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Comedian Torben Chris baths with his 2yr old daughter

The comedian shared this photo of himself with his daughter, naked and having a bath together in a tub, on his Facebook page and got bashed by fans, especially women. Many feel it's inappropriate. What do you think?

shocking details of abusive relationship

In an interview filmed for her reality show 'Christina Milian Turned Up', the singer opened up about an abusive past relationship, saying;
"I remember being that girl in the middle of the gas station trying to call 9-11 or call my mom and he's got me by my head and by my hair and he's pulling me back and there's people just watching and they don't know what to do. And all you could hope for is that someone will save you. But at the same time, you don't know how to save yourself."
Another time,
"He literally put a bullet in the gun and pointed it at my face."

What's wrong with this photos........ Can you spot the difference ???

South Africans are sharing this photo on social media. Both pictures were taken at the Zuma must Fall protest in South Africa yesterday December 16th. They say policemen were nicer to the whites..

OMG !!! Nigerian Girl cuts her Friend’s Face with A Razor Blade as they fight over A Man


Two days, at Inikpi street Makurdi, Benue State, a young lady was stripped n.aked for allegedly cutting her best friend’s face following their quarrel over a Sugar daddy. 

This girl (pictured above) was cut with a razor blade after her friend, who is also her neighbor, found out that she went behind her back and slept with her sugar daddy.Accordingt to source, the two ladies began shouting on each other which led to a violent fiery argument, they got physical, and then the sugar daddy owner unleashed the blade on her best friend for back stabbing her.

OMG! Just See What Bleaching Cream Has Done To These Ladies (Graphic Photos)

This is disgusting! this is what they got  after applying strong chemical compositions on their body! ladies beware!

Graphic Photos; Teenage Girls Found Dead In Ikorodu Area In Lagos After Allegedly Being Raped

One needs to be very careful especially during the festive period where bloodsuckers and human hunters are on the prowl seeking for whom to devour.... According to online reports, these two ladies were founded dead at Ikorodu area in Lagos after allegedly being raped -judging from the photos shared online. Their corpses were dumped in a bush withing the area. May their souls rest in peace. 

See how Three brothers recreates childhood photo

Siblings recreating childhood photos is now a popular trend on social media. These three brothers didn't want to be left out so they recreated this bath tub photo taken in 1995. 

Photo: Andy Uba's daughter called to the Nigerian Bar

Chrystal Uba, the daughter of Senator Andy Uba, a former Special Assistant on Special Duties and Domestic Affairs to Olusegun Obasanjo, was called to the Nigerian Bar in Abuja. Congrats to her!

Photos: Buhari's aides present him with a giant birthday card

President Buhari's aides paid him a surprise visit at the state House this morning where they presented him a giant birthday card on the occasion of his 73rd birthday which is today Dec 17th. More photos after the cut...

Check out beautiful photos of Zahra Buhari and her sister, Halima

Beautiful ladies. Photos credit: Manza beauty..

