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Which do u prefer , spooning, face-to-face or on opposite sides of the bed... what does YOUR sleep position say about your relationship.
A new study reveals most common sleep positions for British couples27 per cent of couples sleep back-to-back without touching Only two per cent adopt 'the lovers' pose: face-to-face and legs intertwined If you usually doze off with your back to your partner and a gaping space between you, you'll be pleased to hear you're not alone.
A new study into the most common sleep positions for couples revealed the 'liberty' position, sleeping back-to-back without touching, was most popular with 27 per cent of couples pinpointing it as their regular night time stance.It may not ring of romance but relationship psychologist Corrine Sweet, who carried out the study on behalf of bed specialist Dreams, believes there's hidden clues to a strong relationship in the non-tactile pose.+.
The way we sleep speaks volumes about the state of our relationship, say psychologists (picture posed by models)

Psychologist Corrine Sweet believes sleep position can speak volumes about the state of arelationship+11Psychologist Corrine Sweet believes sleep position can speak volumes about the state of a relationship'It shows the couple is connected and secure,' says Ms Sweet, who says sleep positions can speak volumes about the state of a relationship.So what does your sleep stance say about your relationship? Liberty: Back-to-back without touching Some 27 per cent sleep in this position with plenty of space keeping them apart. Ms Sweet said that couples who adopt the Liberty are: 'Connected and secure in themselves, this position shows both closeness and independence in the relationship.'


'How lucky I am to spend my life with the greatest woman I ever met': Johnny Cash's note to wife June voted greatest love letter of all time (and beats poet John Keats)Hej boys! Danish model Sølveig Mork shows off her enviable assets as she is unveiled as the latest face of lingerie brand WonderbraObese mother sheds EIGHT stone after making a weight loss vow at wedding where she felt too fat to be a bridesmaidPower napping really IS good for you: A 30-minute snooze can repair the damage caused by a lack of sleep, study findsCherish: Back-to-back touching'A quarter of pairs (23 per cent) like to sleep separately, facing different directions - and is often a sign of a new romance.
Ms Sweet said that it means that, 'both partners are relaxed and comfortable with one another – this is often common in new relationships.'+11'Spooning' and the 'lover's knot' came are the third and fourth most popular positions+11'Spooning' and the 'lover's knot' came are the third and fourth most popular positionsSpooning: Front-to-back touching The classic loving sleep position although one of the most famous, is only adopted by a fifth (18 per cent) of couples.Ms Sweet said it's a 'traditional position' and demonstrates a dynamic, 'where one partner takes a protective stance over the other.'Lovers’ knot: Face-to-face,The most complex position in which a couple lies facing each other, with their legs and arms intertwined for ten minutes before they separate, is a sign of relationship strength.Yet only eight per cent adopt this complex position. Ms Sweet said it's, 'a compromise between intimacy and independence, allowing for the best of both worlds.'+11He may feel like  superhero but do you?+11Sleep positions can be an insight into a relationshipSuperhero: Starfish positionWomen may hold out for a hero but when it comes to going to bed it's the last thing you need.Some three per cent of selfish sleepers adopt the starfish position, pushing the other partner so they're hanging off the bed. Ms Sweet's verdict is that: 'One partner dominates the space, while the other takes a secondary role.'The romantic: Resting head on chestThis intimate posture, in which one partner rests their head on their partner's chest, while their legs are intertwined is often seen in early relationships.Adopted by four per cent of couples Ms Sweet explained it 'represents vibrant, passionate or rekindled love.'+11Couples who sleep face-to-face are in the minority+11Couples who sleep face-to-face are in the minorityPillow talk: Face-to-face without touchingWith space between them but their bodies mirroring each other, only three per cent of couples lie in the pillow talk position. But Ms Sweet noted that it could indicate an emotionally demanding union. '

This position shows a need for intimacy and close communication.'The Lovers: Face-to-face with legs intertwined all nightThere's a reason only two per cent of pairs lsleep lying so closely intertwined. Ms Sweet said that although it's 'romantic and very intimate, this position also shows a lack of independence from each other.'Despite sleep studies showing that 94 per cent of couples who spend the night in contact with each other are happy with their relationship, Ms Sweet believes autonomy in the bedroom is no bad thing.And considering 25 per cent of couples argue in bed because they are kept awake by their partners, it's no surprise one in five British couples choose to sleep in separate beds. Which of these rings true in your relationship?Physiotherapist Sammy Margo, author of The Good Sleep Guide, also believes couples should not resist sleeping apart if it means a better night's sleep.She said: 'More often than not sleeping separately has nothing to do with a couple's relationship and everything to do with their urgent need for a better night's sleep.'Often it starts when one partner has an episode of illness, such as a cough, heavy cold or back pain, and moves temporarily to another room so as not to disturb their partner (or in some cases to the sofa) and they both enjoy such a good night’s sleep that they decide to keep it that way. She also point out that men and women sleep differently: 'Men spend more time in stage one sleep and women spend more time in slow wave sleep. 'Hormonal fluctuations due to the menstrual cycle can also disrupt sleep for many women, not to mention the fact that women with curves have different mattress needs to men without curves.'In short, men and women have different sleep needs.'Statistics show that people who sleep poorly have a higher divorce rate - so if you persist in sharing a bed despite having your sleep disrupted, you risk not just poor performance at work, reduced concentration and poor health but problems in your relationship.' Sammy Margo on how to maximise sleep in different positions


