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Mother who didn’t know she was pregnant gives birth on the toilet… for the SECOND time (and her first baby was born on the bathroom flooor.

Kirsty Parker, 25, thought that she was just having stomach pains .But she was stunned when her 3lb 4oz baby daughter fell into the toilet.

This is the second time mum-of-three has given birth into a lavatory.Her first child was also born in the bathroom at her mother's house  A mother who didn't know she was pregnant is in shock after she gave birth down the toilet - for the second time.Stunned Kirsty Parker, 25, went to the loo with stomach pains but minutes later suddenly went into labour.Before she knew what was happening her 3lb 40z baby daughter Ruby had arrived - and landed in the toilet bowl.

Kirsty Parker holds her baby Ruby in the hospital - the tiny tot was born into the toilet, however, it was not the first time as Kirsty also had her older daughter Amber in the same wayShe fished the newborn out of the water and mother and baby are both doing well since the dramatic arrival.

The unexpected birth came just nine months after her previous child Amber was born - also down the toilet.Kirsty had shown no signs of pregnancy apart from gaining a small amount of weight and feeling 'a little moody'.


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Kim Kardashian Goes Back To Brown Hair — Ditches Blonde After Disses?

Bye bye blonde already? Kim showed off gorgeous flowing dark hair in a new Instagram pic after her platinum blonde hair was the target of some disses! Has she gone back to her roots?

Kim Kardashian‘s platinum blonde makeover has been the talk of the town — and she’s definitely received some heat for her daring ‘do! When she sported dark locks on Instagram on March 20, many were wondering if she had ditched her blonde hair already!


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20 Hours Ago The ex-fiancée/baby mama of hip-hop legend Dr. Dreclaims he used to beat her on the regular ... and gave out a laundry list of her injuries for the world to hear.

 Michel'le -- an R&B singer who now appears on the show "R&B Divas: Los Angeles" -- was a guest on "The Breakfast Club" Friday morning, when the topic turned to Dre.

She didn't hold back -- and while Michel'le's made similar allegations before ... this time she added details about scars and broken bones. We reached out to Dre's people ... they had no comment.


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Okadaman Goes "Mad" After Police Arrest, Strips Himself Unclad [PICS]

According to those who took these photos, it's not clear If the Okadaman stripped himself or the police removed his trousers during a scuffle with them after they seized his Okada at Station bus-stop, Iju road, Agege.

The police were alsos said to have sprayed teargas into the Okada man's eyes.


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Checkout Iyanya's Fleet Of Expensive Cars(photos)   When you are a big boy you show it in many ways.  Iyanya has got swag.Checkout his expensive fleet of cars.

Framed Photograph Of S’west Governor Found In Ogun ‘kidnappers Den’

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Framed Photograph Of S’west Governor Found In Ogun ‘kidnappers Den’.

A room in the buildingIf residents of Omotedo, Oke-Afa area of Magboro in Ogun State had any inkling of the frightening activities going on in their area, they could not have imagined the extent of what was found in a shrine discovered by the police in the state on Sunday, March 15, 2015In a commando-style operation, policemen from the Ibafo Division reinforced by more operatives from the Zone 2 Police Command, Onikan, Lagos, stormed the shrine.

Located about five minutes off the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, our correspondent visited the shrine and saw first-hand what could best be described as a dark grove which, no faint-hearted human being would dare enter.The items recovered in the shrine include a framed photograph of a South-West governor.

A barely motorable road leads to the shrine from a newly constructed housing estate, which lies in contrast to the horror that lay beyond.Jimoh at the entrance of one of the shrinesThe building, which is shaded a little by some trees, has no door opening outwards. In fact, the entrance is fenced off to conceal whatever was going on inside.

There are six rooms inside the building, which was constructed with concrete blocks. But entering the room gives one immediate understanding that it was never built to be a residential building. Each of the six rooms in the building is fashioned into groves with figurines in each of them.

Some of the figurines are so imposing that they tower above a human being. There are more shrines and altars outside the building but within the compound.In the passage of the house, is an altar, which has been smeared with blood. Dry blood of different shades is noticeably splashed on the wall beside the altar. Surrounding the altar also are many bottles of Schnapps alcoholic drinks.

Divisional Police Officer of Ibafo, Mr. Salau Jimoh, a chief superintendent of police, who led the team of police operatives to the shrine explained that, by the time his men got to the scene, it had been abandoned by the users.The police suspect that the shrine might have been used by kidnappers and fraudsters.“By the look of things, the suspects must have been using the shrine for a long time,” Jimoh said.

The Baale (community head) of Omotedo, Chief Muftau Aremu-Sani, told Saturday PUNCH that he got a report from people who saw the strange activities going on in the vicinity of the compound and decided to alert the police.He said, “I was shocked that something like this could be going on in my domain.

 I was told by people who see those who go in and out of the place that they might be either kidnappers or fraudsters and thought that only the police could handle the matter.“

People moving around the place could not have been easily noticed over the years since the place is a developing site visited often.”Written on the wall of the shrine is a phone number, which investigation revealed was registered in the name, ‘Chairman Lemu.

