Saturday, 21 November 2015

The Badest Boy Jim Iyke says ' Have Kissed over 200 Actresses On Set'

Nollywood bad boy, Jimi Iyke can’t stop being controversial. During the week, the actor openly kissed actress Joselyn Dumas on a live show,and went ahead to confess that he has kissed not less than 200 actresses while on different movie sets.
He narrated a situation where he had to kiss three European ladies who accompanied his girl friend to the airport to welcome him, during one of his foreign trips, adding that he doesn’t see anything wrong with it.He was a Special Guest on AfricaMagic programme which was anchored by Joselyn Dumas. Responding to a question on why he had to kiss Nadia Buari, upon the latter’s arriving Dubai during the last season of his reality TV show, Jim Iyke Unscripted, the controversial actor said, he has a habit of kissing women openly, including his sisters.
As if that is not enough, Jim Iyke painted another scenario, where he had to kiss four actresses in the presence of their boy friends. “I have once kissed them on set, and so, when walked into the room where two of them were with their boy friends, I kissed them one after the other and their boy friends were mad at me. I have also kissed over 200 actresses on set and nobody is talking about it,” he enthused.
He, however, declined to comment on his relationship with Nadia Buari. But there are indications that the two unconfirmed love-birds may be hitting your TV screens again for the second season of Jim Iyke Unscripted. Jim disclosed that the reality show will soon hit the screens again.

Explaining the idea behind the show, Jim Iyke said, he needed to present a true picture of who he is, to the world. “I have to be introspective. Many times, a lot of negative things have been said about me in the media. It is not basically about what they say about you, it is about you believing in yourself.
 The first thing is, what I believe in, and what people say about me is secondary. I have always been particular about paparazzi. I was very sceptical to allow cameras into my life, into my home and family. The argument was superior ; it was like all these years everybody has different opinions about you. Why don’t you give them a clear picture of who you are. So I decided to start the TV reality show,”Jim Iyke explained.
Jim Iyke Unscripted debuted in 2013, on Dstv showcasing the uncut life style of the actor .The series which ran for 13 weeks presented the other side of the controversial actor.

Photos of the American woman killed in Mali hotel attack

An American woman who died in the Mali terror attack at Radisson Blu hotel yesterday has been identified as Anita Datar. The 41-year-old was born in western Massachusetts and grew up in northern New Jersey. She graduated from Columbia University's Joseph Mailman School of International and Public Health and served two years in the Peace Corps in Senegal.

According to the State Department, Datar, who was described by her family as the most helpful person they knew, is survived by her son, brother and many friends.

Terrible photos from the Dangote trailer accident in Asaba yesterday

Yesterday a Dangote truck was involved in a fatal accident along Benin Asaba Express way opposite the Asaba airport which took the lives of at least 18 people, many of whom were burnt beyond recognition. The bodies were taken to the Federal Medical Center Asaba...the photos are horrific. *viewer discretion advised*


A woman Claims her sister was murdered by her husband’s brothers who are on the run right now. His story below and the extremely graphic pics after the cut…*viewer discretion advised*. The big question is; where was her husband when this happened? Story below..
Mr. Praise Ismail Onye and Mr. Azubike Onyejegbu who both hail from Oba Idemili South LGA, in Anambra, have been declared “Wanted” by The Nigerian Police Force, for the murder of Mrs. Nkechi Onyejegbu. The incident happened on Friday 6th, November 2015, in her house shortly after she came back from an event she attended with her husband. The two younger brothers of her husband used cutlass and other weapons to attack her.

OMG !!!! A Man Beats His Wife And Rapes Her In Front Of Their Kids & Househelp. Wow!

A middle aged Kenyan man identified as Christopher Bodo pictured above allegedly battered his wife after suspecting her of infidelity. According to Diana Okello, a Kenyan women rights activist who shared the photos on her Facebook wall, after attacking his wife, Bodo stripped her naked and raped her in front of their four children and househelp. The case has been reported at a Kenyan police station but he has not been arrested.
kenya man

