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Funny videos for your entertainment.  This video is about how far people go to get a job in nigeria . Saw it online , check it out and tell me what you think.

Check this videos out guys ,its crazy ,this Pastor tells a tale of how God wants us to have sex , wow !

Another pastor claims God told him to sleep with teenage Girls , pls can someome tell this pastor that's not God o lol ! What do you think guys ?

Check out this videos I put together , sad but lessons to be learnt . ENJOY !

Watch this very sad video , it might just break your heart , hope you can watch it .its so touching guys .

Watch this incredible story although sad but there is a lesson to be learned here , family is everything and life is too short .

Learn to appreciate life guys .

Check out this amazing video guys and tell me what you think.

watch this video of some kids speaking their language in a foreign country , amazing! There is simply no excuse or reason not to learn your native language . Do you agree or not guys ?

Very Graphic photo of A 4yrs old boy killed by a Teenager in Lagos,Removed His Kidney And Intestine.


The act of wickedness performed by this teenage will surly break your heart, how a 4years old boy was killed like an animal.A 16-year-old boy, Tajudeen Azeez, has been arrested by the Lagos state police command for allegedly killing a four-year-old boy in Ijaniki area of the state.

Azeez reportedly removed the deceased’s intestine and kidney after killing him.He was said to have lured the deceased to the back of an Anglican primary school, in the morning and committed the murder there, Daily Trust reports.

Giving his statement at the homicide section of the State Criminal Investigations Department (SCID), Yaba, where he is being detained, the suspect said one Osho promised to give him N50,000 if he could provide him with fresh human parts.

“At first, I did not want to succumb to the temptation but it kept coming. When I woke up this morning (Monday), I saw Ibrahim at the back of the house. I told him to escort me to a primary school not too far from the house. The name of the school is Anglican Primary School, Ijanikin.

“He followed me to the place and on arrival there, I stabbed him with a knife from behind. He fell down and I strangled him with a rope. I then cut his stomach open with the knife. I am sorry for what I did,” he said.

According to the acting police public relations officer for the Lagos Command, Patricia Amadin, the body of the deceased had been deposited at a government mortuary.

She said the suspect was arrested following intelligence information.

“Based on the strength of the information, the DPO and his men raced to the place. On arrival, they found the lifeless body of a four-year-old boy while the suspect was soaked in the deceased’s blood.

 “From close observation, it was discovered that some vital organs such as the kidney and intestine had been removed from the deceased. All the organs were kept in a black nylon bag. The suspect was promptly arrested and taken to the station,” Amadin said.

She added that the police was making effort to arrest Osho, who is on the run.

Graphic photos from the fatal accident in Ikorodu this morning

Accident :There was a horrific accident along Ikorodu road, Lagos this morning between Onipanu and Palmgrove bus-stop. Two trucks carrying load collided. The driver and passenger of one of the trucks died on the spot.

 The other truck driver survived and escaped from the scene. Another accident also happened close to this scene, at Aladiyye bus-stop on Ikorodu Road. A container fell on a car but thankfully no casualties in that accident. See the photos after the cut…

Real or not : Check out what I found , tell me If its real or not.

Check this out guys : Is this a real angel ??? Npe its not , lol ! Actually its a really good art work. Some people actually think this is a real angel that fell from the sky...hilarious right They were actually arguing about it on Facebook and very serious. See more photos after the cut and find out the real story..

Nigeria's Ministry Of Health Accuses Okonjo-Iweala Of Making Questionable Payment To Global Health NGO

Officials of Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) are questioning how former Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala handled payment of the sum of $2.2 million that was the subject of a dispute between the Health Ministry and a global non-governmental organization called the Global Alliance for Vaccine and Immunization (GAVI).

Officials of Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) are questioning how former Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala handled payment of the sum of $2.2 million that was the subject of a dispute between the Health Ministry and a global non-governmental organization called the Global Alliance for Vaccine and Immunization (GAVI). Former Nigerian Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

A letter written by the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Health wondered why Ms. Okonjo-Iweala’s Ministry of Finance rushed to pay the disputed sum to GAVI, a health NGO that had claimed that Nigeria’s health officials had misappropriated the funds between 2011 and 2013.

