Sunday, 11 October 2015

Scandalous : A woman caught her best friend having sex with her husband, see what happens next..........

busted vv8Drama Drama :The lady above was cáught in bed with her best friend’s husband when the wife suddenly returns. 
According to reports, The wife and this woman have been friends since college and both work in the same field. Wife quickly called on her  neighbours and the cheating friend Got a béating of her Life
She Will never Forget day…
Every day for the thief and one day for the owner, Proverb Says
See More Photos below, as she knelt down and BEGGED for forgiveness
busted vv6


Yvonne Okoro says 'They say the best whitening agent for ones teeth is sprems'  huh lol!!!  What do you think guys by this message she put up on twitter. 

Awwww! Kylie Jenner & Tyga stare at each other during a love couple stroll

The lovebirds pictured exchanging loving glances as they walked side-by-side during a romantic stroll on Saturday. More photos after the cut...

Wow!! Check out the booty on this popular instagram model (photos)


Her name is Raychiel Smith and she's a popular instagram model...of course because of the massive booty which she happily flaunts. See more photos after the cut...


Horrific moment Boko Haram releases video showing the beheading of a Nigerian soldier (photos)

This is so terrible ! Check out as they proceeded to behead him. They claim the soldier is Nigerian. See the photo after the cut...

Check out this pic of Kevin Hart standing next to NBA greats stars, Shaq & Yao Ming

The actor looked like a dwarf standing next to NBA greats, Shaquille O'neil and Yao Ming

Unbelievable, Is this real???Kanye West auditions for American (photos)

The judges were hacked when on a music talent show,  waiting for the next contestant - only for a 21-time Grammy winner to appear in front of you, saying he's there to audition.

Expectedly, ojudge JLo completely lost her composure and could barely believe her eyes when she saw Kanye West standing in front of her. The super star rapper surprised her and other judges at the San Francisco, California audition of AI yesterday. He stood there and told them he wanted to try his hand at starting from the bottom ..
He performed for them and of course he was sent through to the next round. And Kanye showed so much excitement to go through. He held up his 'golden ticket' to Hollywood's final round to show Kim and he looked as though he was like any other contestant that made it through.

The whole thing was captured by his wife Kim who shared a clip on instagram.

Ryan Seacrest even hi-fived him, congratulating for making it through

Shameful Arrest : Woman undressed by police while being arrested

Shameful, this is o wrong. Her name is Zaina. According to the source, Shawn Mubiru, she is a Secretary of Environment in Uganda and was stripped as she resisted arrest. 

My church is aware I’m member of Ogboni Confraternity —Ogunfuwa, 75-yr-old Remo chief

Otunba Joseph Adedayo Ogunfuwa,   the Babalaje of Remoland, celebrated his 75th birthday, penultimate Saturday. In an  interview, shortly after the birthday lecture, Ogunfuwa said he is a devoted  Christian, a member of the Anglican Communion and a strong member of   the Reformed Ogboni Fraternity. This, he claimed, his church is aware.
 What inspired your celebrating your birthday with a lecture?
I conceived   the idea of a birthday lecture 15 years ago when I clocked 60 years because I thought I would die before 60.   My late father died at 62 and, to me, when  you  clock 60 and die, it is not   a premature death. Initially, the birthday lecture was restricted to my immediate family and close friends. 

But when I clocked 65, people, mostly friends, advised me to extend the invitation beyond my immediate family so that it could be a legacy   that will not only benefit my immediate family but should be   passed on to generations   because of my experiences on knotty issues like world peace, religion as well as other issues that will always give people food for thought.

I also want to say that none of the fraternities that I belong to is against any religion or government. They all affirm the supremacy of God and oppose  discrimination of any kind. 

 The  world needs peace and not insurgency and the battle for God among different religions  must stop if the world must know peace.
So, this year, I changed the pattern of the lecture. I saw the need to invite  knowledgeable persons to deliver it. Professor Dayo Adekole  talked about  religion and fraternities and explored the notion of a conflict. Professor Rom Kalilu talked about religious intolerance –The Muslim point of view.
 I     spoke on religion intolerance =The Christian view point and religion and world peace. The whole essence of  this was to see how we can all bring about world peace. Without peace, nothing meaningful can be done, either as an individual or as a nation.
What exactly is your philosophy of life?
Do my best in all circumstances for everybody and without doing wrong to anybody.
 Your   dad died at 62. Did you envisage you will live this long?

Nobody knows how long he or she   will live. People die through many causes. You cannot predict also what manner of death you will have. One can have the best of health and still die young.   When you live and abstain from what  is not necessary, you can live long. For instance, I gave up smoking over 30 years ago, and I was a bad drinker. 

My elder  sister kept warning me and weeping because of these habits because of the fear that I might die young. But, today, she is alive and I am also  alive. I had to stop smoking because I had medical challenge. 

As a child,  I was always ill. My mother died of  asthma at 32.   The doctor advised me to stop smoking, but I didn’t stop immediately.   I, however, gave up the habit when I realised that  I was pushing myself to the grave. One does not need much education to know that smoking is dangerous to health. And  it is not right, but it took me long time to be convinced that I needed to stop the habit.

 At 75, would you say you are fulfilled?
I have been a fulfilled man as far back as when I clocked   60. Death did not matter to me after that. People tend to associate  fulfillment with wealth or monetary worth. It is whatever you set out to achieve in life that makes you fulfilled. I set out to be what I am, to be kind to people, to be generous to live according to my conscience. I listen to advice but I don’t take every piece of  advice.
 I am not rich and I don’t have to be rich to be a fulfilled man.   I have 14 children and 23 grandchildren. I have always told my children, ‘what I have done for you, go and improve on it   yourselves’.
 Being the Babalaje of Remoland, what are the factors that shaped you to make you who you are today?

