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Awwww so sweet : Nicki Minaj declares her love for Meek Mill says ' I 'm In Love With Meek Mill' .

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Nicki Minaj Confirms: ‘I’m In Love’ With Meek Mill After Split Rumors

All is well between Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill! Despite recent fan freakout that the couple had broken up, Nicki confirmed on Twitter June 11 that she’s still ‘in love’ with her man.

Nicki Minaj, 32, is in love and she wants everyone to know it! After being blasted by her ex, Safaree Samuels, in a new song on June 10, the rapper took to Twitter to defend herself and confirm that she and Meek Mill are stery much together. See her tweet!


God gave me a good heart. I always let ppl get over on my way too long. But that’s why I’m blessed. I’ll always b blessed. May God keep u,” she tweeted, adding, “And just for the record, I’m in love with meek.” She concluded the message with several ‘blushing’ emojis, to show just how happy she is with the rapper. The message comes after Safaree’s “Love The Most” rap leaked on June 10, in which he accuses Nicki of cheating, and even brings up an alleged problem with prescription pills. But even though the couple, who dated for 12 years before splitting in 2014, had a pretty rough break up, Nicki remained positive about the situation on her social media page.

Three kidnappers nabbed and displayed naked after they are caught with their victim.

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Photos: Three kidnappers were displayed naked in Osun after they are caught with their victim

Three young men named Femi, Tunmise and a third unidentified guy were caught yesterday June 10th as they tried to escape in their Mazda car with a school girl they had kidnapped who was in the booth of their car. The young men are alleged to be final year students of the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University.

Some suspicious people alerted police to the guys after suspecting they had taken the girl. The police then chased and caught them around Makuro road in Ile-Ife, where the kidnapped girl was found inside the booth of their car, bound. An angry mob descended on them but they were rescued before they could be killed.

 Their car was however badly damaged. They boys are currently in the state Police headquarter Oshogbo.

Snake Alert :A Huge Python was killed at Opebi, Ikeja.

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This is serious guys check it out : A Huge Python Snake was found and  killed at Opebi, Ikeja. See pictures after the cut ......

Caitlyn Jenner shows off hot look in skinny jeans & high boots.

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Photos: Caitlyn Jenner shows off hot new style skinny jeans & knee high boots.

The former man was spotted at Los Angeles LGBT Youth Center yesterday June 10th rocking skinny jeans and knee high boots. Caitlyn was at the centre to talk to others about her recent experiences of making the transition from Bruce to Caitlyn.

Two University Students Found Dead After Using Sex Enhancing Drug.

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Two University students found dead after using sex enhancing drug.

Two students of a University in Anambra State were found dead in a hostel room located near their school, according to a report by Daily Independent. (the late lovers pictured pictured above)

The female student is from Imo State. She visited her boy friend and they went in together on Saturday but never woke up until their doors were forced open by the police after a neighbor raised the alarm.

The male student was 300level student of public administration. They allegedly died after sex romp and their neighbors never knew until their bodies started decomposing.

The guy allegedly drugged the girl to have access to free sex which resulted to her death and he equally took the pills and lay beside her.

Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) from Awkuzu removed both bodies and deposited then at an undisclosed morgue.

The Police Public Relation Officer (PPRO), DSP Uche Ezeh while reacting to the incident said investigations were ongoing to ascertain the veracity of the case but confirmed the incident while charting with Daily Independent Metro.

Source: Daily Independent

Unbelievable but real : A 107 Year Old Man Weds A 95 Year Old Woman.

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The people of Plateau state will not forget in a hurry the marriage ceremony between 107-year-old Elder Dikam Garba Dabo’ok and his 95-year-old wife, Mrs Ka’a Nafung.

 The couple, who have been living together for 70 years found a new sparkle to rekindle their marital love in the church and the ceremony has remained the talk of the town.

At 95, the bride is well past her menopause and her surviving first child is 65 years old but this did not stop the couple from walking down the aisle. They are the first couple in the history of the state to be administered marital vow at such unusual ages. The ceremony took place at the Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN), Chizu village in Bwai, Mangu Local Government Area of the state.

