Friday, 13 November 2015

Photos: Paris under terror attack, 60 people killed in attacks in 4 different locations

At least 60 people have been killed and several people injured in terror attacks in 4 different locations in Paris tonight. Many people were killed in shootings in a restaurant in the 10th & 11th Arrondissement, a very busy nightlife neighbourhood in Paris. Explosions were also heard. There was another attack at the French national stadium where French President Francois Hollande was watching a match. He was immediately removed from the stadium by his security operatives.

The gunmen, who used Kalashnikovs, are still at large. The environ of one of the shooting is close to where Charlie Hebdo shootings occurred in January. 60 individuals are reportedly being held captive in a concert hall. More details later...

Photos of Atiku's three daughters getting married today

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar is giving three of his daughters hands in marriage today. Above is a pic of all the brides. See another photo after the cut..

 Photo from the wedding...the lady on the right is the bride.

Photo: Girl allegedly flogged by soldiers in Port Harcourt

Someone shared this photo on Facebook claiming the girl, reportedly from Akwa Ibom was flogged by soldiers this morning in Port Harcourt. Does the body look like that of a woman? She's wearing a bra though...but why would a woman be flogged like this?

Check out this wedding photo from Zimbabwe.

The man snuggled up to one of the bridesmaids is the groom? And the bride is oblivious to what's happening behind her!

Kylie Jenner shows off major cleavage on dinner date with Tyga

The new Kim Kardashian, 18 year old Kylie wore a very daring plunging jumpsuit that showed major cleavage as she went on a date with boyfriend, Tyga, in West Hollywood yesterday. See more pics..

Transgender man stunned as 'bloated tummy' turns out to be baby bump a decade after transitioning from womanhood

10 years after he transitioned from a woman to a man, Kayden Coleman found himself staring at the reflection of the baby bump in the mirror. He said it was totally unexpected. Not only had he told all his friends and family that he was transgender, he had been on testosterone jabs for five years, had grown facial hair and was about to have a double mastectomy. But then nature dropped a bombshell and, despite years of taking male hormones, Kayden became pregnant.

Now he and husband Elijah, 27, are besotted with 22-month-old Azaelia and are planning to tell her all about her unusual family when she is five.

Kayden was stunned when he first realised his growing belly was not the result of a lack of exercise, but a baby.

With a broad smile, the 29-year-old explains: “I never thought about getting pregnant. Because of the male hormones, I didn’t think it was a possibility. It was ­definitely a surprise.”

Kayden was going through the mastectomy – or “top surgery” as he calls it – when he became pregnant. Doctors said it was because he’d had to take a break from the hormones before the operation.
He says: “To have a mastectomy you have to be off hormones for six weeks.”

Kayden didn’t think that small span would put him at risk of getting pregnant. But a few months later he started to feel strange. “One day my back was killing me,” he says. “Elijah was going to give me a massage, so I lay on my front on the bed. It felt like there was a pillow under my stomach but there was no pillow.”

Kayden thought he was just bloated. “I actually said, ‘I think I should go get a pregnancy test’. We were joking about it.”
A few minutes later, it dawned on Kayden that his “joke” might actually be serious. Nervously, they went out to get a pregnancy test. He says: “I took the test the same night. I felt nervous but excited. The results were conclusive but I still didn’t believe it.”

When he went to the doctors, Kayden found he was 21 weeks pregnant. “I was shocked. It took a while to process it. But I was also busy figuring out how we could make things work in such a short space of time.”
Still shell-shocked, the couple set about turning their flat in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, into a family home. And in July 2013, they got married .

There was a lot to take in – especially for Elijah’s friends and family, who did not know Kayden was transgender. Security guard Elijah says: “It was such a personal thing that I felt if Kayden wanted them to know he should tell them himself.

“But when we found out Kayden was pregnant we knew we had to tell them. How could we explain the baby when she popped up after a couple of months?”

Kayden was lucky that most people failed to notice his bump but he did get some confused looks. He says: “This woman in a shop said to me, ‘Honey, you look like you’re pregnant’. I just laughed and said, ‘I am pregnant!’ She didn’t believe me.” His pregnancy went smoothly but when it came to the birth in December 2013, it was a different story.

