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Public Disgrace :Indian Girl Tracks Down Her Molester, Beats Him In Public.

A young woman tracked down a man who was allegedly harassing her, and taught him a lesson by beating and humiliating him in public before handing him over to the police in the Indian city of Lucknow, Tuesday. Watch video below; 

Unknown Hoodlums Murder Man In A Gruesome Manner Following Brawl In A Lagos Bar...Graphic Pics

Unknown thugs on Tuesday killed a man in a gruesome manner following a brawl between them in a drinking bar...According to reports, the deceased who was reportedly shot and stabbed to death in Fadeyi area of Lagos state also had his corpse dismembered after the dastard act... Read below how it was reported.... 
According to a Nairaland user;
 Kadiri Street of Fadeyi Lagos State was thrown into pandemonium as they were awoken to the sight of a dismembered corpse, who was brutally murdered late last night between the hours of 9pm and 10pm. 
Witnesses however said before the victim was murdered in cold blood, he was seen drinking at a joint located on brown-lane subsequently a brew ensured between him and the assailants. The assailants who where about six in number shot and repeatedly stabbed the victim to the chest stomach and face, before dragging him to the back of my house, where he was dismembered and dumped. 

Another witness had also reported that as at when the victim was been dragged, he was still breathing and pleading for mercy, but all his pleas fell on deaf ears. The witness also added, that having dumped his body behind my house one of the assailant suggested that the victim wasn't properly dead, the assailant therefore stabbed the victim repeated again to the chest, face, dismembered him and also suggested that his body be dumped on the rail track or in the carnal. 

Traces of blood could still be seen flowing from the scene where he was stabbed to where he was dumped. As at the time of filing this report, it has not been known what might have caused the rift between the victim and the assailants and his identity is yet to be ascertained. We are however expecting the police to come move the corpse.

Serena Williams displays her Butt in new Instagram photo

The Tennis star shared the photo above on her instagram page. Hot Hot !!! 

Wow that's harsh !!! Rapper Luke Shades Kanye West, says he changed the Hip Hop game by wifing a h**

In an interview with Watch Loud, OG rapper Uncle Luke attacked Kanye West for marrying Kim K. Below is what he said
"[Rap] used to be a different, before Kanye West, rappers wasn't wifin' all these h**s. Rappers would be secure with they woman. You look at Ice Cube. He's always been with is wife. You look at Will Smith. He's always been with her. Hip Hop was different."
"We didn't get caught up in the Hollywood thing, where, ok rappers are now marrying Hollywood girls, leaving one, going to the next one, leaving this one. We didn't do that. I mean, we were like real secure. We wasn't marrying girls or wifing girls for the Internet to blow up."
Watch below...starts at :50mark

Shocking storyline :Turkish Airlines staff, Selim Tartan assaults Nigerian female

According to the victim/Instagram User @addictbypawprint, this happened in Instanbul. She wrote, 
"I checked in and my boarding pass said I was on stand by. The guy who checked me in told me to go and wait at the gate that I might be lucky to fly. I asked him why I was not informed as I bought a confirmed ticket that I needed to see the manager. Then the manager comes and said I should go and check the website for the terms of Turkish airline because a confirmed ticket did not mean I would definitely get a seat on the flight.
I then asked for him to show me where that was stated on my ticket. Then the guy said I should stand there and keep asking. Meanwhile, there was a family of 5 who had the same problem and we all were displeased so I started taking a video of how he spoke as it was an extremely bad service.
The rest of it was assault. When we got to the boarding gate, 15 people had standby boarding passes. Some passengers had bought their tickets since May. Turkish airline sold seats that had already been paid for and then offered us 300euro compensation.

Before I started with the video, I asked him for his name. He went as far as writing it down for me that I should take this to any where I wanted. Btw, he called the #turkishpolis, when the police saw the video. They asked us to go to the airport management because Turkish Airlines is a big company in the country and there was nothing they could do. They asked us to delete the video but we declined. Airport mgt did not even listen to us. They asked us to go back to Turkish airline."


