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John Fashanu's wife, Abigail, attacked him with samurai sword his sister claims

The last has not been heard on the on-going battle between former football star John Fashanu and his estranged wife Abigail Onyekwelu, Adaeze Yobo's mum. In a new interview, John's sister, Princess Fashanu claimed that Abigail attacked John with a ­samurai sword during one of their fights..many of which she witnessed.

"She’s dangerous, she’s a violent woman. I’ve seen the violence. Trust me, I don’t want my brother in this relationship.

 She swung my brother’s Samurai sword, which he has for martial arts, at him. If he hadn’t been alert and in the right position she would have stabbed him right through the heart.

 She would have killed him."
"She also threw a bottle of wine at his head. She was complaining that she needed some money to get some stuff.

My brother was saying to her, ‘Calm down’. Before you knew it she just threw a bottle of wine at him. There was blood everywhere.

The woman is crazy. She spent £500 on a fake plastic bum to make it look bigger. She’s not normal. You can’t meet violence with violence, for God’s sake. He had to walk out.” Princess said


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Liberia declared Ebola free

The World Health Organization WHO has declared Liberia, one of the countries worst hit with the deadly Ebola virus epidemic in Africa free from the virus.

This declaration comes after no new case has been reported in the last 42 days. Over 4,700 deaths from Ebola virus disease was recorded in Liberia.


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Karrueche Tran shows birthday TBT photo of Cassie touching her 'behind' (Photo)

Chris Brown's ex, Karrueche, whose birthday is coming up in a week took to her Instagram page to share this throwback photo. :-)


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Man Caught Having Sex With A Goat (Photo)

A man named Akinbobola Taiwo Oluwa was caught having sex with a goat in Ogun state.  One word for this man...



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Kendall Jenner Shows Off Kinky Boots While Out With Khloe Kardashian

Slam dunk for Kendall! The ‘KUWTK’ star sported one of her sexiest fashion choices yet while attending an L.A. Clippers game with Khloe on May 8, rocking a pair of knee-high gladiator boots. So sexy!

Well, that’s one way to make a statement! Kendall Jenner, 19, turned heads while cheering on the Los Angeles Clippers with Khloe Kardashian, 30, on May 8, scoring some major fashion points. The sexy reality star and model showed off her mile-long legs in a pair of kinky gladiator boots, which is by far one of her hottest fashion choices yet!


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Yul Edochie And I Were Lovers –steve Ugochukwu......

Last week, in an exclusive chat with Saturday Beats, popular actor, Yul Edochie, explained how a gay stalker was making life unbearable for him. He claimed that the gay stalker, Steve Ugochukwu, met him through Facebook and demanded to be his gay partner.

He also shared how Ugochukwu always called him and his wife incessantly.But in a twist of event, Ugochukwu contacted Saturday Beats via Facebook to state his side of the story.

Steve UgochukwuThe young man who resides in Canada, expressed shock that Edochie referred to him as a stalker. He told Saturday Beats via a series of mail how he met Edochie and sent some snapshots of their conversation.

He claimed that he was in a discreet sexual relationship with Edochie who always demanded gifts from him. He queried why the actor would demand gifts from him if he were a stalker.Ugochukwu said that so far he had sent an iPad and two wristwatches to the actor.

 He said whenever they have lover’s tiff, Edochie would get slightly upset and would ask him to pay a fine which he would gladly pay.He said, “I met him via a friend, a gay Nollywood location manager.

My friend told me that Yul Edochie was his ex boyfriend, so I decided to give it a trial of which he accepted. He requested that I should send him my picture of which I did. I started asking for his and he refused.

By that time, I had filed papers for his family to travel to Canada and sent him two chronograph timepieces and other material things which he requested.

 We were in a discreet bisexual relationship because he mentioned to me not to get his wife involved. He also told me over the phone the hours I should call him and when not to.

“When he is on location, I can call anytime I want. The relationship went sour because he refused to send the pictures of his manhood after I sent mine. When he refused, I kept calling his line and he started changing his numbers.

But later, he told me he didn’t want to send it to me because of his colleagues. He said he was scared that I might leak the pictures and his colleagues would see it.”Ugochukwu told Saturday Beats that he and Edochie were in a relationship for about a year and a half.

