with razor. Ladies do not do jazz or whatever. Ladies are respectable and respect other ladies.

Ladies, we have to have each other’s backs. We have to support each other and promote each other. Stop pouring sand in other people’s garri.

On another note, if you are being abused at home please speak up. If a man has ever forced you to commit sexual acts you did not consent to, please speak up. No do domestic violence. No to rape.

Unmarried, independent woman.

Source linda ikeji blog


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7 Things to Do When You’re in Love with a Married Man

Julia MelkoShareTweet+ 1MailA relationship with a married man can bring real problems into your life. It can cause work problem or even ruin your carrier entirely if relations are with your boss or colleague. Not to mention bad reputation. This kind of relations may be fun but are they worth all the damage they can cause to your life? I would not call it the worst thing ever, but you need to think carefully whether you really want it.

1. Get to know him better

There is such kind of men who will try to make relations even if they are married, usually, with the help of lies about unhappy marriage. You must understand that nothing will make them divorce, and even if they do, will it be possible for you to trust them? Don’t answer their “feelings”, and they might just switch to another woman and let you see who they really are.Read also – 6 Signs You Are Dating a Married Man

2. Don’t dramatize the situation

This kind of relations happens in life quite often so there is no need to feel like your life is over. But it is not a Romeo and Juliet kind of forbidden love as well, and it is better to see the reality as it is. Try to amuse yourself, go out, meet different people and you might find just the right bachelor to match your idea of a perfect man.

3. Look on the bright side of the situation

You found an ideal man you always dreamt of, but unfortunately he is not single already. It makes you want to cry, but look on the bright side of the situation. Now you know what your man must be like. It is not the best easement, but it may help a little.

4. Don’t become “The Other Woman”

Sometimes you can find a guy who publicly acknowledges his marriage as fail, but don’t let him make you play along as you soon will find yourself accused in all the problems of his marriage and even got a reputation as a homewrecker. Just wait for him to settle his problems without you, and it might be of use.

5. He’s not an ideal man

You may think he is a prince Charming, but do you really know him that good? Everyone wants to make a good impression on the one he likes and this might be just the case. He may have habits you will not like when you get to know him better. You may find that any other guy is better, this one just unreachable what makes him more interesting to get. So why risk if you don’t even have an opportunity to know him good enough and can turn your attention to more suitable candidates?Read also – 8 Signs You are NOT Ready to Get Married

6. Avoid intimate communication

Overly intimate communication is not the best thing you need. It can cause you unnecessary troubles and entangled situations. It usually looks as if you are doing nothing bad but don’t let him think you will do anything for him. It will be better for you and can make him respect you even more. Or perhaps, it can make him find another woman to cheat his wife with.

7. Look for a reason

If you fancy a married guy it is not a big problem, unless it is become a habit. But if it happens all the time you need to think of reasons of it. Why do you prefer married ones?

 Is it because of competition or do you need to prove something? Or, you just don’t want stable relations, and marriage of your men makes it easier?If you ever experienced this kind of relationship and have useful information that may help others to understand the situation deeper, please do share it with us.


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8 Signs You are NOT Ready to Get Married.

Julia MelkoShareTweet+ 1MailUnfortunately, nowadays we can find more divorce stories than romantic stories about marriage and love. One of the most obvious reasons why couples feel trapped or suffocated in their marriage and why marriages break is because they were not ready for it. There is nothing more frightening than tying the knot with a partner when you’re not ready. Check out a few signs that you are not ready for marriage.

1. You are still not over your Ex

This is one of the signs you shouldn’t get married. If you are still not over your ex, it’s not the right time even for dating someone, not to mention marriage. Give yourself time to get over the past. Once you are, you’ll become wiser and stronger to get into new relationship.

2. You and your partner are not financially stable

Marriage is not only two people coming together to spend their whole life happy with each other. Entering into marriage is a big responsibility. If you and your partner are financially stable, your wedlock will be a day of celebration. If you are not, it will be a big financial drain. Moreover, expenses increase once you get married. It’s better to wait until you’re financially stable before getting married.

3. You want the wedding, not the marriage

A wedding is the inauguration or celebration of something beautiful and holy called wedlock. And while a wedding lasts only one day, marriage lasts for the rest of your life. So it is necessary to think more about your marriage than your wedding. Most women are obsessed with the wedding part, not the marriage part, and only after the celebration they realize what the marriage is all about.

4. You two are not sexually compatible

Many people think that sex is not a big deal, but it is very important, especially in a marriage. Sexual incompatibility can create serious problems in your relationship and lead to infidelity. No matter whether he is the best man in the world, and has the potential to be the best father and best husband, if the sex sucks, you’re going to regret marrying him.

5. You are not ready to be a parent

Sooner or later, parenthood follows a marriage. It is necessary to be both mentally and physically prepared to have children and be ready to look after them. Otherwise, if you have children later and are not prepared for it, it can ruin your relationship with your partner. Think twice before getting married. Will you be able to raise your kids with care and love when you have them?

