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Think you're scared of needles? This little girl is in a different league.

Injections are not much fun for anyone, but for one little girl called Michaela, who appears to be from America, they are the thing of absolute nightmares. Filmed sitting on a table awaiting the nurse to bring out the needle, the youngster winces, screams and looks as if she is about to faint during the ordeal.

This is so funny . What do you think guys ?


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Kanye West & Kim Kardashian are being called out like never before in a crazy new video!

The ‘hacktivist’ group Anonymous just released an extremely intense 7-minute long video targeting Mr. West and his ‘society corrupting’ behavior.

The slightly frightening and completely outspoken video focusses on Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian and the ‘obnoxious’ way they chose to live their lives. In the vid posted on March 12, Anonymousdisses Kim’s naked modeling and Kanye’s obsession with fashion saying the couple is doing nothing to make the world a better place — trust us, you must see the video!

Kanye West: Anonymous’ Video Message Targeting Him & Kim Kardashian

“You are like a spoiled child in a grown man’s body who is ready to set off a boiling temper tantrum the very moment you don’t get all the things you want and I bet your wife is subconsciously fed up with raising a little boy for a husband,” a creepy mask says about Kanye in a mysterious voice.

Really Mr.West? Is this the best you can do with so many talented artistic women across countries?  By approving this irresponsible behavior you are accepting the reality that one day your daughter will face the repercussions of this photo with classmates in school.”

Do you think the video makes a good point?Yes -- Kanye is not a good person!No -- this video is ridiculousVoteView ResultsPolldaddy.comThe video also calls Kanye out for constantly comparing himself to beloved Renaissance Man, Michelangelo.“It’s time to awaken from your insanity Mr. West.

In reality you’re not a Renaissance man, you’re just are a new slave that the industry uses to keep the population in a cycle of stupidity and distraction.”HollywoodLifers, watch the full video above and let us know what you think in the comments below!


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Meek Mill's goons chase Nicki Minaj's ex-boyfriend from his video shoot

Lol. These people will not kill someone with laughter. You guys know Meek Mill is not just popular because he's a rapper? He controls the streets...he's kinda like a mafia. So here's what happened.

Yesterday Nicki Minaj's ex-boyfriend, Safaree and his crew went to a hood in Brooklyn to shoot his music video and even posted a photo of himself from the set of the shoot. A few hours later, twitter was informed that Safaree had been run out of the Continue...

Here's the photo Safaree posted of himself on set...

About an hour later Instagram user KillaVuitton718 posted a video of him and his boys running Safaree off the block.

So here's the connection to Meek Mill

The guy who led the group that ran Safaree off is a member of Meek Mill's posse. That's him and Meek Mill a few weeks ago

When Safaree fans heard what happened, they began trolling Meeks instagram BeyHive style dropping ears of corn...


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Politics is really not an easy thing . Check this out: Diaper-wearing Buhari funded with corruption can't fight corruption - Fayose.

How many press releases will they release in a day? Here's another one...
Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose has described claim by the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate that he will fight corruption if elected as president as the height of deceit, saying; "a diapers-wearing old man surrounded and being funded by notoriously corrupt people cannot fight corruption."
The governor, who said Buhari must first fight his own personal corruption and health issues before talking about fighting corruption in Nigeria, added that; "President Goodluck Jonathan is already fighting corruption by allowing rule of law to thrive, and this was acknowledged by the Transparency International (TI), which rated Nigeria as the 39th most corruption country in the world in 2014 as against the most corrupt country and second most corrupt country in the world that Nigeria was rated in 2001 and 2003 respectively."

According to a statement issued on behalf of the governor by his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, "If Buhari cannot be above board on issues regarding his academic certificates and health status; he should as well tell the story of his plan to fight corruption to the marines."

The governor said; "I have listened to Buhari saying everywhere he goes that 'I will fight corruption, I will fight corruption, I will corruption' as if that statement was pre-recorded in his brain and it's just being played back. Today again, the only word that came out of Buhari's mouth was 'I will fight corruption'. "Can a man like Buhari who can hardly do anything on his own because of ill-health fight anything? Can a man, who is contending with wearing diapers when he wants to sleep fight mosquitos not to talk of corruption?

