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Why you need to marry the right spouse –Chinyere Wilfred 

Why you need to marry the right spouse –Chinyere Wilfred .

Veteran actress and pro­ducer, Chinyere Wilfred hails from Aguluezechuk­wu, Anambra State, while her husband hails from Idiato, Imo State. This multi-talented star has played the role of a mother and other roles to the admira­tion of her fans and this earned her international recognition.

In this exclusive interview, the amiable and beautiful screen goddess, Chinyere was so awesome and it was like we were chatting and not actually working as she was all smiles throughout. She narrated her story which spanned 23years in the movie industry and also went down memory lane about growing up in Ajegunle, among other issues.


You look extremely beautiful in real life than on the big screen. What’s the secret be­hind your youthful look?

When you play a particu­lar role to the admiration of your fans and directors, they tend to stereotype your roles. So, they had to tone my com­plexion and costume for the different roles I played. Most times, I looked old on set play­ing the role of an old woman and when people close to me watched the movie , they are amazed. Off the screen, you will see the real Chinyere Wil­fred. So, acting is not about beauty but interpretations, however, when you have rest of mind it shows in your looks. I am a happy woman, blessed with a thriving career and a lovely family.

Can you describe yourself behind the screen?

You have seen Chinyere Wil­fred behind the set, there is nothing more to add to my personality. I am a very happy and friendly person. I love nice friends around me like Phil Daniels here, she is a jolly good fel­low. When I’m not working on set, I’m with my family. My son called me from school few minutes ago, to find out which location and job I’m working on and I told him I was in Abuja. Sometimes, my husband might not call me, because he is a very busy person. But my children are always checking on me.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I hail from Aguluezechukwu, Anambra State, while my husband is from Idiato, Imo State. I am happily married to my handsome husband and we are blessed with three love­ly boys. Two among my children are in the university and my last child is still in second­ary school.

How old is your first child?

My first child, Chukwudi, is 21 years old and Emeka is my second child. He’s 19 years old and my third son is 17 years old.

How long have you been mar­ried?

We have been married for over 21 years now. Though there is no marriage without challenges, but our love for each other has kept us going with the grace of God. My hus­band is a blessing to the family. I love him for his truthfulness and straight-forward lifestyle. He has never lied to me and that’s among rea­sons our marriage is sizzling hot.

What about your siblings and parents?

I have a lovely father and a wonderful mother. We are seven children in the family, though we lost some of my siblings. We are now four girls and three boys. I am a twin and my twin sister lives in Warri. She is a very quiet person and I’m an extrovert. Her name is Cordelia Mojeku and she has five children. As a matter of fact, she delivered twins twice and a single child. In fact, she is my best friend. Regardless of my tight schedules as an actress, I always make out time to communi­cate with her.

Are you identical twins?

Yes.When you see us together you will eas­ily know we are twins, because we resemble each other. Also we are very close and we share a lot together. She’s my confidant.

What was your childhood like?

(Laughter). This question you are asking me, no journalist has ever asked me before.

But, there is no way you will forget your roots even as a star?

(Smiles). Honestly, I wouldn’t lie about it, because of my personality today. Nkechi, I don’t know how to answer this question (laughter). It’s my personal life.

Answer it anyhow and we will understand…

Well, I grew up in a family of 10 children and our parents. Though, we lost three among my siblings, we grew up in love and the bond has kept us united till date.

Where exactly did you grow up?

We grew up in Ajegunle, popularly known as AJ (laughter). I am very proud to be associ­ated as a brand from my root.

Please share some of your fond memories growing up in the ghetto?

It was fun because we ate from the same plate unlike what some parents do these days, serving food in different plates for their children. Eating from the same plate honestly creates a bond among siblings at childhood. We didn’t grow up from a poor background. Our father had a Peugeot 504 car that con­veyed us to school daily. In fact, we were the envy of most kids within our vicinity because of our parents’ status. My father was a disci­plinarian. We hardly associated with other children, our parents taught us to play among ourselves, since we were 10. I haven’t visited Wilmer for years now but I hope to shoot a movie there for old times sake and I believe God for where I am still going in the future.