GAVI had sought the intervention of the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) following disagreements between the NGO and the Federal Ministry of Health, according to a letter written by the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Health, L.N. Awute.

Specifically, GAVI had accused the National Primary Healthcare Development Agency (NPHCDA) of several infractions, including failure to pay taxes, failure to make required payments to UNICEF, and failure to supply promised goods and programs between 2011 and 2013.

In the midst of the dispute, the Federal Ministry of Finance made a $2.2 million payment to GAVI to make up for the supposedly misplaced funds.

However, Mr. Awute claims in his letter, addressed to the EFCC and dated July 15th, that all of the funds were properly accounted for by the NPHCDA. The agency’s own report found receipts, confirmations, and other forms of evidence verifying that the money was in fact appropriately spent. The permanent secretary’s letter to the EFCC stated that the discrepancies between NPHCDA’s and GAVI’s accounting were glaring, but accused GAVI of being “evasive to all requests for reconciliation.”

Mr. Awute wrote that, following GAVI’s insistence that the Ministry of Finance involve the EFCC in the issue, the Ministry of Health was under the impression that the EFCC would seek to harmonize GAVI’s audit report and the response from the NPHCDA. Instead, he disclosed, the Ministry of Finance headed by Ms. Okonjo-Iweala paid the disputed $2.2 million to GAVI “without recourse to the Federal Ministry of Health.”

Mr. Awute surmised, wondering whether the EFCC had concluded its investigation and recommended that the Ministry of Finance pay the full disputed amount to GAVI.

“In the light of the foregoing, I wish to seek your clarifications on the issues raised,” Mr. Awute wrote to the chair  of the anti-corruption agency.


Buhari says-"I won’t appoint people who lack integrity as ministers'

Yesterday during his live programme on NTA, President Buhari said he won't appoint men and women who lack integrity as ministers in his cabinet.
"We will try as much as possible to avoid appointing hostages; by this, I mean people who have been in the system but compromised their personal and professional integrity.

From what I have seen so far, we need very patriotic Nigerians to be ministers; Nigerians that can work very hard with knowledgeable experience; committed Nigerians to be in charge of ministries.

A lot of institutions in Nigeria are compromised, everybody for himself and God for all of us. It is most unfortunate. We have people, educated and experienced people, but everybody seems to be working for himself on how much they could get away with as soon as possible.

We have to look for technocrats and politicians. We have to look out for decent people in this class to give them the responsibility of being in charge of ministries and important parastatals. It is taking so much time to appoint ministers because a number of knowledgeable people have been compromised.

 They have been compromised by people who will like to depend on them to damage our economy and security; a lot of them have been compromised. The worst thing that I think can happen is to get a compromised person to be in charge of institutions.

There is no way he could be efficient or patriotic. Somebody behind the scene will be manipulating him at the expense of the nation. This is what we are trying to avoid and I assure you that so much damage has been done to Nigeria. We cannot rush to give this responsibility to people that have unfortunately been compromised.

This is because there is no way you can effectively supervise, let’s say 20 ministries, you have to give it to people you trust and you allow them to perform according to the Constitution of the country. If you appoint compromised people, then we will be back to square one and Nigeria will be the loser.” he said

Source : Punch.

Bonding time for the Sexy mama ,Amber Rose and her Adorable Son.

Awwww so cute ! Check out this photo of Amber Rose bonding with her son sebastine on the beach, so cute right !!!

True or false : did Kylie Jenner&Tyga get married in secret ?

Rumour has it that Kylie Jenner and Tyga may have married in secret because she showed off 2 rings on her wedding finger. Photos after the cut..

On Sunday night, Caitlyn's mom Esther was seen giving Kylie the gift of a photo of her 17-year-old self.'I thought you should have this. It's me when I was 17,' the 89-year-old said.'Oh my God. Wait, we kind of look alike,' Kylie replied. 'I definitely take the Jenner side.'But when Caitlyn chimes in: 'I know, you do. Here's the kicker, she was 17 years old in this picture, and she was married', Kylie lets slip: 'Kind of like me.'

You look amazing, but you don't have to bash us': Kim Kardashian has tense words with Caitlyn Jenner in preview for second episode of I Am Cait

Her transition into a woman has been well-documented, as cameras have followed Caitlyn Jenner's incredible journey every step of the way.

