Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Mariah Carey admits moving in with billionaire Boyfriend...but it's not what you think!

There were rumours last week that Mariah Carey had moved all her stuff into billionaire boyfriend James Packer's Beverly Hills mansion. Mariah has confirmed the rumors but its not what you think…

MiMi tells AJ Calloway on Extra that she did move into James' crib but claims he doesn't live there.
"Oh, my God, I was staying at his house. He wasn't there. He has houses at, like, a lot of different houses… okay? I'm sorry. I can't help it. The man owns some real estate. He wasn't there."

Check out the Mercedes Benz car Floyd Mayweather bought for his 16yr old son

The American professional boxer who is said to have an estimated net worth of $650 million gifted his 16-year-old son, Koraun, with a brand new Mercedes CLS for his birthday. The car is said to be worth around £30,000. Mayweather shared the photo on Instagram. "Happy birthday Amir Mayweather. Love you, Champ." 

Mo'Nique explains why giving your spouse a pass to cheat could make your marriage stronger

For all married people, comedienne and actress Mo'Nique has advice that many of you will probably not agree with. The Oscar winning actress has always been very upfront about her open marriage to manager Sidney Hicks and in a recent interview, she explained why giving your spouse a pass to cheat could make your marriage stronger. What she said after the cut...

Mo'Nique tells True Exclusives
"The person that you stood up and you said 'for better, for worse, sickness and in health, richer or poorer' you took those vows in front of the universe. If you don't live by them, then maybe you shouldn't have taken them. And when you say 'a pass to cheat'... see when you're with your best friend and you say to your best friend 'I'm having these feelings about this person, sexually and I wanna share it with you'.. when you're best friends, you can have those open and honest conversations."   
"Often times people cheat because of something their not getting. But when you have open and honest dialogue and you say we're just human beings and all these people on the face of the earth, do you think my eyes won't ever say 'he's fine' or 'she's attractive'. Now if you wanna go further with it, let's be honest enough to have those conversations. What is it about that person that you find that you wanna sleep with? Because they may give you something that I'm simply not willing to do. And if that's the case, how can I be mad? Because I'm not gon' do it. Should I deprive you of not having it? That's when the relationship is real real."

ISIS executes Chinese & Norwegian hostages, shares pic of bomb used to blow up Russian plane

The barbaric group has executed two hostages, one from Norway and the other, a Chinese. The claim was made in the group's propaganda magazine today November 18 but did not give any details about how, when or where they were executed. In September, Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg said a Norwegian man was kidnapped in Syria since January.

 He did not name the man but said he was in his 40s and had been held by several groups since he was captured. China's foreign ministry also declared one of its citizens missing. The magazine also published a picture of the bomb that brought down the Russian passenger jet last month, killing all 224 people on board.

Photos: Paul Okoye celebrates birthday with his family...

Paul & his twin Peter Okoye turned a year older today. Paul, his wife & son celebrated it indoors..See another pic after the cut...

Charlie Sheen’s HIV Drama: ‘Goddess’ Ex Bree Olson Says She Had Unprotected Sex with Him Many Times, ‘He’s a Monster’

Charlie Sheen is flat out lying about telling all his partners he’s HIV positive … according to Bree Olson, who is blasting him for keeping her in the dark.

Bree was in tears as she reacted to Sheen’s revelation, and his claim that he’d been above board with everyone. The ex-porn star, says she was absolutely with Charlie when he was having “night sweats” and first diagnosed.

Aside from concealing the truth from her, she also claims she and Charlie had unprotected sex, and when it was protected … he insisted on using lambskin condoms, which offer less protection from STDs
She says all her tests have been negative, but she’s pissed her name will forever be linked to HIV because of Sheen.
If what she says is true, she’d have reason to sue or even press criminal charges.

37 Year Old Man Arrested For Stabbing Neighbour Over Witchcraft Allegation (Photo)

37 year old man, Abuchi Simon, has been arrested and charged before Isolo Magistrate court after he repeatedly stabbed his neighbor, Ehis Ibhaze, over allegation of witchcraft and spiritual attack.
According to P.M. News, the men, both residents of No 14, Ifelodun street, Ilasamaja, Lagos, were not on good terms when the incident happened. Simon allegedly accused Ibhaze of waging spiritual war against his family which he claimed delayed his progress. 
On the day the incident happened, Simon reportedly ambushed Ibhaze in the bathroom where he had gone to take his bath and attacked him with a knife.
 He was rescued by neighbours and rushed to the hospital. Simon was immediately arrested by the police and charged to court. He pleaded not guilty.
The presiding Magistrate, Mrs Joy Ugbomoiko granted him bail in the sum of N100,000 with two sureties. He was remanded in prison custody pending when he meets up with his bail condition. The case was adjourned till 25 November, 2015.

