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Fans come for Victoria Kimani after she says Fela's wives were sluts

 VictoriaKimani decided to air her mind using the hashtag #Feministwhileafrican. She aired her displeasure at society's expectations of the African woman.Using Fela's wives as an example, she shared the pic above and said they were labelled as sluts while he remained King..

I guess she is trying to she can be a feminist while being an African woman..... 
Some followers did not agree with her ,telling her Fela's wives were never labelled as sluts..

Juliet Okonkwor says 'I Left Rich Guys In Lekki For E-Money In Ajegunle'

Five Star Music CEO, Emeka Okonkwo, popularly called E-Money and his wife, Juliet, talk about their love story

How did you meet your spouse?

Juliet: I met my husband at a video shoot by Julius Agwu, in 2003. I was at the shoot to support Agwu as a long-time friend of his. Prior to meeting my husband, I was already friends with his brother, Kcee.

Was your first impression of him favourable?

Juliet: He bore a striking resemblance to Kcee, so I imagined they were twins. I liked him when we met for the first time and we started out as friends. We dated for four years and decided to get married afterwards. He was very mature for his age and had a kind heart. He was very reserved, welcoming and spoke affectionately about his family.

E-Money: When we met, I was a young man who was struggling to make ends meet and she was equally very young. She was in her sophomore year at the university. Because she was my first girlfriend and the first woman I ever loved, I remained faithful to her. I was looking for a God-fearing lady who wasn’t excessively concerned with material possessions and who I could plan a future with. Fortunately, I found those qualities in her. Even though I lived in Ajegunle, with my brothers at that time, she visited me on several occasions. I remember that on one of those occasions, she fell into a gutter in a flooded street.

Why did it take you so long to propose to her?

E-Money: I was only waiting for the right time to ask her to marry me but I knew where the relationship was headed from the outset. I had met other ladies in the past, but they all lacked the qualities I mentioned earlier.

How did you propose to her?

E-Money: I presented her with a car as an engagement gift.

Why did you accept his proposal?

Juliet: My family and I were on the verge of relocating to the United Kingdom, but I was happy that I was already in a relationship with him. I felt it was a good reason to always visit Nigeria given that I had fallen in love with him and his personality. On one occasion, I was cash-strapped and he willingly parted with the last N1,000 he had on him.
 was completely taken aback by that act of generosity.

Did you think he would become this wealthy?

Juliet: When we started dating, my friends were surprised that I sidestepped all the rich guys in Lekki, where I was resident for a man who lived in Ajegunle but I was not bothered. I looked forward to getting a good job upon my graduation from the university. He didn’t even have enough money to take us back to Lagos after our traditional marriage.

E-Money: Kcee was the one who lent me N20, 000. I used it to pay our fare to Lagos.

At what point did you begin to experience a turnaround in your finances?

E-Money: We were on our way to Lagos when I received a phone call informing me that I had been awarded a $2m contract and that is how our lives changed forever.

Did you face any challenges owing to the differences in your backgrounds?

Juliet: My parents were already deceased when we met but other members of my family blessed our union.

You do not live in Nigeria…

Juliet: I’m a British citizen and I love the environment over there. I like the quality of education which is good for my children. I tried to settle in Nigeria but I could not fit in. When I am away, my husband and I have unhindered communication. It is so good that we do not really feel any vacuum.

He visits us every two weeks and he’s actively involved in the lives of our children. We are okay this way.

How do you handle disagreements?

E-Money: We don’t invite anybody to act as a go-between; we manage to resolve disagreements ourselves. I won’t say we are saints or angels but we hardly ever quarrel. I may want to be by myself whenever we disagree, but she won’t allow it. We always find a way to resolve our differences amicably.

Juliet: A lot of people don’t know that my husband is a closet comedian; he always finds a way to cheer me up when we disagree. I owe the success of my marriage to Kcee; he understands me so well. Although we hardly invite a third party to intervene when there are issues, but I invite Kcee sometimes.

