Friday, 8 January 2016

Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer Slay As They Join The Balmain Army

Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell andClaudia Schiffer remind us why they are three of the sexiest models of all time as they are featured in Balmain’s spring 2016 collection.
The designer, Oliver Rousteing was thrilled to work with the top models stating,

“While we shot these images, I had to smile as I imagined how my adolescent self would have reacted with utter disbelief if someone could have traveled back in time to tell me that one day I would be in a New York studio, watching Steven Klein shoot Cindy, Claudia and Naomi for my Spring 2016 campaign—for those four singular talents have inspired me from day one.
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When I was a schoolboy in Bordeaux, it was their editorials that first made clear to me the amazing transformative power of fashion. Still today, many years on, their iconic images are often found amongst the jumble on mood boards in my (and almost every other designers’) atelier. To say that working with them was a dream come true is no exaggeration.

Watching Cindy, Claudia, Naomi and Steven instinctively work together, I was struck by the displays of confidence, professionalism and grace in front of me,there was never any doubt that the final images would be anything but perfect. Looking at them now, I like to think that perhaps someday these shots might also form part of some future designer’s mood board.”

Image Credit: Steven Klein

Sweet want was seen at a Naija wedding recently (photos)

A LIB reader spotted this at a wedding in December 2015. The sender said they had shortage of glass cups at the wedding and this woman, out of dire need for some liquid down her throat, devised this hilarious means.

Kylie Jenner puts her butt on display in a see-through leggins (photos)

The 18 year old reality star displayed her pink underwear in a sheer black leggings while running errands in West Hollywood. More photos after the cut...

OMG !!! Man Finds cheating Wife Naked In Bed With His Brother

man who found a cousin brother naked in his bedroom and allegedly assaulted him to death has appeared before the Gweru courts charged with culpable homicide.

Gatsha Masotsha, aged 29, had travelled to his rural home from Bulawayo to visit his wife and family. He allegedly found Aleck Masotsha Moyo in his bedroom naked and heavily assaulted him before letting him go. Aleck was found dead the following morning in the room he was sleeping.
Masotsha, through his lawyer, Brian Dube, successfully challenged the culpable homicide charge, which was reduced to the lesser assault allegations. He argued that he attacked his late brother in the dark “as an intruder” and only realised it was him after a fight between the two men.
Masotsha said he was not negligent in causing Aleck’s death as their fight was a result of an attack by an unknown stranger. Prosecutors told the court that on March 4, 2006 and at around 1 AM, Masotsha of house number 5 Tiat road, Four Winds, Bulawayo travelled from the city to his rural home in Zvishavane.
He knocked on the bedroom door and his wife opened for him. When the couple was enquiring about each other’s health, a loud sound was heard from a nearby spare bedroom.
Masotsha’s wife went to enquire about the sound and returned to tell her husband there was nothing. Unsatisfied, Masotsha proceeded to the room, which was dark and realised there was a moving object but was suddenly attacked.
“The accused assaulted the deceased with fists and booted feet all over the body.
“He went on to hit the deceased’s head against the floor and wall before grabbing a wood drill in the dark and using it to strike him,” prosecutors said.
Court heard that Masotsha then grabbed a rope in the room and tied the deceased before looking for light and realising it was his cousin brother who lived at his homestead. The cousin allegedly confessed that he had a sexual affair with his brother’s wife.
After the discovery, Masotsha then untied Aleck and ordered him to go and sleep in his room so that they could discuss the matter as a family the following morning. Aleck was however, found dead in his room and a report was made to the police leading to Masotsha’s arrest.

'I can not live without sex' : Woman Shouts In Court

A woman from Bona area in Inyathi has red-carded her husband for failing to sexually satisfy her for the past five years as he prefers reading the bible to sex. Martha Sibalo (33) dragged her husband Trymore Sibalo(45) to court for sexually and emotionally abusing her.
The woman said her husband denies her sex and whenever it is time to share the forbidden fruit, he turns his back on her under the pretext of reading the bible. She revealed that when she complains of being denied her conjugal rights, Sibanda accuses her wife of being possessed with a demon that craves too much sex.
The distraught woman took to the stand and said:
“Before he assumed the position of deacon, he could satisfy me in bed. But he has stopped having sex in 2010 after he became a deacon. Every time I asked for sex he tells me not to disturb him.
“He accuses me of being possessed with a demon that craves too much sex.
“As a result of his behaviour. I am fed up with him because I can not live without sex.”
She sought a protection order against her husband for allegedly sexually and physically abusing her.
However Sibalo disputed the allegations.
“This woman troubles me a lot. She demands sex too much and usually after the act she tells me she is not satisfied.
“I believe she is possessed with a demon that craves for too much sex.”
The presiding magistrate Stephen Ndlovu granted Martha a protection order and ordered the pair to go for counselling and come back on 28 January 2016.