6. You can’t stay faithful

Trust in marriage is one of the most significant parts of your commitment. Anything may be forgiven, except infidelity. Breaking your partner’s trust is probably the worst thing you can do to him, especially after you’re married him. If you feel the urge to cheat on your partner, then you’re either not with the right person or you’re not ready for marriage. Find out the reason before entering into marriage.

7. You just met him recently

It’s hard to judge a person when you just meet him. It takes time to understand a person. And marrying someone you barely know is like walking blindly on a bridge without edges. Even if you consider him to be Mr. Right, wait for a while, enjoy your dating phase and get to know him better. Once you’re done with all of this, you can think about marriage.

8. You are not in love anymore

Finally, if you don’t feel love for the person you’re planning to marry, then how are you going to love him for the rest of your life?

Being married to a person you don’t love will not only make your life unhappy, but you’ll also never be able to keep your partner happy. Marry a person you really love.I hope these signs will help you to take the right decision.

 Remember, being married should make you happy. And you should also be emotionally, mentally and physically ready for it. Do you have something to add? Share your thoughts, please!


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 Drake was manhandled at a club in Dubai, which triggered a melee that put the aggressor where he belongs ... on the ground.Drake and his crew were at Movida nightclub Saturday night, along with a huge crowd ... Dubai does it big.

Watch the video closely ... you'll see the guy grab the back of Drake's head and shove it down.Drake is clearly pissed off, and gives the guy a death stare.

But club security jumps in and gets the job done STAT.BTW, Drake was in the country as a guest of the royal family. It's unclear if members of the family were on hand when Drake was assaulted.


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Chris Brown’s Worst Nightmare: Karrueche Tran Will Tell All In OWN Interview

Karrueche plans on revealing everything about her relationship with Chris, including his new baby and what happened between him and Rihanna, during her OWN interview with spiritual life coach Iyanla Vanzant, has EXCLUSIVELY learned. Don’t miss it!

Chris Brown, 25, is probably freaking out right now because his ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, who dumped him after finding out he cheated on her and impregnated another woman, is doing an interview with spiritual life coach Iyanla Vanzant on OWN. Karrueche, 26, doesn’t plan on holding anything back — all topics are on the table!


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Check this out; Kylie Jenner: How Kris Is Helping Her Become A Bigger Sex Symbol Than Kendall

Kylie Jenner’s sexy new image may be shocking to some, but Kris Jenner is supporting her daughter’s transformation. In fact, the Kardashian matriarch has a long-term plan for Kylie to become a bona fide sex symbol, has EXCLUSIVELY learned.

Kylie Jenner‘s recent bondage bikini photo shoot, as well as her ongoing racy Instagram pics, are all part ofKris Jenner‘s long-term, master plan for the 17-year-oldKeeping Up with the Kardashians star to become a bigger sex symbol than her sisters, once she gets a little older.

what do you think guys ?


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Patrick Schwarzenegger’s Begging Miley Cyrus For A Second Chance

Following their sudden breakup, Patrick is begging Miley to forgive him and take him back! Will she? has the EXCLUSIVE details on whether Miley’s going to give Patrick a second chance.

Miley Cyrus, 22,  and Patrick Schwarzenegger, 21, split after photos, which show Patrick getting cozy with another woman during Spring Break in Cabo, emerged.

Ever since Miley kicked Patrick to the curb, however, he’s been begging and pleading with her to take him back, has EXCLUSIVELY learned. Is there a chance she’ll forgive him and decide to reconcile? Here’s what we know.


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Amaechi Pressurising Me To Free Hardened Criminals – Rivers .

The Commissioner of the Rivers State Police Command, Dan Bature has said that Governor Chibuike Amaechi has being raising false alarm against the Command because he refused to bow to pressure to release hardened criminals involved in heinous cases of murder, deadly cult activities, unlawful possession of firearms, kidnappings and sundry acts of lawlessness that ordinarily would have been charged to court but for the industrial action of the Rivers state judiciary.

In a strongly worded press statement signed by the CP Dan Bature, he said: “It is strongly believed that the vituperations are frustrating signs of the Government’s inability to pressure the Command to release hardened criminals involved heinous cases of murder, deadly cult activities, unlawful firearms possession, kidnappings and sundry acts of lawlessness that ordinarily would have been charged to court but for the industrial action of the Rivers State Judiciary”.

The CP said he has restrained himself from joining issues with the state governor but is once again constraint to respond to what he called “the spurious and wispy allegations against it and false alarm raised by His Excellency, Rt Hon. Chibuike R. Amaechi, the Executive Governor of Rivers State, to the effect that the Command exposes Hon. Dakuku Peterside, the Rivers State’s All Progressives Congress (APC) gubernatorial candidate to danger by withdrawing policemen attached to him, unsubstantiated killings and plan to arrest supporters of his party”.

He denied ever withdrawing the police cover to Dakuku Peterside as alleged by the Governor.

He said that it is on record that since he assumed duty as the Commissioner of Police six months ago, he has remained focused and committed to performing my constitutional duties and responsibilities of protecting lives and property amongst others.