Man busts wife pants down relieving herself in front of another man

HONEY it’s not what it looks like, I can explain!
That is what Nomathemba Moyo(38) roughly said in isiNdebele when her husband Mbonisi Moyo (42) found her with her skirt up and underwear taken off in the bush while their male neighbour (unnamed) stood a few metres away-staring.
Nomathemba had been relieving herself in the company of their neighbour. But it did not look like that for her husband Mbonisi Moyo, who out of anger appeared from nowhere and drew conclusions. Sensing what her husband had already thought -Nomathemba took to her heels. However she did not get far as she was caught and beaten up.
Mbonisi spent most the time beating his wife’s behind as if it had done something wrong. While at it, a constabulary came to Nomathemba‘s rescue.
Mbonisi was then taken to Nkayi police Station where a physical abuse case was opened. He has since appeared before resident magistrate Stephen Ndlovu
In court he said what his wife did was wrong and he was reprimanding her.
“I beat her out of anger after I found her urinating in front of our neighbour while showing her behind. What came to my mind is that, either they are in love or she was luring him into a sexual act because no one can do that without any sinister intentions,” he said.
Nomathemba responded by saying that she had no option but to relieve herself there and then.
“I was hard pressed and had no choice but to relieve myself as I feared I might end up soiling myself. I did not show my behind as he claims,” she said. He was remanded in custody to 24 November for sentencing.

Shocking :Sex Starved Boy Rapes Cow

A COW fed up with sexual abuse by a herd boy exposed him to his employer leading to his arrest, it was revealed this week.
A Bikita court heard, Thursday, that the owner of the beast started asking questions after noticing that the cow would angrily charge at the herd boy each time he came close.
Abel Gara (age not given) pleaded guilty to bestiality when he appeared before Bikita magistrate, Carol Tafira.
He was sentenced to 8 months in prison term which was wholly suspended on condition Gara performs 280 hours of community service.
Prosecutor, Richard Nyamuomba, said on October 17 this year, Rumbadzi Mavhingere left Gara in charge of her cattle while she went for a business trip to Masvingo city.
Court heard that during Mavhingere’s absence Gara would tie the black cow against a pole in the kraal and had sexual intercourse with it.
The offence came to light when the owner returned home six days later.
She discovered that each time her cow saw Gara it became hostile towards him.
This prompted her to question Gara over the behaviour of the cow and he admitted having sexual intercourse with the animal.
A report was made to the police, leading to the arrest of Gara.

Ohanaeze disowns Nnamdi Kanu, Biafra

The Ohanaeze Ndigbo, the on Friday disowned the Director of Radio Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, and his cohorts in their struggle for the state of Biafra.
The Chairman, Forum of State Presidents of Ohanaeze in the seven Igbo –speaking states, in Awka, Dr. Chris Eluomunoh, said no right thinking person would support what he called the madness of the group .

He said:
“You will notice that Ohanaeze has been very silent on the issue of Biafra insurgency, though the youth wing of Ohanaeze has been speaking on it. Ohanaeze, as the Igbo cultural group, cannot support Biafra and we dissociate ourselves from it totally.
“Igbo people have contributed much to the development of Nigeria and we cannot allow some people to jeopardise the lives and efforts of millions of Igbo residing in all parts of Nigeria.
“We believe that anybody who has any issue to settle with the Federal Government should use dialogue and that is why we participated in the last National Conference. No sane Igbo person would want to witness a repeat of the kind of thing that happened during the Civil War.
“(Chief Odumegwu) Ojukwu, who led the Biafra war, returned to Nigeria from exile and contested elections in Nigeria, which showed that he was fully integrated into Nigeria and was a full-fledged Nigerian before he died.”
Eluemunor said that most of the agitation for a Biafran state came mainly from those living abroad.
He called on Pres. Buhari to declare a state of emergency on the infrastructure problem in the South East by rehabilitating the federal roads that have become death traps due to neglect.
He said doing so would help to correct the imbalances and marginalization being suffered by the Igbos.
He said:
“We know the marginalisation was not caused by him, but we plead that he should look into the problems being complained about by the people of South East and South–South. He has won the election and we in Ohanaeze support him and will work with him for the unity of the country.”


Nigerians slam Buhari, marketers over fuel scarcity

Many Nigerians, including civil society organisations, analysts and individuals have expressed anger and disappointment over the ongoing fuel scarcity across the country, blaming oil marketers and President Muhammadu Buhari, who doubles as the Minister of Petroleum, for their plight.

Nigerians have had to endure long hours at the few fuel stations that sell Premium Motor Spirit, otherwise called petrol, for about a week, with no end in sight to the problem.

There are also reports that the scarcity is compounded by oil marketers hoarding the product to sell at prices above the official pump price of N87 per litre.

Findings by Saturday PUNCH show that the product sells for between N100 and N150 per litre in most fuel stations across the country, with the product going for as high as N400 per litre in the black market.

Unusually long queues of vehicles and customers with kegs characterise the few stations that sell the product at the official pump price.
President Buhari recently announced himself as the Minister of Petroleum and this seems to have put him at the forefront of public criticisms over the issue.

