Thursday, 17 December 2015

See how this girl gets wild in front of men...

We wonder what this world is turning on nowadays, majority of ladies have lost morals and some of the things they do in public are just shocking and disgusting.
Instead of studying, they engage in useless activities that add no value to their life.
Below is a crazy video of a middle aged lady from Nairobi Aviation College, who decided to unleash her madness in-front of men as she jammed down to Jamaican dancehall tunes.
Looking closely, this crazy lady is br@less and her big “nyonyos” are popping out as men cheer her on.
wedding myths When you are taking any portrait try to find a way to get your couple to relax. When the couple is relaxed they will have more fun and their smiles will look much more natural. Often I will tell brides and grooms during their wedding pictures that I need a second to set something up (which is not true).
 Usually when I tell couples this they will relax and interact with each other which give me a great time to take more candid photos of them. When you are taking these best style pictures go a head and take detail pictures of little moments as the couple will love these. Believe it or not often these little detail pictures are the pictures our bride and groom get printed in large sizes.
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