Thursday, 21 January 2016

Nicki Minaj displays her sexy curves in new photos

The 33-year-old rapper posed for a series of shots dressed in a grey two piece which scarcely concealed her curves. Perched seductively atop a sofa, Nicki arched her back for the sexy shoot. She credited the photos: 'Kim on hair. Sheika on makeup. Boots by Alaia. Smile by the Universe.'

(Photo)Man sets wife on fire for reading his lover's text message

27-year-old Dorcas Awinja (pictured in bed at the Nairobi Women's Hospital on Tuesday, January 19) sustained burns after her husband doused paraffin on her and set her on fire over a love text message.

Awinja, who is admitted at Nairobi Women’s Hospital, Nakuru branch, suffered 63% burns and has wounds on the neck, arms, breast, thorax, abdomen, back and legs. She depends on the nurses to feed, dress the wounds and bathe. 

The mother of two from Ipali village, Luanda sub-county in Vihiga County, Kenya said she had been married for 12 years before the incident happened.
"My husband poured paraffin on my nylon dress and lit fire on me, leaving me with all these injuries," she said.

According to Standard Digital, she had just arrived home from her business of selling vegetables and prepared dinner for her children and her estranged husband, aged 33. However, just before they went to bed, her husband’s phone started ringing but he kept ignoring the calls. Awinja said she picked the phone after a message came through and was shocked to see a love message from a woman.

"I confronted him because I was so annoyed and a scuffle ensued," she said.

In a fit of rage, her husband allegedly poured paraffin on her and lit a match stick, setting her on fire. Awinja said she started crying for help and her neighbours rushed her to Coptic Hospital in Maseno.

"My husband went into hiding and started calling our relatives, claiming I had burnt myself under unclear circumstances," said Awinja

The incident was reported at Luanda Police Station and the police say they are still looking for the suspect. Emuhaya police boss Benson Kilonzo said Awinja recorded a statement and police have intensified search to arrest and charge the suspect with assault. Kilonzo condemned the act, saying it is inhuman and called on married people to find better ways of solving disputes.

"We have conducted all investigations but unfortunately, the suspect is still at large," said Mr Kilonzo

Coptic Hospital referred Awinja to Nairobi Women’s Hospital. Awinja called for the arrest and prosecution of her husband, saying he had abused her several times. “I want him arrested and justice served.

"It is unfortunate that I will never get to have my smooth skin back. It is so unfortunate," she said.
Source: Standard Digital

Mercy Johnson Okojie steps out with her adorable kids on school run

The actress pictured on a school run with two of her beautiful kids. She shared the photo on social media writing that she dropped them off at school. See another photo after the cut...

