Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Check out this crazy outfit a Chinese American actress wore that got every one talking

  Her name is Bai Ling, she is a Chinese-American actress.
This is what she wore to the Hollywood Film Festival Opening Night at ArcLight Theatre on Thursday. So in love with her outfit, Bai freely posed on the red carpet in her gun shaped bra and a Hollywood sign used to cover her bare bottom and private part like she was wearing a normal dress, lol. She is 48! She more photos of her on the red carpet after the cut.


So Sad :Grieving family force nurse to hold dead baby ...after attacking her

The disturbing footage was released in China over the weekend. It shows a grieving family attacking a nurse in a hospital and forcing her to hold their dead baby. The family blamed the hospital for the baby's death.

The child named Yao Yao, had reportedly fallen ill the night before and had been brought into the hospital by his grandmother. He died the next day in the hospital on September 27 after doctors repeatedly tried to save him. The family stormed the hospital shortly after and tried to shut down operations. Then they attacked the nurse who was sitting at her desk in one of the hospital wards.

Oh Dear!!!! Brazilian football referee pulls gun on the pitch after quarrel over red card (photos)

A Brazilian football referee did something that most people have never seen before. He pulled a gun on the pitch during a dispute with players. Gabriel Murta was kicked and slapped by players from during a match over the weekend, after he gave a player a red card.

The referee, who is said to be a policeman by day, ran to the changing rooms and returned to the pitch with his service fireman and confronted the players. But thankfully, he didn't shoot as his colleagues restrained him. He is said to be facing disciplinary for his action.

Shocking Incident :2 Married Women Fell From 3 Storey Building While Fighting In Onitsha

Two housewives this morning fell from the third floor of a storey building in Awada Onitsha area of Anambra State. An eyewitness said, the two women never got along despite their husbands being friends. 

Narrating further, the eyewitness who is a resident in the compound said, the women started another round of fight after their husbands left for shop this morning.

She added that few minutes after, there was a scream, followed by a huge thud with wailing and crying afterwards. The source said, on getting to the Verandah, she saw the women on the ground floor haven fallen from their 3rd floor flat and both shattered many bones in their bodies. 

She stated that the duo were rushed to the hospital for medical attention while calls were put through to their husbands.

See How A Father Kills Own Daughter With Rat Poison In Bauchi State (Photos)


13 -year old, Hajara Jarelu was brutally murdered by her father. Narrating her ordeal to Leadership,Maryam 27, who is Hajara's mum confirmed that her first encounter with love was with Jarelu Ahmed, who she met 14 years ago.

Ahmed was a Muslim and she was a Christian. Because of her love for him, Maryam was willing and resolved to convert to Islam so they can marry without hitches.

While preparing to marry, they crave to know each other, carnally overpowered both of them and before you know it Maryam had conceived.

The new development eventually led the two promising lovers to fall apart and before the pregnancy developed, they were not on speaking terms. It was in this condition that Maryam was delivered of a healthy baby girl over 13 years ago.
When Maryam realised Jarelu was not willing to settle with her, as he had abandoned her and the baby, she decided to marry another man and this marriage sucessfully prooduced four children.

However, sometimes last month, Maryam decided upon her guardian’s advice. to take her daughter, Hajara to her father’s family as according her; “a girl’s honour lies with her paternal family.”

But something unusual and terrible occurred. Jarelu decided to kill his daughter, Hajara at his family home. Jarelu was said to have used rat poisoning to perform the dastardly act.

After killing her, he dug a grave and buried her in his room.Maryam said she had no idea why Jerelu killed his daughter in cold blood.
“I have no idea why he killed my daughter. You see, when Hajara died, she was aged 13 years. since I gave birth to her, he never bought anything for the baby and myself. Before the birth, we agreed that he will take care of everything but up till the time he was arrested, he never took responsibility of anything that had to do with her.”

“Before I conceived Hajara, I was a Christian. when we fell in love, Jarelu said he wants to convert me and I agreed. We dated for over a year and I got pregnant out of wedlock. Since I got pregnant with Hajara, he abandoned me. He was aware of the pregnancy and when I was delivered of the child, I told him and he came and he blessed her. He was even the one that named her Hajara. After that, he left and since then, he deserted us. We did not get marry to each other but 40 days after the birth of Hajara, I converted to Islam.
The bereaved mother told LEADERSHIP FRIDAY that her ex-lover killed her daughter in cold blood.
“Jarelu killed Hajara with rat poison. I learnt that he met his uncle, who serves as a father to him, Chief Imam of Bauchi Bala Baban Inna that he wants to take Hajara to the Emir’s palace to meet their relatives because they are related. His father consented and he came and told the Imam’s wife to get Hajara ready. She was together with other children in their section when her father called her and instead of taking her out of the house, he took her to his quarters.”
Maryam added that when they entered his room;
“ he had already bought the rat poison. He lured her to his room and gave her tea laced with the rat poison. At first, she refused as she told him she had taken her breakfast. He told her he is her father and will not harm her. She accepted the tea and after 2 sips, she started writhing in pain and complaining of stomach pain. He locked the door and left. One of the children, who observed that Jarelu came out of his room without Hajara, went and told her mother what happened.”
She continued that;
“ when the family interrogated him on her whereabouts, he refused to say anything and he was taken to the palace where the Emir ordered for his arrest until he disclose where he took her. It was when he as tortured tha
t he revealed what he did. Already, he had dug a grave at the back of his room to bury her.
Since her demise, no one from his family has come to commiserate with us. This happened over a month ago and she stayed for only 2 days with them and now she is gone.”

