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World’s Strongest Dwarf Finds Love With Taller Woman.

Anton Kraft, 52, is a world record bodybuilder, who stands at 4ft 4in and arguably the strongest man in the world, as the only man in the world who has lifted four times his own body weight. Anton Kraft, 52, is a world record bodybuilder, who stands at 4ft 4in and arguably the strongest man in the world, as the only man in the world who has lifted four times his own body weight. 

Anton is known for dating women only 1ft taller than him, but found love in China Bells, a 6’3′ woman 6 months ago. They both live in Florida and Anton says he is the luckiest man alive for having such a pretty woman by his side. But wait, China Bells has got a but, she was born a man. She is a transgender. 

Photos from Ebuka Obi-Uchendu's surprise Bachelor party in South Africa

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu who's marrying Cynthia Obianodo, daughter of billionaire CEO of Young Shall Grow Motors, on Feb. 6th in Abuja, got a pleasant surprise from his friends whom he said told him to pack his bags for an all-expense paid trip to Cape Town, South Africa for his bachelor's eve party. What he wrote and more photos after the cut...

TV personality Bolanle Olukanni gets featured on MTO over comments she made about Will Smith's Nigerian accent

The TV personality posted a comment about Will Smith's Nigerian accent in the film Concussion where he portrayed a Nigerian doctor.  MediaTakeout got wind of it and posted it on their website 

Fuji Star Malaika shows off his Bentley

Fuji Music Star, Alhaji Sulaimon Alao ‘Malaika’ Adekunle shows off his Bentley inside his home.


SCREAMS for help shocked patients and hospital staff.
They were horrified when they learned that a woman suffering from epilepsy had been raped in full view of people!
The 39-year-old woman was raped at South Rand Hospital, near Joburg, allegedly by a 59-year-old psychiatric patient.
Gauteng Health spokesman Steve Mabona said it happened on Wednesday afternoon while the suspect was waiting for his family to fetch him after he had been discharged.
A patient who witnessed the rape alerted employees, who quickly called the cops.
Mabona said the police are investigating the matter.
He said at the time of the incident the victim was in an emergency area, waiting to be transferred to a ward.
“The suspect was taken to Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital for observation,” said Mabona.
He said the victim was given counselling.
“A hospital is a place of healing. It’s sad that someone was hurt on the premises,” he said.
The department had launched an internal investigation and was looking at camera footage.
“The outcome of the investigation will determine what action we take,” said Mabona.

A man brutally murdered a seven-month-old baby,by bashing him against a wall, killing the child.

A MONSTER is on the run after he brutally banged a seven-month-old baby against a wall, killing the child. 
Andisiwe Mnandi (24), the mum of the child, claimed her ex-boyfriend killed the baby in Philippi, Cape Town, on Sunday morning. 
She said he had recently been released from prison after being behind bars for two years for shoplifting. She said when he was released he called her and asked to see her.
“I said it was fine but told him I had a baby by another man, who I wasn’t seeing any more. He said he had no problem with it and just missed me,” she said. 

Gogo Khululwa Ruga is still shocked that her seven-month-old grandchild was killed.

After visiting the next day, Andisiwe’s boyfriend invited her and the baby to sleep over at his place. However, the couple started arguing while in bed the next morning. 
“He held me down and while we were fighting, my baby Inganathi fell from the bed. He then shoved me hard against the wall and jumped on my baby,” said Andisiwe. 
“I tried to push him off my child but he grabbed him by the legs and swung him by the feet, banging him on the ceiling and electricity box. The baby then stopped crying. I saw his tiny body lying next to the bed with blood coming out of his mouth and ears.” 
Andisiwe’s mum, Khuluwa Ruga (50) said: “I had a bad feeling about this man when he was released from prison. What worries me most is that he’s still on the run. He must go back to prison.”
Captain Frederick van Wyk confirmed a case of murder was being investigated. He said cops were looking for Zukile Nakuphi, also known as Changkura, in connection with the incident. 

- Daily Sun

Nigerians come for Chicken Republic over 'Olisa Metuh's ad

Sometime last week, one of Nigeria's biggest fast food restaurants tweeted this ad on their official twitter page; "Why eat your words when you can eat our meals" and "Special delivery for Olisa" with an EFCC logo on the ad, which is in reference to reports that PDP Spokesman Olisa Metuh allegedly ate or tried to eat a document containing statements he made to the EFCC so it won't be used as evidence against him in court which Metuh has since denied he did. But that didn't stop Chicken Republic from latching on the controversy and using it as a publicity stunt for their brand.

Nigerians who found the ad distasteful came for Chicken Republic on social media...some are even calling for a boycott. See some tweets after the cut and tell us what you think of it all...


Nick Cannon's hilarious reaction to Mariah Carey's engagement

Mariah Carey's Husband, Nick Cannon, shared this photo of himself on IG. This photo is actually from one of the scenes in the show-- House Husbands of Hollywood. Read what he wrote below:

This is so mature of Nick. 

Meanwhile, Mariah is still legally married to Nick and her fiance is also still married to his wife- Erica Packer who's now dating singer, Seal.