Civil society groups, among other Nigerians, said that President Buhari, whose presidential campaign had promised to bring change to the country, has failed to deal with the problem of fuel scarcity.

For instance, the Northern Elders’ Council Chairman, Tanko Yakasai, blamed Buhari for failing in his promise to Nigerians to revive the oil sector, saying his tenure as Minister of Petroleum was kicked off on a bad note.

He said, “I’m buying from the black market. The start does not show a good signal for the new minister of petroleum resources. Buhari came to power on the strength of the change slogan. He promised to change what was happening in the country, so what we expected was change and not this.

“But look at what is happening under Buhari as the minister of petroleum resources. He came to power on the platform of change but there has been no change. If the same situation we used to experience has continued, so where is the change? What has he done better? We still have queues at fuel stations all over the country. 
He has been in power for many months and we are still grappling with fuel scarcity in the country. Is that change? Where is the change?”
Chairman, Civil Liberties Organisation, Bayelsa State, Nengi James, also said that the expectation of people in the Niger Delta was that the welfare of the people in the region would change for the better with Buhari’s government.

He said, “When we say change, we expect the security and welfare of the people to change for the better, but presently, apart from suffering from sea piracy and environmental pollution in the Niger Delta, there is environmental degradation.

“We are really suffering. The fuel situation is biting harder. The artisans who need the fuel to manage their lives are crying. No light and still no fuel. The illegal refineries have been shut down and they are the ones who cushion the effect of such crises.”

James expressed hope that the situation would improve, but warned Buhari that the wait for change should not take forever.

He said, “We are waiting to see what will happen, but we still expect that there will be changes over time but the wait for change cannot be endless. We need action; we are tired of talk with no action.”

A statement made available by the President of the Nigeria Labour Congreess, Ayuba Wabba, also urged Buhari to put an end to the suffering of Nigerians, saying the scarcity had persisted in spite of government’s assurance that it would be resolved within 72 hours.

It stated: “We note that this is happening despite assurances from government and its agencies that there is enough fuel being distributed around the country and that citizens need not go into panic buying.

“That the situation has not visibly improved after more than 72 hours of such assurance means that the marketers and other groups that have held the country hostage over the years for their unearned profiteering from the petroleum sector are still determined to continue as if it is business as usual.”

An environmental rights activist, Alagoa Morris, said he “thought the perennial fuel scarcity would have been a thing of the past,” adding that he was “surprised to learn that the Federal Government was still owing marketers and for that reason, the importers could not release fuel.”

He, however, advised the Federal Government to look inward for solutions, which he said include “encouraging the establishment of modular refineries in our creeks.”

He said, “All the refineries need is proper environmental impact assessment. Then they should be given licences to operate. It will give us enough refined products, take care of unemployment, boost local economy and reduce crime in our creeks.”

However, the National Publicity Secretary of the Yoruba socio-political organization, Afenifere, Yinka Odumakin, said Nigeria was facing a huge economic crisis, describing the change mantra of the APC as deceptive.

Speaking on the fuel crisis, Odumakin said, “I will not condemn the President as a person. I would rather indict those around him who have been lying to Nigerians that there will be miracles overnight, and that every of our problems would disappear.

“They said he would do this and that, promising impossible things during electioneering in the name of the President. Anybody who was sober enough would know that there is big crisis in Nigeria because over the years, we have relied on just one product, which is oil.”

Advising government on the way out of the problem, he said, “This lazy culture of governors going to Abuja to share money every month can no longer work. Let every state start looking at its resources; that is the only way out. But we cannot do that without discarding the national constitution, which says that everything belongs to the Federal Government.”

Some citizens, who spoke to our correspondent from across the country, also shared the frustrations of motorists and other fuel users in their various states. Also, on social media platforms, Nigerians have been blaming Buhari and fuel marketers for the ongoing scarcity.

Ismael Ibrahim, a resident of Sokoto State, said a litre of petrol sells for about N140 in the state, adding that its residents have solely put the blame on President Buhari and the marketers.

Internet Cheating!! How Whatsapp & Facebook Relationship Ended 11-Year-Old Marriage.


The 11-year-old marriage between an Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State based businessman, Muyiwa Owolabi and his wife, Tinuola, has been nullified by a Customary Court sitting in the state capital following allegations that the woman was involved in adultery with men she met on the social media platform, Facebook.
According to a report in Vanguard, Owolabi had prayed the court to separate him from his wife because she was a serial adulteress who saw nothing wrong in sleeping around with men, something that caused turbulence in the marriage which produced two children.