Check Out what this controversial SA pastor and he has new Tricks!!!!

Controversial 'snake pastor' Penuel Mnguni is back to preaching in Soshanguve following the destruction of his tent earlier this month, and he claims to have made congregants speak in Nigerian and Chinese.
The Facebook page for his End Times Disciples Ministries posted a notice last week saying the pastor would hold an all night prayer session on Friday at the hall of the Ayanda Primary School.
The page included images and descriptions of the pastor's "miracles" alleged to have taken place during Friday's session, as well as of a Sunday service that appears to be in the same hall.
The pastor "commanded the sheep to come to the front" and he also commanded the "spirit of the snake to enter them".
"They started moving like snakes and behaving like snakes. He then sent them to go to Nigeria and they started to speak like Nigerians. He further demonstrated by sending them into the water and commanded them to swim. They all started swimming and behaving like the different creatures living under the sea," according to an update posted on the Facebook page.
'Turned them into sheep'
"He then turned them into sheep and they started bleating like goats making sounds as if they were goats. He turned one of them into a horse, climbed on top of him, and turned his head to become his feet and he stood on his head with his legs up.
"... He [also] turned them into statues, he then commanded them to speak in different languages that no one can understand, and some even spoke in Chinese. The last demonstration was when he commanded them to sleep and hit one woman on her back. The man of God woke her up and asked her if she felt any pain, she responded by saying that she felt no pain."
The pastor has been criticised for having his flock nibble on a snake, and bite off part of a rat’s tail.
On August 9, the pastor's tent was set alight allegedly by members of the Economic Freedom Fighters. The party however denied this saying that while they led a march to the tent, local residents torched it.
In his opening message on Friday night, posted on the Facebook page, he told his congregants that what God will do for their lives "is still going to confuse many people".
'People are going to persecute you'
"Those that thought that they are taking us down were taking us up... If you are a man of God when you leave this place people are going to persecute you because of what is going to happen in this place tonight," he said.
"We believe in the Lord, what God is going to do upon your life is unexplainable because it will cause the rising and falling of many. We are no longer like the prophets of old, when people see you they must run away because they do not understand you because of the spirit in you."
The page also showed images of a woman that he commanded "the spirit of snake" to enter into.
"She began to manifest as the snake and the man of God commanded the spirit of snake to come out. The woman was set free," the page said.
The SA Council of Churches last week called for the basic certification of pastors to protect people from "objectionable, heretical and alien" practices.
The Commission for the Promotion and Protection of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities said it would investigate some South African churches and traditional healing practices.


A burnt and looted classroom at the Doronj Sown secondary school in South Sudan. Photo: Reuters
South Sudanese soldiers raped kids, burned people alive in their homes and hunted others for days in swamps in an increasingly brutal war the government had hoped to win with an emergency $850 million military budget, UN experts said.
A panel of experts who monitor UN sanctions on South Sudan obtained a copy of the emergency budget for January to July 2014, but warned in a report made public yesterday that it did not mean South Sudan had acquired everything it wanted.
South Sudan was plunged into a civil war in December 2013 when a political crisis sparked fighting between forces loyal to President Salva Kiir and rebels allied with his former deputy Riek Machar. The conflict has reopened ethnic fault lines that pit Kiir's Dinka people against Machar's ethnic Nuer people.
Kiir is expected to sign a peace deal today to end the conflict. Machar signed the deal last week.
The UN experts found that a government offensive in oil-producing Unity State between April and July this year had been "intent on rendering communal life unviable and prohibiting any return to normalcy following the violence".
"The intensity and brutality of violence aimed at civilians is hitherto unseen, in what has been so far — without a doubt — an incredibly violent conflict, where civilians have been targeted by all parties to the conflict," the experts wrote in the interim reported submitted to UN Security Council members.
Under a so-called "scorched earth policy" government-allied forces razed entire villages, sometimes with people inside their homes, raped women and abducted children, the experts said.
UN aid chief Stephen O'Brien told the Security Council on Tuesday that the scope and level of cruelty in the attacks against civilians "suggests a depth of antipathy that goes beyond political differences."
Referring to examples of the recent violence in Unity State, O'Brien said: "A witness from Rubkona County has said that she saw government forces gang-raping a breast-feeding mother after tossing her baby aside."
The 15-member Security Council is discussing an American-drafted resolution that would implement an arms embargo on South Sudan from 6 September if Kiir doesn't sign the peace deal or if it is not implemented by both parties.
Russia's Deputy UN Ambassador Petr Iliichev said if Kiir signed the deal today there would be no need to continue negotiations on the resolution, but added that if it was not implemented then the council could revisit the draft.
"Let's see how it evolves, maybe the main purpose (of the draft resolution) was to exert pressure," he said.
Daily Sun. 