’ However, the case took a different twist when our correspondent dialed the phone number and a man, who answered the phone identified himself as Adewale Adetujoye.He told our correspondent over the phone, “The place was never used by kidnappers or fraudsters. It was used as a shrine by a herbalist who used the place to practise his trade.“I was the herbalist’s secretary.

 In fact this phone number belongs to him, I only retained it to receive calls from his customers because he has been taken abroad by his children after he took ill.“I suspect the lie about the place being a kidnappers’ den was being circulated by the Baale of the area who wants to snatch the land from the herbalist.”

Adetujoye explained that the photograph of the South-West governor got there by mistake.“Baba (the herbalist) wanted to put up a framed photograph of another governor but was bought the wrong governor’s photograph,” he said.

The Police Public Relations Officer in Ogun State, Mr. Muyiwa Adejobi, told Saturday PUNCH that from all indications, the shrine might have been used for rituals and by fraudsters who use the spiritual gimmicks to defraud victims in the past.“

Right now, we are working with relevant authorities to see to the possible demolition of the building,” Adejobi said.


How Nigerian Universities Encourage Sexual Harassment Of Female Students.

When Blessing, a 300-level undergraduate female student of the Sociology Department, University of Lagos, approached one of her lecturers for extra tutorial on a problematic module, she did not bargain to be the object of the lecturer’s sexual fancy.

“He didn’t even bother to explain the topic to me. Maybe he thought I was flirting with him but I’m sure I did not leave that impression,” said Blessing, who refused to allow the use of her actual names.Soon, the lecturer started inviting her to beer parlours outside the campus. Blessing said she initially responded out of respect but I stopped answering the lecturer’s phone calls the day he tried to touch her bosom in public.

 She completely avoided him after the man asked her to meet him at a guest house in Palmgroove, in Lagos.That was when all hell broke loose, she told PREMIUM TIMES in a recent interview.Blessing claimed she was deliberately picked on and embarrassed in class, and at the end of the semester, despite her best effort, she was scored D by the lecturer.

“Because of what happened, I tried my best and I’m sure I would have scored at least 60 (B) from what I wrote but he decided to punish me by scoring me 45.”

 Blessing seemed lucky as thousands of mostly female university students in Nigeria have faced even worse situations at the hands of philandering lecturers, other university staff and even fellow students, anti-sexual harassment campaigners say.

Some lecturers have failed students repeatedly until they yielded to their sexual demands. Students who would not compromise have been harassed out of school. Well-known assailants have raped others with little attempt by university authorities to apprehend the attackers.

Joy Ezeilo, the Executive Director of Women’s Aid Collective and a lecturer at the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus, told PREMIUM TIMES the story of a female student who was chased into a classroom in a university and snatched away in the full glare of everyone to be raped by her assailants. No one raised a finger to protect her.

 She also narrated the story of a lecturer who was nicknamed “Kiss-me-and-pass” because he often asked female students to kiss him if they wanted better grades.

Despite the prevalence of sexual harassment and sexual assaults in Nigerian universities, PREMIUM TIMES investigation, which involved talking to students from at least eight universities, administrators, lecturers, members of university academic union from across Nigeria, revealed a near total neglect of the issue and lack of will to even discuss it.

In many cases, lecturers and other employees who were indicted were merely told to go and sin no more. Apart from few cases involving well-connected students, hardly do Nigerian universities fire lecturers for sexually harassing female students.

 Universities, including privately owned institutions, have also unilaterally rejected calls by campaigners and human rights activists to implement sexual harassment policies as a means of tackling the problem.

 Almost all the students who spoke to PREMIUM TIMES claimed that they have either been sexually harassed or know another student who had been harassed by a lecturer or other university staff. Many of them confessed that they were neither aware of where to go nor whom to approach when lecturers or male students harassed them.

 All of them expressed a lack of faith in the ability or willingness of their university management to provide justice in cases of sexual harassment and sexual assault. Almost all the students who claimed to have been sexually harassed said they feared being victimised if they reported.

 “I did not report because nothing would come out it. Also, there will be further problems for me, maybe from other lecturers who are also doing that. Then, my boyfriend said I should not report. As I didn’t agree to sleep with the man, he failed me and I am still carrying the course till now,” said Hamzat Kaothar, a third year Banking student of the University of Abuja. “I don’t have confidence in the school system, not to talk of the department.

 And that’s it if you ask anybody. Lecturers go unpunished after abusing students and refusal even leads to failure. But I think the new Vice Chancellor is bringing discipline to the school.”

Another victim of sexual harassment, Chinelo Emenike, a Business Administration student at the Imo State University, said she reported the attack to her Head of Department who “did not even think it was a big deal”.

Except for the University of Port Harcourt, sexual harassment, references to sexual exploitation of students or how they might seek redress was not mentioned in any of the sampled institutions’ handbook, universities’ primary source of information, guidelines and policies. Even UNIPORT merely glossed over the matter.

 Page 1 of one of the university’s handbook under the title: Professional Ethics Committee Code of Conduct for Staff and Students, lecturers were advised ’’not victimize students for sex, ethnic, religious or personal reasons.’’In the same vein students were warned “not offer money, sex or other enticement in exchange for higher grade or alteration/forgery of record/documents.”

