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Sharia courts in Britain 'lock women into marital captivity and do not officially report domestic violence' says academic

Sharia courts operating in the UK are treating women as second-class citizens, a damning report has revealed.
The secretive Islamic tribunals, working mainly from mosques, settle financial and family disputes according to religious principles.
But the parallel justice system runs against the law of the land and is condemning British Muslim women to ‘marital captivity’ while failing to protect them from domestic violence, an independent study found.
In one controversial case, a sharia court refused to intervene even though a woman said her husband was denying her a divorce unless she gave him £10,000.
In another instance, a woman who claimed to be married to an abusive husband was told by a laughing judge: ‘Why did you marry such a person?’
Under Islamic law, men only need to say ‘I divorce you’ three times to separate from their wives while women need the sanction of clerics.

According to the report, a judge at an East London court told a couple who had already obtained a civil divorce that the paper counted for nothing.
It said the judge – known as a qadi – told the couple: ‘Secular judge does not do religious divorces. We have Islam. Secular courts do not have Islamic laws. Can a kaffir [non-Muslim] come in and judge Islamic matters?’

The report was written by Machteld Zee, a Dutch academic who was granted unprecedented access to Islamic divorce hearings in London and Birmingham.
She concluded: ’There are, in fact, two separate legal orders functioning [in the UK], of which one currently operates in the “shadow of the law”.’
Judges in the courts were ‘upholding the theory and practice of the strong hold men have over women’, she added.

Her findings will reignite the debate about the rise of sharia law, the legal system derived from the Koran and the rulings of Islamic scholars, which are known as fatwas.

It provides a code for living – including prayers, fasting and donating to the poor – but is also notorious for laying down extreme punishments such as cutting off a hand or death by stoning for adultery.

The 19-year-old woman who has been addicted to porn since she was eight

A woman, 19, has been battling a porn addiction since she was just eight and says an early desire for ‘vanilla’ porn that eventually turned hardcore led to a string of abusive and violent relationships.

Rebecca has spoken of her 11-year addiction to pornography which she says she first sought out when she saw a movie where a young girl had been kidnapped.

Rebecca, who only wanted to be referred to by her first name, said she was confused by the ‘deep feeling’ the movie brought, and went searching for that feeling again, the now 19-year-old told Tom Tilley for Australians on Porn, to air on Monday at 9.30pm on ABC 2.

‘When I first started watching porn, I would just watch kind of I guess “normal” or “vanilla” porn, just heterosexual, just run of the mill,’ Rebecca told the ABC.

‘And then as I got older it started becoming more violent, more aggressive and demeaning, I guess. I would watch it kind of multiple times a day and I felt like I couldn’t stop.

‘I think I definitely lost control of my sexuality watching the really violent porn and things like bestiality.’
Rebecca said her porn addiction escalated by the time she was 16-years-old when relationships turned violent.

She began to fit the submissive role she saw women portrayed as in pornography, she said, and began asking partners to choke her which they were ‘always more than willing to do’.
Because of what she’d seen, Rebecca said she thought it was normal for relationships to be abusive, and that she’d been sexually assaulted ‘several times’ by her partners.
‘Looking back now, a 16-year-old shouldn’t have been engaging in really violent sex where there wasn’t a huge amount of respect or love involved,’ Rebecca said.

‘Retrospectively I wish I’d never seen it.’
Still today, the 19-year-old is battling her addiction and visits a psychologist in the hopes of one day enjoying sex without violence.
‘I just would like to have a respectful, equal relationship,’ Rebecca said. ‘And a life where I feel good about myself and my sexuality and I can engage in sex in a really healthy, respectful way.' 

Toolz stuns as a bride on the new cover of Genevieve magazine

She'll make a stunning bride. The popular OAP covers the bridal issue of Genevieve magazine Dec. issue, where she bares it all on her love journey with Tunde Demuren; a journey which started from “I’ll burn your house, Banky W, if Tunde does anything horrible to me!”, to saying “I do” to a beautiful future. And in a candid manner, she talks about looking forward to marriage and not succumbing to societal expectations. See another photo after the cut...