Huddah Munroe I says ' personally will never leave my husband coz he is cheating. If you don't want to be cheated on buy some dildos"

The Kenyan socialite took to her Instagram page yesterday to talk about her friend who left a cheating husband. Please find post attached. Continuing, the 24-year-old wrote:

"These are my thoughts. If you don't want to be cheated on , buy some dildos like Waiguru and fuck yourself coz the next man these days is like the first . Or Stay with him and use protection or leave and stay single , that's upto you . The ratio of Woman to man is 3-1 . ����and there's Too many hot gals out here, he won't cry a river for you my dear ! You are allowed to call me all sorts of names . I know REALITY is too harsh for most of you! LOL! It's 2015 going on to 2016 , someone needs to remind you of these things!"

Sexy new photo of Chris Attoh

As shared by the actor on instagram...

Festac Resident Flee As Police, Soliders Engage In Gun Battle.....

Pandemonium broke out yesterday at the FESTAC Town, Amuwo Odofin Local Government Area of Lagos State as suspected oil thieves engaged Security operatives in a fierce gun battle.
The gun duel which lasted for about 30 minutes sent shivers to residents who scampered for safety.

Daily Sun gathered that at about 6.30am, the Police received information that some hoodlums were seen in a carnal at the 7th Avenue, FESTAC Town and  suspecting that the hoodlums were armed robbers, quickly mobilised and sent a distress call to the Army Headquarters who drafted their men to join the Police.

The joint military and Police team stormed the Carnal where the hoodlums opened fire on them and the Security team engaged them in a fierce gun battle.
Residents who heard the gun shots ran for cover as they thought it was a similar attack on banks by armed bandits as witnessed recently in the area.

A resident, Chisom Nkemdilim told Daily Sun that she was taking her children to the School when she started hearing gun shots. “My brother, I remembered what happened about two months ago in FESTAC Town when armed robbers raided the place and eventually killed mother and child, so I had to advise myself and returned home  with my children. 

As I was speeding home, I saw other people running helter skelter. It was just a few minutes ago that I got the true picture of what really happened. I was told the Police and soldiers engaged pipeline vandals in a gun battle at 7th Avenue. That place is a notorious enclave for criminals”

A witness, Bielose Maduka said, “I thought it was even war as I saw soldiers and Police shooting. I was so scared that I had to relocate my family to a friend’s place for fear of stray bullets. 

It was in the radio that I later heard that it was a shoot out between the security agents and oil thieves. I am thinking of relocating my family from FESTAC Town to another place. FESTAC Town has now become a den of criminals. 

Life is no more interesting”
A Police source at the FESTAC Town Police Division told Daily Sun that that the Police got intelligence report that the Pipeline vandals were planning to siphon fuel at 7th Avenue through the carnal “We quickly contacted the military who assisted us in chasing the hoodlums away. 

We did not lose any of our team members but the hoodlums escaped with bullet injuries. You know the vandals attacked our gun boat at the Epe area but we have recovered it and we are fixing it.

 The oil thieves are now hungry and desperate because security operatives have taken over their depot in Arepo, Ogun State. We knew that FESTAC  Town was their next target after they failed in Epe. Now, we know their next target and we are ready for them. 

We thank the soldiers who are now assisting us in this war”
The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Joseph Offor confirming the incident, said: “We heard gunshots from fuel vandals who were firing sporadically and we moved in with soldiers, chased them away and took over the place. We are now in the place doing what we call show of force.

“We will remain there to make sure that the hoodlums do not come back. We arrested five of them last week. We don’t know whether it was because of the arrest that they were protesting. 

Whichever way, we are battle ready for them”
Mr Offor advised Lagos residents, especially,  in FESTAC Town to remain calm as the Police and other sister agencies were  ready to protect lives and property.

Kcee Bought His Mother a Toyota Jeep as Birthday Gift (photo)

 Nigerian Top Singer , the Limpopo Master is celebrating his Mother Today in a special way as she is celebrating her Birthday Today. The Wonderful singer Kcee just Bought His Mother A Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Jeep as a Birthday Gift see photo below.

Meet the 15 Year Old Girl Disappeared After Going To Meet A Man She Met On Facebook.

