Saturday, 27 February 2016

Nigerian Apologizes To Former President Jonathan For Voting Him Out!

With the current situation of Nigeria, I thought I bring this back to know if many has gotten a change of heart or still standing strong on their opinion. LET US KNOW!
According to Micheal Joel who sent in this letter saying it is an apology to our former president Goodluck Jonathan on behalf of every Nigerian. I think you should read and see why he wrote this and let us have your opinion afterwards…Read below;
Our Dear Goodluck Jonathan, I write on behalf of all Nigerians to tender an unreserved apology to you for unknowingly voting you out of office as the President of ‘once upon a time’ Giant of Africa, Nigeria.
I know people will shy away from accepting this fact, especially, those from the Aggrieved People Caucus who are commonly known for boasting of what they cannot or will never do.
Before your exit, we Nigerians used to buy fuel at N87.00 per liter. Who knows, by now may be you would have brought it down to N22.00 per liter.
Your Excellency Sir, believe me, we have all learnt a lesson and we promise, never to repeat such blunder.

It may interest you to know that we have finally come to term that PMB’s primary ambition was to be a Petroleum Minister but was tricked by the known scammers to divert from his ambition to Presidency for reasons not yet made public.

In view of this discovery, we are currently on a round-table negotiation with PMB to accept your unconditional return to Presidency and rather concentrate on the Ministry of Petroleum which he presently occupies till further notice.

Accept the assurance of the fact that once the ‘Old-Soldier’ sign the MoU, we will communicate same to you.

While re-emphazising our regret for your exit, we are hopeful that you are currently on the drawing board to re-strategize and do what you know how to do best ahead.

Pls accept our sincere apology.Micheal Joel

Yours truly!

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