"Can a man, whose election is being funded with money from questionable sources fight corruption? Or is Buhari telling us that he also borrowed money to run his campaigns the way he 'borrowed' N27 million to obtain his party nomination form?

"Most importantly, is Buhari going to fight corruption by jailing people for 400, 300, 200 and 100 years like he did when he was Head of State? Is he going to just dumped people in detention the way he dumped our illustrious fathers like late Chief Adekunle Ajasin, late Chief Bisi Onabanjo, Alhaji Lateef Jakande and late Chief Bola Ige, all of whom served Yorubaland diligently by giving us free education and free health?

"I think Buhari should just face other issues and stop this replay of 'I will fight corruption' that was obviously recorded in his brain because President Jonathan is already fighting corruption and that has been acknowledged by the Transparency International (TI), which placed Nigeria as 39th most corruption country in the world in 2014 as against the second most corrupt country that Nigeria was rated in 2003.

"It is a fact that in year 2000, Transparency International rated Nigeria as the most corrupt country in the world and the country only improved marginally in 2001 and 2003 when it was rated the second most corrupt nation in the world. It was only under the President Jonathan's government that Nigeria made steady improvement in Corruption Perception Index (CPI) by becoming the 31st most corrupt country in 2013 and 39th in 2014.

"So, Buhari should tell us what else he intends to fight because under President Jonathan, corruption is already being fought, using global best practices."

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North West handles her own suitcase as she & Kim jet out of Paris.

Check this out :21 month old North West looked like a mini-me movie star as she jetted out of Paris with her mum Kim K today.

North looked all shades of cute as she pulled her Frozen (Disney movie) suitcase as she walked with her mum through the Charles de Gaulle airport terminal to catch their flight. See more pics after the cut...

North west looking so cute and growing up so beautifully.

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Photos: Ghastly motor accident along Lagos-Ibadan expressway

A ghastly motor accident occurred this afternoon along Lagos-Ibadan expressway, leaving many passengers in the bus injured. The bus was coming from Lagos and heading to Ibadan. Men of the Lagos state emergency unit are yet to reach the scene of the accident.  Another pic after the cut...


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Check this out guys : Ice Prince kisses girlfriend in new photo. Awwwww see love oh !

The couple shared the photo on their respective instagram pages with the caption - 'Bae'


Photos of the gunmen that attacked Lekki today + policemen killed

Armed men dressed in military uniform attacked a bank in Lekki Phase 1 this afternoon. Three police officers shot dead, three civilians killed and a fish seller shot but was rushed to the hospital. Five other people who were hit by stray bullets were also rushed to the hospital. See more photos after the cut..


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Kemi Omololu-olunloyo’s Twitter Rants Cause Online .

The early-morning Twitter rants by Kemi(tweeting from @HNNAfrica), one of the children of former Oyo state governor, Dr. Victor Omololu-Olunloyo, were greeted with mixed reactions by Nigerians on the microblogging platform.

 Kemi had taken on her 79-year-old father in a series of tweets. She further disclosed that a documentary, DaddyDearest, will be released when he turns 80 in April 2015. According to one of her tweets, “On his birthday, we would remind the world of his threats like the one he made yesterday.

 #OmololuOlunloyo80.”Below are some reactions by some Nigerians on Twitter:@kunleadefioye: Kemi has been trading and cashing in on the Victor Omololu Olunloyo name all her life.

The irony…@KwamiAdadevoh: May God enable us to bring up balanced and well adjusted children.I know the family. The man was a terror but she’s lying@CheRox: Kemi Olunloyo needs to be sedated and treated first.

She’s been unraveling for far too long, the internet has only amplified it@Olu_Kenzo: Like I said I think Kemi Olunloyo already saw his father’s Will and she is not favoured…..No other reason for this kind of Madness!


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NDLEA Arrests Woman Who Inserted Heroin In Private Part, & Ingested Others.

The 31-year-old lady, Aladi Onyinye Juliet, who was arrested at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos by operatives of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency during the inward screening of passengers on an Emirate flight, said she took to drug trafficking to settle her bills.

