“It did not end there, after removing his head killing him, he carried the same machete, removed the two hands, removed the two laps, carried the laps and the hands, put it into his bag, went and dump them somewhere, carried the remaining part of the body into a ‘Ghana- must go- back’ and dumped it in a gutter.

“He carried the head in the dustbin and went and dump in the bush, and went and throw the hands and laps somewhere else”, Achong explained.

He then put the parts into a bag which he dumped into a nearby bush.

Anoma said he had loaned N750,000 to the deceased for the purpose of setting up a  barbing saloon in Uyo.

He said when Solomon failed to pay back the money as expected with no proof that he had made good use of the money, he decided to kill him.

"I was angry with him to the extent of carrying machete," he said.

"What happened is that I borrowed the sum of Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira (N750, 000) from the bank and gave to him to run a salon business.

"So when I demanded the money back, and also asked him to show me the shop rent, the receipt and other materials for the salon, he refused, that is why I did what I did."

Achong said Anona would soon be charged to court for murder.