Robbed My Madam To Raise Money For My Mum’s Surgery –Housemaid

THE Lagos State Police Command has arrested a housemaid who robbed her madam of cash and valu­ables worth several mil­lions of Naira.Also in Police net is the elder brother to the house help.
The housemaid, Chidima (other names withheld) and her brother, Emma, indi­genes of Ebonyi State are being detained at the Spe­cial Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) Ikeja.
Chidima who Spoke with Daily Sun said: “I actually committed the robbery. I waited for my madam to leave for office and I ran­sacked the house. I collect­ed expensive things, such as, laptops, tablet, Ipads, gold, phones and money. I then called my elder broth­er to meet me somewhere and handed everything to him for sale.
“After handing over the items to my brother, I re­turned home and raised the alarm that robbers have raided our house. My madam believed the story and even treated me think­ing that I may have been injured. I was crying all through and Madam was pleading with me to stop crying so that I won’t break down.
“Sir, I must confess, I did it to raise money for my mother’s surgery. She has been sick and our Doc­tor charged N500,000 for the treatment. I begged my madam to assist me but she said she had no money. I have tried many of our rela­tives, none was willing to help and my brother kept disturbing me with phone calls. The harassment was too much for me to bear, hence, I decided to remedy the situation by robbing my madam.
“I may not have told my brother that I robbed my madam, but where did he think that I got the things I gave him to sell? I am a housemaid on a monthly salary of N20,000. My brother should stop blam­ing me, after all, it was his mistake that put us in this mess. I successfully per­fected everything and my madam had no iota of sus­picion that I did it.
“Instead of selling the items my brother started using the Tabletops and it was through his foolishness that the police tracked and arrested him. I was shocked when he was brought face-to-face with me. Let him stop crying and admit what we did. Let us carry our crosses. My only re­gret is that my mother is still sick and we have been subjected to ridicules. If I had known, I would have allowed things to work out their natural ways.”
His elder brother who was weeping like a baby said: “She did not tell me that she stole the things. She told me that her madam gave her the things. I was so happy and told her that I should thank her madam for the gift but she prevent­ed me. She said her madam does not like people show­ing appreciation when she does good things. She is my sister, so I believed her. Now that I know the truth, I will never trust her again. I want the Police to forgive us as we are first offend­ers.”
The State Commis­sioner Of Police, Mr. Fa­tai Owoseni said: “The Househelp was employed three months ago through the internet. She belongs to a syndicate that send its members to houses as house helps with the inten­tion to rob their employers. She would have committed more havoc if detectives did not crack the syndicate on time. That is why we are always appealing to the public not to employ domestic staff through the internet.
He said the Police was on the trail of other members of the syndicate who are on the run.
From James Udoh, Ibadan
retired banker, Mr. Joseph Deyibo, has prayed the Oja’ba/Mapo Customary Court, Ibadan, Oyo State, to end his union of 28 years with his es­tranged wife, Dupeola, over alleged negligence, ill-manner and threat to life.
Deyibo, who lives at College Crescent-Popoy­emoja, wanted the marriage dissolved, because, according to him, his wife has become a threat to his life, while marriage has become sour.
He alleged that his wife mismanaged his pension benefits of N10 million and got him indebted to the extent of selling his property.
“For the past eight years now, I don’t have access to any of my property anymore. She is threatening to kill me. She promised to kill me if I ask for my property. The documents of my property including my house, land and other valuables have her name written on them. Worse still, she has turned my five children against me; one even disowned me as his father.”
The father of five described Dupeola as cruel and mean, who did not care about him: “My earnings go to her and the children, with the family’s up­keep. Despite all these, she would not call me to know how I am faring, where I am or anything. So, I can no longer tolerate her and I want the court to please dissolve our marriage.”
However, the defendant denied that any of his children disowned her husband as father. She al­leged that the ex-banker abandoned his family. She said both of them built the house which Deyibo claimed as his own: “I am a good wife and mother to my children and I still love my husband.”
President of the court, Chief Odunade Ademo­la, severed the union, which he noted had broken down irretrievably.

See how this girl gets wild in front of men...

We wonder what this world is turning on nowadays, majority of ladies have lost morals and some of the things they do in public are just shocking and disgusting.
Instead of studying, they engage in useless activities that add no value to their life.
Below is a crazy video of a middle aged lady from Nairobi Aviation College, who decided to unleash her madness in-front of men as she jammed down to Jamaican dancehall tunes.
Looking closely, this crazy lady is br@less and her big “nyonyos” are popping out as men cheer her on.
wedding myths When you are taking any portrait try to find a way to get your couple to relax. When the couple is relaxed they will have more fun and their smiles will look much more natural. Often I will tell brides and grooms during their wedding pictures that I need a second to set something up (which is not true).
 Usually when I tell couples this they will relax and interact with each other which give me a great time to take more candid photos of them. When you are taking these best style pictures go a head and take detail pictures of little moments as the couple will love these. Believe it or not often these little detail pictures are the pictures our bride and groom get printed in large sizes.
We need your favorite Opinion! Just give us your Comment below please!

Femi Kayode Blasts President Buhari For Allegedly Registering Nigeria As An Islamic Nation


Former Aviation Minister, Femi Olu-Kayode has condemned President Muhammadu Buhari over Saudi Arabia’s inclusion of Nigeria among the military coalition to combat terrorism globally.