 And has refused to be provoked or drawn in unnecessary responses to the avalanche of unsubstantiated allegations, in most cases wild imaginations that are predicated in falsehood that seem to be the penchant of the State Government.Bature said he do not intend to dignify the false alarms raised in the recent press briefing by the State Government, but it is necessary to put records straight.

On the recent redeployment of C4i Policemen from Hon. Dakuku Peterside a few days after the Rivers PDP called for its disbandment on allegation that it has been engaged in terror activities, Bature explained that the C4i unit were redeployed to their traditional duties of fighting violent crimes and their immediate replacement with the elite Special Protection Unit (SPU) has now been attributed to withdrawal of the policemen attached to him.

He dismissed claimed by Amaechi that APC supporters were politically assassinated or hounded to prison at the behest of the state PDP.

He wondered why cases of cultists’ related clashes that sometimes resulted in deaths have suddenly been attributed to killing of political party supporters.The CP said the alleged killing of seven supporters of a political party is not only unfounded as the Command has not received such report.He also wondered “arrests made on cases of unlawful possession of firearms, robbery, cultism and murder are now attributed to politics.

What a mathematical wonder! Six suspects arrested and charged to court for unlawful possessions of firearms have now become over 400 supporters of a political party in our custody”.He debunked the allegation of the purported plan to arrest 307 leaders of a political party is nothing but a ruse to whip up public sympathy.

Bature said the Command has no plan to arbitrarily arrest anybody.But that anyone who is not planning to cause or foster violence or breach of public peace has no cause to fear or raise false alarm.

He cautioned that on security matters, “we should be mindful of the fact that security issues are not matters for comical entertainment”.

The CP said the Command remains focused in its mandate to serve and protect the people and overall interest of the State. No amount of distractions would deter us from performing our constitutional assigned roles, please.


INEC Ready For Next Week's General Elections - Jega .

Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, Prof Attahiru Jega says the electoral body is ready to conduct the general elections which starts next week Saturday March 28th.

At a meeting with some Civil Society bodies in Abuja today, Prof Jega said the time provided by the postponement has helped the commission articulate its plan for the conduct of a successful election"We believe very strongly that the period of the extension has been put to good use and it has added value and obviously we would be able to do a much better election and it also enforced our belief that the elections for 2015 will be remarkably better than the 2011 elections and in fact we believe it will be the best election in Nigeria's history" he said.

He however raised concerns over the security of INEC staffs and NYSC members who would be working during the election days"Clearly security remains an issue of concern particularly securing the staff of INEC as they are being deployed or as they are conducting the elections and also protecting the election environment" he said.


Girl Stabs Boyfriend To Death At DS ICT Polytechnic Abeokuta (Graphic Photo) .

 On Mar 18A young man,Moses Eric was stabbed to death by his girlfriend yesterday at the DS ICT polytechnic in Abeokuta, Ogun state.

Moses and his girlfriend reportedly had a quarrel and in the process of arguing, the girl dashed to her room, returned with a knife and stabbed the late Moses in his chest.From what i gathered, the girl is already in custody.


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Aisha Mustapha's Body After She Was Found (Graphic Photo)

I just got this photo of the late Aisha...May her killer know no peace!UPDATED STORY : I got more details on her death from an eyewitness who revealed that the murder was committed by a neighbour, a married man she reportedly got pregnant for.

The guy who also resides in the estate argued with her and threatened her after she said she will tell his wife about the pregnancy she had for him.

The man got angry after she said she will report to his wife and struggle ensued. Moments later, she ran out of the house with scars all over her body, and while running she fell into the gutter.

when she was found by neighbors , She was still breathing so she was rushed to a specialist hospital along Ogudu road then to the General Hospital in Gbagada, but no one would admit her without a police report, that was when she was taken to the police station. it was there she gave up the ghost.The murder weapon, a bloodied knife, was reportedly seen but later got missing.

The suspect is currently being detained at the Area 'f' police station in the estate.


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Soldiers Shoot At Professor Abdulahi's Car For Overtaking Their Convoy In Bauchi.

Prof Ango Abdullahi Shot In BauchiVanguard gathered that the former Vice Chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, attacked his car as soldiers shot at the car as his driver overtook a military convoy.

Narrating what happened to newsmen in Bauchi yesterday, Professor Abdullahi said he was on his way for an official assignment at Bauchi State University, Gadau, where he is the chairman of the university’s governing council.“It was in the morning as I was travelling in my official car with my driver.

 I was going to Gadau for a meeting. We had just passed the Awala Hotel roundabout when I saw a military convoy moving very slowly.“I was trying to catch up for the meeting, so my driver overtook the military convoy.

The next thing I knew they opened fire at us, with bullets were sprayed on the car.“The bullets damaged the engine of the car, damaged the car that we had to park by the road side. The soldiers came out and were shouting angrily at us. “

They were demanding to know why we wanted to overtake them, asking if we didn’t know that the soldiers were exporting sensitive materials,” he said.According to him, “they just left us there and continued their movement. I have never seen such a reckless act.

“I called the Commissioner for Higher Education and told him. The Commissioner for Higher Education called the security agencies chiefs to inform them of what happened.