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Pregnant Chrissy Teigen rocks her baby bump in body-fitting top

The expectant mother is certainly not letting pregnancy cramp her style as she was spotted out and about in Miami in a tight top, distressed jeans, floor length coat to complete the look. More photos after the cut.

Photo&Video: Military doctor assaults and fractures the skull of a civilian doctor with Sickle Cell Disease .

According CMUL, 2008 Graduating Class of Medical Doctors & Dentists, "Dr Theresa is a Senior Registrar 1 in the department of Psychiatry of OAU Teaching Hospital (Ile-Ife). This incident occurred  two days ago this in her house.

Dr. Okpara, [A Wing Commander in the Nigerian Air Force] who is a resident Doctor in the Dept of Community MedicineOAUTH, also resides in that compound. The parking lot within the compound is inadequate and as such tenants would have to occasionally call each other to move their cars in order to drive out. .

According to an eye witness, also a doctor, Theresa's car was obstructing Okpara's and he called her out to move her car. She had told him she was dressing up and would soon be out but he kept shouting and calling her. When she came out, he was still abusing her and being verbally aggressive. .

She then told him to take it easy and reminded him that he also does the same thing whenever his car is obstructing someone else's. As Theresa entered her car to drive out, Okpara still continued shouting, she told him she was already in the car and asked if he wanted to move it out himself? .

He then said he will teach her a lesson and went swiflty around the car, opened her car door and held her dress and punched her face several times. The Co-tenants had to run out to pull him away from her. At a point he reached for his metal pedal lock and was again restrained by tenants.

.Following the incident he showed no remorse, he also dared her to call whoever in Abuja. Theresa was rushed to the hospital where it was confirmed that she had Cerebrospinal fluid leaking from her brain. This continued to be copious before ameliorating after some hours. .

In adition to the frontal bone fracture detected initially, a further depressed nasal bone fracture was detected on CT scan. Theresa now has to decide between going for surgery to correct the facial deformity or live with a disfigured face. Please join us in prayers for Theresa's quick recovery, while we fight to ensure that Dr. Okpara is brought to Justice."

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Nigerian Apologizes To Former President Jonathan For Voting Him Out!

With the current situation of Nigeria, I thought I bring this back to know if many has gotten a change of heart or still standing strong on their opinion. LET US KNOW!
According to Micheal Joel who sent in this letter saying it is an apology to our former president Goodluck Jonathan on behalf of every Nigerian. I think you should read and see why he wrote this and let us have your opinion afterwards…Read below;
Our Dear Goodluck Jonathan, I write on behalf of all Nigerians to tender an unreserved apology to you for unknowingly voting you out of office as the President of ‘once upon a time’ Giant of Africa, Nigeria.
I know people will shy away from accepting this fact, especially, those from the Aggrieved People Caucus who are commonly known for boasting of what they cannot or will never do.
Before your exit, we Nigerians used to buy fuel at N87.00 per liter. Who knows, by now may be you would have brought it down to N22.00 per liter.
Your Excellency Sir, believe me, we have all learnt a lesson and we promise, never to repeat such blunder.

It may interest you to know that we have finally come to term that PMB’s primary ambition was to be a Petroleum Minister but was tricked by the known scammers to divert from his ambition to Presidency for reasons not yet made public.

In view of this discovery, we are currently on a round-table negotiation with PMB to accept your unconditional return to Presidency and rather concentrate on the Ministry of Petroleum which he presently occupies till further notice.

Accept the assurance of the fact that once the ‘Old-Soldier’ sign the MoU, we will communicate same to you.

While re-emphazising our regret for your exit, we are hopeful that you are currently on the drawing board to re-strategize and do what you know how to do best ahead.

Pls accept our sincere apology.Micheal Joel

Yours truly!

Paul Okoye Unveils His First Record Label First Lady, Lucycandymay

Paul Okoye has signed his first record label artist. The CEO of Rudeboy Recordz unveiled his sexy artiste Lucycandymay on instagram. More photos below;

Family is everything: says Khloe in new KUWTK clip

The famous sisters are known for their close bond and in a sneak peek for season 12 of KUWTK, Khloe drives home that point.
"I don’t know how I would live my life without my family. It’s the best support system in the world.' We are sisters by blood but best friends by choice.' She added.
Kim is also heard saying in the clip, 'The power of family really means everything, We would do anything for each other."