OMG !!! VIDEO: Catholic 'priest' caught in sex scandal

The medical director of the St. Joseph’s Hospital in Koforidua Rev. Brother George Castro Yankey has been caught pants down in an alleged sex scandal with a married nurse of the medical facility.

Starr News investigations at the St. Joseph's Hospital reveal the director has been implicated in several allegations of sexual harassment against his female staff, but has vehemently denied until he was caught on camera.

The painstaking investigations by Starr News’ Eastern regional correspondent Kojo Ansahuncovers an undressed Yankey in the hall of a married nurse, who is a staff, in an attempt to have sexual intercourse with her to facilitate her promotion.

The medical director allegedly demanded for sex before he signs her promotion letter. The director refused to approve the promotion because the nurse in question turned down his request. Starr News can reveal that the nurse then broached the barrage of sexual harassment to her husband.

The couple then agreed that the nurse should pretend she has fallen for the request of the director hence must come home to satisfy his libido.

Yankey quickly jumped on board his official vehicle and drove to the matrimonial home of the nurse, hoping the husband was out of town. After some pleasantries at the house of the nurse, the medical director undressed, looking forward to a memorable sexual encounter only for the nurse’s husband to pop up.

The damning video captured the wretched medical director on his knees begging for clemency.

Incidentally, the accountant at the hospital unknowingly called the director’s mobile phone on a separate issue only for the nurse’s husband to pick the line and divulged the embarrassing ordeal of the director to him.

The accountant, according to Kojo Ansah, was given directions to the location and quickly drove there with other officials to plead and promised to pay over GHS 400,000 compensation to the couple.

Rev. Bro Yankey has refused to grant Starr News an interview when reached on phone, saying the case is with the police and pleaded that the story must not go public.

Watch full video here:

Source: Kojo Ansah/Ghana/

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This twitter user had a very funky dream about her boyfriend and female friend and she, according to her, is shaking to her boots.
How seriously do you take your dreams?
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Shocking :Girl hospitalised after gang rape

A 16-year-old girl from Okpoitumo community in Ikwo Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, Gladys (surname withheld), is battling for survival after she was gang raped to coma by four secondary schoolboys who invaded her house about 10pm. The four students, Jeremiah Odah, Dick Alo, Ofobuike Alo and Obumnaeme, had broken into the girl’s house and immediately demanded sex which she refused to oblige them.

The boys from Galaxy Foundation Secondary School, Ndiofoke Amagu, Ikwo in Ikwo Local Government Area then beat her up. After rapping her to coma, the students carried her out of her house and dropped her in a bush where she was found after two days of search party by members of the community.
She was immediately rushed to the Rural Improvement Mission Hospital (RIMH), Ndegu Echara community in the local government for medical attention. According to the medical report conducted on the victim, Gladys sustained serious internal injuries in her body including private parts during the incident.

The matter was reported to the Ebonyi State Family Law Centre, a special court saddled with the responsibility of handling such case. The Chairman of the court, Mrs Edeh Nwali, then petitioned the state Com-missioner of Police, Peace Ibekwe Abdallah, urging her to use her good offices and bring the perpetrators to book.

The four boys disappeared from their hostel and the community after committing the crime. But the father of the victim, identified simply as Mr Edward, appealed to the court, human rights organisations and the government to intervene in the matter. He described his daughter as the breadwinner of the family. Edward added that his family had been surviving on her tailoring business.

Man Kills Sister In Kogi Over Plantain Harvest (Graphic Photo)

36 years old Mohammed Adamu has  been arrested by the Kogi State Police Command after he strangled his sister, Ikani Ayebe Adamu, to death after she  prevented him from harvesting a plantain planted in their father’s compound.

(photos) ISIS affliated terror group beheads 3 men accused of spying in Iraq

Daesh terror group released a video which shows three men being beheaded in Tigris, Iraq. According to Terror Monitor, the men were accused of spying. Graphic photo after the cut...

First photo of the man accused of knife attack at London Tube Station

Muhaydin Mire launched a knife attack on passengers at Leytonstone Tube Station on Saturday.
The 29-year-old was in the dock at Westminster Magistrates' Court today Monday, December 7, on charges of attempted murder. The 56-year-old victim suffered serious injuries during the incident, while another man was hurt.

