Monday, 15 February 2016

US Cargo Plane Impounded: BLEEDING Body and MILLIONS Of Cash Found

The Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe yesterday impounded a chartered MD11 trijet cargo plane owned by Western Global Airlines stashed with millions of South African rands and a dead body after it asked to land in Harare during a flight from Germany to South Africa. During routine refuelling airport staff noticed blood dripping from the plane, the dead body found, and the alert given. Investigations were still in progress last night.

Western Global Airlines is based in southwest Florida in the United States of America. The plane was flying from Germany to South Africa when the captain asked for a technical landing at the Harare International Airport after an initial request to land in Mozambique was turned down.

Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe general manager Mr David Chaota confirmed the incident last night. “Yes, it is a Western Global Airlines plane and now the case is being handled by our security ” he said.

South African Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Vusi Mavimbela confirmed the incident last night but would not give details. “I spent the better of the day at the airport,” he said. “I am aware of what you are saying but I cannot comment now because there are investigations that are still going on.”

Sources say the plane was destined for South Africa. “The plane requested for a technical landing which was granted by the airport authorities,” said the source.

“Upon refueling, the airport attendants discovered that there was blood dripping from the plane. When they checked to try and ascertain where the blood was coming from that is when they discovered a suspended dead body in the plane.

“The matter was reported to the authorities at the airport and the plane was impounded while the body was taken to pathologists.” Unconfirmed reports say the crew included two Americans, a Pakistani and a South African. The whereabouts of the crew were unknown last night.

The nationality of the dead person could not be established by the time of going to print, nor any details of how he died. Western Global Airlines operates a fleet of 16 MD11 freighters, a modern stretched upgrade of the old DC10, according to its web site.

The private cargo line is owned by James and Sunny Neff and advertises that it has a good range of customers, including FedEx. It said aid agencies chartered it to fly staff and supplies into West Africa last year to fight the Ebola epidemic.

The last time Zimbabwean civil aviation authorities impounded a foreign plane was in 2004, when the authorities arrested a planeload of 64 mercenaries who wanted to take part in a coup in Equatorial Guinea. Efforts to get a comment from the police were fruitless as police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba’s mobile phone went unanswered.

Shocking :Wife Assists Hubby In Raping 4-year-old

A 30-YEAR-OLD woman has appeared in court charged with assisting her husband rape a four-year-old relative.

The woman stood guard as her Botswana-based husband raped the child, the court heard.
The woman and her husband appeared before Harare magistrate Mr Tendai Mahwe last week facing rape charges.

They were remanded in custody to February 24. Mr Mahwe advised the couple to seek bail at the High Court. The woman lives in Esigodini.

Prosecutor Mr Sebastian Mutizirwa told the court that the offence was unearthed by the victim’s grandmother after she noticed that the girl’s genitals were bruised.

The girl was also discharging yellow fluids. The victim opened up on the assault upon interrogation. The matter was reported to the police. A medical report confirmed the assault.

Seriously !!! This woman referred her pervious black skin as a ’ Dirty Color ’

This woman boldly refered to her previous black skin as a ‘dirty’ color, what do you think guys ?

A women smashed her lover's CSR windscreen after catching him with another woman on Val's day

Woman busts husband with another woman, confronts him in traffic, smashes through windscreen of cark

A woman caused traffic chaos when she discovered her boyfriend in his car with another woman – and got revenge by smashing her way in through the window. The footage, captured by an amused witness who stood by laughing as the events unfolded, was shot in the Colombian city of Valledupar. The unidentified woman can first be seen sitting on the windscreen of the car as she screams at the people inside, and hits the car with her fist. “Get out of the car, get out of the car now”, she can be heard saying, a chant which is picked up by bystanders who look on curiously and egg her on.Woman busts husband with another woman, confronts him in traffic, smashes through windscreen of car

Angry: The jilted girlfriend jumps onto the car bonnet After a moment or so with the car stationary in the busy road, the woman opts for a more severe course of action and stands on top of the windscreen. She begins to stomp up and down, smashing the entire window, which becomes cracked and caves in, although it does not shatter completely.
Woman busts husband with another woman, confronts him in traffic, smashes through windscreen of car
Revenge: The woman smashes through the car’s windscreen It is at this moment that her boyfriend and his alleged lover decide to try to flee from the scene, beginning to drive off. The enraged woman refuses to stand down, though, and stays in the car’s way, climbing up again to avoid losing sight of them.
Woman busts husband with another woman, confronts him in traffic, smashes through windscreen of car
Determined: The woman caused traffic chaos after refusing to jump off the car The car begins to move off and the crowd yells at the driver to slow down and give the women the opportunity to hop off as it then speeds of down the road. Determined not to give up, the angry woman then jumps on a nearby motorbike and gives chase.
discovered her boyfriend in his car with another woman

Shocking : Hubby catches his wife sleeping with their pastor ..... What !!!

