Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Photo: One legged man seen washing a car while balancing on a stick


See the transformation of Vera Sidika plus Checkout her throwback photos.......

Yes, it's same person you are looking at. The transformation is amazing! More photos after the cut...


Abuja pastor says ' It is a sin for a couple who is only married traditionally to have sex'

This pastor, Pastor Sarah Omakwu who is the Senior Pastor Family Worship Centre, Abuja is currently trending on Twitter over some comments she's making with #SexualPerversion hashtag. She says it is a sin for a couple who is only married traditionally to have sex. She tweeted a whole lot of other stuff. Read after the cut...

A man gets wife's Snapchat message and concluded she's cheating

A woman who was away from home shared these photos of herself in her underwear on snapchat, and when her husband saw the pics, he had absolutely no doubt that she was cheating on him. Looking at the photos, can you see why the man was convinced? See the conversation between the now ex-couple after the cut in case you still haven't spotted it...

Amber Rose poses naked for GQ magazine..18+

Amber Rose took it all off for GQ magazine  - the inside spread was just released and its hot. Amber is 32 years old today..shares same birthday with Kim K. See full pic after the cut...

Khloe & Lamar Odom call off divorce - To fight for their marriage...

According TMZ, Khloe and Lamar yesterday October 20th called off their divorce. The report below
'Khloe and Lamar have jointly gone to court to dismiss their divorce case, because they want to stay husband and wife ... TMZ has learned. Khloe's lawyer Laura Wasser went before a judge Wednesday morning, asking a judge to withdraw the papers they both signed to end their marriage. The file was sitting in a pile waiting to be processed and signed by a judge. The judge granted Wasser's request and the file is now dead.'

Lamar signed Tuesday from his hospital bed -- Wasser signed on behalf of Khloe

(photos) Flavour goes shirtless playing a Saxophone

Father of two, Flavour N'abania - shares a shirtless photo of himself paying a Sax in a studio...

Breaking News :Building collapses in Lagos

Building collapses in Lagos

Three people are reportedly trapped in a three storey building that collapsed in Odunfa street Lagos Island this morning. Rescue operation is currently ongoing

Three people are reportedly trapped in a three storey building that collapsed in Odunfa street Lagos Island this morning. Rescue operation is currently ongoing

Coco Austin shows off her baby bump and her big butt

00she’s almost 8 months pregnant and still looks really hit, check out her massive bum still growing lol!

Shocking but hilarious : A Pastor in South Africa preaching inside a Coffin

Seriously this has to be a joke lol....... A pastor in South Africa has abandoned the pulpit for a coffin, literally. According to church member and former drug dealer, 28 year old Aphiwe Nqevu ‘brought the coffin to illustrate to people who fail to embrace Jesus as the son of God that they will go to hell and face eternal death.

They said they use coffin to ‘urge people to embrace God because once death occurs, it is too late to decide’. People in the area protested, saying it was scaring children and it was disrespectful.

Photos:Meet the victim & Acid attack survivor urges abused women to seek help before it is too late as attacker is convicted

Next month, marks exactly a year since Ines Antonio (before & after), 23, sustained severe burns to her face, arms, chest and back after her ex-boyfriend and father of her child, Jan Pieterse threw acid at her during a heated argument about their child. Pieterse is charged with attempted murder.

During the trial, he told the court heard he'd grabbed the wrong tin and never intended to hurt her. He added that he had to throw something at Antonio to “calm her down” after she became aggressive.

On Tuesday, October 20, Pieterse was found guilty of grievous bodily harm, but acquitted of attempted murder by the Johannesburg Magistrates Court. Pieterse will remain in custody until sentencing proceedings start in December.

Antonio says today’s judgment is not only a victory for her personally, but also scores of women who have been abused by their partners.
"We are suffering so much and when we do something bad to them, trying to defend ourselves, we get a higher sentence than them - which is not fair." She says the courts need to be stricter when it comes to gender based violence. "All these abusers are just sitting out there after abusing women and children and nothing has been done about them. They just stay in jail for a few months then they are out."
The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) says it’s disappointed that Ines Antonio’s ex-boyfriend has been convicted on the lesser charge of assault, and not on attempted murder. "Our court could have gone a mile further, in order to develop our law and to deliver on its mandate of protecting the citizens of this country." While handing down his judgment, Magistrate Albertus Roux said its clear Peterse carefully planned the attack.

"The accused intentionally made use of the tin containing acid; that it was thrown at the complainant with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm, in this instance to disfigure her." The Hero Burn Foundation, that has been helping Antonio with her journey to recovery, is also disappointed by the court’s ruling.

The foundation’s Annerie du Plooy believes the judgment wasn't appropriate. "Ines has always been a very strong woman, although she is going through a lot of pain emotionally and physically." Antonio says she’s pleased that Pieterse has finally received some sort of punishment. "These guys are supposed to be locked away. These monsters who are abusing women out there, disfiguring our faces, stealing our identity, they are supposed to be behind bars for good."

Source: EWN

Check out Canada new Prime Minister, he's tall, handsome and only 43 years old

Justin Trudeau Trudeau's election represents not just a change from almost 10 years of Conservative rule under Stephen Harper, but an almost unprecedented reversal of fortune for a Liberal Party that was nearly left for dead after the 2011 general election.
Justin Trudeau, the son of late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, became Canada's new prime minister after his Liberal Party won a majority of Parliament's 338 seats on Monday.
Trudeau is tall, 6'2 and trim and at 43, channels the star power, if not quite the political heft, of his father, who swept to power in 1968 as the Prime Minister.
His late father, who took office in 1968 and led Canada for most of the next 16 years, is a storied name in Canadian history, responsible for the country's version of the bill of rights.
 His father, Pierre Trudeau, who was prime minister until 1984 with a short interruption, remains one of the few Canadian politicians known in America, his charisma often drawing comparisons to John F. Kennedy. His father was a bachelor when he became prime minister, he dated actresses Barbra Streisand and Kim Cattrall.
Justin Trudeau, a former school teacher and member of Parliament since 2008, becomes the second youngest prime minister in Canadian history.
Trudeau, who has re-energized the Liberal Party since its devastating electoral losses four years ago, promises to raise taxes on the rich and run deficits for three years to boost government spending.
Justin is married  to Sophie Grégoire with 3 kids. Trudeau first met Sophie Grégoire when they were both children growing up in Montreal, as Grégoire was a classmate and childhood friend of Trudeau's youngest brother, Michel.
They reconnected as adults in June 2003, when Grégoire, by then a Quebec television personality, was assigned as Trudeau's co-host for a charity ball; they began dating several months later.
Trudeau and Grégoire became engaged in October 2004 and married on May 28, 2005, in a Catholic ceremony at Montreal's Sainte-Madeleine d'Outremont Church.
They have three children: daughter Ella-Grace Margaret (born February 2009) and sons Xavier James (born October 2007) and Hadrien (born February 2014)