Adams Oshiomhole justifies the handcuffing of Olisa Metuh to court

Edo state governor, Adams Oshiomole says handcuffing embattled National Publicity Secretary of PDP, Olisa Metuh to court by prison officials yesterday January 19th, was in order. He said this while speaking at the council members of the Edo state chapter of the Nigerian Union of Journalist NUJ yesterday January 20th
“I want to appeal to the media to join President Buhari in fighting the anti-corruption war because if we don’t, and we allow these people to harass the president to silence, all of us are in trouble. I saw some headlines querying why should Metuh be in handcuffs.
If people who steal he-goats, dried grass cutters are in handcuffs; I have been to the police station several times and I see young men who rob not more than N500,000 naira in handcuffs, they are paraded and made to seat on the floor. Why should certain set of criminals be treated as if they are not suspected criminals and serious crimes at that? When you all reported lavishly how under the former president, the former defense chief set up a military tribunal to try soldiers who ran away from battle field and they were condemned to death, it was only Femi Falana who was consistent in fighting their case. Those are Nigerians who were to be killed for running away because they couldn’t confront a Boko Haram that was well armed while they were asked to go and fight with their bare hands and we were told that weapons, ammunitions and everything had been provided. When Borno Governor said, ‘look, our Armed Forces are fighting with bare hands’, he was told to shut up. Now it is clear from current revelations that the money that would have been used to arm these young men who joined the army with pride and who on a good day have the courage to fight not only at home but abroad, but because they didn’t have arms, they ran away. They were sentenced to death. Thanks to Buhari, some have been commuted now to various terms of imprisonment which I applaud and I think even that one should further be reviewed, they should summit their uniform but remain free people. Now, those who shared that money, this is not the usual security money, this is special appropriation to fight Boko Haram, $2.1 billion, people just shared it, everybody was using their son, co-opting young children into this while other people’s children were sentenced to death. And anybody who partakes in that and they put him in handcuffs, they say, why should he be in handcuff because he is an elite and the media will report it without also showing us pictures of some Nigerians whose fathers are not known, but are not less Nigerian than any of us, who are always not only in handcuffs but are put on the floor in various police stations and paraded even before they are charged to court and we all look at them and turn to the next pictures, it doesn’t attract a commentary. Why should some criminals just be celebrated even when we all can feel the amount of damage, the consequences of their rascality on our collective wellbeing. I think the media should support the President. This is not President Buhari’s fight, and you know he had reminded us that if we don’t kill corruption, it will kill us. Now corruption is fighting back"he said

Chris Brown's daughter is so adorable,shares new photos on social media

Chris Brown's daughter Royalty is cute for days. Chris made a beautiful video of him singing to her, so adorable. She has obviously made him a better person. More photos after the cut...


Irina Shayk, completely nude for Givenchy Jeans campaign

Bradley Cooper's gf, swimsuit model Irina Shayk went nude for a steamy Givenchy Jeans campaign with a male model, Chris Moore, in a black and white video shoot. More photos after the cut...

25yr old Nigerian girl who just returned from the UK dies in horrible car accident in Lagos

Beautiful 25 year old Doyin Sarah Fagbenro who recently completed her First and Second degrees in Law in the UK and relocated to Nigeria after spending most of her life there, died in a fatal accident along Lekki-Epe expressway in Lagos which was caused by a reckless Danfo driver.

Her cousin, Ken Davidson, took to his Facebook page to pay her a heartfelt tribute. It's such a sad read. Read after the cut. May her soul rest in peace, Amen.

DSF: Tribute To A Shining Starlet. Oh death! Where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? Another Casualty of a broken and failed State. Your story is particularly Gut Wrenching as it is equally heartbreaking.

You spent near enough all but two of your 25 years on earth in the Country of your Birth, the United Kingdom where your Parents and entire family reside. You were born, bred and educated in the United Kingdom. But two years ago, immediately after you graduated, you elected to visit Nigeria where your Grandparents reside - both of whom are in their Mid Eighties.

You signed up for the National Youth Service having freshly graduated with a sterling First Degree in Law and a Post Grad immediately afterwards. You were headhunted by an Energy Firm before you completed your NYSC and a presto you gallantly announced to your Nervous Parents - Dad a Diplomat with the United Nations based in Italy and Mum a Pharmacist based in the United Kingdom, your country of Birth - that you were going to permanently relocate and make Nigeria your permanent abode. Your Grandparents were ecstatic, you being their most favourite Grand Daughter.

You were a straight A student right from when you passed your GCSEs through to when you excelled in your A' much so that Prestigious Queen Mary's London University snapped you to study Law. You missed a First by whisker's. Nevertheless you made your mark all the way through. Then it all came crashing down.

What was supposed to be a routine journey to Church on a relatively sombre, otherwise uneventful Sunday morning on the Lekki/Ajah Expressway around the Lekki Phase 1 approach turned into a living and eternal nightmare for those of us left struggling to pick up the pieces. Our lives changed forever, never to be the same again.

A victim of the reckless and probably high on drinks/drugs 'Danfo' Driver. The most galling of the entire episode was the fact that the driver of that Danfo survived unscathed, RAN away from the scene leaving a trail of Death and Destruction in his wake. Four people died at the scene. Your New Toyota Corolla was a crumpled wreck. But the Fighter that you were, despite massive injuries, you fought and fought and fought.