You just talked about shooting a movie in Ajegunle, would it be your first movie?

No! I have produced a lot of movies. I have produced movies like Legend, Desperate House Wife, Widows Tears and Not My Mis­sion, which was shot in the United Kingdom and yet to be released. I have also produced a soap opera which is yet to be aired titled Fam­ily Floors. Hopefully it will be a hit. There is another movie also produced and shot by me titled Affliction of the Righteous.

What has life taught you?

Life has taught me to tolerate and under­stand people, regardless of our differences.

Have you ever found yourself playing a role you have actually experienced in life?

Most of the roles I play don’t have anything to do with my real life experiences. Of all the roles I have played as wife, a moth­er who was being maltreated by her children and a glamour girl non has anything to do with Chinyere Wilfred.

In your 23 years as an actress, how many movies have you fea­tured in so far?

I have done over 150 movies and still counting and some are yet to be re­leased into the market.

Which are your most challenging and fa­vourite roles ?

My most challenging role is as a widow who trained her daughter and afterwards, she abandoned and denied her mother in the presence of people in wages. It’s a true life story that has a lot of family values to teach our young ones.

You are a notable figure in the movie industry and admired by fans all over the world for your creativity. How did it all start?

My foray into motion pictures started in 1992 when I attended an audition at Zeb Ejiro’ s office for a role in a popular soap op­era, titled Ripples. I also featured in another soap opera, though I can’t recall the title now. Thereafter, I featured in Taboo which was my first movie breakthrough. I also starred in Dirty Deal among the early movies in the ‘90s. In fact, it wasn’t easy then, because I had to undergo so many auditions to get roles, unlike the practice today in the industry for budding actors.

You have so many movies to your credit, which among them brought you to limelight?

It’s Taboo which was released in 1992. Though, I have starred in other movies till date, but Taboo gave me recognition when I played Janet the king’s third wife.

Could you share some of the tes­timonies you have recorded as a star?

(Laughter) It has opened doors for me in different ways. As a star, when you walk into any organisation and people are queuing for attention, once you are recognised, you get attention. It has brought me so many good things of life.

Have you ever had an embar­rassing moment from fans?

(smiles) Fans sometimes walk up to you when you are not really in a nice mood to say hello or take pho­tographs and if you don’t put on a fake smile, they rudely say to you “Chinyere , I am greeting you nah, what is it? All these actors are like that” They don’t care about what the person is going through at that moment. Anyway, my fans are wonderful people and I appreciate them for keeping me in the market.

Were you married before you started acting?

Though I met my husband before my foray into the movie industry, we got married after shooting Taboo in 1992 and that movie gave me so much recognition as an actress.

What’s your assessment of Nol­lywood past and present?

A lot has changed in the entertainment sector, especially the technical area of movie making and I believe soon we will be compet­ing with the international bodies. It’s the first time in the history of Nigerian entertainment industry that the government is supporting the industry. Nollywood is proud to be asso­ciated with this present administration for all its support to make the industry world class.

Some celebrity marriages have crashed. How have you been sus­taining your marriage?

Honestly, the glory goes to God, because we can’t do it alone, but His grace and mer­cies have seen us through in our marital life. Christ is the rock behind the success of my marriage.

Besides, it’s not just celebrity marriages that couldn’t stand the test of time, so many marriages have crashed. It’s because some people go into marriage for different reasons and they end up marrying the wrong spouse and divorce since there is lack of understand­ing and love. My husband is God-sent and has been very supportive of my career. He cares a lot about me.

What’s your advice for a young spinster searching for Mr. Right?

Every young girl seems to be in a hurry to get married. I dated my husband for over seven years before we got married in 1992. You shouldn’t rush into marriage, because it’s a lifetime commitment. When you meet Mr.