In this age of strange and wicked occurrences, we have to be very careful who we interact with on social media.
15 year old Kayleigh Haywood went to meet a man she met on Facebook last Friday, November 13, and since then she has not been seen.
The unfortunate thing is no one knows exactly who this man is and where he is, because she told her parents she was going to stay with her best friend, and told this best friend that she was going to stay with her aunt,
Both Aunty and Bestfriend have not set eyes on her since she left home on Friday.
Read full story below
Two men have been arrested after the 15-year-old, who was last seen on Friday, told her parents she was going for a ­sleepover at her best friend’s house.
But it is believed the popular youngster secretly met a man she had been in contact with on social media .
A source said: “Kayleigh had told her best friend about a man who had been messaging her on Facebook.
“They were both going to meet this man on Friday evening, but earlier in the week Kayleigh announced she was no longer going to meet him.
“Usually she would spend the weekend with her best friend and her family. But Kayleigh told the girl that she would be going to visit an auntie instead.”
It has emerged that her mobile phone was discovered by a dog walker in Sence Valley Forest Park in Ibstock, Leics, on Saturday afternoon.
The park was sealed off as police searched for clues.
The phone was used to send a text message to her distraught mum Stephanie, 36, earlier that day. Her family, of Measham, Leics, said they “fear the worst” as she would never have willingly parted with her mobile.
via Mirror

Unbelievable! 22 Year Old Man Marries A Pizza, His Reason Will Leave Gasping For Breath! (Crazy Photos)

A 22-year-old Russian man recently got married to a pizza.The ceremony allegedly took place in the city of Tomsk, Russia, in a pizzeria with chefs and managers as witnesses because Russian authorities refused to officially register the marriage and a church also declined.

The unnamed groom says he decided to marry his favourite fast food after getting bored of the single life. “Love between two humans is a complicated wild thing,” he said. “Pizza, on the other hand, would not reject you or betray you, and speaking quite frankly and sincerely, I love it.” The restaurant even presented the groom and his ‘bride’ with an unofficial wedding certificate on a clipboard.

How 33 Yr Old Virgin Destroys Her Anus With Too Much Anal Sex

Hello AMi, am writing this with a heavy heart. Please ladies and gentlemen, refrain from anal sex. The health implications are dire. I am a nurse and I work in a private hospital around Kubwa. 

We see different cases but some situations are simple way beyond sanity.How can a lady of 33, that is drop dead gorgeous allow herself to be messed up for a few thousands of naira. You need to have sex yet you want to get married a v!rgin so she resorts to offering her numerous boyfriends her anus instead of her vagina.

Now, she is living in agony; wearing adult diapers which ordinarily is produced for the aged and sick with rectal inconsistencies.

This beautiful girl confessed that she sustained her injuries from continual anal s*e x because according to her, she wanted to get married a virgin. As it stands, her anal sphincter and muscles has been damaged. 

To this effect, she cannot feel rectal fullness, thus cannot regulate bowel movement. I shudder at the men when even stick their pen!ses into the anus instead of the right place.. How do they deal with shit and all the smell that may emanate from there. Its really incredible.

Sex is good for adults that love and respect themselves and God the grand creator, made the right holes to match their various functions in the human anatomy. When you preserve your vag!na yet entertain various sizes of pen!s in your anus, YOU ARE NO VIRG!N. 
I have heard of virgins who still caress the clitoris and have org*a sms but this an*al ish is way beyond sick. The worrying part is that its more common than we think, a large portion of grownup virgins engage in anal sex. why the deceit? why sentence yourself to a life time of wearing pampers. This is a sad development that must be arrested before it becomes an epidemic.

Singer Joss Stone goes almost naked for PETA

Singer Joss Stone is the latest celebrity fronting the campaign by PETA to try to stamp out the cruel practice of using crocodile skins for handbags. She should have gone all the way nah!

Singer Joss Stone is the latest celebrity fronting the campaign by PETA to try to stamp out the cruel practice of using crocodile skins for handbags. She should have gone all the way nah!

FG bans importation of "I better pass my neighbor" generators

The Federal government has banned the importation a very common brand of generator locally called "I better pas my neighbor". The Controller, Federation Operations Unit Zone A, Lagos of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), Madugu Sanni Jubrin, made this known to newsmen yesterday Nov. 17th.
“The smaller generators have been banned by the Federal Government because it is causing air pollution and destruction of our lungs and breathing system.
That is why they have banned it but people are still interested in smuggling them in, that is why we intercepted them. If you go to the market, you still see them because people have imported them before the ban. So it is the leftover they had before the ban that they are selling because the law did not backdate the ban and it is not an absolute prohibition. It is prohibition by trade which means you cannot bring it in large quantity and sell to the public. That is the type of prohibition we have on this but if you buy one piece, Customs will not seize it.

