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Check out adorable photo Femi Fani Kayode shares with his fiancee, Precious, and a cute lil boy

He shared the photo on Twitter and wrote "My son". That lil man is cute for days!

When He Cheated On Her , She Taught Him A Lesson He Will Never Forget.

One night a man got home from work, as his wife served him his dinner, he held her hand and said “I’ve got something to tell you”.

“I want a divorce” he said.

She didn’t seemed annoyed and calmy she asked “Why?”

Because he avoided her question and could not give her an answer she shouted “you are not a man”.

That night none of them said a word to each other and his wife lay in bed weeping wondering why it all went wrong.

He didn’t love her anymore, he just pitied her. She lost his heart to Jane. He felt guilty but he filed for a divorce. He was kind and gave her the house, the car, and 30% of his company.

But she tore it to pieces.They were strangers. He felt bad but he knew it was the right thing to do because he loved Jane.

It proved too much for her and she cried loudly. And he was thankful he thought that this was the beginning of her accepting that it was over.

The next day he came home late and found her writing something on the table. he didn’t say a word he went straight to bed and fell straight to sleep because he was tired after an eventful day with Jane. When he woke she was still there, writing. But he did not care.

In the morning she presented him with her divorce conditions. She didn’t want anything. Just a month’s notice before the .........

She asked that in this month they live a normal life, their son had his exams in a months time and she didn’t want to disrupt him with a broken marriage.

He agreed.

She had one more condition, that he recall how he carried her out of the bridal room on their wedding day. She requested that everyday for the next month he would carry her out of the bedroom to the front door. Every morning. He thought it was strange but he agreed.

Jane thought the conditions were absurd “she has to face the divorce, she said scornfully.”

They hadn’t had any body contact since the divorced was explicitly expressed. He looked clumsy carrying her but their son clapped ‘Daddy is holding mommy in his arms’.

His words brought him pain, but the decision was made and it was kept a secret.

The next day they were more at ease. He realised he had not looked at her properly and up close in a long time. Her hair was graying. Their marriage had taken it’s toll on her.

He had moments where he wondered what he had done.
On the fourth day he felt some intimacy between them, he realised this was the woman who had given ten years of her life to him and had his child. As the days went by the intimacy grew.

He didn’t tell Jane of course. It became easier for him to carry her as the month slipped by. He thought perhaps he was getting stronger. But he was shocked when he realised how thin she had got. Suddenly it hit him and he thought it was because of all the pain and bitterness she was bearing. Unknowingly he reached out and touched her head.

Their son came out and said, ‘Dad, it’s time to carry mom out.’ To him, seeing his father carrying his mother out had become an essential part of his life.

When he lifted her, her hand surrounded his neck naturally and it felt just like their wedding day.

Her weight was bothering him. One morning he said “I didn’t notice how much intimacy we lacked” and put her down outside. He drove to the office,walked up the stairs and said to Jane, ‘Sorry I do not want a divorce anymore’.

She was astonished, she thought he had a fever. But he explained that he had not been valuing the details of his and his wife’s lives. He realised that he is supposed to hold her till death do them part. And that he did still love her.

Jane gave him a slap burst into tears and he never saw her again.

On his way home he bought some flowers to give to his wife, when the salesgirl asked what to write on the card he smiled and said ‘I’ll carry you out every morning until death do us apart.’”

He arrived home full of hope and ran up the stairs only to find his beloved wife in bed – dead.

His wife had been fighting cancer for month and he was too busy with Jane to even notice.

The more he thought about it the more he realised that she wanted to keep the negativity from their son as long as possible.

At least in the eyes of his son, he was a loving husband. But he forever lives with the guilt. The small details of a relationship are what really matter. .

So find time to be your spouse’s friend and do those little things for each other that build intimacy
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Marriage Drama : Emeka Ike Disvirgined me And Turned my Kids Against me. 

Emeka Ike's Wife CriesEmeka Ike's wife had gone to court, seeking dissolution of their 12-year-old marriage but Emeka failed to show up in court. Emeka's counsel, Abdul’Hakeem Labi-Lawal, said Emeka has not appeared in court because he is ill. He begged the court to give Emeka 6 months to see if there is possibility of settlement between the couple.

The wife however said 6 months was too long adding that Emeka had 2 years to reconcile with her but he didn’t. Her words: “The last time I wanted to speak with our children, it was my mother-in-law who picked the call and asked if I had read Exodus 21 which says that if I go, I shouldn’t return.” .

The wife later told THE NATION that Emeka took her last 2 children from her when she was going for her mother’s burial in February. “He promised to bring them to me immediately I returned from my mother’s burial but he didn’t. He doesn’t allow me to speak with them anymore. They are now against me," she said. .