The desperate single mother said she inserted parcels of heroin into her private part and ingested others because she needed money to pay her house rent and pay her kid’s school fees.

The 31-year-old lady, Aladi Onyinye Juliet, who was arrested at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos by operatives of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency during the inward screening of passengers on an Emirate flight, said she took to drug trafficking to settle her bills.

Juliet said some Pakistanis gave the drugs to her.The suspect said she established link with some Pakistani drug traffickers who sponsored her trip in collaboration with some local accomplices.Juliet added: “

I’m a single mother and I need money to take care of myself and child. I used to sell clothes but the profit is inadequate to sustain my family.

I would have earned half a million naira to pay for my rent and my child’s school fees if I had succeeded in bringing the drug. They paid for my return ticket and hotel accommodation. While in my hotel room, a Pakistani woman came to give me the drug.

She also instructed me to conceal it in my private part to avoid arrest. Unfortunately, the NDLEA officers detected it.”The drugs concealed are 430 grammes.

The NDLEA commander at the Lagos airport, Hamza Umar, while commenting on the incident, said the arrest was facilitated with the aid of scanning machines.

Umar said: “During the inward screening of Emirate passengers, one Aladi Onyinye Juliet tested positive for narcotic ingestion. While under observation, the drug was subsequently expelled, field-tested and weighed.”

The Chairman of the Agency, Ahmadu Giade, said the NDLEA will continue to detect narcotics with the help of technological tools.Giade said: “The NDLEA is investing in capacity building and modern equipment in drug detection.

We hope to dislodge drug trafficking cartels through superior intelligence and best global practices. Investigation is on-going to arrest other members of the drug cartel connected to her case.



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Policeman Beats Driver To Coma In Lekki, Lagos (pics)

According to eye-witnesses, mobile policemen attached to Zenith Bank branch at Elf Bus stop in Lekki Phase 1 beat this unidentified man to a pulp yesterday March 11th. Don't know exactly what he did to warrant such brutal assault.

The man fell unconscious and was rushed to the hospital by the police and other passers-by who got involved. Hopefully, someone in higher authority will caution these officers.


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Beautiful Actress Chioma Chukwuka-Akpotha Turns 35, Releases Hot New photos

The star and Scandal free actress turned a year older today. This is wishing her happy birthday! !! She posted new pics on her Instagram as she adds another year...


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'I Met Whitney Houston, Gaddafi In Hell & They Gave Me Messages .

A Sierra Leonean woman, Linda Kumba Isatu Ngaujah, claims to have died on Friday, February 15, 2013 and went to hell where she had encounters with demons and the Devil (Satan).

She also visited heaven and had a divine encounter with Jesus Christ. She came back with specific messages from Gaddafi, Whitney Houston and former President of Guinea, Lansana Conte. She was also sent back with specific warnings from Jesus Christ to popular Ministers of the Gospel in Sierra Leone and Nigeria. Read her testimony below:Jesus went with me to hell this time. When I was with Jesus, the brightness of Jesus was very glorious. Jesus have light all over His body.

 When we entered that dark place (Hell), I was seeing. I could see, this time, the people in hell because of the bright light on Jesus (Jesus is walking with a bright light, a glorious light).And then, Jesus opened my eyes to see some of these men and women in hell. Jesus gave me message to Sierra Leone. He said if I should have come in December to January only five people in Sierra Leone would have raptured, five only.

 That includes the three righteous pastors and five other people in and out of the church. When I said this in Sierra Leone, people said it is lie.Jesus said Sierra Leone is polluted; that the shepherds he gave the word to preach to His people in Sierra Leone are dying to meet God, but majority are in hell. So Jesus sent me to Sierra Leone.When we were in hell, Jesus showed me a glass-like aquarium with people inside it, the souls of human who are still on earth are in that glass inside hell. These are people on earth who are working for demons. We have some people on earth who don’t believe anything, they are on their own, doing all sorts of bad things, even pastors who knows the truth but are bowing down to Satan.