My boo of life, my hot chocolate- Lola Omotayo's loving birthday shoutout to her hubby

Peter Okoye is a year older today and his wife Lola shared this photo and wrote "To my boo of life, the king of my dreams, my hot chocolate, my love, my delight, the father of my beautiful children I celebrate your life today. Happy birthday my darling husband. May you always fly high in life and touch all your dreams. May God bless you with happiness, joy, continued success, wisdom and peace. Gold, platinum or diamonds are not enough to express your worth. May God continue to protect you for us. Your best years are still ahead IJN. I am proud of the man that you have become and I love you plenty my sweetheart. Have a fantastic day today"

'Happy birthday to my soulmate' - From Anita to Paul Okoye

'Happy birthday to my soulmate' - From Anita to Paul Okoye

As shared by Paul Okoye's wife on his birthday today. Happy birthday, Paul!

Actor Taye Diggs says he takes offence when people refer to his son as black

The 44 year old actor who has a 6 year old son Walker Nathaniel Diggs, with former wife, actress and singer Idina Mendez (of Frozen) wrote a piece about race where he said he finds it offensive when people refer to his son as "black.". What he wrote below...
“The first book I wrote, Chocolate Me, was based on my experiences growing up a little chocolate boy in a predominantly white neighborhood, and how I would get made fun of, and how through my mother and father and my own recognition, I was able to develop the power of self love,”
“My new book [Mixed Me] is kind of along similar lines for my son, even though in this day and age he’s going to have less of an issue being mixed than I did. It’s a book of self love and self appreciation and knowing that you are special regardless of what people will say about you because people will always say stuff,"
Diggs then turned his focus to President Obama, whom is often described as the first black U.S. president when in fact he’s biracial. Diggs hopes that soon society will begin to identify Obama more often as mixed.
“As African Americans we were so quick to say 'okay he’s black he’s black,' and then there were the white people who were afraid to say he was biracial because who knows. . . It would be great if it didn’t matter and that people could call him mixed. We’re still choosing to make that decision, and that’s when I think you get into some dangerous waters.”

Check out this scholar who has the guts to speak as bravely and articulately as this...

WOW If you are going to watch this - be prepared to be blown away! Name a single Imam or scholar in the West who has the guts to speak as bravely and articulately as this...

Man castrates himself to fulfill dream of womanhood

Li Xiongjin has had the dream of becoming a woman for as long as he can remember. Seven years ago he started taking female hormones. Three years ago, unable to afford the expensive gender re-alignment surgery, he attempted to castrate himself with anesthetics and surgical tools that he bought after researching online. 

However, the failed castration caused him to almost die due to excessive bleeding. The story of his plight recently went viral after he was featured on a Chinese reality show.
The 30-year-old Li Xiongjin, from Hunan Province, regards Jin Xing, a famous dancer and one of the most successful trans-women in China, as his idol.

Li said he respects and admires Jin, who underwent gender realignment surgery back in 1996 despite massive social pressure at the time. Li says he wants to follow the brave example of Jin Xing, which led him to appear on a reality TV show to find a way to complete the necessary operations.

Li says he hated his masculine appearance with the onset of puberty and has consistently shaven his leg hair and grown his hair long for what he considers to be a more feminine appearance.

The Chinese government implemented new guidelines in respect to gender reassignment surgery in 2009. Those wishing to undergo surgery must first apply to the police to change their gender on their official registration documents, live openly as the gender for a number of years, be over twenty, cannot have a criminal record and must have informed their immediate family.

Only a month ago, Li told his parents of his lifelong dream of becoming a woman and they agreed to support his decision. Li’s mother is sympathetic to her son’s dreams and blames herself for never paying enough attention to Li’s desires and feels distressed that her boy has suffered alone.

A plastic surgery hospital volunteered to help Li after watching the reality show, with the first step involving micro plastic injections. There is still a long way before he is able to have a full trans-sexual operation, but it’s closer than ever.

The news has sparked various opinions on Weibo towards Li’s action.
“Each dream should be respected but self-castration is not recommended for becoming a woman.”@jinjiandong said.
“I think she is miserable, and hope she could achieve her dream”, remarked @baligongshe.

“Castration doesn’t mean he would become a girl, but only makes him to be an eunuch. So why bother?”@womaile commented.

Very Graphic photos :Man Allegedly Murdered by Fulani Herdsmen; Dumped in a Bus in Igbere.

What Igbere people had woke up today to think as an incidence of Road Traffic Accident might have metamorphosed as a Mafia style Assassination by unknown Killers. The scene of this bizarre tragedy is along the Igbere axis of the Umuahia OHAFIA federal Road.
There is a wire to the neck of the Corpse indicating that he might have been hanged andthere is no impact on the bus also indicating it is was not likely an accident.
The police from Bende are on top of the matter.
See graphic photo after the cut.........

