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Teenager reveals how she was forced to undergo female genital mutilation as she was married off to man TWICE her age - before falling pregnant at just 12

A survivor of female genital mutilation (FGM) has revealed her terrifying ordeal after she was forced to undergo the procedure without anesthetic when she was just 11-years-old.

Damaris Monty, now 14, from Tangulbei, Kenya, and a mother to a two-year-old daughter, had no idea what getting cut meant before it happened to her and four other young girls who were lined up to be mutilated.

The practice is carried out in some parts of the world under the belief it makes girls purer and eligible to marry.

Recalling the day it happened to her, Damaris said: 'I was at my aunt's place and she and her husband told me to undergo the cut.

'I really didn't know what it was, but they told me I had to undergo it. My aunt told me just the night before that I would be cut. I don't know whether or not my parents knew about it and approved it.'

Damaris, who had never been to school or received any kind of education, said if she had known what was going to happen to her, she would have run away.

But instead, she and the four other girls were led outside her aunt's house one morning and told to sit on stones in a line facing the rising sun.

Describing how events unfolded, Damaris said: 'The first girl was cut. Then they covered her with a scarf and left her there.

 Then they did the same thing to the next person.
'When I was cut, blood flew. I felt pain. I was so stressed out, because this is something I didn't choose.
'I got wrapped in a sheep skin.

They tied our legs with torn clothes close to the thighs. We sat on the stones for an hour and then they took all of us to a bush where they constructed something small, like a house.

'We got there on foot; we were walking, slowly, slowly. It was hurting because of the cut and the fact that our legs were tied. All of us managed to walk.

'We stayed in the hut for three months to heal. Our legs remained tied and they used to prepare porridge for us, like we were little kids.

'We didn't like it, but we had no option of running away because we had wounds and we couldn't run.

 At the beginning, the women used to come and stay with us during the day, but when we almost healed completely, we were left on our own.'
Damaris said her ordeal wasn't over as not long after, she was forced to marry a man twice her age. 

'At that point, I didn't know that going for the cut would lead to marriage. I thought that I would go for the cut and then go back home or go to school,' she said.

She said her older husband was not kind to her and she was expected to consummate their marriage right away - when she was still only 12 and recovering from the FGM.

She said: 'The act after the FGM was really painful; it hurt a lot until the following day.'

Damaris became pregnant and had a daughter, Chepkopus Domoren, now aged two.

She said her husband didn't treat either of them well and she was determined to escape to give her daughter a better life - and to spare her the horror of FGM.

She said: 'My daughter became sick and whenever I told my husband about it, he couldn't care less, so it was just me, alone, trying to find ways of getting help.
Each time I was going to the hospital, my husband used to tell me "I know that the child is not sick, you're just making it up". He only had time for alcohol.

'One day he locked me in the house while my baby was outside. She was alone. I was worried for my baby; I thought he would kill her. He locked me up for an hour. Then I knew I had to run away.'

After escaping with her daughter, Damaris found support from the charity Action Aid, who have a women's network in Kongelai.

She said the charity's help has been invaluable to her as she tries to move on and build a new life for her and her daughter.

She said: 'Action Aid gives us hope and strength. Every time I leave the meetings I feel really hopeful. I have learnt that I have the right not to accept FGM and anything to do with FGM.

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Guess the name Kim Kardashian West and her rapper Hubby Kayne West will be Naming their baby boy???

Kim, 34, and rapper hubby Kayne West, 38, already named their two-year-old daughter 'North.'
Kim Kardashian west and kanye West will be, indeed, naming their baby boy different kind of name from what they named their daughter North.
'Easton is the chosen name. It's confirmed that the baby boy will be called Easton,' a close family friend said, spilling the beans.

Pregnant woman, 14 others injured as policemen, soldiers clash in Edo

No fewer than 15 persons, including a pregnant woman, sustained various degree of injuries on Friday evening during a clash between men of the Nigerian Army and operatives of the Oba Market Police Station in Benin City, the Edo State capital.

During the clash, residents and shops owners scampered for safety, as tear gas canisters and several shots were fired when soldiers in over 10 Hilux vans invaded the police station.