Physiotherapist and sleep expert Sammy Margo explains how to share a bed without losing sleep:Problem: SnoringWhat to do: One thing you might want to do if your partner snores is to record him or her snoring. A regular tape recorder or video camera will do. Often the first steps in coping with snoring is getting the snorer to believe there is a problem.
With the evidence in your hands, you can move on to fixing the problem. Another strategy is to go to bed first. If you are in deeper stages of sleep when your partner comes to bed, his or her snoring is less likely to interrupt your sleep.Problem: Restless sleepersWhat to do: Your partner could have restless leg syndrome or a related condition called periodic limb movement during sleep so a check up at the GP is advised to rule this out.If allergies are the problem antihistamines can be the answer or simply cleaning your bedroom and airing your bed more during the day. Check out too that you aren’t using washing powders that are causing irritations. Buying a bigger bed makes sense. Many standard double beds are simply too small so buy the biggest bed you can. If this isn’t possible try a mattress that zips down the middle or try putting two single mattresses on one bed; this way you are far less likely to be woken with a kick.Problem: Differences in body heatWhat to do: The obvious answer is to buy and use separate single duvets. You can then both choose the duvet weight and comfort level that you want. Don’t forget to that a cool room is optimal for good sleep. Wearing lightweight natural fibres such as cotton in bed will also help regulate body heat.Problem: You're a lark, they're an owlWhat to do: Replace any bedside lamps with reading lights as they are less disruptive.You should also both invest in an eye mask to block out all light. If you’re a lark and your partner is an owl it’s probably best if only your partner wears the ear plugs. This is because one of you needs to be able to hear an alarm and it’s easier for a lark to sleep through when an owl goes to bed than it is for an owl to sleep through when a lark gets up. We sleep more lightly in the second half of the night, so if one of you gets up early, the other is likely to wake more easily.Larks who sleep with owls should also try to put their clothes out ready in another room so that they don’t rustle around in the morning when they are getting dressed. Owls should return the favour at night by getting ready for bed in another room. Pay attention also to the layout of your bedroom so that an owl does not have to pass.


With a benefit of seven inches to her height, Kendall Jenner was bound to make Kim Kardashian realise her shortcomings.

OK down there Kim? Kendall Jenner makes Kardashian sister look smaller than ever as they head out With a benefit of seven inches to her height, Kendall Jenner was bound to make Kim Kardashian realise her shortcomings.The 19-year-old model certainly dwarfed her shapely, 34-year-old sibling as they joined Khloe for dinner in New York City on Tuesday evening.Kendall, who is a statuesque 5-ft-10, towered over the 5-ft-3 Kim as they strolled away from restaurant side by side.Scroll down for video  +11Walking tall: Kendall Jenner towered over sister Kim Kardashian while out to dinner with Khloe in NYC on Tuesday evening.The face of Chanel was standing tall in a pair of thigh-high black leather boots, beige sweater dress with side splits and a furry white coat.Kendall, who must have towered over 6 ft in those high heels, may have been feeling a bit conscientious and kept her face downwards as though that would make her appear more petite.Kim bore the scrutiny well, taking glamorous strides in strappy beige heels, a long and tight white skirt with front split and white crop top.+11Statuesque: The 19-year-old model is 5 ft 10 on her own and with heels she must soar to well over 6 ft+11Tall genes: Walking next to her willowy sibling must make 5 ft 3 Kim realise her own shortcomings+11Height of fashion: Like Kendall, Khloe is also a towering 5 ft 10 although she shares Kim's voluptuousness+11Height of fashion: Like Kendall, Khloe is also a towering 5 ft 10 although she shares Kim's voluptuousness Kim Kardashian stuns in snakeskin outfit while out in NYCThe mother-of-one stayed warm beneath a pale pink coat featuring a fur collar that had also been dyed pink.Following closely behind was another tall Kardashian: Khloe, who, like her half-sister Kendall, is also 5 ft 10 but shaped more voluptuously like Kim.The Kardashian-Jenner ladies are in the Big Apple for New York Fashion Week, which kicks off on Thursday.+11What a scene: Kendall walked ahead of Khloe who was practically busting out of her low-cut blouse+11Warm in winter: The runway beauty was warmly dressed in a sweater dress and furry white coat+11Thighs the limit: Kendall shared a sideways view of her outfit that included a side splitTheir fashionable appearance comes as speculation continues to swirl around father Bruce Jenner's reported desire to become a woman.Last week, it was reported that the family will not be doing any press to promote the tenth season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. TMZ claimed that that the clan wants to avoid questions about Bruce allegedly transitioning into a woman and have cancelled promotional appearances.Keeping Up With The Kardashians will be back on E! in the spring, the cable network promised.+11They still love you Kim: The sexy Kardashian put on a pout for the cameras as the girls left the eatery .
The Kardashians and jenner are really hot thats my opinion whats yours .


