Thursday, 9 July 2015

News cases of Ebola disease recorded in Liberia

Two new cases of Ebola virus disease have been recorded in Liberia. The new cases come two weeks after a 17 year old boy died from the deadly viral disease on June 28th. Liberia's deputy incident management system leader Francis Keteh confirmed the new cases and said this brings to five the number of Liberians that have contacted the very contagious disease. He added that 11 high risk cases and 42 low risk cases who had all come in contact with the 17-year-old while he was ill have been quarantined and are beeing closely monitored.

Meet Sarraphina Amaechi,  another boobilicious Nollywood actress 

Well, hers isn't as big as Cossys but she's close. Her name is  Sarraphina Amaechi and she's a Nollywood actress. She's currently on location in Owerri shooting a movie called Ara Sarraphina which features Cossy, Ebube Nwagbo, Rita Edochie and other actors. See more photos.......

My visit to the US will strength US-Nigeria relationship -President Buhari

President Buhari who is due to visit President Obama at the White House on July 20th says his visit to the White House will help strengthen the relationship between Nigeria and the US. Pres. Buhari said this while receiving the US Deputy Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken at the State House ahead of his July meeting with President Obama in Washington DC. Continue to see more photos...

Iyaloja of Ijebu Ode assassinated

The Iyaloja-General of Ijebuland, Alhaja Sadia Elewuju has been assassinated. She was 82 years old. Six men reportedly stormed her home in Ijebu Ode Ogun state at about 3pm yesterday July 8th and shot her at close range. Then they proceeded to cut her body with a machete.
Family sources say the octogenarian died while she was being rushed to the hospital. Alhaja Elewuju was a very active and outspoken woman on issues about politics in the state.

Babatee drags Yetunde Bustline, says she stalked and begged him to marry her.

Yesterday UK-based writer Yetunde Bustline Oduwole, 44, released a Youtube clip where she cursed and threatened her ex actor and comedian Babatee (read here ). Replying his ex, Babatee dragged her and claimed she stalked him and begged him to marry her. Below is what he told E247mag

"I was marvelled when I saw what the ‘wannabe’ London big babe, as people write (this makes me laugh), Yetunde wrote on her blog yesterday and today. I think I just need to put some things straight. Please Yetunde, how many stories do you want to tell us?

You know deep within your heart that you asked me out, though people may not know. It was even reported when you came to Nigeria to beg me to marry you. You were stalking me around during my movie shoot in order to spite your ex-husband.

You went to church and told me that your pastor told you not to think about your husband again. Why are you now turning the story around and telling lies?
Are you trying to tell people now that despite not knowing you before coming to London, I already prepared the “African juju” for you?

“Are you also telling people that even though you are living on state benefit support in the UK, you can actually get a stay for someone? Madam, stop this lies.

You cannot even invite someone over to the UK, talk more of getting a stay. You and I know that, even if anyone does not know. Stop deceiving people because you don’t have what it takes.

“Are you also saying that despite my small manhood, you cried ceaselessly begging me to stay whenever we fought? You said I have a small manhood, yet you stayed with me for four years? I only know that my manhood will only be small to a woman with a wide womanhood (sic). Thank God I have a new relationship in which I can feel the sweetness which I could not feel over the years.

“Between November 2011 that we met till October 2014 when we separated, all I spent with Yetunde was not more than six months as I never lived in the UK as people think.

Out of the six months that I stayed with her, she threatened me more than ten times with fake police report for threat to her life, fake NHS report, and so on. She even said that she wants to die because of me. She made series of audio and video clips of her raining curses on me, why? I got to realise that all she told me about her ex-husband, Babs were lies.

I sat down and thought of her attitude towards a man that she had two kids for, and I asked myself: ‘am I not in hell fire?’ Anytime I tried to leave, she came up with different threats because I didn’t know much about the UK then; that was why I was in the relationship for that long until people gave me courage.

“People can criticise me and say whatever they like, but it’s now in my past.

Please leave my girlfriend and my folks out of whatever problems you think you have with me, face me and me alone. (Yetunde), you know you don’t have any cloth in my house that my girlfriend can wear, stop attacking people with your problems.

“As for you Mrs Blogger, did Yetunde have respect for me when she dated Mr Kwame in Ghana where she exposed her B**BS? Who is she that I will have to hide my girlfriend from her? I have moved on with my life since last year because I need to have my own family. I am overdue for it and I’m not going to let her draw me back anymore.