He said that they had intimate discussions over the telephone.“I need to know if he was trying to scam me or rip me off. Why would he be requesting gifts from me if we weren’t into each other? If we weren’t in a discreet relationship, he wouldn’t say such to me.

No hard core straight guy would ever open his mouth to say that to a stalker but he told me that several times. He said anytime I insulted him, I would pay fine. Yes, I paid fines because he kept demanding things from me,” he said.http://www.


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Man Stabs Girlfriend After She Caught Him Sucking Her Sister's Boobs.

The trouble began when James was caught sucking the bosom of Rita’s sister, Juliet at their White House road residence, Agudama- Epie.

Juliet, a nursing mother, had paid a visit to her sister at her residence and at night when she fell asleep, James allegedly crawled up and started sucking her bosom.Juliet was woken up by this and immediately raised the alarm waking up her sister and some neighbours.

Due to the degree of perversion, Rita could not cope with the embarrassment and she decided to end her relationship with James.Friday afternoon, neigh­bours alerted the Akenfa Police station when Rita was found in the pool of her blood with a kitchen knife by her side.

The police having been told of the story between Rita and James immediately launched a man­hunt for him and he was found unconscious in a nearby bush af­ter taking a substance suspected to be poison.

The police rushed him to the Federal Medical Centre, where doctors were able to revive him and are battling to save his life, while the body of Rita has been deposited at the FMC mortuary.


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When The Bride Price Is Too High For Him To Pay....

There are different wedding traditions which are observed by prospective couples across the world, while some are pretty simple, straight forward and cost nothing, others can be complex, expensive and deeply involving too.

 In Nigeria and most African countries, the most important tradition of all is “the bride price” a wedding tradition observed according to the customs and norms of the bride’s family. Every culture has different process of paying the bride price but every tradition serves the common interest of the bride and her family.

The significance of a bride priceA bride price is a traditional practice to receive from the groom’s family in form of goods, livestock and money given to the family of the bride in appreciation of her nurturing from infant to maturity during the traditional marriage rites. It demonstrates the ability of the man to continue to take care of their daughter as they set out on life’s journey together.

 It is often based on the bride’s family’s set rules and requirements and can also be measured according to her family’s wealth and social status. Where the bride attains a good level of education, the bride price tends to be much higher.

The implicationThe importance of the bride price cannot be overlooked so much that women whose bride prices are not paid before marriage often feel cheated and unsettled in their marriage. A marriage is incomplete when the bride price is still outstanding and until the man does the right thing, the woman’s family will not accept him as an in-law.

ExploitationAs significant as the tradition is, the practice appears to have become so commercialised that it has lost the flavour of the old school and the traditional values are gradually fading away too. Commercialisation of bride price or high bride wealth is a common practice in some parts of Nigeria.

A young man recently called to seek my advice on his bride price dilemma; he was given a list of items by his prospective in-laws which included a cow and several other expensive goods. Just as he was finalising the list, he received a call to attend a meeting with the head of the family.

At the meeting, he was told that the first list he was given was not conclusive. In a nutshell, he was asked to buy another cow but unfortunately, he had spent all his savings buying all the items on the list.

 They continued to demand for the extra cow which left him sad and confused.Today, many men fall into this trap and others choose to delay their wedding proposal since the bride price is gradually shifting towards buying a wife too.

NotesWith due respect to our elders and families who truly believe in the traditions of bride price, I hold this issue in high esteem with so much emotional attachment too.

Yes, I obviously sympathise with many young men and their families who have to pay the price but in my opinion, it truly sets the men apart from the boys and men who have respect for such traditions are more likely to meet their financial obligations within the marriage too.

On a lighter note, negotiations can also be made where necessary but strong traditions such as these should not be undervalued and misunderstood.Let us give Caesar what belongs to Caesar.


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WHO warns that Ebola might be transmitted sexually

The World Health Organisation has issued an interim advice on the possibility of Ebola Virus of being sexually transmitted.

The WHO had directed all Ebola survivors and their sexual partners to receive counselling to guard against possible transmission of the disease.

This is contained in a statement made available by WHO to newsmen in Lagos on Saturday.

It indicated that the sexual transmission of the Ebola Virus had yet to be established.