Chilling Confession: I kidnap People To Raise Money For My Girlfriend’s Bride Price – Suspect

Uzordima Chukwudi, a 29 year old lotto operator was arrested alongside Joseph Chiaotu, aka Ejima, 21, Anozie Chinonso, 25 and 27-year-old Chukwuma Agim, who is a prison official, in connection with the kidnap of a woman in Imo State.
Speaking to journalists during the week, Chukwudi said he was studying Mechanical Engineering at Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Imo State before he dropped out in his final year.
 “What led me into kidnapping was unfortunate“My girlfriend is pregnant and I have been under pressure to pay her bride price but I had no money. She told me that since she became pregnant her mother had been ostracised by her fellow women in their village. The pressure was too much that I needed to look for money by all means.”

On how he came across the other suspects, Chukwudi explained that when the pressure became unbearable, he contacted two of his friends; Nnamdi, who is now in prison, and Chiboy, who later introduced him to Agim for the trade.
He told Punch

“Agim, being a prison official, was the one making way for us whenever we approached a police check point but our first operation was not successful because the person we targeted escaped. But on the second operation, Chiboy went with a policeman and they kidnapped the woman.”

He said for his involvement in the deal and for taking food to the victim in the bush, he was given N100,000 as his share. He said,
 “Chiboy told me that he got only N1.1m from the woman but when we were arrested, the woman told us she paid N3m as ransom. The moment I got my own share, I gave my girlfriend part of it to start the preparation (for the wedding) while I went to the market to buy drinks.

That was when I got a call from Agim and when I met him I was arrested.”
Agim, a prison official from Imo State who said he was lured into the trade by an inmate, Nnamdi, told journalists that even though he was able to buy clothes, settle his debts and fix his car with his N100,000 share in the ransom paid by the victim’s family, he regrets his involvement in the act.

He recalled that when he was posted to the Owerri prison, his mother, who was also serving in the prison, warned him to be wary of one inmate, named Vampire, and his friends so as not to get into trouble. He maintained that he was reluctant when Nnamdi approached him but that he later found the offer attractive.

He began, “I was in my final year student in Imo State University where I was studying Insurance. I was earning N43,000 monthly as a prison official and I was even thankful because I didn’t join the Service with a first degree.

“When I came for industrial attachment last year, our chief warder told us that there was a notorious kidnapper called Vampire who was arrested and would be brought to Owerri Prison. Early this year I met Nnamdi who was in the same cell with Vampire. Nnamdi first asked me to get him a phone and he offered me N3,000 but I refused. So, he met another officer who got him the phone.

They kept pressurising me that they wanted us to be friends.
“So, one day, we sat behind the food store and they told me several stories about their escapade in kidnapping and I found it attractive.

They told me they were rich people and they used to visit several popular bars in major towns in the South East and South South states and that when they observe rich people leaving the bar, they go after them and kidnap them.”

He said at the end of the conversation, they gave him a number and that with that he was able to link other members, including Chiboy, aka Eze Ekudeley, whom he called a big kidnapper, Ejima and Chukwudi.

He said they used to work with a policeman and that on the day they went to pick their victim, a woman, she wasn’t the main the target but she was traced to her house where she was picked.

“It was Nnamdi who called me to and look after the woman in the bush. I borrowed money from a friend and used it to buy food for the woman. I gave the food to Uzordima to give to the woman. I learnt the woman stayed for two days. I was given N100, 000 after the N1.1m ransom was collected. I bought clothes, settled my debt and fixed my car.

He said he was arrested few days after the operation.
“It was Ejima who led them to me. I regret getting myself into this mess he lamented,” he added.

On his part, Ejima said his share of the ransom was N70,000, out of which he used N10,000 to buy shoes and clothes.
“I don’t know how the police heard about what I did; they came after me and arrested me. I led the police to arrest the prison official and four other members of the gang, but we were unable to arrest Chiboy.