Kayden, who was in­­duced at nine months as he had high blood pressure , was in labour for four days.
Kayden did not face discrimination from hospital staff but did feel he was treated differently from other mums-to-be. “All the medical people were really nice but I did kind of feel like an experiment. While I was in labour, medical students kept coming in and out. It got to the point where I had to put my foot down and demand a c-section.”

When Kayden first saw his daughter he was still in shock. He says: “Even when I first held her it hadn’t sunk in that she was mine, so I didn’t really feel much. But I knew things would never be the same again. I was so happy to finally see her face.” But when they brought Azaelia home, both parents found family life challenging, with Kayden giving up his job in a museum to take care of their daughter and Elijah working 10 hours a day to support them.

And Kayden also suffered postnatal depression. Elijah says: “It was tough. Kayden had postnatal depression for about a year. I wasn’t around much and we don’t have family nearby, so it was really hard. People who say it’s a joy are either lying or they have a lot of help from family.”

Culled from UK Mirror

See who they say is Amber Rose's current boyfriend

According to MediaTakeOut, the guy in white suit beside Amber Rose is her new squeeze..
"Amber is dating one of French Montana's homies. The two were spotted grinding on each other at French's birthday party at House Of Macau restaurant in Los Angeles on Tuesday" they reported
He's way younger, no tattoos and cute. I doubt he's her type. See the pic of them grinding after the cut

(Shocking) Photo: 27-year-old woman dies after acid attack in Benue State

The woman who was attacked with acid a few days ago died on Tuesday, November 10, at the Federal Medical Centre, Markudi, where she was receiving treatment for first degree burn. Ladi Moses, 27, a resident of the old Nigerian Prison Service Yard, Wadata, Makurdi was reportedly attacked with acid by a young man suspected to be a boyfriend.

"We heard that her supposed boyfriend, popularly known as Baba, called her out of the house, saying he had something to discuss with her." an eyewitness revealed.

 "When the lady approached him, Baba removed a bottle, containing substance suspected to be acid, from his pocket and poured it on the lady, who screamed and fell. As neighbours trooped out to see what was happening, Baba fled. The vigilante group in the area mounted a search for him. He was eventually caught at one of the motor parks in town, when he was about boarding a taxi out of Makurdi." he added

The suspect was subsequently handed over to the police at ‘A’ Division, Wadata, where he is currently being questioned. The Police Public Relations Officer, Matthew Oku, who confirmed the attack, said the command was yet to receive situation reports from medical doctors who treated the deceased.

Source: Facebook/Idoma Voice

OMG !!! ! Pastor Caught Pouring Oil into a Womans Vag!na in a Church.

Church in Masinga, Machakos County, has been closed down after a pastor was caught red-handed pouring what he called anointing oil in a woman’s pri vate parts. Ekalakala Chief and other residents raided the church after members of the public complained that worshippers undress during prayers.

The Chief said that investigations revealed that only women are allowed to attend the Healing Ministries Church and the doors are open all the time. Every weekend, they hold keshas which are covered up as prayers but they are s*x escapades. 
The Pastor, Joseph Wambua, only prays for nude women in his chamber which is secluded and only one woman at a time is allowed in there. During the raid, lessos and women inner wears were found scattered all over the room which he could not account for. The church has been closed down because it operates illegally and the pastor arrested.

Tonto Dikeh Churchill Kissing Her Husband, Shares Photo

Tonto Dikeh Churchill Kissing Her Husband, Shares Photo

Nigerian Nollywood Actress Tonto Dikeh Churchill shares a lovely Photo while Kissing her Husband, and that’s a lovely one for you to see , she shared that along with a lovely caption ….. as follow.