The stampede that ensued following the invasion by the military operatives and from inhaling tear gas led to the injuries sustained by the people.

While the invasion lasted, policemen in the station reportedly locked themselves inside the station while business owners locked their shops to prevent looting.

The soldiers’ siege at the police station that lasted for over two hours eventually came to an end at about 6:20 pm following intervention of top police officers in the state.

It was gathered that trouble started when 10 policemen allegedly beat two soldiers to stupor at the traffic light by Ibiwe Junction, opposite the Oba Market, in retaliation for the soldiers’ beating up of a female traffic warden who did not allow them to pass through despite heavy traffic.

One of the soldiers was said to have repeatedly slapped the woman until policemen intervened and it resulted to a free for all.

The policemen were said to have dragged the soldiers to the police station and detained them.

It was learnt that a soldier who witnessed the beating called his colleagues and soldiers in 10 Hilux vans stormed the police station.

When contacted, Spokesman for the 4 Brigade of the Nigerian Army, Joseph Unuakhalu, said he was yet to be briefed and promised to call back after getting details.

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FG to increase VAT to 10%.

Nigeria plans to double the value-added tax rate to 10 per cent this year to help shore up government revenue eroded by the declining price of oil, the country’s main export, the Federal Inland Revenue Service said.
“The plan is to increase to 10 percent this year, but we have to consult first with relevant stakeholders,” Sunday Ogungbesan, Acting Executive Chairman of the FIRS, told reporters.
Nigeria depends on crude exports for about 70 per cent of government revenue and more than 90 percent of foreign exchange.
 The price of Brent crude has dropped by more than half since peaking in June last year, undermining President Muhammadu Buhari’s ability to deliver on his election promises since he took office in May.
FIRS will put more effort in meeting targets after its collection of 1.97 trillion naira ($9.9 billion) in revenue in the first half fell short of a goal of 2.29 trillion naira, Ogungbesan said.
“If we achieve our revenue targets, to a great extent government deficits will be reduced,” he said. “Our plan is to bring every business into the tax net, this economy can survive outside oil,” he noted.

Two ISIS-bound Nigerian men arrested in India

Two young Nigerian men, Imran Kabeer 24 and Sani Jamiliu 25, both from Kano state, were arrested today August 7th in India as they made their way allegedly to join the Islamic State (ISIS) in Iraq

According to reports, the young men were arrested at the India-Pakistan border as they made to scale a barbed wire fence. When interrogated by India's Border Security Force officials, Imran and Sani said they were on their way to Pakistan and then to Iraq to join ISIS but when searched, they had no valid travel documents to enter Pakistan but it was found that they had entered India on August 6th.

They made their way from Amritsar city to Delhi and arrived at the integrated check point at Attari on Friday morning.
 "On finding the border gates closed, the youths moved towards a barbed wire fence along the Attari-Wagah rail track (on which the Samjhauta Express peace train between both countries plies) and jumped over the high barbed wire fence, thinking they had entered Pakistan. BSF personnel immediately nabbed them," a BSF official said.

This baby looks confused when the child met his grandfather's twin for the first time.

Check Out The confused look this baby had on his face.  Lol ! Priceless. 

Flavour And beauty Queen Anna Banner Welcomes Baby Girl in US

The 2013 most beautiful girl in Nigeria, Anna Banner who is Flavour’s girlfriend has allegedly given birth to a baby girl.
 According to OlisaTV, Anna gave birth last week in a United States hospital, but she and Flavour’s family have kept the news within close circles.
Rumour has it that all through her pregnancy period, Anna Banner did not make any public appearance in a bid to conceal the pregnancy.
The baby is Anna’s first child with the singer.
Congratulations to them. 

Pastor rapes 13-yr-old girl during night vigil

A new generation Pentecostal church is alleged to have raped a 13-year-old girl during a night vigil programme that was organised by the church, Pulse reported.

According to reports, the young girl has gone to the night vigil with her parents when the pastor lured her into a private room and raped her.

The pastor had prophesied a few days ago to the girls parents that their daughter had evil spirits and they were tormenting her, this meant she had to get special prayer to released her from the demons.