Right, you will know, you don’t need a soothsayer to convince you about compat­ibility. Sincerely, courtship is essential to have a sustainable marriage. It gives you the opportunity to study your spouse, but these days, our youth say love is blind or it’s love at first sight and before you say Jack Robinson, they are divorced.

How would you describe your style?

Dressing classy and elegant makes me feel comfortable and happy. I love nice fashion accessories and designer perfumes.

Source : Sun News

President Buhari Sacks his Chief Security Officer.

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On Saturday, President Muhammadu Buhari fired his Chief Security Officer, Abdulrahman Mani, and requested the State Security Service to redeploy him out of the presidential villa, sources in the presidential villa and the State Security Service reported.

 It was learnt that Mr. Mani has since been replaced by Bashir Abubakar, who, until his appointment was an assistant director in the Bayelsa state command of the SSS but the presidency has yet to officially announce the development.

It was learnt that Mr. Mani has since been redeployed to the Ebonyi state command of the SSS.

The Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina, directed all enquiries on the matter to the State Security Service.
“I don’t speak on security matters, so you may have to ask the SSS,” Mr. Adesina.

Close sources said that the president ordered Mr. Mani removed following repeated complaints that he was blocking people with genuine appointments from having access to the President.
“He was becoming excessively overzealous and overbearing,” one source said.
Mr. Mani first angered Mr. Buhari when he engaged the president’s aide-de-camp, Mohammed Abubakar, in what appeared to be a power struggle.

Mr. Abubakar, a Lieutenant Colonel, had issued a memo ordering personnel of the State Security Service out of inner Aso Rock and restricting them to guarding the “outer perimeter” of the presidential villa, saying personnel of the Armed Forces and the police, trained as Presidential Body Guards (PBGs), are to “provide close/immediate protection for Mr. President henceforth”.

Mr. Abubakar said SSS operatives should steer clear of areas such as “Admin Reception, Service Chiefs Gate, Residence Reception, Rear Resident, Resident Gate, Office Reception, C-In-C Control Office, ACADE Gate, C-IN-C Control Gate and Panama”.
“However, the personnel of the DSS in conjunction with other security forces are to man other duty beats/locations located within the immediate outer perimeter of the Presidential Villa,” he said, without providing reasons for the action.

But in a June 26 response to Mr. Abubakar, Mr. Mani, rejected the directive and gave a counter order asking his colleagues to disregard the spirit, intent and content of Mr. Abubakar’s circular.
Mr. Mani, who pointedly accused the ADC of grandstanding, overzealousness, limited knowledge and outright display of ignorance, insisted that Mr. Abubakar’s circular “grossly misrepresents” President Buhari’s directive.

He however did not say what the President’s exact directive is.

Mr. Mani, a personnel of the SSS, continued,
“Though further actions have been initiated in this regard, including routine redeployment of close body guards out of the villa, and deployment of new ones, it is important to state that the duties hitherto performed by the personnel of the DSS (SSS) in the Presidential Villa and/or any other Key Vulnerable Points (KVPs) are backed by relevant Statutes and Gazetted Instruments of the Federal Republic of Nigeria".

“Among others, these roles include close body protection of the President in line with standard operational procedures and international best practices.

“For the avoidance of doubt, Section 2 (1) (ii) of Instrument No. SSS 1 of 23rd May, 1999, made pursuant to Section 6 of the National Security Agencies (NSA) decree of 1986 which has been re-enacted as Section 6 of NSA Act CAP N74 LFN 2004, empowers personnel of the DSS to provide protective security for designated principal government functionaries including, but not limited to the President and Vice President as well as members of their immediate families.

“It also mandates the DSS to provide protective security for sensitive installations such as the Presidential Villa and visiting foreign dignitaries.