Future Awards Africa 2015 + Full list of winners

It was a star studded event last night at Intercontinental Hotel. See more photos and full list of winners with their profiles after the cut...

The 10th year anniversary edition of TheFuture Awards Africa (TFAA) which held today at the prestigious Intercontinental Hotels, Victoria Island, Lagos, lived up to its billing as Africa’s biggest youth event.

The awards hosted by multi-talented singer and producer, Dare Art-Alade and South Africa’s leading OAP, Bonang Matheba saw 11 outstanding young achievers rewarded for their excellent work across the continent in different fields ranging from science and technology, business, entertainment, politics, to education.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of awards to deserving winners from all across Africa with Nigeria’s Philip Obaji Jnr. taking home The Future Awards Africa Prize for Young Person of the Year.

The event was attended by high-profile personalities including the Kaduna state governor, Nasir el-Rufai, Oby Ezekwesili, Mo Abudu, Tara Fela-Durotoye, and more.

See below the full list of winners and their profiles:

The Future Awards Africa Prize in Advocacy & Activism
Queen Baboloki (Botswana)

The Future Awards Africa Prize in Education
Lily Kudzro (Ghana)

The Future Awards Africa Prize in Enterprise Support
Olufunbi Falayi (Nigeria)

The Future Awards Africa Prize in Community Action
Kelvin Mutize (Zimbabwe)

The Future Awards Africa Prize in Technology
Rasheeda Mandeeya Yehuza (Ghana)

The Future Awards Africa Prize in Entertainment
Olamide “Badoo” Ayodeji (Nigeria)

The Future Awards Africa Prize in Agriculture
David Asiamah (Ghana)

The Tony O. Elumelu Prize in Business
Samuel Malinga (Uganda)

The Future Awards Africa Prize in Public Service
Emmanuel N. B. Flomo (Liberia)

The Future Awards Africa Prize for Young Person of the Year
Philip Obaji Jnr. (Nigeria)

Ford Foundation Prize for Youth Employment Category
Ukinebo Dare

The Future Awards Africa 2015 - celebrating 10 years! - was powered by RED and UBA.
The award is held in partnership with the British High Commission, Ford Foundation, Microsoft, the US Consulate, the Canadian High Commission, Sterling Bank and The Tony Elumelu Foundation.

Profiles of the winners of The FutureAwards Africa.

The Future Awards Africa Prize in Advocacy & Activism, Queen Baboloki (Botswana) Winner

25 years


In her native Botswana, Baboloki has made significant strides in the field of gender equality. She works at the vanguard of a movement to stop gender violence in Botswana. Starting in 2009, Queen began mentoring vulnerable students through the Face the Nation Program in Botswana. Stationed at Good Hope Senior Secondary School, Baboloki saw firsthand the impact of gender-based violence. As a counselor, she helped young girls cope with violence experienced in the home. She taught those vulnerable students life-skills and reinforced their value as people.

Building on that work, Baboloki became a University of Botswana Peer Counselor focusing on young women who had experienced violence. Her work combines counseling with educational guidance, mentorship and career decision-making. By integrating these concepts together, battered young women become psychologically as well as financially independent.

Realizing that no serious national organization is committed to the goal of eradicating gender-based violence in Botswana, Baboloki set up the Dream Hub Project, to take the kind of counseling she developed at the University of Botswana to rural areas to the most vulnerable women and girls. She has attracted the attention of the Moremi Initiative for Leadership, Empowerment and Development in Africa (MILEAD), and was invited to become a 2013 MILEAD Fellow. She was also selected as a 2014 Mandela Washington Fellow- President Obama's Young African Leaders Initiative; 2015 VV Lead Fellow and 2015 Global Laureate Fellow.

The Dream Hub Project, through Baboloki’s direction, has developed partnerships with law enforcement agencies, local resource and advocacy groups, and University groups to promote a comprehensive and coordinated response to tackling gender based violence at the individual, community, and societal levels.

The Future Awards Africa Prize in Education, Lily Kudzro (Ghana) Winner



Lily Kudzro is the CEO of Devio Arts Center. A social entrepreneur, Kudzro believes that children and young people can create and inspire their own futureand can become change-makers in their communities.