I miss kissing you my KingkongSurely u know how much life you give to this broken soul & made me a better being **I owe you much more than my life,I owe you unlimited happiness & joy** OUR love will shock & teach the world & those who wait for us to fail shall praise & worship Us**It’s my greatest honor loving you & you loving me,You re such a Blessed man having me in your life😜**Never known a man who has it all but would never seize to work for more regardless of who you are…Am a damn lucky bride..
#MRSX #Mysexykingkong #MyhumbleMan

Kylie Jenner shows off her whips (photos)

Kylie Jenner has given a tour of her 4 luxury cars which range in value from $150,000 to $300,000. Sitting in the driver’s seat of her most expensive vehicle, a white Rolls Royce Ghost, Kylie says: ‘It’s just so classy,
makes me feel so boss – it’s the smoothest car I’ve ever driven’

In the video blog posted on her website, Kylie admits: ‘It’s probably way too many cars for a young woman’ but reveals that she loves cars so much, ‘it is what it is’. More pics after the cut

Toolz celebrates her fiance as he turns a year older

Tunde Demuren is a year older today and his fiancée, Toolz, shared a loving message to her boo.

Photos: 8 SA policemen sentenced to 15yrs in prison for dragging a Mozambican taxi driver to death

A South African court on Wednesday, November 11, sentenced eight former police officers to 15 year each for killing a Mozambican taxi driver. 27-year-old Mido Macia was killed in February 2013 when the officers aged between 25 and 56, dragged him handcuffed to the back of a police van and further assaulted him in a holding cell. Macia died from head injuries and internal bleeding caused by being dragged through the streets of Johannesburg in full view of witnesses. The video was caught by onlookers and broadcast around the world. 

Judge Bert Bam said the accused showed no remorse for their crime and did not deserve a more lenient verdict,such as a suspended sentence.
     "The continuous conduct of the accused concerning the injuries on the deceased was barbaric and totally inexplicable" Bam said.
     "What made their conduct more reprehensible was their cowardly attack in a cell on a defenceless and already seriously man" he added.
A lawyer for the former officer said they would appeal against the murder conviction.

Pastor Chukwudi Okechukwu from Lord Chosen Church, Who Preached in I Tanzania given 30-year Jail Sentence For Smuggling Of Cocaine Worth 15Million Dollar

A Nigerian pastor who preached in Tanzania under auspices of his Lord Chosen Church has been handed a 30-year jail sentence after being convicted of smuggling cocaine worth Sh3.1 billion.
Mr Chukwudi Okechukwu was jailed along with compatriot Paul Ikechukwu, South African Stan Hycent and Pakistani Shoaib Mohammad Ayazi over the same offence. High Court Judge Amir Mruma has also ordered the accused to pay Sh9 billion in fines.
Anti-narcotics police believe that the preacher is one of the top members of a drug syndicate operating in Tanzania, Nigeria and South Africa.
He and his three accomplices were hiding in a mansion in Dar es Salaam’s Kuduchi Mtongani suburbs when the police surrounded the house and arrested them.
Anti-narcotics police had received information about foreigners who were planning to smuggle into the country a huge quantity of cocaine and store it in a house in Kunduchi Mtongani.
A surveillance team was deployed to keep an eye on the mansion that the the preacher and his accomplices had rented.
Led by head of Anti-Drugs Unit (ADU) Godfrey Nzowa, the police knocked on the front gate in their bid to arrest the suspected drug dealers.
Their arrest was dramatic. Soon after the police knocked on the gate and introduced themselves, the four suspects started running around the house in apparent fear and panic.
There was a cat-and-mouse chase drama inside the compound as the police tried to get hold of one of the suspects as he was attempting to jump over the fence. Three suspects were arrested inside the house.
Pastor Okechukwu was the only suspect who managed to jump over the wall but was arrested after a dramatic chase by the police.
Upon searching the house, anti-drugs police seized 81 packets of drugs which were later confirmed by the chief government chemist to be cocaine hydrochloride.
Pastor Okechukwu first came to Tanzania in January 2011, two months before his arrest, on an evangelical mission under the umbrella of his Lord Chosen Church of Nigeria.
However, intelligence report show he had came to Tanzania some years back and had made a name for himself as a pastor at his Kinondoni Biafra church and won many followers.
Yesterday, Mr Nzowa described their jailing as “another great achievement” in Tanzania’s efforts to fight drug trafficking.
“Unlike a gun or pistol which kills people instantly, drugs are killing the young generation slowly.
 If we are not aggressive in fighting the illicit trade we may find ourselves losing the young generation,” he said, adding that drug business was a threat to national security especially when foreigners are left to operate in the country.
The jailing of the Nigerian pastor and his accomplices brought to three the number of high profile drug cases that have ben heard and determined by the High Court in the space of three months. Early in September, the same court sentenced to 20 years a young Tanzanian Fred William Chonde to 20 years in jail after it found him guilty of possessing 180kg worth Sh 5.2 billion and ordered him to pay a Sh 15 billion fine.
Again, last month the court sentenced businessman Kadiria Saidi Kimaro who attempted to smuggle 91 heroin capsules that he had swallowed, through Julius Nyerere International Airport (JNIA), to 20 years in jail. He was also ordered to pay Sh122 million in fine.
The speed with which the Judiciary hears and determined the drug cases has renewed hopes by anti-drugs campaigners who had accused courts of mishandling drug cases. 
There has been a concern that the way court handled drug trafficking cases might make it easy for the covicts to later secure freedom or bail in what could be viewed as disregard of the law.
Corruption and influence peddling by highly placed individuals have been cited as one factor that frustrates the war against traffickers.
However, the judiciary has repeatedly defended itself over the accusations, saying shoddy police investigations and poor prosecution was highly to blame for the situation.