 For this reason, personnel of the DSS who are on this schedule are carefully selected and properly trained both locally and abroad. Furthermore, continued background checks are maintained on them to confirm suitability and loyalty.
“In fact, the issues raised in the aforementioned circular tend to suggest that the author may have ventured into a not-too-familiar terrain.

The extant practice, the world over, is that VIP protection, which is a specialised field, is usually handled by the Secret Service, under whatever nomenclature. They usually constitute the inner core security ring around every principal. The police and the military by training and mandate, are often required to provide secondary and tertiary cordons around venues and routes.

“However, all over other security agencies including the army, the police and others have their roles to play. It is on this note that heads of all security agencies currently in the Presidential Villa and their subordinates are enjoined to key into the existing command and control structure. They are to work in harmony with each other in full and strict compliance with the demands of their statutory prescribed responsibilities.

“Meanwhile, joint training programmes and other incentives will be worked out in the days ahead to ensure that all security at the Presidential Villa are properly educated to understand their statutory roles and responsibilities. This is with a view to avoiding obvious grandstanding, overzealousness, limited knowledge or outright display of ignorance in future.”


Actor IK Ogbonna Shares photos of his Sexy wife and Cute Son.

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Actor IK Ogbonna Shares photos of his Sexy wife and Cute Son.check out yhe sexy new mama .see photos after the cut.....

Nollywood actress poses completely nude for sexy pregnancy shoot (photos)

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Nollywood actress poses completely nude for sexy pregnancy shoot (photos)

Nollywood actress and video vixen Dior Chidera Adiele showed off her beautiful baby bump by posing completely nude in a new photo shoot. Quite bold. See more photos after the cut...

Nicki Minaj wears a skimpy see-through outfit for her performance at a music festival.

Nicki Minaj wears a skimpy see-through outfit for her performance at a music festival.

32 year old rapper, Nicki Minaj let it all hang out as she flashed her body at a performance, at a music festival in Denmark. The star wore just a tiny black bra and a black thong with see-through black netting covering her arms and legs as she twerked and danced for the crowd. More photos after the cut..

Afro Candy shares sexy 4th of July photos

Afro Candy shares sexy 4th of July photos

Afro Candy shared sultry photos to celebrate America's Independence day.

Floyd Mayweather may be stripped of his WBO Title belt

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Floyd Mayweather may be stripped of his WBO Title belt.

Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. was awarded the WBO welterweight title when he defeated Manny "Pac-Man" Pacquiao on May 2, but it was announced Friday that the 38-year-old megastar will be stripped of the championship due to a lack of compliance.'s Dan Rafael was the first to report that the World Boxing Organization officially decided to take back its 147-pound belt from the undefeated Mayweather.

According to reports, Mayweather declined to pay the $200,000 sanctioning fee for the title by the deadline. Also, he decided against vacating the WBA and WBC junior middleweight titles, which was necessary since boxers are not permitted to hold world championships in multiple weight classes.

After his huge victory over Pacquiao, Mayweather initially expressed his desire to vacate the titles he won. He said:
"I don't know if it will be Monday or maybe a couple weeks. I'll talk to my team and see what we need to do.

 Other fighters need a chance. Give other fighters a chance. I'm not greedy. I'm a world champion in two different weight classes. It's time to let other fighters fight for the belt".

Mayweather ultimately had a change of heart, which led to last week's bout between Timothy Bradley and Jessie Vargas being fought with the interim WBO welterweight title on the line.

Per O'Hara, Mayweather's lawyer, John R. Hornewer, said the fact that the WBO originally announced the fight as a WBO welterweight title match left a bad taste in his client's mouth:
For Mr. Mayweather to pick up the paper and read that another promotional company has announced that it is staging a bout for the same WBO title that Mr. Mayweather won in the ring, currently holds and has not relinquished, was extremely disappointing for him and his team.

Despite Mayweather's hard feelings, it looks as though he will have no choice other than to relinquish the belt since he has not followed the WBO's regulations.