 Nothing was said about the punishment to be meted out on defaulting lecturers and how students could possibly get justice if harassed by staff of the university. Though the University of Lagos students’ handbook did not say anything about sexual harassment and students said they were not told anything specifically about sexual harassment, the institution however has an emergency helpline (012902989) which students can call if they got into any form of trouble.

The number, however, was not functional during the investigation for this story.All the students who spoke to us also said sexual harassment was not mentioned during orientation. Blessing Eshaleku, a Linguistics student at the University of Jos, said students were only told to avoid dressing in manners that make them susceptible to harassment from lecturers and other male students.

The Student Affairs departments of all the universities in this survey refused to respond to our requests for information about how sexual harassment is handled and measures put in place to deter lecturers from leeching on female students.

They also could not provide data on the number of complaints they received from students and how many lecturers have been sanctioned in the past for sexual related offences.

A senior employee of the Student Affairs department of the University of Abuja, who pleaded not to be mentioned because he did not obtain the Vice Chancellor’s approval to talk to the press, confessed that though things are beginning to change, there are no strong mechanisms in place to address the problem.

 He also blamed students for not coming forward to report lecturers and admitted that this could be for a lack of confidence in the university to provide justice. Similarly, the Academic Staff Union of Universities has done nothing to rein its members in. The union has no mechanism in place to tackle the issue and penalise erring members.

The Chairman of the Lagos State University (LASU) chapter of ASUU, Adekunle Idris, said though the National Executive Council of ASUU is now planning to push the matter to the front burner, he admitted that all the union has been doing was to merely appeal to lecturers to desist from the act.

“The truth of the matter is for now we don’t have specific guidance in respect to sanctions. What we are doing is to continually sensitise our members in terms of seminars in terms of talking to one another during our congresses to ensure that best practises are always adhered to during all our activities.

It is only a matter of moral suasion we are having for now,” he said.

Taking Law into their hands The lack of willingness of universities to vigorously tackle sexual harassment and other forms of sexual assaults such as sex-for-marks coupled with a lack of faith in the system to impartially dispense justice, have seen some students resort to taking the law into their hands.

 Some lecturers have been set up, stripped, beaten and humiliated by students desperate for revenge. In 2013, a video of Ifeanyi Raphael, a lecturer at the Delta State University, went viral on social media. He was caught with his pants down, literally, with a female student who had rebuffed earlier advances from him.

The student claimed Mr. Raphael failed her when she was in her second year after she turned down his demands for sex. The student who was then in her final year approached the lecturer on how she was going to pass the examination since she needed to pass it before she can graduate.

As she suspected, Mr. Raphael said she must sleep with him before he can pass her. She arranged for him to come to her apartment and played along until Mr. Raphael took off his clothes then other students who had been waiting for her signal barged in and began taking pictures and videos of the lecturer, which were shared all over the internet.

There are other instances of students resorting to self-help methods like this and in most cases; the universities try to save face by punishing the students and the lecturers involved.

A majority of the students who spoke to PREMIUM TIMES said they support students who took the law into their hands. “Very well, I support it really. Lecturers that abuse students should be punished by students maybe that will let them stop. And also since the school can’t do anything about it, students have to fight for themselves,” said Ms. Kaothar.

A reflection of societal decadence Mrs. Ezeilo, who has led campaigns against sexual harassment in institutions of tertiary learning, said the lackadaisical handling of the issue by universities is a reflection of the way women are perceived in the society. “The societal attitude and practice is to stereotype women as sex objects- for men’s pleasure.

The social abuse thousands of Nigerian women experience daily on the streets, in the market place, schools and workplaces can at best be described as sexual harassment.”

 She said sexual harassment was detrimental to the education of the girl child. “The society cannot be promoting girl’s education and at the same time unmindful of hostile environment that makes learning difficult and/or results in high rate of female drop-outs.”

Mrs Ezeilo, said despite the initial interest shown by the Nigerian University Commission and the National Human Rights Commission towards a draft policy on sexual harassment for university she composed, Universities rebuffed appeal for them to adopt the policy as a mechanism for checking sexual harassment. “Unfortunately, the universities were less than keen to take it to the next level.

 So to that extent we didn’t get the cooperation we wanted from universities and since 2010 to date nothing has changed in terms of policy environment to protect women/female students and indeed anyone (including male students) from unwanted and unwelcome demand for sexual favours by lecturers who are supposedly in fiduciary relationship with them.

 The Chairman of the NHRC, Chidi OdinkaluOdinkal, said the increase of sexual harassment and the attendant impunity around it mirror the general rot of university system. “The failure can be addressed through better governance of our universities and the recalibration of the incentive mechanisms of our universities.

There are major governance failures in the way we manage our universities. Many lecturers are not subjected to any form of oversight or certification that they should go through.“The promotion mechanism these days favours who you know or federal character rather than your output as a lecturer.

And lecturers go through the universities not having written one and the half reviewed articles and think they can get away with it. Until we create a merit based university system, which is what universities are really supposed to be we are going to have problems,” he said.

On what his organisation is doing to help stem menace, Mr. Odinkalu said it would be hypocritical for him to preach to universities when the NHRC does not have a policy on sexual harassment of its own yet.