Igbere Murder9
Many of the eye witnesses are suspecting that the murder may have been carried out by Fulani Herdsmen who have been terrorizing Igbere and other neighboring communities..
A hand set was said to have been found in the scene.

Kendall Jenner goes braless in white bodysuit as she arrives Melbourne with Kylie

Kendall Jenner arrived Melbourne, Australia with her younger sister Kylie Jenner in a private jet to continue the promotion of their clothing line and she came down from her plane without a bra. More photos after the cut...

News News : Graphic photo: 32 killed, 80 injured in bomb attack in Yola yesterday

32 people have been confirmed dead while 80 others were injured in the bomb attack at a motor park in Jambutu in Yola, Adamawa state yesterday November 17th. The incident occurred at about 8.30 last night. Found a very graphic picture from the scene of the incident..if you have the heart, see it after the cut...

Shocking :Housemaid infects boss' son with STI

A MAID from Gweru allegedly sexually abused her employer's 13-year-old son and infected him with a sexually transmitted disease.
Esnath Hove, 28, from Mkoba Village 7, yesterday appeared before Regional Magistrate Collette Ncube facing one count of aggravated indecent assault.
She pleaded not guilty and was remanded in custody to November 22 for judgment.
Hove told the court that the minor had been ordered to lie by his mother for unknown reasons.
The boy gave evidence in camera.
Prosecuting, Andrew Marimo told the court that sometime in July this year, Hove was sleeping in the same room with the boy. 
He said at around midnight, the woman woke up her employer's son.
"She removed his short and underwear while ordering him not to scream," said Marimo.
"Hove then inserted his manhood into her genitalia without his consent and after sometime of forced sexual activity, he dismounted her, went to sleep and didn't tell anyone about the matter."
The court heard that on July 18 this year at around 7PM, the boy's mother bought a boxer short for him and ordered him to try it in her presence.
"When her son removed his underwear, the mother noticed that his private parts were swollen and discharging pus. She also noticed that his manhood had rash around the foreskin," said Marimo.
The court heard that the boy's mother took him to hospital for treatment and it was discovered that he had an STI. He was questioned and nailed their maid.
Marimo said the boy was taken to ZRP Mkoba where a report was made leading to Hove's arrest.

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Activates Saftey Check For Nigeria After Yola Bomb Blast

After Yesterday’s Deadly Attack in Adamawa state Capital Yola , By Terrorist Group Boko Haram , the Facebook C.E.O Did something special and Lovely for Our country Nigeria, That comes After being criticized harshly for activating Facebook safety check following the France attacks despite other terrorists attacks going on in different parts of the world including Nigeria, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has opted for this method of solidarity for attacked regions. 
Following the bomb blast which occurred in Yola yesterday night killing scores of people in the process, Zuckerberg activated the safety check for Nigeria. …. and That’s Lovely Below is what he wrote on His Facebook Wall.

We’ve activated Safety Check again after the bombing in Nigeria this evening. After the Paris attacks last week, we made the decision to use Safety Check for more tragic eventslike this going forward. We’re now working quickly to develop criteria for the new policy and determine when and how this service can be most useful.

Unfortunately, these kinds of events are all too common, so I won’t post about all of them. A loss of human life anywhere is a tragedy, and we’re committed to doing our part to help people in more of these situations .
 In times like this, it’s important to remind ourselves that despite the alarming frequency of these terrible events, violence is actually at an all-time low in history and continues to decline. Deaths from war are lower than ever, murder rates are generally dropping around the world, and — although it’s hard to believe — even terrorist attacks are declining.

Please  don’t let a small minority of extremists make you pessimistic about our future. 

Every member of our community spreads empathy and understanding on a daily basis. We are all connecting the world together. And if we all do our part, then one day there may no longer be attacks like this.

News News :Heavy Gunfire and Explosions going off right now in Saint-Denis Paris

According to several reports, heavy gunshots and possible explosions can be heard in the Saint-Denis area of Paris right now in what could be a police raid related to the terror attacks that griped France’s capital last Friday.

Large amounts of police can be seen, and residents in the area are being told to stay inside.

The gunshots began at 4:25 am, in the Saint-Denis area which is close to the stadium where the terrorist blew himself up.

French Tv claim that some Police men have been injured in this gun fight.
Public transportation have been blocked in the region and people are still being told to remain inside.

Suspects are holed up in the apartment that is being raided and several Policemen can be seen on the street just waiting..

Story is still developing..