I regret ever meeting her. She should just move on with her life. I wonder why she keeps coming back to my life and constituting a nuisance on social media platforms.

“People should also stop thinking that Nigerian artistes are wretched; we don’t depend only on the movies we act or produce, there are many other things we do that earn us good money.

“As for me, I hate that this is happening because I am not a lousy person like Yetunde. She lives a fake life and we always fought about it. I was never willing to get married to Yetunde; she was just there for that period of time and she knew the relationship wasn’t going anywhere even though she tried to get it to be a bit more serious.

“All is history now. Her advisers should talk to her candidly to let me be. I have found a woman and I have peace with her. If you are not in the right place, no matter how hard you try to make it right, it will always go wrong.”

very cute photos of North West with cousin Penelope Disick

Adorable new photos of North West with cousin Penelope Disick

Kim shared pics of her 2 year old with her 3 year old cousin spending time and hugging each other. #family! Another pic after the cut...

Kim Kardashian shows off her derriere in nude bodysuit and stockings while posing on mound of dirt in photo shoot styled by husband Kanye West

Kim Kardashian shows off her derriere in nude bodysuit and stockings while posing on mound of dirt in photo shoot styled by husband Kanye West

She is all for pushing the frontiers of fashion.

And Kim Kardashian has taken it to yet another level in her latest daring photo shoot.

The 34-year-old mother of one was styled by husband Kanye West for the pictures and can be seen in a nude bodysuit and black stockings.

Daring! Kim Kardashian has pushed the fashion frontiers yet again in her latest photo shoot

The shoot, which was undertaken in France as the star is showing off her peroxide blonde hair, sees Kim reclining seductively on a mountain of earth.

The pictures were taken by famed photographer Juergen Teller forSystem

Kim, who is expecting her second child, can be seen in a champagne bra and nude body stocking, her feet clad in black stiletto boots.

Nearly naked: Her skin tone outfit in the pictures for System Magazine gave the impression she could be wearing next to nothing the French field

Behind the mountain of earth is an old stone wall.

The bleak environment showcases the French countryside in early spring.

In another shot from the series Kim can be seen standing in a field next to a wire fence.

She can be seen looking back over her shoulder pouting at the camera.

Pose up: The couple posed for pictures taken by famed fashion photographer Juergen Teller

Her skin tone outfit gives the impression she could be wearing next to nothing in the French field.

Kanye also apparently features in the shoot, enjoying the great outdoors in varying states of undress.

The photos were taken at the Ch√Ęteau d’Ambleville and are for a special booklet which has been produced by System Magazine.

Check out these Women that never take of their make up in front of their husbands.

Meet the women that keep make up on to sleep , cause they fear their husbands won't be attracted to them without make up. These women take it upon them to make up at all times so their husband see them as always being pretty.

wow ! See the photo of their after and before made up face and no make . Tell me what you think guys ?

True or False :Nigerian embassy in Saudi Arabia snubs president Buhari's family?

That is what Leadership newspaper is claiming. According to the report, the Nigerian embassy in Saudi Arabia this week side-stepped protocol by giving preference to former Vice President Namadi Sambo and his entourage of 15 family members over that of President Buhari when both arrived for the lesser Hajj (Umrah) in Saudi Arabia.

The Umrah is performed by Muslims from all over the world who converge on the holy city of Mecca to observe the ritual, which can be undertaken at any time of the year but mostly observed during Ramadan.
The pilgrims perform a series of worship activities symbolising the lives of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and his second wife, Hajara.

Leadership gathered that both families arrived in Saudi Arabia this week for Umrah and while Aisha Buhari and her five children were allotted two-bedroom accommodation, the former vice president was allotted an eight-room apartment.

Leadership also learnt that while not a single protocol officer and vehicles were posted by the embassy to attend to the president’s family, a protocol officer and vehicles from the embassy were attached to the former vice president and his family.

An embassy source revealed that Buhari’s wife had travelled to Saudi Arabia via Emirate Airline instead of the presidential jet, as was the practice in the previous administrations, and had decided to seek alternative accommodation by herself at her own expense, to accommodate her and her children.
However, it was gathered that the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provided an official vehicle to convey the Nigerian president’s family around as it is done for the families of all visiting heads of state.

The source further revealed that the consular-general, Ahmed Umar, still sees himself as being more beholden to the former vice president than anyone else because Sambo it was that was instrumental to his elevation and posting to Saudi Arabia. He still sees himself basically as Sambo’s protege, a staff member of the embassy told Leadership.