She makes use of creative and imaginative ways to introduce students and schools to practical visual arts application. A strong advocate for attitude and policy change towards improving the overall quality of STEAM education in African schools, Kudzro hopes to impact 100,000 African students within the next 5 years.

With a passion for creative arts, Kudzro recognized the sincere gap in the educational structures of Ghana for children to explore and realize their artistic potential.

The Devio Arts Centre, a social enterprise initiative, uses creative and digital art as a catalyst, to stimulate constructive learning and creative thinking in Ghanaian children. The center tackles creativity in communities and helps to build creative life skills through programs that bring experts from the working field, and makes use of technology to engage and train students on current trends.
Devio Arts through its programs has provided transformational impact by providing infrastructure, resources and inclusive access to children from disadvantaged backgrounds to engage in creative and digital arts, reaching over 1700 children since 2014.

The Future Awards Africa Prize in Enterprise Support, Olufunbi Falayi (Nigeria) Winner

29 years


Falayi is a Computer Science & Economics graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria who has previously worked as the Project Lead in the CSR department of Mit-Glauben Engineering Ltd (IT section). Olufunbi, has since helped launch a privately owned and managed vocational training institution, Southern Business Academy Lagos. Olufunbi is a co-founder of Project 4 (an education non-profit organization).

Passion Incubator provides immense support to focused individuals by helping young technology entrepreneurs build their businesses from scratch. In the one year Passion Incubator has been in existence, it has helped different dreams become established businesses.

As co-founder of Passion Incubator, Falayi is very driven to help his people and his country thrive in the technology and business sector. One of his main goals is to help his clients turn their business ideas into successful results. Recent successes with clients include Warra Cakes and Talking Books.

With Warra Cakes, he helped developed a middle-ware platform for consumers to order sweets and bakeries
from different suppliers of bakers. And with Talking Books, he is turning all Nigerian literature and books into audio books.

The Future Awards Africa Prize in Community Action, Kelvin Mutize (Zimbabwe) Winner

27 years


Kelvin Mutize volunteers in the world's largest psychosocial programme for children infected or affected by HIV/AIDS, Champions for Life started in 2005 in Harare, Zimbabwe by Tom and Bonnie Deuschle and spear headed by physician Dr Andrew Reid. The programme has had more than 15,000 children in sub-Saharan Africa receive the emotional, moral and physical support required.

Kelvin Mutize, a young leader who has travelled to more than six of these sub-Saharan nations to see the programme launched all at his own expense has served Champions for Life for close to eight years now as an unpaid volunteer and is one of the key leaders in the organization.

Mutize has travelled and set up Champions for Life programmes in South Africa, Zambia, Malawi, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Lesotho, Swaziland and Uganda. He has started his own organization called Tehillah Media that seeks to empower youths living with HIV/AIDS with internet based skills that will enable them to generate income. To date he has successfully built a team of four key leaders who develop websites and have started their own Youtube channels to tutor others.

Mutize’s community building efforts were recognized by President Barack Obama when he was invited to attend the Mandela-Washington Young Leaders six week programme in the USA in June/Aug 2015.

The Future Awards Africa Prize in Technology, Rasheeda Mandeeya Yehuza (Ghana) Winner

25 years


25 year-old Rasheeda Mandeeya Yehuza is passionate about technology and how society can apply it to improve development in Ghana and Africa at-large. Yehuza currently works as a software engineer at VOTO Mobile, which provides a platform to amplify the voice of the under-heard and under-represented via a mobile phone notification and survey platform.

In 2013, Rasheeda founded Nasara Tech Ltd, a technology-focused company that creates solutions to problems identified in local communities, and accordingly can be applied worldwide. She has led and managed the development of Nasara Tech's two in-house products, Nasara Mobile and The Nasara Voting System, as well as custom application projects for specific client needs. With her keen knowledge of technology and programming, she has also built computer games such as Buju Hunt and Sphere Attack and has developed desktop applications, including the snapso shutdown manager and web browser as freewares which can be found on softpedia.