WHO said, “The sexual transmission of the Ebola Virus from males to females is a strong possibility, but has not yet been proven; less probable, but theoretically possible.

“Studies have shown that Ebola virus can be isolated from semen up to 82 days after symptom onset.

“A recent case investigation identified genetic material (RNA) from the virus by nucleic acid amplification tests (such as RT-PCR) 199 days after symptom onset.

“This is well beyond the period of virus detecting ability in the blood of survivors and long after recovery from illness.

“The detection of virus genetic material many months after symptom onset is assumed to reflect the continuing, or at least very recent, presence of live and potentially transmissible Ebola virus.”

More surveillance data and research are needed on the risks of sexual transmission and particularly on the prevalence of viable and transmissible virus in semen over time, WHO said.

WHO recommends that, in the interim, all Ebola survivors and their sexual partners should receive counselling.

It added that this is to ensure safe sexual practices until their semen has twice tested negative; and survivors should be provided with condoms.

“Ebola survivors and their sexual partners should either abstain from all types of sex or observe safe sex through correct and consistent condom use until their semen has twice tested negative.

“Having tested negative, survivors can safely resume normal sexual practices without fear of Ebola virus transmission,” the statement added.



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Check out what model/actress and Wiz Khalifa's ex-wife, Amber Rose wore when she stepped out for the premiere of her new movie Sister Code in Los Angeles, California.

The mum-of-one opted for all black to flatter her form, topped it off with elegant peep toe heels and a pink colour-pop mani-pedi. Homegirl was really flaunting her assets! More pics after the cut.


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35-yr-old Teacher Arrested For Raping 12-yr-old Student.

A teacher who is supposed to impart good morals into his students is now in the net for raping one of his 12-year-old pupil.

A 35-year-old secondary school teacher in Jigawa State, has been arrested by the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), in the state for allegedly raping a 12-year-old Junior Secondary School, JSS1, student.

According to the state Commandant of the corps, Muhammad Gidado, the suspect who is a classroom teacher in a Junior Secondary School is the state, allegedly raped the girl on Wednesday, May 6, 2015, in one of school toilets and was caught in the act by another teacher who reported the case to the school authority.

The commandant added that when the girl was interrogated, she confessed that the teacher had been having carnal knowledge of her for a long time, both during school hours and after school.

Gidado said further that the suspect who is married with four children, has confessed that he committed the crime and would soon be charged to court.


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Tyga’s Future Baby & Then Marriage Plans With Kylie Jenner.

Tyga is all about Kylie! In fact, he’s in it for the long haul with the reality star, as EXCLUSIVELY learned that he wants to settle down with her, and is already thinking of baby and marriage plans. Find out all the details!

Tyga, 25, is head over heels for his girlfriend Kylie Jenner, 17, and he knows he wants to be with her a very long time! After his ex Blac Chyna, 26, tried to come between them, Tyga has only grown more fond of Kylie, and is already thinking big when it comes to their future together. So what exactly does he want and when?


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Amber Rose tries to take back what she said about Kanye, blames it on alcohol

Amber Rose has a gag order not to spill any secrets about Kanye from when they dated. Well, she did last weekend while hosting at a club when she accused Kanye of not writing his own songs.

After the video went viral, Amber took to her Instagram page to kinda take back what she said and blamed it on being drunk.


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Photos: 8 year old boy found in suitcase at Spanish border

How can you risk your child's life this way? An 8-year-old boy from the Ivory Coast survived several hours locked in a suitcase, bundled in a fetal position, as his family tried to smuggle him into Spain. But they didn't succeed as police officers discovered him in the suitcase via scan on Thursday May 7 in El Tarajal, a terrestrial point of entry at Spain's border with Morocco. See more pics after the cut...

The boy, who is now in Spanish custody, is believed to have spent many hours in the pink, medium-sized polyester suitcase, pressed against a few personal belongings.
"He was shocked when we opened the suitcase to see so many people looking at him," a Spanish police spokesman told CNN. He also said the boy is in good condition.
The police spokesman said police officers in El Tarajal became suspicious when a 21-year-old woman, a Moroccan National, showed signs of nervousness as she attempted to cross the border wheeling the suitcase down the street.
"Our officers asked her if she needed help as the wheels began to give in," the spokesman said.