Championships don't mean much at this point in Mayweather's career since he has seen and done it all, so allowing Bradley to hold the title and others to vie for it is likely the best possible move for the WBO in terms of increasing the level of competition in the welterweight division.

Caitlyn Jenner Shares Powerful Message On 4th Of July: I Am ‘Free To Be Me’

Caitlyn Jenner Shares Powerful Message On 4th Of July: I Am ‘Free To Be Me’

Caitlyn Jenner celebrated her first Fourth of July with a touching message on social media. It’s been a big year of changes of Caitlyn, and she’s so glad she’s ‘free’ to be who she wants to be. Happy 4th of July, Caitlyn!

She’s just happy to be free! Caitlyn Jenner, 65, celebrated Independence Day with a poignant message that echoed heryear of transition. The reality star and former Olympic hero celebrated the Fourth of July holiday with a special patriotic Instagram post.

Karen Igho Gives Birth To Baby Boy (PHOTO)

Karen Igho Gives Birth To Baby Boy (PHOTO)
Karen has put to bed!!

The BBA winner gave birth to her bouncing baby boy in Mount Sinai Roosevelt hospital, New York, USA on July 4th.

Congratulations to Karen !

I enjoy marathon sex –Tamilore Ojo Martins, actress/movie producer.

I enjoy marathon sex –Tamilore Ojo Martins, actress/movie producer.

Actress cum movie producer, Tamilore Ojo Martins, is not one to shy away from sex. She’s brutally frank and unpre­tentious when the issue revolves around sex. To her, sex is spiritual and she enjoys having it regularly.

In this interview, Martins talks sex and movies. Enjoy it.

What’s Tamilore been up to lately?

Wow! Tamilore is doing pretty fine. God has been so good to me. He added to my shelf another award last month. And for me, this is a mighty leap because I know that I’m progressing. Right now I’m planning a trip to the UK, Turkey and USA during which I will be shooting my new movie and that’s happening pretty soon. It is evident that God has been so good to me.

Could you shed light on your trip?

Actually, I’m heading to America to relax and just cool off, but I have decided to use the opportunity to shoot my new movie. As for Turkey, I’m going shop­ping. You know, Turkey is one of the hottest destinations for quality clothing, shoes and bags.

So, what is it about this movie?

It is the story of a lady who was used for money rituals. Consequently, any man who touches her experiences poverty no matter how rich he may be. And then the lady has to die to save her sister from being used by the same ritualist that used her for money rituals. It is entitled Aida.

Why Aida?

Actually, I titled the flick after the bad deeds of the ritualist. What prompted the storyline is that a lot of guys out there are ready to sleep with anything in skirts. But as a Yoruba adage has it, Ohun to wa l’ eyin eefa ju eje lo (What you see is not what you get). Men should be wary and eschew sleeping with every lady they stumble on the streets.

Is it a true-life story?

Yes, it is based on a true-life story and I am shooting the movie so that all pro­miscuous men will learn a lesson. It is didactic. It happened in Badagry, Lagos. From what I gathered, the man involved did not live to tell the story.

You are a relatively new face in acting but within a short period you’ve been able to establish yourself. How did you pull it off?
I don’t have any power of my own. It has been God and hard work all the way, so I give Him all the glory. I joined the in­dustry in 2007 but I left and later returned fully in 2010 under the umbrella of Laide Olobe’s group. I left because I couldn’t cope with my job. Then I was a journalist with Nigerian Tribune.

Wow! Nigerian Tribune? Why did you quit?

Journalism is tasking and requires full attention, so also is acting. I found it dif­ficult back then to combine both. I had to leave one for the other. You know, like they say, you can’t serve two masters at the same time (laughs).

Why did you choose acting over journalism?

I am happy with acting. I chose acting because I have a passion for acting; it is in my blood and runs in the family. My mum was once an actress with late Duro Ladiipo’s Theatre Group.