He also accused Tinuola of using Facebook and WhatsApp to connect with different men with whom she had sexual affairs. To back up his accusation, Owolabi tendered computer generated evidences of her conversation with her lovers in court.

He showed the court text message communications she had with the men as well as printout of pictures of the men in question.
But his wife vehemently denied having any love relationships with the men, telling the court that her husband was in the habit of beating her up at the slightest provocation and starving her anytime he was angry.
She also urged the court to dissolve the union as she was also fed up.
In delivering his judgment, the president of the court, Joseph Ogunsemi , held that it was clear from the available evidence before the jury that both parties are living apart, and that the union has broken down irretrievably.
He duly nullified the marriage and granted custody of the two kids to Owolabi.

Man With ‘Anti-Gun’ Charms (Odeshi) Shot Dead During Test Of Charm.


When Odeshi goes terribly wrong…
One Lukman Alhaji Umaru, who allegedly fortified himself with ‘anti-gun’ charms, has been shot dead with a Dane gun on his request, by his friend identified as Hassan Mohammed.

It was gathered that Mohammed is now standing trial before a Maiduguri High Court presided over by Justice Alkali Gana Wakkil of Court 11.

The deceased and his friend had assembled in the house of one Yahaya Halidu and were having breakfast when the incident happened.

The Assistant Inspector General of Police, AIG, Tunde Ogunsakin who confirmed the incident, said the deceased who claimed he had anti-gun charms, went to his house and brought assorted charms and a Dane gun and requested Mohammed to shoot him with the gun claiming that it would not harm him, but when Mohammed aimed at the deceased and fired at his head with the gun, he fell and died.
Meanwhile, Justice Wakkil adjourned the case till December 4 to enable Yahaya Halidu in whose house the incident happened, to testify before the court.

Young man kills grandmother over house rent in Benin (Pictured)

The young man pictured above allegedly killed his own grandmother over house rent issue in Benin. According to the source, the man and his grandmother had been fighting for years over property ownership of the house. The man claimed his late mother owned the house and bequitted to him but the grandmother insisted the house, located at Benin technical college rd, Ugbowo, belonged to her.

Young man kills grandmother over house rent in Benin (Pictured) 3

Young man kills grandmother over house rent in Benin (Pictured) 2

Young man kills grandmother over house rent in Benin (Pictured) 1

Kim Kardashian asks Kanye West for a $1 million 'push present' for her current pregnancy

In a post on Friday, she asked her husband Kanye West for a 'push present.'
She said:
'This pregnancy, I would love a Lorraine Schwartz diamond choker, like the ones I've worn before to the Art + Film Gala. 'Too much? LOL! Here are some other push present ideas below!'
Kim then listed several necklaces that had diamonds in them, including one for $2,600.
The beauty's post read:
'Do you guys believe in a push present? I never did, but all of my friends do!!!'.'We have the funniest e-mail chains discussing it.'
'One friend got a special diamond ring she always wanted, and another friend got a new car!' she typed.
'I like the idea of a push present - after nine months of pregnancy it's a sweet and well-deserved thank you.
'We women go through an entire pregnancy carrying a baby...of course it only makes sense that we get something amazing to show how amazing we are, LOL'.
Schwartz already made her engagement ring, which has been estimated to cost anywhere from $2m to $8m. 

Mr. President, are you for real? Etcetera

Etcetera writes below...
Dear President Buhari, I will like to extend an invitation to you for a tour of down town, so that you can have a clear view of what the people who voted you into office feel about certain decisions your government has taken so far, especially the decision to ban ‘I-pass-my-neighbour generator’.
Contrary to the picture your advisers have painted to you, the decision to ban ‘I-pass-my neighbour’ generators will only bring more hardship to the people down here who have never in any way, benefitted from the Nigerian government at any time. The little hope that your “change” mantra brought to the poor man is fast becoming another tale in the book of presidential lies.
So, for you to really understand the ramification of your decision, I urge you to come for a quick tour of down town. Don’t worry sir; it won’t cost you a thing. We will ensure that your visit is as comfortable as we can. Yes, we know you don’t take ‘shepe’ or ‘mishango’ or ‘Ghana root’ mixed with ‘draw-draw’. But don’t worry, we will have enough pure water available for you to cool your feet, wash your face and quench your thirst.
It is true that the streets down here are littered with broken water pipes and heaps of smelly refuse dumps as a result of lack of government presence. But babu wahala, we will see to it that your danshiki doesn’t get so messed up.
It will be nice to have you address the youths and explain to them why you have taken the decision to throw our streets into darkness and expose us to more terror from armed robbers.
Sir, have you considered the amount of small business operators that will be incapacitated by the ban you have imposed on ‘I-pass-my-neighbour generators’? Come sir, and see for yourself how many families will lose their source of livelihood simply because they cannot afford to purchase the bigger generators.