Suspecting a drug smuggling case, police brought the suitcase in for an x-ray. That is when they found the boy.

He was immediately taken to a state child custodian and awaits judicial process, the official said.
A man who is apparently his father, identified as A.O., was arrested a few hours after the boy was found. The man, who has permanent residency in Spain, awaits formal charges.

The spokesman said this is the first time they have found this type of smuggling, in which a child was locked into a container.



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Dangote Cannot Afford To Buy Arsenal Football Club – Etcetera.

You have sold some shares and you’ve got some money to spend. Now you want the ultimate: Your own football club. Hold on there, are you sure?

 Football clubs are a nightmare to run. In fact, almost two-thirds of premiership clubs have been in receivership at some point. Remember Portsmouth FC ploughed through four owners some seasons back and landed itself a debt of £60m and relegation in the Championship.

Think of Leeds United’s tragicomic collapse; the balls-up at Cambridge United; Rotherham going into receivership in 2006 and 2008; Southampton’s sorry saga. And, of course, Crawley Town getting a winding up order years back. So, what do we know? Don’t buy a football club for the glory.

 So, before Dangote aspires to join Abrahamovic, Glazers and Al Mansours, he should make sure he knows his stuff.But does Dangote know how much these football clubs really cost?It is often mistaken that these clubs go for a quid. For instance, Swansea City was bought by investors for £100, and sold four years later for a £1.

But beware: underneath those figures lies a pile of debt.Does Dangote have the cash, can he do an Abramovich?No, he can’t. New UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations already in place, require clubs to balance their income and expenses. Dangote cannot operate under such rules.

The premiership is too organised and transparent for any businessman to easily manipulate. The wage structure of footballers is too large for a businessman like Dangote to take on. Let us forget that those goons at Forbes have told us that Dangote is Africa’s richest man

 As it stands, he cannot afford the outright purchase of a big football club like Arsenal. It is as simple as that. He will go broke. It is a possibility if we are talking about a club in the coast of West Africa. Dangote has most of his wealth in shares and physical assets and the football business requires liquid cash to sustain.

Have we all forgotten that the same Dangote got a 3G licence and sold it to Etisalat? He is a very smart businessman who knows how to pick his areas of investments.Can he get Bank backing?Unlikely! No serious private equity firm would get involved with a football club. They are not proper businesses.

Too much politics, too many egos. And there’s no proper exit route – the history of football clubs on the stock market is chequered, to say the least. They are rich men’s toys, great for entertaining your mates, and that’s about it. I don’t think Dangote can afford such an expensive toy.A lot of people think it is relatively easy to make a million pounds by being the owner of a football club.

That all you have to do is put in that first two million pounds. But these people should also know that since the English Premier League was formed in 1992, football finances have dried up to the extent that making a million pound profit is no longer a walk in the park.

 It is also the case that buying a football club is unlikely to yield that much of a return. Despite the significant TV and other commercial revenues, football clubs in England’s top flight still struggle to break even.

This is ironic, given the goal of setting up the Premier League was to stabilise club finances.Is Dangote putting his heart over his head?Yes I think so. Simon Jordan, in his autobiography, tells the story of how owning a football club can go terribly wrong. Jordan amassed a fortune of £75m in the early days of the mobile phone revolution.

In 2000, he paid £10m to take control of South London football team Crystal Palace, becoming the youngest football club chairman at the age of 32. He was warned by many not to do it, but having watched the club since his childhood, he could not resist. Fast-forward 10 years and the club was in administration and Jordan’s personal wealth largely wiped out.

 It is reported that Roman Abramovich, the Russian owner of Chelsea, has written off more than one billion pounds he ploughed into the club since acquiring it in 2003. Catching him up fast is Sheikh Mansour from Abu Dhabi, who has invested close to one billion pounds in Manchester City since 2008.

Can Dangote write off such a huge amount of money? It is in fact the amount of money he borrows to invest in businesses. But again, I think Dangote is just trying to hype himself. Most of the serious money flowing into football recently has come from the Middle East.

 The Qatar Investment Authority (the country’s sovereign wealth fund) bought the French Ligue 1 side Paris St Germain in 2011 and has gone about transforming them in the same way Sheikh Mansour has Manchester City.