Hajara’s death left a very big vacuum in her mother’s heart because she was her pillar and her strength.
“Anytime I remember Hajara’s death I am reduced to tears. Since her death, life has not been easy for me. We had been struggling together through thick and thin in my poverty, we try to make ends meet, we never begged from anybody. She just completed her primary school. I suffered since she was a baby and when she has started helping me, she was brutally taken away from me.”

“Hajara assisted me very well. everybody knows this. You have seen our house and you can see the abject poverty we are living in. Hajara was really helping me. She was working to earn some income for her secondary education. She was washing dishes and sweeping for people. I don’t have to swear to you, but she was to be paid N3,000 for the two months that she had worked. She told me she will do the work so that I can pay for her registration, her books and her uniform. The N3,000 was paid few days after her death.”
Maryam lamented that as a widow, she has no one to help her;
“ I am a widow. My husband died 15 months ago and I have 4 children who are now orphans. I don’t know what drove him to commit this heinous crime against my daughter. I have not been myself since her death. Till date, I have not opened her bag, it is still as she left it I don’t even have the heart to open it, I know my God will fight for me. God will surely vindicate me. I loved my daughter so much, she was very vibrant, taller than myself and was already bustling with life and he just wasted her life.”
“This death is very painful and I will never forgive him for what he did to my daughter. I will not forgive him because he has cheated me but he has cheated only himself” she stated.
Maryam’s guardian, Mallam Garba Noma attributed the killing to Jarelu’s sense of shame considering that Hajara was born out of wedlock.
“I think he probably killed her because she was born out of wedlock, but even if she was illegitimate, why will he kill her when the girl is not in his custody? What was his business with her? He never provided for her needs. Jarelu as far as I am concerned, is an illiterate and doesn’t know the law because if he does, he wont have acted the way he did. if he says he will hide his deeds from the world, the world is already aware of his shameful act.”

“The Chief Imam is an upright man, he knows the law and I know he will stand on the side of justice? Since the sad incidence, the Imam has been very busy and when I met him, he said he will come but he has been busy. He knows we are bereaved but he is more disturbed. Since I know the Imam, even if a chicken enters that house, it will not be killenot to talk of a human being.”

“This case is beyond us. We are poor people and whatever the law stipulates on this case, we will abide by it. I am calling on the relevant authorities to be fair and just in this case. They should be impartial so that this case can be a deterrent to others,”he said.
When contacted, the Chief Imam, who is the head of the family, said he will not comment on the case until investigations have been completed by the police.

The PPRO confirmed that the case is still under investigation.

(Graphic Photo) Check out How Mob Killed Man Who Brutally Murdered His Older Brother In Rivers State.

Pictured above is Adebayo Oyetayo Ismaila who was reportedly murdered in cold blood by his mentally unstable younger brother popularly known as African Michael Jackson.

According report, the unfortunate incident happened on Friday Sept 25th at Okene Street, Rumoukwurushi in PH.

After a neighbour alerted other residents of the area about what had happened, an angry mob descended on the younger brother and beat him mercilessly. He too died while in police custody from injuries he sustained from the beating. Will bring an update on this later. For now see the extremely gory photo from scene of Adebayo’s killing. His brother killed him with a hammer. Very graphic photo...... 

Hilarious : Photo of the day.... Pls what sort of Pose is this guys ?????

Whoever suggested this kind of wedding photo pose is definitely funny or trying to be. What do you think guys??? 

August Alsina was slammed for fondling a fan on stage, fan defends him as he blasts blogs

August Alsina was blasted the world over after a video of him fondling a fan on stage at his show over the weekend went public. People may think what August did was wrong but not the fan. She spoke up in August's defense...

Yesterday August re-Tweeted a post from the fan saying he didn't owe her a thing and then he lashed out at the blogs that reported the incident and fans and non-fans that blasted him over it...

