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She’s here! Kate Middleton and Prince William welcomed their baby girl at 8:34am London time on Saturday, May 2, and it was only a mere few hours after that that the public (and her brother!) got introduced to the new princess. More pics after the cut.


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Policemen attached to Orile police station were stunned when they arrested a grand mother who sold her daughter’s 2 -day old baby for N300, 000.

LEADERSHIP gathered that the grand mother, identified as Mama Oluchi was said to have gone to a private hospital in Orile and pretended to be looking after her daughter, Oluchi and the new born baby.The two days after the baby was delivered, Mama Oluchi vanished from the hospital with the baby.Oluchi and her husband, Ofili were said to have cried over the sudden disappearance of their baby.

A police corporal at the station who spoke under the condition of anonymity said Oluchi cried to her mother who lives on the same street with them and asked of her baby but was shocked when her mother drove her away from the house.

Oluchi was said to have complained to her husband, Ofili that the baby was appearing to her in dreams that her blood would be on her head if she failed to look for her.

Ofili and Oluchi went to the station and reported the matter after about two weeks.Investigation showed that a nurse from a different private hospital accompanied Mama Oluchi to the hospital where they stole the child and sold to a barren woman for N300, 000.

The matter was transferred to the , Panti, Yaba.The detectives attached to the SCID were said to have fished out the buyer and also rescued the baby.

A police source at SCID disclosed that the woman who bought the baby is about 60 years old.She begged the police that she had no child and that was the reason she decided to buy one.Papa Oluchi was said to have also been arrested and detained by the police for supporting his wife, who said that Ofili has yet to marry their daughter.


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We Must Question Sources Of Rich Nigerians’ Wealth –osinbajo.

The Vice-President-elect, Prof.Yemi Osinbajo, on Friday explained how the Muhammadu Buhari administration would prosecute the anti-graft war, saying that Nigerians must question sources of wealth of the rich.Osinbajo, while delivering the keynote address at the Abuja edition of The Platform, said the incoming administration would ensure zero tolerance for corruption by reforming the Justice system.

He said within the last few years, what the country had experienced was a situation where people got away with corrupt practices, noting that going forward; the incoming government would make sure that corrupt people suffer the consequences of their actions.

He said when people are made to suffer the consequences of corrupt practices; it would send a strong message to everyone that the era of looting of the treasury was over.He said, “We have always talked about zero tolerance for corruption but it is also important that people are made to understand that there will be consequence for corruption.“

What we have seen so far is that there is hardly any consequence and people simply get away with it and if you get away with it often, it sends a message to everyone that there is no problem, and we need to fix that whole thinking that there has to be a consequence for corrupt practices.“

People have to explain, for instance, if you are a public servant, that how come you have 50 houses. Somebody needs to ask you those questions and some of the reasons people get away with that is our criminal justice system.”

He said in view of the fact that the incoming administration would be taking the fight against corruption seriously, one of the reforms that would first be carried out is in the judicial system.The Vice-President- elect said the nation’s judicial system as presently constituted was slow, adding that this had made it easy for people to get away with criminal acts.

He said, “Our criminal justice system needs to be fixed. The system is slow and it almost always ensures that people who have been charged with offenses would not be tried forever and after a while people forget that people are on trial.“

We have to fix that criminal justice system to ensure that criminal trials are speedy and that anyone who is guilty of an offense will be punished for that offense.“So there are so many initiatives around what we need to do in that area. The United States has 300 million people and they have 2.2 million people in jail.

We have 170 million people and we have convicted people of just 12,000.“Now if you add those awaiting trials, it comes to about 50,000 but actual convicted people are just 12,000. Truly it shows you that there is a failure somewhere of our criminal justice system, practically every one of us knows somebody who has stolen something.“

The truth is that the system of protection, investigation and trial of people is wrong and the truth is that everybody gets away with criminality in Nigeria and I think there is a need for us to review the system such that it begins to work.”In the area of policing, Osinbajo said a country as big as that of Nigeria needed community policing.

He said it would be difficult for the Nigerian Police Force in its present form to fight crime in an effective manner owing to what he described as structural problems.He said, “We need to look at law and order. The question of policing our society, how do we police this country? At the moment we know that policing is ineffective.

“If the police want to deal with the criminals, you and I know that they are hampered from doing so, they are hampered structurally, they are hampered by the fact that they are not as well equipped as they ought to be, and they are not resourced as they ought to be but the structural problem is the major one.“

A country of this size needs some form of community policing because criminality is always local, we need to have policemen who understand the local language, who live in the local community, who understand the language.