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Check out the tattoo a Beyonce fan got to celebrate Blue Ivy 's birthday

This Instagram User is facing criticism for getting a huge tattoo of Blue Ivy's name and date of birth - on his neck to celebrate her birthday which was yesterday. After making headlines, he defended his action. What he wrote in his defence after the cut.

News News :Robbery reported in Shoprite Warri

A few people on Twitter are reporting a robbery currently going on at Shoprite inside Delta mall, in Effurun. Some say it's a case of youth unrestiveness and that they are hitting shops at the mall. Will update later..

Graphic photos: Man cuts ex's tongue after she dumped him

Leandro Trejo, 28, has been accused of stabbing his 18-year-old ex girlfriend Nicole Kleer severally after she called time on their relationship. According to reports, he confronted her as she was walking home with a friend in the San Fernando area of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He allegedly rode up to her on his motorbike and blocked her path before bringing out a knife and stabbing her in the neck, arms, head,face and ear. When she tried to scream for help, he cut her tongue. See photos after the jump.

Her dad, Claudio Kleer, told local media: "I am indignant and at the same time very sad, because our whole society is asking that justice serves those victims of gender violence but lamentably this is not happening. The aggressor, Leandro Trejo, was hardly even detained for two hours, because they considered her wounds minor, when it was clearly an attempt at femicide. Nicole's friend had to throw herself on top of the attacker with the help of a passing man. The fact that she is alive is pure luck."

 Nicole's legal representative, Mar­ia Elena Leuzzi, said: "The subject began to follow her, because she told him she wanted to end their two month relationship."She had already realised he was a violent man. "She told him to leave her alone, after which he rode home, got a knife and came back to kill her."

Woman live-blogs her own rape, just a few minutes after it happened (photos)

A 27-year-old South African rape survivor and activist named Amber Amour live-blogged her own alleged 'sexual assault a few minutes after it happened. Amber, who is promoting a new campaign called 'Stop Rape. Educate.', started the campaign when she was raped in New York City and then got raped again in Nov. 2015. Above is what she wrote immediately after the alleged rape.. see plenty more, plus naked photos of Amber she shared herself & reaction from people after the cut...


Amber claims she was attacked by a man named Shakir in Cape Town, South Africa after she agreed to take a shower with him. After she was raped, Amber took to instagram to post a photo of herself crying and a message detailing the horrific sexual assault. 

'Here I was, telling survivors every single day that they should speak up... I knew I had to practice what I preached,' she explained to Marie Claire UK. 'So the first thing I did was take a picture and write a post, describing what had happened.'

Amber went on to post pictures of her rape kit and a few weeks later posted a number of odd posts including naked photos of herself saying she now loved "being naked" in front of random strangers. She claims that it helps her get over the pain from the incidents.

  And many of her followers kinda blamed her for the rape...

 Amber is now on a world tour talking about rape and rape prevention.

Photo: See what this woman wore to a store...

Lol...It's not everybody you see walking on the street that is normal...

Check How Mobile Phone ‘Exploded In Man’s Hand’ While Texting His Girlfriend, Leaving Him With Severe Burnt (Photos)

A man has claimed he suffered sever burns after a mobile phone exploded in his hands and set fire to his bedroom.
Grant Eger, 21, was texting his girlfriend when he heard a ticking noise coming from his Sony Xperia T3 phone.
Grant claims he then saw sparks flying from the side of the device before he dropped it on the floor and it set fire to his carpet.
The supermarket worker then threw the phone out of the window to prevent any further damage before rushing to hospital.
And after suffering severe burns to his right hand Grant spend eight hours in A&E waiting for treatment.
He said:

“I was just scrolling through my phone and as I was scrolling and texting back my girlfriend, I heard a little tick noise like something was going on in the phone.
“When I first started hearing them I didn’t know what they were. I just thought, ‘what the hell is it?’

“The next thing I knew was a spark shot out the side. They were big so my instant reaction was to throw it“I threw the phone to the side of my bed.

“It just sparked even more and went up in flames.”Grant, of Newport, South Wales, said the fire died out after he threw the phone into his back garden.

He said: “The phone is all smashed at the front and at the back of it all you can see is the battery where it exploded. It’s all in pieces.

“It was so scary. I heard about things like that happening but when it happens to you it sort of opens your eyes to things like that.

“I’ve been working with cars for years and had electric shocks but this is entirely different.

Photos: Nigerian makes history in the US as the first appointed African judge in New Jersey

A Nigerian, Jude O Nkama made history on January 6th as he became the first African to be appointed as a judge in the 349 year history of the city and State of New Jersey, USA. Hon. Ras Baraka, Mayor of the City of Newark, NJ also appointed Hon. Ugochukwu Nwaokoro as Deputy Mayor; and Evans Anyanwu, Esq. as Chief Prosecutor of the city. See more photos from the event after the cut...