Saraki's wife represents Aisha Buhari at Organisation of African First Ladies meeting (photos)

Wife of Senate President Toyin Saraki represented Aisha Buhari at the Organisation of African First Ladies meeting, a side event meeting at the UN General Assembly meeting in New York... More photos after the cut

Photo: Mentally ill man hacks five children to death, stabs pregnant woman

Police say a man in northern Thailand stormed into a neighbour's home, hacked five children to death and inflicted multiple stab wounds on a pregnant woman who was watching them, AP reports.

Lt Col Sombat Kalasuk said the 24-year-old man had a history of mental illness and was living with his family while being treated for depression at a local hospital.

He apparently became agitated by the noise coming from his neighbour's home in a village outside the northern city of Chiang Mai and grabbed a 47-centimetre kitchen knife which he then used to kill the children. All five children were believed to be under the age of 8. The woman who is 7 months pregnant is being treated for wounds to her face and body.

Beverly Osu says ' I don’t need money to strip '

I don’t need money to strip – Beverly Osu

The Delta Stateborn actress on a movie set and she spoke about herself and how daring she can be when it matters

What has been happening to you? What is new about Beverly?
I am mostly into movies now. I am working towards opening my NGO called Dwelling Support Foundation. It is mostly based on the slums.
Who would you like to produce your song when that time comes?
Don Jazzy, SeleBobo and Terry G. These are the people I would love to work with.
How do you relax?
I am always a happy person. I am relaxed when I’m happy, even when I’m not working.
Your fashion preference?
I am very simple, I don’t go over board. I am always in jeans and shirts. I am not a designer freak. I buy what I can afford and what suits me. Maybe my wedding dress will be a designer outfit.
Three things you can’t do without.
My makeup purse, my wallet and my phones.
You have appeared in several music videos, Do you have any plans to go into music?
Hmmmm! When that bridge comes, I will cross it. I thought about it last week. I’m music oriented. I really do love music. I am a lover of good music. I dance every minute of my life. So one day, if the inspiration for good music comes, sure I will. Everything we do, we do it for fun.
It’s been reported that you are in a relationship with Ruggedman. How true is that?
That is not true. I am not dating Ruggedman. We are very cool buddies. We are just friends and nothing more.
Are you in a relationship?
Yes, I am, a very beautiful one and its making progress.
If he asks you to marry him now, will you accept?
I don’t think I’m ready for that now. I’m not ready for marriage. I should be thinking of marriage in another three years, that would be when I’m 26 years old. But for now, I’m not ready.
You have managed to pen your name in the industry. How has it been after Big Brother?
Well, it’s been God. I think I’m destined for greatness. I work very hard, it’s been God.
Can you act or pose nude for $1 million?
I’m a very sincere person. When we get to that bridge, we will cross it. I’ll have to know the producer, director and all. I’m a plain person. I don’t even need money to do that. If something comes up tomorrow and it requires me to strip naked for it to look real and original, I will do it. I don’t need money for that.
Who are your celebrity crushes?
This sounds awkward, but I have to say it. I’m crushing on Eva Alordia, the rapper. I have had that crush on her like forever. She is my friend and I always tell her. But on a normal day, I don’t crush on any guy, be it in music or movies.
Take us into your parental background.
I am the last born of Mr. and Mrs. Osu. I am the only girl. I grew up in a lively family full of fun, music and laughter. I was born and bred in Lagos.
Everything about me is Lagos, my secondary school education was in Enugu. I was in the convent for five years and then I left and went to Babcock University, and now I’m here.
How is your family reacting to your career?
I lost my dad last year. My mum is a very beautiful, brilliant goal-getter. She has been very supportive; go and ask about her. She knows everything I do and she is ready to support me.
Who are your role models in the movie industry?
Julia Roberts and Hally Berry. But here in Nigeria, I don’t have anybody as my role model, not even one, though I love Mercy Johnson and Ivie Ekujaiye.
Who are those you look forward to working with?
Mummy Joke Silva and Kate Henshaw. That is because they say we look alike and nothing more.
What can you not be caught doing?
I don’t know my dear. Never say never. This is life, anything can happen.
That means you can smoke or do nasty things in public?
I just can’t say. Anything can happen.
How is your modelling career and what do you have for your fans?
It has been on a full-stop for a while now, but it’s coming back soon. For my fans, I love you. Thank you for loving me.

I don’t need money to strip – Beverly Osu

Is Kate Hudson now dating 23 year old Nick Jonas???

The 36 year old mother of two is reportedly now seeing singer Nick Jonas, 23. The two were spotted enjoying a day out at Disney World over the weekend before heading to lunch together the following day in Miami. Nick was in Florida for a performance...Kate joined him there.

The people who know them who spoke to TMZ say they're not dating, but they've absolutely hooked up.