We understand that you are very close to your mum. Tell us more about her?

She’s the best mother in the whole world. She’s my best friend, my pillar and my support. She’s everything to me, and I must confess, she is nice to a fault. She encouraged me to join the industry and I’ve been follow­ing her advice ever since. I can boldly say her advice has kept me going in the industry.

You are such a beautiful lady, why are you still single?

I don’t want to talk about it please.

There is sex everywhere in the movie industry. What’s your view on pre-marital sex?

Sex is a normal thing between two adults and it’s biblical that we enjoy it with our loved ones before making ba­bies. Sex for me is a thing I enjoy doing with someone I love, and please note, not someone I like. And I love doing it because I know I’m very good at it. I’m not one to shy away from reality; I could be very candid. I believe in always expressing the way I feel by saying it the way it is in black and white.

Since it is something you are good at doing, could you talk more on it?

Yes, I can say I’m perfect when it comes to love making. But please, don’t forget what I said earlier which is that I only love doing it with someone I love. Sex is spiritual. As long as my partner wants it, I will always give it to him.

Which means that if your partner demands marathon sex on a daily basis you won’t hesitate to give it to him all the way?


How do you feel if you don’t have sex in a week?

Please, get this right; I’m not a sex ad­dict! Some­times I could go for months without having sex but when I want to have it I make sure I do it wholeheartedly.

Why do you love sex so much?

I love it because it makes me feel cool and relaxed. I could as well relax without having sex but sex cools the mind. What drives me crazy is the way my man handles me. Honestly, the way my man responds to sex blows my mind!

So, how do you know when you are in love?

I don’t fall in love easily but when I see myself do­ing crazy things for a man I know I’m in love.

You were romanti­cally linked to Oyo State governor, Abiola Ajimobi a while ago. Are you guys dating?

That’s not true. Its just speculation. He only show­ered encomiums on me after I was given an award by the Oyo State government for a job well done. Some journalists just used the avenue to start speculating and writing false reports.

Source : Sun.

AfroCandy Shades Yoruba guys on Social Media

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Check out what Afro Candy Said About Yoruba guys,so funny .

True Or False :Blac Chyna Thinks Tyga’s Using Kylie Jenner To Get Free Rent.

Blac Chyna Thinks Tyga’s Using Kylie Jenner…Blac Chyna Thinks Tyga’s Using Kylie Jenner To Get Free Rent.

Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s relationship may be going strong, but Blac Chyna is not buying it at all, has learned EXCLUSIVELY. In fact, she actually thinks Tyga is playing the reality star just so he can live worry-free in her mansion!

Ouch, Blac ChynaKylie JennerTyga, 25, tomove into her mega mansion, but Blac Chyna thinks the rapper may have ulterior motives for doing so. Tyga’s living situation is still up in the air, and a source EXCLUSIVELY revealed to that Blac Chyna, 27, believes he’s hanging on to Kylie so she’ll give him a place to live.

“If she can’t see that Tyga’s using her, she’s even more foolish than she looks,” a source tells “But, hey, Blac doesn’t care. She’s not interested in using her dollars to take care of a grown man.”

There’s no question that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is worth more than the rapper, which is why Blac thinks Kylie is foolish for staying around Tyga for as long as she has. “King is her [Blac Chyna’s] baby and her money goes to support him, not a 25-year-old man. More power to Kylie, though. She’s getting played and Blac wouldn’t ever stand for that.”

Yikes! The “Rack City” rapper is experiencing some issues with his money and current living situation. As we reported previously, the rapper was recently dragged into court by his landlord for not paying $80,000 in rent and could possibly be kicked out of the home he’s been renting.

Meanwhile, Kylie is putting the finishing touches on her new home, which has so much space, she built a room just for Tyga’s 2-year-old son. If Tyga had no financial issues and was able to keep his current living situation, why would Kylie need to build a special room for King? Hmm…