And it seems that, although the transgender reality TV star's new lifestyle has been welcomed with open arms by her supporting extended family, there have been moments of friction between them.

The 65-year-old - formerly known as Bruce Jenner - looked taken aback and upset when confronted by stepdaughter Kim Kardashian in a teaser trailer for the second episode of tell-all reality show I Am Cait, which debuted on Sunday night.
Tense times ahead? Caitlyn Jenner looks taken aback when stepdaughter Kim Kardashian shares her feelings in the preview for the second episode of I Am Cait

Kim, 34, is seen having a tense conversation with Caitlyn, as she says: 'You look amazing, it's your time, but you don't have to bash us on your way up.'

The camera then cuts to Caitlyn, who appears emotional, welling up at Kim's remarks.

Although it is not clear exactly what Kim is referring to, it's thought it could be down to Caitlyn's remarks in Vanity Fair earlier this year.

Kim and her sister Khloe, 30, were notably irked after she lashed out at their mother - ex-wife Kris Jenner - in his revealing glossy magazine interview, in which she fully revealed her new look.

Kim says: 'You look amazing, but you don't have to bash us'

'You look amazing, but you don't have to bash us on your way up': The 34-year-old reality TV star made sure her step-parent knew her feelings, supposedly about her harsh interview in Vanity Fair about Kris Jenner

In the iconic magazine interview, released in June, the former Olympian claimed the reason for their 23-year-long marriage falling apart was only partly due to his gender struggles.

'Twenty per cent was gender and 80 per cent was the way I was treated,' she explained, further adding that her 59-year-old ex-wife 'wasn't very nice'.

But it seems as though two of Kris' daughters were prepared to share their feelings with their step-parent over her words.

After the airing of the debut episode of the I Am Cait series on Sunday evening, Khloe took to Twitter to reveal her thoughts over the tell-all Vanity Fair interview.

Tell-all: Caitlyn, 65, revealed her new look to the world in Vanity Fair in June, but Kim and sister Khloe Kardashian took issue with the interview

A struggle? In the Vanity Fair interview, Caitlyn - formerly Bruce - claimed the reason her 23-year marriage to Kris broke down was only partly due to her gender struggles, and mostly to do with Kris' mistreatment

However, her post appears to have since been deleted, but it reportedly read:

'I loved the Vanity Fair article! just didnt think Caitlyn needed to mention my mom in the article. Spread love and not hate.2.'

She has also repsonded to criticism from other tweeters who claimed she was unsupportive of Caitlyn.

Writing directly to one such person, she said: 'Why on earth would I not support her? Let's not start rumors please.'

She later tweeted: 'Spread love. Not hate.'

Kim Kardashian was spotted yesterday and it seems her baby bump was not so visible , check it out.

What happened to Kim Kardashian's baby bump.Yesterday, Kim Kardashian was seen in a body-hugging white dress with a light pink coat running errands. 2 hours ago, she posted a selfie of herself in the same outfit but this time her baby bump looked bigger. Kim k reply plus photo after the cut...

Beyonce shows off extreme cleavage in a sexy floral dress while heading to her office in New York City.

Beyonce was stopping traffic in New York City on Monday as she made her way to her office.

The 33-year-old made for an arresting sight, showcasing her extremely ample cleavage in a very low-cut dress.

The pretty black summer frock was covered in a pale pink flower print.
Stopping traffic: Beyonce showed off her extremely ample cleavage as she stepped out in New York City on Monday

As well as her impressive cleavage, Beyonce was displaying her long legs in the dress.

The singer also sported a pair of beige sandals and carried a chain-embellished Dannijo handbag, and had a white blazer slung over her shoulders.

Beyonce kept her make-up natural underneath her dark wayfarer sunglasses, and styled her blonde hair in curls.


Nicki Minaj kisses her boyfriend Meek Mill in new All Eyes On You music video featuring Chris Brown

Nicki Minaj kisses real life boyfriend Meek Mill in new All Eyes On You music video featuring Chris Brown

Nicki Minaj and boyfriend Meek Mill share some steamy PDA scenes in their new music video for All Eyes On You.