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Check this out :see  How Buhari And Jega Planned To Rig This 2015 Election.

 TalkEntertainmentThe Buzz CentralReplyFollowEmail topic[1] 2 3Topic: CheckOut How Buhari And Jega Planned To Rig This 2015 Election.
The tactful extension of the date for this coming election was crucial to avert an elaborate and dubious plans of Buhari, APC and Jega collaboration to disenfranchise the electorates by rigging.
After the council of state meeting which ended without members reaching an agreement on the possible extension of the election date, INEC was asked to seek advice and consult with stake holders, especially the military who will be tasked with providing security on the election date.

The result of these consultations was obvious because, the stake holders made it clear that they were not ready for the election yet.

 They said, should INEC decides to go ahead with the election without waiting for a conducive time then, the consequences will be on their head alone. Hence the postponement of the election date of which APC is not happy because of how it will disrupt their evil plans to massively rig the election.Meanwhile, Jega and Buhari have carefully developed and commenced their rigging plans even before the election happened.

 They have developed more than 7 core strategies to use to ensure that the outcome of this election goes their way. Here are some of their plans.1) Buhari and Jega in collaboration with some INEC officials and APC members of Hausa/Fulani Muslims origin in the north have successfully registered THOUSANDS of their people from the neighbouring countries. There are over 100,000 registered voters who are not Nigerian citizens, these people were registered in their native countries of NIGER, CHAD and CAMEROON. It is a fact that Jega and Buhari are well aware and approved of many illegal registration centres situated outside the territories of Nigeria.

Their sole intention is to use this FAKE registered voters to increase Buhari’s votes and chances of winning. This strategy has been used many times in the past by the same group in both census and elections in that regions. Buhari and Jega are guilty of these crimes and they are fully aware that what they are doing is against Nigerian and International law. In fact, the most annoying part of the whole issue is that they ensured that these non-Nigerians received their PVC even before Nigerian citizens started collecting theirs.2) Buhari and Jega also worked together to ensure that more illegal voters were registered in the Northern Muslim populated areas of Nigeria. Children as young as 4 years old have been seen parading their PVC in those areas. From the report gathered by witnesses, all the Alimagirins and every child of school age in most of the Northern Muslims populated areas have been registered and also given their PVC. There are estimated over 3 million under aged voters registered to vote in those areas with a few thousands registered across the border in Chad, Niger and Cameroon. Jega is aware of this and specifically instructed his men to go ahead with the plan.