The girls parents had given the pastor a go ahead to do all that is necessary to deliver her from the evil spirits.

The incident occurred when the vigil was in full swing and the girl was called out in front of the congregation. She was taken to a private room and repeatedly raped.

The girls' sister caught the pastor in act and immediately notified her parents.
The matter was reported to the police and the pastor was arrested.

Buhari Initiates Moves To Produce Weapons Locally

President Muhammadu Buhari, Friday in Abuja, directed the Federal Ministry of Defence to produce a plan for the establishment of a modest Military Industrial Complex for the local production of weapons to meet some of the requirements of the country’s armed forces.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony of the National Defence College, President Buhari described as unacceptable, Nigeria’s current over-dependence on other countries for critical military equipment and logistics.

“We must evolve viable mechanisms for near-self-sufficiency in military equipment and logistics production complemented only by very advanced foreign technologies.
The Ministry of Defence is being tasked to draw up clear and measurable outlines for development of a modest Military Industrial Complex for Nigeria.
“In this regard, it is to liaise with other strategic MDAs and industries to re-engineer the Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria (DICON) to meet national military hardware and logistics requirements,” the President said.
President Buhari told the gathering that his administration had, since its assumption of office, reviewed the nature and character of Nigeria’s security threats and challenges.
“We recognized first and foremost, the external dimensions of these threats and the need for international cooperation and common security mechanisms to tackle them,” the President said.

President Buhari added that in the light of this realization, his administration was “convinced that the best approach was to work within the framework of the Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC) to mobilize a collective regional effort in the fight against terrorism and insurgency.

The President urged the graduates and officers and men of the Armed Forces to work harder to win the war against Boko Haram, terrorism and insurgency.

“We must apply a comprehensive strategy and coordinate all elements of national power against terrorism and insurgency; we must show result oriented leadership at all levels of military Command; we must set up an optimal organization to manage and sustain operational performance; and we must show confidence and winning mentality,” President Buhari told them.

The President assured that the Federal Government under his leadership will strive to meet the operational, logistic, training and welfare requirements of the Armed Forces of Nigeria.

He also reaffirmed his commitment to ameliorating the hardships of people living in areas most affected by insurgency and terrorism.

“We have the will, resolve and conviction to apply a comprehensive strategy and coordinate all elements of national power against terrorism and insurgency,” the President reassured Nigerians and the international community.

President Buhari said that the National Defence College had fulfilled the vision of its founding fathers, by becoming a strategic human capacity-building institution, making credible contributions to Nigeria and other friendly countries.

The President urged graduates of the College’s Course 23 to resolve to make “a marked difference in your future deployment and contribute your quota to the evolution and implementation of national security, defence and military strategies.

“You should be the source that lights up the environment wherever you find yourselves.”

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On 6th August, 2015 at about 8:30pm Police received a report that One Tope Adebiyi ‘m’ 20yrs of Afin Street, Aisegba Ekiti allegedly lured a 10yr-old girl (name withheld) into his room at the above stated address, he then locked up the door with him and victim alone inside the room.

That the said Tope Adebiyi attempted to have unlawful carnal knowledge of the young girl, the victim started screaming and her shout attracted neighbours who forced the door opened and safely rescued the victim.
Suspect has been arrested and taken into custody, State CIID Ado-Ekiti is investigating.


This Homeless Dad Is On The Street With His Daughter. How New Yorkers Treat Them? UNBELIEVABLE!

Check this out guy: Imagine if you saw a young dad and his daughter sat in the rain huddled together, how would you feel? What would you do? Would you want to help?

Colby Persin went the extra mile and found out he did a social experiment on the streets of New York and filmed it for us all to see.
Colby wanted to see New Yorkers different reaction to different types of homeless people. 
He wanted to see if people were more likely to give to a single dad or to a man asking for drugs and alcohol. The results will leave you flabbergasted. It ends with a moving message when another homeless woman walks by and does something that broke our hearts.
“Sometimes those that have less, are the ones who give more.”