On Monday, the couple showed some of their romantic moments in the visual accompaniment for their rap collaboration from the 28-year-old's new album Dreams Worth More Than Money.

The 32-year-old beauty showed off her hourglass figure in a denim bikini for a pool scene as she also displayed her passionate affection for Meek using her tongue.

Lovey-dovey: Nicki Minaj and boyfriend Meek Mill share some steamy PDA scenes in their new music video for All Eyes On You that was released on Monday

Meek - birth name Robert Rahmeek Williams - stars opposite his girlfriend Nicki and featured vocalist Chris Brown in the new imagery for AEOY.

Arguably Chris is the third wheel in the very intimate montage as all eyes are on the real-life adoration of the rap duo.

The opening sequence finds the trio staying in a luxurious house in Atlanta as Meek recites his lyrics to Nicki coming out of a shower with only a embellished towel covering her curvaceous body.

Divine in denim: The 32-year-old Barbadian beauty highlighted her ample cleavage further with a diamond body chain.

Super Bass: The stunner stole the style spotlight in a scantily-clad chambray bikini.

Vocals: Chris Brown is also featured on the track

The loved-up couple share kisses on top of a bed, take selfies together and Meek also swings Nicki around with her legs wrapped around his waist.

While Meek has several outfit changes during the video, Nicki stole the style spotlight in a scantily-clad chambray bikini.

She showed off her derriere in a pair of high-waisted bikni bottoms and highlighted her ample cleavage further with a diamond body chain.

Kanye West throws his mic and storms off stage at Toronto event

At the closing ceremony of Pan America Games which took place in Toronto, Canada last night, Kanye'smic stopped working towards the end of his performance, leaving him frustrated and mad. After a few seconds of trying to get it to work and gesturing to the crowd, Kanye threw the mic and left the stage.

Family says "Dieziani Alison-Madueke is ill & in UK hospital "

Family members of the immediate past minister of Petroleum resources, Dieziani Alison-Madueke say she is currently ill and at a UK hospital receiving treatment. A family member revealed this to Leadership Newspaper
"Our daughter has been in hospital where is receiving treatment for some weeks now.

 She is currently under close medical observation. We learnt that the observation means that she has been unable to see anyone outside close family members over the last few weeks.

They have also discouraged her use of phones to avoid any risk of infection which will be extremely harmful for her. Diezani is responding well, but doctors are concerned about her movement and interaction given the intense treatment being administered.

 It is such an emotional time for us all as she is quite fragile and we are careful to keep her away from all the gossip and falsehoods being attributed to her in the media. We expect the media to respect the family’s feelings at this trying time. The press, especially online media, should be careful to be professional and balanced in their reporting,”the source said

Photos: EFCC Arraigns Six Persons for N31m Fraud.

Find the EFCC Press statement below...
The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, on Friday, July 24, 2015, arraigned six persons before Justice Oluwatoyin Ipaye of the Lagos High Court, Ikeja on a 17 count charge bordering on conspiracy, stealing and forgery.
The six accused persons - Festus Onile, Olawale Garuba, Abiodun Afainiya, Jayeola Afolabi David, Yewande Adeyemi and Adetoun Kammal, were arrested by the Commission sequel to a petition from a new generation bank

which alleged fraudulent transfers and withdrawals of N31 million through ATM and Point of Sale, POS, from the account of one of its customers. One of the counts reads: “Festus Onile, Olawale Garuba and Abiodun Afainiya between the 14th December, 2012 to 18th December, 2012 at Lagos within the jurisdiction of this honourable court with a dishonest intent stole the sum of N5,513,519.98 (five million, five hundred and thirteen thousand, five hundred and nineteen naira, ninety eight kobo) through point of sale terminals (POS) from account no.

0038253607 belonging to late Shodiya Wemimo Agnes". The accused persons pleaded not guilty when the charge was read to them.

In view of their plea, the prosecution counsel, Abba Mohammed, prayed the court for a trial date and to remand the accused persons in prison custody. However, Seun Adenuga, counsel to the first accused asked for a short adjournment to enable him file for bail. He also prayed the court to remand the accused in EFCC custody Justice Ipaye however ordered that the accused be remanded in Kirikiri prison pending the determination of their bail applications and adjourned the case to October 9th, 20th and 21st for trial.