“My personal issue has always been this: I’m not particularly confident with going to universities and preaching to them about sexual harassment if the National Human Rights Commission itself does not have the policy framework on sexual harassment.”

He however advised those who have been harassed to press charges and not allow societal pressures or fear of victimisation intimidate them from forging ahead force with charges. All effort to talk to the NUC proved abortive.

 The commission did not reply email sent to them. The NUC has nine contact phone numbers on its website, only two of them appear to be functional. However, several calls to the two numbers were not answered neither were they returned.

 A double-edged sword While sexual harassment in universities is mostly viewed from the angle of male philandering lecturers running after female students, little is often spoken about female students deliberately seducing male lecturers, mainly for better grades.

A lecturer at LASU who spoke on condition of anonymity said some female students offer themselves to lecturers.

“If people know what we go through; the number of times lecturers send female students out of their offices. I know cases of students who have volunteered to even pay for a room in a guesthouse.”

Mr. Odinkalu, himself a former lecturer, admitted female students were increasingly harassing their lecturers. “This may not be fashionable but sexual harassment in universities is a two-way thing. Many lecturers prey on student but some students also do prey on lecturers. And I think it’s necessary to acknowledge this. As I said, it’s not fashionable.

 I’m not going to win a lot of brownie points for saying this,” he said. Mr. Idris said one thing several universities are doing is to discourage female students from dressing provocatively. “The female also sexually harass us in the classroom.

You’re teaching or conducting exam and when you look up all the bosoms you have in the lecture hall are all exposed to you. You are invigilating and as you’re moving around half of all the buttocks are all exposed to you by all the bare bottom trousers they are wearing,” he said.


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He Wanted To Perform All Kinds Of Sex Styles With Me —wife .

Is it true that you can't understand the sexual fantasy and satisfaction of man until he is comfortable and rich Or Their had been pointers that the man will be promiscuous but the woman decide not to take note or ignore those pointers.Just as this court proceedings played out A middle-aged woman, Toyin Ayinde, has urged an Agege Customary Court in Lagos State to divorce her 20-year-old marriage.

 She is accusing her husband, Mudashiru, of being promiscuous.The petitioner, a businesswoman, said her husband sleeps with any woman.["When we got married, we didn’t have enough and we were contented with whatever we had but when we became comfortable, my husband began to womanise. He sleeps with anything.

He lacks good taste,” she said.The mother of three told the court that her husband keeps claiming that there is no wealthy man who doesn’t womanise.“To let you know how loose he is, five years ago, I was admitted to a hospital because our last child had jaundice after delivery.

 My husband, who is slack when it comes to women, had an affair with a nurse.“I once woke him in the middle of the night to advise him. He cried and promised to stop the act.

As I speak, there are no changes,” she said.Toyin said her husband’s relations sent her out of his house because she refused to have sex with him.“I refused to have sex with him because I could get infected if he continued to sleep around.

 Also, he wants to try all styles of sex with me which I strongly disagree. It’s been almost a year since I moved out of his house. His relations have been pleading with me to go back to him but they don’t know what I am facing.

He is loose and I can’t cope anymore,” she added.Responding, Mudashiru did not deny the allegations. “Everything she said is true. I support our marriage dissolution,” he said.


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Shocking guys ; This is crazy but real .

What would you do guys if you were in this shoes ????


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Peter & Lola Okoye and their kids cover Motherhood In-Style magazine

Peter, Lola Okoye alongside their son and daughter, Cameron & Aliona cover the latest issue of Motherhood In-Style Magazine. Such a beautiful family.


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Buhari Should Deny It, If He's Not Getting Funds From ISIS, Al Queda - FFK .

By Henry Umoru Fani- Kayode and General Muhammadu BuhariABUJA- AHEAD of the Presidential and general elections slated for March 28 and April 11 respectively, Peoples Democratic Party, PDP Presidential Campaign Organisation, PDPPCO yesterday alleged that the All Progressives Congress, APC set up its own radio station called Radio APC or Radio Chanji to use it as a vehicle to announce false results after the Presidential polls.

The PDP also challenged the APC Presidential Candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari, retd to apologise to the people of the South West rather than go to them for votes because of how he humiliated the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo by raiding and ransacking his home.

Addressing Journalists in Abuja yesterday, Director, Media and Publicity of PDPPCO, Chief Femi Fani- Kayode reiterated the call for the arrest of the Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, General Muhammadu Buhari, retd and the National leader of the opposition party, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu over the existence of what he described as an illegal radio station called “APC Radio or ” Radio Chanji”.

Fani- Kayode who also called on the Security agencies to go after Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State; former governor of Ekiti State, Dr. Kayode Fayemi and former Nigeria Ambassador to Spain, Ambassador Yusuf Mamman, said it became imperative for him to renew the call for their arrest because the National Broadcasting Commission, NBC has confirmed the existence of the radio station.

The spokesperson of PDPPCO yesterday gave Buhari an ultimatum of three days to answer thirty- five questions and failure to answer them within the stipluated days given to him, the PDP would then conclude that he was quilty of all issues raised that were presented in form of questions.