 Buhari also encouraged his members to supervise this illegal activities in order to use them to secure victory at the polls.3) Buhari and Jega have also successfully encouraged the registration of non-existent voting amputees. In Fact, only in the northern region alone, there are more than a million registered amputees. In one local government area alone in Zamfara state, there were reports of about 70 thousand registered amputees. One would begin to wonder how that is possible and how many people actually live in Zamfara state for them to have such numbers of amputees concentrated in one area. These fake amputees will be used to stack up votes for Buhari as they will be voting by proxy.4) Jega and Buhari ensured that there are thousands of new polling stations created in the Northern Muslims dominated regions. These polling stations are mostly located near the border of Nigeria with Chad, Niger and Cameroon with the aim of granting easy access to all those illegal non Nigerian registered voters and for the Terrorist group (Boko Haram) members to vote. They expect those areas to be under the control of the insurgence during the election period so that they can easily manipulate the votes and stuff the ballot boxes with pre thumped ballot papers. Buhari has been in communication with the insurgence ever since he declared his intention to run for presidency through many secret sources that is why he is so confident that should he win, insurgency will be a thing of the past.5) Jega and Buhari have also made sure that millions of fake PVC and Ballot papers are made available to be distributed to their supporters in some southern states. These materials are currently in the custody of some of the Northern Muslim traditional rulers. They plan to use official INCE personnel and vehicles to transport these materials to where they will be used. Jega has ensured that this plan will go ahead without any difficulties. Amechi will be instructed on using these materials to manipulate the Rivers and Bayelsa states election results.6) Jega and Buhari also made sure that there are less voters registered in all PRO Jonathan states especially the south eastern and south southern states. They also ensured that Lagos state has similar problems. They did this by employing fewer staffs to conduct the registration, hoarding materials, deliberately delaying and slowing down registration process, instructing their (special) supervisors to destroy valid registration forms, disrupting and slowing the PVC distribution and making it hard for anyone that looks younger than 18 to register. Their aim is to ensure that most Pro Jonathan eligible voters are denied their rights to vote.7) Jega and Buhari in their last stroll to ensure victory at the polls have made sure that more than 75% of INEC officials are Muslims from the Northern region. All the key INEC positions are occupied by Muslims that were ordained by Buhari and handpicked by Jega for the sole purpose of rigging this election. There was nothing like applying the federal characters in the selection and employment process of INEC senior officials. This fact is public knowledge as you can see the heads of INEC in most states are Muslims and the majority of INEC officials are also Muslims.There are many other dubious plans put in place by Buhari’s special team and the APC to massively disenfranchised Nigerians and to massively rig this election that are yet to be exposed.. Jega’s decision to not disqualify Buhari despite all the evidence of forgery of certificate among others, is indicative they the two men are working together. Nigerians should thank God for this postponement and keep vigilant to ensure that when this election finally holds, that there will be Zero Tolerance for rigging and manipulation. They should also demand that Jega and Buhari comes out clean with these allegations and a call for a vote of no confidence on INEC boss Jega is most appropriate at this stage. Remember, your vote is your right, don’t let anyone rob you off it.This Might even be Another propaganda by PDP. Next thing on their mind is to ask for Buhari certificate of birth.4 PMMERSHIEBOY (17)yesterday at 12:48 PM NA LIE YOU JARE WHO TELL YOU? NA NORTHERN POPULATION SAME AS THAT OF SOUTH? NEXT TIME YOU ARE WRITING SOMETHING LIKE THIS MAKE SURE YOU CONVINCE THE READER!!! IDIOT!!!    10 Feb 15, 12:48 PMspaceangel (34)yesterday at 12:49 PM Reading with mouth open 10 Feb 15, 12:49 PMGiftous1 (854)yesterday at 12:50 PM My eyes oh...mehn this post ayah long 10 Feb 15, 12:50 PMk4short2 (936)23 hrs ago I don tire to read all this lies and propagandas, pls I do hav something tangible to do with my time. all i knw UP JONA 10 Feb 15, 12:56 PMshannon034 (316)On 23 hrs ago I know that this Jega has many secret plan with Buhari......but all will fail 10 Feb 15, 12:57 PMHassymore (47)23 hrs ago omo wala day for dis election n the people that is traveling from place to place I don't blame them ooo because is not easy 10 Feb 15, 01:00 PMeonemusic (19)23 hrs ago Is very understandable that President Goodluck Jonathan will accuse or DO ANY THING to make sure INEC chairman live the office to enable him manipulate and win the coming election. You have been in office since 6yrs Nigeria benefited nothing from u. pls live there for another person, u don’t wot to be call president and stop accusing people. First,  why did u postpone the election? Why not fight boko haram since, now u know that there is no security in the country. Jonathan u are wicked I voted u before but now no benefit, live the office for another person u are not ready to help nigeria10 Feb 15, 01:01 PMHassymore (47)23 hrs ago omo wala day for dis election n the people that is traveling from place to place I don't blame them ooo because is not easy 10 Feb 15, 01:03 PMfemjay (2754)On 23 hrs ago This is another propagandas by PDP .. The next thing on their mind is to ask Buhari his birth certificate.........The change is gonna happen soon !!! .... 10 Feb 15, 01:24 PMbankadetoun (1665)23 hrs ago Abeg ooo, i never see my PVC collect ooo, and i paid 100naira, when they said they have already closed for the day and the day was also the last day for the registration, so i don't have choice than to pay 'coz i needed the PVC to enable me vote for my choice, and the worsing part is that those ones that paid money didn't do computer finger print, which is our ten fingers on computer printing. pls help me tell them to return my 100naira, if they can't provide my PVC. thank you. 10 Feb 15, 01:50 PMfemjay (2754)On 22 hrs ago Quote from: bankadetoun on 10 Feb 15, 01:50 PMAbeg ooo, i never see my PVC collect ooo, and i paid 100naira, when they said they have already closed for the day and the day was also the last day for the registration, so i don't have choice than to pay 'coz i needed the PVC to enable me vote for my choice, and the worsing part is that those ones that paid money didn't do computer finger print, which is our ten fingers on computer printing. pls help me tell them to return my 100naira, if they can't provide my PVC. thank you. Funny ....... Do you need JEGA number so that you can lodge ur compliant or  Kindly in box me. To help you with that .... attached a token of amount of 4OOO€uros ...... Your PVC will be delivered to ur door step immediately ............... 10 Feb 15, 02:08 PMdafemoclassi (26)22 hrs ago THE GROUP OF PEOPLE THAT FRAME-UP THIS MALICIOUS DAMAGE SUPPOSE TO WAKE UP FROM THEIR SLUMBER AND ASK JONATHAN AND HIS COHOT TO ANSWER AUDIO LEAK BY CAPTAIN SAGIR KOLI BY RIGGING EKITI GOVERNORSHIP ELECTION IN FAVOR OF PDP BY WICKED ARMY GANGS ? ITS VERY CLEAR THAT THEY ARE JUST LOOKING FOR WAYS TO REMOVE JEGA TO ENABLE THEM PERFECT THEIR RIGGING PLAN--GOD FORBID......JONATHAN HAS FAILED AND FAILURE TO COMPLETE THIS MARCH 28 ELECTION & HANDOVER POWER  PEACEFULLY WILL SURELY RESULT TO USING THEIR-(JONATHAN & HIS GANGS) BLOOD TO CLEANSE NIGERIA OUT OF BONDAGE....IJN !!!! 10 Feb 15, 02:30 PMecheeche (2791)22 hrs ago ok 10 Feb 15, 02:36 PMostaino (26)21 hrs ago u are right. I know dt dis Jega of a man has many skeletons in his cupboard. But he will fail in Jesus name. Amen. GEJ all d way 2019.10 Feb 15, 03:10 PMjeni555 (7)21 hrs ago   10 Feb 15, 03:15 PMchimak (54)21 hrs ago IF JONATHAN DOESN;T TAKE HIS TIME HE WILL BE USED AS A SACRIFICIAL LAMB TO CLEANSE NIGERIA HIM AND HIS GROUP OF DICTATORS SHOULD LIVE NIGERIA ALONE FOR GOOD Hausa big men will continue to leak d secret of buhari nonsense people, you hausa's will never smell that position again Boko harams 10 Feb 15, 04:10 PMBblessd (13)20 hrs ago I KNO IT APC WANT CHANGE AND THAT IS OF THE WORSE, Exposed.