What would you want to change about your spouse?

E-Money: I don’t want to change anything about her; I love her just the way she is.

How do cope with advances from the opposite sex?

Juliet: We laugh about it and sometimes, I tease him about his female admirers. If anyone gets a bit out of hand, I step in and put them in their place. We operate an open-door policy.

Do you have access to each other’s social media accounts?

E-Money: Yes, we do but we don’t have any reason to go over each other’s account. She controls our social media accounts.

Do you both run a joint account?

Juliet: We do and I was the one who initiated it. My husband doesn’t like to carry cash so, I control and manage our finances. I am very involved; I know who he works for, his clients and other details of his business.

Can you keep secrets from each other?

Juliet: No, I don’t and if it is something that would affect him, I make sure I go about it in a diplomatic manner.

E-Money: I don’t keep secrets from her because I don’t have any reason to do so.

Describe your marriage?

Juliet: Our marriage is built on the fear of God and founded on love. We are friends to ourselves, children and staff. He has a heart of gold even though some people like to take advantage of him. There is nothing I have asked for that he has not provided. Sometimes, he makes things available even before I ask.

E-Money: Juliet is God’s gift to me.

Shocking ! A Nigerian Pastor Who Married 6 Wives Divorces The 4th Because Her Vagina Hard Strong Odour

A 65-year-old pastor, Olowolade David Laizer, is looking for divorce from his fourth wife, Esther Anuoluwapo Laizer, after 31 years of marriage. Laizer, who has six wives, told a customary court sitting in Ikorodu on Wednesday that the 55-year-old lady does not have respect for the house of God.  

The pastor asserted that his wife rains curses on his congregation at the smallest incitement and had denied him marital rights for over a year.
Laizer who’s church is located at 8/4 Laizer Estate, Graceland, Bayeku, Ikorodu said the couple’s issues began when they lost their first child in 2013.

 The deceased child was a college student outside the state, but however the child kicked the bucket after a brief sickness on his way to Lagos, he told the court.
n her defence, Mrs Laizer who is a teacher owned up to having denied him of his conjugal rights for a year because he said her private part was smelling – after 31 years of marriage and five children. 
The respondent also added that their problem started when her first son died in 2013 while insinuating that one of his other wives killed him and also attempted to poison her. She went on to accuse the cleric of mocking and preaching about her during sermons in his church. The court’s president, Olu Adebiyi, encouraged both parties to make peace and adjourned the case till September 14 for possible reconciliation.

Shocking case : 2 ladies in trouble for beating up, stabbing loverboy

Olawe, 34, were on Thursday arraigned at the Ebute Meta Chief Magistrates' Court in Lagos State for allegedly beating Iyabo’s ex-lover, one Sunday Dauda.

The accused, both traders, were docked on a two-count charge bordering on serious assault and conspiracy.

They, however, denied the charges and pleaded not guilty.

The prosecutor, Inspector Emmanuel Silas, had earlier told court that the offences were committed on August 19 at Sawmill area in Ebute Meta.

"Iyabo solicited the help of her friend, Olawe, to help to beat up Dauda for breaking up with her.

"They accosted the complainant on his way home where they beat him and stabbed him on his body and head thereby causing Dauda serious bodily harm.

"Iyabo didn't like the idea that Dauda broke up with her and therefore, set out to teach him a lesson," Silas said.

He said the offences contravened sections 172 and 409 of the Criminal Laws of Lagos State, 2011.

The Magistrate, Mrs O. Fowowe-Erusiafe, admitted the accused to bail in the sum of N50,000 each with two sureties each in like sum.

She adjourned to October 9 for trial.

