Thursday, 24 December 2015

Man defiles nine children in Ebonyi

A middle aged man and father of
three in Onueke, Ezza South Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, Chinedu Nwoja is now telling the police why he defiled nine children, whose ages range between of six and ten.
Nwoja, who lives with the children in the same compound, is said to have been having carnal knowledge of the children for quite some time.
One of the victims, Precious (surname withheld), while narrating her ordeal, said Nwoja has had sex with her about five times and that he usually did that in secluded areas including inside his car.
The 10-year-old said at times she will be in deep sleep when the man will carry her to a corner in the compound and defile her.
“Last time, Chinedu carried me when I was sleeping in the house and dropped in a bush at the back of our yard and asked me to remove my clothes.
“When I refused, she torn them off and removed his clothes and slept with me.
“He also usually has sex with me inside his car which he used to park at the back of our compound,” she said.
Another victim, Amarachi (surname withheld) told New Telegraph that she was sent on an errand in the night by her father when Nwoja approached her and started requesting for sex.
“When he came to me and said he wants to have sex with me, I started running but he later caught me and took me inside bush.
“He immediately removed my paints and started rapping me. I shouted but no one heard me because the place was lonely and little bit far from where people stay.
“After, he used his hanker-chief and cleanned my body,” she said.
Some of the parents of the children, Mrs. Elizabeth Nweke and Mr. Monday Obaji said they became aware of the development when their children started complaining of pains in their private parts pointing out that the accused admitted to the offence when confronted by the community members.

Kendall Jenner sizzles in Love Magazine's December issue

Kendall Jenner made her second appearance in Love magazine's 2015 advent calendar with hot photos and a video shoot that was done by James Lima. The December issue featuring Kendall was released today. More photos after the cut. ...

Shocking!! Two Gay Men Caught in The Act in Delta State; Handed Over To Chief Priest For Cleansing


Two gay men, who are incidentally related, Mr. Monday Ehikwe and his nephew, Godwin Chukwueku Okwuoseh were caught homosexually ‘servicing’ each other in one of the buildings at Agbor-Alidinma in Ika South Local Government area of Delta state..

The accused persons who were caught by the vigilante group attached to the community, were handed over to the Okpala, the spiritual head of Agbor-Alidinma and his council of chiefs who subsequently handed them over to the Chief Priest of Umuogene shrine, Dr Micheal Nmose for spiritual cleansing and administration of first step traditional oath on them, according to reports.

The men were also acused of mysticism and practices that brought strange sicknesses like strokes and other ailments which had been causing deaths in the community
Meanwhile, the two men were instructed to pay a fine of N25,000 each and to return to the shrine in January, 2016, with one native cow for final traditional bath, as well as to come along with 36 native chalks, 50 cola nuts, two red pieces of cloth each and 20 tuber of yams.

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Meet Woman Born With Her Head Turned Backwards

A 20-year-olf woman, who was born with her head hanging at a 180-degree angle, is struggling to become a painter in Kandy, Sri Lanka.
Please, scroll down for photos and video below!
Thuvan Sameera is suffering from arthrogryposis, a rare congenital disease causing severe joint contractures in two or more areas of the body.
girl born with her head upside down
Besides, the girl has a weak backbone and muscles, that means she can’t stand, walk or eat on her own. Nevertheless, Sameera’s parents, her father Thuvan Mahura, 54, and mother Nona Jesmin, 48, hope that one day their daughter will become a professional artist.
girl born with her head upside down
Her mum said: “Sameera was born in Saudi Arabia. After her birth, the doctor told us that there wasn’t much that they could do about this condition. Since then, it has been a struggle to grow up like this. We decided to let her be after a point.
girl born with her head upside down
So from a very young age she would paint and draw. She cannot do anything by herself but she had interest in painting since she was small. She would keep looking at them so I brought her brushes and colours. We also encouraged her.”
girl born with ther head upside down
But Jesmin and Mahura did not lose hope, they believe that progress in medical sciences will allow Sameera to live a normal life in the nearest future.

Watch video:

Furious Mothers Beats Daughter’s Boyfriend For Sex With Her

Jeanette Salas Woods is now facing criminal charges. 

A mother has been arrested for brutally beating her daughter’s teen boyfriend after she caught the pair in bed together in Tucson, Texas, USA.

Jeanette Salas Woods, 35, came home to find a 16-year-old boy sleeping with her daughter in one bed. The woman flew into rage and repeatedly punched the unsuspecting boy in the face.
When the teenager woke up Mrs Woods jumped on him, hitting, kicking and swearing at him. At one point, the boy got so terrified he lost control of his bladder and peed on himself.

And even when he managed to free himself and ran out of the house wearing only a pair of jeans, a furious woman continued pursuing him and threatening with reprisal. Then she turned back home and smashed his car with a baseball bat.

The boy called the police reporting the assault and Woods was arrested afteradmitting to hit the boy. She is now facing charges of assault and causing $5,300 damage to a vehicle.

Don Jazzy's dad takes a pic with his very cute grandson

Don Jazzy's father with one of his grandsons. The cute lil man is the son of Don Jazzy's younger brother, James Collins, aka Jay Mavin. He's so handsome.

Drake is in awe of Denzel Washington...shares story of a past and recent encounter with him

Basically saying, your talent will put you before kings!

Hilarious Photo Of The Day!!!

All in the name of taking a selfie, this lady wants to break her back..... Lol !!! 

Pictures of See the luxury resort where Obama will spend his Christmas vacation

The Hale Reena in Kailua, Hawaii, dubbed the other White House is the vacation home of Obama and his family in what will be their eighth consecutive Christmas vacation to Hawaii and at $3500-a-night, it doesn't come cheap. Amenities include a spa, pool, steam room and excellent out door facilities. See more photos after the cut...

President Obama will be paying the rent out of his pocket but other expenses such as security and the daily expenses of his security detail will be picked up by the taxpayer. The first family first stayed at the Hale Reena in 2011 when their usual first choice, The Plantation Estate wasn't available, that can cost between $5000-$10000 a night depending on the season.

Hilarious :66yr old man posts a pic of him kissing his 35yr old girlfriend..& trolls come for him

British businessman Duncan Bannatyne has been embroiled in a Twitter battle after posting a picture of himself kissing his much younger girlfriend. Bannatyne, who is 66, is dating Nigora Whitehorn, who is 31 years younger than him. He deleted the tweet with the photo above, but Daily Mail posted a screenshot of it and trolls on the Internet started mocking him with their own caricature of his photo. See them after the cut...

All of these didn’t stop him from posting another picture of himself and his girlfriend: