Friday, 17 July 2015

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Flaunts Pregnancy Curves In Skin Tight Dress

Pregnancy cleavage isn’t the only thing Kim Kardashian likes to show off during this wonderful time in her life. The reality star stepped out in an oh-so-tight dress on July 16 — putting ALL of her curves on display.

Kim Kardashian, 34, isn’t one to hide her voluptuous figure, even while being pregnant! The Keeping Up With the Kardashians beauty walked the streets of West Hollywood, Calif. early July 16 in a second-skin ensemble that put all of her vivacious pregnancy curves front and center. Work it, girl!

Even making a quick run to the store, Kim managed to still look flawless. She stepped out in a form-fitting frock paired with an oversized trench coat draped over her shoulders — but the jacket wasn’t enough to contain her curves. In fact, the coat actually made them much more prominent, drawing attention to her burgeoning baby bump!So precious.

Kim topped off her sexy-yet-casual look with some sky-high pumps. Such a classic Kardashian move. Hopefully Kim’s fashion choices for this second pregnancy are much more comfortable than her last. Not too long before North West, 2, was born, Kim’s feet swelled up, but that didn’t stop her from wearing her designer heels!

Unfortunately, the outcome looked super painful, but this time around, hubby Kanye West, 38, came up with the perfect solution: custom-made shoes, which are supposed to stretch, accommodating any swelling. Kimmy must be feeling #blessed.

Ciara strips naked and dances like she's making love in sensual new music video

If Ciara does indeed make love like she dances, then it is a miracle little Future Jr was ever conceived.

The 29-year-old reveals her stunning body as she strips completely naked in her latest music video for Dance Like We're Making Love.

Only some craftily placed shading and precise camera focusing save the singer's blushes, although her flawless figure is hardly something to be embarrassed about.

Smoking: Ciara reveals her stunning body as she strips completely naked in her latest music video for Dance Like We're Making Love

In the sensual video Ciara encourages her partner to 'dance like we're making love', yet the two of them energetically leap about like an N'Sync dance routine.

It opens with her reclining in a shallow pool wearing a midriff baring-swimsuit and a soaked-through cropped T-shirt.

 And from there the outfits only get sexier, going through five changes until she finishes.

Yazidi girls raped five times a day by sadistic ISIS fighters who burned them with cigarettes before letting six more men abuse them at once

Yazidi girls raped five times a day by sadistic ISIS fighters who burned them with cigarettes before letting six more men abuse them at once: Sex slaves reveal the hell they endured before escaping to UK .

Three young Yazidi shared their horrific stories at a meeting in LondonAfter escaping Iraq, the women were flown to the UK by the charity AMARThey spoke to dissuade impressionable young Muslims from joining ISISreturned to Iraq but have been offered asylum in Germany

Three former ISIS brides have told of the daily horror they endured before escaping the terror group - including being raped five times a day and sold as sex slaves.

The young Yazidi women, Bushra, 21, Munira, 17, and Noor, 22, were abused on a regular basis, including being tied up, gang raped and burnt with cigarettes, after being forced to marry ISIS fighters. Their names have been changed to protect their identity.

After escaping Iraq, the women were flown to the UK by international charity AMAR, which helps people rebuild their lives following conflict.

Three former ISIS brides Bushra, 21, Munira, 17, (pictured) and Noor, 22, have told of the daily horror they endured before escaping the terror group - including being raped five times a day and sold as sex slave.

Spoken out: The young Yazidi women have told their stories in the hope of dissuading impressionable young Muslim girls from joining the terror group in Syria and Iraq

They have told their stories in the hope of dissuading impressionable young Muslim girls from joining the terror group in Syria and Iraq.

Bushra, who tried to kill herself after she was sold to Islamic State, said: 'The man who had bought me took me to hospital.

'He told me he was going to rape me that same day, however ill I made myself. He took me home, tied up my hands and feet, and raped me

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT : ISIS film a CHILD carrying out a beheading for the first time

ISIS film a CHILD carrying out a beheading for the first time: 'Cub of the Caliphate' is the first seen executing a prisoner by decapitation as the terror group increasingly use boys to kill Depraved jihadis forced a boy no older than 10-years-old to commit murderApproaches the victim from behind and uses a small knife to behead himIt is the first time ISIS has used a child to carry out a brutal beheadingHowever the terror group is increasingly using boys in its filmed murders.



Depraved jihadis fighting for the Islamic State have forced a young child to savagely behead a Syrian regime army officer in the first execution of its kind.

The sickening murder is understood to have taken at the Western Hir Palace in the province of Homs after the soldier was captured by jihadis at the nearby Al-Bosayri army checkpoint.

The unnamed officer is believed to have been a regime leader in the ancient city of Palmyra, which ISIS captured in May and have since set about about systematically destroying as they believe the city's several millennia-old buildings and monuments distract from the worship of God.

ISIS have increasingly used young boys in their gruesome executions, with some children no older than 12 being forced to shoot the terror group's opponents at point blank range. However using a child to carry out a brutal beheading with a knife is a sickening new low for ISIS.

Kendall & Kylie Jenner’s Relationship With Brody In Trouble Over His Kardashian Shade he dished out .

It really puts Kendall and Kylie in a terrible position, as they are stuck in the middle. They love Brody and all of their Jenner siblings, but when he talks crap about Kris and Kim it’s really hard on them. They feel torn and their relationship with Brody has suffered because of it,” our source adds.

We get that Brody has a show to promote — his news series, Sex With Brody, airs Friday nights at 10:30p.m. ET on E! — but he shouldn’t have to diss his family to do so. The Kardashians may not legally be his siblings anymore, but they’ll always be Kendall and Kylie’s, so maybe he should be more sensitive when it comes to talking about Kim, Kourtney,Khloe, Rob and Kris in the future.

Not only do Brody’s disses put Kylie and Kendall in an awkward position, but they also annoy Kris Jenner, as well as Kim and Kourtney Karadshian.

“Brody talks a lot about Kris and the Kardashains and it’s never nice. Every time Brody mentions her or any of her children in an interview, it makes her skin crawl. She really can’t stand Brody and his smug attitude. She knows he is only talking about them because it will help him get publicity for his own show. She hates that he’s profiting off of the Kardashians’ fame. Kim and Kourtney don’t appreciate Brody running off at the mouth, trash talking the Kardashians either.

 Brody Jenner might want to stop dissing the Kardashians because Kendall and Kylie Jenner aren’t happy about it.

They feel torn between siblings and their relationship with Brody has suffered because of it.

Brody Jenner bashed the Kardashians not once, but twice, recently, and his sisters, Kendall and Kylie, aren’t exactly thrilled about it.

In fact, it puts them in an awkward position because they feel torn between two sets of siblings. They love Brody, but they also love the Kardashians. If he doesn’t quit it, their relationship with him may be ruined forever.

Yetunde Oduwole’s Friends Reveals Dirty Secrets on Baba Tee

Check this out : Yetunde Oduwole’s close friends have come to her defense.

This group of people claimed that Baba Tee reportedly used African juju to force Yetunde into having an affair with him. According to this group of friends, two actors, (Tayo Adeleye and Muyiwa Adegoke popularly known as Londoner), Yetunde accommodated in her apartment in 2011 were dumbfounded when they heard that she was dating Baba Tee.

One of the two actors actually disclosed that out of the three of them, it was Babatee Yetunde
loathed. She did not fancy him from day one. She even tried to mend fences between Babatee and his girlfriend; Bola who lived in Manchester.

 But Baba Tee started to bother her to date him instead. Baba Tee was said to have lied to Yetunde that his prophet revealed to him that his future wife would be found in London and she would have given birth to two kids.

He told Yetunde that Deji, Pasuma’s Manager took him to the prophet who revealed that to him. And that, Yetunde was the one revealed to him in the prophecy. We were told Yetunde refused to believe that at first and didn’t pay him attention. But how Yetunde later succumbed became a mystery which her friends and family could not comprehend.

Baba Tee has been begging Yetunde to marry him so he could come and settle down in the UK right from the start of their relationship. He was said to have complained that he was not earning much and would like to relocate to the UK. And each time Yetunde tried to do it; it bounced. Which must have been God at work.

When some of his Yoruba industry people heard of this plot; they turned their back on him and refused to invite him for any job. Even his Adebayo Salami caucus.The source revealed that Baba Tee reportedly made loads of love advances to Yetunde’s friends behind her back.

One of her friends told us that he came to her house behind Yetunde’s back professing love to her and begging her not to tell Yetunde when he was kicked out of her flat; but Yetunde wouldn’t listen to anyone when told.

When asked, one of Baba Tee’s colleagues said Baba Tee has really dragged the industry’s image in the mud because the whole world would now start to think Yoruba actors are diabolical and rely on ‘juju’ to get their women. The actor claims to know all Yetunde has done to Baba Tee and that he is just being ungrateful.

 According to him:
“No one bites the finger that feeds you. This woman brought Baba Tee out of the gutters and brushed him up. I know how he was accompanied by another actor to Yetunde’s parents house to beg for Yetunde’s hand in marriage.

We all knew how he begged. So all these lies he is now telling is really shocking”.Baba Tee's new gf & Yetunde
 Baba Tee was also revealed to have reportedly cheated on Yetunde severally. He was seeing this present girl even while he was with Yetunde. He even brought the girl’s brother to sleep over at Yetunde’s house several times.

 Another source; who prefers to be called Riyike told us that the first thing Baba Tee shows to his prey is his less endowed manhood. Saying to them that he might have a penis as small as a match stick but they should not look at that because he would be a good man and he would dance to their rhythm. And satisfy them in other sexual ways.

One of Baba Tee’s friends also told us that Yetunde has been a good woman to Baba Tee. She did not date any other man for good four years. Even Baba Tee testifies to that. Yetunde has gone to a lot of extent to help Baba Tee. Even when he had no house, no money to renew his visa and when he was almost stranded when he could not afford his ticket to France, Yetunde was the one who begged K1 to give him money to buy his ticket.

If such a man is now ungrateful and goes to the Internet to spoil a woman who has helped him severally; then nemesis is the only justice.
 “Must he even reveal the new woman in his life this early? It shows he doesn’t even have respect for Yetunde. I pity that new girl. She might just have a long way to go in her effort to find a husband.”

source : City People.

Knocking On My Door-Official Video Premiere! D'Banj

D'banj Records presents the official music video for Knocking On My Door by D'banj. Knocking on my door” is also available for download now: Enjoy!

Production Company - DKM Media
Director - MR Moe Musa & Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo
Music Producer - Divine Austins
Editor: Mr Moe Musa.

Every now and then men can be spontaneous and attentive.

This guy sure as hell comes across as the good guy, he listens to his wife, he cares about her, and most importantly he he wants to make her happy and spoil her on her special day. What could go wrong? Girls, this one will make you laugh. SO true right ? Lol !

Source – Tickld

Oh wow ! Angry Woman Places ‘Smelling Vagina’ Curse on Lady Who Slept With Her Husband 

A woman named Cecilia, is currently battling an unknown ailment to defies all medical odds.

The last time she was able to spread her legs for sex was in 2011.

This was after her married boyfriend was arrested and sent to prison for 15 years.

Cecilia has a growth on her vagina, which she believes is the work of her former lover’s wife!

The 30-year-old lady believes her boyfriend’s wife cast a spell on her.

She said she knew her lover was married, but couldn’t stay away from him as she was in love with him.

Trouble started when her lover was released early from prison and decided to leave his wife and two children for Cecilia.

She told Sun that she believed the wife cursed her after this happened.

She said the growth started out as a pimple next to her vagina.

“Doctors failed to heal me. A herbalist told me I was cursed because I had slept with another woman’s man. I have tried everything to remove this growth with no success.

“The herbalist who promised to heal me was arrested on his way from the Vaal to give me muthi. This thing is getting worse now,” she said.

Cecilia said she can’t walk any more and is unable to care for her two kids.

“I tried to speak to my lover’s wife when he was arrested for the second time but she wouldn’t see me. The growth has now become smelly and no one wants to sit near me. My life has been ruined for loving a man,” she said.

However, a doctor has told Cecilia she’s suffering from a sexually transmitted infection that has nothing to do with juju or curse. The doctor has advised Cecilia to see a specialist immediately.