She said she left her matrimonial home because she could no longer bear being tortured anymore. She said: “If I was still with him, I may not survive. I was 19-year old when I met him and he was the one who deflowered me. I see no reason I shouldn’t be treated with utmost respect. Due to physical torture, my health has been affected. There was even a time I thought I had breast cancer because I felt a lump on one part of my breast.” .

She said things became worse last Sunday when she called Emeka to speak with their children. In tears, she said:”I almost went mad when my first son told me on phone that if I truly loved them, I wouldn’t have abandoned them. .

Even my 7-year-old son whose day wouldn’t be complete without seeing me said he doesn’t love me. I love my children. I miss my children. I never abandoned them. I am in pain. I really need my children. I am a good woman; I endured so many things as his wife.”...- 

10 Yr Old Boy Buried Alive by Occult Men at Enugu

Drama ensured at Ngwo Enugu after a 10-year-old boy was allegedly buried alive by suspected occultic men.
The discovery was made during a three-day fasting and prayer crusade organised to cleanse the community of evil.

Vanguard reports that the boy was allegedly abducted along Independence Layout axis.

However, a Catholic priest from Abia State, Reverend Father Modestus Chilaka, invited by elders to assist in cleansing the land, rescued the boy.

The traditional ruler, Ogwugwu Ebenebe 1 of Ameke Ngwo, Igwe Jerome Okolo, said: “I was here and I saw a small boy who was buried alive as a sacrifice.

“The priest said there was such thing happening and they have buried a boy for rituals.

“He prophesied and said he will go there and rescue him. He went and they rescued the boy and brought him to this ground and everybody saw him.”

Eminem SHADES Caitlyn Jenner, WOW !

Eminem was a guest on Sway's show, 'Sway in the morning', earlier today on Shade 45, a Satellite radio station on Sirius XM which is owned by Eminem, to promote his new movie with 50 Cent, "Southpaw".

He gave an 8 minute freestyle where he took jabs at a lot of celebrities including Caitlyn Jenner. He said:"This a true statement, I see the bitch in you Caitlyn," he raps about Caitlyn Jenner.

 "I keep the pistol tucked like Bruce Jenner’s dick/ No disrespect though, not at all/ No pun intended… that took a lot of balls.”

He was there to promote the upcoming film, Southpaw, but ended up giving an eight-minute long freestyle.

Of course, with it being Eminem, we all knew there was a chance for controversy, and he delivered that controversy as he rapped, during the freestyle.

Man Snatches Friend's Wife And 5 Children in Imo. Says He Fathered Them.

A 52 year-old man, Gilbert Maduako, has lost his wife, Oluchi and five children after his friend, Akwusi Aluwaogu, who allegedly snatched Oluchi and took away the children claiming that he was their father. The incident happened at Ugwuakwu Village in Umuchu in Aguate Local Government in Anambra State, southeast Nigeria. The marriage which produced those children, collapsed after Oluchi and her children moved to Aluwaogu’s home who is an indigene of Akokwa town in Imo State and introduced the man to her children as their real father. P.M.NEWS reports:

It was learnt that both Maduako and Aluwaogu were good friends for years before he married Oluchi. Unknown to Maduako, his friend was secretly dating his wife even though he visited them as a family friend.  He later got to know when he returned from work and did not find his wife and children. He started looking for them and later found them at Aluwaogu’s house at his village in Akokwa, Imo State.

The wife reportedly introduced Aluwaogu as her husband and father of those five children. It was not certain who among the two husbands actually impregnated Oluchi and had the children. P.M.NEWS gathered from the indigeines that the children belong to Maduako because he properly married Oluchi by paying her bride price. Trouble started after Aluwaogu planned to give the eldest daughter to a husband at a tender age to collect her dowry. Maduako got wind of the plan and reported to the police at Umuchu Division who intervened.

The police arrested Aluwaogu and took him to the station where he was interrogated and he confessed that he actually wanted to marry off the teenager. He said since they are living with him and their mother, who actually knew their real father of those children, he had since adopted them as his own children. On the fate of his friend, Maduako, he said he cannot force Oluchi to marry him and suggested that he should go and get himself another wife and accept his fate.

When correspondents visited the station, the new DPO was not around to comment on the matter.

P.M.NEWS gathered from police sources that police stopped the marriage on two grounds-to determine the rightful owner of those children and that the girl was too young to get married.

This Guys “I Cheated” Prank goes Wrong When His Girlfriend Admits She Cheated Too.

After celebrating 5 years of going out, Roman Atwood decided it would be a funny idea to prank his girlfriend Britney.

He sneakily setup a camera in the corner of their bedroom. This was designed to capture the moment he tries to trick his girlfriend, telling her “I’ve cheated on you”.

He wasn’t planning on his girlfriend would saying back, “I cheated on you too”.

Atwood reacted in a very bad way, and you soon see things turn very sour.