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Very graphic photos from accident in Delta that killed 12 passengers in a bus

The horrific and unfortunate accident happened on August 6th around 6pm at Ubulu Okiti Junction in Aniocha South LGA of Delta state. 

A driver of a commercial bus carrying 14 passengers lost control on the highway as he was trying to avoid a towing van which entered the highway without caution.

The bus, carrying mostly students, and traveling from Asaba to Agbor, unfortunately ran into a stationed trailer parked beside the Express wayas he made to avoid the towing van. 

Of all 15 people in the bus, only 2 survived and are in critical condition at the hospital. The photos after the cut are really horrific. 

Neel hacked to death after posting atheist and anti-Islamic views

Warning graphic content: The atheist blogger, 40, was attacked by a gang armed with machetes at his home in Dhaka. 

Popular blogger Niloy Chakrabarti, who used the pen-name Niloy Neel, was killed yesterday Friday August 7th after a gang armed with machetes broke into his home in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
"They entered his room in the fifth floor and shoved his friend aside and then hacked him to death. He was a listed target of the Islamist militants," Imran H. Sarker, head of Bangladesh Blogger and Activist Network told AFP
Police confirmed Chakrabarti had been murdered by a group of half a dozen people in the capital's Goran neighbourhood, although they had no details on his background or the motive for the killing.

There were six people who knocked his door, saying that they were looking to rent a flat," Muntashirul Islam, a deputy police commissioner, told AFP. "Two of them then took him to a room and then slaughtered him there," Islam added."His wife was in the flat but she was confined to another room."

Asif Mohiuddin, another secular blogger who himself survived an attack by militants in Bangladesh in 2013, described Chakrabarti as an atheist "free thinker" whose posts appeared on several sites.
"He was critical against religions and wrote against Islamist, Hindu and Buddhist fundamentalism. He was a founding member of a rationalist organisation," Mohiuddin, who is now based in Berlin, told AFP by phone.

Niloy is the fourth secular blogger to be killed in the Muslim-majority nation since February, when Bangladeshi-born US citizen Avijit Roy was hacked to death in Dhaka. His wife was also badly injured in the attack. The other victims include Ananta Bijoy, Das who was attacked by a group wielding machetes on May 13 as he headed to work in Sylhet, and 27-year-old Washiqur Rahman who was hacked to death in Dhaka in March. Most secular bloggers have either gone into hiding, often using pseudonyms in their posts, or have fled abroad.

Activist groups say they fear that Islamist hit squads have hit lists which contain the full names and addresses of the bloggers. Bangladeshi authorities banned the hardline Islamist group Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT) following Das's murder in May, after facing accusations that they were doing too little to stop such attacks.

In a recent petition addressed to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, authors including Salman Rushdie and Margaret Atwood called on her government "to do all in their power to ensure that the tragic events of the last three months are not repeated, and to bring the perpetrators to justice". "We are gravely concerned by this escalating pattern of violence against writers and journalists who are peacefully expressing their views," said the petition.

In a recent petition addressed to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, authors including Salman Rushdie and Margaret Atwood called on her government "to do all in their power to ensure that the tragic events of the last three months are not repeated, and to bring the perpetrators to justice". "We are gravely concerned by this escalating pattern of violence against writers and journalists who are peacefully expressing their views," said the petition.

Bangladesh is an officially secular country, but more than 90 percent of its 160 million people are Muslim.

-NDTV Image Credit: (Getty)

Kylie Jenner shows off her New set of wheels, a red Mercedes G-Wagon. And her leather Hermes handbag.

She has certainly developed a taste for all things expensive.
So it’s hardly surprising Kylie Jenner has decided to make her coming of age a lavish affair, with the reality TV star showing off what appeared to be a brand new set of wheels, a red Mercedes G-Wagon, as she left Malibu’s Nobu restaurant.

The sassy teenager, who will turn 18 on Monday, was seen kicking of the special festivities with her star-studded family on Friday night before taking to Instagram with news of her early birthday gifts.

She shared a snap of a new tanned leather Hermes handbag; the image was simply captioned: ‘And it's not even my birthday yet.’