They are partakers of Satan’s communion, their souls are in that place.Muammar Gaddafi In HellAnd Jesus pulled out a man from the fire and he introduced himself to me. He said, “I am Gaddafi” (because you won’t recognize him because the fire has destroyed him. He said, “I am Gaddafi, former Libyan president.”Gaddafi said, “Tell my Libyan people to worship Jesus.” He said, “Tell my people to believe in Jesus.”

He said, “Ah Jesus, have mercy, I never knew you are the right way, have mercy on me.” He said, even the people who killed him on earth, he doesn’t want them to come to hell. He said, “Tell my people to believe that Jesus is the right way.”

He also gave me another message (why he gave me this message is because, he said, the entire mosques he built on earth should be destroyed and turned into churches so that people will glorify Jesus and maybe the punishment on him in hell will decrease).

 Because anything here on earth that you build that does not glorify Jesus Christ, that does not glorify God, that does not make people to come to their right Father (hotels, bars, etc.), anything sinful in the world that you build (when you die, you leave these things on earth).

 People will be there doing all sorts of evil things, as far as people are enjoying these places, or practicing all sorts of evil things, in the place that doesn’t glorify Jesus Christ, the demons will increase the pain on you in hell.So he said, “Please so that the pain will decrease, I know if people will worship in my mosque, if they will call Jesus there, maybe the pain will decrease.” And Jesus said, “It is too late.”

Lansana Conte In HellI saw another president (Former president of Guinea). Why Jesus showed me these presidents is because He gave me a message for Sierra Leone president. When I met my Sierra Leone president, he loves God.

 He obeyed the message. I thank God for his life, because men of God were saying all sorts of things, but the president obeyed the message of God.President Lansana Conte, former president of Guinea, he said, “Tell my people in Guinea, let them have Jesus over Guinea, and let them turn to Jesus because Jesus is the only way.”

 He said where he is, he doesn’t want anyone to be there. He said, “tell my people to believe and trust in Jesus.” He said he started a cult that he was sponsoring and he was also in the cult.

He said he wants the people to destroy that cult, let them come to Jesus.One famous Lawyer that died: Usher Williams. He was the deputy speaker of House of Parliament in Sierra Leone House of Parliament.

He was in one cult, they call the cult in Sierra Leone “Louch” and he was in devil business, ordaining devils. He said I should tell his “Louch” brothers that they are heading to hell, all his cult brothers that died before him, he saw them in hell. He said, “Please destroy Louch, destroy these devils.” He said, “turn to Jesus, He is the only way, hell is real.”I saw one prophet: Prophet Mani.

 He was the owner of the Burning Bush, that man said he would die but that he would also rise up after three days. And when he died, they took his body to the mortuary, his congregation said that they should not bury him. After three days he did not rise again, he was there for one month until the mortuary people said they should come and take their corpse away.I saw this man in hell. He said, “tell the people that I did miracles and signs and wonders with communions.

These communions, those anointing oil, I ordained them and dedicate them to the demons.” He said, tell them to go to a church where they can be delivered or else if they die they will go to hell because I ordained them for Satan. Satan was the one giving me all these powers.”

“And tell them to destroy my church because the foundation is from Satan, everything up to the roof is from Satan.”Whitney Houston In HellI saw one woman - a musician I liked so much - I always listened to her music when I was in the world - Whitney Houston.

She said, “tell my mother to take my only daughter to church, that all the finances I left behind should be used to support God’s work. Let them support Jesus’ ministry, let them support holiness ministries, let them support God’s work. Let them support Christians - the right Christians.

She said she wants her child to grow in Christ and know Jesus. “Please tell my mother.” “Jesus, please have mercy! Let me go back to the world and tell people that you are real! Let me tell these musicians!” And Jesus said, “It is too late!”I saw my biological parents in hell.

 My mother, my father and even my grandmother that just died this January ( I don’t like talking about them) - sobs - it is very painful. It is only the grace of God, I don’t like talking about hell, some times when I am asked to come and give testimony, I don’t like to, because I know I will reach this part. And one day, Jesus said, if I stopped preaching His word, He will destroy me.