The source added that even the two-bedroom apartment allotted to the president’s family was a result of the efforts of the ambassador, Alhaji Abubakar Bunu, and not the consular-general.
While the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was in power, Buhari and his family were denied any privileges by the Nigerian embassy in Saudi Arabia, even those due to a former head of state because he was in the opposition.

Sambo and his family had last year embarked on a widely publicized Umrah.


Tracey Cox reveals the surprising and strange things that REALLY turn women on.

Scientis Edith Chivers uses a plethysmograph to measure arousalClaims that women are more 'erotically plastic' than menCanadian researchers have identified 'object of desire self-consciousness'Say that feeling turned on when you're the turn on is powerful aphrodisiac

What really turns women on?

Being seduced by a sexy stranger? Being tied up and spanked, Christian Grey style? Sex with another woman
According to the latest from the world's top scientists and sexologists, the answer is all of the above - and more….

1. Chimp Porn

Yes really.

Scientist Meredith Chivers performed the now infamous experiment which involved women watching videos of bonobos having sex - along with tapes of other (human) sexual combinations (men with women, women with women and men with men).

Scientist Meredith Chivers proved that women are more 'erotically plastic' than men, which means being turned on by a wider variety of things (file photo)

Chivers wanted to find out if there was a difference to what physically turned women on, rather than what they think turns them on (and is socially acceptable).

She asked a group of women, straight and lesbian, to watch the porn armed with a keypad (to record what said they found arousing) and hooked up to a machine called a plethysmograph (which measured the physical signs of arousal like vaginal lubrication, expansion and increase in blood flow).

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The self-rated results were as she had expected: most of the women said they were turned on mainly by the straight sex scenarios.

But their genitals told a different story: the women responded to all of the sex scenarios - including the chimp porn!

She repeated the same experiment with straight and gay men and found completely different results: their minds and bodies matched.

The straight men said they were turned on by women masturbating alone, women with men and women with women and their physical responses were consistent with that.

Gay men said they were turned on by men alone, men with men and (had a slight interest in) men with women and their genital readings agreed

Tracey says: Feeling turned on because you're the turn on, is a powerful aphrodisiac for women

For all men, watching the bonobo (chimp) sex encounters got the same response as when they looked at a picture of a landscape: zero.

Society assumes men are the ones who are permanently turned on and ready for sex with 'anything with a pulse'.

But it's women, not men, who are more 'erotically plastic' - turned on by a wider variety of things.

2. Ourselves

It's not just the newness factor that makes sex so appealing at the start of relationships.

It's also because we're so appealing to someone else.

Feeling turned on because you're the turn on, is a powerful aphrodisiac for women.

Canadian researchers (who published their study in February) call this 'object of desire self-consciousness'.

Of the 98 men and 100 women they interviewed, the women were more turned on when partners considered them 'hot', than thinking their lover was hot.

They also ranked being admired naked as sexier than looking at their partner's sexy body.

Being desired is a powerful motivator for sex: and a reason lots of women cite for having an affair.

'My husband never compliments me on my body anymore. It's a turn on to be with someone who can't stop touching me or looking at me,' is a common comment from women who stray.

3. Strangers and other women

Further research by Meredith Chivers revealed something else interesting.

For this experiment, she played pornographic audiotapes to women rather than videos - playing to the theory that women are more turned on by words than images.

The sexy scenarios included sex between long-term partners, sex with male and female friends, sex with exes, unknown women and unknown men.

Again, the women listened to the audio porn wired up to the plethysmograph, as well as recording what they said turned them on.

As before, when asked which scenarios turned them on, the women said the scenes involving men not women.

Their genitals told a different story: they were more turned on by the same sex fantasies.

But it was sex with strangers - both male or female - that produced the most dramatic results.

Jamie Dornan stars in first teaser for Fifty Shades Darker+3

Women say they want Christian Grey inspired sex, but the plethysmograph results tell a different story

Sex with a female friend got a positive physical response but sex with an unknown woman prompted one twice as powerful.

Sex with a male friend didn't provoke much interest at all (suggesting women who fancy their male friends are more interested in love than sex) but sex with a male stranger was eight times more powerful.

Yet when asked, the women said the stranger scenarios - particularly with unknown men - aroused them least of all.

The upshot of all this is that women lie to themselves about sex.