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The happy couple in their marriage vows promised to love themselves until death do them part and also vowed not to allow a third party in their marital life. After the church service, they posed for photographs and from there, they went to the venue of the reception where they cut their wedding cake, fed each other and danced to the admiration of all present.

The groom, popularly known to many in his neighbourhood as Baba Dikam while narrating his life story said: “I had seven wives and 32 children during my younger days, but I did so because I did not know Christ. But that made me great among my contemporaries as only those who were wealthy could do that. But in spite of that, God remained faithful and merciful for me. I have a lot of testimonies to show that God was so faithful to me.

I am now in a better position to advise my children and my well wishers to live the life of Christ. I don’t want any of my children to emulate my past life style, because you may fall out of the grace and mercies of God.

 But I’m so pleased because my children are committed to Christ; they lived the life of Christ, they were the ones that insisted I must come to Christ and take their mother to the altar. “Before now we lived our lives outside Christ, but from today, we are now confirmed children of Christ. It would have been worse for us if we had died without Christ. But God has protected our lives up till this moment to come to Him.”

Check out what this lady is doing in a party with her boyfriend.

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Check out what this lady is doing to her boyfriend in a party.

Is this normal or hot . See photo after the cut......

Check out what I found on Facebook ........

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Check this out guys  : See what I found on facebook. Did this really happen ???? See a photo after the cut.....

A Girl's Confession : ' I Felt Humiliated, Says Girl Defiled By Father.

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A 14-year-old girl (name withheld) said she felt bad and humiliated after she was defiled twice by her father.

The culprit, Adeboye Waheed, 48, has been arrested by policemen attached to Zone 2, Onikan, Lagos. The suspect, who was paraded before journalists yesterday, blamed the act on strange influence which befell him. The victim lives with his father, step mother and four siblings on Adama Araro Street in Ikorodu area of Lagos.

The lid was blown open when the victim, an SS1 student of Araromi Isoju Grammar School in Ikorodu, ran to a near-by church to report her ordeal. She said: “My father started checking my private part, to check if I have started mensuration in 2014. On a particular day in November of the same year, I was sleeping on the floor of our one room apartment in the night, he removed my rapper. My step mother was not around that day.

“He used his fingers to touch my private part and asked if I was menstruating. He also asked me if anybody had ever had sex with me, I said no. He said he would use his joystick to test me to confirm the truth. That was how he forced his ‘manhood’ on me and covered my mouth not to shout. “From that time, I started bleeding till morning when I became weak and he did nothing. He warned me not to let anybody know.”

The victim said her father repeated the act on March 5 this year. She added: “I was browsing with someone’s phone in the house when he asked me to remove my clothes. He put on condom and had sex with me.
I felt very bad inside me but I could do nothing.

The next day, I packed my belongings and ran away from the house to a near-by church. “I really felt humiliated. Before I left, I threw away all the condoms he bought and dropped a note that he should not look for me.

At the church, I narrated what happened to me to them and they took the matter to the police.” Waheed, who earlier refuted the allegation, claimed that a strange influence came upon him and he did not know what he was doing. He said: “Please police, journalists forgive me; I don’t know what came over me. I have been beaten thoroughly by Oodua People’s Congress (OPC) boys; that is why my eyes are swollen.”

Speaking on behalf of the zone PPRO, Mr Olorunfemi Shem, said all the investigations carried on the matter and the medical report from a government hospital showed that the crime was committed. He said: “Our investigation and medical report from a government hospital proved that the girl was defiled by her father.”

Source: New telegraph online

New video by Psquare ' Bring it on ' Official video Ft Dave Scott.

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Check out this new video by Psquare - Bring It On (Official Video) Ft. Dave Scott .

ISIS Militants Trades Women & Girls Into Sexual Slavery.

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ISIS sells women & girls into sexual slavery for 'as little as a pack of cigarettes'

The United Nations envoy on sexual violence detailed Monday how Islamic State militants are selling teenage girls into sexual slavery and inflicting horrific sexual violence on female abductees.

