Sunday, 13 December 2015

Nigerian Big Babe Goes To Club Without Her Panties.....

Almost naked, Naija big girl goes to club without her panties,This is a daily trend in our should someone dress like this to a club or to any gathering.

WTF ! Jealous husband put super glue in his wife vagina , see the reason why ???

A husband who suspected his wife was cheating on him with her uncle, displayed a shocking level of possessiveness by putting super glue inside his the woman’s private part.
The 40-year-old woman whose identity has not been revealed, reported to the head of the Ngwamtila village in Zimbabwe that her husband accused her of cheating and proceeded to pour glue into her vagina.
The woman who says she can’t have s ex again and feels pain every time she urinates, narrated her experiences in the hands of her abusive husband:
“My husband was an abusive man for many years. His abuse spiralled out of control when my uncle dropped me off at our home.
He then accused me of cheating on him with my uncle. It was shocking because he knew my uncle well and even greeted him nicely when he dropped me off.
Every time the month of March comes along, I remember the cruelty that he showed me. He took out a panga (cutlass) and ordered me to take off my clothes.

As I started doing that, he told me that if I didn’t do it he would chop off my head with the panga. He had previously tried to chop off my hand with the panga but I managed to escape. This time I could not escape.
He then ordered me to lie down and open my legs. He then took out super glue and applied it on my vagi na while I looked at him with horror and tears streaming down my face.
I do not know what would make a man who loves a woman do that to her. I wanted to press charges but he fled and has not been seen since the incident.
I am scared that he might come back anytime and remove my head.”

Shock as 14 girls from 1 boarding school fall pregnant

FOURTEEN Form Four pupils from a single school in Binga are alleged to have fallen pregnant while writing their final examinations from a bush boarding facility.
The pupils from Sinakoma Secondary School were staying at bush boarding facilities while writing their finals at Manjolo Secondary School.
Speaking during the commemoration of the 16 Days of Activism Against GenderBased Violence in Kariyangwe, Binga district development officer Mr Richard Mudimba said he was shocked to learn that 14 pupils from an annex learning institution, Sinakoma Secondary School in Nsenga under Chief Sinakoma, had fallen pregnant.
“We had a meeting last week (two weeks ago) in Sinakoma where I got the disturbing news about pupils who were discovered to be pregnant after their Form Four exams,” Mr Mudimba said.
He said Sinakoma Secondary School is still an annex and pupils sit for their final exams at the nearest secondary school.
“These pupils are said to have been caught in such a situation following their stay at a nearby school, Manjolo Secondary,” Mr Mudimba said. “Parents of the children said the pupils were lured into engaging in wild behaviour when they were away while writing the exams.”
Mr Mudimba said during exams, children travel to Manjolo Secondary School where they stay as bush boarders.
“We understand the distance from Sinakoma area to Manjolo is about 12 kilometres. It’s impossible for pupils to walk that distance everyday to sit for exams and return home afterwards,” he said.
Mr Mudimba, said it will be difficult for the 14 girls to pass considering that instead of reading, they were engaging in love affairs.
“We cannot expect good results from such a school where a total of 14 girls have been impregnated during exam time,” he said.
Mr Mudimba pleaded with villagers especially adults and male teachers to respect school going pupils and not lure them into sexual activities as it remains a major reason why the district is failing to develop.
“I plead with the Government to come up with punitive measures against men who are found to be sleeping with and impregnating school girls,” he said.
“Child marriages are increasing everyday such that children in rural areas are being affected the most.”
Mr Mudimba encouraged villagers to monitor their children and ensure that they are not being abused.

SHOCKING: Nollywood Actress Says The Bible Is Wrong About sex

Beautiful Nollywood actress and model Queeneth Hilbert is a beauty to behold.
The stunning actress is kicking against the bible’s position on
prema’rital sex.

Hilbert said: “Well, you see someone and you feel this guy will be go*od in bed, fine, go ahead and have it. Sex is something you can have if you feel good about it. I don’t believe all those bible stuffs about sex.”
The actress also recounted her experience in the hands of men while trying to establish herself in the entertainment industry.

She said: “When I was trying to establish myself as a model every man I met wanted something from me. In this country, most men you meet don’t want to do anything for you unless you are ready to offer se x. Only very few men are nice. I don’t know if it happens like that to other women but for me, it has and that doesn’t mean I have anything against men, I don’t.”

Queeneth who said she embraced acting because of Tonto Dikeh hit the limelight with her dramatic performance in the movie The Illiterate. Other movies she has featured in include My Daughter, My Jewel, Hidden Crown, etc.

The Gambia becomes an Islamic State

President Yahya Jammeh has declared The Gambia "an Islamic state", but stressed that the rights of the Christian minority in the small west African country would be respected and that women would not be held to a dress code.

The announcement came as the president addressed supporters in the coastal town of Brufut on Thursday, and the comments were later broadcast on state television and repeated on his website.
"Gambia's destiny is in the hands of the Almighty Allah.

As from today, Gambia is an Islamic state. We will be an Islamic state that will respect the rights of the citizens," he was quoted as saying on the presidential website.