What we say we find a turn on and what actually is a turn on, are two completely different things.

Instead of gentle, romantic sex, we want a more erotic, 'dangerous', no-strings flavour to sex.

This doesn't mean becoming a permanent member on Tinder, it just means rethinking the routine, repetitive and largely unchallenging sex women tend to have with long-term partners.

There's a reason why Fifty Shades of Grey is so damn popular: it showcases one way to have 'naughty' sex and still stay faithful.

For more on this topic, read 'What to Women Want? Adventures in the science of female desire'

For Tracey's products, books and blogs about sex and relationships,

What do women really want? #ManServants

Yetunde Bustline reigns curses and threatens ex Babatee in Youtube clip

UK-based writer and socialite Yetunde 'Bustline Oduwole, released a video yesterday on Youtube where she came for her ex, comedian and actor Babatunde Bernard, popularly known as Babatee. In the clip, Yetunde spoke on how Babatee, who is now dating someone else, had been embarrassing her on social media and taking drastic measures whenever they quarrel.

She warned him to stop, saying that people don't offend her and men who hurt her don't progress in life. She said she told God to greatly punish any man who offends her and mentioned an ex whose wife had to call her to beg for forgiveness on behalf of her husband who hadn't progressed in life for ten years because he did her wrong. The mother of two warned Babatee to stop if he wanted to continue bearing Babatee. Watch the clip after the cut...

Graphic pics: Policeman's man chopped off while struggling to stop a commercial bus driver.

Graphic pics: Policeman's man chopped off while struggling to stop a commercial bus driver.

These pics have gone viral on Twitter but no one is saying exactly what part of Nigeria it happened and when it happened. According to the story, the police man pictured above got his left hand cut off while struggling for control of the steering wheel of a commercial bus with its driver during an attempted arrest. Continue to see graphic photo of the Police man's severed hand

Man who abandoned his wife & twin babies say, wife reassures him of her love for him- "I Fear I Will Be Arrested"

Citizen Emeka Uche, the man who abandoned his wife Ruth and their three set of triplets says he is afraid to come out of hiding as he fears he may be arrested. According to him, frustration made him run away from his family after his wife informed him she was having another set of twins Speaking with The Nation, he said;
"I love my children,  I miss my wife too, but I am afraid to come back. People won’t understand how frustrating life has been. I am scared I would be arrested if I come out. How do I watch my kids suffer? I could not tolerate it. I did not even have money to assist my family. I watched them suffer daily, without knowing what to do.

There were nights I watched my children sleep without food. Some days I will buy N100 garri and akara (bean cake) for my family. Because of my low income, I was always in debt before the end of each month. I am a factory worker and I earn N33,000 after tax and union fees.

Then I have four children and a wife to take care of, which has been very difficult,  I could not stand having a new set of twins that will come to this world to suffer. Initially, I thought it would be a child, probably a boy so that I would have two sons and three girls, but when I learnt it was twins again,  the only thing that came to my mind was to run away.

It was not an easy decision and I have not been happy knowing that I abandoned them. My wife is a very good woman and I love her. I love my children too. I became frustrated when I called my brothers for assistance and they did not even answer me.

I just dressed up that morning, I knew I won’t come back but I didn’t tell her so that she would not feel bad. I am pained that I have not seen my wife and children for three months, sister you won’t understand my situation, but know that it has not been easy for me,” he lamented on telephone, as he refused to disclose his location.

”he said
His wife who was with the reporter while the telephone interview was being conducted reassured him of her love for him and that no one will arrest him saying anyone who arrests him will kill her first
"Please do not hang up the phone on me my heart. Just listen to what I have to say.

 I understand that things have not been easy but you should know that we have suffered alot. Please come back to me and your children. No one will arrest you because you are still my husband and I still love you. Anyone who arrests you will kill me first. Please talk to this aunt and also come so that we can go to Alausa together.

 They are all good people and mean well for us,”she said
Mrs Uche who received N200, 000 cash gift from Thisday Newspaper was at the bank to open an account and she looked at her three months old twin babies whose birth has brought her fortune and said
"You are a blessing to my family.

What would have happened if I had aborted you? I would have just continued suffering with your brother and sisters and father”.she said

Crime Scence :Dad shot dead while holding his baby on Bronx street.

Dad shot dead while holding his baby on Bronx street.

