Friday, 27 November 2015

Cheating affair : Wife catches husband red handed with girlfriend

A woman travelled all the way from South Africa to ambush her cheating husband who had invited over his girlfriend for the night. Sanelisiwe Ndlovu caught her hubby Zuze Sibanda and his lover Sithuthukile Shabangu in their matrimonial bed at around 1 am.
“They came home in the wee hours of the morning at around 1 am and went straight to the bedroom. That is when I decided to surprise them by watching them in bed,” said Ndlovu.
She said she first thought she was going to keep her cool, instead she had an anger bout.
“She beat the girlfriend and all that the husband could do was watch in disbelief,” said a source close to Ndlovu.
After the mayhem, Sibanda’s lover told Ndlovu that she had been told that he was a divorcee.
“He told me that he had divorced his wife. She beat me up but I only got a scratch,” said Shabangu.
Shabangu added that she had permanently moved in as a result of the lies told to her. She begged Ndlovu to understand.
“I wouldn’t have moved in with him knowing that he and his wife are still together.
“This woman should not blame me because I did not beg her husband to be sleeping with me for all these months,”she said.
But the man at the centre of the scandal Sibanda denied that he knows his lover.
“I don’t know her,” he said briefly before terminating the call.

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Davido acquires a brand new whip and his 9th car for Christmas

After buying himself an Audi R8 for his birthday, Davido has gotten himself another car for Christmas. Though he didn’t name the brand, he says we should watch out for it . He shared the news writing

See photos of some of his cars below;

Oh My !!! Check out how a Man stabs his father to death, injures his mum over Thanksgiving food

Ronald Pritchett, (Above pic) was arrested by the police after he stabbed his father to death and wounded his mother in a Thanksgiving Eve fight over dinner.
The 32-year-old from Mississippi was visiting his family in Gretna, Louisiana, on Wednesday when he allegedly became angry and aggressive during the row.

Police said he grabbed a knife and fatally stabbed his father Percival, 58, in the chest before attacking his terrified mother Renta, 57, he then fled the family home in his father’s Chevrolet Suburban. He was arrested the following morning at his home in Purvis in Mississippi, police said.

Neighbors said they saw a woman covered in blood running out into the street. When police arrived at the scene, they found Renta lying near the staircase on the first floor with multiple stab wounds to her head.

The body of Percival, a father-of-six, was discovered in an upstairs bedroom with several stab wounds to his chest. Renta was taken to a nearby hospital for medical treatment.

Oh dear !!! Man Divorces His Wife via TEXT After She Told Him She Had Been Gang Raped

A young mother in India has told how her husband divorced her by text after she confessed to being gang raped by neighbours.
She revealed how her Dubai-based construction worker spouse reacted badly when she confided in him what had happened.
The unnamed woman, 25, said she received a message soon after which said ‘talaq’ three times.
Under Sharia Law a man can divorce his wife instantly if he says ‘talaq’ to her three times.
Soon afterwards the woman, who cannot be named, was thrown out of the house where she lived with her mother-in-law, 70, who took custody of her four-year-old son.
Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, the mother-of-one bravely told how she ‘went numb’ when she received the message ending their five-year marriage, having previously thought her husband and his mother had been sympathetic.
Blasting her ‘cowardly’ husband, she said: ‘When I read the message I went numb. I couldn’t believe what I had read. Just three words; talaq, talaq, talaq.’
She went on: ‘This is the last thing I was expecting from my husband of five years after I confided in him about what happened.
I felt violated. I thought that he would stand by my side through this, to help me through the pain of it.
‘But I was wrong. He took the easiest way out like a coward and divorced me with text message.
‘It took him five seconds to end a five-year relationship. And my mother-in-law who had stood by my side after I was raped and went with me to the police station to report the attack, suddenly changed her mind and took her son’s side.
‘Overnight I became an outcast from my whole family.
‘I could have survived even that, but then they snatched away my last hope – my only child. I have completely lost the desire to live.’
The unnamed woman has since moved back to her parents’ home in Meerut, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, north of New Delhi.
Her estranged husband’s mother and his family approve of the divorce . 
Source : Daily mail 

Sexy Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika shares new raunchy photos

The Kenyan socialite and self-acclaimed Made Boss Queen, Vera Sidika, puts her sexy body and a peek at her boos in new photos she shared on Instagram….

Photos: Pope Francis arrives Uganda

The Pope arrived Uganda few minutes ago to a rousing welcome from excited Ugandans and President Kaguta Museveni. He was welcomed with flowers by 6-year-old Anne Jasmine Bamwine. He is expected to hold his first mass at Munyonyo Martyrs Shrine later today...more pics after the cut

Photos: ISIS militant who transported the Beirut suicide bombers killed

ISIS militant Abdul Salam Al-Handawi arranged and drove from Raqqa, the two suicide bombers who carried out suicide attack in beirut, Lebanon, on Thursday, November 12. Al-Handawi was killed on Thursday in Homs countryside. At least 43 people were killed and around 200 injured in the twin suicide bomb attack. His corpse after the cut...

The explosions claimed by the Islamic State tore through crowds on a busy street in the neighbourhood of Bourj el-Barajneh, close to Beirut's airport.

Ebube Nwagbo comes for Fan who accused her of rejecting a selfie request

So yesterday actress Ebube Nwagbo shared this throwback photo of herself with footballer Lionel Messi. One of her followers who claimed to be a fan accused her of rejecting his selfie request when he met her sometime back but she was able to get one with Messi because he is friendly with his fans. Ebube didn't like the comment called the fan out. See that after the cut...