So there is logic in it to have community policing.”The event powered by Covenant Christian Centre had the theme: “Business and governance.”


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Satellite images show Kim Jong-un's troops carrying out mass executions

Satellite images show North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un's troops carrying out brutal mass executions using anti-aircraft guns which would leave the bodies 'pulverized'. Sickening pictures have been released by Committee for Human Rights in North Korea that show six anti-aircraft guns used to shoot a line of people, a viewing platform can be seen set up nearby, which is very sickening.

Experts have analysed the photographs which appear to show the Kanggon Military Training Area, close to the capital city Pyongyang, being used as a long-distance firing range.

'Pulverized': A ZPU-4 anti-aircraft gun like the on North Korean troops are thought to have used to execute people
Earlier this year, Kim Jong-un ordered the execution of 15 senior officials including those who complained about his policies, South Korea's intelligence agency said.
Those executed included two vice minister-level officials reports the National Intelligence Service (NIS). Both were punished for opposing or complaining about Kim's directives, the legislators said.

Satellite images of the Kanggon Military Training Area, where it is believed the executions took place using anti-aircraft guns


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Mikel Obi's House In London And His Cars (photos)

Chelsea and Nigerian midfielder Mikel Obi is one of the richest footballers in the history of Nigeria football.  Having being in Chelsea for many years,he has earned a lot of money that he has a massive mansion in London.He also owns expensive cars such as Bentley Continental GT (worth around N35m),Mercedes G Wagon, Black Mercedes G 500 and a Range Rover Sport.Checkout his mansion in London and expensive fleet of cars.


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Chris Brown & Karrueche Tran Back Together After He Partied With Rihanna.

OMG, is it possible that Chris and Karrueche are back together…even after he cheated on her AND fathered a child with another woman? There’s new evidence that the exes are hanging out again, but to make things more interesting, their meet up comes just after Chris partied with Rihanna!

In early April, Karrueche Tran, 26, claimed to have not even talked to Chris Brown, 25, following the news that he’d cheated on her and fathered a daughter, Royalty, the year before. But less than a month later, it appears they might be hanging out again! As always, though, Chris is having trouble deciding — he also linked up with ex, Rihanna, 27, this week, too.

So. Much. Drama. Chris has been putting fatherhoodat the forefront for the last several weeks, but that doesn’t mean he’s not still playing with Rihanna and Karrueche’s emotions.

On April 30, Karrueche took to Instagram to share a photo of two dogs…that reportedly belong to Chris!

The picture certainly suggests that Chris and Karrueche may be spending time together, which is quite shocking, because it was just on March 29 that Karrueche said in an interview, “No. Right now, I’m saying no,” when asked if she planned on getting back together with her ex.

Still, she did also admit that she still loves Chris, and the two have been in a back-and-forth relationship for years.But this story gets even more crazy…because just days before Karrueche posted the photo, Chris was partying with Rihanna at rapper Travi$ Scott’s 23d birthday party in Hollywood Hills! can confirm that both stars were at the party, andreports say they were even getting a little flirty throughout the evening


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Kylie and Tyga aren’t the only ones fighting over their relationship. Chris Brown and Blac Chyna are also arguing over the couple, who recently split.

Hoes may not be loyal, but Chris Brown is. The “Loyal” singer, 25, recently defended his tour partner, telling Blac Chyna, 26, to back off of Tyga, 25, and Kylie Jenner, 17. Unfortunately, Blac didn’t take kindly to Chris’ advice. Instead, his attempt backfired.

Blac Chyna & Chris Brown Fight: Tells Her To Stay Away From Tyga & Kylie Jenner

“Chris confronted Blac Chyna about creating so much drama in Tyga’s relationship with Kylie. He laid into her, telling her she needs to back off and stop getting in their business. Unfortunately, it did very little good. The more Chris came at her, the more she got worked up into a frenzy, calling Tyga a liar and a cheat. She feels he embarrassed her and made her look like a fool with his relationship with Kylie. She’s determined to wreak havoc on Tyga and Kylie’s relationship,”


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Kate Middleton & Prince William Welcome Royal Baby No 2 A Girl

Congrats to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge! Kate Middleton has given birth to their second child, a beautiful PRINCESS.

Kate Middleton, 33, is now the proud mom of two beautiful royal children. On May 2, Prince George, 1, become the big brother to a baby sister. This is the second child for Kate and her husband, Prince William, 32. So exciting!


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Yul Edochie: Stalker Wants My Manhood Picture, Vows To Ruin Me.