A Bronx dad was shot in the head while carrying his 1-year-old daughter in his arms on Tuesday July 7th and his killer walked away laughing, sources and witnesses said.

Allen McQueen, 21, was taking his little girl to play in a park when the gunman approached them on Taylor Avenue near Guerlain Street in Parkchester around 1:30 p.m. Witnesses said McQueen was struck while trying to shield the baby. He crumpled to the ground, sending daughter Taylor tumbling onto the sidewalk.
"The guy who got shot had the baby in his hands. He was trying to run for cover because he was trying to protect the little girl,” said a witness “Once he got hit, he went down, and the child went down with him. The guy who did the shooting was running away and laughing. He seemed like an insane person.”
The shooter fled in a Mercedes-Benz as a stranger rushed over and picked up the crying toddler.

“My first instinct was to get the baby,” said Arielle Corkery, 23, a mother of six. “When I got to her, she was full of blood. I didn’t know if it was her blood or her dad’s.”

McQueen, struck by one of three bullets the killer fired, was rushed to Jacobi Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. Taylor was examined and released. She had no visible injuries as she was later carried into her family’s home by a female relative.

McQueen had a rap sheet that included some 20 arrests for crimes from robbery to weapons possession, sources said. He was shot last summer and had a sealed arrest for attempted murder in 2014. Police sources said his killing is believed to be gang-related.

Source: NY Times

A transgender claims he/she slept with Tyga

 Another transgender contacted MTO claiming she had sex with with the rapper. Read the report below...

"A popular Trans girl from Cali named Cassandra reached out to MediaTakeOut. She claims that she had relations with Tyga in the past. The Tran-girl also claims that there are other transgender from the San Fernando Valley that Tyga paid to be with. According to Cassanda - it wasn't just a one time thing. Tyga actually has a fetish for transgenders"

Gov Ambode orders enforcement of law prohibiting street trading, begging in Lagos

There's already an existing law in Lagos prohibiting street trading and begging in the state but people still do it. But today, Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode directed the Task Force on Environmental Sanitation and Other Special Offences to carry out full enforcement of the law restricting it

In a statement signed by the Secretary to the State Government, Tunji Bello, the governor asked street traders to go sell their wares in the markets, that if they continue to sell on the streets, they will be arrested and prosecuted.

"At the State Security Council Meeting on July 7, it was resolved that the act of street trading that has continued to hamper free flow of traffic on Lagos roads which further constitutes nuisance and security threat to law abiding citizens will no longer be tolerated. Therefore, street traders and buyers will henceforth be arrested and prosecuted. The Task Force on Environmental Sanitation and Special Offences has been mandated to ensure the Law of the State against street trading is enforced to the letter”
About the beggers, the governor said;
“We’ve had security reports on the activities of persons who pose as beggars, especially in traffic, but their sole aim is to perpetrate evil. We are putting a search light on this trend and one way to do that is to ensure that we take preemptive measures to forestall this development”

Photos: Couple arrested for defiling and battering 13 year old girl

A Warri based couple, Mr and Mrs Francis Onyeji have been arrested by men of the Ekpan police station in Delta state for defiling and assaulting 13 year old girl pictured above.

According to ThisDay,  the 13 year old JSS 2 girl was constantly subjected to sexual abuse by Mr Onyeji. When the wife, Chibuzor, who is the little girl's aunt found out, she battered the girl, accusing her she was lying against her husband.

Mr Onyeji, an offshore worker with an engineering company based in Delta state, constantly gave the girl money after sleeping with her and begged her not to tell her Aunt. Recently, the girl took the money he gave her to school where it was was stolen. She raised an alarm and accused her fellow classmates of stealing her N1,500. To ensure that she was actually telling the truth, the school delegated a teacher to follow her home to see her guardians. On getting home, she was interrogated by her aunt and she confessed that Mr Onyeji gave her the money after sleeping with her.

"When my aunt asked me where I got the money from, and l told her it was her husband who gave me the money after sleeping with me, she said it is a was a lie".

Mrs Onyeji was angry with her, saying she was telling lies against her husband. After the teacher left, the woman descended on the girl. She used hot knife to inflict injuries on the girls buttocks, back, leg and hand.

Mrs Onyeji was arrested and charged before an Ekpan magistrate court on Monday July 6th for physical abuse on the minor. She was however granted bail on compassionate ground as she is a nursing mother of  three months old baby.

Mr Onyeji is currently on the run . The state police have launched a manhunt.