Forget those guys at Forbes, Dangote is not in the same league as these guys.The Glazer Family bought Manchester United in 2006, recognising the immense value of its global brand as a cash generator and the opportunities to enhance it even further.

 The cost of buying the club was loaded on to the club itself, with the revenues it generates used to pay the debt and interest that the Glazers undertook to buy the club. Eventually, the hope is that the club will essentially pay for itself leaving its American owners in possession of a multi-billion pound asset but till date, the Glazers are still gnashing their teeth and are still neck deep in debt.

When it was speculated that a Middle East consortium was willing to pay £1.5bn for Arsenal Football Club, it was stated that Stan Kroenke, the American who owns about 63 per cent of the shares in the club, would have made just £400m on his shares.

 So, given the appalling financial returns, why do people buy football clubs?Who can buy Arsenal football club?Anyone can buy Arsenal football club, but that anyone doesn’t include anyone who obtains bank loans to fund a business. Sir John Madejski, chairman of Reading Football Club, describes the ideal football club owner as having deep pockets, mercurial, and not faint-hearted.


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Abortion Kills 34,000 Women In Nigeria Every Year......

More than 34,000 young women die from abortion and its complications every year according to statistics reeled out by the President General of Umuada Igbo Nigeria and in the Diaspora, Dr. Kate Ezeofor.

According to Ezeofor, who addressed rural women in Amesi, Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra State on Wednesday, a recent study showed the burden of abortion is even more destructive.

She said the study showed that for every one girl that died as a result of abortion, 20 others were impaired for life.

The Umuada Igbo leader said most of the fatal abortions resulted from attempts to terminate unwanted pregnancies using quacks.Ezeofor was represented by Mrs. Philomena Nnamani at a sensitisation seminar held for rural women in the community on women’s reproductive health and rights and safe family planning method.

She said the death of a woman worsened the very bad state of infant mortality in Nigeria.She said UmuadaIgbo had been going round Igboland organising seminars and programmes to teach families to practise family planning, how to space their children to attain a healthy and better family.


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How 19-yr-old Drop-out Hypnotizes Women With Strange Ring (picture)

Detectives attached to Nsukka Area Command of the Nigeria Police Force, Enugu State, were dumb- founded, recently, following startling confessions of a 19-year-old elementary six drop-out over his exploits with girls and homosexuals using a strange ring.

 The suspect, Chukwuebuka Ani, who hails from Nara in Nkanu Local Government Area of the state told policemen that he uses ring to weirdly attract young girls and married women while homosexuals approach him for love tango at the cost of a whooping N100,000 per day.

HIS EXPLOITSNarrating his incredible exploits, the suspect who was arrested by members of a vigilante group following his suspicious movement at Umabor village in Opi, Nsukka Local Government Area, after he fled from his village, confessed that he was initiated into the secret cult by his friend at Community Primary School, Isiagu, Awka, Anambra State who gave him biscuits and sachet water during break time.

According to him, at night, that my friend appeared and asked me to follow him. Unknown to me, the biscuit and water he gave me earlier had automatically initiated me into their cult. He took me to a lady he identified as Amarachi Eze, who lives in a four-storey building in Awka.

HYPNOTISES WOMEN WITH RING“The lady told me that I should never disclose to anybody what I saw. She used her finger nail to give me a mark on the chest and she licked the blood that came out from the mark. She then asked me to be visiting her on a weekly basis.

Each time I visited, she will compel me to make love to her. After that, she will give me N5, 000.00. She was also paying me N15,000.00 every month and she gave me two rings which I use to attract girls. However, I was forbidden from making love to harlots in brothels.”

CULT MEMBERSHIP AFTER SEX Chukwuebuka stated that he was in that game for over three years and each time he tried to escape from the cult, the lady will threaten to kill him, pointing out that he has reported to the police but he ended up being detained for days while the lady will still come to release him and request for sex.“She will also direct me to continue to initiate more people.

I found out that any girl I had intercourse with, will automatically become a member of our cult group. Also, I discovered that once I insert the ring in my mouth, anything I tell somebody must be accepted and obeyed to the last letter.SUICIDE ATTEMPTAt a stage, I was fed up with the whole thing and I was thinking of committing suicide.

