Monday, 4 January 2016

ISIS throw 15-year-old boy off a roof for being gay... but the terror chief who raped him is let off

A teenage boy has reportedly been thrown off a roof by ISIS militants in Syria after he was accused of being homosexual, but the Islamist who raped him was spared a death sentence.
The 15-year-old boy was pushed to his death off a high building in Deir ezzor province in Syria.
The ISIS commander who raped him is believed to be Abu Zaid al-Jazrawi, who previously appeared in a video showing child soldiers executing prisoners in a sickening twist on the game of hide and seek.
Al-Jazrawi was reportedly flogged and sent to fight on the frontline in Iraq as punishment. 

One witness said that the execution took place in public, in front of a large gathering of local civilians in the area.
Video footage and photos have yet to emerge of the incident, which was revealed by ARA News. 

'The boy was accused of being engaged in a homosexual relation with the prominent ISIS officer Abu Zaid al-Jazrawi,' media activist Sarai al-Din told ARA News.  

Watch video : Ladies fighting each other with no panties on.... Shame !!!!

Watch video of these ladies fighting shamelessly in public without panties on..... Just crazy !!! 

Shocking :Farm Worker Caught Having Sex With Female Donkey

Farm Worker Caught Having Sex With Female Donkeysho In Wisconsin Pleads Guilty, Blames Out Of Control Privates.Gideon Swartzentruber, a 21-year-old Wisconsin farm worker has been jailed for having sex with a female donkey while his ‘privates were out of control’.
Swartzentruber who is from Neillsville, Clark County, was initially sentenced to probation, counseling and fined $443 after being caught with the donkey by its owner back in September.
However, he was back in court this week when he begged a judge to send him to prison – and was handed a 30 day jail term instead.
Court documents did not reveal why Swartzentruber felt his initial sentence was not harsh enough.
According to previous reports by the Marshfield News Herald, Swartzentruber was working on a farm when he walked into a barn and found the donkey.
Police reports said Swartzentruber ‘kind of touched the donkey and was playing around being crazy’ before deciding to have sex with the animal.
When asked why he decided to have sex with the donkey, Swartzentruber said his ‘privates were out of control’ and he ‘got crazy and carried away.’
Swartzentruber added that it was the first time ‘he had done anything like that.’
After discovering his farmhand in the act, the owner of the farm reported him to police and then fired him from his job.

Throughout the case, Swartzentruber has represented himself in court. He is expected to report to the jailhouse on Monday, though will be allowed to leave for work.

Davido says Davido Says Babymama Sophia Is A Marijuana Addict, Weed Smoker,threatens to sue Dele Momodu.... See why.

Davido Says Babymama Sophia Is A Marijuana Addict, Weed Smoker, Tells Dele Momodu To Stop Waging Media War Against Him.If My Daughter Imade Adeleke Dies, I Will Hold Dele Momodu & His Wife Responsible – Davido Threatens