Your Dad, via his status at the United Nations, got you into Lagoon Hospital where you were for a few days. When it became clear that the extent of your injuries was too severe for the local facilities here in Nigeria, An Air Ambulance was scrambled from the United Kingdom to get you much needed Specialist Care in the United Kingdom. Your tireless mum who flew in from the United Kingdom, barely 48 hours after the accident, accompanied you in the Air Ambulance. Still we Prayed and Prayed and Hoped for the Best.

Sadly We lost you a day after you arrived in the United Kingdom. The Surgeons tried desperately. You fought desperately to hang on. But in the end, it was not to be. The pain is palpably raw as it is numbling. We asked again and again, Why you? Why You? If only you had stayed on in the country of your Birth, If many questions but very few answers. Your Parents, Your Grandparents, Oh! Your Grandma, with whom you celebrated her 80th Birthday over here in Nigeria a few years ago has refused to eat since she was informed of your passing nearly a week ago...All she repeatedly does is wail, wail to space "God Take Me instead, Give My Granddaughter back to Nigeria. Nigeria Needs Her, Her Parents Need her. God Take me. God Take Me.".

These are indeed extremely perilous times. And so it was that having just spent barely a few weeks in Nigeria after a prolonged Winter holiday and Christmas in the United Kingdom with family and friends, I now find myself in the rather unenviable position of scrambling for the next flight out back to the United Kingdom just so that I can attend your Funeral this weekend. Someone retorted to me "Oh, you know, 'our tradition' forbids older relatives attending and being present at funerals where the deceased is much younger than us..." I snapped back, which tradition? And what has tradition ever done for us? What did Tradition ever give to HER?

I am here like a Zombie, mechanically and circuitously packing a few items for my flight out in the morning. The Family has decided that yours would be a Celebratory Sending Forth, so RED rather than the traditional Grey, Black would be the colour to be worn on the Day. DSF as you were very fondly called, you touched so many lives in the quarter century, (twenty five years only!) you ran your race on earth.

You were considerate to the end so much so that you waited until you got back home - nearer your parents and many siblings - before you finally bade the World Farewell. Doyin Sarah Fagbenro, My Learned Friend in the Profession, My lil Sister, My Cousin, Sleep Well till we meet again. O Death! Where is Thy Sting!

(Doyin Sarah Fagbenro, 1990 - 2016)

(Photo) 18+Female Student Goes Wild in Public After Drinking Too Much Last Night

Polytechnic guys and ladies really go wild and having sex in public after too much drinking, this is such a bad thing from some of nigerian students.

18+See full photo after the cut.....

Woman Catches Husband Mistress In Her Car And See What She Does ......

There was drama in Harare when a marr!ed w0man busted her husband’s girlfriend driving her car. The whole thing was caught on camera in an undated video that has gone viral on social networks.

“He said he was divorced,”pleaded the poor w0man as the ‘bighouse’ ordered her to get out of her car.

 “As elegantly dressed as I am, handinyare kubuda pamacamera,”the bighouse fumes in the video as she drags her rival out.

A male’s voice booms in the background,”Right zvakwana(Stop, that’s enough)” and the video abruptly ends.
Watch video below  :

Identical Twins Who Were Sleeping With The Same Woman: Meet The Twins (PHOTO)

A BULAWAYO woman who last week dragged the wrong twin brother to the maintenance court came face to face with the identical twins on Monday, adding to her confusion on who was the father of her son.

A week after Tendai Zimunye, one of the twins, told Shylet Dungeni that he was not the father of her child, the woman was surprised to see an identical man in court claiming to be her ex-lover.

Tendai came to court saying he had been served with a summons instead of his twin brother Trust.

When she fell in love, Dungeni had not known that the man she was in a relationship with had a twin brother.