Mrs Onyeji is still in police custody after youths in the area threatened they will do to her what she did to the little girl if she returned home. The little girl is currently in the custody of the Delta state Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Welfare and the Nigerian Child Welfare Fund (a non-governmental organisation and will be reunited to her biological parents after the case has been concluded.

The case comes up again on July 21st.

Scott Disick abscent for daughter's birthday wishes her happy birthday on social media

32 year old missed his daughter-Penelope's birthday party on Wednesday, which was celebrated at Disneyland with her Momsiblings and other family members and friends. However, he took to Instagram to wish her happy birthday by posting a collage of her photos and saying '1 of the only things I'm proud off about myself. Happybdayp,'

End to Boko Haram in Nigeria is in sight - President Buhari

End to Boko Haram in Nigeria is in sight - President Buhari

President Buhari says that the end of terror group Boko Haram in Nigeria is in sight. He said this in a statement released today July 8th.

The statement released by Shehu Garba, SA to President Buhari on Media and Publicity reads in part;
“The president is convinced that with recent increase in troops deployment, improvements in the supply of arms and equipment to the military, as well as the ongoing effort to mobilise greater international cooperation and support, the end of Boko Haram and terrorism in Nigeria is in sight.

He calls on Nigerians to remain vigilant and report any suspicious persons to security agents as his administration continues to give the highest-possible priority to eradicating Boko Haram and ensuring greater security of lives and property across the country “Already, the intensified onslaught by the military on terrorists’ strongholds has led to significant seizures of weapons and vehicles, a blockage of their sources of arms and ammunition, and a decimation of their fighting men.

 President Buhari assures Nigerians of the ability and readiness of the country’s armed forces and security agencies to contain the frantic resort by the terrorists to attacks on soft targets such as crowds and places of worship.”

Dozens of ISIS fighters killed from poisoned food after breaking Ramadan fast

Several ISIS fighters were killed after breaking their Ramadan fast with a poisoned meal in  the Iraqi city of Mosul. According to reports, the poisonous dinner was served up to 145 jihadist for iftar - the traditional meal which celebrates the end of the day's fasting.Shortly after the meal 45 of the fighters died.

It's not clear if it was a deliberate toxic attack or just a bout of food poisoning said a spokesman for the Kurdish Democratic Party.

Reports of the mass death appeared in local Iraqi media

Source: UK Mirror

The Act of an abusive Husband: Man beats wife then made her do semi-naked walk of shame

The Act of an abusive Husband: Man beats wife then made her do semi-naked walk of shame

A 33-year-old Wang Ni, had allegedly been beaten by her husband Zhang, 37, then forced on a walk of shame in Yushan County, china, while he followed in his car.

Members of the public spotted Wang Ni wearing just her underwear when she was walking through traffic holding up a sign that read "I want to sell my body".

The couple have two daughters but Zhang apparently works long hours and lives in another city where he runs a property development company.

According to friends of the couple, he blamed his wife for the fact that, despite 10 years of marriage, she had given him two daughters and no sons.

The domestic abuse allegedly reached a new high when he returned home for a rare visit and decided to go out drinking with his friends who spread rumours that Wang was cheating on him with another man.
A drunken Zhang charged home and after beating Wang, and accusing her of being unfaithful, stripped her and forced her onto the streets with the sign.

After police officers rescued the traumatised woman and took her back to the police station, they called Zhang in for questioning.

The result of the questioning was proof that the young woman had not been unfaithful and that her husband simply listened to malicious rumours with no foundation.

Zhang later apologised to Wang and penned a formal apology in his local newspaper. It is not clear whether his wife has accepted his apology.

UK Mirror

Raped in a playground at 11, abused by seven men a night aged 12

Raped in a playground at 11, abused by seven men a night aged 12: Victim of Rotherham Asian sex gang scandal tells her truly horrifying story

Sarah Wilson was 11 when she was befriended by a group of older menThey showered her with gifts and made her feel specialBy the age of 12, she was forced to have sex with themThey threatened to harm her family if she didn't cooperate Her mother, Maggie, was powerless to help They felt letdown by the police and social services Now 23, Sarah escaped the gang at 17 and is trying to move on

For five years from the age of 11, Sarah Wilson was groomed and raped by Rotherham paedophiles who showered with gifts and made her feel special in what was to become one of the biggest abuse scandals in the UK.