“I know this story has surfaced online I decided to put it out here for you guys to see.
Check out what singer Davido wrote on the child abduction case filed against him by Dele and Sophia Momodu.
Birth of Imade Adeleke
When the second trimester of Sophia’s pregnancy was closing, she tortuously announced to me that she was in the family way.
My mind was bemused, and so was my soul confused. But I quickly realized that nothing more could be done to alter my status as a father-to-be. I knew that i was not ready to be a dad. Still, I adjusted myself to the realities of my new situation and the consequences of my past personal indiscretions. I made the determination that I was going to be a good dad. I also reasoned that my blunder is not enough pretext to make me a husband. I was just 21. And so I decided to be a responsible dad without being husband to the mother of my baby. I never was in love with Sophia neither was marriage ever in the offing.
Without knowing for sure that I was the real dad of the baby, I entrusted Sophia to the services of a private hospital for both pre-natal and post-natal medical cares. An apartment at Lekki was leased for 2 years, and paid for by me. The burden of medical bills, feeding, transportation and sundry costs rested on my person.
No family member of Sophia including Uncle Dele Momodu rose to help nor guide Sophia.
I own my property at Lekki and had allowed Sophia to stay in the house because she claimed that she knew nobody in Lagos and that her father was deceased whilst her mother was resident in Abuja. For real, Sophia was a drifter without a dime, education nor career. My compassion, ignorance, naivety and poor judgment had combined to make me a victim to a much older lady with super cunning sense that was mixed with a vicious and diabolical nature. I stand accused but calmly accepted my responsibility for the sad misadventure that caused me to be a seat-mate with Sophia on a plane that was flying nowhere.
All along, I have only been generous with Sophia without knowing for sure I was the father to the baby she was carrying. On May 14, 2015, Sophia delivered her baby named Imade. It was after Sophia had delivered the baby that DNA testing medically confirmed that I was indeed the biological father of our child named Imade.
Once this status was obtained, Sophia started to apply maximum financial demands on me. I bought all the baby things and fully furnished her apartment. Sophia knew well how to spend money and yet contributed zero to the vast expenses that I incurred. None in her family contributed even a fake coin to the cost of having Imade.
Uncle Dele Momodu, now the pompous moralist, never visited Sophia nor even delivered an ordinary greeting card to Imade nor to her mum. Throughout the many months that Sophia stayed at my house when she claimed she has no family in Lagos, Uncle Dele Momodu and his bossy wife never showed up at my house to say hello to either of us.
When the going was good, Sophia had told me plenty things about her uncle Dele Momodu that I need not repeat here. And she never invited me to go with her to visit him and I don’t have the knowledge that she ever visited him throughout the time she stayed in my house. She always explained that a visit to Uncle Dele was needless and unnecessary. Uncle Dele Momodu never liked, and still does not like Sophia. He is now just grandstanding because Sophia had a baby for a fairly prominent family and famous Davido.
The case of Mrs Momodu baffles me even more. Why did she not think it necessary to move to Sophia’s apartment to help her out and show her the tricks of motherhood when Imade was newly born. Not once did she visit Sophia and her baby until December 2015. She gave neither care, love nor financial support to Sophia. Now, at 7 months old, and a child with special medical needs, Mrs Momodu rushed to the Lagos Airport to make an awful botch of her standing as a mother: Mrs Momodu certainly not a good person.
She put time and energy to prevent my daughter and I, the real father of Imade, from travelling aboard to keep an appointment with the American Hospital, Dubai. At the point of dying in November, 2015 Imade had been rushed to this medical facility in Dubai, where she received helpful and adequate treatment, and was duly returned to Nigeria, without any side excursions.
sophia momodu drug addict
What then suddenly propels the fear or dangerous love of Mr& Mrs Momodu for Sophia? I deeply sense this couple never loved Sophia nor her late father. They also resent her mum, and probably are jealous that Sophia ever became a mum herself, and thus, wish that Sophia’s daughter who is also my daughter, must needlessly perish.
Where is the inherent value in a callous human ploy that directly intends to prevent a child from receiving necessary medical care aboard once the biological father, David Adeleke, the child’s grandfather and all my siblings who are uncles and aunties to Imade are booked to fly on this essential medical trip to which we have attached a restful family vacation? Sophia ain’t a member of our family, period.
Surely, Sophia was not with Imade when she first visited Dubai, and yet Imade was promptly returned to Nigeria. And no one said Sophia cannot come to Dubai except that I declared that I don’t want the trip to seem like a spousal get-away. Sophia ain’t my wife and I refuse to let any action conspire to make us look like a couple. She seemed unable or unwilling to pay her way to Dubai. Also, her boastful Uncle, alas, refused to volunteer to pay her way to Dubai. I never suggested to an elder what he should take up as his personal responsibility if indeed he cared at all for Sophia as his robust involvement in our odd relationship wishes to establish. Mr Momodu never bought the ticket but wanted to enforce his cosine to join my family on this Dubai trip.
Dangerous lights are furiously blinking red around my daughter, Sophia and my person. Uncle Dele Momodu and his wife are providers of the energy espousing the idea of a needless death to my daughter. I now say it loud and clear, should my daughter die, this strange couple are mainly responsible. Mr Dele Momodu should just leave me and my family alone! His daughter is not who had a baby for me, and he has been too much of an absentee uncle to Sophia to have any traction on the moral authority that commands the soul and heart of this matter. Sophia Never formally introduced him nor his wife to me, at anytime. Why are they now crowding my space and that of my daughter?
Custody, Lifestyle and Imade’s Loss of Wellness In May, the same month Imade was born, Sophia settled in her fancy apartment for which I paid a hefty bill for a 2 year lease. Her baby was healthy. And she seemed happy. I would take care of all the financial needs of Imade and still pay Sophia a living allowance of 300,000 Naira plus utility bills.
Within a matter of weeks, Sophia missing and lusting for the streets of Lagos, especially the glitzy night life. She often left Imade home for clubbing, binge drinking and a life of debauchery and deviant living. She would sleep all day and party all night. When awake, she was addicted to the telephone and cannabis. She paid the baby no attention at all and seem to despise motherhood and parenting.
Imade was in her custody for 2 straight months, unchallenged and uninterrupted, until the baby took badly and severely ill in July. Imade cried, ceaselessly, for 48 hours. She was rushed to the hospital where her condition confounded medical experts. Several tests were conducted on her and later on the mother.
Medical reports, herein attached (exhibit 1), proved that Sophia’s blood was polluted to the maximum level with cannabis and she had by the process of breast feeding infected her child with complicated medical conditions associated with the use of alcohol and especially cannabis. The trouble spot for Imade was her lungs. She had difficulty breathing largely because of the contaminated breast milk and the severity of the “Second Smoke” of marijuana inhaled by the poor child.
The medical experts at the hospital were enraged by the callous treatment of Imade by her own mother and declared her unfit for the caring and the nursing of a delicate baby. The team determined that they would hand over the baby to the Children’s Welfare Authority of Lagos State Government. My family started to plead with the hospital management. For the first time, Sophia too was sober, sorry and contrite. We pleaded that the baby would be kept from the mother once she was returned to us, and that we would take over responsibilities for Imade’s welfare.
sophia momodu drug addict