The action caused commotion in the street as the residents expressed shock over what happened.
According to PM News, the pastor, identified as Victor, had allegedly been sneaking into Okere’s apartment and was sleeping with his adulterous wife identified as Chidinma for several months.
While the alleged illicit affair was going on, Okere, who is a security guard and spends much of his time at work, did not know until their 11-year old daughter informed him about what has been going on behind his back whenever he went to work.
Okere works as a guard in a company; he leaves home in the afternoon and returns the next morning.
Whenever he is away at work, Pastor Victor takes over his wife.
The pastor would sneak into Okere’s home to meet Chidinma when their five children had gone to school.
Whenever the children return from school in the evening, they would stay outside while Pastor Victor and their mom, Chidinma would lock themselves inside their room pretending that they were praying.
The eldest daughter who did not like what was happening informed their dad. On the day the nemesis caught up with the adulterous pair, Okere dressed up and told his wife Chidinma that he was going to work and would return the following morning.

She invited Pastor Victor with the hope that her husband had gone to work and would not be around.
While the pastor and Chidinma locked themselves inside, and the children were outside, Okere came back in the evening and knocked at the door and asked Chidinma to open the door for him.
While it was taking them much longer time to pen the door, Okere forced the door open and Pastor Victor, who had not finish dressing up, rushed out in his pant, leaving behind his jeans trousers and soutane.
When Okere confronted his wife about what she was doing with the pastor behind closed doors, she lied that “we were just praying oh” with a wrapper on.
Okere left angrily with the pastor’s clothes and went to the police station and reported what happened.
The clothes were kept as exhibit at the station and Chidinma was asked to produce Pastor Victor who is now on the run.
During a visit to the compound, the eldest daughter who revealed the whole saga said her mom had gone to the village in Imo State over the matter.

Beverly Osu Releases Some Eye-Candy Lingerie Photoshoot

The former BBA housemate, Beverly Osu looked very sexy in this stunning lingerie photoshoot where she rocked a lacy black pants and bra. She also posed with her best friend Charity Owoh. See photos below;

Gunmen Beheads About 18 In Rivers State – See Graphic Photo

About 18 persons have been killed in Omoku, headquarters of Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni local government area of Rivers State in a supremacy battle between rival cult groups.
It was gathered that the incident took place on Friday night in Omoku which is the hometown of Rivers Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Felix Obuah. Sources said a cult group known as the Icelanders invaded the community around 11pm beheading many of the victims and making away with their corpses.
The town, which plays host to some multinational oil companies, has become desolate as residents have fled their homes for safety. Confirming the incident, the Rivers Police Spokesperson, DSP Muhammad Ahmad said: “The incident is reasonably believed to be battle of supremacy between rival cult groups in the town (Omoku). 

He stated that the situation was under control adding that six dead bodies of the suspected cultists were recovered.

Shocking Video: Motorist captures man having sex with a woman while driving

A shocked motorist caught the moment a fellow driver was allegedly having sex while driving through Moscow’s Domodedovo district in Russia. In the video, a man in his late twenties can be seen steering a BMW X6 down a busy ring road while a woman straddles him.

The motorist said even though the couple appear to be fully clothed, they had actually partially stripped and were having sex. The woman was straddling the man while he held the steering wheel with one hand, and used the other to pat and stroke the woman's back.

Russian police are said to be investigating the incident as the penalty for engaging in sexual intercourse while driving is around 500 rubles (£4.30).

Watch video below... 

US actress/comedian Bette Midler calls Kanye a 'b*tch*

The singer, actress and comedian shared this on her Twitter page yesterday...

Graphic photos: 4 killed, 2 beheaded by cultists in clash at Omoku area of Rivers State

Cultists attacked four men yesterday in their homes at Omoku area of Rivers state, killing all of them and beheading two of the men. A Facebook user uploaded the video this morning and in the video surprised neighbors could be heard shouting 'they shot him eleven times', while others were wailing and crying. It is not yet known if the killed men are also cultists. See (very graphic) photos after the cut....

Omoku area of Riverstate is well known for cultists activities with rival gangs attacking and maiming each other at will. Such is the recklessness and lack of order in the region that policemen reportedly have left the area.

Woman Chopped Off Brother-in-law’s M. anhood For Raping Her, Hands It Over To Police

A mother-of-three chopped off her brother-in-law’s genitals before handing them in as evidence at a police station in India.

The 32-year-old woman stunned officers when she entered the station in the Sidhi district of Madhya Pradesh, clutching the severed organ.
The woman, who was accompanied by her three children, told officers that it was the only way to stop her brother-in-law attacking her.
The woman was staying with her brother-in-law as her husband worked more than 700 miles away, in Nashik, Maharashtra. But he had allegedly assaulted her many times while she stayed in his house. She told police that she faked consent when her brother-in-law attacked her, before hacking off his privates with a sickle.
Before the police were able to get medical support to the injured man, he had already committed suicide, reported the Times of India.
His body was reportedly found hanging from a tree near their house.