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I have some hot sexy pictures of blacchyna. She displayed some pictures of herself on instagr.  Happy with her looks and selfies .see some pictures after the cut and tell me what you think okay.


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Watch the disccusion ebony live tv is having with buahri and comment on it .


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A bauchi father confessed to raping his own daughter . Isn't that horrible . Well he also confessed why he did that to his  own daughter who is said to be 11years old. Yes you heard right. Just 11years old . Such an abomination.

 ''Why I Slept with my 11-year-old Daughter' Confession of a Father in Bauchi .How will you feel as a mother if your husband  sexually abuses your innocent daughter?

This is the question a woman in Bauchi State is trying to come to terms with, as her husband, Abubakar Magaji, a resident of Liman Kagum in Bauchi local government, did the abominable act of having carnal knowledge of their 11-year-old daughter.More shocking is the fact that it was not a one-act misadventure but a repeated one. But like a popular saying has it:

 Many days for a thief and one day for the owner, nemesis eventually caught up with the 45-year-old father when he was arrested and  paraded along with others at the Bauchi State command for rape.

When VM sought to know why Abubakar will abuse his own child  sexually, he confessed he was tempted by the devil. He added that he could not resist defiling his daughter when his wife left him because of a misunderstanding between them.Questions from journalists.

The father of four who was ashamed to lift his head while answering questions from journalists said:“I engaged in the ugly act because I had a misunderstanding with my wife and she left me.

 I am ashamed  of my self because it was temptation that led me to do it. I divorced her mother and married another wife but unfortunately  my wife also left me a month ago  so I needed a woman to be with; so that was why I did it.

 I also have a problem with my sexual libido. It is so terrible that I desire any woman I see, but what stops me from approaching them is that people respect me as a married man.