Nigerian Actress Uche Iwuji Begs Oil Millionaire Ex-Husband Juwon Lawal To Come Back, Says No Other Man Is Good For Her

Nigerian Actress Uche Iwuji Begs Oil Millionaire Ex-Husband Juwon Lawal To Come Back, Says No Other Man Is Good For Her.Nollywood actress Uche Iwuji married Juwon Lawal in 2012 but a year later, their marriage crashed after her nude photo alongside several allegations of infidelity hit the web.
In an exclusive chat with Vanguard, Uche said she is still waiting for her ex-husband to return.
juwon rasak lawal
juwon rasak lawal
Hear her:

“I will marry my ex-husband a million times again. No other man is good for me. I believe he will come back when he is ready. “I am sex starved for now but I don’t really long for it. I have been without sex for a while now.“

white woman still maintains Brown Ideye is the father of her children...

The lady posted a pic of Ideye Brown's wife on her instagram page, telling her not to react on social media and that the matter does not concern her. Huh? See more posts after the cut...

News News : IG of Police bans policemen from illegally accessing mobile phones of Nigerians

Inspector General of Police Solomon Arase has issued a circular banning police officers from illegally accessing the mobile phones of civilians. Officer in Charge of Complaint Response Unit (CRU) of the Nigeria Police, Abayomi Shogunle tweeted this.

FFK slams Buhari's worshippers

As he posted on Twitter some hours ago...

WTF !! A white South African woman's post refering to black people as monkeys triggers angry response on social media

A post by an estate agent Penny Sparrow from Durban has resulted in a national social media outcry after she took to Facebook on Saturday and referred to black people as monkeys. In her post, Sparrow said:
"These monkeys that are allowed to be released on New Years Eve...on to public beaches, towns etc obviously have no education whatsoever and to allow them loose is inviting huge dirt and discomfort to others," See the full post after the cut...
Although she has since taken down the post and offered an apology, the Democratic Alliance has laid criminal charges against Penny Sparrow. DA member Herman Mashaba laid the criminal charges against Sparrow with the SAPS, and a case has been opened. DA spokesman Mabine Seabe said in a statement the party's KZN branch has also served notice of intention to suspend Sparrow's membership and has referred her conduct to the Federal Legal Commission for investigation. "Racists are not welcome in the DA, and have no place in our democratic South African society," the statement read.