Although it hasn’t been confirmed whether the red car is a birthday gift, reports suggest close friend Tyga is the one lavishing the beauty with presents.

Don't listen to We Are The World by African all stars unless you're trying to get a bone out of your throat-Etcetera

This is another article by Etcetera where he thinks listening to 'We Are The World by African all stars' is a waste of time and thinks the song is rubbish.
Well, I think I'm finally safe to write this article, since I've set up my e-mail software to automatically filter out any messages containing swear words.
Sincerely, I don't know if there's any song that made me change the TV station faster than this one. If I didn't, I'd have been doomed to have a group of adults with hideous and unsync voices chanting,"we are the children" over and over in my head for the next six months. And that certainly isn't all that's wrong with the song. 

Michael Jackson would probably be spitting and cursing in his grave right now, like a pregnant woman with whitlow on her ten fingers and toes. What the heck were they thinking changing his beautifully composed piece of art to the most insipid crap ever written?
I'm going to tell you this for free; don't listen to We Are The World by African all stars unless you're trying to get a bone out of your throat. That is only when the song would be useful.
We know that African music isn't made up of the best singers anymore, but honestly, how did they think that they could fill up a seven-minute song with nothing but monotonous chanting of the same feeble chorus over and over again?
The humorous highlight of the song is Kcee's ridiculous line "There's a choice we making, we saving our own lives." Never has the word (saving our own lives) meant so opposite. And the only choice that could have been made by the organisers was not to have included Kcee in the song. He was even off key for Christ sake. Kcee, your hilarious accent is to be commended.
Luckily I could warn the rest of you who haven't listened. Kcee is the first reason this is the most repulsive rendition of this song ever.
There were other worse vocals like Sean Tizzle's, but Tiwa Savage sounded like a two- year- old being dragged out of a toy store. She should know when to keep the vibrato off her voice. And For a minute I thought Banky W was going to faint. Whoever chose the key to this song should have been reminded that most Nigerian singers are all about auto-tune and can't hold their notes.
Jesus Christ, what is happening to music? This is easily the worst combination of voices in human history. Only the most despicable revisionist historian could possibly claim that this song is anything close to good. It's nothing more than a hideous irritation festival from the individual who sold the idea to the sponsors.
While writing this article, someone suggested that maybe vocals wasn't the criterion for selecting the artistes. REALLY? Are you kidding me? Then they should have gone for the kill. Artquake should have been in there somewhere, Or perhaps even Daddy Showkey.

 A number of you are probably thinking "hey, come on, I kinda like that song." Of course, every lover of today's Nigerian music will surely like the song. This is the musical equivalent of Agege bread: it's meant to be packed with so much artificial crap that it's bound to appeal in some way to Nigerians.
No matter how musically credible you are, no matter how much cutting-edge indigenous songs you listen to, whether you snore in baritone in your sleep or not, this song is a shame. 

It is the kind of rendition that makes today's Nigerian music uncool. If you have listened to it, the fact that the singers were trying too hard to sound like the original version should have made you turn off your TV in disgust. If you haven't, download it right now. I dare you to try to make it through the first 10 seconds. It is the ultimate endurance test.
If you'd care to suggest another song for me to review, you can always feel free to do so by e-mailing me at If you're the guy who e-mailed me about being a Wizkid fan, for the love of God, get some help.

Bus trader cuts colleague’s belly, spills intestines in knife attack

A gruesome attack on a 33-year-old bus trader, Dennis Nwaize, has landed two of his colleagues, Felicia Emmanuel and Victor John, in the custody of the Department of Criminal Investigation, Lagos after a fight over whose turn it was to hawk inside a particular vehicle.
Saturday PUNCH learnt Nwaize was stabbed with a knife that tore his belly, spilling out his intestines.

Police investigators at the DCI, told our correspondent that on July 5, 2015, 27-year-old John, who works for Emmanuel as a salesman, went to Ibadan to join a luxury bus coming to Lagos as they usually do, in order to advertise and sell her herbal products to passengers while in transit.

According to the traders, they have a schedule with the bus operators on which of them should join specific buses daily.

But on that particular day, John was reportedly ejected from the bus at Ibadan, as the driver said he was not the trader on the schedule.