Landlady allegedly sets tenant’s son ablaze in Ajegunle

*He was burnt while setting fire to my house—LANDLADY
LAGOS—Controversy is currently trailing the death of a 22-year-old man, who was allegedly set ablaze by his landlady and her children in the densely-populated Ajegunle area of Lagos.
The deceased, simply identified as Emmanuel, reportedly went to ease himself in the early hours of Tuesday, leaving his father and sister inside their one-room apartment.
His sister, who had waited endlessly for his return, went to check on him in the toilet situated at the boys quarters of the building on Alafia Street.
She reportedly found her brother on the ground with his body on fire. She raised an alarm, which attracted tenants.
Two hospitals were said to have rejected Emmanuel. He reportedly breathed his last after writhing in pains.
The house where Emmanuel was allegedly burnt to death.
While the deceased’s family alleged that Emmanuel was set ablaze by the landlady and her children, the latter, who is on the run, alleged that the former intended to set the building ablaze but was caught in his own web.
Investigation by Vanguard revealed that there had been a lingering quarrel between Emmanuel’s family and the landlady. It was gathered that both parties had been to the Ajeromi Police Station several times to settle quarrels.
A resident, who spoke on strict condition of anonymity when Vanguard visited, blamed policemen at Ajeromi for not nipping the situation in the bud until it led to Emmanuel’s death.
According to the resident, “I blame policemen at Ajeromi for the death of this young man. Emmanuel’s father and the landlady have reported their misunderstandings to the police several times. Nothing was done to bring a lasting solution to the quarrel. Had they acted when they were supposed to, this would not have happened.”
Although the resident could not tell exactly what happened that fateful night, he said: “I woke up with the alarm raised by some tenants that night. We were told that it was the deceased that lit the fire.
“However, the question is how is it possible judging from the distance between his apartment and where the fire was said to have been lit? This is what the Police should look into.”
Another resident, who also spoke with Vanguard, said: “How come he sustained fire burns if he was in his room? How come only the window of the affected room was gutted by fire if he did not intend to set the building ablaze?
“Many are of the view that the petrol could have spilled on him as he struck the match. Besides, he was alone at the scene of the fire.”
Police sources hinted that the landlady, whose identity could not be immediately ascertained, had bolted, adding that effort was on to apprehend her with a view to commencing investigation into the matter.
At press time yesterday, operatives at the homicide section of the State Criminal Intelligence and Investigations Department, SCIID, Yaba, had taken over the investigation.

LaLa Anthony & husband put up a united front after she's accused of cheating

Two days ago, reality star LaLa Anthony was put on blast by Maino's babymama who her of sleeping with the rapper. LaLa & her husband Carmelo sorta responded with a lip synced video on Instagram captioned 'All eyes on us'. Supportive husband. Good for her! See the video after the cut........ 

Rukky Sanda shares sexy pre-birthday photo

Her birthday is in two days time and she shared this photo in preparation of the big day...

Tonto Dikeh Churchill displays her beautiful huge wedding ring

Actress Tonto Dikeh who had her introduction in Port Harcourt a few weeks back showed off her beautiful Canary Yellow wedding ring on instagram. See more photos of the ring after the cut...

Check out Tonto Dikeh interview on TV, speaks on married life, says she's been married for a long time

In an interview with Channels TV, Tonto Dike said she has been married longer than people think
"I have been for a very long time.. Just that I kept the secret to myself..and trying to enjoy married life..yea it just came out like 2-3 days ago.One mistake we do is having this very loud announcement on when you have been engaged and everything and its only normal that the media helps you destroy your marriage before you even get into your home. So,privacy is key in my marriage"she said
Wen asked how being married has influenced her person, Tonto said
"It has changed me a lot I could say. It has. It has changed my perspective of life. It has changed the way I think. For once, it has made me a very happy woman, something that i never used to have. Happiness is everything. If you are not happy, you can never be satisfied with what you have or you can never appreciate all the people. I think it has opened my eyes to be able appreciate people despite the fact that they are who they are. I thank God"she said
On the perception that she is very controversial, Tonto said 
"I am a very straightforward person. I am like a book. I am just very open. I think the controversial part of me is something that the media has put upon me. It's just unfortunate that sometimes I help them play that role because of anger. I get so angry sometimes and I help them play that role. But never again. I have leanrt a lot. Like I said before what marriage has done for me. Marriage has changed my perspective. Now, no body can push me to being controversial anymore this interview with re.Sometimes, I handled it really badly ,and sometimes handle it really good. I will say badly because I  responded to negativity and that only just gave an approval that she is a controversial person But I am actually a very sweet loving and godly person.'Controversy is actually very far from me.  I wouldn''t say that I have not experienced controversy from a very early age. I have. Even in secondary school when everybody thought I was the bad girl meanwhile I was the only virgin out of my school .Although I just like to hang around men rather than female and they just have this idea in their head. Oh I like wearing short skirts rather than long skirts. I have always had that thing with misconception. Only those who are very close to me understand me. I have been very stubborn about people understanding me.Like I don't care if you understand me"she said