In television footage of the address on GRTV, seen by AFP on Saturday, the president did not go into detail about what the change would mean for the country, but he reassured Christians and followers of other faiths they would be able to worship freely.
"Christians will be given their due respect. The way of celebrating Christmas will continue," he said, adding that no one had the right to interfere with others' "way of life".
He also warned against trying to impose a dress code on women.
He said:
"I have not appointed anyone as an Islamic policeman. The way women dress is not your business," he said.
An impoverished former British colony nestled within Senegal, and famed for its white-sand beaches, The Gambia has a population of nearly two million, 90 per cent of whom are Muslim.
The remaining eight per cent are Christian and two per cent are defined as having indigenous beliefs.

Jammeh, 50, a military officer and former wrestler from a rural background, has ruled the country with an iron fist since he Co seized power in a coup in 1994. The main opposition party on Saturday poured scorn on the president's unexpected proclamation of an Islamic republic, saying it had no legal basis.

Earlier this year, Human Rights Watch branded Jammeh's regime one of the most repressive in the world, blaming paramilitaries and secret police for torture, disappearances and extrajudicial killings.

In 2013, Jammeh withdrew his country from the Commonwealth, saying it represented "an extension of colonialism".


More photos from Di'ja's trad wedding

 More photos from Di'ja's private traditional wedding from one of the guests at the ceremony. More photos after the cut...

Woman charged with attempted murder for failed abortion

A 31-year-old Murfreesboro woman was arrested Wednesday and charged with attempted first-degree murder after a failed attempt to end her pregnancy, according to a report from the Murfreesboro Police Department.
Anna Yocca of Swindon Circle is accused of using a coat hanger to end her pregnancy in September, Detective Tommy Roberts reported. She was 24 weeks pregnant then.

Yocca was indicted by the Rutherford County grand jury in December and is being held in the Rutherford County Adult Detention Center on $200,000 bond. Her court date was set for Dec. 21.
Roberts reported Yocca filled a bathtub with water, “took a coat hanger and attempted to self-abort her pregnancy.” Because of the amount of blood, she “became concerned about her safety” and her boyfriend took her to Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital.

Yocca was transported to Saint Thomas Midtown in Nashville where medical professionals were able to save the child, who weighed 1.5 pounds.
Roberts said he interviewed doctors and nurses who reported Yocca said she wanted to terminate the pregnancy.
“Although Saint Thomas Midtown was able to save ‘Baby Yocca,’ they indicated to me that his quality of life will be forever harmed,” Roberts said.
Doctors at Saint Thomas Midtown told Roberts the child will need continued medical support for the remainder of his life because of injuries sustained in the attempt.

The Tennessean

Rebranded Lagos state RRS pictured taking helicopter lessons(photos)

Lagos criminals are in for it. This is the newly re-branded Lagos State Rapid Response Squad on training and familiarization and taking Helicopter lessons today. See more photos after the cut...

Nollywood actress Chika Ike splurges on post Birthday getaway

Nollywood actress Chika Ike who turned a year older recently splurged on herself by travelling abroad to celebrate her birthday. More photos after the cut...

Mariah Carey shares a new pic with billionaire boyfriend James Packer

Mariah Carey and James Packer were back at it over the weekend as they met up in New York.
Posing before a Christmas tree dressed in evening wear, the pair were snapped gazing lovingly into one another's eyes in a photo shared by Mariah on Twitter. Another photo after the cut...

Craig David still looking handsome as he made an appearance on X Factor two-part finale in London's Wembley ArenaArena.

The 35 year old's appearance on X Factor two-part finale in London's Wembley Arena on Saturday generated quite a buzz. He looked dapper in an all-white ensemble and his performance was near perfect. More photos after the cut...


OMG !!! (Graphic Photos ) 2 die in Fatal accident along Oshodi-Apapa expressway

Two people died on the spot in a fatal accident at the Iyana-Itire junction along the Oshodi-Apapa expressway Lagos this morning. According to eyewitnesses, the two cars involved in the accident were about to go help another accident victim when a trailer ran into them killing two people. One person actually came out alive. The photos are very graphic. *viewer discretion advised*

Donald Trump & Saudi billionaire Prince feuds on twitter, calls Trump 'a disgrace to the US'

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia, one of the world's wealthiest business men is the latest to criticize Donald Trump for his call for a ban on Muslims entering the US. The prince took to twitter yesterday to describe the Republican front-runner for US presidential election as "a disgrace to America".

     "You are a disgrace not only to the GOP but to all America. Withdraw from the U.S presidential race as you will never win" he tweeted.

Donald Trump responded with an insult of course.

     "Dopey Prince @Alwaleed_Talal wants to control our U.S. politicians with daddy's money. Cant do it when i get elected. #Trump2016"

US singer Donnell Jones in Lagos (photos)

He's in town to perform at the‘Baseline Black Tie Concert’ happening today. He's pictured in his room at Eko Hotel...

Photos: Agbani Darego shows off her sexy bikini body

The former Miss World shared the photos from Sanya, China, where the Miss World pageant will be held. More photos after the cut...