He was said to have got to Lagos and reported to 31-year-old Emmanuel that he was thrown off the bus and that another trader, Margaret Okpala, was said to have taken his spot.

“Emmanuel and Okpala had previously had quarrels about the issue of bus scheduling. So, as soon as John reported Okpala, Emmanuel went to challenge her,” a source familiar with the case told our correspondent.

The traders deal in herbal medicine and take their stock from their head office at 2, Ikorodu Road, Lagos, where they also remit money after making sales.

Emmanuel, who lives in an apartment in the same building housing their office, reportedly monitored when Okpala arrived at 10am that day and decided to go and challenge her in company with John and another trader.

The police source said, “When they got to the office, they met Nwaize, who is their overall boss. He was preparing for church. In his presence, they challenged Okpala, but she said she knew nothing about what they were talking about.

“Okpala asked John if he indeed saw her in the bus to know that she was the one who took his spot. While this argument was ongoing, Emmanuel, who had brought some bottles to the scene as a weapon, broke one of the bottles and threatened to stab Okpala.

“People at the scene instantly rushed on him and prevented him from using the bottle. Unknown to the others too, John had a plan of his own. He had brought a knife to the scene. While attention was on Emmanuel, he stood up from his seat and attacked Okpala trying to fight her with the knife.”

When Nwaize noticed the weapon, he reportedly tried to intervene and disarm John but in the process, he was stabbed three times, and his intestines spilled out.

Police investigators said that he was rushed to three hospitals, which rejected him as a result of the severity of the injury. He was later accepted and admitted at the Military Hospital, Yaba, Lagos. Nwaize survived the attack and is currently under intensive care at the hospital.

The police have said Emmanuel and John are both in custody and would be charged to court for attempted murder as soon as investigation is complete

Why I raped my friend’s teenage daughter – UNILAG lecturer

For nine days, Shola (not real name) was in pain. The abdominal pain she endured felt as if a knife got stuck in her, she told Saturday PUNCH.

She was scared but she had no choice but to endure the pain since she couldn’t imagine telling her parents the unimaginable trauma she had been subjected to that led to the pains she was going through.

“How could I face them? How could I tell them that the man they handed me over to, to help process my admission, had raped me?” Shola said.

But then, much as she tried, she couldn’t continue hiding her ordeal, especially when the pains had become unbearable. Shola’s parents eventually got to know what their daughter had passed through in the quest of trying to become an undergraduate.

Eighteen-year-old Shola is one of the numerous hopeful candidates, wishing to secure admission into the University of Lagos. But her score of 211 in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination fell short of the requirement for Mass Communication, which was her choice.

Her father, who resided in Abesan Estate in Ipaja area of Lagos, had done all he could to ensure that her daughter would become a university student this year but all his efforts seemed to be futile.

“Someone told me to send her UTME registration number. He checked on the university website and said she was not eligible. Not convinced, I went to the school myself to check and it was the same problem.

“I had to start making calls to other universities where she could secure admission and someone told me she they could be helped to gain admission into the Olabisi Onabanjo University with that score.

“As soon as the UTME result was released around May, I informed a friend of mine who lives within the estate, who is a lecturer at UNILAG. I took my daughter to him and he promised that when it was time for the post-UTME examination, he would help her out with the process.”

The friend Shola’s father mentioned is Dr. Akin Baruwa, a lecturer in the Department of Accounting, UNILAG, who is also a chairman of one of the community development committees of Abesan Estate.

Shola’s father explained that when she realised that her result was not being accepted as eligible for Mass Communication, he went back to Baruwa on July 22, 2015 and the lecturer told him to bring his daughter the following morning so he could take her to campus and see how he could help.

“He said they had to take off very early the following morning. I did not suspect anything unusual about that timing because I trusted him. By 4am, I roused my daughter. We prepared and I took her to Baruwa’s house. I did not opt to follow them because I trusted him. I did not imagine that anything untoward could happen,” he said.

Baruwa and Shola took off from Abesan about 5am. She would later return home by 11am. His daughter was noticeably moody as she came home. Two hours earlier, Baruwa had called the father and told him that he had done all he could but that it did not seem her admission would be possible.

