Thursday, 10 March 2016

Pics: Jay Z Reveals His Favorite Part in Beyonce’s Body

Obviously her legs ........Adorable 

SHOCKING: Prophet challenges lions to a fight to prove God’s power & almost DIES


A South African prophet who said he was filled with the Holy Spirit recently ‘challenged’ a lion to do battle in the Kruger National Park.

Prophet Alec Ndiwane who is based in the Pretoria Soshanguve was with fellow church members in the Kruger National Park where they were watching animals. It is believed the prophet went into a trance and started to speak in tongues. Ahead of them was a lion pride busy eating their impala.
According to DailyPostSA, Alec must have thought he was the biblical Samson as the prophet
opened the car door and went charging towards the lions. Upon seeing the man running towards them, the lions ran towards the prophet.

Alec must have then come to his senses as he quickly realised this was not going to end well and made an immediate turn and ran back to safety. But before he could safely reach the confines of the car, one lion had snapped its paws on him thus causing major damage to his toilet sitting tool. Also thanks to the game ranger who was near who fired some shots with his gun to scare the lion away.
So severe was the lion paw injury that Alec had to be rushed to hospital for emergency surgery. The man was fearing he would lose his bum but the doctor’s assured him he would still have his left bum intact.
“I do not know what came over me’, Alec confessed, ‘I thought the Lord wanted to use me to show his power over animals. Is it not we were given dominion over all creatures of the earth’, Alec 
Alec was eventually stitched up and reportedly discharged after spending the night in hospital.

The Uncensored Kim Kardashian’s Naked Mirror Selfie That Has Been Leaked

Though people are already saying that Kanye did it, lol. Yesterday, Kim Kardashian again broke the internet after she released a naked mirror selfie.The uncensored version just hit the internet. Don’t know how they laid their hands on it.

See full nude photo below ;

Boy Stripped Naked And Paraded Naked For Stealing Fowl In Benue State


The young man was stripped naked and paraded by some vigilante group in Kwande, after he was caught with stolen fowls in Benue State. See full photo after the cut ........

Former Super Falcon Chichi Igbo shared a photo of herself and a mysterrious handsome man kissing....

29-year-old former Super Falcon star pictured kissing a handsome young man in the street of London. The man even closed his eyes.Could this be love ??? Chi-Chi shared the photo on her IG page. She wrote;
“London is treating me good already, got a new boyfriend ???? he is so handsome and hilarious.”

Shocking storyline : 17 year old girl who bleeds from her eyes, ears and mouth reveals the misery of the horriying condition

Marnie-Rae Harvey, a teenager who is unable to leave her home for her daily activities because she suffers from a rare condition in which blood spontaneously seeps from her eye, ears, beneath her tongue and from her scalp, says doctors are unable to determine what the cause of her illness is and have since dubbed her the ''Mystery Girl".

Baffled doctors have no idea what is causing the bleeding, which is steadily getting worse, and have dubbed her the "Mystery Girl" as they struggle to come up with a diagnosis.
Until they do, the teenager is forced to stay at home as the bleeding could start at any time, and must cope with the stigma of her condition which means she has lost most of her friends.

Her mother, who is terrified for her daughter says she has to shake her every morning to check she is alive said:
 "Every morning I have to shake her to see if she is still alive. It's absolutely devastating. It happens every single day. We've just gone through 12 days of solid bleeding from her tongue and scalp. She is sick four or five times a day, vomiting blood."
Last July, the teenager woke up with blood seeping out of her eye. She was rushed to hospital by her terrified family, but doctors could do nothing.Soon after, blood started seeping from her ears and from under her fingernails.

In the last couple of months the mysterious bleeding has spread to her scalp and under her tongue.
Cath said that her daughter had been coughing up blood and suffering from excruciating migraines for a couple of years before the bleeding started, meaning she was often to ill to go to school.
She said:
"It feels like we are living in a horror movie.At first it was only her eye. She woke up in a pool of blood. She came downstairs with the blood pouring from her eye. We rushed her to A&E but they could do nothing for her.
"Then it started coming from inside her ears, big blood clots, and then from under her fingernails. Recently, she tipped her head upside down and blood started spurting out from her scalp.
"The strangest thing is that her eye can be pouring blood until her face is covered and then suddenly it stops and the whites of her eyes are clear.
"The bleeding comes from the base of her tongue, a string of blood. She has to sit there with a cotton pad in her mouth to stop her swallowing blood."
Cath, who works as a shop assistant in her home town of Stoke-on-Trent, said her other daughter Leigh, 25, and her dad have to stay with Marnie during the day as she cannot be left alone.

She added:
"I wake up in the night with her vomiting blood and then I have to go to work. I can't think of anything else, it's a constant worry." one of the worst things for the family is the reaction of other people when they see her daughter.
"There's the scare factor. We go to A&E all the time in a panic at the symptoms but there is nothing they can do. Last time we were there everyone was taking pictures of her and saying how disgusting it was. I had to take her outside, where she passed out." 

Marnie said the worst thing about her condition was being unable to leave the house or carry on with her life. She said:
"I's weird, scary, really scary. I woke up the first time in a pool of blood. I walked downstairs and my eye was bleeding and the whole side of my face was covered in blood. My family were so shocked.
"I applied for a hairdressing course but I had to stop for fear of bleeding on the customers. I've lost most of my friends, they don't want to see me. I'm always at home. My life is on hold, I can't go to college.
"My eyes are the most shocking thing. I wish the doctors would just find what it is. No one has ever seen anything like it before."