Check out this surprise and embarrassing storyline, it will make you think a bit and then laugh.

It was this guy’s birthday and he wanted to do something nice for his girlfriend. Little did he know what would come of his blindfolding exhibition. When you read the story below it makes you think about the consequences of “surprises!”

Oh dear!!! Lagos Girl Adds Boyfriend’s Wife On BB, Tells Her I Will Deal With You (Live Chats)

Check this out guy, this is crazy. It’s so bad that these days girls come out so bold to add wives on BBM, even confront them at parties and tell them, ‘I am screwing your man, got it’? Wow wow wow!! So this chic’s story goes thus. 

The chic is dating a certain lady’s husband, she managed to get her BB pin and told her, look I am dating your man. 

The lady fires back and she started raining curses on the wife, saying I had wanted you to shift before, but now you must LEAVE. 

At a point in time, she confronted the wife physically with her friends and rained insults on her, the most painful part of the whole scenario is that, the girl in question and the man are so damn close that one evening she was chatting the wife up as usual insulting her, and said to her‘go and cook for my boo mehn, he just entered the house’. 

Some girls are crazyyyyyyyy. I hope she gets to read this and change.  This is totally  insane. 

Man killed while negotiating wit a commercial sex workers.

Lagos—Operatives of the Lagos State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, SCIID, Yaba, are currently investigating the death of a  middle-aged man, identified as Anuoluwapo Saheed, who was reportedly stabbed to death at a hotel in Abule Egba area of Lagos.
It was learned that the victim, Saheed was attacked by hoodlums led by a one Emmanuel, on July 30, in front of Buffalo Hotel, located along Akerele Street in the Abule Egba area.
Vanguard gathered that the hoodlums traced the victim to the hotel where he was drinking with his friends. He was lured outside the hotel by a sex worker attached to the hotel before they pounced on him.
Anuoluwapo Saheed was allegedly stabbed while conversing and romancing the yet-to-be identified commercial sex worker at the gate of the hotel.
An eyewitness, who identified herself as Taye Adeokya, told Vanguard that the victim was not stabbed inside the hotel.
”He came inside to drink, and he was strolling out with one of the hotel sex workers when the incident happened. I think the assailants were cultists, and they had been lurking around the area for very long. 
As soon as he came out of the gates, he was attacked,” she said.
It was gathered that the victim was later rushed to a nearby hospital, but bled to death.
The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Patricia Amadin, confirmed the incident, saying investigation was ongoing on the matter.

Khloe Kardashian raves about leggings made by a Nigerian business woman

This is really new and it's amazing that it got to Khloe Kardashian. According to Khloe on Instagram ' these Babies will suck you in and make your curves look amazing '. 

The point is, the cinch leggings is made by a Nigerian Entrepreneur and thus far it got to a Kardashian with an amazing testimonial which simply reflects it's originality. They made these babies right.

Nicki Minaj gets a necklace from Meek Mill on stage

Nicki Minaj got something that looked like a Diamond necklace while she was on stage during her Pink Tour with beau, Meek Mill. The advantage of dating a boss-lady. You get to go on a More photos after the cut...

I've only been with women': Caitlyn Jenner talks about sex and dating a man in the latest sneak peek for I Am Cait

Caitlyn Jenner does have some dilemmas facing her - such as which gender she prefers.
In the latest clip from I Am Cait, the 65-year-old admits she's still not sure which sex she is more attracted to, a man or a woman.
While having a dinner party with some of her girlfriends, the topic of conversation soon turns to sex and relationships. 
I wanna hear what it's like to date as a trans woman in our community,' Cait's friend - and rumoured girlfriend - Candis Cayne announces.

'Caitlyn you start,' someone shouts, catching the former Olympian off guard.
'Absolutely nothing!' she grins while the room laughs along.
Chandi, another of her friends, then interjects: 'I know for a fact you've said many times that you've only been attracted to women...' 

I've only been with women,' she clarifies, before declaring: 'I have bigger things than an orgasm to worry about.'
When the table is then asked: 'who's more attracted to men?' Caitlyn looks around intrigued at all the hands drifting up.