“When he told me that, I believed he had done all he could and told my daughter to come back home,” he said.

But it was not the same Shola that home that came back. She was moody and noticeably quiet. She went straight to her room and locked the door.

In company with child rights activist, Mrs. Esther Ogwu, whom the case was reported to by the family, our correspondent spoke with Shola in private to give details of what actually happened in Baruwa’s office that day.

It was obvious the girl was trying hard to stay composed. While she spoke, her right hand would go to her lower abdomen occasionally. When asked about it, she explained that she was still feeling some pain, which had reduced a lot since she got treatment.

Shola said on Thursday, July 23, 2015, as her father handed her over to the lecturer, she still did not suspect anything until they got to around Maryland.

“While I was inside the car, he started to touch my hair and rub my head. I was very surprised and I brushed off his hand. He never tried it again till we got to UNILAG,” Shola alleged.

According to her, while they were on the way, Baruwa was showing her different parts of town, telling her about places she did not know.

She alleged, “While we were on the way, he asked if I go out at all and I told him I don’t usually go out. And he would show me a place and say ‘This is Maryland o. You may not know since you don’t go out.’

 Then he took me to the Yaba College of Technology. He drove inside and showed me the place. We later proceeded to UNILAG.

“When we got to his office, it was about 6.30am. The offices in the building were deserted. He said he liked to be early to avoid traffic. He told me to sit on the couch in his office.

“I noticed he was restless. He would stand and go outside sometimes. He asked if I wanted anything, I told him I was fine. He put on the television; I told him I was okay. He put on the air conditioner and I told him I did not want that.

“He had already heated water and made Coffee, which he offered to me. I told him I was okay and really did not need that. He then put the hot Coffee on the table. Later, out of respect, I took the cup and sipped a little. I started to feel drowsy not long after that. I did not know why.”

According to Shola’s narration, Baruwa later took her to see a female official in another building who examined her documents and explained further that there was little that could be done on her admission.
Baruwa reportedly said she might have to opt for diploma.

Shola claimed that when they went back to his office, the lecturer kept her document on his table.

She said, “He kept standing and moving around the office. Later, he went outside and when he came back inside, he locked the door and kept the key on his table. I did not know what was happening.

“A moment later, he told me to pick up a paper for him beside the couch. As I bent down to pick up the paper, he pushed me into a corner of the couch and held me down as he forcibly removed my trousers and underwear.”

Our correspondent asked at this point if Shola made any attempt to shout to alert anybody nearby.

She claimed that she actually screamed but that the way he held her down did not allow her voice to be as audible as she had wanted it to be.

Shola claimed, “If people were around the office, they would have heard me shout. He held me down, and pulled down my trousers and underwear. I screamed and begged him to leave me alone but he did not.

“After he had his way, he released me. As soon as I pulled up my trousers, I grabbed the keys to the door and rushed out while he was dressing up. He was walking behind me as I walked downstairs from his office. He said nothing as I walked away crying. He later went back.”

Shola’s father told our correspondent that he had been able to secure a place for her to write her post-UTME examination for an admission into OOU but the young girl has refused to go.

When our correspondent asked Shola why she refused to go, she said “How can I be sure that this same thing would not happen there? I don’t know anybody there. If it happens again, where would I run to?”

Our correspondent tracked down Dr. Baruwa a day after speaking with Shola and he gave his version of the encounter.

According to him, he indeed had a sexual encounter with Shola but it was “consensual.”

The lecturer, who seemed to be in his early 40s, told our correspondent that he made the mistake of not doing enough to resist the temptation of ‘sleeping’ with Shola.

Speaking with our correspondent in the front of his house out of earshot of his wife and two children, Dr. Baruwa said, “I swear to God that the girl agreed to everything that happened. She was a chatty girl, who did not show any shyness.

“It is true that I took her to YABATECH and showed her places. What is not true is that I deliberately took off from home because of any plan to do anything bad to her. I took off from home that early to avoid traffic.

“When she was in my office, she was the one telling me to be free with her. I realised that I needed to lie down a little and did not want my shirt to be rumpled. 