So I always pray to Jesus, whenever I stand to give this testimony, to give me the boldness and strength, because any time I think of my parents, I loved my mother so much but she didn’t know Jesus.

She was crying; she said, “Please I miss you guys, tell your sister to follow Jesus, I don’t want you people to come here.”Please mothers, don’t leave your children behind, you know the truth right now, take your children along the way of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I didn’t recognize my mother anymore. I don’t want to go to hell (I love my mother so much). I used to say anywhere my mother is, I want to go. When Jesus showed me my mother- I don’t want to go to hell, I don’t want to be with her there.Don’t go to hell, hell is not a place for people like us.

 And Jesus showed me a young boy, about five or six years old, because of witchcraft, God say I will judge all men.

 When Pastor Ken Paul said a child can go to hell, I argued in my mind that God would not do something like that, but God showed me this boy, a small boy, because of witchcraft.Satan is wicked, now if you go to crusades in Sierra Leone and they say witches should come out, you will see small children.

When you are coming for a program like this, don’t leave your children behind; come with them so that Jesus will deliver them.

If you leave them and they die, they will go to hell, no matter how small they are; as long as they have sense and know what is bad and good.I saw another woman who was in Thailand when she died.

 She was a believer in Jesus but married to a Muslim, then backslid. She said I should tell her daughters, “I loved their father so much and trusted him, not knowing that this man was in occultism.”

He sacrificed his wife. She said, tell them to go out and stand firm in the church, in Jesus who is the only way. She gave me the man’s name and address.


Did ISiS really let a 10yr old boy execute an Israeli soldier? (photos)

Two days ago, Islamic State militants ISIS released a video purportedly showing this little boy executing a captured Israeli-Arab soldier, 19 year old Muhammad Said Ismail Musallam. But now, after reviewing the footage, some security experts believe the boy was only used for propaganda and wasn't the one who pulled the trigger.

The experts said heavy editing used to produce the film means it is likely he never pulled the trigger himself and was instead filmed only for scenes to be edited in and around Mr Musallam's death.
 From UK Daily Mail...

 The film shows Mr Musallam describing how he was sent by Israeli intelligence to infiltrate ISIS in Syria, where the group claim he was captured last year.

Wearing an orange jumpsuit, the hostage is later seen kneeling at the feet of two uniformed militants..

The film, like many ISIS execution videos, cuts away without actually showing his killing, and the scene purporting to show the moment of execution is filmed from behind the shooter to avoid identifying him.

During this scene, the shooter's hand is visible and it clearly appears to be one which belongs to an adult, not a 10-year-old boy.
It also replicates the editing techniques seen in a video released last month in which the extremists claimed a boy had killed two Russian spies.

The authenticity of this can also be seriously questioned given a complete lack of evidence implicating the child.

Instead of a shocking child-murder, all signs point to the video being a product of the ISIS propaganda machine aimed at luring disillusioned westerners to join their ranks.

Earlier yesterday Twitter accounts linked to the terror group shared preview clips of the video, which have not been independently verified.

Islamic State claimed Mr Musallam had posed as a foreign fighter when he joined their ranks last year but later confessed to being an agent for Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency.

Sickening: Mr Musallam appears to be shot three more times as he lies dying on the ground

Slick: In the first part of the video, Mr Musallam is seen describing how he was recruited by Israeli intelligence

It starts with an animated 'fact file' of Mr Musallam - complete with what appears to be a picture of the inside of his passport - that claims to show his home address and profession.
The video, apparently filmed on a number of cameras, shows Mr Musallam wearing an orange jumpsuit similar to those worn by hostages featured in previous ISIS videos.

Speaking in Arabic, the young man remains calm and controlled as he tells of how he was recruited by a neighbour who worked for the Israeli police. The entire video is subtitled in English.

He says that his father and brother both encouraged him to take up the position, pointing out there would be opportunity to progress in the organisation.

 The parents of Israeli-Arab Muhammad Musallam sit next to a framed portrait of their son, who was captured by ISIS for allegedly spying for Mossad. They claimed he fled to Syria to join Islamic State militants

This image was purportedly taken of Muhammad Musallam on the Syrian-Turkish border several weeks after he left to join jihadists.