When all eyes settle on her, she realises her own hand is half up - and she quickly pulls it down. 

Another sneak peek from the same dinner party released earlier this week, Jenner is seen admitting one 'would feel more feminine if you were with a guy', adding 'I can appreciate the male form'.
In her April 24 tell-all interview, Jenner told Diane Sawyer that 'I am, as far as I know, heterosexual.'
'As far as I know, I've never been with a guy. I've always been married, raising kids,' she insisted.
And she pointed out that transgender identity and sexuality were totally different issues.

Women should snoop around husbands –Toke Makinwa

An on-air personality and leading voice in emerging video blogging, Toke Makinwa, has described herself as “a proud snooper.” She advised other women to als0 snoop around their husbands.

Makinwa, who hit digital space on Wednesday with her latest blog, admitted that snooping was bad but that women were left with no option but to use it to monitor the level of their husbands’ faithfulness.

She urged women who said snooping was wrong to reconsider their position. “You should snoop. 

People have found out that their houses are on fire; people have found out that they are married to other women’s husbands. I am a proud snooper and this is my advice for you,” she emphasised.

Makinwa said women passed through emotional pain while prying into their husband’s telephones. Yet, she advised, they had to do it because “men are wicked.”

“I am a proud snooper; this is me. When you snoop your boyfriend or your husband, it is like you are stealing from the pot. But what else should we do?” she asked.

The controversial relationship blogger wondered why men went to the extent of wrecking their wives’ lives by leaving traces of their extra-marital activities on their phones.

According to her, men are wicked and the earlier their spouses know this the better. To victims of extra-marital affairs, she advised, they should be courageous to dump men who would not love and be faithful to them.

In the 10-minte YouTube video, Makinwa took viewers through techniques they could use to monitor their partners, with a view to knowing their level of faithfulness.

When she blogged on the same issue two years ago, Makinwa said snooping had saved several women from wrong relationships. She noted that men also monitored their women, saying, “It is better women find out in the hard way.

“If you do not check, you will not know. It gives you opportunity to know, the kind of relationship you are into. Checking has saved lives, and I would rather have my life saved.”

She said the reason God gave women brain was so that they could think their way out of trouble.

“Some men are gold-diggers. If the lady you are with is not good for you, leave her and look for another one. The earlier women know the better for them,” she noted.

Fans of the bloggers had wondered why her knowledge in marital relationship could not help her to stop her husband from an extra-marital affair that put her marriage at a risk recently.

For several weeks earlier in the year, Makinwa and her husband, Maje Ayida, made headlines on blogs and soft-sell magazines. The husband reportedly impregnated another lady.

Makinwa eventually opened up on the controversy, saying her case was meant to strengthen other women who were passing through a similar experience. She said being a woman was tough.

“It is funny how God uses even the most unbelievable things to bless you. I have been given a voice, a platform but I woke up one day and I found God, and with that came purpose.
“It is never about you. Sometimes you go through things not for you but for the people around you who need direction. It is tough being a woman, the pressure is real. You don’t have to be a victim; you can rise above it all. Do not let the society tell you otherwise. Be bold, be strong,” she said.
Her controversial position on snooping has stirred a controversy on blogs and other social media platforms.
Blogging on Thursday, one Pat said Makinwa knew there were other women competing with her; hence, she was able to withstand the challenge she faced.
If not for any other reason, according to Pat, snooping helps women to prepare for evil days.

More beautiful photos of Stephanie Linus looking stunning from her Genevieve magazine shoot.

 Check Out the beautiful photos of Stephanie Linus on Genevieve magazine. Pregnancy looks good on her.

Broke 50 Cent is desperately seeking to rent out his mansion

According to TMZ, 50 Cent is looking to rent out his massive Connecticut estate.

 Since he filed for bankruptcy, 50's been trying to dig out from under his debts, and during a meeting with his creditors on Wednesday, his lawyers revealed the rapper is now trying to sublet the mansion which features 21 bedrooms, 9 kitchens, and even a casino!

No word on how much 50's asking, but bankruptcy docs show he'd been paying $72,000 per month just for maintenance on the place.