Fani- Kayode who asked Buhari to explain the level of funding from Hamas, ISIS, ISIL, Al Qaeda and various shady Middle East, just as Buhari was asked to come out and tell Nigerians if he had not received money from these bodies, just as the PDP asked him if he was not a revengeful mission to destroy General Ibrahim Babangida, General Abdulsalami Abubakar and other former military Heads of State and junior army officers who opposed his rule and toppled his government in the 1985 military coup.

Fani- Kayode said, “We have invited you here today to let you know that we believe that we have been vindicated on the report we gave to you just two days ago about the existence of Radio Chanji. This is despite the denials and the lies by the All Progressives Congress (APC) about the true situation of things and about their dastardly intentions and sinister plots to use the station for nefarious purposes.“

The fact that the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), only yesterday, confirmed that this radio station exists, that it is possible that its operations are being conducted from outside the country and that the operations have been on-going for a while, albeit in a very low key manner, gives us even more cause for concern than we had before.“Once again, we wish to point out the dangers of this radio station and the evil intention of the people behind it. Apart from anything else, they wish to use the station to announce false results after the up-coming elections are conducted. That is the primary and more obvious intention and motive. There is, however, a less obvious motive and intention and it is as follows.“

We believe that it is only after the APC has been defeated in the Presidential elections that the secondary purpose of this station will manifest. The truth is that they intend to use it to create division, chaos and strife in Nigeria by propagating the most irresponsible form of mendacious and inciting falsehood and provocative propaganda.“They also intend to use it to incite their supporters to kill. Once again we call on the authorities to investigate, question and arrest the people behind it before it is too late and before all hell breaks loose.

Apart from this, we would like to take this opportunity to put a number of questions that millions of Nigerians have been asking the Presidential candidate of the APC, General Muhammadu Buhari, over the last few weeks.Part of the 35 questions asked Buhari by Fani- Kayode were:“Does he still believe that an attack on Boko Haram is an attack on the north? Does he have a secret soft spot and closet affinity for Boko Haram?

 What are his views about the terrorist organisations known as Al Shabab, Al Qaeda, ISIS and ISIL, all of whom are allies of Boko Haram? Does he believe that they have a point and does he approve of their violent methods? Can he guarantee that not one dollar of Al Qaeda, ISIS or ISIL money has been used to support his presidential campaign? Does he believe in a secular state?

” Is it true that Buhari gets massive covert funding from Hamas, ISIS, ISIL, Al Qaeda and various shady Middle Eastern interests? Is it true that he was once nominated by Boko Haram to be their spokesman in proposed talks with the Federal Government?“What is the true health status of General Buhari?

 What is the situation concerning his certificate? Does he have it or does he not have it?” Did he perjure himself and lie under oath when he swore to an affidavit that his certificate was with the military?“What was his role in the killings on the night of July 29, 1966 when 300 Igbo officers, one yoruba officer and the former Head of State, General Aguiyi-Ironsi were killed in a military coup? Was he one of those who killed one or any of those people on that night and was he involved in the butchering of the primarily Igbo army officers?

“What was his role in the terrible and tragic events that took place in parts of northern Nigeria in 1966 when over 100,000 innocent Igbo civilians were slaughtered including women and children?

 Is it true that he was among those who supplied arms to those who slaughtered these Igbo civilians?“What was his role in the massacre and genocide that took place in Asaba in 1969 after the Federal forces re-captured the town of Asaba from the Biafran forces and liberated it?

 This terrible incident occurred when every single young Igbo boy and elderly man that were left in the town were summoned for a role call at the town centre, were lined up in rows like lambs to the slaughter and were shot dead in cold blood. This was despite the fact that they were nothing but defenceless and innocent civilians and non-combatants.

The question is this: what was Buhari’s role, if any, in that incident?“Is it true that General Buhari personally ordered the retroactive application of military decrees which led to the death of many simply because he wanted to teach certain people from a certain part of the country a lesson during his reign as Military Head of State?“

Is it true that General Buhari applied a very selective form of administration of justice which sought to punish southerners more than anybody else when he was military Head of State?

“What was his role in the humiliation and denigration of Chief Obafemi Awolowo, the late and highly respected Leader of the Yoruba? Is it true that he personally ordered that the home of Chief Awolowo should be raided and ransacked and that the highly revered elder statesman be humiliated for no just cause?

If this was the case does he not believe that he owes the Yoruba people an apology for that? Should he not be begging the Yoruba for forgiveness after traumatising their revered leader rather than asking them for their votes?

” What was General Buhari’s role in the Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF) scandal and is it true that he misappropriated the sum of N25 billion as the Haroun Adamu report, which was submitted in 2002, suggests?

 Is it true that 2.8 billion naira went missing under his watch when he was Minister of Petroleum in 1977?“What was his role in the agitation for political Sharia in 2000 in northern Nigeria and does he still believe that Sharia law should be spread throughout the country, including the south?

Does he still believe that Muslims should only vote for Muslims and that they should only vote for those who will protect their interest? Does he still believe that it is not the business of any Christian when Muslims cut off their limbs for crimes that violate Sharia law?“Does he still believe that an attack on Boko Haram is an attack on the north? Does he have a secret soft spot and closet affinity for Boko Haram?