 However, when I remembered that I am the only child of my peasant parents, I chose the option of returning back home to fend for my self. While at home, I could not afford to pay for my secondary education. I decided to learn how to repair generator and barbing.Unfortunately, after I was freed, I could still not afford to be on my own due to lack of funds to purchase working tools.

 In spite of my decision to return home and turn a new leaf, I still did not discard the evil rings. I kept on using it to make love to a good number of girls and married women that crossed my way. There were so many that I can not identify them. I was only interested in having fun and initiating them into the group as directed by the lady, Amarachi.”

TANGO WITH HOMOSEXUALS“One man who is a gay approached me at a certain joint, bought few things for me, gave me his complimentary card, and asked me to come to Abuja if I am interested that he will give me N100, 000 for love tango in one of the best hotels. The complimentary card is with the police.

 I cannot remember the man’s name but if the police can give out the card, you will see his name. One other gay lover, Ifeanyi at Ugwuoba in Anambra State, is in prison now.He has defiled many young boys.

Ifeanyi claims to be a Pastor but he is a well known homosexual in the area who defiled one small boy and was imprisoned about two or three months ago. He has many shops, barbing saloons, film rentals among others which he uses to entice young boys and perfect his illicit acts.

”HOW HE CAME TO NSUKKA“One day, I just decided to move out of the village. I came to Gariki, Awkunanaw motor park in Enugu and joined Peace Mass Transit to Nsukka.

When the vehicle reached Opi junction, some people dropped and I decided to follow as I have never been to Nsukka before. When I came down, I saw a barbing saloon and entered there. Some boys were chatting inside.

 I told one of them called Chinedu that I was looking for a wife to marry.He laughed at me and said he could not help out. It was getting late and I pleaded to pass the night with him and he obliged my request.

 I followed him to their house and on entering the compound, one elderly woman inquired from him who he was coming with. Soon after the woman left us, she entered their room and I over heard her chanting some incantations.

 Few seconds later, she came out and branded me a thief, kidnapper, ritualist, 419, sex maniac and cultist, unknown to me that the woman is a herbalist.She, thereafter, invited the local vigilante group to arrest and interrogate me with a view to finding out my mission in their community.

I was roughly manhandled before they invited the police who equally tortured me to find out the exact fact of my mission. I fabricated lies to enable the police leave me but all the things I said did not go down well with them. They then took me to the Area Command headquarters in Nsukka town.”

POLICE ADVICEA competent senior police officer who spoke with Crime Guard over the startling revelations by the suspect, advised young boys and girls to be careful with the kind of friends they keep, both at school and outside their homes pointing out that investigations are on going to unravel the authenticity of the sordid story by the suspect who is helping the police in their investigations.


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Our Neighbour Revived Me With Water After Raping Me Six Times –14-year-old Rape.

Fourteen-year-old Jane (not real name) stared at her feet as she recounted her four-year ordeal in the hands of a neighbour, Felix Emmanuel, an Edo State indigene, who took advantage of her innocence.

At 14, she explained that if she knew that the threats that had kept her quiet from disclosing what she was going through were mere lies, she would have told her mother about what was happening to her before it went on for too long.

Fair-complexioned with sadness clearly showing in her eyes, there was no doubt that Jane had suffered, in silence, as her single mother was none the wiser about the regular sexual abuse her daughter was being subjected to.

“He (Emmanuel) first raped me in 2011 when I was 10 years old. He brought out a calabash with cowries in it and told me that if I told anybody, I would die within 24 hours,” she told our correspondent, sobbing.Her mother comforted her and urged her on.

Jane has lost her father but care for the family fell on her struggling mother, Margaret, who also regretted that she did not notice the abuse her daughter was subjected to over the last four years.Jane, a senior secondary year one student, lives in the same compound with Emmanuel, a 28-year-old unemployed secondary school drop-out, in Egbeda area of Lagos.

The girl told Saturday PUNCH, “The first time he raped me, my mother sent me on errand. I was passing by his room on my way back when he called me.“I did not know what he wanted from me, but I answered him.

 But as soon as I stepped in the door, he covered my mouth and dragged me to an unoccupied room in the building.“I noticed that there was another person inside the room – Jerome – who I knew as a friend to Emmanuel.