I don’t know why they conferred the title of Babalaje on me because I told them I didn’t want it. Babalaje is given to people who are rich. I am not.
 What is that thing that your parents inculcated in you while growing up that you have also passed to your children?

That is a secret. When my father was about to die, he compelled me to love all my siblings because he was a polygamist. Today, I am successful and my siblings are also successful and my children too.
 So when   you die, how do you want to be buried?

I have given my children instructions on what to do when I die. Not only that, I have consistently openly said it. Nobody should say after my death that I renounced any of the fraternities I belong to.   I am a Christian of Anglican Communion; when I die, my fraternities’ members should come in their full regalia and, if the church will not permit that, let the fraternities bury me.

Source : Vanguard 

NFF chairman says ''I'm 100% convinced Enyeama will return to Super Eagles'

Speaking exclusively to LIB, NFF chairman Amaju Pinnick said he is convinced Nigeria's number one goal keeper, Vincent Enyeama, who quit last week, will return to Super Eagles.
"I had a good conversation with him yesterday and I am 100% convinced he will come back to the Super Eagles. He spoke to Oliseh on the phone for over 20 minutes and they were able to resolve some of their issues. In this case Nigeria is the winner."
Asked if Enyeama will return to the squad as the captain, Amaju told LIB;
"I don't know. The federation will not be involved in that. It's up to the coach to choose his captain. That's how it's done all over the world. It's the prerogative of the coach"

Check out the couple that hangs on cliffs for fun, but what his GF is doing that got people talking (photos)

23 year old Leonardo Pereira likes to climb cliffs, hills and etc. He shared a photo of himself hanging off the edge of a huge cliff on his instagram page, but it's what his girlfriend, 18 year old Victoria Nader was doing on the right that got his fans freaking out. See the full pic after the cut...

She was sitting close to the edge of the cliff, relaxing and happily taking photos.

Then she also hung close to the edge of the cliff...

What people didn't know was that Leo and Victoria, both Brazilians are a cliff hanging couple. This is what they do to have fun, hanging off a cliff face over a 3,000 foot drop with nothing but their arms to keep them from falling. The couple post their death-defying stunts on Instagram and now have thousands of followers. They met while rock climbing.

Flavour and a dancer up close on stage (photo)

This happened during his performance at Bloemfontein, South Africa...

APC behind Alamieyiesagha's death, says Izon Brotherhood

A socio-cultural organisation, Izon Brotherhood in the Diaspora has accused the APC of being responsible for the death of first civilian governor of Bayelsa State, Chief Dieprieye Alamieyesiegha, who passed away in Port-Harcourt yesterday.

The Spokesman of the group, Arc. Pere Jones, in a statement sent to the media from Germany, said the recent extradition notice by the United Kingdom aggravated the health of the former governor and his subsequent death.

Alamieyesiegha's health was said to have deteriorated and rushed to a private hospital in Port-Harcourt where he slipped into comma as doctors were said to have battled to save his life until he passed on.

He berated the APC who he claimed was behind the recent extradition notice that must have aggravated the health of the former Ijaw leader who reportedly died of heart attack.

Jones condemned the alleged role of the APC  which reportedly influenced the inclusion of Alamieyesiegha's name among those wanted by the UK government even after going through the whole legal hurdles of prosecution, conviction and later pardoned.

Jones was particularly critical of the role allegedly played by some Ijaw sons whom he accused of working hand-in-hand with the APC to undermine the Ijaw nation.

He said, "Clearly, it's a shame to all our Ijaw brothers who are in league with the APC, witchhunting and working against their fellow Ijaw brothers ans sisters, being singled out for alleged corruption charges. They should be ashamed of themselves. Frankly no Ijaw man worth his salt should have anything to do with APC. With what they have done to our dear leader, Alamieyesiegha, no right thinking son or daughter of Ijaw extraction should be seen associating with the APC. His death is really unfortunate."

Wife quarrels with husband, dumps six-month-old baby on waste

An aggrieved housewife, Annabel Owhoghovo, of Owohelogbo community Isoko axis in Delta State, on Friday, allegedly dumped her six-month-old baby at a dump site after having a quarrel with her husband.

It was reliably gathered that the quarrel degenerated into physical combat, where the couple allegedly traded punches during night fall.

It was learnt that on Thursday evening, when her husband returned from work, he asked his wife to massage his feet. The woman, who was reluctant to carry out the task, was alleged to have used abusive words on her husband, which led to heated exchange of words and physical combat.

The fight was said to have continued on Friday morning after some neighbours who got wind of their quarrel moved in to settle the dispute.

She was, however, said to have told her husband that she was visiting her mother in Abraka, only for her to allegedly dump the baby on a waste dump midway.

The cry of the baby was said to have called the attention of passersby, who took the baby to a police station in the community.

The Police Public Relations Officer of the state command, Mrs. Celestina Kalu, confirmed to our correspondent that the woman had been arrested.

She said the wife was presently helping the Police at the Police division in their investigations. She added that on completion of investigations, she would be charged to court.

Oh goodness !!! Check out what happened to this lady in a wedding

Check out what happened when this lady jumps to catch the flower in a wedding.  This Lady  just had no chill or  didn’t she know that she was not wearing anything under when she jumped to catch a flower, see the full pic below :

Artist Imelda J shares New pics for her fans, check it out.....

Naija 10Award-winning songstress, Imelda J, has released photos  for her fans ahead of the due date of the release of her  new single. The beauty also loves flaunting her body . See more photos here :PIX 4PIX 3PIX 5PIX 6PIX 7PIX 8Naija 11