Sir, what becomes of the barber, the hair dresser, the recharge card seller whose business is run with ‘I-pass-my-neighbour’ generator? Have you considered the difference between N10, 000 generator and a N50, 000 generator? Do you think the people are happy using ‘I-pass-my-neighbour generators? Someone who earns as low as N15, 000 monthly, how do you expect him to buy and maintain a N50, 000 generator?

You should also consider they have other needs. I think this is a wrong move and one that will drive most self-employed youths into armed robbery and other illegal activities.

And ‘I-pass-my-neighbour generator kills? Hmmmm Mr. President, I thought hunger and bad roads have killed more Nigerians than generators? How come you haven’t placed a ban on hunger and bad roads? Is this a part of the “change” we should expect from this regime? Is this one of the groundbreaking ideas given to you by the new minister for power? How do we achieve steady supply of electricity by banning smaller generators?

What I see here sir, is the government favouring the rich against the poor. The importers of bigger generator will no doubt see this as a welcome idea; that is if they didn’t lobby for it. This is one of the most insensitive decisions taken by any Nigerian government. Shouldn’t it be a general ban on generators?

Is it that punishing the poor has become a goal in itself for the government? Too many affluent Nigerians – and, in particular, members of the political elite – seem to have no sense of how much suffering is down here on the streets.

Little wonder the governors woke up one morning and decided that they can no longer pay the N18, 000 minimum wage of workers. For these governors, what is really striking is the total disconnect between conventional wisdom and the reality of life – and death – for much of the nation. It is like there’s a badge of wickedness on the forehead of our politicians.

Sir, what we want is for you politicians to stop talking blithely about the importance of alleviating the sufferings of the masses and truly start looking at the way their less-fortunate citizens live.

Pregnant woman 'has throat slit and baby cut from womb'

A woman has been arrested after a mum-to-be's throat was slit and her baby girl cut from her womb.
Ashley Wade, 22, allegedly killed Angelikque Sutton, who was eight months pregnant , and tried to pass the newborn baby off as her own.
The sickening attack reportedly happened at Wade's apartment in the Bronx, New York, at around 2.20pm Friday afternoon.
Wade allegedly slashed Sutton, also 22, across the neck then cut the baby from her womb as she lay dead or dying, the New York Post reported.

Wade’s boyfriend is believed to have raised the alarm after walking in her holding the infant.
Bronx councilman Andy King told reporters: “It looks like the baby was surgically removed.
“That this is a possible baby snatch — this is unforseeable. With the holidays approaching, what a bloody way to start the season.”
Sutton and her daughter were rushed to Montefiore Hospital, where the young mother was pronounced dead.

The baby girl is healthy, despite her ordeal, the NY Post reported.

Wade was arrested at the scene and is being held at Jacobi Medical Center.

Police are reportedly seeking a warrant to test whether Wade is pregnant amid claims she had told neighbours she was expecting.

No charges have yet been filed.

Kendall Jenner sends Tyga a birthday message

Kendall Jenner shared this photo soon after the rumour spread that her sister Kylie had dumped bf Tyga. It's not certain if this is Kendall's derriere but it's too coincidental for this photo not to be meant for Tyga.

Woman who died in Paris raid was not wearing suicide belt

Investigators sorting through body parts from the flat raided by French police on Wednesday now believe Hasna Aitboulahcen, the woman who died there, was not the one wearing a suicide belt, a Police source said.

Headlines flashed around the world this week that Aitboulahcen had become Europe's first woman suicide bomber, after officials said they believed she had blown herself up at the scene of the raid in a northern Paris suburb.
One of the dead has been confirmed as Islamist militant Abaaoud. The other has yet to be identified.
"The initial findings from the special police indicated that it (the suicide belt wearer) was her," said the source. "But the skull we found on the pavement was not hers."
The fighting at the flat was so intense that not only were the police unable initially to identify the bodies, it took more than a day for investigators to establish that there had been three people and not two.

Miley Cyrus performs topless while wearing a strap-on eggplant

Miley Cyrus took to the stage wearing prosthetic breasts and a strap on penis as she kicked off her Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz tour, aka the Milky Milky Milk Tour on Thursday and she will visit eight cities in the US and Canada. The crazy ‘look’ was completed with a purple wig and a silver bondage harness. More photos after the cut..