“Jerome pinned me down and covered my mouth and Emmanuel raped me in the room. When he was done, he gave me a handkerchief to clean up the blood that was coming out from my body.“

He demanded for the handkerchief but I did not give it back to him because I did not know what he wanted it for. When I was about to leave the room, that was when he brought out the calabash, threatened and warned me not to ever tell anybody what happened.

”But unknown to Jane, that was just the beginning of a series of sexual abuses in the hand of Emmanuel, an act that would later escalate to the point where he started to invite his friends over to partake in the Fun.

Over the next two years, Jane had changed a lot and she became erratic in the house.Margaret said, “When I noticed the way she changed, I asked if anybody was molesting her, but she said no. I thought maybe she needed a change of environment, so, I sent her to live with my sister in Ghana in November 2013.

“But when she got to Ghana, she started to misbehave again. My sister was curious and one day asked if she was still a virgin. She (Jane) refused to answer. But she later took her for a test and confirmed that she had been sexually active.“

When my sister asked her who defiled her, she told her it was our neighbour but I could not confront him even though I saw him everyday. I simply did not know what to do because I thought if I made it a police issue, I might not be able to afford the cost that may come with that.”

Saturday PUNCH learnt that Jane was later returned to Nigeria in October 2014 but as soon as she got back, she caught the eyes of Emmanuel and her cohorts again.Jane said, “When I got back to Nigeria, I decided to stay clear of Emmanuel, I was afraid and tried to avoid him.

 But one day, I was sent on errand and he told me to help drop some tubers of yam for his mother along the way, while I waited outside to collect the yam, he dragged me into his room.“That day, Emmanuel and three friends of his – Ayo, Felix, Mugambo – took turns To Molest me.

 Some days after that, he also took me to his room, he raped me six times. When I fainted, he splashed water on me to revive me. Sometimes, he used condom, sometimes, he did not. I just want him to go to jail for what he did to me.”Jane said Emmanuel always referred to the calabash in his room anytime she protested.

Jane’s mother who said she did not understand that there may be a connection with the sexual abuse her daughter had suffered and her erratic behaviour, always beat the girl until the Esther Child Rights Foundation was notified.

Executive Director of the foundation, Esther Ogwu, said she was notified about the abuse of the child but only learnt of the series of sexual abuses the girl had been subjected to over the years when she interviewed her.Ogwu said, “The girl has suffered so much. But the mother did not see this, she only saw a girl that was misbehaving.

It is absolutely wrong to beat a child that has suffered sexual abuses because that is not the solution.“The first step we took was to take the girl to the hospital for test. The doctors confirmed that the girl had been sexually assaulted on multiple cases.

 The scary part was that she had contracted so much infections that we had to ensure that was treated urgently.“We later got the police involved and we are happy that action was taken on the issue.”

Emmanuel was arrested and transferred to the Department of Criminal Investigation, Yaba Lagos.He has since been arraigned at the Family Court 6, Ikeja, Lagos on charges of defilement and sexual abuse.

 He was granted N200,000 bail.Ogwu said Jane’s mother has a share in the blame of what her daughter went through.“

Any mother who is close to her daughter and is observant should be able to tell if she is being abused over such a long period of time. Many parents are simply not doing enough to secure their female children against sexual predators,” she said.

Wizkid shares a cute picture with tania omotayo..........

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Photo: Wizkid shares lovely new pic with Tania Omotayo.

Cute couple!


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Amber Rose comes for Kanye's neck, says he doesn't write his songs

Looks like Amber Rose is not done taking digs at her ex, Kanye West. At recent club event where she was the host, the former stripper and mother of one exposed Kanye's ghost writer. Amber stopped the music at Supper Club in LA, took the mic and told the DJ,

“Stop playing n*ggas I used to f***, stop. Why don’t we play the n*gga who writes the songs for the other n*gga, Travis Scott!”
Ouch! Bad ass.......


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You're not a tested Christian until you have lived in the north - Pastor Adeboye

This twitter handle is connected to the church's main twitter handle @RCCGHQ so it's his real handle


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Coco Austin and her sister's Yoga moves are off the chain (photos)

It's called AcroYoga and sometimes the sisters do it in heels. Coco is a model, reality star and is married to Ice T. Her sister is married with three kids. See the photos after the cut...