Rasheeda is very passionate about youth development and as a result, is an active member and organizer of the GhanaThink Foundation programs; Barcamp Kumasi and 'Kumasi Konnect', both of which bring together young Ghanaians to learn about the issues that affect them, generate ideas for development, network and partner with others who have similar interests to improve or create businesses and projects.

As part of her commitment to social entrepreneurship, Rasheeda co-founded Tech Needs Girls Ghana, an interactive workshop for girls in Ghana. The workshop involves a hands-on session where girls learn to develop mobile and web applications, interact with software that teaches them more about STEM, and provides mentoring for female technologists. Rasheeda has instructed and mentored at several Tech Needs Girls events and has spoken at youth and girl education camps around Ghana to help raise the awareness for females in information technology.

The Future Awards Africa Prize in Entertainment, Olamide “Badoo” Ayodeji (Nigeria) Winner
26 years


Olamide’s road to fame is one for the history books. Not too long ago, he was a regular kid growing up in Bariga, at the Heart of Lagos Mainland. His talent and doggedness got him the right notices and in 2010, he hit the ground running with his first hit single, Eni duro. He has gone on to release 4 commercially successful studio albums as well as a collaborative record with fellow indigenous rapper Phyno.

Olamide raps in a unique blend of Yoruba and English with lyrics that are at once playful and punchy. He has emerged in the last five decades as one of the most prolific and commercially viable artistes on the continent. With numerous hit singles and albums, Olamide has been able to crossover into mainstream circles.

A businessman and label boss, Olamide’s YBNL label and artiste management outfit manages his career and has introduced fast rising acts such as Lil Kesh, Viktoh, Chinko Ekun and Adekunle Gold.

The Future Awards Africa Prize in Agriculture, David Asiamah (Ghana) Winner

27 years


David Asare Asiamah is extremely passionate about the development of a new generation of African youth with the requisite capacity to exploit the diverse opportunities in Agriculture as an avenue for sustainable employment and food security.

Agro Mindset which was created while David was in his 3rd Year on campus has imparted positively in the lives of over 7000 young students both in Ghana and beyond through its innovative and creative programmes like agribusiness outreach programmes, field trainings, farm business development, entrepreneurial workshops and symposia.

David’s understanding of agribusiness and entrepreneurship has earned him the opportunity to speak on several platforms in Ghana and other African countries like Nigeria. In recognition of his outstanding contribution to youth involvement in Agriculture, Agro Mindset won the 2013 edition of the Ghana UK Based Award(GUBA) on Invest in Africa Sustainable Business Award.

The project kicked off with the Farm, which has so far sold over a million eggs to the Ghanaian populace. This farm has also generated employment to people and families even as Asiamah continues to challenge a generation of people to go into agriculture.

The Tony O. Elumelu Prize in Business, Samuel Malinga (Uganda) Winner

26 years


Samuel Malinga’s team has developed a mechanism to address the entire faecal sludge management chain. They have developed a new modular latrine called DuraSan (made up of durable, interlocking, precast concrete blocks), a low-cost pit emptying pump called a Rammer, primary transportation devices (Grappler, handcart & Shlifter), and a Decentralized Faecal Sludge Treatment System (DFSTS).

The modular toilet is usually constructed in 2-3 days depending on the number of stances. It is long-lasting, and avoids the common problems of other latrines arising from poor workmanship, delays by masons and over-charging. The Rammer makes it possible for full pits (both lined and unlined) in informal settlements to be emptied in an acceptable sanitary manner.

The DFSTS is made up of rota-mould plastic tanks for treatment of faecal sludge in areas lacking treatment plants. Together, this suite of technologies provides affordable quality sanitation services to different communities / individuals, improving hygiene and reducing faecal-related diseases.

Malinga was shortlisted for the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation and in Kampala, other entrepreneurs have entered into the pit emptying business using the technology pioneered by Malinga and his team.

The Future Awards Africa Prize in Public Service, Emmanuel N. B. Flomo (Liberia) Winner

27 years


Emmanuel Flomo is a member of the President’s Young Professional Program, the flagship program of the Liberian President, Madame Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, a youth capacity and public service program.

He was selected by the President based on his accomplishment at the Cuttington University while serving as a student leader. Flomo was assigned to the Ministry of Finance & Development Planning as a Budget Analyst working in the Economic Services Sector. In that department, he worked on preparing budget for other ministries and agencies in Government, work plans, spending plans and managing the execution of the budgets.