Woman sent to prison a week to her wedding


A 33-year-old woman Olawunmi Oyebode has been arrested and remanded in prison custody at Kirikiri for assault.
This happened one week to her wedding in Lagos State, western Nigeria.
Her journey to prison started after she was arraigned before a Magistrates’ Court sitting in Isolo for the alleged offence.
Oyebode who had concluded plan to contract her wedding allegedly slapped her neighbour, Anthony Onyeka for undisclosed reason.
The incident happened at 51, Ijikoyejo street, Ijeshatedo, Lagos where they reside.
After the alleged assault, Onyeka went to Ijeshatedo police division and reported Oyebode and she was arrested and taken to the station.
P.M.NEWS gathered that every attempt by the police to settle the rift failed as Oyebode refused to apologise to Onyeka as advised.
Thereafter the police charged Oyebode to court with assault.
When she was arraigned, she pleaded not guilty.
The presiding Magistrate, Mrs Joy Ugbomoiko granted her bail in the sum of N20,000 with one surety.
She was remanded in prison custody pending when her bail will be perfected.
While she was taken to prison custody, Oyebode remembered her wedding date and broke down in tears.
The matter was adjourned till 16 October, 2015.
Source : PM News 

How robbers invaded my home, raped my daughters – Abuja resident

rape1A 3-man gang armed robbers in the wee hours of Monday reportedly invaded the home of one Mr. Folusho Joseph in Abuja, carting away valuable items worth hundreds of thousands and allegedly raping two of his daughters at gun point.
Reports reveal that the robbers gained entrance into the building by scaling the fence through the front door which he forgot to lock at about 2:30am.
According to Mr Joseph, he was watching a movie when they suddenly entered with their guns pointed at him.
Joseph alleged that the robbers took their phones, money and other valuables.
Speaking further, he said they all had canal knowledge of his two daughters who are both less than 20. He reportedly lamented that it was a very painful experience and praid it doesn’t result to pregnancy or other health issues on his daughters.
Joseph also reportedly stated that the two girls would be taken to the hospital for test, adding that the case would be reported to the police.
Daily Post

Mikel Obi's Girlfriend Olga Allegra Shows Off her Post Pregnancy Body......

Instagram media olga_allegra - It's pretty incredible what female body is capable of! Two weeks later and it ain't no six pack, but I no longer look like I swallowed two balloons 🎈🎈 #postnatal #twins #progress #eatclean #fitness #eatwell #breastfeed #balloonnomore #eightmonthspregnant
Olga DIY Instagram profile pictureolga_allegra
It's pretty incredible what female body is capable of! Two weeks later and it ain't no six pack, but I no longer look like I swallowed two balloons 🎈🎈 #postnatal#twins #progress #eatclean #fitness#eatwell #breastfeed #balloonnomore#eightmonthspregnant

Igbo Diaspora Group Tells Buhari 'You Lack Capacity To Rule Nigeria well'

The group made this assertion during its 9th World Assembly Convention as part of activities to mark the annual Igbo Day in Enugu on Monday.
The group reiterated that the Buhari  presidency has so far failed on its campaign promises.

Chairman of Igbo World Assembly IWA, Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze, who led other members of the group to the convention said the administration of President Buhari is “deceitful,” adding that “he is not qualified to be President of Nigeria presently.”

He said since assumption of office, the president has consistently portrayed himself as the president of the North, which was not in tandem with his campaign promises.

Dr Anakwenze also noted that the inability of Buhari to formulate a strong economic policy has made the country to ground to a halt.

He described the president’s posture as “President of the North” as totally unacceptable and, therefore, called on him to resign if he is not willing to govern the whole country.

His words: “The Buhari administration has failed Nigerians. “After 100 days, it should now be abundantly clear that Buhari is not qualified to be President of Nigeria presently. The president has no agenda nor direction. His cardinal objective is apparently the prosecution of Northern hegemony.  The APC needs to intervene before Buhari drives the country into the ditch.

“There has been no national direction, economic policy nor government. Not surprisingly, the economy has gone from bad to worse.”

Maheeda shows of her naked body parts last night...

Maheeda was messing around on instagram as always, exposing her sexy body ...:-). See more photos after the cut...

Pregnant Kim K shows off her seven month pregnant belly on display in nude dress

7 months pregnant Kim K proudly showed off her burgeoning belly in a nude dress on Monday in Los Angeles as she and husband Kanyeheaded to a KUWTK taping. More photos after the cut...

Check Rihanna see-through bra under that netted green gown

RiRi's displays her nipples through that see-through bra and net gown which she wore as she stepped out in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil early Sunday morning following her performance at Rock in Rio late Saturday night. More photos after the cut...

One word, gorgeous !!!