So I felt the only way I could relieve my sexual tension was to sleep with my daughter, since she is so young and had no knowledge about sex. It was after I defiled her and I was arrested by the police that I understood the gravity of my offence. I can’t imagine that I did this to my own daughter. I regret my actions and I pray that God will forgive me”.When VM visited the residence of the suspect at Liman Katagum, a suburb of Bauchi metropolis,  a neighbour to Abubakar who did not disclose his name, said that he was shocked to hear that Abubakar was arrested by  the police because he defiled his daughter. According to him:“ I was shocked when I discovered that Mallam Abubakar who I had a lot of respect for will stoop that low and sleep with an 11-year-old child that happens to be his daughter. This is the highest level of abomination and Islam is against such an act. No matter the excuse, a man does not have the right to defile a girl outside the confines of marriage. This is unacceptable and he deserves to be punished by the law”.

Reacting to the development, the state Commissioner of Police, Lawal,  Shehu  expressed worry over the increasing rate of rape cases in the state and vowed that all rape suspects will be charged to court and prosecuted. He said:“Since January, we have arrested over 10 suspected rapists, only this week we recorded over five cases.

 It is worrisome that among the suspects arrested is a 45-year-old man who raped his 11-year-old daughter and two aged men who are between 45 to 54 years who raped teenage girls of between two years and four years. This is why I’m sounding a note of caution to parents,especially mothers, to always monitor the movement of their female children.

I particularly want to warn mothers to be always on alert because rape is on the increase and teenagers and little children between five and fifteen years are now the victims.

What do you think about this terrible confession  ?


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Am back with some more  Kim and Khloe Kardashian compete for most revealing bustline as they step out in NYC wearing .
Kim and Khloe Kardashian are in town for New York Fashion Week, which kicks off on Thursday.The sisters managed to stir up the competition as they emerged in two very scintillating ensembles - their second and by far the sexiest of the day - while heading to an event in the Big Apple on Tuesday.While Kim, 34, drew gazes to her ample cleavage in a tight white crop paired with a form-fitting, full-length white skirt, Khloe, 30, raised the stakes by flashing her braless décolletage in a white blouse unbuttoned to her navel.Scroll down for video +22Well, hello cleavage: Kim and sister Khloe Kardashian appeared to be competing in the cleavage department as they headed to an evening event in NYC on Tuesday+22Well, hello cleavage: Kim and sister Khloe Kardashian appeared to be competing in the cleavage department as they headed to an evening event in NYC on TuesdayAs stunning as Kim looked, Khloe may have beat her at her own game this time as she was seen leaving her hotel among a flurry of fans .Khloe's cleavage was literally spilling out of her top and at one point was in danger of exposing a bit too much in that very low-cut top.Matching her silky blouse were a pair of white tuxedo trousers featuring pockets and satin strips on the outside of each leg.+22Brazenly braless: The 30-year-old Khloe was practically spilling out of her white blouse that was unbuttoned to her navel+22Brazenly braless: The 30-year-old Khloe was practically spilling out of her white blouse that was unbuttoned to her navel Khloe Kardashian poses cheekily in white outside NY hotel+22Strapped in tight: Kim's two-piece outfit consisted of a tiny crop top and form-fitting skirt with thigh-baring split+22The winner: As lovely as Kim looked, Khloe may have won this round in the cleavage game Khloe's hair was softly curled away from her impeccably made-up face which included smoky eye shadow, rouge and rosy lip gloss.She seemed to like the attention she was causing, and stopped to pose with a few fans.Kim was spotted leaving her New York apartment with her shorter 'do styled straight and sleek to frame her face that boasted lots of make-up too.+22Fashion forward: Mrs. Kanye West is in town for New York Fashion Week that kicks off Thursday+22Limo lovely: Kim shared a cosy snap while riding in a limousine to the event, writing: 'On our way to our @kbeautyhair launch party!!!'Khloe will no doubt join Kim when Kanye West launches his new menswear collection on Thursday as part of New York Fashion Week+22Spotless: Khloe's all-white ensemble complimented her impeccably made-up face . A