Oshiomole says 'Fear of Buhari has led to the stability of power supply'

Edo state governor, Adams Oshiomole says fear of president Buhari has led to the stability of power supply nationwide. Oshiomole said this at the 27th annual education conference of textile workers in Kaduna yesterday August 25th.
"I understand now that electricity supply is stable. It is just the fear of Buhari that led to the stability of power supply. The streetlights were not functioning but immediately Buhari was inaugurated, the lights came up. There is hope for Nigerians under President Buhari." he said

John Legend's wife, Chrissy Teigen looking sexy on the cover of Miami Modern luxury Magazine

John Legend's wife sexy on the cover of the new issue of Miami Modern luxury magazine.

Fashola, Donald Duke And Other Dignitaries At The 55th Annual General Conference 2015

Former chief justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Dahiru Mustapha and Mr Babatunde Fashola at the 55th Annual General Conference 2015 Abuja on Tuesday. The governor was also pictured with former Governor of Akwa Ibom, Godswill Akpabio, Governor of Sokoto, Aminu Tambuwal, Donald Duke among other dignitaries at the event. 

President Buhari During His Registration For The National Identity Card

Pictured -President Muhammadu Buhari during his registration of the National Identity Card on Tuesday...The president noted that the national identity card being introduce now will compliment the permanent voter’s card in future elections in the country. He said to reporters after the registration. 
“I think this exercise is very important to confirm our population and those who are entitled to vote, that is those who are 18 years and above. It will compliment the permanent voters’ card. So for those who want their votes to count from whichever party or constituency, they should ensure that they and their families are properly captured.”

Star Music Trek :Watch video of Wizkid spraying the money in Ibadan

Starboy Wizkid was at his best on Saturday August 22, 2015 at the Star Music Trek #IbadanRocks concert at Trans Amusement Park, Samonda, Ibadan as he repeatedly showered the mammoth crowd with bundles of cash while performing his hit track “Show You The Money”.

The show, sponsored by leading beer Star Lager also featured performances by Chidinma, Presh, Sound Sultan, May D, Wande Coal, Pasuma, Young Grey C, Sunkanmi, Pepenazi, Base One, DJ Xclusive, DJ Nana and many others.

Shocking but real : Check out how this Waiter Attacks A Customer With Boiling Water After Complaining About His Services Online..Graphic Pics

A customer’s online rating plays an increasingly pivotal role in the marketing of a restaurant. That being said, this news story offers a grim example of how restaurant staff can care a little too much.

Earlier this week, a waiter at a Chinese hotpot restaurant in Wenzhou, east China’s Zhejiang Province, reportedly poured a bowl of boiling water onto a female customer after she posted poor restaurant ratings on her social network. 
The woman, surnamed Lin, had an argument with a waiter over his service when she visited the restaurant with her daughter on Tuesday. However, the waiter, who was later identified by police as Zhu, refused to take her request and walked away. 

The frustrated Lin resorted to the Internet, publishing a length comment on her social network complaining about the restaurant, also mentioning one of the restaurant’s shareholders in her post. 
Unfortunately, her post was soon noticed by the waiter, who took savage revenge by throwing the water over her head and beating her. Finally, the scuffle was stopped by other customers.

“By the time the ambulance arrived he still had a horrible grin on his face,” Lin’s mother said. Lin now suffers from severe scalding, with blisters covering 42 percent of her body, the hospital said.