Swaziland’s ‘prettiest virgins’ dance topless for King Mswati III, every August, hoping to be his next wife

A common tradition in Swaziland (Swazi) permits the King, Mswati, to choose a new bride every year.
According to reports by Talk Africa, it has been a long time tradition in Swaziland and isn’t the first time this controversial issue is making it into the news.
It will be recalled that in 2012, Dailymail reported that topless virgins were paraded in front of the Swazi King, to celebrate chastity and unity.
As part of Swazi custom and norms, that time of the year has come, when the King chooses his bride and again, he has reportedly tested girls’ virginity before choosing a wife for himself.
The Reed Dance ceremony, known as Umhlanga reveals thousands of Swaziland’s ‘prettiest virgins’ dancing topless for King Mswati III, every August, hoping to be his next wife.

20 year-old Onitsha house maid hacked to death for refusing sex with boss’s son

A 20-year old house maid, Chioma Onyegili, was hacked to death yesterday by a 31-year-old son of her madam, Okechukwu (surname withheld), for refusing to have sex with him in Onitsha, Anambra state.
The incident occurred at about 9.30 pm Wednesday at 56 Ziks Avenue Fegge, Onitsha, when the suspect now in police custody used a cutlas to kill the maid for refusing to accept his advances.
Daily Sun gathered that the deceased girl was living with the 70-year-old mother of the accused who always demanded that the girl sleep with him, which she always resisted. He thereafter slashed the girl on her neck with a machete.
The Divisional Police Officer in charge of Fegge Police Station, Mr. Rabui Garba, a Superintendent of Police who confirmed the incident, said that when the information reached his office he dispatched a team of detectives who swung into action and arrested the culprit.
He said that the suspect would be transferred to State Investigation Department (CID) for further investigation on the matter while the deceased corpse has been deposited to an undisclosed hospital mortuary in Onitsha.
The suspect had confessed to the crime, saying that he had killed some other persons in the past in a similar manner. He claimed that he did not not what pushed him to kill the girl, hinting that he may have been hardened by his past murders.
It would be recalled that two days ago, a woman in Okpoko (Ogbaru LGA of the state) was arrested for using a kitchen knife to inflict injuries on a maid’s private part for frequent night urinating.

News:Britain to assist Nigeria in the fight against terror – Gen. Messenger

Lieutenant General Gordon Messenger
Lieutenant General Gordon Messenger, British Deputy Chief of Defence Staff on Military Strategy and Operations has re-affirmed the resolve of Britain to help Nigeria in the fight against terrorism.

Lt. Messenger gave this assurance when he and other senior British military officers paid courtesy call on the Nigeria Chief of Defence Staff, Major General Gabriel Olonisakin at the Defence Headquarters, Abuja on Thursday.

Lt Gen Messenger stated that the essence of the visit of the senior British officials to Nigeria was to broaden the deep relationship and re-energise the bilateral cooperation between Nigeria and Britain.

He pointed out that they came to Nigeria for deliberations towards identifying the ideal area of collaboration to be adopted in the fight against insurgency and the best way to make it work.

He stressed that the fight against terrorism is a multifaceted problem that demands strategy and careful exploration of grey areas in order to re-appraise the best support the British could offer.

In his remark, Nigeria Chief of Defence Staff, Major General Olonisakin thanked the British officials for the visit and the determination of the Britain to assist Nigeria.

The CDS acknowledge all the assistance the Nigerian Armed Forces had enjoyed from Britain, especially in term of training and retraining of its personnel for capacity building to crush Boko Haram.

Major General Olonisakin noted that the Nigerian Armed Forces is doing everything within its power to liquidate Boko Haram and its cells.

 This, the CDS said has received boost with the inauguration of new Multi-National Joint Task Force and the appointment of a Nigerian Commander.

The MNJTF, he reiterated, is coordinating with the Nigerian Military command and control centre in the North East for effectiveness. 

Present at the occasion were the British Assistant Chief of Defence Staff on Defence Engagement, Rear Admiral Simon Ancona, top officials of British Embassy in Abuja and a list of high ranking Nigerian military officers.

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