Nigerian doctor and 2 nurses accused of causing a woman's death after abortion in London

Dr Adedayo Adedeji, 63, two nurses, Margaret Miller, 55, from Camberley, Surrey, and Gemma Pullen, 32, from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, have been accused of manslaughter by gross negligence of a woman who died after an abortion in their hospital.

32-year-old Aisha Chithira died after having a termination at a Marie Stopes clinic in Ealing, west London, on January 21, 2012. All three appeared at a short hearing at the Old Bailey before Judge Charles Wide today, Friday Nov. 27, and denied killing Ms Chithira.

They were not arraigned on further charges of failing to take reasonable care of the health and safety on the woman contrary to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. A six-week trial is scheduled to start on March 7th 2015. The defendants are on bail.

Adorable photo of Mikel Obi's twin girls

Mikel welcomed the girls with his girlfriend, Olga Diyachenko in September.

Fatal Accident At Iyana Oworo Area In Lagos (Photos)

This accident occurred at Iyana Oworo towards the popular Third mainland bridge in Lagos  The cause of the accident was not revealed and according to online reports, no one died in the crash, only injuries were sustained. More details later..... 

Check out Photos of Buhari & Queen Elizabeth discussing at CHOGM in Malta

Our president and the queen of England at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting today. The queen hosted a reception for new Common Heads of government as San Anton Palace. More photos after the cut...

See photos of Buhari and other world leaders at CHOGM opening

Currently happening in Malta. More photos after the cut...

British woman conned out of £1.6m by Nigerian fraudster she met on an online dating site

A west London woman was tricked into transferring large sum of money to a Nigerian gang of fraudsters after one of them told her he loved her. Ife Ojo,31, and Olusegun Agbaje,43, were due to be sentenced today, Friday, November 27, in connection with the scam in which the woman who is in her 40s handed over increasingly large sums of money to the man and his “associates”over a period of 10 months last year.
Ojo, who claimed to be studying at the London School of Business and Finance, and Agbaje, an NHS admin assistant of Hornchurch, Essex, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud at an earlier hearing.
Detectives believe they were part of a wider romance fraud gang – many of them based overseas – who target lone and vulnerable women on the Internet.
On their arrest police found a laptop containing records of conversations between the woman and the man called Anderson and a copy of The Game, a bestselling book on the art of seduction. 
Detective Chief Inspector Gary Miles, of the Met’s FALCON cyber crime and fraud task force, said:
     "This is a growing problem, in recent months we have seen an increase in reports of romance fraud."
"Within the past year Falcon officers have investigated the loss of more than £4 million in relation to about 100 victims. These victims were ruthlessly manipulated by men and women pretending to love them."
The suspects showered them with compliments and confided their seemingly innermost secrets to them. In many cases suspects were talking to victims online or over the phone for hours every day.
In the latest case the woman, from Hillingdon, told police she had met a man called Christian Anderson on a dating website in February last year.
Unusually, they met in person after a couple of weeks when he told her he was an engineer working in the oil industry and was divorced. 
As the relationship continued he convinced the woman he loved her but said that he needed a loan of £30,000 for equipment for an engineering project in Benin, Africa.
The woman paid the cash and handed over further sums in a series of increasingly elaborate requests by the man who convinced her they would soon be living together.
At one stage the victim began house hunting for them and even travelled to Amsterdam to meet an associate.
The woman told detectives she often doubted the man’s authenticity but every time she asked for proof he sent convincing but false documentation.
DCI Miles said:
     "Victims of this fraud must understand they are not foolish and they are not alone. These fraudsters go to great lengths to convince their victim. But these victims are not gullible, the fraudsters are very professional, often they are talking from carefully prepared scripts."
Police advise that people should never send money abroad to people they have not met or do not know well, question people’s stories and talk to friends about the relationships.

Priceless ; He Rejects Her Kiss When They’re On The ‘Kiss Cam.’ But What She Does Next Makes The Crowd Go CRAZY!

If you have ever been to a live sporting event, you are probably familiar with the kiss cam.  More photos after the cut........ 

When her boyfriend refused to kiss her on kiss cam, what she did next blew the whole stadium away.

Watch the video below to see what happened next:

The kiss cam scans the audience and looks for couples, their live image is then shown on a massive screen for all to see, and then they’re encouraged to kiss, and are often booed if they don’t.
Most couples are more than happy to oblige, however, things don’t always go as planned as the video above proves.
Not every couple turns out to be a happy couple, and this woman was clearly feeling under appreciated. What do you think about her reaction, do you think he deserved it? We would love to hear your thoughts on the topic.

War battle between Toyin Aimakhu And Popular Lagos Blogger Michael Alonge Over Accusations Of Defamation

It is a cold war of words between popular actress Toyin Aimakhu and popular Lagos based blogger Michael Alonge.

The actress is threatening to sue him for publishing defamatory stories about her saying she was not beaten to a pulp by her alleged lover Seun Egbegbe and neither did he storm a movie set to demand a range rover he gave her as a gift.

In her letter sent through her lawyers, the actress wants all defamatory stories about her deleted as well as a public apology otherwise she would be taking legal action.

Responding however, Michael Alonge has called the actress a liar saying that the incidents did happen and that if she is not lying then her lawyers simply want attention.

Michael was given today, November 27 as a deadline to comply with the terms of the letter or face legal action, we can only wait to see what will happen.

Check out Photos Of Topless Shaolin Monks Training in the cold snow, practicing Kung Fu n In China

Despite the snowy condition, these monks were determined with their Kung Fu training routine. Photos unveiled by China photo Press show topless monks on Wednesday braving extreme cold in snow, practicing Kung Fu in Shaolin Temple — the cradle of Chinese martial arts, in Dengfeng city, central China’s Henan Province. See more pics below;