Popular Nollywood actor Yul Edochie, is currently seeing the other side of fame as a gay stalker is currently disrupting his peace of mind. Last month, Yul, the son of veteran actor, Pete Edochie, posted on his social media pages that a gay man was stalking him.

In an exclusive chat with Saturday Beats, he narrated how the ordeal startedHe said, “This guy contacted me through Facebook and told me he was a homosexual. I told him that I was not gay and a few weeks later, I started getting calls from a Canadian number.

When I first picked his call, he told me that his name is Stephen Ugochukwu and he was the one that reached me via Facebook. He told me that he had some friends in Nollywood that could get him any number he wanted.“Shortly after, he started calling me very often to the extent that I started blocking all his lines but it only worked for a short while.

He called with a strange number again and told me that he went on the internet to learn how to call somebody with any number he liked. I blocked about 20 of his numbers but he kept calling. He said that he just loved me and that he was a big fan. He said that he just wanted to be my friend and I said okay.

I told him that I am not God and I don’t discriminate against people. I told him that it was his business if he was gay.”Edochie said that shortly after, the young man said he would love to do something for the actor’s family, promising to get Canadian visas for him and his family.“

He said that he knows that I am not gay, promising not to tell me anything about it again and to show that he meant it, he swore with God’s name and even his parents’ name. He said that he resides in Canada and does travel documents for people who want to come over.

I have phobia for flights so I don’t travel by air quite much. I told my wife about his offer of Canadian visas and she consented to it. She said that she had always wanted to do Canadian visa for our children, so she said I should give it a trial.

 As usual, when the guy called me, I told him I was not interested but that I would link him up with my wife. He once again swore with his life that he would not disturb me about being gay.

 I gave him my wife’s number and my PA’s number so they could keep in touch all through the visa acquisition period,” he said.However, trouble started when the young man asked the actor to send him a picture of his manhood. The actor refused and his stalker did not take it lightly.“

After everything, he called me and said I should send him a picture of my manhood, saying that’s all he wanted. That was where all the trouble started. I told him that I could not do such and his calls tripled. I told him to leave me alone because God has blessed me to an extent where I can take my family anywhere they want to go.

 He started telling my wife that he was in love with me. At a point, he started calling my wife because he noticed that I was not picking his call and at that point, I had changed my phone number.

 When he noticed that I was not moved, he started disturbing my wife to persuade me to talk to him and stop snubbing him. He said that he did not create himself and it was God that created him that way.

I noticed that whenever I talked to him, he would be calm but when I didn’t, he went mad.”To avoid trouble, Edochie said that his wife advised him to pick Ugochukwu’s calls sometimes.“That was how I was tolerating him for a while. He would call me, he would tell me that he knows I am not gay but he would want to see my ‘beef’.

In order to make him stop disturbing my wife, I would tell him that he should not worry, I would send the picture to him the following week. He would thank me and would not disturb me and my family till the following week. Exactly a week after, once he calls and I don’t answer him, he would start disturbing my wife again. It is very crazy.

“When he found out that I was no more bothered about his calls, he went to attack me online. Whenever a fan tweets at me, he would get the person’s picture, photoshop it with some other Unclad people’s pictures and post it on the internet.

After sometime, he did the same thing with my wife. He took her picture, photoshopped it with that of some Unclad men and women and posted it on the internet. When I picked his call and challenged him, he said that it was not his fault because I promised him I was going to show him my manhood but I did not show him again.

I told him to leave me alone and find someone in Canada because the country he is in supports such but he refused. He said that it must be me because he is in love with me. He would take my picture and write, “Yul please love me back, Stephen.” He sent me all sorts of rubbish.

He started threatening me that he would dent my image. He took our documents that we sent to him and started posting some of my personal information online. I never believed that a human being could act in such a manner.

 He said that since I was proving stubborn, he would make sure he destroyed my name and ruin my popularity,” he said.Edochie said that when he got fed up, he had to do something and that was why he began posting the young man’s picture online about three weeks ago to make sure people knew the face of the ‘trouble maker.’

He said shortly after he posted the man’s picture, his parents contacted him, begging him to please delete the pictures online.“It was exactly the same thing he said he had done to some actors I cannot mention their names.

 Somebody he has done it to had to open a social media account, “steveugoisafakegayboy”, in order to fight him back. This thing he is doing to me, he has done it to several people. This same thing he said to me, he has said it to the others, so they posted the conversation on the page.