Zainab Bangura met with women and girls in April who had escaped from areas controlled by the insurgent group, and this week talked about what she had heard.

She explained how large groups of abducted girls were kept in cramped conditions, subjected to abuse and assigned monetary value by a group of militants before being sold. In one case, a 15-year-old girl was sold off to an IS leader in his 50's who taunted her desire to commit suicide before raping her.

In some cases, teenage girls were sold in IS militant slave markets for "as little as a pack of cigarettes," said Bangura. The group continues to run this slave trade as they abduct more women and girls in the territory they take over, she explained.

Bangura's accounts are the latest in IS' well-documented history of abhorrent sexual violence against women. A Human Rights Watch report released in April documented systematic rape and forced marriage of Yazidi minority women. Women and girls who escape also face continuing trauma from their experiences, and largely lack the psychosocial support required.

Yazidi religious leader Baba Sheikh has issued repeated calls for acceptance and reintegration of survivors of IS abuse, something that Bangura praised on Monday.

The UN has repeatedly condemned the use of sexual violence by IS, with Bangura stating last month that the group has "institutionalized sexual violence and the brutalization of women as a central aspect of their ideology and operations, using it as a tactic of terrorism to advance their key strategic objectives.”

The group uses abducted women to attract young male foreign fighters who make up a significant portion of its forces, according to analysts. IS has also issued commandments and pamphlets on the proper protocol for slavery under its interpretation of Islamic Law.

Bangura stated that the exact number of women and girls enslaved by IS militants is not currently known.

Source: BBC

News News :'Fuel Will Sell For N40 A Litre'

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The Subsidy Question: Fuel Will Sell For N40 A Litre -

 In their daily lives, Nigerians must cope with this open ambivalence – they have oil but they can’t see oil; they have petroleum, but they have no petrol; they pay for light but they get darkness.

There is no better way to explain what we mean here than by telling our usual story of the so-called subsidy on petroleum products in its most elemental form.

Nigeria is said to be the sixth largest producer of oil in the world. But with mismanagement, what was originally supposed to be a blessing from God has virtually turned a curse. At every point, we are either fighting because of the poor allocation of this resource, or we are crying that some dubious elements have stolen the total proceeds.

The original arrangement was that as soon as the crude oil came out from the ground, Nigeria would sell 90 percent at the spot market, in hard currency. The remaining 10 percent was meant to be refined for local consumption.

At various times, Nigeria had built four refineries – two in Port-Harcourt and one each in Warri and Kaduna, intended to refine different products. These refineries were run aground; and they are now old and practically comatose.

Because of our lack of refineries, foreign concerns that had refineries began to pick up, at rock-bottom prices, the 10 percent crude reserved for local consumption. They would refine the products in their countries and export the refined products to us at their own prices. By the time the product returns to Nigeria after its triangular journey, the price has hit the ceiling and it is no longer within the reach of many. This is where government steps in to bring in what it calls subsidy.

Under this scheme, a country like the Netherlands, which does not have a single drop of oil, is in the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries, OPEC, as a net exporter of oil.

The subsidy regime in Nigeria reminds us of two issues – first, subsidy would have been absolutely unnecessary if we were doing our own refining in Nigeria. Secondly, the subsidy regime has been fraught with fraud and dishonesty.

Between 2006 and 2014, Nigeria paid over N7.5 trillion as subsidy claims. Yet, we are still where we are – the subsidised products are not available and where they are available, they sell for prices much higher than the unsubsidised products. Put differently, we have been subsidizing fraud.

The subsidy game has been a political one and has not been played on the rings of economic data; and rather than being fact-driven, it has been emotion-driven and politically played by those who use it as a political tool.

Subsidy in itself is not a bad idea. In fact, it is defined in economics as money paid by government or an organisation to reduce the cost of producing goods so that their prices can be kept low. It seeks to reduce the market price of an item below the cost of production. Government intervenes to support desirable activities to keep the prices of staple low; maintain the income of producers of critical or strategic products; induce investment while reducing unemployment.