What are his views about the terrorist organisations known as Al Shabab, Al Qaeda, ISIS and ISIL, all of whom are allies of Boko Haram? Does he believe that they have a point and does he approve of their violent methods? Can he guarantee that not one dollar of Al Qaeda, ISIS or ISIL money has been used to support his presidential campaign

Does he believe in a secular state?“Does he still believe that those who oppose his candidacy should be killed as he said just before the presidential elections in 2011?“Does he have any apology to offer or remorse to express for the slaughter of hundreds of people, including some innocent youth corpers, by his supporters in the north after the 2011 elections?

“What are General Buhari’s views about same sex marriage and homosexuality? Is it true that, if he is elected President, he is considering scuttling the anti-gay laws in our country and is he really committed to pushing through legislation that would allow same sex marriage as some form of compromise to the Western powers in return for their endorsement and support?

“Is it true that he supported the late General Abacha to such a point that he actually suggested to Abacha that Ken Saro-Wiwa, the famous poet and Niger Delta activist, should be executed in order for his south-south supporters to be taught a bitter lesson?“

Is it true that he has resolved to teach the de-facto leader of the APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the lesson of his life by prosecuting him and sending him to jail if he is elected as President or, in lieu of this, compelling him to return 50 percent of the money and properties that he has managed to acquire from Lagos state over the last 16 years?

“Is it true that he has a secret pathological hatred for those who do not share his faith or those who come from the southern part of Nigeria

Is it true that General Buhari is a hegemonist and a man who is totally remorseless?“Is it true that he defied his Commander in Chief, former President Shehu Shagari and tried to start a war with Chad simply because he has a blood lust and an insatiable thirst for violence and war?

“Is it true that his cruel and merciless policies and actions, whilst he was Head of State, led to the premature deaths of Governors Ambrose Ali of the old Bendel state, Bisi Onabanjo of Ogun state and so many of our other past leaders?“

Is it true that he had a personal hatred for Alhaji Umaru Dikko, the late former Minister of Transport, to the point that he personally ordered his drugging, kidnapping and crating from the streets of London?“

Is it true that he has disdain for women and that he believes that women have no place in public office or at the forefront of current affairs? Is it true that he wants to scrap the office of the First Lady?

Is it true that whilst he was military Head of State he jailed and tortured journalists simply for writing the truth?“Is it true that he has no idea about how to run a 21st century country and that he has no understanding about the administration of justice and the application of the rule of law in a modern state? Is it true that he derives pleasure in just locking up and jailing peopLe.

Is it true that he has the intention of destroying General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, General Abdulsalami Abubakar and all the other former Military Heads of State and junior army officers who opposed his rule and toppled his government in a 1985 military coup? Is it true that he is vengeful and unkind?

“Is it true that he has ordered his supporters that under no circumstance should President Jonathan be allowed any peace if he wins the presidential election?

 Is it true that that he will make the country ungovernable if Jonathan wins and that he will make sure that the baboon and the dog are both soaked in blood?“

Is it true that General Buhari has no intention whatsoever to accept the election results if he loses and that he is poised to unleash violence throughout the country in the event of his losing?

 Is it true that Radio Chanji has been established with his blessing and support and for the sole purpose of inciting people to violence and causing mayhem after he loses?” Is it true that he is terminally ill and that indeed his health status is the kind that will give Nigerians cause for alarm if it were made public?

Is it true that he has refused to release a report that was put together by his foreign doctors about the true state of his health to the Nigerian Public because they would be very alarmed?“

Is it true that he is incapable of running the affairs of this country and, in the event of his winning the election, that he intends to concede the administration of the country to others?“

Is it true that he is a closet Islamic fundamentalist?. Is it true that he is a secret collaborator and supporter of Boko Haram? Is it true that Boko Haram is the armed wing of his party the APC and that the APC is the political wing of Boko Haram?“

Does his party the APC still believe that Boko Harm should not have been proscribed as stated by their spokesman, Lai Mohammed sometime last year?“Is it true that his party is Nigeria’s equivalent of the Egyptian Moslem Brotherhood or the Sudanese supporter of APC?“Is it true that General Buhari has disdain for Christians and that his secret desire is to bury the Church?“

These are the questions that we would like General Buhari to answer over the next few days before the presidential elections so that the Nigerian people will have a clearer picture of who and what he really is.“

If he cannot answer every single one of these questions and tell us the truth then we reserve the right to assume that the answer to every single one of them is in the affirmative and that these assertions are true.

That being the case, we will be compelled to come to the conclusion that General Buhari is not just a menace to the Nigerian people and an enemy of the Nigerian state but also that he is somebody who is unfit to rule this great country and that does not deserve to be voted for.”


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check this story out ;U.S. grandmother who made 'bone-thin' nine-year-old girl run for three hours until she collapsed and died is found guilty of her murder and now faces the death penalty .

Joyce Hardin Garrard from Garsden, Alabama, faces the death penalty or life without parole for the February 2012 death of Savannah Hardin. Authorities claimed the 49-year-old woman forced Savannah to run and carry wood for hours as punishment for a lie about candy. Savannah eventually had a seizure and died three days later in a hospital.


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Check this out ; mama, Nia Guzman-Amey moves into chris home with their little girl, Royalty.