Very Graphic photos: A Pastor petitions police after his neighbour stabbed his wife & set his son on fire, killing him!

Pastor Mathew Asuquo, a resident of Ajegunle community in Lagos state has petitioned the Lagos state police command over the repeated attack on his family by one of his neighbors named Jane Osasa. Pastor Asuquo in his petition alleged that Jane had repeatedly attacked his family and nothing had been done to get her arrested even when he reported the case to the Ajeromi police station.

According to him, Jane who is known as Iron Lady in their community, had an argument in their compound with his wife, Cecilia on Mach 20th and while they were arguing, Jane allegedly stabbed his wife with a kitchen knife on her forehead. It gets more gruesome...very graphic photo after the cut....... 

He said he reported the case at the Ajeromi police station but Jane wasn't arrested neither was anything done to caution her. He said a similar incident happened on June 13th when the said Jane stabbed his daughter, Peace, on the neck. He reported the matter again to the Ajeromi police station but nothing was done. 

A third incident happened on August 8th when the same Jane attacked his niece who was on holiday in his house. Going by his previous experiences, he refused going to the Ajeromi police station and so he decided to go to the Area B Command in Apapa where he met a certain CSP Lukas who gave him a letter and referred him back to Ajeromi Police station. Officers at Ajeromi Police station after receiving the letter, picked up Jane who they detained and said will be charged to court the next day but was however released later in the evening. 

He said on August 11th, the day his family and Jane were to appear in court, Jane along with her husband and one of her relative known as Danger, set his only son, Mathew, ablaze. He is demanding for justice. The person who shared the story - Iboro Tonye-Edet - said the boy, pictured below, has since died. He died on the 19th of August after succumbing to his wounds.

2face looking handsome as he steps out for event in South Africa (photos)

The iconic singer looked dapper in suit at the Hennessy 250th anniversary which held in South Africa yesterday August 20th. More photos after the cut...

Police supports doctors to treat accident victims and persons with gunshot wounds without police report

The Inspector-General of Police, Solomon E. Arase,  has called on members of the public including medical personnel to attend to accident victims and persons with gunshot wounds without any police report when the need arises. In a statement released today August 21st, Arase said the police can be informed afterwards for necessary action after the injured have been given proper attention. The full text of the statement after the cut...

The Inspector-General of Police, IGP Solomon E. Arase, NPM fdc has enjoined members of the public including medical personnel to attend to accident victims and persons with gunshot injuries and thereafter, inform the Police for necessary action.
This became imperative, following neglects and consequent untimely death of victims in this regard out of fear of being implicated without Police involvement.
The Police High Command also directed its Officers and men not to harass good Samaritans/Nigerians in this regard, but endeavour to elicit correct facts in relation to incident from them.
Doctors on duty are equally duty bound to treat victims of gunshot wounds and further inform Police of relevant facts. The safety of Nigerians is a collaborative effort of all and sundry. Police therefore, enjoin citizens not to relent in their cooperative attitude in ensuring safety of all. While they are also to report any suspicious person or persons to the nearest Police Station.