Check Out How Couple Died While Having Cex In Hotel Hot Tub

A husband and wife have both died while having sex in a hotel hot tub.Charles Mckenzie, 67, and his 63-year-old wife Dorothy were found dead in the tub at the Playaca Palace hotel in Mexico.
The Canadian pair had travelled for a holiday and their daughter’s wedding.
However  Charles suffered a heart attack. His wife Dorothy then died of “asphyxiation by submersion after his dead body squashed her in the tub and she couldn’t get up.

The couple, from Baddeck, Novia Scotia, were both found on Tuesday morning at 10am – just two days before their daughter was due to get married.
Speaking to Canadian reporters, Mr Mckenzie’s brother-in-law Douglas Hastings said

“I know that they’re more concerned about the remains and cremation and things like that.
“I don’t really know about the wedding.”
Initially it was feared that they could have died following a hot tub malfunction, but that was quickly ruled out by hotel bosses.

Naomi Campbell shows off her hot curves in a variety of sexy lingerie.... ( Photos)

Naomi Campbell proved her supermodel prowess is as captivating as ever when she stripped down to a variety of sexy lingerie to launch her new underwear range. More photos after the cut...... 

The 45 year old oozed sex appeal in a wide variety of ensembles in the Mario Testino-shot campaign for her Yamamay collection.