When I pulled it off, she even told me not to mind her presence that since it was my office, I could do whatever I wanted.
“When we first got to the office, she lay on my chest and was even playing with my manhood. 

That was why I could not resist it. After we came back from seeing the woman who was supposed to help with her admission, she was about to go when I told her to give me a hug. It was that which now led to the actual sexual encounter.

“When I realised that I could not resist her, I had to tell her to let me put on a condom. The truth is that, while I was putting on a condom, she stood by and waited. I did not actually penetrate. When she was saying ‘it’s enough, it’s enough’ and complaining that her tummy had started hurting her, I stopped.”

Baruwa explained that Shola’s father had sent a cryptic text message to him (days later when he learnt of what happened to his daughter), saying that he had learnt of what he did to his daughter.

“I know I betrayed his trust but nobody would understand it was consensual. I would have reached out to him to beg him if I think it would solve the problem,” he said.

When told that Shola went through more than a week of excruciating abdominal pain, Baruwa explained that if Shola left him the day of the encounter with any sign of hurt, he would have reached out to her to find out how she was doing.

Two days after our correspondent spoke with Baruwa, he was arrested by the police and the case is being investigated at the Isokoko Police Division, Agege, Lagos.

The case has also been reported at the Office of the Public Defender under the Lagos State Ministry of Justice. The Director of the OPD, Mrs. Omotola Rotimi, said the case would be followed to its logical conclusion.

Director of the Esther Child Rights Foundation, Esther Ogwu, a social worker handling the case, said when the case was first reported to her, the health of the girl was her immediate concern.

She said, “I had to refer them to the Mirabel Sexual Assault Referral Centre in Lagos so that she could get comprehensive treatment. This case is just another reason for girls and young women to be cautious of the issue of sexual assault.

“I believe this lecturer had been doing this in the past. It is necessary for girls to be aware and know what to do when in a potentially dangerous situation where they may be assaulted.

“I don’t expect him (the lecturer) to admit that he raped her. I knew he would say it was consensual, but I suspect that this is not the first time he would do such thing. Let the law take its course because we don’t know how many other girls are being saved because this case is coming out to the public.”

Baruwa was arraigned before an Ikeja Magistrate’s Court, Lagos on Thursday. He has been remanded at the Kirikiri Prison.


Maheeda shows off her pretty daughter

 Maheeda shares photos with her beautiful teenager daughter.  See how pretty her daughter looks and grown too. Another photo after the cut......

Nigeria needs trillions of naira to have steady power – Prof.Onuoha

THE Associate Head of the Niger Delta Power Holding Company, Professor Igwe Onuoha has said it will take the nation trillion of naira to be able to get the required megawatts that will give Nigerians uninterrupted power supply.
He pointed out that there is a very wide gap between “our capacity at the moment and what actually Nigerians need. 
There are distinctively specific things that Nigerians need to put in place in other to increase the generation but it is an expensive venture for a nation of 160million people”.
He stated this while speaking to Engineering students of the University of Benin (UNIBEN), during a seminary organized by SciEtech University Outreach. According to him, “We are a country of over 160 million people; our grid is testing to sustain 5000 megawatts. 
5000 megawatts means that you have 5 million watts of energy in the grid.
“If we are a 100 million, it means that every 100 people in Nigeria will have only one lamp. 
So if you have 5000 megawatts in the grid you can only support 100 people having only one lamp. 
If you want 100 people to have each a lamp, you multiply 5000 by 100 it gives you 500, 000 megawatts.
“On the average, one million dollars will give you one megawatt so if you want 100 megawatts you need 100 million dollars.
 The exponential multiplication means that you need far large amount of money to be able to generate power to make sure that every Nigerian has a lamp.
 We will be able to reach that point when we are able to get all the money to make that level of investment.
“But there are several sectors in our economy begging for commitment, so if we are going to close other sectors of the economy and concentrate on power, it means that you are going to have enough money to generate enough power for 160 million people”he stated.