Although Zhu has been taken into custody by police, he might get away with criminal charges since he is under 18 years old, according to the police. 

Check this out :A Father realised never to allow kids go to public bath alone, see what happened.

A Florida mother and father learned the most horrible way possible this week why little kids should always be escorted when they use a public bathroom.
The mother, father and their two boys were dining at a McDonald's in Jacksonville when their two sons, one 6 years of age, the other 7,  went to the bathroom together as per the "buddy system."

Unfortunately, the system did not work. Moments later, the older boy returned to the table by himself. This troubled the boy's parents, so his father then walked to the bathroom himself to check on his younger boy.

When the father entered the restroom, he saw a man emerge from a stall and walk out. Inside that same stall the father found his younger boy pulling up his pants.

Without a moment to lose, the father then hightailed out of McDonald's and chased the pedophile, a 33-year-old homeless man later identified as Keith Andre Sykes, until unfortunately the suspect got away.

Police later found Sykes hiding in a dumpster and booked him on a charge of capital sexual battery. He hopefully has a very lengthy prison sentence awaiting him.

What exactly happened to the father's boy was not immediately known, though according to Chief Tom Hackney, "It's clear that some kind of sex crime happened.".

For something so sickening to happen to a six-year-old boy is horrifying, though it does go to show that you should always monitor the activities of your young children.

Mad World News

Wow Tyga!!! Tyga raps about penetrative sex with Kylie Jenner...

Tyga just dropped a new mixtape, which includes a song titled, 'Stimulated'. In the song, Tyga brags about penetrating a girl who he says is young but is a big girl when stimulated. The lyrics below;
"They say she young, I shoulda waited, She a big girl, dawg When she stimulated'

Later in the song, Tyga goes on to say:- 'She a big girl dawg, I'm puttin' in, Yeah I'm penetrating'
Listen to the sing above. 

True or False:John Legend and Chrissy Teigen getting a Divorce ?

MediaTakeOut and below is how they reported it
John Legend and new wife Chrissy Teigen are the picture perfect couple on the outside.. but we just heard from an extremely well placed insider - that the two are already headed for divorce. According to a top insider, who worked on a show with Chrissy - the two constantly argue.
Our insider explained, "John would come on set and talk down to Chrissy. It's messed up because she's such a happy person. I hated watching him treat her like that."
And we spoke to another insider [not from the show] who tell us that John has "disdain" for Chrissy. The entertainment BIG WIG explained, "He thinks she's annoying, and I sense that he might secretly have disdain for her. I don't know why he would marry her - if her felt that much animosity towards her."
We asked BOTH ENTERTAINMENT INSIDERS whether they thought that John and Chrissy would last - both said NO. The person who worked with Chrissy told, "I'd be shocked if they were together by the New Year."
Very sad. Cause we LIKE THESE TWO as a couple.

Mad dog: Pit bull kills owner after she tried to save her mom from attack.

A South Carolina woman has been killed by her pet pit bull after she stepped in to stop it attacking her mother.
Porsche 'Nicole' Cartee, 25, suffered fatal injuries to her head and body when she tried to fend off the dog.

Jamie Nelson, director of Spartanburg County Environmental Enforcement, said the attack occurred at a residence on Beverly Hills Drive. Nelson said the dog attacked three people.

Spartanburg County Coroner Rusty Clevenger said Porsche Nicole Cartee, was pronounced dead at the scene. Clevenger said statements from witnesses indicate Cartee suffered trauma to her body during the attack.

On Sunday, Clevenger said an examination revealed the cause of death to be dog bites to the head and body.

Clevenger identified the dog as a pit bull and said two other family member were injured in the incident.
Nelson called it a "horrific" attack. He said Cartee and her sister were pulling the dog off of Cartee's mother. That's when the dog turned on Cartee and killed her.

Her sister and mother both suffered injuries to their arms from the attack. The mother had surgery the night of the attack, according to Nelson.
Cartee treated Spike like her baby
He said the male dog, named Spike, was 7 to 10 years old.