pale pink fur-trimmed coat hung from her shoulders while strappy beige heels peeked from the hem of her long skirt, which featured a thigh-high split in front.That enabled a glimpse of tanned, toned leg as Mrs. Kanye West headed to her evening event.Earlier in the day, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians stars were seen together in more modest daytime attire where no cleavage was seen.+22Picture pretty: The reality star didn't mind posing for selfies with her fans+22Fan friendly: Khloe stopped to chat a moment with one of her admirers in front of her NY hotel+22Modest moment: Khloe appeared to adjust her blouse while walking through the crowd+22Modest moment: Khloe appeared to adjust her blouse while walking through the crowd What a busy day: The reality star was perhaps feeling the effects of a long and busy day at this point+ The sisters were never very far from one another Khloe wore a skintight ivory turtleneck with a pastel pencil skirt and white coat, along with white pumps.Kim showed her fashionable streak in a white snakeskin dress and patterned silver coat with matching ankle-strap heels.Kim's husband Kanye, meanwhile, is said to be launching a new collection of menswear in collaboration with Adidas on Thursday at New York Fashion Week.Following the show, the rapper will debut his Yeezy 3 trainers. The sisters stepped out earlier on Tuesday wearing more modest attire that still clung to every curve of their voluptuous figures+22He's got you: Kim got a supportive arm from pal Jonathan Cheban while out in the city earlier on.The usually composed Kim seemed to be in a giddy and giggly mood Kim Kardashian stuns. Don't they look gorgeous .


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Check this out : Rob Kardashian angrily lashes out at Instagram 'haters' .
With so much attention frequently focused on his sisters and other members of the family, Rob Kardashian has rarely courted the limelight.But an Instagram photo and message posted on Thursday made it clear that he had no interest in keeping quiet about his current struggle with weight loss.Rob, now 27, captioned the picture of his younger self with an angry message directed at 'haters. Rob Kardashian posted a photo of his younger self to Instagram on Thursday, captioning it with a message to 'haters' who criticized his weight'Last throwback of the day and yes I'm fat now so yall haters can literally suck d***,' the younger brother of the Kardashian sisters wrote.That caption accompanied a black-and-white photo in which a shirtless and very muscular Rob glared out at the world.Despite the 'last throwback' comment, Rob followed up that message with another, this one a caption to a colour photo of the young man flexing big muscles.+8More muscles: A second photo came from the same era and was accompanied by a message about going out to 'play some fat boy ball''Last throwback of the night before I go play some fat boy ball !! MOTIVATION,' read the caption.Other than a social media 'throwback Thursday' prompt, there was no indication of why Rob expressed his anger at this specific time.He did seem a little happier later on the same day, posting a response to fans who had commented on his angry outburst.+8Weight gain: Despite being less prominent than his sisters, Rob has notably gained weight over the past year, as seen in a photo taken in Malibu, California in October' Lol I'm actually laughing at your comments haha,' Rob wrote, seemingly especially amused by a fan who would 'literally suck your d***' and another who expressed solidarity amongst fat people.'I'm fat too. Who gives a s***. Chipotle and in n out are the f***ing best,' the Instagram user wrote.There has been speculation over the past year about Rob's weight gain and what it could mean.'He's struggling!': Kris discusses son Rob Kardashian (related)+8Skinny days: When the Kardashians first rose to fame, Rob was notably in good shape (seen here in 2008 with then-girlfriend Adrienne Bailon)Reports in April 2014, for example, blamed the extra pounds on excessive drinking, pot use, and prescription cough syrup.Those same rumours indicated that Rob was seeking treatment in a rehabilitation centre.Reactions from the rest of the Kardashian family have been reported as well, including mother Kris Jenner's desire to have her only son at home where she could offer him 'a trainer, chef, and slew of assistants,' according to RadarOnline. Rob, who has admitted to weight struggles over the year, has instead been living with his sister, Khloe.Rob & Khloe Kardashian spend quality time together .
Well I guess he told them his mind right !!!! What do you think about the drama from rob kardashian and his outburst. See pictures after the cut and leave a comment .


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Families of two babies given to the wrong mothers by an ‘alcoholic’ nurse two decades ago have been awarded almost £1.5million in damages.Babies born to Sophie Serrano and an unnamed French mother in 1994Both daughters placed in same incubator because they were jaundiced.They were unwittingly handed to the wrong mothers by auxiliary nurse.A paternity test uncovered the truth ten years ago, but the girls have stayed with their non- biological parents after the error at the clinic in Cannes Court in Grasse has now ordered the clinic to pay £1.5 million in damages.The families had demanded £10million from those responsible The families of two babies given to the wrong mothers by an ‘alcoholic’ nurse two decades ago have been awarded almost £1.5million in damages.The newborn girls were placed in the same incubator at a French clinic just before the blunder.A paternity test uncovered the truth ten years ago, but the girls have stayed with their non- biological parents.+6A court in the southern town of Grasse today ordered the clinic in Cannes to pay the compensation to the
 families including to Mrs Serrano and her daughter Manon, pictured One of the mothers, Sophie Serrano, said: ‘I don’t see my biological daughter any more. 'The social, educational and cultural differences between the two families added to the pain of our unconscious rivalry, took their toll on our relations.’In a joint civil action, the families had demanded £10million from the maternity clinic, the doctors who supervised the two births, and the auxiliary nurse.But a court in Grasse, southern France, yesterday awarded the smaller sum, with £300,000 to be given to each of the girls.Three of the parents will get £220,000 each, while the girls’ three siblings will each receive £50,000.
see some pictures of them. 4This is really unbelievable.  What do you think ?