Her mother Cath said she wants to raise awareness about Marnie's condition. She said:
"We know there will be silly comments, people calling her a vampire. But we hope someone, somewhere will have witnessed it and give us something, anything to help.We want to raise awareness, there must be someone else in the world with this"
 Marnie has been confirmed she does not have a brain tumour, no blood diseases, no clotting disorders - but doctors are unable to put their finger on the cause of her bleeding.

An ultrasound showed her liver, kidneys, womb, ovaries and organs are all functioning perfectly - as well as her ears, eyes, nose and throat. MRI scans, CT scans and multiple blood tests also all showed up normal.

The teen is currently waiting to see a gynaecologist to determine whether the illness, which gets worse around her period, is linked to her uterus

Source - MirrorUK

Mother killed by bus that suffered Brake failure in Lagos( photo)

According to facebook user, Promise Nwagu who shared this story, a mother of two was knocked down by a bus that suffered brake failure at Cele Bustop along the Oshodi-Apapa expressway in Lagos last week.

She wrote "My uncles wife yesterday at Cele express mile 2 oshodi express way Lagos was standing not even on the major road, a bus lost brake and took away this poor woman's life on her way to work. Living her poor Husband and 2 daughters". See a graphic pic of the deceased after the cut...

Tiwa Savage shares cute photos of herself with her son, Jamil

He is so adorable .......cute for days 😍

Shocking :21 Year Old University Student Slits His Throat Over Cheating Girlfriend (Photo)

A 21-year-old student of Bishop Braham University College Kabale, Uganda is fighting for his life at Rugarama Hospital after he slit his own throat over suspicions that his girlfriend is cheating on him.
Obed Muhoozi, a first year student of Social Work and social administration cut himself at about 4pm Tuesday, while in his room at Top View Hostel.

Friends say the youngster was unhappy with his girlfriend only identified as Nahabwe, who is also a student at the same campus. Muhoozi’s friends at the university said that on Women’s Day, Nahabwe had promised to spend the day with Muhoozi.
However, on calling her they said, the phone was picked by another male, who is believed to have been with the girl at the moment. A distraught Muhoozi then grabbed a knife and inflicted a deep cut on his neck.
His colleagues luckily managed to get him to Rugarama Hospital in time, where efforts were still underway to Save his life having lost a lot of blood.
Godwin Kizza the Dean of Students at Bishop Braham University College confirmed the incident but declined to comment further on the matter.

Check out What This Woman Did In Public After Getting High At An Event

When the alcohol intake is much..this reportedly happened in Lagos…
See full photo after the cut......

See the crazy selfie shot this ladies put up on social media.

Hilarious selfie photo,seriously what were they thinking lol.......

Woman wakes up from coma and accuses 'hero' boyfriend of putting her there in the first place

A Chinese man who was hailed a hero for being by his girlfriend's bedside while she was in a coma for 8 months and even borrowed about $24,000 to help pay her hospital bills, has been accused of putting her there in the first place. This accusation was made by the girlfriend after she woke up from the coma.

When 22 year-old Lin Yingying, 22, woke up from coma and heard that her boyfriend Liu Fenghe, 25, had been praised by the Chinese media for his devotion, especially in the city of Dalian in north-east China’s Liaoning Province, where the couple lived, she decided to tell her story.
Ms Yingying told her parents that her boyfriend had beat her into a coma because she burnt some bread at their small bakery business. She said he beat her everyday for any little thing she did wrong, even sometimes without provocation. She said she didn't tell her parents or anyone about the abuse because he threatened to kill her.

She was taken home by her parents in February last year after being in a coma for 5 months and regained consciousness in May after 8 months of unconsciousness.
According to Ms Yingying,  his subsequent bedside vigil was done out of guilt for putting her in a coma not out of love.

Her father said he has reported the case to police but Fenghe hasn't been arrested yet.

Source: YN

Kylie Jenner shares loving photo with Tyga

Kylie Jenner shared this loving photo with boyfriend, Tyga at the Universal Studio in Orlando, Florida where she is hosting the Grand Opening of new restaurant.

Indian teenager dies after being raped and set on fire

A 16-year-old Indian girl who was raped and then set on fire on the roof of her home on Monday has died, police said on Wednesday, the latest in a string of horrific sexual crimes committed against women in India.

The investigating officer told AFP that the  teenager had sustained more than 90 percent burns on her body and could not be saved. He said she died in hospital early Wednesday.
"Unfortunately she could not be saved despite the best efforts of the medical staff," said Ashwani Kumar. "We have arrested the accused, who is 19 years old and sent him to judicial custody. "An investigation is on to find out more about the motive and details of the crime,".
"The body has been sent for postmortem. We are waiting for the report."he said.
The accused has been charged with a slew of offences including rape and murder, Kumar said.
According to media reports, the girl's dad said the 19 year old man lived nearby in their village in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh had been harassing his daughter for a year despite the fact that he had warned him several times to leave his daughter alone.

The 19 year old has been arrested and charged with sexual harassment, rape and murder.

There have been so many rape incidents in India with the men getting arrested sometimes while others have shamed the victims and let the men go unpunished.
Last month, a teenage rape victim was sexually assaulted for a second time while in hospital receiving treatment for the initial attack in eastern Jharkhand state.

Kylie Jenner shares half nude bathroom selfie

After the intense backlash big sister, Kim K's nude photo received, Kylie decided to share her own semi-nude bathroom photo yesterday.

Amber Rose invites Kim for her 'Slutwalk' event, Kim & Khloe respond

Amber Rose is still defending Kim's nude photos and has invited both Kim & her sisters to her 'SlutWalk' event ). For those who don't know what a SlutWalk is, it's a worldwide movement against victim-blaming, survivor-shaming, and rape culture which originated in Toronto in 2011.