Despite an allegation that the dog had previously attacked Cartee's mother and put her in the hospital, Nelson said that there no record about the dog attacking anyone prior to the fatal attack on Saturday.

Nelson said they are not sure why the dog began attacking the mother. He said possibilities include that the dog was set off when he heard a loud or high pitch noise, or simply snapped for no explicable reason.

The dog has been euthanized.

Nelson said test results from the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control have revealed that Spike did not have rabies.

Nelson said there is no evidence to warrant any charges related to the deadly attack as of Tuesday afternoon.

Calling it a "tragedy," Nelson said the investigation should be complete Wednesday.

Porsche Cartee's ex-boyfriend, Patrick Powell, spoke with FOX Carolina.

Powell said were together for almost 10 years before splitting up a month ago.

He said he was in Florida when he learned that Cartee had been killed.

Powell said the dog snapped and attacked Cartee's mother before Cartee threw herself in the middle and told everyone to run, while she was mauled.

He said he doesn't know why guns in the home weren't used after the attack.

Powell said the dog belonged to Cartee's mother and had been in the family since it was a puppy.
He claimed that the dog had attacked Cartee's mother two months before the fatal attack.

Powell wanted to euthanize the dog, but said Cartee's mother refused to put it down.
"This was preventable... The dog was very aggressive," Powell said.

Cartee's immediate family members declined to comment.

However, a cousin said he also has lived with the dog. He confirmed that the dog did bit Cartee's mom, but said her injuries were not bad.

He said the dog was not aggressive.

Fox Carolina

Check out K Michelle Running Around Naked, funny to watch guys.

Check out K Michelle last night running around  Naked. Does she look AMAZING??? 

More photos after the cut.......

14-Year Old Kills 3yr-old Brother With Father’s Gun While Putting into Practice A Movie Scene

The sleepy town of Umueze, Enugwu-Achi, Oji-River Local Government Area, Enugu State, was last Monday thrown into mourning, following the death of three-year-old Akachukwu in the hands of his 14-year-old brother Ebubechukwu, who used their father’s gun to shoot him dead.
The brothers were said to be putting into practice a movie scene, not knowing that the gun was loaded.
According to a source, their father, Christian Odika, had left for their village square at Obodo-Ukwu Enugwu-Akwu, for a meeting, when the tragic news reached him. It was gathered that on getting to his house, he met his son, Akachukwu, in a pool of his own blood.

Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Ebere Amaraizu, said: “Investigations into the tragic incident have commenced to ascertain the remote causes, so the law can take its course.”

A doctors severed a woman baby's head during delivery, causing her death.

Geeta Devi died at a government hospital, in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh, northern India after doctors forcefully pulled on the body of her child during delivery, severed the baby's head and left it inside the womb. The 32-year-old was later sent to another hospital where doctors managed to remove the severed head from her womb, but could not save her life. She died in the early hours of Sunday, August 23.

Her husband Hemant, 40, from Sadar Bazar, in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh, northern India, said:
"It is the fault of the doctors. First they removed the body of my baby leaving the head inside and then they told us to take my wife to another hospital. They just left us. Eventually a local nursing home took my baby's head out of my wife but she died. They could not save her."
The District Magistrate of Shahjahanpur, Shubhra Saxena, said: "It is a severe case of negligence and we are investigating the matter."

Photo Credit: (Her husband holding the body of the baby) Cover Asia Press

Ambode Tells Teachers, Nurses, Socials Workers'Ignore Rape Cases & Bag Two Years Imprisonment'

The coordinator of the Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team created by the Lagos State government, Titilola Adeniyi-Vivour, said any of such mandated reporters who failed in this duty, risked being jailed for two years.
Vivour-Adeniyi made this disclosure today during a courtesy visit by DSVRT to The Punch Place.

According to her, those captured in the mandated reporters group include school teachers, nurses, social workers among others. she however said there was an ongoing effort by DSVRT to see that this executive order made in 2014 was passed into law so that more people could be captured under it.


Check out what Jim Iyke posted about women it's hilarious.