See a picture of 5he clinic above , that made such an unforgiveable mistake.


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 Ahead of the upcoming Nigeria elections, MTV Base and STV has taped a special pre-election programme with President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and young Nigerian voters to discuss the burning issues facing youth in Nigeria.Taped at Aso Rock Presidential Villa in Abuja, the official residence of the President of Nigeria, “Choose or Lose: President Goodluck Jonathan” is hosted by Oreka Godis, and premieres on Friday February 13, 2015 at 6pm on MTV Base and STV.During the programme, six inspirational young Nigerians from different walks of life join the Nigerian President for a candid discussion about topics pertinent to their futures including Education, Power, Leadership, Healthcare, Security and Popular Culture. Panelists taking part in the programme are Barrister Anu Hundeyin, Student Yagana Bukar, TV Producer/Director Jackleen Nnely, Human Resources consultant, Aniekan Nya-Etok, Lawyer, Jake Okechukwu Effoduh and Healthcare Professional Fadekemi Akinfaderin Agarau.The programme is part of MTV Base’s “Choose or Lose” campaign, which encourages young people to go out, and vote for candidates they believe will make the greatest impact in the development of the country and in helping them realise their full potential.The campaign, which utilises MTV Base’s TV, digital and social media platforms, features celebrities as well as members of the public as they underline the important message of youth participation in the electoral process.Some of the notable personalities that have already lent their voices to the campaign include: Ben Murray-Bruce, 2Face, Banky W, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Sound Sultan, Emmanuel Ikubese, Davido, Falz, Reminiscene.


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The police discovered 148 bombs , very shocking right ?
Well by Rainbow A COMBINED team of bomb disposal unit of the Borno Police Command and troops of 7 Division of Nigerian Army scored a bull's eye in the fight against the insurgents in the North East of Nigeria on Sunday when they   recovered 148 units of “unexploded bombs” near Jakana village in Konduga council area of Borno State, the state's Police Commissioner, Mr Clement Adoda, has disclosed.According to Adoda at a media briefing in Maiduguri on Tuesday, the combined team also killed a herdsman that held one of the bombs.Adoda said the explosives  were recovered 18 kilometres away from Maiduguri metropolis and could have been used by suspected insurgents to attack the state capita.The Islamist terror gang has been trying unsuccessfully to capture Maiduguri in its recent audacious forays into capital city of Borno State.Adoda disclosed that the troops  also recovered an unexploded ordinance (UXO) at the residence of the State Director of Natinional Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Alhaji Turawa Lawan on February 4, 2015 along Damboa road.He said, “At about 9am on Sunday, February 8, 2015, 147 unexploded cluster ordinance were recovered by a combined team of police bomb disposal unit, policemen with troops attached to Jakana general area led by Captain Daniel Yakubu.“These explosives were recovered and destroyed in good time without causing injuries or damages to lives and property in the affected village areas, 18 kilomteres west .
wow a lots happening in Nigeria now . What do you think about this news .


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watch  this touching video and tell me what you feel about it .


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Bola Tinubu, national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), wants Nigerians to hold President Goodluck Jonathan responsible should anything happen to him.Cableng reports that according to Tinubu, stern-looking soldiers had been stationed at Bourdillon road Ikoyi, where his private residence is situated, since Sunday. He expressed belief that the soldiers were targeting him.“Nigerians and the south-west should hold the Jonathan-led military responsible if any harm or danger comes to Tinubu and his family. The case of the ‘Unknown Soldier’ is too recent in our memory,” his media office said in a statement. “This morning, Tuesday, two vans from the army were stationed on both sides of the house along Bourdillon road, their missions shrouded in secrecy. “They stationed about 500 metres away from Tinubu’s gate. Later, they moved close to his gate as if they wanted to enter the premises. The stern-looking soldiers were around for hours on Sunday and returned on Monday to continue their surveillance.”Tinubu said he would not be intimidated by “this show of strength, intimidation and possible harassment”. “I remain resolute in my advocacy and support for the rule of law,” he said. “Jonathan’s government has through the service chiefs staged a coup against Nigerians and the constitution and now wants to silence his critics. “I will not be muzzled through the barrel of the gun. The guns and bullets they should use to defeat Boko Haram are now being turned against the opposition and innocent Nigerians. What do you about the statement made by bola tinubu against president Goodluck Jonathan ?