Saudi Arabia yesterday announced formation of a coalition of 34 mainly Muslim countries – including powers such as Egypt and Turkey – to coordinate a fight against “terrorist organisations”. Nigeria was included
The idea didn’t sit well with Fani-Kayode.
“Al Jazeera says Nigeria is now part of a “34 member coalition of muslim nations” and that they will “fight terror in the name of islam”” he tweeted.
“Is this part of “change” agenda? Can’t they just, for once, think about the implications of what they are doing?”
“Nigeria is not a muslim state. We are a multi-religious, multi-cultural secular state and 1 million Muhammadu Buharis and his Saudi friends cannot change that.” he added.

Shocking :Housebreaker Gives Woman 'Hot Sex' As Husband Sleeps

A CHEEKY housebreaker from Gokwe, who raped a woman while her husband was asleep next to her on their matrimonial bed, has been sentenced to 16 years in jail.
Adam Maraicha, 28, told a court he had entered the house at night to steal, but was attracted by the semi- naked woman on the bed.
After raping the woman, he sneaked out of the bedroom and entered the couple’s kitchen where he stole a 10kg bag of mealie-meal before trying to escape into a bush.
Maraicha from Muwani Village under Chief Nemangwe in Gokwe appeared before Gokwe- Kwekwe Regional Magistrate Amos Mbobo facing one count of rape and another of unlawful entry and theft.
He pleaded guilty.
“I broke into the house to steal but the sight of the woman on the bed was too much for me to pass up,” said Maraicha.
Mbobo, in passing sentence, said Maraicha was grossly disrespectful and highly immoral.
“Considering you raped someone’s wife, you deserve to be punished,” he said.
“You’re sentenced to two months for unlawful entry and 16 years for rape. 12 months have been suspended on condition of good behaviour. Effectively, you will serve 15 years and two months in prison.”
Prosecuting, Mary Chapinda told the court that on September 11 this year at around 1AM, Maraicha broke into the complainant’s house in Mapfumo Village, Chief Nemangwe’s area in Gokwe.
Chapinda told the court that Maraicha broke into the complainant’s bedroom in a bid to steal money.
He said Maraicha saw the complainant and his wife sleeping on their bed.
“The complainant’s wife felt someone grabbing her back and thought it was her husband. She told him to stop as it was too hot to have sex.
“The accused continued caressing her before lifting her petticoat and had sex with her while her husband was sleeping by her side.
“He then sneaked out of the blankets and hid in the kitchen,” said Chapinda.
She said after the act the woman asked her husband for a towel. The husband, the court heard, questioned her why she needed it.
“The woman told him that she wanted to use the towel as they had just had sex. A heated argument ensued as her husband told her he didn’t have sexual intercourse with her,” said the prosecutor.
The court heard that the two heard their front door opening and they rushed to investigate.
“That’s when they woke up and saw a man running away towards the bush, holding a 10kg bag of mealie- meal,” said Chapinda
The man awakened his neighbours who helped him to chase Maraicha.
They found him hiding in the bush, the court heard.
The neighbours took Maraicha to the police and the bag of mealie-meal was recovered.

Federal High Court orders immediate release of Biafran leader, Nnamdi Kanu

The Federal High Court Abuja has ordered the DSS to immediately release the director of the Indigenous People of Biafra and director of Biafran radio, Nnamdi Kanu. Justice Niyi Ademola at a hearing of a case filed against the Federal government by his lawyer this morning, said Kanu was being held unlawfully by DSS and should be freed immediately.

Only yesterday the Magistrate court in Wuse zone 2, Abuja, dropped all charges of criminal conspiracy, intimidation and leading an unlawful society brought against Kanu by the federal government after the DSS appealed to the court to strike out his case so he can be taken to a higher court that can entertain charges bordering on terrorism.

CAN protests moves to list Nigeria among Arab nations to fight ISIS

The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, has protested moves by the Saudi Arabian government to tag Nigeria as a Muslim country in its yet to be formed coalition of 34 Muslim/Arab countries to fight terrorism. Saudi's Foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir yesterday announced that Saudi Arabia has formed a coalition of 34 mainly Muslim countries including powers such as Egypt and Turkey to coordinate a fight against "terrorist organisations".

A statement signed by the General Secretary of CAN, Rev. Musa Asake yesterday night reads
“This singular gesture of the Buhari government betrays so much, and tends to confirm our fears that underneath everything this government is doing, there is an agenda with strong Islamic undertones, aimed at undermining Nigeria’s pluralistic character and neutrality regarding government’s affiliation to any one religion. While joining hands with other countries to fight ISIS is something good, our country must not be tagged as a Muslim or Arab nation. Christians must make a public statement showing their discontent on this development which portends great danger to national unity and integration".