Nigerian Guy About To Wed Side Chic He Dated For 8 Years Tells His Story (Photos)

Temitope shared his story with glowville…Read below;
The journey started eight years ago; January 2008 specifically.
The harmattan season was winding off, and I was bored at home with my childhood friend, Shola. We decided to put a call across to one of our female friends – Damilola who finished from the same high school with us – to come and keep our company. We expected Damilola to come alone, but on her arrival, she was with two other friends. One of them was Tolulope.
We welcomed them; but I was a bit surprised when my father, who didn’t approve of me having female friends at that time, welcomed them warmly. He even went as far as offering them fruit juice. It was a turning point for me. So I just settled down better to have fun with my visitors.
I noticed one of the girls – Tolulope – was very reserved; she hardly said a word. I initially thought she was cold, because she was clad in a jacket. I tried to force a conversation with her, but she was coy with her response. I however made sure to exchange contacts with her when she was leaving. I did a lot of fantasizing after she left, but I never really expected anything to come out of it because I had a girlfriend at that time.
As at that time, I didn’t have enough money to call anyone and talk for long minutes, but I thank God for MTN Xtra Cool, it made it a lot easier for me to talk with my friends for long hours…at night.
I called Tolu eventually, but she didn’t pick up the first time. I thought she was still shy and didn’t want to talk to me, but I gave it a second trial and drew a huge breath of relief when I heard her voice at the other end.
Quite interestingly, we interacted that night as if we had been friends for years. We talked, laughed and joked…we even went as far as going vulgar at some point. It made me abhor the notion that she was just one of those regular cheap girls, so I decided to play along.
Three days after we met each other, we started dating. Remember that I had a girlfriend, who was the main chic. Tolu was then my side chic.
I got the shocker of my life barely after a week we started dating. Tolu told me she is a virgin.
“How can you be a virgin, with all those naughty things we talk about?” I queried her.
But she maintained her word and I saw the seriousness in her eyes. She swore to me and I had to believe. The relationship blossomed from then.
I was a 200 level student of OAU as at then, but she was about sitting for her JAMB examination. In my own little selfishness, I talked her into choosing OAU in her JAMB form. She readily agreed, and she passed her exams to gain admission into OAU. By then, I was already in 300 level.
Her coming to OAU brought us closer, and we were popular as a couple on campus. OAU students of those years will testify to how frequently I left my hostel (ETF) to Mozambique Hall every night to see her. We had a great relationship, and we also had our challenges, but love got us through.
We have been dating for eight years now, and in the next couple of days, we will both be walking down the aisle to be pronounced man and wife forever.
That is the story of how Tolulope moved from side chic to main chic, and now to my wife.
The story makes me believe in the theory of fatalism; I believe it was destined because I never had a good relationship with other girls except her, no matter how hard I tried. With her, I have had, and I am still having the best experience.
There are a few lessons here:
The fact that a girl gives in to your advances within a few days of meeting her doesn’t make her cheap. Tolu agreed to date me two days after we met, and now we are about getting married.
Secondly, you shouldn’t judge a lady by the way she talks or what she says. I have met several ladies who don’t say half of Tolu says, but none of them is better than her in terms of morality and chastity.
It’s been nice sharing this story, and I hope we have learnt a few stuff from it. Thank you very much for this opportunity.

Photo : 27 Year Old Man Marries 83 Year Old Grandma In Lagos

See all these small boys after older woman and small girls after older men… I am completely stunned when I saw this Photo Online.

At first, I thought it was a burial ceremony not knowing it was actually a Wedding of a 27 Year Old Man and 83 Years Old Woman. Lol !
Is this just the increase of poverty that causes this or what ?

Well Known Prophet Rapes Grade 5 Pupil

A SELF-STYLED prophet from Silobela operating in Filabusi allegedly raped a Grade 5 pupil who had been brought to him for prayers because she was sleep-walking and having nightmares.

This came to light yesterday when Nyasha Hadebe, 28, was arraigned before Gwanda magistrate, Sheila Nazombe, facing two counts of rape. Hadebe was not asked to plead and was remanded in custody to January 26.

Prosecutor, Takunda Mafudze, said sometime in November 2015, the minor was sent to Hadebe’s home for treatment as she was sleep-walking and having nightmares. During the same month, Hadebe woke up at night and went to the girl’s room which was adjacent to his bedroom hut.
He let himself in and raped her. Hadebe raped her again on Christmas Day. On that day, the girl went to sleep alone as usual and locked the door from inside. At about 11PM, Hadebe allegedly woke up from his bedroom, leaving his wife asleep and broke into the hut in which the minor was sleeping.

The girl did not see him entering the room as she was fast asleep. He raped her again and warned her against telling anyone about the abuse.

The matter came to light when the girl returned to her parents’ home on the following day and told her aunt.
The aunt and some elders reported the matter to the police and Hadebe was arrested.

The girl was referred to Filabusi District Hospital and it was confirmed that she had been raped.

Zimbabwe News 

Photos:Pasuma gives daughter a car for her birthday

Fuji star, Wasiu Alabi Pasuma's daughter, Wasilat Ayinuola, turned 25 yesterday, January 22nd and to make the day special, he presented her with a brand new Toyota Matrix 

Also, in a special birthday message to her on Instagram, Pasuma wrote, ‘Having you as my daughter is my greatest accomplishment and I didn’t even do a thing. You did it all, just by being you. I don’t know what I did in a previous life to deserve you as my daughter in this lifetime.Whatever it was, it must have been incredible’.
‘It had to be to end up with an incredible daughter like you. I’m not just grateful that you’re my daughter. I’m grateful for your love, kindness, hope, smarts, friendship, support and more than anything else, the privilege to give it all back to you. Happy birthday sweetheart’.

Adaeze Yobo shares cute pics of her second son...

What a cuttie right guys ? See more photos after the cut...