Based on his performance, Flomo was appointed by the Finance Minister of Liberia as Budget Director for the Ministry of Commerce & Industry to help in their formulation and preparation of the ministry’s budget while also providing guidance on the execution.

In April 2015, he was honored by the President of the Republic of Liberia for his outstanding performance at the Ministry of Finance & Development Planning.
Besides serving in the Government or in Public Service, Flomo was elected in February 2015 as the Vice President for International Affairs of the Liberia National Student Union (LINSU), the umbrella organization for all students in Liberia.

The Future Awards Africa Prize for Young Person of the Year, Philip Obaji Jnr. (Nigeria) Winner

A winner of The Future Awards Africa Prize in Education 2014, Philip Obaji Jnr has shown extraordinary courage and commitment in advocating for basic primary education for street children popularly called Almajiris in North-East Nigeria, a region where Islamist militant group, Boko Haram forbids western education and attacks those in support of it. Philip who once escaped Boko Haram attack has defied their threats and continues to make huge contributions to improve access to school for Almajiris, many of whom have been recruited into the deadly  sect.

In 2014, the 1 GAME Campaign which he founded four years earlier with an objective to fight violence and ignorance through education, met with nearly 100 community leaders in North-East states of Borno, Yobe and Gombe on raising a volunteering team to move house to house, encouraging parents to send their children to tuition-free public primary schools rather than to Almajiri Mallams. Collectively, they have reached out to nearly 1,000 families.

To make learning easy and affordable, Philip’s 1 GAME Campaign provided 100,000 exercise books and pens to about the same number of children in Borno and Gombe States with virtually every recipient attending school for the first time. 1 GAME also established a book centre in Maiduguri, the Borno State, where poor school children who are in need can get writing material.

Through 1 GAME Campaign, Obaji Jnr has brought together, hundreds of former child soldiers in a movement to end the conscription of children by local vigilantes fighting Boko Haram. He has told the stories of hundreds of children affected by the insurgency, published on foreign journals, and helped get foreign aid to thousands of displaced children particularly in Borno State.

Through his ‘Off The Streets’ project, Philip supports these children by catering for them through the provision of food and clothing and at the same time prepares them for western education through a mentoring program.

Off The Street Project Van goes out every last weekend of the month in Maiduguri to Almajiri centers,
delivering food stuffs, beverages and clothing to children in need. It reaches out to about 10 major centers with a near total of 20,000 children every month.
Now backed by various global humanitarian agencies including Compassion It and UNICEF, Philip's 1 GAME Campaign will be reaching out to most of the 800,000 children displaced by the insurgency in northeastern Nigeria through the recently launched #BringBackOurChildhood campaign.

Samuel Malinga (Uganda) Winner

26 years


Samuel Malinga’s team has developed a mechanism to address the entire faecal sludge management chain. They have developed a new modular latrine called DuraSan (made up of durable, interlocking, precast concrete blocks), a low-cost pit emptying pump called a Rammer, primary transportation devices (Grappler, handcart & Shlifter), and a Decentralized Faecal Sludge Treatment System (DFSTS).
The modular toilet is usually constructed in 2-3 days depending on the number of stances. It is long-lasting, and avoids the common problems of other latrines arising from poor workmanship, delays by masons and over-charging. The Rammer makes it possible for full pits (both lined and unlined) in informal settlements to be emptied in an acceptable sanitary manner.
The DFSTS is made up of rota-mould plastic tanks for treatment of faecal sludge in areas lacking treatment plants. Together, this suite of technologies provides affordable quality sanitation services to different communities / individuals, improving hygiene and reducing faecal-related diseases.
Malinga was shortlisted for the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation and in Kampala, other entrepreneurs have entered into the pit emptying business using the technology pioneered by Malinga and his team.

(photos) Mum slammed after posting these Photos of her 7yr old Daughter on FaceBook

Zino is an aspiring model and her proud mum shared photos of her recent shoot on her .

Facebook page. Many of her followers descended on her, saying the pics/poses were inappropriate for a 7 year old girl. More photos after the cut.......