 I did not know that he had done it to other people till my case was getting out of hand and I began talking to people. It was then that I learnt that they know him very well. If it were just me, I would have left him. But because he got my family and fans involved, I had to do something.Till now, he still disturbs me. I told his mother to warn him.

Maybe his family knows about it because I thought all this would stop after talking to his mother. If I decide to go after the young man, he would go to jail because I have proof. At this stage in my life, why would I start looking for a man to sleep with, is that not madness?” Edochie queried.


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David and Victoria Beckham land in Morocco on a luxury private plane to celebrate his lavish, star studded 40th birthday bash (Photos)

David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham and their 4children boarded a private plane to celebrate David's 40th birthday today with his close friends and loving family. Their exotic destination is the luxury Amanjena Resort near Marrakesh, which  holds symbolic value to the couple as they renewed their marriage vows there in 2004.

The resort is modeled after a sultan's palace and dubbed a ‘peaceful paradise.' The extravagant retreat features private pools as well as an oasis of palm and olive trees.
Among the invited guests are: Tom Cruise, Gordon Ramsey and his wife Tana , Liv Tyler and her beau who are already at the resort.


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Nigerian witch doctor sentenced to 14years imprisonment in the US

58 year old Nigerian man, Christopher Omigie, who is a self  acclaimed witch doctor has been sentenced to 14 years in a US federal prison for  providing drug traffickers with magical and "supernatural" protection.

At a court hearing yesterday April 30th, prosecutors told the presiding judge, Judge Marcia Crone, that Omigie  presented himself to drug traffickers as a witch doctor who had the powers to prevent them from being arrested while they smuggled banned drugs and was paid "hundreds of thousands of dollars" to give supernatural protection from law enforcement.

"Omigie was consulted by drug traffickers in the Cesar Barrera and David Bazan drug trafficking organizations on a daily basis and before, during and after each drug transaction.

The supernatural protections rendered involved card readings, massages (by Omigie) with magic ointments, cutting of the skin with razor blades and the topical application of magic powder, the use of magic amulets, magic belts, magic coconuts and magic rocks (that those being treated were required to talk to)."

According to the Prosecutors,  Omigie demanded the smugglers not to have sex or take a shower after they had applied his magical products so as not to "not diminish the potency" of his work.

 "Magic 'law stay-away' candles were also burned in order to protect drug traffickers from law enforcement detection. Omigie would regularly return to Africa, at drug traffickers' expense, to re-new his supernatural powers."

Omigie's attorney, Jonathan D. Goins in Houston, criticized fthe US prosecutors for calling his client a "witch doctor", arguing that Mr Omigie was a respected chief here in Nigeria

"Mr. Omigie is a Nigerian tribal chief, a title he inherited from his father, and he is a native doctor. The term 'witch doctor' is both pejorative and wrong."
Goins said his client had a "minimal" role in the drug scheme and that his sentence is "greatly out of proportion."
     "While Mr. Omigie was involved in this drug scheme, he was not a major figure in this, and in fact his involvement was extremely limited and minor," he said.


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Terry Agaga Murdered In Italy Over Girl ( Very graphic Photo)

In a gruesome case of cold blooded murder, a Nigerian ,Terry Agaga, was brutally murdered in Padova, Italy. According to Italian media, the 34 year old was killed over a woman in a black club ‘Le Parisien’ popularly called ‘Port Harcourt club’ by Nigerians.

According to eye witness, Terry, who got his Italian residence permit of stay in Sept 2014, got killed because of an argument over a girl.He was said to have fallen inlove with a girl whose previous boyfriend is a cultist.The ex-boyfriend was enraged for losing his girl to Terry .

When the scorned boyfriend met Terry at a club, they were involved in a physical fight and he ended up being stabbed to death with a machete. The Italian police are still investigating the killing of Terry and three Nigerians have been arrested so far.


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See this photo of Cynthia Morgan and upcoming singer Jumabee

Cynthia is quite daring. Looks like a photo shoot for an upcoming musical collaboration...


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Singer Rita Ora shares racy nude photo to fans.

Hot singer, Rita Ora took to her Instagram page to share a photo of herself wearing nothing but a pair of hot red high heels.


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Kate Middleton goes into labour for 2nd Royal baby.

The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton who is 7 days overdue has been rushed to St Mary's Hospital in Paddington, west London, where she is due to give birth in the private Lindo Wing hospital where she is now in labour.

Kate and  Prince William haven't revealed the gender of their 2nd baby who is the fourth in line to the throne, but they sent breakfast to The Royal baby watchers camped at the hospital with pink ribbons so we're guessing that this baby may be a girl.