When Tendai told magistrate Adelaide Mbeure that Dungeni”s ex- lover was his twin brother Trust not him, she ordered both men to come to court.

On Monday the the identical twin brothers who are both soldiers, came for the hearing.

“I am shocked to see them together because I thought he lied about being a twin the last time he was in court. My ex-lover told me that his name was Trust. I cannot believe I was deceived,” she said.

Dungeni’s ex-lover produced his national identity card that confirmed that his name is Tonderai and not Trust.

He told the court that he had two other maintenance cases and was paying $300 per month hence he could not afford to offer child support to Dungeni.

“I am paying $200 maintenance to my wife for our child and the $100 deduction in my salary is towards the upkeep of my daughter with an ex-girlfriend. I am surviving on borrowing because I have a lot of debts. I can only offer $50,” he said.

Tonderai said Tendai occasionally helped him with cash.

“My brother helps take care of my parents because after all these deductions I’m left with $5 to take home,” he said.

Magistrate Mbeure ordered Tonderai to pay $50 child support. - Chronicle

Man Without Limbs Sexually Abused 6-Year-Old Girl At Her Birthday Party(photo)

A six-year-old girl was sexually abused by a severely disabled man at her own birthday party in Chemnitz, south of Leipzig, Germany.
The man, who has no arms and no legs, lives in the home for the disabled where he became acquainted with a kind-hearted carer, who invited him to her daughter’s birthday celebration.
Tomy had pretended to be a veterinarian which would require Paula to take her trousers off.

But what was expected to be a great party turned out to be the man’s chance to satisfy his perverted desires. The man, named only as Tomy S., was arrested after six-year-old Paula told her mother what had happened to her that day.
Giving more details during video conference in courtPaula said: “Tomy was pretending to be a vet. We were playing a game of dares, and he was allowed to examine me because he was the vet and he put his head on my stomach. Later he told the other children to leave the room and I had to take my trousers off and lay on the bed.”
According to the girl, he then used his head to ‘interfere with her sexually’. Althouth the man denied all accusations, claiming Paula had made the story up, he was found guilty of child s*xual abuse and banned from any future contact with the family.

Shocking : Imam Says Cologne Rape Victims Were At Fault Because They Wore Perfume.

A Cologne imam has said the victims of the New Years Eve mob sex attacks had themselves to blame because they wore perfume.

 Sami Abu-Yusuf added that he was not surprised the girls were sexually assaulted, groped and raped, because of the way they dressed.

Hundreds of women were attacked by a mob of men in Cologne’s city centre on New Years Eve, with the number of alleged s.exual assaults now tallying up to 521, including 3 rapes. .
He told a Russian TV that:

“The events of New Year’s Eve were the girls own fault, because they were half naked and wearing perfume. It is not surprising the men wanted to attack them. Dressing like that is like adding fuel to the fire.” Sami Abu-Yusuf is the Imam of the Al Tawheed mosque in Cologne, preaching Salafism – an ultra-conservative form of Sunni Islam.

Rich Man Gets Buried Inside G - Wagon Casket In Anambra ....

Dencia’s Says Actor IK Igbonna Bought His Wife Fake Birthday Gifts

Sonia, the wife of Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna, clocked 25 2 days ago and the actor spared nothing to spoil her with gifts. A thrilled Sonia in turn took to IG to flaunt them. Few hours later, an affiliate of singer, Dencia, made a series of posts to let Sonia know that all she got are fakes.

Confession By A Fake LUTH Doctor : How I Bought Seven Certificates For N100,000

Opeyemi Adesina, 43 who allegedly paraded himself as a consultant gynaecologist with the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi-Araba, says he paid N100,000 to buy the seven forged certificates he used.

Adesina, who hails from Ekiti State, was arrested on Tuesday by the Alakara Police Division on Alowolodu Street in the Alapere, Ketu area of Lagos State.