Check out what Jim Posted,wow Just when we thought Jim has calmed down and now loves and respect women, then the real Jim CAME OUT again… he said, ‘the post is not for every woman though’. This is priceless!!! Check out the post below....... 

Amber Rose shows off her sexy body on instagram( photo)

Amber Rose displays her sexiness and shared a photo of it on Instagram. She is hot hot!!! 

Blac Chyna & Amber Rose getting their own reality TV show on MT

According to TMZ, BFF's and former strippers turned glamour models Amber and Blac are getting their own MTV reality show. Read full report below...
"We're told it's close to being a done deal with contracts on the table. Both women have a lot in common ... recently single, working mothers with high-profile rappers for baby daddys and money in the bank. They also have past love affairs with the stripper pole.
Sources close to production say the show won't be ratchet ... it'll focus on Amber and Chyna taking care of their kids while juggling work, including club appearances.
No word if either of their famous exes Wiz Khalifa or Tyga -- who already has a show on MTV2 -- will be involved, but it wouldn't hurt ratings.

Child Abuse : Pastor, 67, arrested for defiling girl, 10 in Edo..

DSP Stephen Onwochei
A 67‎-year old pastor and grandfather, Felix Adebayo, has been nabbed by operatives of the Edo State Police Command for allegedly defiling a 10-year old girl in Ubiane community, Aviele, Etsako West local government area of the state.
The suspect who was arrested on Thursday last week, was paraded on Tuesday at the Command’s headquarters in Benin, alongside 35 other suspects arrested for various crimes.
The Command’s Public Relations Officer, DSP Stephen Onwochei, who paraded the suspects,‎ said the detained cleric unlawfully had carnal knowledge of the little girl when she was sent to collect a mobile phone from his apartment.
“He carried the child and started whatever he felt like doing,” Onwochei said.
However, Adebayo who claimed to be a pastor, confessed to his crime, but blamed the act on the handiwork of the “devil.”
“‎I have a wife. I do not know what happened that led me to insert my hand in her private part. It is the devil,” he said.
Earlier while addressing journalists in his office, the State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Samuel Adegbuyi, announced that a total of 117 suspects were arrested between July and August for various crimes.
A breakdown of the figure shows that 35 suspects were apprehended for armed robbery; 20 for kidnapping; 33 for cultism; 10 for unlawful possession of firearms; 6 for murder and 13 for rape and defilement.
Adegbuyi who commended members of the public for giving useful information to the police in its effort to combat crime, assured that officers and men of the command are ready to confront and tame an expected rise in crime in the ember months.
PM News 

Oshiomhole is an ingrate and a popular villa sycophant - Orubebe

Former Niger Delta minister, Godsday Orubebe has described Edo state governor, Adams Oshiomole as an ingrate and popular villa sycophant following the governor's recent criticisms of the Goodluck Jonathan administration. Orubebe berated Oshiomole while speaking with newsmen in Abuja today
"Oshiomhole is an ingrate and a popular villa sycophant who is quick to switch allegiance to whomever is in power. Human memory is short.
It's unfortunate that Oshiomhole who should talk like a governor is today, biting the fingers (Jonathan) that fed him and seems to have forgotten in a hurry that he once cried around the former president for assistance and recognition"he said

Kylie Jenner shows off her sex appeal in a sexy swimming suit for a photo shoot, plus boyfriend Tyga watchs.

Check out Kylie Jenner sexy swimming suit for a photo shoot. Sacrificing privacy for fame and fortune is the Kardashian family business.
And having watched her big sisters make a fortune by shedding their clothing for frequent photoshoots, it is little wonder Kylie Jenner is keen to join them. 

Stripping off to model swimsuits in St Barts, just a few days after her 18th birthday, the teen showed her body confidence as she reclined on a sunbed by the pool.

Wearing a black and white top with a plunging neckline, Kylie looked like she'd been schooled in the art of posing by siblings Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Kendall. 

Kylie certainly seemed at ease on the shoot, laughing with her glam squad and admiring the images they showed her on their phones. 

Her boyfriend Tyga, 25, watched the proceedings with interest during the shoot last week.