Meanwhile South Africans are using the hashtag #PennySparrow to revolt against the racist comment. See her apology below...

Khloe Kardashian puts her butt on display in skimpy swimsuit

The Kardashian clan is on holiday on the island of St Barts and gym bunny, Khloe, showed off the result of those gruelling workouts in a revealing one piece swimsuit. More photos after the cut...

Meet the lady who Kanye West is supposedly cheating on Kim Kardashian with (photos)

Notorious instagram blog @Fameolous shared photos of this lady, claiming that Kanye West is creeping around on Kim with her. She's an upcoming model named Savannah Winters. Guess Fameolous is looking for a way to make her famous.

Flavour's baby mama Sandra Okagbue lovely in new photos...

The former Delta Soap beauty queen and Flavour's babymama shared the photos on Instagram.

Cameroonian boy who disguised as a female apprehended and made to strip (photos)

The guy was apprehended by Cameroonian police after getting a tip off from an anonymous source. He disguised himself as a female and went around deceiving men. He was paraded and made to strip at a police station in Yaounde. See more photos after the cut...

Ideye Brown's wife reacts to allegations that he fathered two children with a white woman

The drama in this 2016 no be small thing. Few days after a white woman released photos claiming she has two children for Super Eagles player Ideye Brown (readhere), his wife and mother of his sons, Damka Ideye took to her Instagram page to react to the report. See what she wrote after the cut

"Dear All, my attention was drawn to this account on IG,which has for the last few weeks been used for the single purpose of discrediting me and my family. The acct claims my husband has 2 children he fathered in Kiev,Ukraine. It claims the boy is 3 years old and alleges 'my husband hasn't come to see him' hence, the campaign.Then goes on to claim they have a girl together who just turned 1 on Dec 20th,2015, which apparently also,he's yet to 'see' Hmmmm..�� If there is a legitimate claim,am sure this beautiful,educated,social media savvy person,would have long taken a legal approach...I share this because perhaps they will also attempt to contact some of our good friends to further whatever agenda they have, also, because I've spent a good part of my adult life so far,advocating for people's rights and educating my peers, and younger people to never stay SILENT in the face of any form of bullying or harassment and therefore will not shy away from doing same for myself. Where there are blessings, there are also curses lingering to weave their way in, if you allow it. The hate is real people(even from those you don't know)but so is the LOVE❤️and that is where I choose to focus.My only prayer and wish for he/she/they is that, they "find some peace of mind" as we all prepare to usher in a wonderful new year in a few days☺️❤️✌��️"

Mark Zuckerberg's response to a woman who advised her granddaughters to date "Nerds" in school


Facebook user Darlene Loretto commented on one of Zuckerberg's post saying that she had told her granddaughters to date the Nerd in school because he might turn out to be an inventor and below is Facebook CEO's response. Good one Mark!

Photos: Archbishop Desmond Tutu's daughter weds her lesbian partner...

Reverend Mpho Tutu, daughter of South African social rights activist, retired Archbishop Desmond Tutu got married to her lesbian partner, Professor Marceline Furth in a private ceremony in the Netherlands on Wednesday December 30th, 2015. Mpho, a mother-of-two, is an ordained Episcopal priest. She was previously married to Joseph Burris, with whom she had her 2 children.

The Desmond & Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation confirmed that she married her partner in a small civil ceremony. This is both Tutu and Furth’s second marriage.
In a statement, the foundation says the couple will have a wedding ceremony in Cape Town in May this year. Furth is a professor in paediatric infectious diseases at the Vrije University in Amsterdam.

Check out Photos From Olivia Idibia’s 2nd Birthday

Tuface Idibia’s daughter, Olivia Idibia clocked 2 yesterday and her parents threw her a birthday party. Alibaba and wife, Sound Sultan and kids, Dare Art Alade, Tiwa Savage and so many other celebrity friends of her dad all attended the party . see more photos after the cut....... 

IK Ogbonna shows off his Bold And Stunning New Look in new makeover by his wifey lol......

Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna, with the help of his wife Sonia has debuted his new look for 2016. He is virtually unrecognisable and can give Denrele a run for his money.