 Even thinking about the sleeping arrangements makes our head spin! We have the EXCLUSIVE details!

Nia Amey & Chris Brown Moving In Together? — Their Plans

As Chris works on baby proofing his pad, the “Loyal” singer is also playing with the idea of inviting Nia to move in with him!“His relationship with Nia is a lot stronger these days.

They have a better understanding now,” a source EXCLUSIVELY.“And yes, her living with him – it’s on his mind and he’s trying to figure out just how that would work. He knows Nia wants to move to LA.

It’s a lot cheaper for him to move her in with him that it would be to set her up on her own,” adds the source.While this major move may be logistically sensible for the singer, it could also create a complicated dynamic between Nia and Chris as they co-parent Royalty under one roof.Fortunately, it’s not just financial reasons that could influence Chris’ living arrangement. For the new father, Chris’ main reason for inviting Nia to move into his home would be for Royalty’s sake. How sweet!

“That doesn’t mean he’s about to start sleeping with her again or even laying in the same bed. It ain’t going to be like that. If he did this, Nia would have her own separate room. No funny business would go on.

It would be for the sake of the baby only,” the source continues.Do you think Nia should move in with Chris?YesNoVoteView

Chris Brown: Stocking Bottles In His Tour Bus For Baby Royalty

So how serious is Chris about his two new roomies? Apparently, quite serious!“He’s not sure how it would work, but he’s going to make it happen.

 If there’s one thing in his life he’s going to take seriously, it’s his daughter,” revealed the insider.Indeed, between buying baby bottles for Royalty to planning on bringing her to his hometown, Chris continues to prove his commitment to his baby girl.“Chris is actually really glad and thankful he has a daughter. He’s told Tyga “for once in my life, I can’t be selfish.

It ain’t even about me no more, it’s about Royalty now,” our source tells us.However, we can’t help but wonder what would really happy behind closed doors if Nia did move in with Chris? And, plus this plan could really crush his ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, 26.“

All I know is that he’d try his hardest not to go there with her again,” the source explained.

what do you think: will this make for a strange slumber party or is this the right thing to do for Royalty? Sound-off and tell us how YOU feel!?


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Khloe just can’t decide what to do! The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is struggling to live without her ex Lamar, but isn’t sure if she’ll ever take him back.

She still misses the former basketball star whenever she’s working out and watching TV, but is that enough?

Khloe Kardashian, 30, misses Lamar Odom, 35, however she can’t make her mind up with what to do next. The KUWTK reality star fondly recalls the troubled sportsman pushing her to her limits in the gym during happier times, but also doesn’t know if she can ever trust him again. She truly stands at a crossroads unsure which way to go.

Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom Divorce: She’s Undecided On Their Future

“She can’t stop thinking about Lamar. When she’s working out, she’s thinking of times they use to workout together and how he use to push her to the limit when he would make her do some of his basketball conditioning training,.

 “She can’t even watch television without thinking about him. Now she’s studying her relationship with Lamar using the Johari Window technique that she watched the last episode of Being Mary Jane.”Should Khloe take Lamar back?YesNoVoteView

Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom: What Will Happen Next

Khloe admitted in a recent Instagram message how she felt empty over her Lamar split, but despite that she is scared to take him back, according to the source.“She’s stuck in the unknown stage at the moment and that prompted her to post that last message of feeling empty over her lost love for Lamar,” the source divulged. “Khloe doesn’t know what the future holds for them. She cannot make up her mind how toproceed with the marriage.

She loves him and she doesn’t want to let him go. But, at the same time she’s scared to give him all of her heart again.

She’d much rather him dominate her and the situation and do something completely grand and spontaneous. But then she’s not even sure if that would make her happy.”

For want of a happy-ever-after, it doesn’t look like these two are any nearer to finding any happiness together soon.


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 shocking. Former Playboy Bunny Holly Madison says she ‘contemplated suicide’ while dating Hugh Hefner.

The ‘Girls Next Door’ star reveals this and so much more in her new memoir. Get all the details here.

Holly Madison‘s life in the Playboy Mansion, which was documented in the E! reality series Girls Next Door, wasn’t as glamorous as it looked.

 In fact, being one of Hugh Hefner‘s live-in girlfriends was a “nightmare” for Holly, 35. In her new memoir, The Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures And Cautionary Tales Of A Former Playboy Bunny, she says she became so depressed while living in the mansion that she thought about ending her own life.

Holly Madison Suicide — ‘Girls Next Door’ Star Considered Ending Her Life

“Life inside the notorious Mansion wasn’t a dream at all and quickly became her nightmare,” a release from publisher HarperCollins said, according to Us Weekly. “After losing her identity, her sense of self-worth and her hope for the future, Holly found herself sitting alone in a bathtub contemplating suicide.”This video player must be at least 250x141 pixels in order to operate.The book also reveals the “oppressive routine of strict rules, manipulation, and [her] battles with ambitious, backstabbing bunnies,” the release further states.

Holly Madison: ‘I’m Excited To Finally Share My Story’

“I’m excited to finally share my story and what I’ve learned from my personal experiences both inside and outside of the Playboy Mansion,” Holly told Us Weekly.