The now 23-year-old admits she became so 'brainwashed' by the older British Pakistani men in the South Yorkshire town she considered it normal for them to expect to have sex with her in return for all they had given her.

Writing an emotional account of her harrowing experience in new book Violated, Sarah, whose sister Laura was murdered, reveals she was plied with alcohol and cannabis by sexual predators.

They habitually abused her until she was 16, when they lost interest because she was no longer underage.

Sarah Wilson, now 23, has written a book about she was groomed by Rotherham paedophiles

From the age of 11 to 17, Sarah, pictured as a teenager, was in the grip of the paedophiles who forced her to have sex with them. She has now written a book - Violated - about it

Sarah has shared her story in a book in the hope it will help others and raise awareness

The abuse, which sent shockwaves across the nation, took place in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013.

And Sarah, who is now a mother, was not alone. A report revealed that, since the 1990s, up to 1,400 young girls in the Yorkshire town had been regularly abused by sex gangs, predominantly composed of Asian men.

A National Crime Agency investigation, which could run until 2018, last month announced that it had so far identified 300 suspects

The suspects are ‘predominantly’ Asian men from the South Yorkshire town and include two who have worked for the council. Their victims are mainly white, British, underage and ‘vulnerable’ girls.

Sarah, who has waived her right to anonymity, said had no idea she was a victim of grooming.

She was raped by a 30-year-old man in a school playground at night when she was just 11, leaving her feeling ashamed and disgusted.

And it was just after her 12th birthday that Sarah got into a car with a fat 35-year-old British Pakistani man who took her virginity.

She explains: 'From the age of 11, I was showered with gifts from men in their twenties and thirties who pretended they were my friends.

'They told me I was beautiful and bought me anything I wanted: phones, clothes, takeaway food, cigarettes and, of course, alcohol and drugs. Some even claimed that they loved me.

'By the time they took me to strange towns to have sex with them and all their mates, aged 12, I was so brainwashed I thought it was normal.'

Such was the scale of the grooming in the South Yorkshire town at the time, Sarah said 'lots of girls were being groomed like I was. To us, grooming was normal.'

Describing the horrific sexual abuse she was subjected to, Sarah said: 'Some nights, I was driven hundreds of miles away and ordered to have sex with as many as seven men in a row.'

She said refusing wasn't an option.

'How could I say no? I didn't want to be stranded with no money to get home and they'd got me hooked on the alcohol and drugs they knew I couldn't afford myself.

'Plus, they'd threatened to petrol bomb my family home if I didn't do as they said,' she said.


Sarah pictured aged 14 when the men who groomed her had her hooked on drugs and alcohol

Innocence lost: Sarah pictured as a four-year-old, seven years later she was groomed by sexual predators

Sarah said the police and social services did little to help her and she was only freed when she turned 17 - as she was then deemed 'too old' for the paedophiles.

She revealed: 'My mum reported me missing countless times but the police barely batted an eyelid.

'The reason? In their opinion, we'd agreed to this. We kept going back to these men, so surely they couldn't be raping us.

 Girls like me - and our families - were crying out for help, but no one listened. Politicians were worried that addressing the issue of grooming by British Pakistani men would "give oxygen" to racism

'As for my social workers, they put me in a children's home, where my abusers collected me in taxis every single day. When they brought me back in the early hours of the morning, the staff even paid the fare.

'Girls like me - and our families - were crying out for help, but no one listened. Politicians were worried that addressing the issue of grooming by British Pakistani men would "give oxygen" to racism.'

Sarah recalls: 'When I was 17, I eventually escaped my abusers, with the help of my mum and a friend from the British Pakistani community who intervened. By then, I was too old for the men who'd groomed me.'

Justice started to be served in November 2010 when five men were jailed for a string of sexually related offences against girls in 2010. This was later revealed to be just the tip of the iceberg.

An investigation by The Times found thousands of girls had been victims of sexual predators.

This led to further investigations and by February 2015, South Yorkshire Police said up to 29 people had been charged with child sexual exploitation offences in Rotherham.

Now free of the men who abused her, Sarah is slowly trying to move on with her life.

She said: 'The scars of years of abuse don't heal overnight.

'I'm 23 now and I still feel anxious going into town alone. I rarely use taxis, as so many of the men who raped me were taxi drivers.

'I've struggled to do the things many young women take for granted, like going to college and getting a full-time job.

'If I didn't have such a supportive family, I worry I'd have turned to drugs or crime - or that I'd be dead.'