He noticed the presence of the police and he attempted to escape. He ran into the bus and the police fired several shots at him but he wasn’t hit.
Chinonso, who also hailed from Imo State, said poverty led him into kidnapping.

“All I was looking for was a little money to buy a bus on hire purchase because the one I had got spoilt. I met Ejima recently and I told him I needed assistance because I had no job. He promised he would help me.”
He explained that he participated in the kidnap and that his share was N100,000 but that he was arrested when he was about hiring a bus.

 “It was poverty that led me into this crime. I am a very poor person struggling for myself and my family. I have no one helping me and my mother is a very old woman. I pray this woman (the victim) and her family would forgive me, he said.

Kenyan woman gruesomely murders her six-month-old son in bid to 'free him' of demons

Irene Mbithe has been arrested in Nairobi, Kenya, after she ripped out her six-month-old son's tongue and disemboweled him in an attempt to exorcise him after she became convinced he was possessed by demons. Residents raised alarm and called police after Irene's aunt, Catherine Muthama, arrived at the house and saw the gruesome scene.

'When I arrived I was surprised to see the mother having pulled out the tongue of the baby and I screamed at her asking why she had killed him,' the aunt said. The woman is believed to have cut out her son's tongue and scooped out his intestines in an exorcism attempt which neighbours say lasted all night.

The mother, who looked remorseful yet confused, said she meant no harm to him: 'God punish me if I have done anything wrong to my son who I love so much and have prayed for years to conceive and give birth to.'

Police took Mbithe for questioning at the Kayole Police station while the body of the baby was taken to the mortuary.

Temi & DJ Cuppy take selfies with their billionaire dad, Femi Otedola

See a selfie with Temi after the cut...

How FUTO Student Bit Off Nose Of A Fellow Student During Fight (Graphic Photo)

A Facebook user, Evangelist Annointed Charles shared this..According to him,a student of Federal University Of Technology Owerri, Imo State, bit off the nose of another student during a fight at Hostel C.

They allegedly had a little misunderstanding between themselves which led to a fight. One told the other to fetch some water but she objected and started using vulgar language on her. During the spat, the affected lady pulled out the hair of the other lady which led to more drama. .
When the fight started, the affected girl’s nose was bitten, causing the right part to fall off. When other students noticed what had happened, they quickly looked for the fallen part but were unable to find it. Her cheek was also bitten. After the drama, she was rushed to the school clinic but was rejected .
She was then referred to the Federal Medical Centre Owerri for treatment and surgery. For the bleeding to stop, the medical team at FMC had to cut some flesh from her laps. The matter is still under investigation.

(photos) Gigi Hadid suffers nip slip as she models Versace

The 20 year old model suffered a nip slip on the runway as she modeled Versace at the Milan Fashion Week on Thursady. Ever the professional, she didn't let the incident get in the way of her job and carried on with grace. She even got a high five from Donatella Versace for her troubles. More photos after the cut...


Little boy refused to stand before an African player at a fooball match in Italy (photo)

A kid and already a racist. Or let's just hope, he just preferred to stand close to the other white kid...

Ebube Nwagbo steps out in see-through sexy black dress (photos)

The actress marked her birthday some days ago in this sexy number...

+18( photos )Bad Girl Maheeda strikes again ,shares sexy nude photos again

Maheeda again showing and displaying her hot body the way she knows best ...... Question of the day does she get paid for this or its just her way of advertising herself ???More photos after the cut .......................

 Pictures below are Val's photos .....Enjoy "wink wink "

South African woman proposes to her girlfriend

Love won yesterday in faraway South Africa after Tshepo Maleka proposed to Ingrid Maphefo and she said "yes." The elated bride-to-be later to took to Facebook to share the good news.... may God bless their union....

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AY is my man crush for life’ – Mabel Makun dispels break up rumours

There were reports that the comedian and his interior designer wife have separated and she moved out of their home. Mabel just shut down those rumours with this pic and words…