Getting married by deceit

We (one of my groups of youths and I) took advantage of the last Muslim public holiday to organize a youth forum. Our topic was “Cohabitation and Courtship.”
 I have dwelt extensively on both issues in this column, so I will not bother you with the presentation. But after the talk, there were torrents of questions. 
The participants really poured out their hearts about various aspects of courtship and matrimony. I want to share one of their concerns: deceit during courtship. 
Even though geographical location, tribe and tongue may differ, the problems and challenges young adults face are uniform and universal—to a large extent.
Full time house wife: A participant expressed her worries about men who force their wives to be full time housewives after marriage.
 She cited the case of her elder sister who had a well-paying job in a bank with bright prospects. It was in the course of the job she met her husband. 
All through courtship, the husband never said he would stop her from working after marriage. But after marriage, the husband told her to stop work and become a fulltime housewife. Why?
 The husband said just as he found her attractive enough and married her, other men will also find her attractive and want to have her.
responded that there are many issues here, but the main issue is the man’s underlying insecurity. 
The man probably needs reassurances to be cured of his insecurity. Two, I have said it in this column before; you do not unilaterally shift the goal post after the match has started. This issue should have been brought up and sorted out during courtship.
 If the wife was caught in adultery in the course of her work, it would have been a different matter, but to act rashly based on insecurity that has nothing to do with her is unfair. What the husband has done is 419: getting married by deceit.
The lady also said her sister is now home fulltime and broke and the husband does not seem to care.
 I am the first to concede that family comes first and spouses should create time for their families. Strong family units create stronger and better societies.
 The minimum is that the woman changes to a less demanding job or that with a flexible schedule. 
She can also go into business; that will make her time flexible enough to take care of the home front.
 But sitting at home all day, armed with a remote control, changing from Nollywood toGhollywoodBollywood to Hollywood channels is not a healthy
way to live —physically and mentally.
Sometimes, what some of these men are doing is patching one spot while another is leaking ( ana pachi, ona e’liki, as my former roommate in the university used to say). 
You keep your wife at home to shield her from men in the office, what about those men in your compound and neighbourhood who are looking for unhappy, idle and lonely housewives to prey on?
Also, some of the men who make their wives fulltime housewives do not earn enough to meet the needs of the entire household. 
They should simply swallow their foolish pride and allow the woman to work so that more money would flow into the family economy.
Some of these guys also forget that these women come from families who need their assistance. 
It is possible the parents sacrificed everything, including the education of the younger siblings, to send her to school so that after graduation, she would support the rest of the family. 
This is Africa and the extended family is real. If you cannot cater for her extended family, allow her to work and do the little she can for them.
Personally, I do not believe in this fulltime housewife arrangement. Every mind, like the body, needs exercise, or it becomes shapeless. 
If you are stupendously rich and her extra income is not needed, allow her work and donate her salary to charity or let her do volunteer work to keep busy, apart from taking care of the family.
Full disclosure: Another participant narrated how a guy completely fooled a girl during courtship. 
He is of a poor parentage, so he decided to “adopt” the opulent family of his friend. He took the girl to his friend’s family and introduced them to her as his family.
 “He planned it very well” and was able to perpetuate the charade throughout the courtship. Our narrator said that during the marriage ceremony, his real parents were introduced and sat beside them (bride and groom).
 The girl was confused and wanted clarification from him, but he pretended to be too excited to talk.
He said after the wedding, the girl was escorted to a thatched family house instead of the mansion she has been going to. He said when the girl found out the truth, she was disappointed, but stuck with the guy because she loved him.
 I told them what the guy did is wrong and, whether in the law court or church, that marriage would not have stood if the lady raised objections. You cannot misrepresent a critical element like your family.
Beyond that, young people need to come to terms with their backgrounds. If you have issues with your antecedents, do something to elevate your fortunes; living a lie is not a responsible way to live. 
Many of the movers, shakers and shapers of the world are from poor parentage. But they rose beyond their families’ lowly confines to bestride the economic, political, literary, entertainment and religious spheres. You too can. After all, we are in an era of change. Be real.
Both accounts and some other experiences shared by participants bother on trust. Trust is a very essential ingredient in the success of every human relationship. 
In marriage, trust is elevated because marriage is a personal and intimate relationship. Any young adult who desires a happy and long-lasting marriage must engender trust.