Hilarious : See what happens when your best man sponsored your wedding.....


Can you imagine where he put his hand, that's just funny. 

Happy birthday to President Buhari

President Buhari is a year older today December 17th. Happy birthday to him.

Photos: Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose seen on a family outing with their son

Looks like Wiz Khalifa and his ex-wife Amber Rose are working things out for the sake of their two-year-old son Sebastian, as they were seen walking in the park together on Wednesday. Photos of the trio after the cut..

Nicki Minaj shares sexy bedroom pic


Nicki Minaj's body is hot hot....... Right guys??? 

Floyd Mayweather splashes $1.1m on Hublot diamond wristwatch

The retired boxing champion who got about $300m from fights this year, splashed about $1.1m on a diamond wristwatch during his trip to Dubai. Mayweather, 38, posed alongside staff members at a Hublot store in Dubai to celebrate his new diamond encrusted wristwatch and Hublot posted the picture on their official Twitter handle. See another photo after the jump

Check out this family's brilliant Christmas card (photo)

Model, Natalie Yoshida had a brilliant idea for a Christmas card and it's one that is sure to polarise opinion. She is pictured along with her sister Rachel and their mother wearing t-shirts with “HO” emblazoned on in bright orange letters. The father of the Florida family has a shirt that says, “Chillin’ with my hos.” Natalie included the caption: "My family's xmas photo dis year. Disclaimer: this was my idea I want the credit bc it's damn good"

Speaking  about convincing her family to take part Natalie said: “My mom agreed immediately. My dad never actually agreed or disagreed. He’s a great sport."

She says their friends understand their sense of humour and have no problems with it and folks who criticise can't take a joke.

Jonathan seeks audience with President Buhari to clear his name over $2bn arms scandal

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has concluded plans to seek private audience with President Muhammadu Buhari over the statement by former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki indicting him in the fraudulent arms procurement deal.
According to a source close to the former president, Jonathan will not join issues with Dasuki, who confessed that that the former president approved the scandalous disbursement of funds meant for the procurement of arms for the military to fight the war against insurgency in the North Eastern part of the country.

The Nation reports that fresh revelation on Tuesday has it that some close associates of Jonathan were arranging a private meeting between him and Buhari to enable the former explain some things to the President. The source was said to have noted that some of the expenditures have grave security implications as they involve some neighboring countries.

Man Thought Gf was Performing Sex Act on Him Only to Open his Eyes & See it was a Male Stranger

A man woke up to find that the person performing oral sex on him was a gay stranger and not his girlfriend.

The victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was sexually assaulted by Dale Everard after a night out with his girlfriend in Dunfermline, Fife.
The pair met the 22-year-old at the Brasshouse nightclub after he had been on a failed first date.
Complaining of a headache, the male opted to head home early for his bed.
His partner chose to stay out, forming a quick friendship with Everard as the pair shared drinks.
They eventually jumped in a taxi together when the club ended, making the joint decision to head back to the home the woman shared with her boyfriend.
Arriving home they managed to awake the sleeping man, who then fell-out with his partner over the fact she had brought a stranger to their house.
He fell asleep on top of his bed fully clothed, and his girlfriend fell asleep on the sofa.

Everard then entered his room, lowering his trousers and underpants.
Believing it was his girlfriend, Dunfermline Sheriff Court heard the man then allowed him to continue touching his genitals and perform a sex act for a short while.
When he realised it was actually a male stranger, he leapt out of bed ‘in a state of shock and anger’, bursting into tears after Everard told him ‘you liked it’.
The first time offender was jailed for 18 months on Monday after admitting assaulting the man while he was asleep, under the influence of alcohol and incapable of giving or withholding consent.
He has also been put on the sex offenders register.
Sentencing, Sheriff Craig McSherry told the court:

‘This was a serious offence carried out with considerable forethought.‘You befriended the victim’s girlfriend, went back to the flat with her, entered the bedroom and carried out the sexual assault.’
His defence solicitor Stephen Morrison said he was ‘ashamed’ and appalled’ by his actions – which happened when he was heavily intoxicated.

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