 “I think my stories will surprise people and I’m looking forward to lifting the veil of mystique and clearing up the misconceptions so often associated with my life.”

Holly found fame on the reality show, alongsideBridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson, as Hugh Hefner’s live-in girlfriends. The series, which aired on E! between 2005 and 2010, followed their lives in the Playboy Mansion.Holly is now married to Pasquale Rotella, 41, and they share two-year.

 Will you be reading it? Are you shocked by what Holly said about her life in the Playboy Mansion?


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Mad Woman Gives Birth To Bouncing Baby Girl In Ogun (photo).

Residents of Shodipo Estate, Agbara, Ogun state had their eyes on stalks Friday morning as they trooped to watch a healthy and beautiful baby girl broughtto life by a female lunatic.

The incidence seemed bizarre to some who were amazed that a beautiful healthy baby was born by a lunatic while others believed it was simply a miracle from God.It was gathered from eyewitnesses that she had allegedly fled to Shodipo for refuge after having four of her babies abducted by unidentified people.

Though it is not known when or where she put to bed, some residents speculated that it must have been at midnight or early hours of Friday due to the state of the woman and baby.

In his account, Comrade Femi Okeowo, a resident who rescued the the baby girl from her insane mother said: “I was on my way to school when I saw the mad woman with the baby.

Some residents were scared of taking the baby from the mother but thank God for some men in the vicinity who intervened that the child be taken from her for the fear of being kidnapped.

“I asked her to hand over the baby to me that I wasn’t going to kidnap her and she did without hesitating. I collected the child and a femaleresident tidied her up,” he stated.He however discarded the views of eyewitnesses that she could be feigning insanity.

 “Though she speaks coherently at times but merely observing her appearance, it is so glaring that she is insane. From my own point of view, she is abnormal because her hair is very unkept.

 It is the work of God and it is mysterious as well for a mad woman to trek all the way from Lome and give birth in Agbara in Ogun state”, he claimed.Another resident, Mrs Achibong described the act as ‘wonderful’. “It is only God that can do this, that is why I call her “Gift of God”.

 The mother said it is only me that can give her a name, so i gave her the name: Gift of God,” she said.“We dont actually know where she put to bed but she said she cut the placenta on her way down and threw it away.

”However, some eyewitnesses believe that the presence of the mad woman in the community will bring good luck to traders.As at press time, the woman and her baby were taken away by a Rescue Operation team from Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos state.

Pix description:1***No antenatal, no medical check ups…..Lunatic mother chewing on some bread after delivery2***, The baby after she was cleaned up by Good Samaritans3*** Brothers Keeper: Neigbhours help clean up the baby girl4. Good Samaritans clean the baby up.

what do you think guys ????


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I Had To Loose Weight- Waje As She Wows In New Look....

It's no news that Waje has recently emerged looking slimmer than she was last year.Speaking to Saturday Beats, she said comments about her weight depressed her..

“I reduced my weight because I watched my performance on screen one time and I was shocked. When you are on screen, you add ten pounds and there was a time I was performing and it was shown live. I did not like the comments on twitter and it made me depressed for a while.

I had to make a decision if I wanted to enjoy life and call myself a fat person or I could live a better lifestyle. As a female brand, I am a visual brand and when you look good, people tend to take you more seriously. You also feel smarter, so I had to start thinking in that direction.(more below)“

The weight loss was intentional and the reason was because I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle. I just want to reduce my food intake, especially junk foods. My stylist is hoping I get slimmer because it is easier to style slim people.

 For slim people, you can get clothes off the rack but for people like me, we have to make the clothes most of the time,” she said.


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Meet Lil Wayne's former girlfriend he accused Drake of sleeping with......

No wonder Lil Wayne is so bitter. She's a stunning woman. Yesterday, rapper Lil Wayne revealed in a new tell-all-book yet to be released that Drake slept with one of his girlfriends, model & video vixen, Tammy Torres, while he was in prison.

"I woke up feeling f*cked up about the f*cked up day that I had... finding out that she f*cked Drake was the absolute worst thing I could've ever found out.

As a man, honestly, that sh*t hurt... and not because it was Drake, it could have been any man. It would've hurt the same. I didn't come out of my cell for days after that.

" Lil Wayne said ;Drake hasn't said anything about this yet. Tammy later claimed that she slept with Drake a day before she actually met Lil Wayne.

More hot pics of Tammy when you continue...

Tammy is the video vixen in Lil Wayne 'Mrs Officer'


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Chris Brown finally off probation (photos)

Awwwww chris brown looks so relief.

After six years, Chris Brown is finally off probation. An LA judge yesterday March 20th ended his felony probation six years after that Rihanna beat-down.

A very happy Chris and his lawyer beamed in court as it was announced that he had fulfilled all his probation conditions. See the court photos after the cut...

Thank goodness for you chris brown , hope you stay out of trouble this time.......

leave a comment guys.


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Graphic photo: People gunned by suspected cultists in Port Harcourt

According to reports coming from Port Harcourt, 4 people were shot dead late last night by suspected cultists at Okrika water side town axis in Port Harcourt. Two others were also hit by stray bullets and rushed to the hospital. See two of the victims after the cut. *warning - graphic photo*

This is so horrible ........