He was arrested after his landlord, identified only as Akorede, wrote a “save-my-soul” petition to the management of LUTH some weeks ago alleging that Adesina brought home female patients to treat in his house and did abortions for them, among other unwholesome practices which could implicate him (the landlord).

Akorede had further explained in the letter that when he confronted Adesina, the doctor allegedly claimed to be a consultant gynaecologist with LUTH, adding that he (Adesina) brought the referral cases from the hospital to his house so that he could have time to attend to them.

LUTH authorities, who could not find such name in the record of their consultants, forwarded the letter to the police, and Adesina was thereafter arrested.

It was gathered that the police also recovered the forged certificates.
Certificates included a fake MBBS certificate of the University of Ibadan, and a fake membership certificate of the Nigerian Medical Association.

Speaking with Punch, Adesina said he paid N100,000 to one Kolawole in Ibadan, Oyo State, to get the certificates, adding that he had used them for only three years.

He said,

“I bought the certificates from Kolawole in Ibadan. That was three years ago. I bought them from him for N100,000. He printed the seven certificates.

“I do not know where he stays. We did not meet in any specific location. We usually met at fast food joints or any agreed place. For instance, it was at Agodi Gate area that I gave him the money and got the certificates. I decided to use another name on the certificates.

“I forged them because I dropped out of the university. I was actually studying Medicine. However, I dropped out in the 500 level due to financial reasons.

“I married my wife about five years ago. She thought I was a certified doctor. She actually came to me for treatment in the Ketu area and that was how we met. We have a child.”

Adesina, who denied his landlord’s allegation, said he only operated a laboratory where he attended to his patients.

He said,

“Three years ago, I decided to get the certificates just to cover up for the failure to finish my university education.

“It is not true that I brought women to treat at home. The truth of the matter is that I have a laboratory and the women came there. I usually did tests for them and by the time the test results were out, I would ask them to visit a hospital for treatment.”

The suspect’s wife, Olawumi, pleaded that her husband should be released as he had realised his mistake, and would never venture into such again.
The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, SP Dolapo Badmos, said the suspect would be charged to court as soon as investigation was over.

She said,
“Upon a written petition from the management of LUTH, Idi-Araba, the suspect was arrested for falsely practising as a medical doctor and consultant gynaecologist. He confessed to have been in the practice for three years, and seven certificates were recovered from him. He will be charged to court soon.”

Women Try To Hold Objects Under Their B.reasts (See Photos)

This new body trend has hit Chinese social media which sees women of all ages flaunting their ‘ample assets’ online.

 Female web users are posting pictures of themselves holding a pen under their b.reasts to prove how buxom they are, according to reports.

Some eager participants push the boundaries by holding larger objects, such as makeup brushes and water bottles.
As of writing, the trending topic has had 1.24 million views, and thousands have been participating with conflicting comments. More crazy photos…

Confession Of A Ritualist Caught With Human Head In Enugu State (Graphic Photo)

Mr. John Igwe, a suspected ritualist recently caught with a human skull on his way to Abakaliki for money ritual when Enugu Police Command caught him.

During his confession, John said he has struggled so much in life to make a living but all to no avail.
Mr Igwe said he met a friend recently who introduced him to a native doctor who told him to bring human head for money ritual.

In his words;

“My friend took me to a native doctor in Abakiliki and I was asked to go and bring human head. I was going there with the human head when I was arrested.” The head is for money; I have suffered so much in life”.

How can he be so wicked to use a fellow human head to make money?

Child star Benita Okojie all grown and really pretty in new photos

She's grown and fab now. More photos after the cut...

Tyga, Chris Brown, Scott Disick and James Harden all hit the strip club together (photos)

Chris Brown and the Kardashian-Jenner men all visited a strip club in L.A. together. 26-year-old boyfriend of Kylie Jenner was seen having the time of his life at Ace Of Diamonds strip club in Los Angeles on Monday night.

Tyga, who was joined by Kourtney Kardashian's ex Scott Disick, Khloe's boyfriend James Harden and pal Chris Brown, hosted the evening.