Everywhere, subsidy is supposed to be a cushion to enhance the welfare and well-being of the people. It is an acceptable practice the world-over.

This writer was in Germany in the winter of 1973, when the price of oil increased astronomically because of some major adjustments by OPEC. Many companies would have just gone under but government quickly intervened with a serious subsidy package. Among other things, industry workers – including those of us arbiters who were “pulling gburu” – were made to work two days a week (eight days a month) for full month’s pay. That’s subsidy.

If all American farmers were to be allowed to produce at their optimum levels, food would be surplus and totally useless everywhere. The American government has had the practice over the years of paying some selected farmers to stay at home, not producing anything during the year. That’s subsidy.

In these places, the subsidy scheme is well managed and it gets to the target population – the poor. But in Nigeria, the exact opposite is the case: the real beneficiaries are not the poor but the middlemen and the rent seekers, contrary to the argument usually advanced and which has been at the heart of subsidy’s continuation, that it is pro-poor.

As long as there are long queues in our filling stations, we are merely compounding the problems of the poor. When people queue and sleep at petrol stations like refugees, besides the human degradation involved, you have also effectively reduced from their sources of livelihood because the time spent at the stations are wasted. Funds for infrastructural and human capital development are frittered away on dubious subsidy claims and payments to about 40 corporate citizens of Nigeria, to the utter neglect of the rest of us.

Truly, petrol can sell for N40 a litre but things must get worse before they get better. Subsidy is strangulating us! We must take the tough decision NOW – tighten our belts and let subsidy go!

Those middlemen in the current supply chain must go. Subsidy removal must be approached through what we call “the blind man and his yam”. If you have to pill the blind man’s yam, you must keep whistling while you do so as a sign that you are not introducing the yam into your own mouth.

Similarly, any substantial subsidy removal must be immediately accompanied with the rehabilitation and upgrading of the refineries so the people can see what you are doing with theirmoney. Once we meet our local needs, importation will stop. When importation stops, subsidy ends. The darkest part of the night is just before dawn.

Let’s give ourselves one year to work on the refineries during which period, as a way of choosing the lesser of two evils, we shall allow only the NNPC to import petroleum products directly so that we can know exactly what we are consuming.

Source : Vanguard

The Kidnappers who killed a 11 year old girl have been arrested.

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The Three Men, kidnappers who killed a 11-yr-old girl in Ogun have been arrested.

Men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad in Ogun State have arrested 3 suspected kidnappers for allegedly killing an 11-year-old- girl, Aminat Ishola, after kidnapping her from her father’s company.

The suspects are Babatunde Aderonmu, 21, Sina Damilare, 40, and Taofeek Kola, 50 and they've all been arrested.

The mastermind behind the kidnap was the girl's father's former employee Babatunde Aderonmu. They reportedly kidnapped the girl at an area of Sango in Ado-Odo/Ota on May 21 then moved her to Osun Jegede, Ogbere area of Ibadan in Oyo State, where she was held.

One Lasisi Olalekan reported the case of the missing girl to the police.

The Police said they gathered that the suspects had contacted the parents of the girl and had demanded N2 million ransom before they could release the girl. “They agreed on N300,000, following the intervention of the police.

The suspect sent the account number of a prophetess, who they claimed had prayed for them before, to the parents and that was how Aderonmu was apprehended.
He said the girl died after one of the suspects, Taofeek Kola, who claimed to be an alfa, gave her  a powdery substance in order to hypnotise her.

Adejobi said: “After the girl had died, they packed her corpse into a sack and dumped the sack opposite Ogbere Police Station in Ibadan.

“The following day, a woman whose shop is close to the police station, noticed the sack and called the attention of the police.

The DPO ordered the opening of the sack and the corpse was discovered. It has been taken to a morgue.
“We have carried out an autopsy on the girl and we are awaiting the result.


Tonto Dikeh Shares a photo of herself and her man .

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Tonto Dikeh Releases Picture Of Mr X , see photo after the cut....

She shared the picture on her instagram page

Source: Instagram.