Sarah aged 13 being caught about pregnancy. By this age, she'd already been raped countless time

Maggie, Sarah's mother, pictured left, said she did 'everything I could' to keep her daughter away from the men. Sarah, pictured right when pregnant, has now become a mother and is determined to move on

Rotherham grooming victim: 'Authorities knew for two years'THE INVESTIGATION INTO THE ROTHERHAM SCANDAL CONTINUES

Police and social workers in the South Yorkshire town were accused of being too concerned about being labelled racist to speak out about the crimes involving 1,400 children.

Last week it emerged that the massive inquiry into the Rotherham sex abuse scandal could run until at least 2018 and has so far identified 300 suspects.

Investigators say the number of possible offenders is changing on a ‘daily basis’ and they suspect ‘thousands of offences’ have been committed.

The team has seized 92 boxes containing several thousand files and identified more than 3,300 lines of inquiry. The suspects are ‘predominantly’ Asian men from the South Yorkshire town and include two who have worked for the council. Their victims are mainly white, British, underage and ‘vulnerable’ girls.

Operation Stovewood is currently costing up to £5million every year, and is still likely to be ongoing in three years’ time – putting the total bill for the inquiry at around £15million.

So far the inquiry has backed an original estimate that 1,400 girls were abused in Rotherham during a 16-year period from 1997 to 2013.

She continues to lives in Rotherham, where she is helping to bring up her niece, Alesha, following her sister's death, and has recently become a mother herself.

She said becoming a parent has made her even more passionate about preventing child abuse which is why she has shared her story in a new book, Violated, published by Harper Element.

Sarah said: 'I've realised I don't have to be a victim forever. I'm also a survivor, and I can make a difference.

'Alongside other victims, I'm doing something about grooming. I'm working with the police and children's charities to help professionals recognise the signs of child sexual exploitation.

'I want to help them see that no child can consent to having a sexual relationship with a grown man and to understand that it doesn't matter what colour someone's skin is if he's drugging and abusing a vulnerable teenage girl.

'I'm taking a stand against grooming because I don't want my children to be targeted like I was.

'We've all got to act, or another generation of girls will be lost. My abusers stole my youth, but I won't let them steal my future.'

Sarah's mother, Maggie, agrees. Describing how difficult the period was for her, she said: 'For six long years I watched helplessly as my beloved daughter was manipulated and controlled by merciless paedophiles.'

She said her 'once quiet and caring daughter' suddenly started staying out late, drinking and smoking at the age of 11 and she later discovered a group of older men were to blame.

'When Sarah went missing for the first time, I was frantic and I called the police. She was barely a mile from home, but they told me they couldn't find her,' Maggie recalls.

'A short while later, I found her on a street corner with two Asian men old enough to be her dad.

'They laughed in my face when I told them to stay away from my daughter as she'd just turned 12.'

Maggie said she did 'everything I could' to keep Sarah away from these men but she was so scared of them, she would come running every time they called.

'Every time it rang she had to do as they said, or face the consequences. They even threatened to petrol bomb our family home if she refused to come out,' Maggie said.

Mohsin Khan, 21, left (jailed for four years) and Razwan Razaq, 30 (jailed for 11 years), from Rotherham, were convicted of a string of sexually related offences against girls as young as 12 in 2010

Umar Razaq, 24, left (jailed for four and a half years - and is now out of jail) and Zafran Ramzan, 21 (jailed for nine years), from Rotherham, prowled the streets looking for girls, attacking them in parks and in their cars

Adil Hussain, 20, from Rotherham, was jailed for four and a half years in 2010. He is now out of prison

'I tried locking all of the doors but she'd climb out of the bathroom window and scale down the drainpipe to the taxi which would carry her off into the night.'

Maggie said when she called the police, they were disinterested and unhelpful.

A probe into how police handled child sexual exploitation in Rotherham is currently looking into allegations against officers after complaints were sent to the force watchdog.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is also examining allegations against ten officers involved in the investigation into one of the country's most prolific child abuse rings.

Describing her experience with the force, Maggie said: 'Sometimes, Sarah would be gone for days.

'Every time, I phoned the police, sick with worry and scared this would be the time she wouldn't come home at all.

'The sigh was always audible on the other end of the phone. The officers usually told me to give them a call when Sarah returned, rarely even pretending that they were looking for her.

'Once, when she'd been missing for several days, I went to the local paper in desperation and asked them to circulate a photo.