News News:NDLEA recovers N59m cocaine hidden in Whisky bottles

Two suspected drug traffickers have been arrested by operatives of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency attached to the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, for smuggling 6.6 kilogrammes of cocaine into the country.
PUNCH Metro learnt that the suspects – Michael Okwuma and Chidiebere Nwajagu – allegedly smuggled the drugs into the country from Brazil.
While Okwuma hid the drugs inside wooden frames, Nwajagu was said to have concealed same in cartons of whisky bottles.
Our correspondent gathered that the drugs were uncovered at the MMIA during an inward screening of passengers on board a South African Airways and an Emirates flight.
Okwuma, 31, told investigators that he was introduced to the crime by a Nigerian in Brazil and was paid $3,000 (about N600, 000). He said he had wanted to use the money to augment his meagre salary.
He said, “I live in Sao Paulo with my wife and child. I work in a supermarket but my salary is not sufficient to take care of my family. The man that gave me the drugs is like a father to me.
“He usually renders me financial assistance. He was the one that bought my ticket and gave me the $3,000. I was very happy for the gesture. He also gave me a bag containing children’s clothes and wooden frames to take to Nigeria. When I got to Lagos, NDLEA officers opened the bag and found the cocaine.”
Nwajagu, who is 30 years old, said he took to drug trafficking to raise funds for his business. He added that he was introduced to drug trafficking by a friend in Lagos.
He said, “I was in my village in Anambra doing menial jobs to sustain myself. I came to Lagos on a short visit when I met an old friend. He was very nice to me as he used to give me money, buy me drinks and food.
“He told me to travel to Brazil and help him bring a bag back to Nigeria. He said he would give me enough money to help me start a business. That was how I travelled out of Nigeria. On arrival, the bag was searched and the cocaine was found inside packs of Irish whiskey. I never knew I would end up this way.”
The NDLEA Commander at the MMIA, Mr. Ahmadu Garba, who confirmed the arrests, put the street value of the drugs at N59m.
“Okwuma was found in possession of 3.4kg of cocaine hidden inside wooden frames and Nwajagu Chidiebere was found with 3.2kg of cocaine hidden inside packs of Irish whiskey. The drug has an estimated street value of N59m.
“Okwuma took off from Guarulhos International Airport Sao Paulo, Brazil on a South African Airways flight through Johannesburg to Lagos. Nwajagu Chidiebere also left Brazil on an Emirates flight through United Arab Emirates to Lagos. Both suspects will soon be charged to court,” Garba said.
Meanwhile, a Federal High Court in Lagos on Thursday ordered the prison remand of two men, Ikenna Ozoh and Ogbo Obiora, for allegedly laundering about N128m, said to be the proceeds of illegal narcotics business.
The remand of the two followed their arraignment on four counts of money laundering by the NDLEA.
The agency specifically accused Obiora of collaborating with one Chinedu, who is now at large, to conceal N128m in his (Obiora’s) personal savings bank account with Diamond Bank.
The accused persons were said to have committed the offence between February 2014 and 2015.
Ikenna and Obiora were said to have been arrested on September 9, 2015 at the MMIA, Ikeja, Lagos State, during the outward clearance of passengers onboard an Etihad Airline flight to Brazil.
The NDLEA prosecutor, Mr. Ibrahim Abu, also told the court that the sum of $34,000 was recovered from Ikenna, which he failed to declare to the Nigeria Customs Service, “knowing that the said money directly or indirectly represents proceeds of a criminal conduct, to wit: dealing and trafficking in narcotic drugs.”
Abu said the offence was contrary to sections 2(5), 15(1)(b) and 18 (a) of the Money Laundering (Prohibition) Act 2011, stressing that the accused persons were liable to being punished under sections 16(a) and 17(a) of the same law.
Ikenna and Obiora, however, pleaded not guilty to the four counts levelled against them.
Following bail applications by their lawyer, Mr. Victor Abana, Justice Saliu Saidu admitted both Ikenna and Obiora to bail in the sum of N20m with two sureties each in like sum.
The judge said one of the sureties must be a civil servant either with the federal or state government and must be on at least a Level 17 official.
The second surety, the judge said, must be a blood relation of the accused persons, who must own a landed property in Lagos and must also be resident in Lagos State.
Justice Saidu also ordered the handover of the accused persons’ passports to the NDLEA.
He, however, ordered the prison remand of the two accused pending the fulfilment of their bail conditions.
The matter was adjourned till February 2, 2016

Fashola’s Ministerial Appointment: I’m Now A Proud Godfather – Tinubu


Former Lagos state governor and APC National leader, Bola Tinubu says Fashola becoming a Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, has made him a proud godfather. Tinubu said this while speaking at the commissioning of the Mile 12-Ikorodu road widening and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) operation.

“We conquered the enemy when they said it was impossible through Babatunde Raji Fashola. You saw what happened when he was made minister yesterday. Lagos took the front seat. I am now a proud grandfather and I have no doubt he will succeed in that assignment. Leadership is about how many people you are able to bring up, build up and develop. I have many of them who are extremely gifted and talented.” he said

Ini Edo, D'banj, Flavour And Others In New Group Lovely Photo



Photos: Super Eagles arrive Swaziland ahead of their match.

Super Eagles players arrived Swaziland yesterday evening ahead of their World Cup qualifying match against the Swaziland national football team this evening. On their arrival, they trained at the the Somhlolo Stadium, Lobamba, venue of the match. Continue to see more photos...